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There's just something about glasses that makes some characters look more endearing than they would be without them. As glasses are fragile by nature and wearing them is normally (but not always) a sign of poor eyesight, they add an additional layer of vulnerability to book-smart and Endearingly Dorky characters. Glasses with big, round frames that accentuate certain facial features by making them look rounder and more youthful looking are a common glasses style among these types of characters.

Personality-wise, Bespectacled Cuties are sweet and affable by nature. Some are very friendly and trusting of other people, while others are painfully shy and prefer to fade into the background. As intelligence is often seen as a defining trait for such characters, they tend to double as Cute Bookworms. Sometimes the presence or absence of glasses shows a change in personality.

Glasses on a Hot Librarian or Sexy Secretary are a completely different thing. The Seemingly-Wholesome '50s Girl may use glasses to pretend to be this trope.

Meganekko is the Anime Fanspeak term for female anime characters that fit this mold.

May overlap with Cute Bookworm, Endearingly Dorky, and/or Lovable Nerd, traits associated with these types of characters.

For characters who are sexualized in-universe because of their glasses, see Glasses Are Sexy. When glasses are used as a signifier that they've aged, see Glasses of Aging.


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  • A spot for Truist banks features a little girl, Jessica, who is not only a bespectacled cutie but she's heroic as well. She sees a car about to hit a puddle in the street and drench her classmate's school project so she gets in front, opens her umbrella and shields her friend and project.

