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Naru-Hina Chronicles by mattwilson83 on DeviantArt is a Naruto fan doujin. As it says, the story mainly revolves around Naruto and Hinata as they start a relationship and face many obstacles and conflicts, like OC villains Seireiko and Nanami, ninja related threats and other such problems. Unusually for a fan-written doujin or indeed any kind of artistic medium, the series has been drawn and produced religiously, with new pages produced almost daily for over ten years since early 2008.

Here is the first chapter... And be prepared to binge read. As of February 2019, the story has over 4,700 pages, spread across over 240 chapters and 30 separate volumes. By way of comparison, this is nearly half of the total output, in terms of page count, of all of the combined Naruto original manga.

Also included are the Mini-sodes/Eroti-sodes. The Mini-sodes are omake/side comics for Naru-Hina Chronicles, detailing minor romantic worldbuilding between Naruto, Hinata, and the rest of the main cast. The cast gradually expands to include Naruto and Hinata's gender-reversed alternate universe selves, Naruko and Hinago, and then later the Yuri-verse versions of Naruko and Hinata. And while the Mini-sodes are generally funny, occasionally they break out the deep pathos and get you right in the feels. Canon status to NHC is questionable at best (although at least one Mini-sode has been referenced in the main NHC comic), but they're best enjoyed as fun little What-Ifs. Generally posted every Friday. Here is the first Mini-sode.

The Eroti-sodes are explicit erotic Mini-sodes posted behind age-verification barriers on Twitter, Pixiv, and Patreon every Monday... but we're not here to talk about the smut, we're here to talk about the gut-busting hilarity of the censored versions posted on Deviantart the same day, chronicling in a (mostly) SFW way the wacky sexual hijinks Naruto and Hinata get suckered into. Here is the first censored Eroti-sode.

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    Naru-Hina Chronicles 
  • Accidental Kiss: When Miho pushes Lee out of the way so she can spar with Gai, this results in Lee accidentally kissing Arekusu.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: Naruto smiles and says "Oh, funny." when Hinata says "Believe it." in response to him asking if he really shouts a lot.
  • All Men Are Perverts: This comic lives off this trope and is prepared to have lots of guys having nosebleeds.
  • Almost Kiss:
    • The fourth chapter has Naruto and Hinata almost kissing each other, only for the latter to remember she has to return home for a clan meeting.
    • At the hospital, Sasuke and Sakura almost kiss each other, but they are interrupted by the arrival of a messenger.
    • Sasuke and Sakura are travelling alongside Naruto, Hinata, Kiba, and several other nameless characters to some place for a mission. The former two have a discussion which ends with Sakura telling Sasuke he can tell her anything. They're about to kiss, only to be interrupted, much to their annoyance, by Naruto telling them to get a room.
    • In Chapter 126, Minato and Kushina almost end up kissing each other. However, before they could do so, Kushina suggests to not do that in front of Naruto and Hinata.
  • Alone Among the Couples: In Chapter 47, Choji is surrounded by so many of his friends dancing with their respective lovers, while he himself has no one to dance with. That is until Ino arrives...
  • Alternate Continuity:
    • This comic diverges from canon between the Hunt for Uchiha and Invasion of Pain arcs, when someone utterly wipes out the Akatsuki except for Tobi during Naruto's Toad Sage training.
    • Another divergence is Hinata's knowledge of Naruto being the host of the Kyubi. In canon, she was aware of it during the Hunt for Uchiha arc. NHC takes place after the events of that arc, and yet Hinata in NHC is unaware of Naruto being the host of the Kyubi until Chapter 6.
  • Amazon Brigade: Anko's Angels, an all-female squad leaded and trained by the Snake Lady herself.
  • And This Is for...: While fighting Rokuro, Naruto yells "This is for hurting Hinata-chan you son of a bitch!!!" before punching him.
  • Anger Born of Worry:
    • After Naruto saved Hinata by jumping off a cliff with her, Sakura finds them hours later and checks his injuries. Naruto then notices that Sakura seems angry, to which she responds by doing an angry rant over him being a complete moron for what he's done and how much she and their teammates were worried over whether or not he and Hinata were still alive.
    • Naruto is declared KIA during a mission, causing Hinata to be severely depressed. Several days later, Naruto is revealed to still be alive in Suna and reunites with Shikamaru. When the two of them return to Konoha, Shikamaru forces his friend to keep his face hidden until they see Tsunade, as he doesn't want anyone to freak out over seeing Naruto alive. They come across Hinata and Sakura, the former still sad over thinking about what happened to her boyfriend. When all four of them meet Tsunade at the hospital, Shikamaru finally allows Naruto to reveal himself, much to the shock of everyone else. The first thing Hinata does is to angrily and tearfully slap Naruto for being right behind her and not even saying anything. While crying, she tells him that she hates him for that before saying that she missed him so much.
  • Angry Cheek Puff: Chapter 130 has a flashback where Yuko fought a trio of rogue ninjas. At one point, one of those rogue ninjas said that "she's not much fun". In response to that, Yuko puffed her cheeks, had some Cross-Popping Veins on her forehead, and complained that what he said was "just downright rude!"
  • Ass Shove: When Suigetsu makes fun of her umbrella, Yuko threatens to "shove it where the sun don't shine."
  • At Arm's Length: Yuko tries to grab Kei's mission report so she can see what the latter has written regarding Yuko's performance. However, Kei prevents Yuko from grabbing it by putting her hand on the latter's head.
  • Back from the Dead: Due to Seireiko's experiments, Minato, Kushina, Itachi, Jiraiya, and Asuma come back to life, and the former three play an important role in the story during the second half.
  • Bad Liar:
    • Sakura notices that Naruto is hiding his right arm behind his back and asks what is he hiding. Naruto claims he's not hiding anything and thought he'd just put his hand back there. Soon enough, he admits that he's hiding a gift intended for Hinata.
    • Naruto is waiting for Hinata outside some restaurant. He sees Sakura and Sasuke coming to the same restaurant to have a date, with Naruto considering it to be a coincidence. However, after seeing Mina and Ino coming to the same restaurant with Kiba and Choji respectively, he's getting suspicious and asks them what's going on. Both Sakura and Ino claim this isn't some kind of conspiracy like he thinks this is, but the fact they're both blushing and stuttering while talking to him says otherwise.
    • Hiashi notices Hanabi trying to leave their home even though she's grounded. She claims, while hesitating, that she's just going to the kitchen, but he doesn't buy it. Especially given that she's dressed and cleaned up like she's going on a date.
    • When Tenten meets Kushina for the first time, she freaks out upon coming to the conclusion that the latter is a ghost. Later on, when Kushina comments that Tenten is at least no longer panicking after her initial reaction, Tenten replies "It was... umm... screams of joy, in honor of your return to the world of the living... and... umm... the excitement made me pass out... I'm pregnant, can't handle the surprises, you know. Hahahaha...", all while blushing, sweating, and nervously smiling. Both Kushina and Hinata give her a look that can be summed up as "Seriously? You think we're gonna believe that?", causing Tenten to nervously ask "Wh-What?!"
  • Bait-and-Switch: Neji and Tenten find Lee and Gai glaring at each other. At first glance, it looks like the latter two are about to have an epic fight. However, right after they scream and look like they're about to start their fight, it turns out they were just playing a game of Rock–Paper–Scissors.
    • Something extremely similar happens when Lee is shown interacting with Miho for the first time several chapters later.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment:
    • Hinata initially thought that Hiashi wouldn't approve of her dating Naruto because of Hyuga standards, even going so far as to lie to her father while her boyfriend was present by claiming he's just a friend. After she explains the whole situation to Hiashi, he replies that he indeed does not approve... of her lying to him while Naruto was present. He then tells her to go apologize to Naruto and that he expects them to be present at the Hyuga residence the next day so they can have a talk and lay down ground rules.
    • While Kakashi is on a mission with Team Gai, Rokuro steals his body in order to infiltrate Konoha. However, Kakashi had memorized Icha Icha Paradise and takes this opportunity to recite it to Rokuro. Eventually, the latter has enough and yells at Kakashi to shut up already, causing Team Gai to be confused at "Kakashi":
      Gai: Oh?! Why didn't I see it before. I know why you're so acting strange.
      Rokuro: Ummm... You do!? [thinking] Damn it. He knows I'm inhabiting Kaka...
      Gai: [smiling and pointing at "Kakashi"] Yes! We haven't had a challenge in a while. And our rivalry is so powerful, you're eager for more.
      Rokuro: [Sweat Dropping] Err... Umm... Sure Gai... That's it.
  • Beach Episode: Chapter 43, which is the start of a vacation arc, focuses on Naruto and his True Companions having fun together at some beach in a resort town. Among other things, Gaara builds a sandcastle that results in Shikamaru having Blank White Eyes given its size, while Naruto and Kiba both have a Nosebleed upon seeing Hinata and Mina in their swimsuits.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Several groups of rogue ninjas have claimed to be the Akatsuki in the years since the actual Akatsuki disappeared. In the flashback from Chapter 130, Yuko met one of those groups and called them "Fakesuki" as she sees them as nothing more than two-bit rogues:
    Yuko: You and posers just like you have been a nuisance to the shinobi nations for a while; a nuisance, but not a problem. Not one 'Akatsuki' copycat group has ever lived up to the reputation they stole.
