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Bestiality Is Depraved

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"Rick, I knew you were a vile, DISGUSTING degenerate, but bestiality?! This goes beyond my wildest dreams!"
Ed Thompson, Bachelor Party

Want to mark a character as a sexual deviant, but confronted with the fact that Discredited tropes like Depraved Homosexual, Depraved Bisexual, and Psycho Lesbian are Pet-Peeve Tropes? Not quite up for the moral gravity of tropes like Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil, Villainous Incest, or Pædo Hunt? Simple. Imply that they have a sexual interest in animals. Usually farm animals, since common pets still might be too squicky for some.

This is almost always played for laughs, rather than titillation. It works partly because actual bestiality is rare enough to seem less "real" than other acts considered perverted, similar to the unreality of cartoon violence — yet common enough that it's more plausible (and seen as less gross by observers, it also doesn't have the same repulsive moral implications) than necrophilia. We don't normally worry about the animal, because of said unreality and our moral distance from animals. It helps that the animals in question are not anthropomorphized and are usually the more "comical" ones found in nature (goats, sheep, chickens). When it is played for drama, expect the character to have crossed the Moral Event Horizon twicefold, since this is an unholy combination of Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil and Bad People Abuse Animals.

You may get a couple of letters from PETA and a severe hoof-to-the-head concussion, but frankly you should just expect that going in.

This trope also shows up in regional humour as a way to mock other regions. For example, in Britain, jokes of this sort (especially regarding sheep) commonly get levied at Wales and Scotland. Meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere, Australians and New Zealanders like to accuse each other of excessive fondness for sheep. (As you may have guessed, sheep farming makes up a big chunk of the economy in Wales, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand, all of which have higher populations of sheep than humans.) Latin Americans get this a lot too, especially with regards to donkeys. Sometimes also alleged toward Bedouins and other groups who have long nights alone in the desert with no company except goats and camels. The American version is usually aimed at "rednecks" from the Deep South, although the the Midwest and northern New England get some insults too. In Russia, the regions most commonly accused of this are the Caucasus and Central Asia. Germany's target of choice is Austria; Austria's target of choice are people from Vorarlberg, Tyrol and other rural alpine states.

In some countries, amusingly, this stereotype came about due to how the punishment for theft of livestock was more severe than the punishment for being caught committing bestiality. Naturally, you can guess what some would-be cattle/sheep rustlers would rather confess to in court.

For the trope where people remember something naughty the character did and nothing else about the character who did it,note  see Never Live It Down for Audience Reaction examples and Once Done, Never Forgotten for In-Universe examples.

Compare Extreme Omnisexual, Pædo Hunt, Robosexuals Are Creeps, and I Love the Dead for other disturbing paraphilias. When it’s an animal with a completely different animal, then it’s Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action. A Subtrope of Unequal Pairing. If biology works like that in their universe, it may lead to a Half-Human Hybrid.

Bestiality (also called Zoorasty) is actually the word for sex with animals; sexual interest is called Zoophilia or Zoosexuality.

Not to be confused with Interspecies Romance, where the two participants are both intelligent creatures, though sometimes such a romance is treated in-universe as if it was this trope due to Fantastic Racism. The Furry Fandom tends to get upset when people confuse the two, and you can't blame them - the overwhelming majority of people in the fandom are staunchly against zoophilia.

No Real Life Examples, Please! The ones in fiction can be disturbing enough as it is.

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  • One early internet safety Public Service Announcement by TLC features a boy watching a video of a man having sex with a goat. He then runs off, brings in his pet poodle, shuts the door, and the poodle can be heard whimpering as the screen cuts out.
  • In one ad for the game ''Hero Wars'' (need reddit account), the protagonist Galahad goes into a dark dungeon cell with a torch only to find the Damsel in Distress in skimpy black lingerie and wrapping her legs around a horse that's standing upright. The shocked Galahad's torch temporarily goes out and when it relights the damsel is wearing a frumpy long green robe standing at arm's length from the horse that's now on all fours. Galahad is so disgusted he smashes through a wall and falls to his next adventure.

    Anime and Manga 
  • An extra chapter of Adekan has Anri trying to seduce a panda.
  • Black Butler: Pluto, a Hell Hound, can transform from a giant silver dog into an attractive young man on a whim, and seems to prefer running around naked. When Finny sees him with Angela lying on the floor and licking her he assumes they are in a sexual relationship, and while it's initially resolved as a simple misunderstanding due to him being, well, a dog, when directly confronted about this later Angela doesn't exactly deny the sexual aspect. Not SO bizarre, right? Wait, did we mention that his mind is also dog-like in human form?
  • In The Familiar of Zero, Louise famously accuses Saito of being willing to poke anything that stays still long enough: "Maid, dog, cat, goat!"
  • Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid has a scene where Gates was apparently masturbating to the sight of kittens (that or he was watching something else and just switched channels when he was interrupted).
  • In Killing Bites, some of the villains like Cobra and Hyena enjoy using their beast forms to rape their victims. The spinoff Hoshi Gari Sugidesho!? Inaba-san then plays this for laughs with its premise of Ui Inaba the clumsy rabbit-girl getting so obsessed with beastmen genitalia that she becomes a sex worker to check them all out, which is all accompained by narration trivia about said organs.
  • In the "Gorilla Tactics" episode of Lupin III: Part II series, Lupin (in disguise) taunts Zenigata about an unwanted affectionate encounter he had with a gorilla the previous evening.
  • Played with, but also treated seriously and ultimately averted in Guru Guru Pon-chan, a story about a puppy who gains the power to transform into a girl thanks to mad science and falls in love with a human boy. He likes her as well, but worries that he'll become known as "the pervert who does it with dogs" if the relationship becomes serious. In the end, they get a Relationship Upgrade, they even get married, and it turns out that (almost) Everybody Knew Already and approves of their relationship.
  • Sorta played around in My Balls with Asmodeus, the sheep demon and Kohta at one instance. May also count for Beezlebub, Lamia and Minotaur.
  • In My Bride is a Mermaid, Nagasumi and his dad stumble across a mermaid porn DVD in a box of mermaid aerobics videos. When they both eagerly sit down to watch it, they're both stunned to find erotic footage of... fish. Ordinary fish. Nagasumi's dad casually questions his interests, and the humiliated Nagasumi dies a little more inside...
  • In Nerima Daikon Brothers, both Ichiro and Yukika are very attracted to Pandaikon.
  • Bestiality is surprisingly common in Osamu Tezuka's oevre, used to characterize depraved and nihilistic characters.
  • In Re-Kan!, Ero-Neko is an inverted example, being a perverted cat who likes to watch girls changing in their locker room. He later tries to sneak a peek up Hibiki's skirt as well.
  • Played for Laughs in the first chapter of Shiawase Tori-mingu. When Suzu angsts about how she's too forgettable, Tsubasa says she just didn't notice Suzu because she was focusing on the cute sparrows. She then goes into uncomfortably graphic detail about what she finds cute, causing Suzu to say that's even worse. A few pages later, Tsubasa turns the tables when Suzu swoons over the idea of having an "eternal lover" as cute as a bird, and po-faced Tsubasa says she'll report her for it. Neither of them are really that into birds; Tsubasa is a birdwatching geek and Suzu is just being romantic here, her being just been introduced to the hobby.
  • I'm a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl's Pet: Aria, an Elf girl, finds the titular Behemoth, a reincarnated unnamed knight, who appears like a kitten and was mortally wounded. After being nursed back to health, he develops Undying Loyalty and becomes her companion. When he's mistakenly identified as an Elemental Cat, Aria is warned that the species can crossbreed and "attack" their owners when in heat. Tama is floored when Aria shows zero problems with this and even tells him they'll "nyan nyan" when he's bigger. What's more, the interaction between the two of them is viewed both in-and out-of universe if sometimes put off by Aria's kinks.

  • Hokusai's notorious erotic print "Octopi and Shell Diver" (often known in English by its earlier, inaccurate, translated title "Dream of the Fisherman's Wife") shows a woman engaged in sexual activity with two large octopi. Despite the print often being claimed as the Ur-Example of "tentacle rape" in Japanese pop-culture, the dialogue captions clearly indicate that all parties are consenting.