    Anime and Manga 
  • In Ah... and Mm... Are All She Says, Toda's debut one-shot Ferris Wheel Reversal stars a glasses-wearing high-school girl. And despite the manga itself is quite polarizing among readers, even those who don't like it admit her glasses are quite cute.
    Anonymous Imageboard User: Yeah, the chick had nothing going for her except the glasses.
  • Ah! My Goddess: Hasegawa Sora is a shy platonic friend of the protagonist who wears glasses.
  • Agent Aika: Aika's young sidekick Rion Aida wears big glasses, and is often considered cute by other characters. Rudolf Hagen himself comments she's going to grow into a beautiful woman when he captures her.
  • Ai Yori Aoshi: Taeko Minazuki is an innocent, adorable and attractive Red-Headed meganekko. Who also plays the maid and sidekick within the series, she frequently has awkward and clumsy moments that gets her into trouble with Mrs Miyabi a lot plus being Tina's more responsible and modest opposite.
  • Attack on Titan: The cheerful and outgoing Hange Zoe, who is a veteran member of the Survey Corps.
  • Battle Spirits Shonen Toppa Bashin has Fumiko Otonashi, who goes by the nickname "Meganeko". Her real name isn't even mentioned until later into the series. She's a polite and sweet, yet practical girl. The twist is that she starts wearing contacts later into the series, because it's easier for her to read the cards when she starts playing Battle Spirits. But her friends continue calling her Meganeko, because it's too weird for them otherwise.
  • Barakamon: Jou Tatenaga, who is a adorkable glasses girl, and a bit of a doormat
  • Black Butler: Mey-Rin, the maid of the Phantomhive Manor is a clumsy, quirky and apologetic meganekko who appears every so often in the series mostly as a comedic character. However she is a lot more talented than she seems and is quite the beauty as well
  • Chocotto Sister: Chitose, the landlady, wears thick glasses and is very self-conscious about it. A boy calling her a "four-eyed dog" in high school is a major emotional hurt of hers and Haruma's complimenting her on how she looks wearing them is a large part of why she falls for him.
  • Doctor Slump: The Robot Girl protagonist Arale is possibly a pioneer of this trope. The first chapter of the manga has a panel of her creator Senbei giving her glasses to be able to see better. Since then she always wears them, which adds a more adorable touch to her design and reflects her childlike and innocent nature. Unlike most examples, however, she's not vulnerable, as she's incredibly strong and outgoing; the fact that she's a robot who needs to wear glasses is mainly a jab at Senbei's incompetence.
  • GTO: The Early Years: Ayumi Murakoshi is a cute, glasses-wearing girl Hot Teacher who Ryuji falls for.
  • From Mobile Fighter G Gundam we have Bunny Higgins, who's glasses give her a sweet sophistication; in contrast, Natasha's glasses accentuate the sternness of a woman who's all business.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Team. Head maid of the Technology department Ikuyo Suzuki wears glasses. Most of the time she is cute and friendly, but at times she can develop Scary Shiny Glasses and become a Mad Scientist.
  • Hellsing plays with this twice over:
  • Hidamari Sketch: Sae, who's generally pleasant, consistently described as "beautiful" in the manga's character profiles, and is called "a walking encyclopedia".
  • Hikari no Densetsu: Miyako Kamijou, Hikari's Cool Big Sis, has large, adorable, puppy-dog eyes. She wears glasses and is a timid but respectful young lady.
  • Kimagure Orange Road: Manami Kasuga is one of the earlier embodiments of this trope. A cute, sweet, responsible girl, she keeps the Kasuga household together. Be warned - she can't see anything if she loses her glasses or contacts.
  • Komi Can't Communicate: Himiko Agari's glasses highlight how she's an endearing Nervous Wreck of a Nice Girl.
  • K-On!: Nodoka is pretty calm and friendly, and like everyone else, mostly gets annoyed with Ritsu. Mio shows she can pull off the look by borrowing(?) her glasses temporarily, leaving her with 3s for eyes in manga (while her coolness remains unchanged during the same scene in anime).
  • Lucky Star: Miyuki is a sweet, Cute Bookworm with huge, round glasses. Lampshaded when Konata comments that her glasses are part of her Moe appeal. She also blurts that her email address is (translated) IXTRALUVGIRLSWITHGLASSES, while in a crowded bus, earning some odd looks.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Fuu Hououji is usually known for wearing her glasses because she's a bookworm, video game nerd, and claims to have poor eyesight. She's also the only one who is part of a blatant Official Couple (with Ferio) and this sometimes leaves her stammering, blushing, temporarily losing sense of direction. However, she only wears her glasses when she's not wearing her final armor and riding her Rune God; in those forms, she ditches her glasses and claims that the Rune God's power fixes her eyesight.
  • Lampshaded in Mononoke Sharing. All the girls are having a selfie competition to see who can get the most likes online. Mizuchi's attempts to up her game in the second round by removing her glasses, only to find that it has the opposite effect and has to drop out.
  • My-HiME: Yukino Kikukawa, whose shyness provides a perfect balance for her very outspoken best friend Haruka.
  • My-Otome: Irina also wears cute-girl frames, but they're smaller and rounder.
  • Nagasarete Airantou: Subverted where Chikage initially seems to have the proper personality but ends up having Scary Shiny Glasses and is as crazy as the other girls on the island. However, played straight with her mother Shizuka, wherein she's pleasant, and clever to fool even the lead male.
  • One Piece has Tashigi, an attractive young Marine captain whose glasses are a source of both cuteness and humor, due to her clumsiness and Running Gag to mistake random people for her superior officer Smoker without her glasses on.
  • Please Teacher!: Mizuho Kazami, is an adorably attractive teacher who is in fact an alien. A lot of her charm comes from how nice and sweet she is, with and without glasses.
  • Queen's Blade has Cattleya, who plays the trope straight with her sweet, motherly personality, but also subverts stereotype by being the biggest fighter (in more ways than one) and the most physically powerful.
  • Read or Die: Yomiko Readman is considered the Queen of all Meganekko, thanks to her adorable looks and deep passion for reading books. During R.O.D the TV it's mentioned that she's over thirty. Oddly, her looks haven't changed at all since her first manga appearance, when she stated (honestly) that she was 23.
  • Real Account: Got Chiho, seemingly your typical Shrinking Violet in her early 20s. Forced to take nudes online for some time. But actually, she sent those pictures willingly and is a huge pervert.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Anthy's gentle and intelligent nature seems to fit the role, though her apparent ditzyness is explained in a dark and extreme subversion later on. Also lampshaded in that the finale reveals that Anthy doesn't even NEED to wear glasses, and was seemingly wearing them at Akio's order, most likely to make her look more submissive and timid. When she finally breaks ties with him, she illustrates this by taking off her glasses and leaving them on his desk, and heading out into the world without them. This is hinted at in one of the next episode previews much earlier in the series where Anthy casually remarks that she can see better WITHOUT her glasses.
  • Rizelmine: Papa C's daughter, Kyouko Yachigusa, has a thing for the main character, Rizel Iwaki, and is usually wearing glasses. When in glasses, she's shy and unsure. Take off her glasses and she becomes a horny little predator.
  • Sachiare: Tomoharu's bride Sachiko is ungodly cute already, with her glasses on it gets taken to lethal levels.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei: Harumi Fujiyoshi is a meganekko, and sees her teacher's wearing of glasses as one of his most attractive traits. In fact, when one day he loses his glasses and comes to class wearing contacts, Harumi promptly slaps them out of his head, forcing him to procure a new pair of spectacles.
  • Shoujo Sect: Honda Shinobu has bad eyesight. Within the story itself she wears contacts, but a short series of throwaway gags features her wearing her specs as she, Kirin, and Maya discuss how a girl in glasses should go about kissing another girl in glasses. Maya worries that if one of the girls removes her glasses it will eliminate her Moe factor, but Kirin assures her that a true Meganekko is always a Meganekko in essence, even if she isn't wearing glasses.
  • Soul Eater Not!: Mai Thi Hoang aka Eternal Feather, is one of the DWMA's most intelligent and kindest bespectacled young ladies of the academy.
  • Strawberry Marshmallow: Matsuri is kind and studious, if easily fooled. She's a cute kid with or without glasses, but as she's Blind Without 'Em, and kind of clumsy at the best of times.
  • Thriller Restaurant has Anko, but she, while usually is shy and soft-spoken, can also lash out when too angry.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul:
    • The oft-discussed horror novelist Sen Takatsuki turns out to be one. During public appearances, she noticeably doesn't wear them but on her personal time, she wears large-rimmed glasses that suit her cheerful and quirky personality. Kaneki explains that she is known as a great beauty, with many fans more interested in her looks than her novels.
    • In the sequel, Haise Sasaki fits the trope's cheerful and kind bookworm element, and wears enormous reading glasses. It creates a strong contrast with his mentor Arima, who wears Stoic Spectacles.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: The shy, tormented Midorikawa Retasu who loses her glasses after her Transformation Sequence into Mew Lettuce. Might have something to do with her water-based powers, but might also be that she's strongest in a fit of blind rage.
  • We Never Learn: At only 143cm tall, Rizu Ogata is already a strong contender for being the cutest out of the characters, but her glasses make her look even more precious.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Rebecca Hopkins is a Deliberately Cute Child and Genki Girl who wears red-framed glasses (from season four onwards).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Cathy is a shy Shrinking Violet but she's far more liberated when dueling, not only removing the glasses but wearing Elegant Gothic Lolita and letting a whole different personality emerge.