  • The Big Damn Kiss:
    • Being the main couple, Naruto and Hinata have several of these:
    • After Naruto is able to give the cure for Mina's disease before she could die, Mina wakes up while being on an hospital bed and is greeted by Kiba smiling at her. She smiles back and says she wants a kiss from her boyfriend. Kiba says "Well. Since you asked so nicely." and they kiss each other while wrapping their arms around each other, the two of them relieved they were able to make it through this severe situation.
    • Neji makes the mistake of proposing to Tenten so soon after learning that she's pregnant. This upsets Tenten as he gives the impression that he only wants to marry her for that one reason. The next day, he goes to her appartment and tells her he's been thinking about it. He apologizes to her before saying that he doesn't care if they get married or not and if they have a child or not. After Neji tells her how much he loves her, Tenten is touched by it and she passionately kisses him. He kisses her back and puts his arms around her, both of them relieved that they were able to get past this disagreement.
    • Ino tells Choji how much she's scared about their relationship given that her previous relationships with other boys ended up poorly. She's afraid that it could ruin their friendship. Choji tells her "Those other guys... they didn't see what they had, or who they had within their reach. I've known you for a long time and... I see you for who you are and... it's beautiful. Inside and outside." Ino looks at him in surprise over what he said before asking him to "[c]ome down here for a moment." She then rises from her feet and kisses him with more passion than with any of their previously-shown kisses.
  • Big Damn Reunion:
    • The final page of Chapter 3 and a good chunk of Chapter 4 focus on Sakura being reunited with Sasuke after the latter decided to return to Konoha for the first time since his Face–Heel Turn, with Naruto joining the reunion halfway through Chapter 4.
    • Naruto and Hinata have one after the former was declared KIA during a mission, only coming back to Konoha over 11 days later.
    • In-universe, Naruto has written an Icha Icha novel where the hero and the heroine have this kind of reunion. When reading the chapter that features said reunion, Naruto imagines himself and Hinata as the hero and the heroine respectively.
  • Big "OMG!": This is Kiba's reaction when he realizes that he accidentally grabbed Hinata's left breast instead of her left hand.
  • Big "WHAT?!":
    • Both Sakura and Ino do this upon seeing Naruto asking Hinata out on a date for the first time.
    • This is Naruto's reaction when being told by Shikamaru that he was declared KIA 11 days ago (with Naruto suffering from memory losses due to the explosion that seemingly killed him).
    • Sakura does this when Naruto reveals that he's trying to propose to Hinata, after the latter and her girl friends thought he was going to break up with her.
    • Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Hinata, Miho, and Yuko all exclaim "SAY WHAAAAAAAA?!" when Kei agrees to let Sai touch her breast.
    • In a flashback from Chapter 131, this was Minato's reaction upon learning from Tsunade that Naruto was unaware of who were his parents until a couple of weeks ago.
  • Blatant Lies: In Chapter 128, Tsunade comments that it always surprised her that Jiraiya never took Minato and Naruto on his "missions" (i.e. peeping). In response to that comment, Minato appears in a chibified look, blushes, and has a big opened mouth while saying "Whaaaat?! Nooooo~ Of course not!" However, Naruto looks confused at what his father just said and says that Jiraiya told him he did that with Minato.
  • Blunt "Yes": Hinata complains to Naruto about how the latter didn't seem to be putting much of a fight when dealing with Nanami. He asks her "What did you expect me to do... Hit her?", and she replies with this trope.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: When Naruto is angsting over his parents having limited time among the living, he tells Hinata that he sometimes believes in destiny, saying that maybe this is his punishment for having a good life and that he's destined to be alone. Reminding him that he's always fought against destiny, Hinata tells him he should do what he always do, which is to look ahead, slam his hand on the counter and shout out, 'I make my own fate!' Naruto then asks her if he really shouts a lot, to which she replies while giggling "Believe it.", which was his catchphrase in the English dub of the anime. Smiling, he replies "Oh funny."
  • Breaking the Bonds: In Chapter 112, Sakura is chained to a wall after being captured by Evil Sasuke. A few chapters later, she uses her chakra to break free from the chains.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In the second chapter, in the panel where Sakura and Ino are doing their Big "WHAT?!", Kiba asks Shino "Why are we over here?", only for the latter to reply "I wanted to be in the picture."
  • Bridal Carry:
    • After Mina manages to save Akamaru, she is unable to move and tells Kiba to leave her in the forest that they are currently. Kiba decides against it and carries her in his arms.
    • Hinata faints after imagining herself as Naruto's wife following a comment from Tenten. When she wakes up, she finds herself being carried by Naruto in his arms while Tenten is carrying their shopping bags. Hinata tells Naruto he doesn't have to carry her, but he says it's OK given that he enjoys holding her.
  • Buffy Speak: During a picnic with Hinata, Naruto has an "Eureka!" Moment that makes him exclaim "SO IT'S OFF TO... Err... THE PLACE WHERE THE BOOKS ARE!!", with the Hyuga correctly guessing that he means the library.
  • Call-Back: Besides most chapters making references to events that happened in either previous chapters or the canon manga, some chapters also mention events from the anime Filler episodes, such as the Mizuki Strikes Back arc or the Search for the Bikōchū arc. Even the first movie is given a nod when Arekusu mentions Director Makino from that movie in Chapter 78.
  • Call-Forward:
    • Chapter 45 is a Whole Episode Flashback taking place during the canonical Time Skip that Naruto spent training with Jiraiya. At the end of that chapter, Jiraiya asked Naruto about the book the latter was writing, which was first shown in Chapter 24.
    • Chapter 66 has a flashback set during the canonical time skip. In that flashback, Hinata had her Part 1 design, but her hair was slightly longer. She mentioned that she was thinking about growing her hair down to her waist, which is of course how long her hair became after said time skip.
    • The flashback from Chapter 134 shows Tsunade kissing Naruto on his forehead when he was a baby. This brings to mind when she kissed him on his forehead over a decade later during the Search for Tsunade arc.
  • Cat Fight: In one chapter, Hinata confronts Naruto about the compromising position she found Nanami and him in. While Naruto manages to convince her it was not what she thought it was, she still states if Nanami were still present, she would "Jyuuken her skinny little a-" before she catches herself.
    • In a later volume, Nanami and Hinata finally have it out. Several of Nanami's strikes do severe damage to Hinata's dress, threatening to expose a few intimate parts to the public.
  • Change the Uncomfortable Subject:
    • Naruto tries to talk about Hinata's outfit after his fiancée witnessed his then-latest encounter with Nanami.
    • When Mina tries to convince Kei to go on a date with Sai, Kei asks her if she managed to have sex with Kiba yet. Mina blushes and remains silent for a moment before saying they should continue eating their ice cream:
  • Chekhov's Gun: A couple.
    • The Namekaze scroll is something Seireiko desperately wants.
    • Something happened at Seireiko's base in the Nation of Steel, and Naruto is not okay. We catch glimpses of body horror, and bloodshed, and the Fox Contract, but a whole picture and its effects on Naruto is still unclear. Whatever happened was enough to severely unsettle Minato and Kakashi will not finalize Naruto's ANBU training until a professional takes a look in Naruto's head.
  • Chirping Crickets: A tumbleweed rolls by in front of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke when Sai asks Anko's Angels if he could examine their breasts sizes. Bonus point for having Kosuke chasing after the tumbleweed.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Naruto asks Sai to think about the similarities between the various girls he dated. This is followed by a panel showing eight girls with ponytails (one of them being Ino) all slapping Sai in the exact same way. The black-haired young man wonders if that means he likes being slapped, only for Naruto to be exasperated and say that his friend has a thing for girls with ponytails instead.
  • Conjunction Interruption: During one mission, Naruto and Sasuke have a disagreement over the latter wanting to use the former's jacket to cover the naked Itachi. This goes on until Sakura has enough and yells at them to quit it while making a Comical Angry Face. Both Naruto and Sasuke tell her "But, Sakura...", only to be interrupted by her shouting "No 'But's!"
  • Corner of Woe:
    • Both Naruto and Sasuke do it when Tsunade reminds them that they're both still Genin (Naruto overslept and missed the previous Chunin Exams, while Sasuke was on probation and wasn't allowed to take them at all).
    • Naruto does this again after Ichiro found an item that Naruto needed for the Chunin Exams while in the Forest of Death.
    • Shino does it as well when he thinks that Naruto finds him boring after the blond-haired ninja admitted that Shino talking about bugs the other day was a little boring.
    • Mina goes to that corner when she takes it the wrong way while Naruto is trying to compliment her beauty.
    • Naruto does this once again when Tsunade makes him realize he was waiting at the hospital to get some results regarding some thieves for nothing.
    • Shino returns to that corner when Hinata is surprised to learn that he has a date.
    • Anko goes to that corner when Kei ignores her suggestion of having a night on the town after the mission.
  • Creator Cameo:
    • On page 471, from Chapter 25, mattwilson83 has drawn himself in the second panel, standing next to Sasuke.
    • He makes another cameo on page 1519, from Chapter 78. On that page, he appears as a cashier working at the movie theater.
  • Curse Cut Short:
    • While Sasuke is fighting Rokuro inside of Naruto's mind, we get this exchange:
      Sasuke: What the...?! Are you saying you could have left Naruto's body at any point? Why you son of a...
      Rokuro: Of course I could have.
    • Naruto tells Hinata he can leave the hospital and get some ramen without Sakura knowing about it. However, he doesn't realize Sakura is right behind him while he's saying that:
      Naruto: [smirking to Hinata] Don't worry about it. I know exactly out to sneak out of here. There's no way she'll catch me. She wouldn't know I was out of my room unless I walked up right behind her and kicked her right in her skinny little...