  • A quote from Dave Barry in Cyberspace: "The Web brings people together because no matter what kind of a twisted sexual mutant you happen to be, you've got millions of pals out there. Type in, 'Find people that have sex with goats that are on fire,' and the computer will say, 'Specify breed of goat.'"
  • German satirist Jan Böhmermann did not note  insult Turkish president Erdogan with this trope. Needless to say, Erdogan was not amused, even Kurds defended him (the whole thing was seen as having a unsavory racist angle), and Böhmermann's "poem" backfired so royally that it became an affair of state and he will look forward to a trial based on the ancient §103 (crimen laesae maiestatis).
    • The case has been dropped by the court on 4th October 2016. Furthermore, section 103 has been removed from the law effective January 1st 2018, as it was considered completely outdated.
  • Dave Chappelle has a bit talking about the theory that AIDS came from someone having sex with a monkey, saying that nobody goes from monkey sex back to people.
    Dave: You're not gonna get some monkey pussy on Tuesday and then say, "Oh, let me call Charlene" on Thursday. Once you fuck a monkey, that's a firm decision. I'm out of the human pussy game for good.
    • Later he discusses a hypothetical person who has sex with monkeys:
      Dave: So y'all can keep fucking these people if you want, niggas. Mo' monkey pussy for me. I'm hooking up with an orangutan next week.
  • Cheech & Chong's skit "Hey Margaret" has the couple Harry (Chong) and Margaret (Cheech) watching a porno movie where, among other things, the lead actress has sex with a dog. Also, in "The Old Man In The Park", where the Old Man (Chong) tells the Punk (Cheech) that the Punk could be his son because "I used to fuck Buffalo. In fact, you look just like your momma."
  • Ellen DeGeneres did a bit about folks objecting to gay marriage stating "next thing, people will be marrying goats" and wondering why they always go there first thing. "Mom, Dad... this is Billy."
  • One of Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might be a Redneck"s is "If your parole states you can not own sheep".
    • And from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: "If you think The Silence of the Lambs is what happens when Larry walks out to the barn..."
    • Made even better when they show a picture of Larry in his undies in a hotel room...with a sheep! The others don't even try to hold back their laughter.
      Larry: It was such a cute daggum sheep.
  • Jim Gaffigan, in a hidden track at the end of the album "Doing My Time," plays a character who talks about how he is always reminded of fucking a donkey when he returns home. His excuse: "I was drunk and he mumbled something."
  • Adam Hills relays a story about a conversation with an audience member who had worked in forensics in Wales. The man told a story about a farmer who, during the foot-and-mouth crisis, had loved his cows so much that he had taken them into a field and shot them before shooting himself. When Hills expressed his sympathies for the farmer, the audience member clarified that the man “really loved his cows”, as he had no partner and no pornography, but did have a lot of Viagra. When Hills was still doubtful, the man continued. “We swabbed the cows.” Apparently, they got positive results on six out of forty-eight. Hills ends the story with “I know, but all I could think was; what was wrong with the other forty-two? Were they not as pretty or just faster?”
  • Downplayed in a sketch song from German comedy group "Die Insterburgs" which collects mishaps in a sex shop. One guy buys a perfume that is supposed to attract women. It does attract pussies — unfortunately, the feline kind. (In general, some Truth in Television, as mammalian pheromones can be very similar. In this case, though, probably too much Valerian.)
  • Joe Rogan: "You don't fuck sheep because they're hot. You do it because they're that high and no one's looking. Or there's a guy with a camera and he's giving you money."
  • In Bob Saget's HBO Special That Ain't Right, Bob goes on a long riff to randomly-picked audience member Jared, warning him about the dangers of fucking various animals, including goats, ostriches, turtles, and porcupines.

    Comic Books 
  • Batman: In Batman: Dark Allegiances, an Elseworlds story set in the 1930s, one character keeps insinuating that there is a blue movie of actress Kitty Graymalkin (a.k.a. Catwoman) having unnatural relations with a Rottweiler. It's also implied that this is the film that was made while she was blackout drunk and being used as blackmail against her.
  • The Boys:
    • Teenage Kix member Blarney Cock is revealed after his death to have been using a hamster as a buttplug.
    • One of the transgressions committed by Tek-Knight is that he buggered his niece's pet chinchilla to death.
    • The Herogasm miniseries features a woman getting mounted by a dog.
  • The Cartoon History of the Universe:
    • It describes the process of domestication thus: "Men and sheep grew very close".
      Shepherd: [hugging a sheep] Darling!
      Sheep: Wha-a-a-at?
    • Later:
      Chicken: None of that funny stuff with ME, pal!
  • Cherry has sex with a dolphin in one issue of Cherry Comics.
  • Crossed: An infected man rapes and stabs a dolphin to death while singing about his mother.
  • Doom Patrol:
    • Oddly deconstructed/ignored when it comes to the villains The Brain and Monsieur Mallah during Grant Morrison's run. The former is normally a disembodied Brain in a Jar and the latter is a scientifically evolved genius gorilla. When The Brain was temporarily placed in a robot body, they confessed their love for each other. The species difference is rarely, if ever, mentioned. All that gets mentioned is that they are both male. What's also rarely mentioned is the Brain is the one who gave Mallah his enhanced intelligence, after essentially raising and educating him for over a decade. As of Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1, Mallah turned against Brain and murdered him while coldly stating whatever they had "turned toxic" long ago.
    • This is surprisingly ignored in Doom Patrol (2016). No attention is brought to the fact that Lotion the Cat and Casey Brinke had sex despite being a cat and a human respectively. Possibly justified in that Casey's a tulpa and Lotion's a mutated humanoid cat, so it's a bit trickier to determine exactly if they're commiting bestiality at all.
  • Fables:
    • Goldilocks grew up into a psychotic murderer who's in a sexual relationship with Baby Bear and expresses interest in other non-humans like goblins.
    • Averted with Snow White's relationship with the Big Bad Wolf/Bigby, which is always treated as a true romance, plus Bigby can take human form.
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: In the second volume, Mina Harker and Alan Quartermain meet Doctor Moreau's animal people. The polar bear Moreau is cranky and violent, and Moreau states that they calm him down by paying a local lady to have coitus with him. "A matronly lady, a grandmother I believe..."note 
  • Power Girl: It's strongly implied that Satanna had sex with the Ultra-Humanite after he first was transplanted into his gorilla body, much to PG's disgust.
  • Preacher: This is showcased by Jesus de Sade, the world's wealthiest and most accomplished pervert, with one issue showing him be offered an armadillo on a silver platter by his manservant. De Sade is also stated to have sodomized all the city zoo's larger quadrupeds, leading to the armadillo incident above. Also, during the party thrown by De Sade, we see a guy in the stocks surrounded by sheep, saying "Do it, you sluts!". The comic itself is chock full of people having sex with weird stuff, including but not limited to: A chicken, a salmon, an armadillo, a birthday cake and a bunch of meat stacked up to vaguely resemble a giant woman. At least 3 of these by the same character. Though the one sheep we see is a case of Not What It Looks Like — the newly-vampired Cassidy jumped from underwater without looking where he was going, landing on a sheep's rump and holding on very tightly, just in front of the owner.
  • Ramba: In one scene in "Violent Death", Ramba has her pet cat Lucifer lick her vagina after finding out she has another target to assassinate.
  • Rat-Man: Done twice by the Italian comic book. As usual with the series, it's completely insane:
    • The superhero Marvel Man had his career ruined when the press exposed the fact he had sex with a sheep. Then Rat-Man had sex with the same sheep... And it's the sheep who got her career ruined! She then got back together with Marvel Man.
    • Back when Rat-Man was a child, Boda Valker had many politicians in his pockets thanks to blackmail. The example we're shown is him having pictures of the president having sex with a sheep and blackmailing him and the sheep.
  • Reborn: Golgotha keeps a massive lion-headed dragon as his lover. We even get a scene of visiting him on a bed Ready for Lovemaking.
  • Red Ears: Played for laughs. A man who has just joined the French Foreign Legion arrives at his new posting in a remote Saharan fortress. When he asks the other soldiers how they manage without the opposite gender, his colleagues tell him they just use their dromedary. The new soldier scoffs off at the suggestion, but he eventually starts fantasizing about the dromedary after several weeks. His colleagues stumble upon him after he finishes the deed, and clarify that they meant they use the dromedary to travel to the local brothel.
  • Requiem Vampire Knight: Black Sabbath was in love with Aiwass, a demonic entity that assumed the form of a male mandrill. Even though it could take any shapes it wants even a feminine humanoid form, Sabbath prefers the animal form better as he finds their relationship purer due to transcending species and even superior to Heinrich and Rebecca's romance.
  • Ruins: While attending a carnival, Sheldon observes Princess Python do "something illegal with a python". This account is accompanied by a picture of her tongue-kissing the python.
  • Squee: One of the "Meanwhile" stories had a man forced to have sex with a chicken by aliens in order for them to study human sexual behavior. In the end, the man marries the chicken and has children with it.
  • Swamp Thing:
    • Deconstructed in Alan Moore's run. After pictures of her and (the admittedly anthropomorphic) Swamp Thing are shown in newspapers, Abigail Cable is arrested for her relationship and charged with "crimes against nature", the laws that would usually be used to prosecute the aforementioned screwers of farm animals. She's arrested, fired from her job, her reputation is ruined, everyone starts treating her like a horrible sex offender, and Swampy is forced to cover almost the entirety of Gotham in greenery in order to secure her release. It is up to Batman to point out what would happen if the authorities arrest everyone in The DCU who has a relationship with a non-human, and it's the delivery that just nails it as a literal Space Whale Aesop. Eventually we will run into intelligent non-humans, and perhaps the biggest part of What Measure Is a Non-Human? is whether or not we believe them — or they believe us — worthy of love.
    Batman: I mean, if you want to take this all the way, non-humanity doesn't end with the Swamp Thing. Let me see... You'll possibly have to arrest Hawkman... and Metamorpho... ...And there's also Starfire, from the Titans. Her race evolved from cats, I believe... The Martian Manhunter, obviously. Captain Atom... And then of course there's what's-his-name... the one who lives in Metropolis.
    • Issue 146 of the 1982 series has Swamp Thing disgusted by the depravity going on in a red light district in Amsterdam when he sees six men in bondage gear surrounding a fish in bed.
  • Tank Girl: Tank Girl's boyfriend is an intelligent mutated kangaroo. It's unclear how proper this is considered in the setting, but Tank Girl herself has never cared much about propriety.
  • Transmetropolitan: A famous joke and former page quote is replicated nearly word for word (except it's a janitor in a convention hall and not a farmer) with throwaway character "Bill Chimpfucker". Before this, there's a throwaway line about how Spider Jerusalem's cat tried to have sex with Channon's boyfriend.
  • Viz: The comic featured a strip titled George Bestial, with the titular character getting into shenanigans that involved attempting to shag animals.
  • Wanted: Mr. Rictus has sex with goats. (In the Brazilian translation, it's changed to kangaroos, since he's Australian.)
    Mr. Rictus: I do not fuck goats, Mr. Gibson. I make love to them.
    • This eventually led to the famous Nextwave cover parody of the Civil War (2006) event, which read "Mark Millar Licks Goats". Millar apparently took it in stride.
  • Wonder Woman: in Wonder Woman (2011), the First-Born was a humanoid deity that bred with hyenas and spawned a cadre of demigod hyena-man that serve as his foot soldiers.
  • X-Men: This gets a deconstructive nod. Beast's already blue and furry, but when he undergoes a secondary mutation that leaves him looking more feline than hominid, his girlfriend breaks up with him because the tabloids start comparing the relationship to bestiality.
    • Being blue and furry was also a secondary mutation that caused his previous girlfriend to break up with him. Beast originally just had unusual proportions and extreme acrobatic ability.