    Comic Books 
  • Alpha Flight: A long-defining trait of Heather Hudson. Unfortunately, she got laser eye surgery when she became Vindicator and no longer wore them.
  • Batgirl: Barbara Gordon is the quintessential Hot Librarian, wearing glasses when out of costume.
  • The Dresden Files: In the first comic, Welcome to the Jungle, Harry ends up working with and protecting Willamena "Will" Rodgers, an assistant zoo ape handler who is equal parts Meganekko and Moe.
  • Fables: Goldilocks. Subverted: she's batshit insane - violent, sexual, and a political extremist.
  • G.I. Joe: The Baroness, although she is decidedly not sweet, shy, and nice, defies the whole The Glasses Gotta Go line of thinking in every series she has been featured in.
  • Galacta: Daughter of Galactus: Galacta the daughter of Galactus, wears a cute pair of glasses as part of her "Gali" identity.
  • Mockingbird: Bobbi Morse used to have contacts but now wears spy glasses that also doubles as corrective lenses for her farsightedness.
  • The Sandman (1989): Thessaly the murderous witch has worn glasses ever since her first appearance. Presumably, she wears them to convince others that she's harmless.
  • Superman: Clark Kent tends to fit the bill, albeit a GenderFlipped, older example. While rather athletic, even ignoring the fact that he's Superman, he's Adorkable, clumsy, sometimes a bit shy, but very good-natured, kind and caring.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW): Lindsey Baker is somewhat of an inversion of this. She's a bespectled woman of science, but she's not exactly friendly. She is a good person however, and shows a much more warm and caring side to her loved ones.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Mary Jane Watson eventually starts wearing glasses. In Spider-Men the Peter Parker of the 616 Universe, who started off wearing glasses himself states that his world's MJ wears contacts, but this seems highly unlikely given that she's never actually been seen anywhere near glasses.
  • WITCH 2004: Taranee Cook is a cute, young girl with big, round glasses. She's initially a Shrinking Violet and Shy Blue-Haired Girl, which fit the general personality type of a bespectacled cutie, before undergoing Character Development to become more assertive.
  • Wonder Woman:
  • X-Men:
    • Kitty Pryde. Her phasing prevents her from using contacts.
    • Before she was outed as a mutant, when she was still Deputy Director of DARPA, Mystique was never seen without her rather severe hornrims; since, like her clothes, they were literally part of her.

