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Definitely Welsh.

Matt Williams, a.k.a. Welshy, is a reviewer on YouTube and formerly on Channel Awesome, as well as a member of the Channel Awesome Wiki staff. He can be found here, here and here. Always accompanied by a photo of Anne Hathaway, he does reviews with a focus on horror, like his Scream and Saw retrospectives, multiple Top 10 lists (often concerning Doctor Who) and two series called Why I Like... and My Problem With..., where he (quickly) goes into depth about something he does or does not like. Pretty straightforward really.

He is also the question giver on Sad Panda Q&A and has something of a drinking problem.

Announced on 17th May 2013 that he was leaving Channel Awesome and video making in general for personal reasons. He returned to internet video-making in October of 2014 on with fellow former TGWTG contributor Sad Panda.




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