    Comic Strips 
  • A strip by Joan Cornellà had a boy's mother catch her son watching porn, then smile approvingly after getting him to watch a video of a man fucking a dog.
  • In the book-only Dilbert collection Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless, Dogbert says that a mother has a lifetime right to tell embarrassing stories about her children. Cut to a woman, seated beside her grown son, asking someone "Did I ever tell you about Jeffrey's first visit to the zoo?...Well, Jeffrey was just reaching puberty and still confused about a lot of things..." The son begs her in anguish to stop, but to no avail: "And to this day he's still banned from the monkey cage area."
  • The Far Side had one with two chimpanzees grooming each other:
    "Well, well, another blonde hair. Conducting a little more 'research' with that Jane Goodall tramp?"
    • Allegedly, Goodall's lawyer sent Larson a strongly-worded letter about the comic... followed by a letter from Goodall herself saying she thought it was hilarious.
  • In Kabouter Wesley, Wesley's homemade computer suddenly mentions that "Jan fucks goats" (which Jan admits having done only once), and shows everyone a censored picture of the act. How it got that is unknown.

    Fan Works 
  • The Bolt Chronicles: Both Penny and Bolt feel that fanfiction depicting the two of them as lovers is perverse. Played with regarding Penny, as she finds the stories laughable instead of disgusting and pokes fun at them.
  • The infamous Alphys X Amalgamates shipping from Undertale, in its entirety. Do we even need to explain how fucked-up this is?
  • Apparently, one of Turles's men in the Christmas Tree of Might special of Dragon Ball Z Abridged raped Rudolph.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: The Tales of Keeper Mercury's depravity are the stuff of legend. Features this as a running gag. Actually averted, but try telling anyone that...
  • In Faery Heroes, Harry calls Snape out for his unprofessional behavior.
    Harry: I hereby call into effect section nineteen, subsection three of the Hogwarts Faculty Code of Conduct.
    Hermione: You mean subsection two. Subsection three concerns the groundskeeper being caught engaging in sodomy during a school day with an animal from the previous week's Care lessons.
    Harry: That's... oddly specific, and I really don't want to know why.
  • In Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship, this is one of the many, many, many atrocities that Dark Conquest is guilty of. Notably, he actually appears to regret at least his rape of Bambi's mom. Whether or not this was before she died is... unclear.
  • Fate Revelation Online: Ilya gives Silica Mystic Eyes of Charm, which when combined with her [Beast] element allow her to easily tame animals to act as her familiars. However, Ilya makes sure to point out that the traditional use of Charm is to inspire lust in its targets. Ilya is a bitch.
    "I can see where that would be really useful for you." Hexi said. When she turned to look at him, Silica had a betrayed look in her eyes, and Hexi realized he really needed to complete the thought. "I mean, that means it's easy for you to tame mobs, right? To use as Familiars."
    "That's right." Silica said, smiling up at him in relief.
  • Like in the source material, Professor Hojo from Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged is shown attempting to breed Aerith with Red XIII. However, here he states that he forces his specimens to copulate, because:
    Hojo: This... IS... MY... FETISH!!
  • Decidedly not Played for Laughs by For You, I Will, which follows Melanie going on a killing spree, and forcing Embry to be her accomplice, since the fact that he imprinted on her means he can't refuse. During one of their "hunts," Melanie orders Embry to rape a woman they're about to kill. Later, she tells him to do the same to another woman... while he's in wolf form. Readers, feel free to throw up now.
  • Ed and Al's "experiments" on sheep is a running gag in Kit-chan's Fullmetal Alchemist The Abridged Series capsummaries and videos.
  • In Happily Ever After, Fred and George roast the groom at Ron and Hermione's wedding.
    Fred: Our only disappointment was that we were unable to fulfill his last request...
    George: ...but that was only due to the protestations of the Welsh Sheep Council.
  • In Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap, Harry gives sarcastic answers to Lockhart's quiz on his books.
    What curse did Gilderoy Lockhart cure the Transylvanian villagers from?
    Himself. He left. The villagers cheered, and made mad passionate love to all the animals in the area. Gilderoy was upset when he found out, 'cause he missed out on the sheep.
  • Hitman Miami: Chapter 2 has the "Q.A. Head of the Spork Department" who is involved in illegal ferret smuggling. He uses the ferrets himself for... specific activities. Agent 47 comes upon him in the middle of said... specific activities, and can kill him easily by emitting a radio frequency that causes all ferrets to go vicious.
  • In House of Snakes, a time-and-dimension-traveling Harry gives Sirius an old Black family grimoire for Christmas.
    Hadrian: It details some of the less known exploits of your illustrious family, including a time when one of our great ancestors attempted to mate with the giant squid.
  • In I'm An S-Rank Behemoth Monster, the punchline of Chapter 15 is that Aria wants to molest a kitten. This trait is not portrayed positively or seriously. (The kitten escapes, if you were wondering.)
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami has Roger the caretaker, who abused the children at Whammy House and "did creepy things with his dog".
  • Living The Dream
    • Louie turns himself into a dog in the hopes of wooing Twilight. When that fails he hooks up with Winona, a completely normal and non-sapient dog, and has pups with her.
    • In a nightmare it's revealed that Lance's cousins locked him in a barn and raped him with a horse.
  • In Magical Relations, Sirius tells Harry why the burn marks on the Black family tree tapestry are there and comments in passing that one of the things the Blacks should have disowned family members for is an unhealthy obsession with sheep.
  • In Magic Area Affects Wizards' Health, Ron puts a drunken Draco in bed with a pig and takes photos of it.
    Ron: And then I arranged for a farmer I know to send a letter to Draco asking if he wanted another night with Cindy Lu Swine before she was scheduled to become pork chops? If he didn't want her, then he might be interested in Little Soo-Wee?
  • In The Obligatory Marriage Law Fic, Harry, having replaced Minister Fudge's intended rape victim with a transfigured pony, threatens to reveal the situation to the press unless he legalizes Harry's marriage to Ginny, who wasn't on the Ministry's list of intended brides.
    Harry: If you don't start doing what I tell you to do, you'll find that the press has photos of yourself with that pony. My camera won't show her in the transfigured state either. Oh, no. She'll be there in all her equine glory.
  • In Past Lives, Voldemort has one of his minions cast a spell on him which makes you relive previous lives. On the first attempt, he acts like a cow, while the second results in sheep-like behavior. Two of the "stranger" Death Eaters volunteer to look after him on the latter occasion.
    The last words the Death Eaters heard as they popped out would haunt them forever.
    "Hey... Let's find a fence to push this feller up against."
  • In The Prayer Warriors, Grover alludes to engaging in bestiality prior to his conversion.
  • In Spirit Of Redemption, there is a blink and you miss it line about how one of the brothers of the leader of the Turian government had a livestock habit.
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series, fornicating with koala sheep will get one removed from the Fire Lord succession. Zuko's crew is full of people who have been disgraced in some way or another, and "unmentionable acts with a koala sheep" is why Pi ended up there.
  • There is an infamous fanfic on Survival of the Fittest's Kink Meme that pairs Bridget Connolly and a dog. Someone requested this. Another request involves Rosa Fiametta and a horse. You may get out the Brain Bleach. Particularly now that the latter has been answered too. Graphically.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged, Kirito and Asuna have zero interest in the fisherman they met after Yui's death. This has less to do with the fact that they're still traumatized and more because he "totally doesn't bang fish".
  • There Was Once an Avenger From Krypton: As discussed in Thanatos Scowled, dark rituals were used by some factions in Ancient Greece to recreate the circumstances that birthed the Minotaur, in order to use them as weapons. Sam and Valerie are disgusted to hear this from Nico, who agrees that sometimes Humans Are the Real Monsters.
  • A Twist in Time Travel:
    Sirius: There aren't many supporters of werewolves.
    Harry: They are politicians, Sirius. They'll fuck a goat in public if it means it'll further their ambitions a bit.
  • A Tsukihime fanfic made a meme out of the line "That's all right... A cat is fine, too" after the dojinshi portrays Shiki as a Memetic Molester who wants to do terrible things to Len. When Len tries to escape via transforming into a cat, Shiki utters that immortal line.