    Fan Works 
  • Rule 63 versions of Harry Potter tend to depict the Gender Flipped Harry as this — generally more athletic and less shy than your average Bespectacled Cutie, but with the same adorable aesthetics. Female Harry is quite often more openly affectionate than her male canon counterpart, and is almost as often depicted as a Badass Bookworm to rival Hermione.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles: Mina wears a rather large pair of glasses and is quite cute. She is more conventionally attractive in contacts, but hates to wear them because they make her eyes itch.

    Films — Animated 
  • Big Hero 6: Honey Lemon is an attractive, sweet, and upbeat chemist with glasses to emphasize it when she's not in hero mode. Her introductory scene has her enthusiastically demonstrate her chemical-metal embrittlement experiment to Hiro and Tadashi.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Samantha "Sam" Sparks is a cute, fun, Endearingly Dorky young woman who wears big, square glasses that emphasize the aforementioned traits.
  • Encanto: Mirabel's the first Disney Animated Canon female protagonist, and the fourth Disney protagonist overall (after Milo Thatch, Chicken Little, and Lewis Robinson) to have glasses, which emphasize her dorky and "imperfect" nature.
  • Subverted with Mertle Edmonds from Lilo & Stitch; she wears glasses and looks as though she'd have a shy, nerdy personality, but she's really the Alpha Bitch. Played much straighter with her mom in Lilo & Stitch: The Series, though.
  • The Mitchells vs. the Machines: Katie Mitchell has very big, thick glasses yet still looks cute as a kitten.
  • Spies in Disguise: Eyes is the agency’s sight expert, wearing large glasses that allow her to scan and analyze things. She’s also a friendly and attractive woman who comes off as endearing in most of her scenes.
  • Turning Red: When in her human form, Mei wears glasses and has a fairly innocent design. Similar to Mirabel above, Mei's the first Pixar female protagonist to have glasses and the third overall (after Carl Fredericksen and Joe Gardner).

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf: Jordan, Jordan, Jordan. Pre-werewolf, anyway, as she sports large Nerd Glasses and is quite cute. She's a smart, very independent girl. After she becomes a werewolf, her eyesight becomes 20-20 and she no longer needs them.
  • Don't Turn the Other Cheek! has Mary O'Donnell, a Fiery Redhead Action Girl virgin Irish Catholic reporter, who's viewed as desirable by both Max Lozoya and by General Huerta.
  • The Faculty: Famke Janssen's Ms. Burke up and down, from the glasses to the crippling shyness. When circumstances lead to the glasses coming off, this all changes.
  • Tank Girl: Naomi Watts as "Jet Girl". When first met she's a nice, meek girl who's easily pushed around and is quite smart (an expert mechanic and pilot).
  • Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen: One can be seen during the scene where Sam is in his astronomy class sitting in the front row, whom the professor (Rainn Wilson) drops his apple to and tells her to finish it for him.
  • Midge from Vertigo has large round glasses and fits the character type perfectly as a kind, intellectual sweetheart from the protagonist's kinder past.