      Hinata: [nervously points behind him while having Blank White Eyes and a Sweat Drop]
      Naruto: Huh?! Hinata? What are you point... [suddenly makes an Oh, Crap! face] She's right behind me isn't she?
      Sakura: [angrily smirking] Yes I am. Me and my skinny little... ass were you going to say?
    • When Hinata is complaining to Naruto about how the latter didn't seem to be putting much of a fight when dealing with Nanami:
      Naruto: Aww... N-No... You got it all wrong. I... I was taken by surprise. What did you expect me to do... Hit her?
      Hinata: [turning around to face him and looking angry] YES... YOU SHOULD HAVE. IF SHE WAS STILL HERE, I'D JYUUKEN HER SKINNY LITTLE A...
      [Naruto looks chibified and has Blank White Eyes while having a hard time believing Hinata is really saying that.]
      Hinata: [suddenly blushing and doing her trademark Shy Finger-Twiddling upon realizing what she said] Oh... U-Umm... Sorry Naruto. I guess I got a little angry. F-Forgive me.
    • Naruto has a conversation with Kakashi and Sai regarding a jutsu that could be useful for a mission. When the blond ninja says he always tries his best:
      Sai: [making a large innocent smile] Yes, but could you try even harder than that? We have limited time.
      Naruto: [frowning] What's that supposed to mean, Sai?
      Sai: You get distracted by Hinata.
      Naruto: So... She's beautiful. Is it now a crime?
      Sai: No, I mean you get distracted by wanting to use your pe...
      Kakashi: [smiling] OK, you two. We don't have time for this kind of discussion.
    • While fighting Jugo, Miho is in pain and says "Son of a...", only to be interrupted by her opponent hitting her.
    • Karin exclaims "No! You crazy son of a... Don't mix them!!" to Evil Sasuke when he decides to drink multiple specialized chemicals at once to become stronger and defeat the real Sasuke.
    • When Yuko finds Suigetsu and Jugo to ask them to give her information about Seireiko, Jugo agrees only if she shares some information with them. Suigetsu then says "Yeah. Tell us where that ponytailed bit...", only to be interrupted by Yuko shooting a pellet from her umbrella at his head. He survives given that his body is made of water, but she forgot about that detail.
  • Defensive "What?":
    • After Sasuke accidentally convinces Naruto to join the ANBU, Sakura frowns at her boyfriend and says "Oh... Way to convince him, Sasuke!" He replies with this trope.
    • This is Tenten's reaction when both Hinata and Kushina give her a skeptical look after she tried to explain her panicking reaction to meeting the temporarily resurrected Kushina.
  • Delayed Reaction:
    • Kei asks Mina if Sai normally goes around feeling breasts like a pervert. Mina explains Sai's behavior, only to be shocked several seconds later when she realizes that Kei allowed him to touch her breasts.
    • After a training session, Moegi tells Udon that he can't buy her lunch if he just stands there:
      Udon: Oh, right, I... Hey, wait! Why am I buying lunch?!
      Moegi: I'm a lady, and you should treat a lady. Aren't you a gentleman?
      Udon: [thinking] ...Err... Yeah... Sure.
  • Designated Girl Fight:
    • In Chapters 76 and 77, Sakura fights Karin in response to the latter stabbing the former and leaving her to die in Chapter 75, all while Sasuke is busy dealing with Evil Sasuke.
    • In Chapter 107, Sasuke is fighting his evil clone. Sakura is about to intervene and help her boyfriend, only for Karin to prevent her from doing so by fighting her.
  • Distracted by the Sexy:
    • While on vacation, Tenten doesn't pay enough attention to Ino because she's too distracted by Neji swimming nearby.
    • When Hinata tells Naruto that she's done with the shower, he replies to her only to interrupt himself when he sees her wearing nothing but a towel. He ends up making a perverted face and giggling upon seeing her like that.
    • After a visit from Kakashi and Sai, Naruto is explaining to Hinata what Sai just did. However, the blond ninja interrupts himself when he sees his fiancée wearing a shirt that reveals a significant percentage of her cleavage.
    • While sparring with Arekusu, Lee is distracted by her beauty long enough for her to punch him in the face.
  • Door Stopper: As seen in the description, this comic's number of pages is literally in the thousands.
  • Double Date:
    • After learning that Sasuke and Sakura will have their first date together, Naruto suggests that he should go get Hinata so they can have a double date together. His two friends decline, preferring to have their first date just the two of them alone.
    • Over a year later, the two couples do have a double date after Naruto returns to Konoha following a mission where he was presumed to be KIA. It begins with Sasuke and Sakura joining Naruto and Hinata for some lunch at Ichiraku. Then, after Naruto and Sakura have to go to the hospital for a check-up, the four of them go watch a chick flick at a movie theater. Both Hinata and Sakura end up enjoying the movie, while Naruto ends up falling asleep and Sasuke has a painfully bored look while watching it.
  • Double Entendre: Sai and Kei discussing a mission briefing. Poor Naruto almost gets his brain broken trying not to say anything.
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: Shikamaru really hated it when his mother showed pictures from his childhood to Temari.
  • Enemy Without:
    • Due to the messing of Seireiko's ritual, all of the hatred and anger inside Sasuke got stuck inside a clone of him.
    • Seireiko weaponizes this trope with his Dark Soul Shadow Clone. It creates a clone of an individual that only has their negative traits, and this causes the clone to feel the uncontrollable need to kill the original. Said clones also have Black Eyes of Crazy.
  • "Eureka!" Moment:
    • Shizune needs to find someone who can be a messenger in charge of running important messages between Konoha and Suna, or else she'll have to do that job herself. She asks Naruto if he's willing to do that, but he declines, much to her disappointment. Naruto then wishes he knew someone who wanted to go to Suna alone, only to immediately realize that Shikamaru might be that person. The latter accepts the job, as it will allow him to spend more time with Temari, although Naruto never even thought about that and only assumed Shikamaru would accept it just because he doesn't mind being by himself and the job requires little work.
    • During a picnic with Hinata in Chapter 90, Naruto has a conversation with her that leads to him having an idea regarding a jutsu he's practicing.
    • In Chapter 95, Naruto has an epiphany regarding his jutsu after Hinata says "I guess if we are both feeling it... then we must be one...". However, he mispronounces it as "an apipananny".
  • Everyone Has Standards: In Chapter 89, Naruto tells Hinata a story from when he was a kid. One day, some mother pushed him away when he tried to befriend her kids at a park. However, Naruto was right next to some stairs and pushing him resulted in him being knocked down those stairs and getting injured in the process. Later on, the mother apologized to him, as she didn't mean to knock him down those stairs.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Tayuya has a hard time understanding why Mina is willing to help her even though they're supposed to be enemies.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: While discussing with Naruto about a job, Shikamaru notices that his friend is holding a bag:
    Shikamaru: Hey, Naruto. What's in the bag?
    Naruto: Huh?! Oh this?! It's a present for Hinata's bir... OH CRAP! I'M SUPPOSED TO MEET HER!
  • Face Fault: Naruto suggests to Hinata they can go eat anywhere, even at some place other than Ichiraku for once. She chooses to go to a teahouse, to which he agrees and he's already on his way to a teahouse. However, he stops walking and sheepishly asks her if she knows where one is, causing Hinata to do this trope.
  • Facepalm:
  • Failure Montage: When Naruto asks Sai to think about the similarities between all the girls he dated, it leads to a panel showing eight girls (one of them being Ino) slapping Sai on his face in the exact same way.
  • Flirtatious Smack on the Ass:
    • Sasuke does this to Sakura when the latter is saying what follows to Naruto:
      Sakura: And you know... It's rude to sneak up on your AAHH!
      [She blushes after Sasuke pinches her butt.]
      Sasuke: [smirking at her] Yeah. It's not nice to sneak up people and surprise them.
    • Choji does this to Ino while they're walking around Konoha. Surprised by that, she blushes and smiles at him while telling him to watch those hands of his.
    • After Hinata gives a Motivational Kiss to Naruto, the latter gets excited to resume his training and pulls his fiancée along pretty fast. She complains about it, saying "N-Naruto!! Slow down, don't pull me so fast!! I give you one kiss and you get excited!" He replies with "Don't you know it. Rawr!" before pinching her butt, making her reply "Eeep!! N-Naruto!! Th-That's not what I meant."
  • Forceful Kiss:
    • In his first appearance, Yori forcefully kisses Tenten, much to the latter's displeasure.
    • When she first meets Naruto, Nanami is so attracted by him that she kisses him, even after he tells her that he has a girlfriend.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Naruto is upset that Tsunade can't use any jutsu to make him remember stuff he forgot due to his amnesia, but she tells him she just wants to protect him from any more harm. Tsunade then notices he's smiling and asks him why he's doing that. Naruto replies that he kinda feels like she's his mother when she's acting all caring like that. Several chapters later, he accepts to become her adopted son.
    • In Chapter 46, three masked ninja are with a group of captives. One of the masked ninja take a look at one of the women among the captives and is reminded of Kurenai. Several chapters later, it's revealed that this one masked ninja in question is none other than a resurrected Asuma.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • After Naruto returns to Konoha after being declared KIA during a mission, he learns that Sasuke really missed him during those days where he was presumed dead. With a big smug grin, Naruto takes this opportunity to tease his friend over it, much to Sasuke's annoyance. Soon enough, one panel shows Hinata and Sakura having a discussion, while in the background Sasuke has put Naruto in a headlock while the latter is laughing:
      Naruto: Haha! You missed me!