  • Played for Drama a few times in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing. Human Trafficking organisation The Ark sometimes forces victims into sex with animals for videos, or even encourages their guards to use it as a punishment for their coworkers for being too soft on prisoners. The humans involved in the actual acts aren't consenting any more than the animals can; it's a form of Cold-Blooded Torture playing on disgust and degradation, and the depraved parties are the people who set it up. In an inversion, Eliza was nearly drowned and/or seriously injured when a sea turtle got too friendly on a livestream (adult sea turtles being about the weight of horses, so she hadn't a hope of fending it off) and viewers thought it was funny instead of horrifying.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Adventures of Tintin (2011), Captain Haddock mentions that one of his crewman lost his job as a shepherd due to his "animal husbandry". The camera then cuts to a mouse struggling to escape his grip while he's asleep.
  • The trolls in Frozen lampshade Kristoff's relationship with Sven as this trope, though it is downplayed (as is to be expected for a Disney film).
    So he's a bit of a fixer upper, so he's got a few flaws/ Like his peculiar brain, dear, the thing with the reindeer/ that's a little outside of nature's laws!
  • Sir Billi give us this gem:
    Man: Anyone see that beaver? I’ve been dying to ask if she was the one that stole my balls.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Airplane! has Captain Ovuer's wife cheating on him...with a horse. She tells him to leave out the back door, and that juice is in the fridge.
  • Part of the fraternity hazing for the dwarf frat in American Pie Presents: Beta House is to have sex with a sheep. The thing is, they don't expect the applicants to ACTUALLY do it, its just meant as a mindfuck. The pledges either give up, or realizes the catch and just jerk off into a condom and claim they did it. It's revealed that the villain of the movie had actually gone through with it, and the experience messed him up so much that sheep are now a secret fetish for him, which the Beta's use in the final challenge of the Greek Olympiad.
  • In Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Ron Burgundy sneaks into Sea World an hour early every day and sexually assaults a star fish.
  • The Angels Melancholy has a woman make out with the butchered remains of a pig, and later she gets intimate with a goat. This appears unsimulated.
  • In The Animal the protagonist (who has animal organs implanted in him) gets sexually attracted to a goat in heat, Played for Laughs.
  • Subverted in Bachelor Party, in which the groom-to-be's buddies arrange for a hooker to have sex with a mule as a party floor show. Before anything overt can actually happen, the mule wanders over to a nearby drug-user's table and snorts a massive dose of cocaine, then keels over from heart failure.
  • Black Sheep (2007). The older brother's relationship with a certain sheep has a bonus of being incestuous. Somehow.
    Angus Oldfield: You wouldn't understand.
    Henry Oldfield: I understand you've got a pretty fucked up idea of animal husbandry!
  • The "donkey show" in Clerks II. Randall sets up a going-away party for Dante by hiring "Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud" to perform at the fast-food joint they work at, largely so they can finally see the kind of depraved thing they'd always heard about in movies like Bachelor Party. Then it turns out that Kelly was actually the (male) donkey, and the Sexy Stud was the man they thought was "Kelly's" pimp... and yet they watch anyway.
    Becky: I'm disgusted, and repulsed, and... and I can't look away... that's huge!
  • In a brief scene in the city from Conan the Barbarian (1982), Conan and Subotai have a good laugh over a guy screwing a llama.
  • The lost film Convention City (1933) includes a drunk conventioneer leading a goat back to his room.
  • In The Merry Wives Of Reno (1934), a rancher seems more interested in his prized sheep than his blonde wife.
  • The Death of Dick Long happens due to the titular character having receptive anal sex with a horse.
  • The Devil's Rejects: Charley and his assistant go to buy some chicken for dinner, and the chicken-farmer selling it asks if they've ever fucked a chicken... and starts providing a lot more information than either of them could have possibly required. For good measure, the chicken-farmer attempts to row back by claiming that Charley's assistant looks sexually frustrated enough to have tried it himself, which naturally results in the normally sedate assistant completely flying off the handle.
  • In one film version of Vilhelm Moberg's The Emigrants, one of the main characters begs to be taken along to America because everyone back home torments him about his suggested trysts with a cow. It's fairly likely it's just an unsubstantiated tale, but that doesn't stop it from ruining his life.
  • In the whole "Shepherd and shrink" part of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask, this takes the form of Critical Psychoanalysis Failure, as Gene Wilder's character is treating a Funny Foreigner in love with a sheep, and winds up falling in love with the sheep himself. The sheep in lingerie! Yikes!
  • While having sex with a chocolate pastry, the Fat Idiot from Famine mentions he once raped a cat.
  • In Far and Away, Joseph uses this trope to insult his drunken brothers when they start giving him trouble.
    Joseph: Shag off, the pair of you. There's a goat over there. Go improve your love life.
  • Flavia the Heretic: After being feed the potion that drives them into a Bacchanalian frenzy, it is implied that some of the nuns had sex with a stallion.
  • Freaked During a short scene with a petting zoo, the zooms to the left revealing to be a heavy petting zoo. It features a man kissing a goat in the lips.
  • This trope is the main joke in Fierce Creatures, where a comedy of errors occurs that repeatedly involves Jamie Lee Curtis walking in on John Cleese, women, and various livestock.
    • It also has Kevin Kline mistaking the "contact" between Jamie and a gorilla.
  • This is one of the gags from Freddy Got Fingered; the titular character first masturbates a stallion, then a bull elephant. This film became notorious for both this and other scenes, landing on Roger Ebert's most hated movie list and being a Creator Killer Box Office Bomb and winning the Worst Picture Golden Raspberry Award.
  • The Hour of the Pig: The very first sight Courtois arrives to in Abbeville is a man who's going to hang because he had sex with a donkey, who is condemned beside him. At the last moment though, a pardon arrives from the lord-for the donkey, who's deemed innocent.
  • In Kingpin, the heroes have Vanessa Angel distract bowling opponents. It mostly works, except with a team of farmers. So they bring in this sheep...
  • Kinsey:
  • The Canadian 1990s made-for-TV drama film Life With Billy features main character Bill Stafford having a fetish for forcing his wife, Jane, to have sex with a pet German shepherd while Bill walks her around nude wearing the dog's leash. NOT played for laughs in this case, as Jane is a battered woman and was forced against her will to engage in this activity.
  • Spanish horror Lobos De Arga has Calisto, who snuck out one night to have sex with a sheep. When said sheep later fell pregnant, he was scared that he was the father.
  • In Midnight Run, Johnathan "The Duke" Mardukas tries to engage Jack Walsh in a conversation by discussing this trope.
    Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas: You ever had sex with an animal, Jack? Remember those chickens on the Indian reservation? There were some good looking chickens there Jack. You know, between us…
    Jack Walsh: Yeah, there were a couple there I wouldn't mind taking a shot at.
    [they both laugh]
  • In Night on Earth, a cab driver (Roberto Benigni) confesses to his priest passenger that he's had sex with both a pumpkin and a sheep, going into lurid detail about said acts. The confession proves too much for the priest to take, and he has a heart attack and dies.
  • In monster rock band GWAR's first movie Phallus in Wonderland, Grambo of the Morality Squad proves in court that Cuttlefish of Cthulhu is really a penis instead of a fish by presenting it a magazine called "Fun with Mules", which excites it quite a lot.
  • Pink Flamingos: Crackers sure does seem to have a thing for those chickens.
  • Heavily implied in The Return of Swamp Thing, where two moonshiners lament the fact that they haven't seen a single woman or sheep in months.
  • Sgt. Reed first enters RoboCop 3 dealing with a transvestite who was arrested about to do a film involving a German Sheppard.
  • A verbatim title card from The Scarecrow (1920):
    "He's running away to get married with your horse."
  • Sheitan: After Bart rejects her advances, the sex-crazed Jeanne starts performing sexual acts on his dog Tyson: seemingly in an attempt to turn him on.
  • In Shrooms, Ernie and Bernie are heavily implied to be into doing… unsavoury things with livestock.
  • This trope is the premise of the film Sleeping Dogs Lie, which is about a woman who once performed fellatio on her dog in college and the ramifications of telling her boyfriend.
  • Star Trek (2009) movie has Uhura invoke this while snubbing Kirk's advances:
    Uhura: For a moment there, I thought you were just a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.
    Kirk: Well, not only.
  • A prostitute in Unspeakable claims to have once been a popular porn star who fell out of favor, forcing her to do weird and illegal videos, one of which involved a poodle.
  • Vase de Noces aka The Pig Fucking Movie, has a rare example of fiction using the trope for non-comedic reasons. Brows Held High had a field day discussing the trope, and getting enraged at how the filmmakers tried to justify but ultimately just wanted to film a pig sodomization.
  • The 2007 documentary Zoo details the life of zoophile Kenneth Pinyan and how he died trying to get it on with a horse.