  • Beyond the Boundary: Mirai Kuriyama. She initially appears clumsy, awkward, and tries not to associate herself with others, but is actually kindhearted and sweet (not to mention a badass). Humorously, her boyfriend has a glasses fetish and waxes poetic about how the glasses suit her cute face and petite frame, which Mirai finds "unpleasant".
  • Durarara!!: The shy and adorable Anri Sonohara is a worthy entry. Her quiet and intuitive nature serves as the glue between Kida and Mikado.
  • Friday The 13th Hate-Kill-Repeat: An FBI agent mentions his new partner suddenly goes from hot to absolutely adorable when she briefly puts on a pair of reading glasses.
  • In the Inspector Morse book "The Secret of Annexe 3", Sarah Jonstone, the receptionist of the Haworth Hotel, has "almost comically large" spectacles, and ticks the boxes for being pleasant, smart and clever. By the end of the book, she and Morse are dating.
  • Kämpfer: Akane gets the extreme personality makeover when her transformation trades her glasses for guns. She goes from Shrinking Violet Covert Pervert to Remy-lite.
  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!: Nyarko tries to invoke this, but it has no effect on her love interest Mahiro. She insists it's because he doesn't understand the power of the glasses, and makes him try on a pair...which makes Nyarko herself melt into a puddle of Squee. Then Cuuko tries the same trick on Nyarko, who coldly responds "Quit playing with store merchandise", causing Cuuko to sob about the Double Standard.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Maid in Akihabara: Lampshaded. Maid Cafe waitress (see Fan Service With A Smile) Saki falls over and her contact lenses come out, so she reluctantly puts on her glasses. The otaku customers are all immediately smitten with her, thanks to her new-found Moe-ness. (This is also a direct inversion of the Beautiful All Along trope of the girl taking off her glasses and magically becoming pretty.)
  • Modern Family: Alex Dunphy, the second youngest daughter, between her pretty older sister, and her goofy younger brother. She's the smartest of the family, but also the frequent butt of their jokes and jabs. Due to her intellectual nature, Haley berates her as a nerd/geek. Still, Alex isn't exactly an ugly young girl, despite how much others wish to improve her appearance.
  • Torchwood: Toshiko Sato, the resident tech geek, frequently dons geeky reading glasses, just to add to that doe-eyed, earnest Asian geek/unnoticed-but-insanely-good-looking thing she's got going on. Strangely enough, her original appearance in the Doctor Who episode "Aliens of London" had her wearing mostly the same specs, but with a noticeable nearsightedness prescription instead of the reading glasses they became in Torchwood...
  • Ultra Series
  • Verano Azul has a nerdy but nonetheless cute teenage girl named Desi, who wears Girlish Pigtails and braids.

  • Taylor Swift. In the video for the song "You Belong With Me", she plays dual roles as a cheerleader and as a nerdy neighbor girl. For the nerdy neighbor girl part she dons a pair of glasses, which not only fail to make her look unattractive but actually make her even more beautiful.
  • Nancy Honeytree, one of the first stars of Contemporary Christian Music, very much projected and embraced a glasses-wearing Ingenue persona.