      Sasuke: Shut up!
    • In the background of page 549 from Chapter 28, there is a woman receiving a ball on the head and getting angry at the kid responsible for throwing it.
    • Shizune can be seen facepalming herself in the background when Team 7 are behaving too much like Vitriolic Best Buds at the end of Chapter 97.
  • Generation Xerox: Turns out that there's some "history" between Namikaze men and Hyuga women. Minato used to date Hinata's mother before he started dating Kushina, and his grandfather used to have a Hyuga lover as well. Though it's implied that Naruto is the first Namikaze male who's able to consolidate a relationship with a Hyuga woman.
  • Get a Room!:
    • Upon seeing Ichiro and Takara kissing each other, Sai tells them to get a room so they can have sex and not do it on the street. Embarrassed by what he just said, Sakura tells him he should have just said "Get a room." and not the rest of his sentence.
    • Naruto says this to Sasuke and Sakura while the latter two are making out:
      Sakura: N-Naruto?! W-We don't need a room. We were just kissing!
    • Naruto does this to Sasuke and Sakura again when the latter two are about to kiss while travelling to some place for a mission.
  • Giant Medical Syringe: In Chapter 9, Naruto tells a story to Hinata about how he was afraid of a needle that was as long as his arm during a medical exam.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot:
    • Yori sees two girls arguing and thinks they're talking about doing some girl-on-girl action, which he finds to be really hot, and he even hopes to have a threesome with them. In reality, the two girls were Naruto and Sasuke after using the Sexy Jutsu to become girls and infiltrate the village during the Chunin Exam, and their argument was about Sasuke really not liking the idea of someone seeing him like that.
    • Konohamaru thinking about Moegi and Hanabi. Subverted, though; all three of them realize there are way too many emotional landmines in their mutual friendship to make such an act feasible. Only time will tell if they ever manage to work their issues out.
  • Giving Someone the Pointer Finger:
    • Naruto and Shikamaru both go to some pharmacy in order to get some protection, thus allowing them to have sex with their respective lover. Upon seeing each other, Naruto and Shikamaru panic and point a finger to each other, loudly asking "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"
    • Naruto does this to Evil Sasuke when he wrongfully figures out who the latter is.
    • Sasuke points a finger to an ANBU ninja when the former refuses to let the latter arrest Itachi.
    • In Chapter 131, Minato does this to the Konoha elders while criticizing them for the way Naruto has been treated over the years.
  • Go Through Me: Naruto is angry at Kiba after learning that the latter accidentally grabbed Hinata's breast. Mina stands in front of Kiba and spreads her arms to prevent Naruto from harming her boyfriend. She then tells the Uzumaki she's willing to let him grope her breasts as a payback for what the Inuzuka did, much to the shock of everyone present.
  • Great Offscreen War: The series diverges from Naruto canon when something utterly annihilates the Akatsuki days prior to Pain's assault on Konoha, leaving Tobi/Obito as the only survivor. It's later outright stated that a pre-Heel–Face Turn/memory loss Sasuke had a role in it, with Sasuke himself personally burning Nagato and his Pain bodies to ashes with the Amaterasu.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Ino gives a kick in the balls to Rokuro after the latter revealed bad things about her aunt Hotaru.
    • Ino repeatedly stomps on the family jewels of a guy named Kobiru after learning he betted he could go on a date with her, more specifically after he called her a slut.
    • So far, Kiba and Mina remain celibate - not that they haven't tried, but she accidentally does one of these before they can get mostly undressed.
  • Growling Gut: Much to his embarrassment, Naruto's stomach growls while he and Hinata have a conversation with Minato and Kushina in Chapter 126.
  • Heh Heh, You Said "X": Naruto does this when Sai and Kei end up making several Double Entendres, such as Sai saying that he could fill in any holes Kei has regarding an upcoming mission. This causes Sasuke to complain about his friend's immaturity.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • After Naruto faints from hearing too many Double Entendres from Kei and Sai, Kei asks Sai what's wrong with the blond ninja. The black-haired boy replies with "I do not know. He can be strange." Considering this is Sai we're talking about, who is known for, among other things, being Innocently Insensitive, having a Brutal Honesty, and having No Social Skills...
    • In Chapter 126, Kushina criticizes Naruto and Hinata for sleeping in the same bed before being married, as it could lead to sex and babies when that should happen after marriage in her mind. However, Minato smirks and reminds his wife that she wanted to increase the clan when the two of them were still genin, much to her embarrassment.
  • I Don't Want to Ruin Our Friendship:
    • Naruto's friend Yoshiko was hesitant to confess her feelings towards some other guy who already had a girlfriend as she didn't want to make things awkward between her and him. Naruto encouraged her to do so anyway, given that Sakura was still friends with him despite being aware of his feelings for her at the time.
    • Initially, when she started dating Choji, Ino didn't want to consider it official because she wasn't really sure she wanted to risk her friendship with him, especially since she had this habit to rush into relationships.
  • I Have Your Wife:
    • In Chapter 6, Rokuro grabs Hinata with a giant hand and threatens to squeeze her if Naruto doesn't give him his fox power.
    • In Chapter 76, Karin tells Sasuke and Naruto that she stabbed Sakura and took her hostage. She's willing to tell Sasuke and Naruto where Sakura is if they will let her and Evil Sasuke go. As a result, Naruto lowers his kunai from Evil Sasuke's neck, giving the latter an opportunity to leave with Karin. However, right before Evil Sasuke and Karin could leave, Sakura appears, having healed her injury thanks to the Souzou Saisei, and proceeds to beat the crap out of Karin.
    • In Chapter 111, after Sasuke is attacked by his evil clone, the latter grabs Sakura by her throat and her arm. He then threatens to harm her if the real Sasuke doesn't come inside one specific room.
  • I Kiss Your Hand: Lee does this to Arekusu when he meets her for the first time.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink:
    • This is Kushina's reaction when Naruto reveals that Jiraiya did invite him to do some peeping.
    • In Chapter 133, after returning to her office, Tsunade says she needs a drink as a result of Naruto wanting to know more about the woman who raised him during the first four years of his life, which was actually Tsunade herself.
  • I'll Kill You!:
    • After Gaara tells a story from Kankuro about Temari where the latter did something that earned her the pet name of "the Suna Streaker", Temari is so angry that she yells a desire to find and mutilate Kankuro for telling that story to their brother.
    • Tayuya fights Mina in order to get her hands on a box containing a scroll. Mina refuses to give it to her, leading to this:
  • I'm Taking Her Home with Me!: Naruto feels bad for a baby fox because of the latter's mother being dead. Not having the heart of leaving him all alone, the Uzumaki brings the baby fox to his home and asks Hinata if he can keep him. She agrees on the condition that the wild animal gets checked out.
  • Imagine Spot: Neji and Tenten announce to Lee and Gai that not only are they engaged, but also that Tenten is pregnant. Lee suggests they should go celebrate. The next panel then shows an imagine spot of Lee dancing and Gai singing "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees.
  • Indignant Slap:
    • Sai is about to go on a date with a girl named Jirian. However, when he tells her he picked her up because he wanted to lose his virginity and she looked like she would be easy, Jirian slaps him on the face and, while angrily walking away, yells that she would rather sleep with a dog than him.
    • Sakura does this to Sasuke when he gives her the same look he gave to her during the night where he left Konoha to join Orochimaru.
  • Innocent Innuendo: At the end of one chapter, it looks like Anko is having sex with Kakashi due to the former saying the latter is hitting all the right spots, along with a panel where she has the face of someone who's having an orgasm. However, the next page shows that he's simply giving her a massage.
  • Intimacy Via Horror: Shino has a date with Hanajima at a movie theater. He suggests they go watch a horror movie. She's unsure about it given it seems pretty scary. When Shino tells her they could watch something else, Hanajima says she doesn't mind the horror movie and adds that she can hold onto him if she gets scared. They then have a double date with Lee and Arekusu when they watch the horror movie. Of course, both girls end up holding onto the boys during a scary scene.
  • Intimate Lotion Application: Chapter 43 begins with Kakashi and Anko relaxing at the beach. The former is reading a book, while the latter asks him if he's going to read during the entirety of their vacation. Kakashi replies he'll read until the next chapter. Anko then tells him he should hurry up given that her back needs more lotion on it. Slightly blushing, Kakashi immediately closes his book and says he's done.
  • It's Not Porn, It's Art: When Sai asks Kei if he can draw her, we get the following conversation:
    Kei: Me? I guess. Do I have to do anything?
    Sai: No, sitting there is fine. Unless you wish to do an artistic nude?
    Kei: Are you being perverse?!
    Sai: No. It's art.
    Kei: Is there a difference?
    Sai: Of course there is.
    Kei: Still... I think I'll pass.
    Sai: OK.
  • Jaw Drop:
    • Both Sakura and Ino do this while shouting a Big "WHAT?!" when Naruto asks Hinata to go on a date with him for the first time.
    • Hideki has this reaction when he sees Naruto opening a scroll that only a Namikaze can open (unaware that Naruto is the son of Minato Namikaze).