  • A number of rulers and other high-ups have been slandered by more or less fabricated accusations of zoophilia, the most notable victim of such slander being Catherine the Great.
  • Sending only girls, young boys, or old geezers to herd animals was the prevalent habit in Finland for the same reasons.
  • While it's not folklore per se, there is a long tradition of nations and cultures accusing their neighbors of sleeping with animals. This continues into the modern day. Consider the relationship between New Zealand and Australia or Scotland, England and Wales; in the U.S., the Rural Midwest and the Deep South are the usual targets. For some reason, it quite often seems to be sheep.
    • Sheep have sex organs that are "essentially the same" as humans (per; they also have better control of the muscle responsible for tightening/loosening the opening of the vagina.
    • One of the standard jokes: "Country X, where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous."
    • Another standard joke: "In Country X, they recently discovered another use for sheep. Wool!"
    • And "Why do CountryXers have sex on clifftops? The sheep push back harder."
    • In most countries, it's "Hey you, get off my cloud." But in Scotland, it's "Hey McLeod, get off my ewe!"
    • What do you call a sheep tethered to a lamppost in Cardiff? A rec centre. (See QI in Live-Action TV below for the reaction of Welsh comedian Rob Brydon to this joke.)
    • Why do Scots wear kilts? Because the sheep started running when they heard a zipper.
    • In modern Russian folklore, people from Caucasus and Central Asia are referred to as "sheep/goat/donkey fuckers". A typical joke goes something like this: Why do Georgians have two donkeys in a stable, a larger and a smaller one? The larger one is for adults to "ride"; the smaller one is for children.
    • Hungarians are notorious for their elaborate cuss words and one of the nastiest goes something like "I wish you were ass-raped by a horse" (literally: "A horse's dick up your arse"). Another Hungarian expression is one that urges the other person to have oral sex with a horse. It means, roughly, "screw you". The latter is considered very vulgar, but the first can also be used jokingly, depending on social context.
  • Some people are under the delusion that people go into marine biology want to do naughty things with fish, dolphins, and cephalopods. Needless to say, actual marine biologists (and people who actually want to be actual marine biologists) are not amused. The same rule of thumb goes for the technical term for livestock farming — Animal Husbandry.
  • In pre-Christian Ireland, the ceremony for the inauguration of the High King in Ulster involved the king copulating with a mare. It should be noted that the main account we have for the bestiality is Gerald of Wales, who was a member of the royal family trying to justify the Norman invasion by claiming the Irish needed to be civilized by the Normans. There is evidence that horses were sacrificed and eaten at Tara, but there isn't any reliable evidence that bestiality occurred. That said, bizarre sexual rituals for the affirmation of royalty were common around the ancient world.note  Although a similar ritual might be mentioned in Fermanagh (right next door to Ulster), although it doesn't include the bestiality part.
  • In some versions of the Goatman urban legend, its creation is attributed to a government researcher who was engaged in in-depth studies of goats.
  • There is an old urban legend about a woman being caught naked by her friends/family/coworkers with peanut butter smeared on her privates and calling for her dog.

  • "So What?" by Anti-Nowhere League (popularized by Metallica's cover of it), includes, among other obscenities "And I've fucked a sheep, I've fucked a goat, I rammed my cock right down his throat!"
  • The Ivor Biggun song "Halfway Up Virginia" details the sexual exploits of a stereotypical hillbilly. The singer gleefully admits to having sex with 49 sheep, a mule, a golden retriever, a skunk, a woodchuck, an unspecified number of polecats, an unspecified number of raccoons, a hound dog, a groundhog, an opossum and pretty much anything that moves doesn't run away fast enough. He then makes the following statement:
    "And every last one is female,
    'Cos there ain't nothing strange about me!"
  • blink-182.
    • The self-explanatory song "I Wanna Fuck A Dog".
    • On the live album The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show, the banter between songs includes Tom claiming that he will get sexier as the show goes on due to the heat in the arena and the exertion of performing a concert. Mark speculates that Tom will also get fatter and fatter, "Because dog semen is very high in calories." "Yeah, don't eat dog semen, kids; we hear it's the number one cause of bad breath."
  • "Baby Ice Dog" by Blue Öyster Cult, in which it is implied that the narrator not only slept with, but also pimped out his husky.
  • From John Butler's "Hand of the Almighty":
    Now Ray was full aware/that some sheep were over there/and he knew them in the biblical sense!
  • This is referenced as the fate of one of the Old India Hands mentioned in the Noël Coward song "I Wonder What Happened To Him":
    He got chucked out of the club in Bombay,
    for, apart from his mess bills exceeding his pay,
    he took to... "pig-sticking" note ... in quite the wrong way.
    I wonder what happened to him?
  • In Data's "Don't Sing" video, we see a guy get oral sex from a woman clad in a giant fur coat while driving, which leads to him crashing his car, all while being intercut between shots of many screwed-up things. At the very end, it's revealed that the woman was really a dog.
  • Eminem: In "FACK", his increasingly depraved sexual escapades with a woman culminate in him asking her to gerbil him. If you don't know what that is, the lyrics happily spell it out:
  • The Spaniard song "La Cabra" (translated as "The Goat") from the gag band Los Farlopez is Exactly What It Says on the Tin until they kill her after having too much sex with her.
  • The infamous Bawdy Song, "The Good Ship Venus" has a verse about the ship's dog, Rover. You can pretty much guess what the perverted sailor narrators do to the hound in question.
  • GWAR's "Fuckin' an Animal" fits this in as strict a sense as possible. Their song "Sexecutioner" does so a little bit more subtly.
  • The many strange habits of Harald, in the Swedish song Haralds konstiga vanor, apparently include getting a little too friendly with sheep.
  • The Jad Wio song "Ophélie" is about a 'prohibited' kind of very private show where a woman has sex with a horse.
  • Tom Lehrer:
    • From the introduction to his song "In Old Mexico" on the album An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer: "His educational career began, interestingly enough, in agricultural school, where he majored in animal husbandry, until they... caught him at it one day..."
    • And the classic line from "I Got It From Agnes": "She then gave it to Daniel/Whose spaniel has it now"
  • The Brazilian song "Mundo Animal", by Vulgar Humor experts Mamonas Assassinas, opens with what could be translated as:
    Eatingnote  armadillo is good
    Too bad it hurts your back
    That animal's too short
    That's why I prefer goats
  • "The Lonely Shepherd" by Pig with the Face of a Boy is about a shepherd who slept with another shepherd's wife, and then starts to feel a bit lonely...
  • The popular Ren Fair song Roll Your Leg Over features the lyric:
    "Some people wonder why Scotsmen like sheep/ 'Tis only because we need something that deep."
  • Bob Rivers' "Dirty Deeds (Done with Sheep)" (a parody of an AC/DC song). That is all.
    My friend Larry has a little lamb / Her fleece is white as snow. He keeps braggin 'bout her night and day / Someone should tell him "No"
    • Also, his "When a Man Loves a Chicken".
  • The Tiger Lillies' "Farmyard Filth" is an album full of these.
  • Many of Wesley Willis' songs deal with bestiality ("Suck a Cheetah's Dick", "Drink a Camel's Cum"). A schizophrenic, Willis believed that demons were tormenting him, and that the songs would disgust the demons enough to leave him alone.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic. "Virus Alert". One of the dreaded features of the virus is that it will "make you physically attracted to sheep". Maybe not as bad as causing a major rift in time and space, but still...
    • The bickering couple in "Jerry Springer" have cheated on each other with (among others) her dog Woofie and his pet goat.
      "That goat doesn't love you!"
    • In "Talk Soup", one of the secrets the singer wishes to share on national television is that he has a thing for poodles and rubber underwear.
    • "CNR" claims that Charles Nelson Reilly once made love to a manatee.
  • Related: Charlotte Church had her first album recalled so that they could alter the cover. Why? She was standing in a field with sheep. Nobody wanted the obvious jokes made, especially since she was thirteen at the time.
  • The Da Vinci's Notebook song "Internet Porn" alludes to this in one of the examples given of the various kinds of smutty content that can be found online.
    Girl on girl on girl on girl on girl on guy on sheep.
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer: In "Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Part 2", one of the many bizarre acts in "the show that never ends" is "a sight to make you drool" involving "seven virgins and a mule".