    Video Games 
  • Isabelle, the Ditzy Secretary from Animal Crossing, is shown to wear glasses when off duty in Happy Home Designer. This is carried over to the Welcome amiibo update for New Leaf, and she'll even sometimes discuss this if you talk to her in her RV.
    Isabelle: Why am I wearing glasses? Because I'm nearsighted, of course! Oh! I just realized that I usually wear contacts at work. Heehee!
  • Chrono Trigger: Lucca is a 16 year old Gadgeteer Genius and childhood friend of Chrono. She always has thick framed glasses on.
  • Ralsei in Deltarune is a male example, a fluffy, adorable goat prince with large, round glasses that just add to his cute appearance.
  • In Ensemble Stars!, during the previous year before the main story Chiaki was one, wearing glasses to complement his very shy and insecure personality. Significantly, at some point between then and becoming the loud-mouthed Pollyanna he is in the present day, the glasses disappeared.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Attack of Darkforce has two primary examples in Maria Gerstenbüttel and Odagiri Rinko. The former, the Moe Rose-Haired Sweetie sister of Werner and member of the SPICA mercenary team; the latter, Intrepid Reporter with a frequent smile and a blindness to danger if it means getting that exclusive scoop. Both cuties are crowned with glasses that they almost always wear, the exception being when Maria puts them away for a fancy dress occasion on a cruise ship.
  • Sucrose of Genshin Impact is a Cute Bookworm with big, round glasses, an endearingly shy personality, and a massive heart of solid gold. Her in-game title is even "Harmless Sweetie" and those who know her like Albedo or the Traveler adore her.
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards: The Fairy Queen, an adorable teenage-looking girl with Blush Stickers and large glasses, and the sweet and clumsy nature to match.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty:
    • Emma Emmerich admits that she simply wears glasses for show, and because her step-brother Hal wears glasses. And Hal, thanks to those Moe "Sweet Snake" figurines that have recently popped up, can qualify for being a male example of this trope. In some Easter Eggs, you find out that both Raiden and Snake seem interested in her.
      Snake: Do I need to clear things with Otacon before I ask her out?
    • Otacon (Hal) definitely qualifies. Certain segments of the fanbase had cause to mourn when he took them off for a bit of MGS4 because of character development. He returns to wearing them by the end of the game.
  • Fio Germi of the Metal Slug games is a Badass Adorable Italian commando with a modest personality and big, round spectacles.
  • Overwatch: Mei is a scientist that comes with glasses and is adorable with her rather big fluffy coat for cold environments.
  • The Persona series contains multiple examples of this trope.
    • Persona 3 has Chihiro Fushimi, the adorably shy and meek class treasurer, as one of the Main Character's social links, and a datable one at that (woo!). She makes a cameo in Persona 4 - two years older, more confident, and somehow even cuter, leading every one of your characters to feel swoony or envious at her all-encompassing beauty.
  • Pokémon Black and White:
    • For some reason, Bianca gained glasses during the two years between Black/White and Black 2/White 2. People joke that she stole them from Cheren, or at least received them from him in some manner. It might be justified given that she's a Cute Clumsy Girl, implying she may be nearsighted.
    • Elite Four member Shauntal has big, round glasses (which emphasize her equally big eyes) and is super adorable. Also doubles as a Cute Bookworm.
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon: Wicke is a sweet, motherly character with large, cat-eye glasses that only add to her charm.
  • Penelope Mouse in the Sly Cooper games wears glasses, is a Wrench Wench, and is all around a sweet person. But it's all a ruse; Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time reveals that she's a sociopath who only loves money.

    Visual Novels 
  • The Code:Realize version of Victor Frankenstein is a male example, as his gentle and kind nature is one of his defining traits. He's also soft-spoken, easily flustered, and the prime source of moe among the love interests. He and his cute round-framed glasses also serves as a contrast to the other glasses-wearing love interest, the tsundere Stoic Spectacles Abraham Van Helsing, who wears glasses with square frames.
  • Becca in Melody is smart and well-mannered, but also painfully shy.
  • Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo: Played with by Kaede, who is shy and kind and is the Class Representative but is really only an average student. Lampshaded by Sara, who asks if Kaede is an honour student, and admits that she only thought she was because her glasses and plait gave off that impression. However, while Sara doesn't have any particular feelings about Kaede's glasses, she dislikes the personality they give her, preferring a more masculine, Bifauxnen type of personality, which Kaede only reaches when she removes her glasses and undoes her hair.
  • Yumina the Ethereal has Maino Honma, who is head of the Library Committee and a classic Shrinking Violet.