    • Both Naruto and Kiba have this reaction when Mina offers to let Naruto grope her breasts as a payback for Kiba accidentally grabbing Hinata's breast.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Naruto thinks that the Kyubi is also Kosuke's father. However, the demon fox points out there's no way he would have had the time to mate with a vixen, who would most likely be only the size of his toe, at any point during the several generations where he had been sealed and re-sealed.
  • Kissing Discretion Shot: The First Kiss between Naruto and Hinata has never been shown.
  • Lampshade Hanging:
    • After being in denial at first over learning that Naruto is the Fourth Hokage's son, it doesn't take that long before Sasuke realizes that this is something everyone should have noticed long ago given that Naruto looks a lot like Minato.
    • To make Mina stop asking her to ask Sai out on a date, Kei asks Mina if she had sex with Kiba yet. This makes her blush and she remains silent for a moment before deciding to Change the Uncomfortable Subject by saying they should continue eating their ice cream. Kei then says she somehow thought her friend would say that.
    • In Chapter 122, it seems like at first that Evil Sasuke has been defeated by the real Sasuke. However, one moment later, Karin points out he hasn't been defeated. This causes Naruto to wonder out loud "Why is it never easy, for us?"
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall:
    • In Chapter 21, Hinata notices Sai and comments that it's been a while since the last time she saw him. In this case, this is a reference to the fact that Chapter 21 is the first time Sai made any appearance in NHC.
    • Naruto and Shikamaru ask Tsunade about the results regarding some thieves that are seemingly Jiraiya and Asuma. The next few panels show Tsunade taking her time before answering. Both Naruto and Shikamaru are annoyed by that, with the former complaining that she's just keeping them in suspense. Their reactions reflect the readers who wanted mattwilson83 to show the results already.
  • Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone:
    • In the Forest of Death, Ichiro tells Takara that he wants them to be more than just friends. Observing them, Naruto decides to leave them alone and go find an item he needs in order to succeed at the Chunin Exams.
    • After Naruto reveals himself to still be alive following a mission where he was declared KIA, Shikamaru tells Sakura and Tsunade that he's willing to tell them what happened, but that they also should give some room to Naruto and Hinata.
    • Outside some restaurant, Hinata faints after learning that Naruto wants to propose to her, something she did not see coming given that she initially assumed he wanted to break up with her instead. When she wakes up inside the restaurant, their friends are ready to leave so that she and her boyfriend could be alone.
    • In Chapter 126, while witnessing a tender moment between Naruto and Hinata, Minato tells Kushina they "should give these two a few moments alone, together."
  • Let Me at Him!:
    • During the vacation arc, Anko becomes a Clingy Jealous Girl when two pretty ladies are showing a lot of interest towards Kakashi. She tries to attack them, yelling that he's hers, but her lover restrains her from hurting the two ladies.
    • After Sai tells Sakura that her chest is small while Hinata's is big, the pink-haired kunoichi doesn't take it well and tries to attack him, only to be restrained by Tsunade and Shizune.
  • Let Me Get This Straight...: After Sai explains to Sakura why he wants to take a look at her chest, she says while frowning "Wait! Let me get this right... You want me to show you my breasts so you can compare them to Hinata's because mine are so sma..." before unleashing her anger and having to be restrained by Tsunade and Shizune.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: Kei recalls when Miho allowed Yuko to feel her up. Miho then panics and tells Kei that the latter promised her to never mention it again and that it didn't happen. However, Kei is confused and says "I... did?!"
  • Little "No": In the flashback from Chapter 134, Tsunade is shown raising Naruto during the first four years of his life. At one point, he said he got an idea on how to make everyone in Konoha like him and pointed in one direction. She looked up and realized he was pointing at the Hokage Rock. Her joyful expression turned into a horrified one and she said "...No." as she realized he wanted to become Hokage, which was the same dream her late brother Nawaki and her late boyfriend Dan both had. This made her fear that Naruto would also die through tragic circumstances like they did.
  • Long Runner: The comic started in 2008, and as of Fall 2022, it shows no sign of ending anytime soon.
  • Loud Gulp: Naruto does this right before he asks Hinata if she wants to go on a date with him for the first time.
  • Love at First Note: Lee meets his future girlfriend, Arekusu, when he hears her singing at a karaoke bar.
  • Love Bubbles:
    • The second chapter uses the flower variant when Naruto asks Hinata to go on a date with him while offering her a flower.
    • The inked version of page 169 also uses the flower variant in the panel where Naruto finally says "I love you" to Hinata.
  • Love Confession: In Chapter 86, Tsunade admits to the still unconscious Jiraiya that she loves him.
  • Love Interest vs. Lust Interest: Hinata is deeply in love with Naruto because of his kindness among other reasons. By contrast, Nanami lusts over him because he's a strong man with whom she hopes to have powerful offspring.
  • Megaton Punch:
  • Mistaken for Afterlife: In Chapter 111, when Naruto meets Kushina for the first time, he makes an over-the-top horrified face and says "...I died, and now I'm in the other world!! Oh man!" She tells him that he's not dead, making him wrongfully conclude that she's a ghost instead.
  • Moment Killer:
    • Neji and Tenten are kissing while they're alone, until Kakashi accidentally makes his presence known by coughing:
      Kakashi: [smiling behind his mask and waving at them] Ahem! Sorry. Don't mind me.
    • Ichiro and Takara are kissing until they're interrupted by the arrival of Team 7, with Sai telling them to get a room so they can have sex and not do it on the street.
    • During the vacation arc, Kakashi and Anko are kissing each other only to be interrupted by the arrival of Gai, the latter being accompanied by two pretty ladies.
      • In that same chapter, back in Konoha, Iruka and Hotaru are making out when they hear the sound of someone knocking at the door.
    • Sasuke and Sakura are waiting for Naruto and Kakashi while the latter two are talking with Tsunade. The couple decide to make out. It doesn't take long before Naruto arrives and tells them to get a room.
    • Naruto and Hinata have a tender moment where they kiss at Ichiraku. However, they're interrupted by Ayame gushing over how cute that moment is.
    • Sasuke and Sakura are about to kiss each other at the hospital when they're interrupted by a messenger. Needless to say, Sakura isn't too pleased about it and glares at the messenger, telling him he better have a good reason for interrupting them.
    • While travelling to some place for a mission, Sasuke and Sakura have a discussion about the past three years. They're about to kiss once again. However, much to their annoyance, they're interrupted by Naruto telling them to get a room.
  • Mood Whiplash: Sasuke and Naruto's reunion is taken as seriously as you'd expect... right up until Naruto punches Sasuke on the head.
  • Motivational Kiss:
    • After getting a book about time-space jutsu from the library, Naruto cries over how it looks so hard and he'll never work his jutsu out. In order to cheer him up, Hinata decides to interrupt him with a kiss. After the kiss is over, she asks him if he feels calmer and he replies with "Eh, heh, heh heh. ...Yeah~" while blushing and having a large smile.
    • When Naruto and Hinata are talking about Kosuke's connection to the Kyubi, the Uzumaki is sad and wonders if their discussion about it was also the kind of discussion the elders and the Third Hokage would have about himself. This causes Hinata to interrupt Naruto again with this kind of kiss.
  • Move Along, Nothing to See Here: Naruto has another unwanted encounter with Nanami, which ends with the latter's brother once again literally dragging her away. The blond ninja then notices all the people who witnessed what just happened and he nervously tells them to disperse as there's nothing to see there. However, he makes an Oh, Crap! face when he notices Hinata's presence, who just saw what happened with Nanami and isn't too pleased about it.
  • My God, You Are Serious!:
    • Arekusu thinks Gai is joking when he says that they (alongside Lee) are going to do 20 laps around the village on their hands as a warm-up, only to exclaim "Oh! Wow! You're not! Umm... Yes. Coming!" when she sees Lee and Gai standing on their hands.
    • When Naruto tells Hinata he wants Teuchi to cater for their wedding, she genuinely thinks he's joking and laughs at it, only to be taken by surprise when she realizes that he's serious about it.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • In Chapter 111, after Minato has been resurrected, Naruto's evil clone tries to attack him. The Fourth Hokage comments "Well, I never thought my son would try to hit me, the first time we met.", which is exactly what Naruto did to Minato in canon during their first meeting.
    • In Chapter 119, Naruto has a discussion with the newly resurrected Kushina. Just like the first time he met her in canon, he tells her he wishes he had inherited her red hair, to which she responds that he's the second person after Minato to say they like her hair.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Temari claims she has no embarrassing childhood memories. However, Gaara says that Kankuro once told him about how, when she was about two or three years old, she hated wearing dresses and would remove them whenever and wherever she had the chance. This earned her the pet name of "the Suna Streaker" because she would often be running around while being naked, much to Temari's embarrassment.
  • Nonchalant Dodge: When Suigetsu swings his sword at Yuko, this is how she dodges it, making him complain that she barely even moved.
  • Noodle Incident: Ayame expresses a desire to have a boyfriend. However, when Teuchi mentions that he has a friend who has a son who could date her, she angrily tells him that she doesn't want him to set her up given what happened last time. Of course, she doesn't elaborate what happened last time that caused her reaction.
  • Not Even Bothering with an Excuse: Naruto visits Shikamaru who is shirtless and notices Temari's giant fan in the room. Naruto questions this and after a few seconds, Shikamaru states "Well... Erm... Y'know what, it's too much of a bother to come up with a plausible excuse. So... Just go away!"