    Mythology and Religion 
  • In the law books of The Bible, especially the Book of Exodus, anyone (male or female) who has sex with an animal is to be executed. The animal is also considered Defiled Forever, and must be slaughtered. The Old Testament forbids shepherds from going out alone (making them leave in pairs) specifically to prevent this "abomination," and Exodus has a bit about those who lie down with beasts. In the apocrypha of the Torah based on the story of Noah, meanwhile, bestiality was apparently so commonplace in antediluvian Earth that Noah's attempt to send out a raven to check whether the flood was over got derailed when the raven accused him of trying to steal its mate in its absence (before flying off and having sex with an eagle).
  • In mainstream Judeo-Christian tradition, bestiality is considered a serious sin punishable by eternal damnation. This goes back to Exodus 22:19, which states "Whoever lies [has sex] with an animal shall surely be put to death." Deuteronomy and Leviticus repeated this rule.
  • In Islam, bestiality is also a serious sin. There is a Hadith by Ibn ‘Abbaas in which the Prophet Muhammad tells his followers "If you find that someone has had intercourse with an animal, kill him and kill the animal too."
  • It's thought that Witches in their Sabbath had sex with demons in the form of animals, including Satan as a black goat.
  • The märkäkorva Lappalainen (wet-behind-the-ears Lapp) in The Kalevala, who has humped, not only his mother and his sister, but also all the mares in his household.
  • Norse Mythology: Loki Really Gets Around. He is the mother (yes, mother) of Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir. (That was his way of distracting the workhorse of the Jötun who built Asgard, to cheat him out of his payment.)
  • Classical Mythology: The Minotaur was born when Poseidon punished King Minos by making his wife fall in love with the bull Minos had been supposed to sacrifice to the gods but hadn't.
  • Subverted with Chinese Mythology and popular folklore, where interspecies pairings are common and considered BENEFICIAL in terms of the resulting offspring, who is often physically perfect/beautiful, highly intelligent, a prodigy, or inherited magical abilities from parents. Many protagonists are actually ANIMAL SPIRITS and the stories revolve around their interspecies romance with mostly humans.
    • For example, Madam White Snake is the title and main character of her story, and the audience is meant to be sympathetic to her when she is betrayed by her human husband.
    • An entire origin myth of several ethnic groups living in the central-eastern region of China revolves around their dog ancestor Pan Hu, the Dog King. When a king requested help in defeating his rival, his pet dog kills and retrieves the head of said rival. The reward was his daughter's hand, and the king had no choice but to fulfill that promise. After taking her into the mountains, Pan Hu meditates to attain human form (in several stories, the princess interrupts the process and he is left with a dog's head). They produce many children between them, who become the ancestors of various tribes that live in that mountain and hold Pan Hu as their common forebear. These ethnic groups have travelled and brought their culture overseas to places like Canada, and hold many proud festivals celebrating and proclaiming their connection with Pan Hu the Dog King.
    • Though whether this is a full subversion is up for debate, as these animal spirits are noted to have attained sapience and human form via meditation, effectively surpassing their original 'base beast' form and placing them spiritually and intellectually on par with normal humans. However, the stories always remind people that they are in fact, still animals, and that their 'humanity' is still in some ways, a mimicry. They are however, not stigmatized for what they are or for pursuing relationships with humans, but are respected for their ability to reach this stage in enlightenment and the magical powers they attained while doing so.
  • Also subverted by Japanese Mythology and popular folklore (as well as popular culture, as Japanese porn is notorious for eroticizing women having sex with animals, especially those with tentacles, e.g. the infamous classic painting, The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, where a woman has sex with an octopus) , as the national traditional religion Shinto is similarly animist, where literally everything has a spirit, which becomes sentient with age. This is best seen in the case of stories involving the Kitsune who are foxes who magically shapeshift between human and animal forms, where the females are almost always idealized as the perfect wives (though the love stories usually have bittersweet tragic ends, as is customary in Japanese traditional romances).
    • However, its also played straight on occasion. Perhaps one of the most infamous examples is "The Eight Canine Heroes Of House Satomi", a series of paintings illustrating a Japanese folk tale of a dog who marries his owner's daughter after fulfilling a task, who proceeds to birth him eight prodigious sons... and kill herself in shame because of this. Said paintings depict said daughter being graphically ravaged by the dog.
  • Played straight with Korean Mythology and popular folklore, where the Korean version of the Kitsune, the female-only Gumiho is villified as almost always a maliciously man-eating monster.
  • Hinduistic Mythology: Consider for example the classic Indian story "The Adventures of the Ten Princes" which contains a Long List of the carnal misbehaviors of gods and sages, including the sun god making out with a mare, the wind god with a monkey and sage Atri with a gazelle (and we're not talking about Gazelle). See also the Other Wiki on this trope for "The Nayika as the lovers of all creatures" (all meaning ''all''), which is somewhat justified as she here symbolizes a cosmic principle of love and fertility.

  • Jackson somehow ends up defending bestiality in a Plumbing the Death Star episode about fictional doctors. Specifically, he casually mentions there's nothing wrong with a man having sex with a swan so long as the swan was originally a person. His co-hosts, Zammit and Duscher, are too stunned to respond with a complete sentence before resorting to just asking for some type of justification. Jackson reasons that as long as its consensual, it's fine, but Zammit ends the discussion by asking the audience to applaud if they agree with Jackson. The silence is deafening... until two people applaud and cause the everyone around them to stare at them in disgust.
    Jackson: Are you telling me if I mind jumped into a swan and then made sweet love to someone, that wouldn't be okay?
    Zammit: [nods head] That's not okay.
    Duscher: That's textbook not okay, that's like rule one!

    Professional Wrestling 
  • In October 1999, The Godfather tried to offer his hoes to Mideon before a match. Mideon stated "I don't do hoes, but do you have any farm animals?" Note that Mideon's former gimmick is that of Phineas I. Godwinn, a pig farmer.
  • During a match pitting Alex Shelley and Delirious against Roderick Strong and Jack Evans of Generation Next at Ring of Honor's Fifth Year Festival, CM Punk advised against spitting on people as Strong and Evans had, explaining it was the first step to creating diseases and sleeping with Chimpanzees.
  • On a 2010 episode of TNA iMPACT!, Ric Flair made one of his infamous rambling promos, wherein he claimed to have had sex with Zenyatta. A race horse.

  • In an episode of Just a Minute recorded in Cardiff, one of the panelists was challenged for "deviating from the subject" because he was talking about sheep. He quickly responded "But sheep aren't considered a deviation in Wales."
  • In the Corby episode of Mark Steel's in Town, he asks why their stereotype of rival town Kettering includes sex with sheep. He's quickly informed by the audience that's because it actually happened once.
    Mark: Oh, that's what you don't want in your town, isn't it? That's the jokes for the next thousand years: They all do it, all the time.
  • Opie & Anthony broadcast a clip of a German porno featuring a man... um... "skewering" a chicken. And it's obvious, from the changing tone of the chicken's squawking, when the penetration begins.
  • In a 2021 episode of The News Quiz, one of the questions involves a farm that hires out goats to appear in Zoom meetings.
    Chris McCausland: I'm not saying that a website that rents out goats for five minutes at six pounds a pop ... it can be an innocent thing, but what I want to know is: why are you clicking that link in the first place?

    Tabletop Games 
  • Exalted features the Lunars, blessed of Luna and boon companions to the Solars. They generally have beast-like traits (including a "totem animal" they can change into at will), and with this comes the ability to breed Beastmen. Thing is, to do it, one of the parties has to be bestial, and the other party has to be humanoid... and the Lunars can be either.
    • It is noted that many Lunars aren't necessarily depraved even despite this... but there are some straight examples. Raksi, a Lunar queen of a massive brood of half-ape offspring is, among other things, an infamous baby-eating cannibal sorceress.
  • In Settlers of Catan, a speaker intends to offer to trade his lumber resources to anyone willing to pay in wool. What comes out, though, is "I have wood for sheep."
  • The Gangrel clan sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem has a historian claiming that the first Gangrel were made when barbarian kings had relations with animals, and were born of ancient sorcery playing on the twisted beings that emerged. Mind you, that may not be the truth (to put it mildly), but man, you can just see most of the clan walking out into sunlight if that turned out to be the truth, can't you?
    • "The Conception of the Garou", Size 2 (picture)
      Gangrel Kindred roll Generation with difficulty of Willpower and suffer successes as Aggravated (reflexive Fortitude soak possible);
      Malkavian Kindred roll Willpower with difficulty of 9 to resist laughing uncontrollably;
      Ventrue Kindred roll the same roll as Malkavians to resist thowing up;
      Garou and other Changing Breeds roll Willpower with difficulty of 8 to resist paralysis.
      For the curious, it's note  Really.
    • For the Garou in the cWoD, at least occasional bestiality is practically a part of life; they can't breed true with each other (any offspring from such unions is usually deformed or otherwise 'defective' in some way as well as generally sterile) and need to mate with humans or wolves to have a shot at having actually viable Garou offspring, and there's at least anecdotal evidence that favoring one branch of the 'family' too much over the other actually is detrimental to a bloodline in the long run. (Replacing "wolves" with the relevant animal type, the same holds true for the other kinds of weres in the game as well.)
      • Of course, being shapeshifters, it's rather debateable whether screwing a wolf when you yourself are for all intents a wolf as well (albeit with human intelligence) should be considered bestiality. The Black Spiral Dancers on the other hand side, often don't care about their partner's shape. Or consent, for that matter...
  • Considering how grimdark the setting already is, in addition to a literal god of excess existing, it's almost a certainty that there are Slaaneshi cults who engage in this regularily in Warhammer 40,000.
  • Oddly enough, subverted in Warhammer Fantasy, where it's shown that to the Chaos-following beastmen, having sex with a human is something none of them could ever fathom doing.