  • Angel Moxie: Riley, a shy nerd with glasses half the size of her head.
  • Avania: Junior Warrant Officer Rhys O'Shaughnassy is as excitable and talkative as her glasses are large.
  • Cucumber Quest: Princess Nautilus is an adorable glasses wearing girl who uses so much positive thinking that it makes her rather naive. She's still quite clever though, as well as knowledgeable about old legends, and other lands in Dreamside.
  • Ennui GO!: Tanya, the sweet and unassuming Only Sane Man among main Izzy's group of friends, sports a pair of glasses in the second part of the comic.
  • Frivolesque greatly exploits this as almost every female character in the comic wears glasses.
  • Karin-dou 4koma has Meguru, a Cute Clumsy Girl who's Blind Without 'Em, and skilled enough with magic to be chosen as apprentice by the world's greatest magician.
  • Lily Love has Donut, an adorably shy girl with large glasses.
  • Magick Chicks: Sandi Mnemonic is a Technopath, described as (quote): "a living Google" on the comic's cast page, due to her ability to categorize and analyze data. She can even predict future events with 97.09% certainty, provided she has all the available data on a given situation. Which is why Faith has Sandi as her personal secretary on the student council.
  • Sleepless Domain: A series of flashbacks reveal that, before she became the famous magical girl Alchemical Air, Sylvia used to be a cute and somewhat bookish girl with a pair of square glasses. It's quite the contrast from the more confident and glamorous persona she adopted as a magical girl.
  • Sticky Dilly Buns has Ruby, who is cute in her way and book-smart, and definitely has the big glasses. Unfortunately, she also has an unstable temper and doubts about men.
  • Thinking Too Much to Think Positively: In "Looking Good", after getting glasses for the first time, Xan figures she probably won't wear them often... until she gets some compliments on the cute aesthetic, at which point she decides she's never going to take them off.
  • Yokoka's Quest: Grace spends her waking hours wearing glasses, and fits the stereotypes insofar as her friends describe her as cute, and her stats page says she's intelligent and a fast learner.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Abby Hatcher: The eponymous character is a cute, kind girl who wears gigantic pink-framed glasses.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Jeanette of the Chipettes, who provides the page image, is the shyest and clumsiest of the group, with her thick glasses emphasizing this.
  • Blue's Clues: Magenta is an adorable puppy who starts wearing glasses in the third season.
  • Bonkers: Marilyn Piquel wears big, round glasses and is a major cutie.
  • Butterbean's Cafe: Poppy is a cute, young fairy who wears huge blue glasses.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Tootie wears huge purple glasses and is considered geeky but sweet.
  • The Legend of Korra: Zhu Li, the Cloudcuckoolander's Minder to Varrick, certainly fits in both appearance and personality, patiently tolerating her employer's eccentricities and executing his various wild schemes. Except she's actually Varrick's Dragon, and described by him as a "cold, heartless war machine." She becomes this more traditionally once the two of them pull a Heel–Face Turn in the final season, and she consequently starts showing a wider range of emotions. It should be noted that even when she was The Dragon, she wasn't particularly malicious outside of carrying out Varrick's orders.
  • The Owl House: Willow Park wears big, round glasses and is so cute.
  • Polly Pocket: Shani is a lovable, socially awkward girl who wears big, round glasses and is just as cute as her friends.
  • A Pup Named Scooby-Doo: Velma's sweet, soft-spoken, and sports huge round glasses.
    • Even as a teen, Velma has had her moments of adorableness, as Scooby (especially in "Where's My Mummy?") will attest.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Mitchell Peterson is a Rare Male Example. His large Nerd Glasses and adorkable tendencies help him become endearing to the viewer, especially after his character development.
  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: April's a caring, cute, energetic teen girl who wears glasses that emphasize her cuteness. Otherwise, she starkly averts the "shy and reserved" archetype associated with this trope.
  • Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe. Her big, round glasses just make her more adorable. Even when her vision is fixed, she just pops out the lenses to keep the look so her family and optometrist won't know she had her vision cured through an Indirect Kiss with Steven, who has Healing Spit.
  • TaleSpin: Myra, a.k.a. Mira, is a likable, kind-hearted fox who wears glasses.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987): Irma's a Cute Clumsy Girl whose large, square, red-framed glasses emphasize that trait. Not surprising, considering she's a Whole Costume Reference to the above-mentioned Jeanette.
  • Total Drama: Beth is a socially awkward, naïve, and gullible girl with Nerd Glasses who wants to make friends and is a definite sweetheart.
  • W.I.T.C.H. (2004): Taranee, as in the original comic. She actually started out even shier and more nervous than her comics counterpart.



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