  • "Not So Different" Remark: In Chapter 123, Miho makes a speech to Kei about how similar they are despite their differences:
    Miho: We couldn't be anymore different from each other, but lately, I realized we are more alike, than I ever thought we could be. Our lives may have been different, but we both desired the same thing. We both sought to be recognized. The two of us wanted to become shinobi to prove to our families and the world just how strong we are. I'm sure you've noticed it too, when it came to the thugs we've taken on, during missions. Always letting their guards down and calling us weak, and for what? Being women?
  • Not What It Looks Like:
    • Konohamaru and Hanabi are trying to move some boxes at Naruto and Hinata's new house while going up some stairs. However, Hanabi accidentally steps on Konohamaru's long scarf, causing the latter to be strangled and to fall on top of his girlfriend. Immediately after that, Naruto and Hinata arrive and are angry to see Konohamaru lying on top of Hanabi, with the latter two trying to explain what actually happened.
    • A rather glorious one in Chapter 51, where Naruto's friends think he's going to dump Hinata. He was actually trying to propose to her!
    • During a training session, Moegi ends up pining Konohamaru to the ground. However, Hanabi arrives and isn't too happy to see Moegi sitting on Konohamaru's lap like that. Her boyfriend panics and says it isn't what it looks like before adding that they were just fooling around, only to realize that what he just said came out wrong.
  • Official Couple: Obviously, Naruto and Hinata but there are other couples in the mix as well, like Neji and Tenten, Sakura and Sasuke, Shikamaru and Temari, Gaara and Matsuri, Kiba and Mina, and even Konohamaru and Hanabi.
    • Heck, there's even Choji and Ino!
  • Official Kiss:
    • Naruto and Hinata officially become a couple when they kiss at the end of their first date. He asks her if he can kiss her, but she interrupts him before he even finishes his question.
    • When Kiba tries to help Mina back into her bed at the hospital, she instead falls off and drags him on the floor, resulting in their official kiss.
    • After Neji defends Tenten from her abusive ex-boyfriend Yori, the Hyuga compliments her on her face while touching it with his hand, only to remove his hand when he feels he's being inappropriate with her. Blushing and smiling at Neji, Tenten tells him he can be as inappropriate with her as he wants and she kisses him to silence any protest from him. Subsequent chapters indicate that they've been dating since that kiss.
    • Ichiro and Takara have one during the Chunin Exams. She goes on a rant about how stupid he was when dealing with some villain earlier on, resulting in Ichiro getting injured. However, he decides to pull Takara closer to him and to kiss her, making her more joyful than angry in the process.
    • Naruto's friend Yoshiko had a crush on a guy named Takuma, who already had a girlfriend. Yoshiko confessed her feelings to Takuma, but he naturally rejected her given that he wasn't single. However, later on, he became single again and asked Yoshiko if she still had feelings for him. She hesitantly confirmed it, which was followed by him replying with "Good.", hugging her, and kissing her. They have remained together ever since.
  • Oh, Crap!: A rather common reaction, particularly during comedic moments. For instance, Sasuke has this reaction when Sakura gets mad after seeing him use the Sexy Jutsu while fighting Lee during the Chunin Exam.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Sasuke wonders what else Sakura could be planning for their first anniversary of dating, only to quickly realize before Naruto does that it might be sex, leading to the following conversation:
    Sasuke: [shocked while having a minor nosebleed] Wait. You don't think she...?
    Naruto: It's probably gonna be what Hinata did for me on our anniversary date.
    Sasuke: Wait you and Hinata?! I didn't know you two..? Well... How was it? Was it... good?
    Naruto: Great! But then Hinata's had a lot of practice. She gives treats like that all the time!
    Sasuke: [even more shocked] SHE WHAT?! HOW LONG HAVE YOU TWO...
    Naruto: [drooling while having stars in his eyes] I can still taste those Hinata-shaped cookies.
    Sasuke: WAIT?! COOKIES?!
    Naruto: Yeah. Cookies. Hinata made us cookies. I had ones shaped like her, and she had ones shaped like me. What were you talking about?
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: In one chapter, Kakashi is surprised when Kei (who is known for being an Emotionless Girl) says that she's glad he agrees with her.
  • Overly Long Hug: After Naruto almost dies and wakes up at the hospital in Chapter 10, Hinata immediately hugs him in relief. However, she keeps hugging him even while Tsunade is berating Naruto for not telling anyone about what almost killed him:
    Naruto: Errr... Hinata!
    Hinata: [with a big smile on her face] I'll never let my Naruto go!
  • Pair the Spares: Invoked. Many female OCs are introduced with the main purpose of serving as a love interest to some of the Konoha 12 boys, namely Kiba, Lee, Sai, and Shino. Though some of them, such as Mina (Kiba's love interest) or Kei (Sai's love interest) have enough personality, background, and their own character arcs to avoid being Satellite Love Interests. Also, with the exception of Mina, all of them were created by fellow DeviantArt artists who allowed mattwilson83 to use them.
  • Parental Sexuality Squick: In Chapter 96, Naruto stumbles upon one of his dad's equipment satchels, which contains pictures of Minato and Kushina together... along with a picture of his mother naked. He's understandably mortified at the last one.
  • Parenting the Husband: After learning about their engagement, Tsunade jokingly asks Hinata if she wants the responsibility of looking after Naruto. The latter is annoyed by that and asks her what's that supposed to mean.
  • Perverted Drooling: In Chapter 86, this is the unconscious Jiraiya's reaction after Tsunade kisses him.
  • Picnic Episode: For his first date with Hinata, Naruto decides to have a picnic with her. However, it doesn't go so well, culminating with rain that forces them to go to Ichiraku instead.
  • Piggyback Cute: Lee carries Arekusu on his back after they're done training with Gai for the day.
  • The Power of Love: While seeing how confident Hinata is during her fight against Touji instead of her usual personality, Kurenai is impressed by her confidence and wonders if this is really because of Naruto.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    • After Rokuro manages to take control of Naruto's body, Sasuke uses his Sharingan to confront Rokuro inside of Naruto's mind:
      Rokuro: His mind crumbling all around us. He may have only minutes to live.
      Sasuke: Minutes?! That's plenty of time to kick your ass.
    • Miho does this kind of one-liner while attacking two guards. Kei, who's in charge of their team during the mission, tells her to stop making one-liners, causing her teammate to complain and say that Anko likes them.
  • Pun: Take a guess on what is Tenten's apartment number.
  • Rapid-Fire "No!":
    • This is Hinata's reaction, along with blushing, when Naruto asks if he could have a picture of her being naked that he could carry with him during his missions.
    • In Chapter 121, Evil Sasuke says "No" multiple times in a row when he sees Sakura and Karin trying to help Itachi to escape.
  • Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: After Naruto reveals to Hideki that he's the son of Minato Namikaze, Hideki says that Minato's child was reported to have died the day of the Kyubi attack. Naruto replies with this trope.
  • Rescue Romance:
    • In the first chapter, Hinata is knocked off a cliff by one of the bad guys. Naruto tries to grab her hand, but it's too late as they both fall into a body of water down below. Fortunately, they both survive and, with one thing leading to another, Naruto starts to develop feelings towards Hinata.
    • Tenten falls in love with Neji after he defends her from her abusive ex-boyfriend Yori.
  • Retroactive Wish: Mina sighs and wishes Kiba was with her so they could have lunch together. Her boyfriend then crash lands right next to her. Soon enough, she realizes what just happened and wishes for a sundae. However, Mina is disappointed when no sundae appears before deciding to heal Kiba's injuries.
  • Reunion Kiss: Naruto and Hinata have one after the former was presumed to be KIA during a mission and returned to Konoha over 11 days later.
  • The Reveal: Chapter 84 reveals what happened to Sasuke after he killed Itachi and before he returned to Konoha: He was part of an assault on the Akatsuki and used the Amaterasu to burn Nagato and all six bodies of Pain. This resulted in Sasuke receiving near-fatal injuries. Seireiko tried to resurrect him. However, the Uchiha wasn't dead yet, resulting in the creation of Evil Sasuke. When Seireiko ordered Suigetsu to kill the real Sasuke, the latter was able to escape before suffering from amnesia.
  • Right Behind Me:
    • When Ino is at the hospital, she learns that Mina brought her there instead of helping Hotaru in her fight against Rokuro. Ino then makes an angry rant against Mina, calling her "a coward who didn't want to get injured", only for Mina to hear it and leave the room in tears.
    • Naruto declares he's gonna sneak out and get ramen against Sakura's orders... when she's right behind him.
  • Rock–Paper–Scissors: Lee wins against Gai at a game of this, making his sensei so proud of him.
    • Lee also plays this game against Miho several chapters later. This time, he loses, causing him to cry.
  • Running Gag:
  • Sand In My Eyes: In Chapter 126, Naruto asks Kushina if she's OK. While smiling, she claims she is fine and that she got something in her eye, wanting to hide how sad she is that her time among the living is limited.
  • Saying Too Much: In Chapter 130, Tenten goes to Naruto and Hinata's house, where she meets Kushina. Upon being told what the latter's name is, Tenten finds it odd that she has the same name as Naruto's mother. This is followed by Kushina nervously saying it's just an odd coincidence, adding "I mean, how could I be Naruto's dead mother, that's just... crazy." However, Tenten points out she never said such a thing, leading to Hinata and Kushina having to admit what's going on to her.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here:
    • Most of the men working for Takeo decide to retreat rather than continue on with his plan.