  • The play Equus by Peter Schaffer concerns a young stablehand's issues with being virtually incapable to distinguish between affection for horses and sexual attraction, thanks to a screwed-up childhood. It being a drama piece, it's also pretty disturbing.
  • Rochelle Owens' 1967 play Futz was about a farmboy who loved his pig.
  • Edward Albee's The Goat or Who Is Sylvia.
  • The Dauphin in Shakespeare's Henry V is rather disconcertingly fond of his horse:
    Dauphin: I once writ a sonnet in his praise and began thus: "Wonder of nature —"
    Constable: I have heard a sonnet begin so to one's mistress.
    Dauphin: Then did they imitate that which I composed to my courser, for my horse is my mistress.
    • The dialogue continues in this vein for quite a while.
  • In MID-LIFE! the Crisis Musical, the song "He Got What He Deserves", one of the divorcées notes an ex's barnyard encounter after the split with great relish and multiple sheep puns.
  • Played for tragedy in Our Breath is as Light as a Hummingbird's Spine, since there's no way to have sex with a bird. However, the main character does glue feathers and a beak onto a sex toy. (Decide for yourself whether that's Squick, unintentionally funny, or just as pathetic as it's supposed to be.)
  • The Reduced Shakespeare Company's The Millennium Musical (Abridged) has jokes on these lines about "The Scottish Guy Who Cloned Dolly the Sheep".
  • In Rimers of Eldritch, Skelly Manor first appears onstage with local boys baaing at him. Nothing explicit is stated and nothing is ever proven. It's used more to demonstrate Skelly's isolation from the town and how rumors move through it.
  • In Rock of Ages, Dennis Du Pree uses this trope to convince Stacee Jaxx to play at his bar.
    Dennis: Remember the time we fucked that llama?
  • Played for comedy in Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier with Prince Achmed, who, after being attacked by the Princess' tiger, becomes known as "Tigerfucker" to his people. He doesn't like it.

  • Some adult novelty stores carry inflatable sheep with a belt to be worn from the waist. "Great for bachelor parties!"

    Web Animation 

  • 8-Bit Theater: Red Mage. Animal Husbandry. That is all.
    Black Mage: Why is that your answer for everything? How is that your answer for everything?!
  • Ansem Retort provides this gem:
    Sora: Where do mermaids come from?
    Ariel: Well, when a man loves a dolphin more than society says he should...
    • In addition, Larxene got a fortune blunt from Yuffie's Chinese restaurant which said "Small animals will bring you great happiness" and jokingly added "... in bed!"
  • There's a running gag in Brathalla that Tyr's proclamations of loving animals to be taken as an admittance that he's a zoophile, to where Fenrir asked him not to get too close.
  • Some of Irwin Cardozo's webcomics have used bestiality as a punchline.
    • One strip has a doctor chewed out for having sex with one of his patients. When the doctor asks what's wrong with that, the man reprimanding him answers that it's wrong because he's "a f**king vet".
    • A woman asks a man if he believes in puppy love. The man answers that he did, but then makes a disturbing comment implying that he thought the woman was talking about sex with dogs.
    • In the hospital, a woman gives birth to a baby with a Caucasian torso, Asian limbs, and a black head, the implication of the mixed ethnicities being that the child was fathered by men of different races. After the doctor slaps the baby to get him to breathe, the mother expresses relief that her child didn't bark.
  • Even the Furry Fandom gets in on this gag sometimes. Background information for Concession mentions that the Church of Gaia is looked down upon somewhat in-universe for its advocation of sex between furries and non-anthropomorphic animals. Artie's doctor is briefly mentioned to have a fetish for sharks, and after the incident with Chelsie Artie claims Joel has no right to judge him because of "that time you woke up with that feral dog".
  • Digger: When Herne is first asked about his deer-headed appearance, he first claims that a deer raped his grandmother. Then he admits it was a joke and starts to claim, "Actually it was my grandfather who had this unnatural—"
  • In DM of the Rings, the DM/Tolkien explains how the Rohirrim are such excellent riders. The players paraphrase it as "The guys with unnaturally close relations with their horses". Cue Gimli rolling a natural 1 on his diplomacy check...
    Gimli: Tell me your name, horse-f
    Aragorn: GIMLI!
  • The titular protagonist of Dog Nigga was the product of a drunk raping a dog, who proceeded to die from the pregnancy. As such, his stated goal is to rape his father in revenge.
  • The only reason the protagonists of Exterminatus Now manage to remain employed is due to them blackmailing their employer, Inquisition Commander Schaefer, with the knowledge of his chicken fetish. He makes it almost too easy at times.
  • Florence and Winston's relationship in Freefall isn't exactly this, but it's referenced in these terms a few times (most obviously when Winston remarks that it's inappropriate for a doctor to get involved with his patients, but even less appropriate for a veterinarian to do so). Given who the more proactive party is, it is also treated as something else.
  • Completely averted in Funny Farm. A male black sheep can marry a human woman and nobody bats an eyelash. The guilt that Mewn and Mavis feel over sleeping together early on isn't because of this trope, but because they were raised Catholic.
  • Tomato from A Game of Fools is pretty heavily implied to swing this way, among many, many other bizarre fetishes.
  • Katerina of Gunnerkrigg Court develops a mutual attraction with a boy named Alistair who is visiting the Court for a week. To make a long story short, he gets permanently turned into a bird at the end of that week. Now, this in itself is innocent enough; after all, she fell in love with Alistair while he was still human, and she didn't know anything about him turning into a bird until right when he was about to leave. But immediately after this whole arc, Katerina is later shown sharing with Antimony a picture of a "cute boy" — in an ornithological journal. She also seems to have an implied bird fetish in later strips.
  • Lilith leaves Adam in Holy Bibble partially due to her introduction to him involving sheep-sex. In her disgust with Adam, Lilith admits that she'd rather mate with the sheep than Adam.
  • Homestuck has Equius, who has a Porn Stash of obscene portraits of horses musclebeasts. Nepeta also enjoys them... and then it's later implied that all of Alternia believes in this ideal and considers these portraits to be the highest form of art possible, meaning that the entire planet counts.
  • Hank of Indefensible Positions named his horse Uni, but states that it's not short for Unicorn. "See, a unicorn is a horse with a magical horn. When I got to know this pony, I named her Unicu-" Fortunately, he's interrupted before he can finish, but he later makes a philosophical point by describing what it's like to have sex with a horse. Zoophilia is kind of his defining trait, in his second appearance he pretty much states as such.
  • The now-wife of webcomic artist David Hopkins, creator of Jack, was allegedly stalked and severely harassed by a creepy ex-boyfriend who had boasted repeatedly to her of his ... misadventures ... involving the blowholes of beached dolphins. They had such problems with him they took out their frustrations by putting a Captain Ersatz of him in the comic, condemned by Hell to be raped and otherwise assaulted by dolphins for eternity, and setting the language filter on the comic's forum to translate every instance of his first name to "Dolphinfucker".
  • In Keychain of Creation, building on the Exalted example above, Marena, an Extreme Omnisexual fox-totem Lunar, is quizzed by renegade Deathknight Secret on how many people she's had sex with. Her response ends with the memorable line, "Define people."
  • Lies, Sisters and Wives: Due to wacky misunderstandings, Elisabeth ends up thinking that Jessica has sex with horses. She is horrified and flees the room.
  • This Oglaf strip has a man confess to lying about his wife being turned into a goat just so he could get away with fucking goats. (NOTE: This page is worksafe, the rest of the comic usually is not.)
    • "So, I will seduce... the crocodile!" The fist-bump of congratulations afterward sells it.
    • "Hot Dots" (not linked for NSFW) shows a sequence of polka-dotted fetish costumes and scenarios, concluding with a man shouting "And that's why I fucked the ocelot!"
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Referenced when the Oracle predicts his next death at the hands of a druid client and asks his friends to be ready with a Resurrection spell "when I tell him yes, his wife is cheating on him, and the other man is his animal companion. Turns out giving enhanced intelligence to a critter who is literally hung like a bear doesn't always work out the way you'd think."
    • Elan needs an excuse to leave the room:
      Elan: Uh, dad? Haley and I need to go have sex.
      Haley: Come on, V. And bring the cat, just in case.
      Tarquin: ...Huh.
  • Tycho from Penny Arcade seems to have a... fondness for videos involving giraffes (and possibly ostriches as well).
    • It's the necks. They're slender.
    • Also this comic.
    • And then of course, there's... This...
      • That's not the only one, note that Max is the one who is the most visibly creeped out by Tycho.
    • Even Gabe gets in on this from time to time. As part of a new years resolution, he stated that he was giving up bizarre Internet porn because he didnt want to get caught tugging it at the Aquarium's jellyfish section anymore.
  • In Rooster Teeth Comics, swine flu apparently jumped the species barrier to humans because Jason had sex with a pig.
  • Scandinavia and the World:
    • When discussing past crimes countries have been accused of, it's discovered that Sweden was arrested for zoophilia. In his defense, he was young, horny and it was a really cute horse.
    • Wales is in a relationship with New Zealand...who is a sheep. Somehow, they even have a child together, New South Wales. Norway's brain broke when he realized that. (For the record, NSW is a talking lamb.)
    • In that same comic, Denmark expressed interest in banging a sheep too. In HIS defense, he was drunk, but still, it IS Denmark we're talking about here.
    • In another comic the Netherlands casually admitted that he and Denmark used to steal England's sheep and screw them when they got stoned, but since it's now illegal to screw them they just dress the sheep in bikinis and let them wander their gardens.
  • Joked about in an early Sinfest where Slick is answering sex-related letters from the readers. One letter, rife with spelling errors, asks if its normal that he gets a chubby watching his mother milk the farm cow. Slick tells him that he is what professionals call an "inbred freak", to make sure the cow is of legal age, and that "moo means moo".
  • And of course, Something*Positive had Monette and the koala... but in her defense, it wasn't so much bestialist tendencies as a combination of drunkenness and Really Getting Around.
    • And even now she is still trying to live it down; her girlfriend at one point mentions use of a koala mask during sex.
    • Not to mention that, when she starts gaining more fame as an actress, the studio made sure the Koala was kept out of the picture - by paying it off.
  • Stef from User Friendly supposedly has a thing for Llamas. In fact, the strip repeatedly makes jokes about Llama porn...