    • Tayuya wakes up and notices Mina sleeping right next to her. Mina is talking while sleeping, expressing a desire to eat ice cream for breakfast:
      Tayuya: [thinking] Ice-cream?! For... breakfast?! I need to get out of here.
    • Sasuke does this when Naruto can't stop thinking about all the Double Entendres Sai and Kei are saying.
    • When Yuko turns into a cat during a mission, she's found by one of the guards, who's fooled by her transformation jutsu and proceeds to pet her. However, given that Yuko is a lesbian, she's upset that it's not a woman who's petting her instead and decides to run away.
  • Security Cling: Konohamaru and Hanabi hug each other when they're scared by Hinata's Clingy Jealous Girl behavior during the Chunin Exam (which was caused by seeing Naruto lying on top of a girl named Hanajima when he tackled her to the ground to avoid an attack from some villain).
  • Self-Deprecation: mattwilson83 added a note above the last panel of page 553 saying "Note: Can ya tell I suck at sound effects. LOL", as the sound effect for a door being opened and then closed in that panel is simply "Door open and close".
  • Serious Business: Neji and Tenten find Lee and Gai glaring at each other, as if they are about to have an epic fight. However, it turns out what they were treating so seriously was a game of Rock–Paper–Scissors, much to Neji and Tenten's annoyance.
  • Sexy Shirt Switch: Naruto goes to Shikamaru's place to give him back his wallet, only to notice Temari's fan next to the couch. Shikamaru tries to make Naruto go away, but Temari appears, wearing Shikamaru's shirt, and convinces him to tell Naruto that they're dating.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Rokuro calls Yori and Sadako "lovers". In response, the latter two make Comical Angry Faces and yell at him that they're not lovers.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The main logo is inspired by the official logo for Final Fantasy VIII. Fittingly, they both focus on each work's respective Official Couple.
    • Naruto calls Hinata "Sleeping Beauty" after she wakes up a few times. The second time it happens, she blushes and asks if Sleeping Beauty isn't supposed to get a kiss from her prince, with Naruto taking this opportunity to give her multiple kisses.
    • During the Chunin Exam, Sakura sees Sasuke using the Sexy Jutsu to quickly end his fight against Lee and she does an angry rant over it, only for Sasuke to kiss her in the hopes that it will shut her up. mattwilson83 stated that this was inspired by "Jaws Wired Shut", an episode of The Simpsons. Said episode features a scene where Homer decides to hug an upset Lisa, hoping it will "cork her cry hole."
      • Another Simpsons reference happens in Chapter 78. After Hanajima says that she likes the idea of her and Shino having a double date with Lee and Arekusu at a movie theater, Lee says that it's settled and adds "Let's all go to the lobby and get ourselves some snacks!" This is something Mr. Burns said in the episode titled "Burns' Heir", which was also a reference to the Let's All Go to the Lobby animated advertisement (whereas that line ended with " get ourselves a treat.").
    • Kakashi greets Hinata in some park by saying "Hi-de-ho" to her. This is similar to Wilson from Home Improvement, another character known for having half of his face being hidden all the time.
    • After learning that Tenten is pregnant and also engaged to Neji, Lee suggests they should go celebrate. This is followed by an Imagine Spot of Lee dancing and Gai singing "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees.
      • Three chapters later, Gai ends up singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.
    • Kiba is giving Mina her contacts case, which has the symbol of an eye printed on it. mattwilson83 left a note underneath the panel showing the case that says "No... it's not a Millenium Item! LOL!"
    • In Chapter 130, Minato is shown wearing the gag glasses from Persona 4.
    • The flashback from Chapter 135 shows that, when he was a toddler, Naruto had a plushie of Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • "Shut Up" Kiss:
    • Naruto has a dream in the second chapter where Hinata is lying on top of him and asks him why he keeps running away from her. He explains that she has only ever been a friend and fellow shinobi to him and says "Until now, I... I've never realized how cu..." only to be interrupted by a kiss from her, followed by him waking up.
    • During their first date, after Naruto apologizes to Hinata for the way he handled their date and compliments her for looking pretty in a dress, he asks her "Um... Hinata-chan. Can I...", which is immediately followed by her kissing him for the second time:
      Naruto: (grinning after the kiss is over) Hey! You never let me finish asking!
      • This gets a Call-Back in Chapter 28. In that chapter, Naruto and Hinata are sitting on a seat that may or may not be the same one they sat on at the end of their first date. He remembers what happened back then. Naruto then says "I scooted over a little... and then you did. We got closer and closer. And I went to ask you if I could k...", only to be interrupted once again by his girlfriend kissing him.
    • In Chapter 9, Neji comments that Tenten has a pretty face and touches her cheek, only to feel like he's being inappropriate towards her. Tenten tells him that he can be as inappropriate as he wants with her and she prevents him from protesting further by kissing him.
    • Sasuke uses the Sexy Jutsu in order to quickly end his fight against Lee during the Chunin Exam. However, Sakura sees this and does an angry rant over it. Sasuke then decides to kiss her, hoping it will shut her up. It works.
    • In Chapter 80, in a non-romantic example, Evil Sasuke does this to Karin so that she would continue working for him when she is this close to quit.
    • This is how Hinata gives a Motivational Kiss to Naruto in Chapter 90 when he worries too much about getting a jutsu right.
    • When Naruto and Hinata are talking about Kosuke's connection to the Kyubi, she says they should keep an eye on Kosuke's behavior and be wary of any similarities between the two foxes. Naruto then looks sad and wonders if the elders and the Third Hokage talked about himself in this way. However, Hinata interrupts him by giving him a Motivational Kiss and tells him to not feel so bad, making him smile.
    • When Tenten returns to her apartment in Chapter 136, she finds Neji waiting in front of said apartment. He tells her he's been waiting for her, only to be interrupted when she jumps at him and kisses him.
  • Shy Finger-Twiddling: Besides Hinata frequently doing this like in canon, Sakura does this and blushes while explaining to Naruto that she's going on a date with someone. It then turns out that Sasuke asked her out, much to Naruto's shock given how many times the Uchiha has been unwilling to reciprocate Sakura's feelings in the past.
  • Sleepwalking: Sasuke and Sakura are both surprised to see Naruto able to eat ramen while still being asleep.
  • Sneeze Cut: After Temari yells a desire to find and mutilate Kankuro for telling an embarrassing story about her to Gaara, the next panel shows Kankuro sneezing and feeling a chill going down his spine much to his confusion.
  • Snot Bubble:
    • Naruto does this when he's eating ramen while sleeping. Later on, he does it again when he's waiting at the hospital for the results regarding some thieves that are seemingly Jiraiya and Asuma.
    • Tayuya wakes up, only to find Mina sleeping right next to her and having a snot bubble.
  • Someone to Remember Him By: Hotaru ends up having the baby of her deceased boyfriend.
  • Speak in Unison:
    • Both Sakura and Ino end up shouting a Big "WHAT?!" in unison when Naruto is asking Hinata to go on a date with him for the first time.
    • When Tsunade announces the start of the Chunin Exam's final phase, she also states that the 6th finalist (Naruto in this case) has been disqualified due to not arriving at the stadium on time, causing Sasuke and Tanaka to say "What!? Naruto's been disqualified?!" in shock at the same time.
    • While having sex in Chapter 19, Naruto and Hinata say "I love you!" to each other in unison.
    • In Chapter 108, both Sakura and Karin yell Sasuke's name in unison when the real Sasuke and his evil clone are fighting each other. Not too long afterwards, the two Sasukes use the same attack and say the attack's name at once.
    • During one mission where Naruto and Sasuke have a disagreement that goes on for a bit, Sakura yells at them to quit it after losing her patience. Both Naruto and Sasuke tell her "But, Sakura..." in unison, but she interupts them by exclaiming "No 'But's!"
  • Spit Take: Shikamaru did this when his mother asked him if he and Temari had sex yet.
  • Splash of Color: When Anko's Angels are properly introduced in the final page of Chapter 97, they're the only characters to be in color on that page.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye:
    • Naruto and Hinata are eating ice cream alongside Konohamaru (the latter using his ice cream to heal the black eye he got after doing the Hinata version of the Sexy Jutsu). Then, Hinata nervously asks Naruto if they can go somewhere alone and do "boyfriend girlfriend stuff". This is followed by Konohamaru not noticing they're gone until after he comments that he could do with another ice cream.
    • At some restaurant, Hinata is worried about Naruto after the latter got angry while at the hospital. After Sasuke makes everyone notice that Naruto is entering the restaurant, Sakura doesn't realize Hinata has already left her seat to hug her fiancé until she turns her head towards said seat.
    • In Chapter 126, Minato and Kushina have a tender moment where they're about to kiss. However, they stop when the latter suggests they shouldn't do so in front of Naruto and Hinata. Much to their surprise, the latter two are gone. A few panels later, it's revealed that Naruto and Hinata went to the kitchen to have their own tender moment.
  • Suddenly Shouting: Mina tells Tayuya that it's difficult for her to treat the latter's wounds given that she doesn't have her glasses:
    Tayuya: Why are you healing me? We were just trying to kill each other, are you a f***ing moron or just a... [suddenly making an over-the-top shocked face after realizing what Mina said] WAIT! YOU'RE WORKING ON ME BLIND?!!!
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: Rokuro has taken over Kakashi's body while the latter is on a mission with Team Gai. The latter team eventually notices that his behiavor is strange. Gai then wrongfully realizes something:
    Gai: Oh?! Why didn't I see it before. I know why you're so acting strange.