    Web Original 
  • In Brad Jones' Demo Reel, Henrietta lists a number of animals she is willing to have sex with if she'll be paid in heroin.
  • In Chris Fleming's "Theater Kids" car rant, he says that theatre showstoppers like "Defying Gravity" and "Let It Go" will get theater kids so worked up that eventually they'll sing a song with An Aesop that is totally not okay, and sings an example that culminates in the singer singing that they're "gonna hook up with my horse".
  • When The Cinema Snob reviewed Island of Death, he understandably couldn't get past the fact that the male character did, in fact, screw a goat. And more often than not, Snob fears some bestiality will occur - or just finds some subtext for it (such as Oh Heavenly Dog, where a woman basically falls in love with a man trapped in the dog Benji's body).
  • At CollegeHumor the implication you contracted Chlamydia from a Koala can not be said uncontested. Kissing a frog is also gross.
  • Darwin Awards
    • A 2007 Award is entitled "A Cow-ardly Death", caused by "unwanted amorous advances on a heifer". Said heifer kicked her would-be suitor to death.
    • Another accgount recalls a rather inebriated half-naked man being treated for a crotch filled with porcupine quills. The patient was unable to state exactly what happened due to drunkenness and pain, but it is not hard to guess.
    • this one involves a guy reportedly attempting sex with a raccoon, which mangled the offending parts. It's probably an urban legend though.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    • The Bad Reverend's audition for the Evil League of Evil had him asserting against rumors (and his own mutterings) that he would not molest Bad Horse.
    • And inverted when Bad Horse's letters include directions to "Make the Bad Horse gleeful/ Or he'll make you his mare!"
  • Played for Laughs on the Dream SMP:
    • According to Fundy, he's the son of Wilbur, a presumed human, and a salmon named Sally. How this is done is never explained canonically, and when the fandom suggests that Sally was a shapeshifter to make it sound more believable, Wilbur the content creator rejects the notion, confirming that yes, he (somehow) fucked a fish, and he has never been able to live it down in the fandom ever since.
      Fundy: Uh, basically [...] I wasn't alive during these times, but I think, um... Wilbur fucked a salmon.
      Jack: Wow, you really– that's disgusting!
    • Wilbur's relationship with Sally the Salmon clearly had an effect on his mind — even while he's dead, Ghostbur, his spectral counterpart, continues to show sexual attraction to salmon. Expectedly, this makes his family very uncomfortable.
  • Filthy Frank: Frank has mentioned how he rapes baby deer. It Makes Sense in Context, as Frank is a horrible person.
  • His "wife"? A horse. Naturally, Fandom Wank turned it into a Meme.
  • The Freelance Astronauts are Squicked out by the idea of marrying a fish.
  • When the Game Grumps play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:
    Egoraptor: What was the weirdest thing about Ocarina of Time?
    Jon Tron: You- [narrowly avoids running into a snake] FUCK SNAKES!!
    Egoraptor: I don't fuck snakes! That's disgusting!
    • Later on, during the Danny era of Game Grumps, Danny introduced the running gag of "Wolfjob": a poorely-rendered image of a bipedal wolf jerking a guy off. The image is of unknown origin, but Danny seems to find it disturbingly hilarious.
  • Notable Aversion: For all its other crimes and despite its name, "" does not concern this trope, or having anything even vaguely related to goats. This is because Goatse is an abbreviation, which stands for (warning, vulgar) Guy Opens Ass To Show Everyone.
  • Goodbye Strangers: A few of the entries in the Sweeter Smoke module imply that that the Kazma has had sex with some of the Strangers. And in the Sickos Only module, Default talks about the abuse inflicted on strangers by his partner Bracey and shows images of strangers in various forms of bondage and with various injuries. Although apparently people don't consider sex with strangers to be bestiality, as strangers are not really alive or sentient in the same way animals are.
  • Played to comedic effect in the DC Universe-based online role-plays of JLA_Watchtower and DC Nation. The characters are taking the 5,000-question online "purity test," and Gar Logan's girlfriend (an OC who is an animal-based shape-shifter like he is) quips, "Honey, just how DO we answer those bestiality questions?"
  • Played for horror in Hamster's Paradise where one faction of a race of sapient, warmongering hamster descendants known as the Harmsters attempt to play Evilutionary Biologist and attempt to interbreed with their domesticated beasts called Brutes to become a stronger species. Since the Brutes are also Harmsters that had been enslaved and selectively bred into non-sapient animals, they are able to viably reproduce: but the experiment worked a little too well and the entire faction degraded into the gigantic, primal, cannibalistic Frazettas.
  • In the YTP series The Misadventures of Skooks, everyone seems to show attraction to Skooks at one point or another. "Lucky for you, I'm a dog lover!"
  • In The Nostalgia Critic review of Signs, Doug dubs the voices of the aliens when he wonders what they could possibly be saying during their time of their attack. After one tries to break down a door and fails, after being insulted the alien calls the other alien a "slug fucker".
  • Skippy's List Of Things Not To Do In The US Army involves this at some level.
    "Um... a rubber sheep... I can explain why that's there..."
  • Parody artist Jon Cozart, a.k.a. Paint, mocks the Happily Ever After ending of Beauty and the Beast in his "After Ever After" video with the notion that after her marriage the townsfolk accuse Belle of bestiality and throw her in prison.
  • Amaranth in Tales of MU is bound by her nature to have sex with intelligent beings who want it. She sends her goddess burnt offerings of reports on animal cognition in the hopes of having the definition expanded.
  • Possibly deconstructed by the short web series, There she is!!; the manner of revulsion from the public caused by a relationship between a rabbit and a cat seems to be portrayed somewhere between Fantastic Racism and straight up bestiality. Especially deconstructed because the rationale behind such an extreme hatred is completely lost on the viewer. If one can read their site (They're Korean), this is intentional.
  • T Shirt Hell:
  • Victoria of The Twilight Chronicles is heavily hinted to have slept with Jacob's dog. It's more or less confirmed a few episodes later when Carlisle mentions that he left Mexico because Victoria wanted to bring dogs into their sex life.
  • Welshy, in order to prove he's British to Mike J, stated that the things he had screwed included a bagel, his sister, and a goat.
  • In an episode of What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?, Nash gets revolted at a guy who was caught screwing a dead squid, and in another he's shocked at an animal brothel. One episode featured a woman who had sex with a dog then died when she had an allergic reaction to the dog's penis. Nash is rightfully disgusted.
    Nash: "Don't have sex with dogs or you'll fucking die apparently!"
  • With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus has the Wild Horses episode where no-one treats it as weird, to comedic effect.
  • There's a copypasta taken from a zoophilia website that goes into worrying detail about how the writer describes getting intimate with dolphins, as well as a Pokemon one that goes into similar detail concerning Vaporeon.

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