    Rokuro: Ummm... You do!? [thinking] Damn it. He knows I'm inhabiting Kaka...
    Gai: [smiling and pointing at "Kakashi"] Yes! We haven't had a challenge in a while. And our rivalry is so powerful, you're eager for more.
    Rokuro: [Sweat Dropping] Err... Umm... Sure Gai... That's it.
  • Taking the Bullet:
    • While at the Nation of Steel, Sasuke senses a trap and shoves Sakura out of the way, getting several cuts on his body that she could have gotten instead.
    • Noticing a giant fist coming out of the ground, Hinata pushes Naruto out of the way, resulting in her getting injured instead of him.
    • When Team 7 and Hinata are being attacked by rock clones of Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai, Kiba's rock clone tries to stab Hinata with its arm that has turned into a sharp rock. However, Kakashi pushes her out of the way and ends up being stabbed instead.
    • At one point, Evil Sasuke tries to attack Sasuke by using Chidori. Sasuke can't move, or else his enemy will hurt Sakura who is chained to a wall. However, Karin arrives in front of Sasuke to protect him and is the one to receive the attack. In a Call-Back to Sasuke doing something similar to Naruto during the Land of Waves arc, she says "I... I just moved."
  • Tears of Fear: Sakura has this kind of tears when Sasuke, while talking about wanting to train some more in order to defeat Evil Sasuke, gives her the same look he gave her during the infamous night where he left Konoha. That look reminds her of her biggest fear, which is to lose him again.
  • Tears of Joy:
    • Hinata has this kind of tears after Naruto asks her if she wants to go on a date with him for the first time.
    • Sakura does this in the third chapter upon seeing Sasuke in Tsunade's office and realizing he has finally returned to the village for the first time since his Face–Heel Turn.
    • Hinata does this after Naruto finally tells her that he loves her (which took him over an entire year of dating her to do so).
    • Hinata does this again after Naruto almost died (due to Rokuro being inside his head for over a year) and woke up at the hospital.
    • After Naruto defeats Hiashi, Hinata runs over to the latter, worried about his injuries. Her father then tells her she should be with Naruto instead given how much effort the latter put in so he could be with her. The next panel shows Hinata smiling, with a tear coming out of her right eye.
    • In Chapter 46, while having a make-out session with Naruto, Hinata makes this kind of tears while telling him that he makes her so happy.
    • Naruto has this kind of tears when he's looking at pictures of his parents for the first time.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Neji is very reluctant to tell Lee and Gai that not only is he engaged to Tenten, but also that the latter is pregnant. Much to his surprise, Lee and Gai are relatively calm while talking to Tenten about it. Neji then thinks he was worried for nothing about them doing something embarrassing. This is followed by Gai telling Neji how proud he is of the latter. So far, so good... until Gai cries in an over-the-top way and makes a speech that's equally over-the-top, much to Neji's annoyance.
    • During a mission, Yuko shows some concern over Kei and Miho given that she last saw them fight Suigetsu and Jugo. Smiling at Yuko, Sai says he's sure they're fine, only to be interrupted by an explosion in the distance that is above Kei and Miho's approximate location.
  • Thanks for the Mammary: After a training session, Hinata tries to help Kiba stand up by extending her left hand to him. However, he accidentally grabs her left breast instead. What follows is a punch strong enough to send Kiba into the sky.
  • That Came Out Wrong:
    • Mina meets Hinata, Sakura, and Ino at some restaurant. She then explains to the girls why she's late:
      Mina: Hey guys, sorry I'm being so late, I was saying bye to Kiba, and he kept pulling me back, wanting another kiss, and well... It got a little out of hand. Ha-ha. I hope I haven't missed much.
      Hinata: [blushing] Mina? What do you mean 'Got out of hand?'
      Ino: [smirking] Mina... You hound. Getting busy with Kiba huh? Tee-hee.
      Sakura: [surprised] Mina? Really? First thing in the morning
      Mina: [making an Oh, Crap! face while waving her hands around] N-N-N-N-O. YOU HAVE THE WRONG IDEA!
    • When Hanabi sees Moegi sitting on Konohamaru's lap (which happened as a result of the latter two having a training session), her boyfriend panics and tries to explain that they were just fooling around, only to realize that his explanation came out wrong.
  • That Liar Lies: When Naruto reveals to Sakura and Sasuke that he's the son of Minato Namikaze:
    Sakura: [having Blank White Eyes] Y-YOU'RE THE SON OF... OF... THE 4TH HOKAGE!!!???
    Sasuke: [with a skeptical look] Don't lie, you liar... You're just lieing a big lie, liar... You are joking... right?
  • Their First Time: Naruto and Hinata have sex for the first time after the former took over a year of dating to finally tell the latter that he loves her.
  • There Are No Therapists: Averted with Sasuke. In Chapter 83, Tsunade mentions that she "get[s] reports from his therapist on his quaterly review."
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: During his fight against Kei, Suigetsu throws his sword at her. Kei blocks it with her own sword, but she correctly guesses that he threw his sword just to distract her in order to charge up chakra for a jutsu.
  • Time Skip: Chapter 9 takes place one year after Chapter 8 and is appropriately titled "One Year Later...".
  • Touché: When Hotaru tells her niece Ino that the latter being happy with Choji is all that should matter:
    Ino: Yeah. You remember that too, with you and Iruka, okay?
    Hotaru: Oh. Touché, Ino.
  • Training from Hell: ANBU training is already this, but Touji piles it on even further in an attempt to break Naruto.
  • A Truce While We Gawk: When Sasuke fights Evil Sasuke for the first time, their fight is interrupted by Naruto making a long speech where he wrongfully guesses who Evil Sasuke is. The latter and Sasuke both end up having the same reaction, which consists of looking slightly chibified, having Blank White Eyes, and sweat dropping:
    Evil Sasuke: He still has a talent to annoy I see.
    Sasuke: He has his moments.
  • The Un-Reveal: Kakashi doesn't wear a mask in Chapter 44. However, his face is always obscured. In one panel, it's hidden by a menu he's reading. In another, it's hidden by a waiter's arm.
  • Unsettling Gender-Reveal: After Naruto and Sasuke turn into girls in order to infiltrate the village during the Chunin Exam, Yori sees them, mistakes them for actual girls, and tries to seduce them. After Sasuke hurts him with a Chidori and he and Naruto turn back to their normal appearances, Yori realizes his mistake and isn't happy about it.
  • Unstoppable Rage: In Chapter 112, when Sakura turns her face and reveals the injuries Evil Sasuke did to it, the real Sasuke fully unleashes his anger and proceeds to beat the crap out of his evil clone.
  • Vacation Episode: Chapters 43-47 focus on Naruto and his True Companions spending their vacation together at some resort town.
  • Verbal Backpedaling: After learning that Tenten is pregnant, Gai tells her that he would be honored if she decided to give his name to her baby. When she points out that her baby could be a girl, in which case his name wouldn't suit her:
    Gai: Ha-ha... I know what you mean. But my keen senses already detect it will be strong and handsome.
    Tenten: [frowning while being chibified] Are you saying a girl can't be strong and pretty?
    Gai: [sweat dropping and rapidly waving his hand] N-No! I didn't mean that, Tenten!! I was... just saying your child will be strong and good looking, a worthy offspring to you and Neji.
    Tenten: [still frowning while also having Cross-Popping Veins, but no longer chibified] It had better have been.
    Gai: [still sweat dropping] Of course... Ha-ha.
  • Villainous Legacy: In the years since the disappearance of the Akatsuki, several groups of rogue ninjas have tried to use its reputation by claiming to be the Akatsuki, doing so while wearing its trademark uniform.
  • Wham Shot:
    • In Chapter 63, Naruto and Shikamaru are fighting two masked men. The one that Naruto ends up fighting uses Needle Jizō, shocking the blond ninja given that Jiraiya has used that jutsu before. Naruto comes to the conclusion it's not his late sensei, but someone else using the same technique. But then, the masked man uses the Rasengan, a jutsu that very few people know how to use (including Jiraiya). Eventually, two chapters later, the man's mask is destroyed, revealing himself to be Jiraiya.
      • At the same time, upon seeing Jiraiya, Shikamaru realizes that the masked man he personally fought moved just like someone he knew in particular. Shikamaru then removes the mask of the man he fought and has a hard time believing it's none other than Asuma, as the latter is supposed to be dead.
    • At the end of Chapter 74, the heroes have to deal with a man whose face is covered in bandages. At the last page, upon seeing Sasuke, the bandaged man gets angry and activates his Sharingan.
      • On the last page of the following chapter, the bandaged man removes the bandages on his face. Thus, he reveals himself to be another Sasuke, with his face having various scars on it!
    • In Chapter 110, Seireiko attacks Naruto by using a tag that is supposed to create an evil clone of the Uzumaki. An explosion happens, causing a good chunk of the area to be covered by a cloud of smoke. An evil clone of Naruto emerges from it and runs back into the cloud to attack the real one, only to be thrown out of the cloud as if like he was just attacked. The next page has a panel showing what appears to be Naruto wearing his cloak, who says "Now, this is a very unexpected situation." However, the following page reveals that it's actually his father Minato, who has been resurrected alongside Kushina.
    • In the next chapter, Evil Sasuke forces Sakura to enter one room in particular just so Sasuke would come inside said room. In it, several rotten dead bodies are shown. However, the final page has Evil Sasuke explain to Sakura that he has Seireiko resurrect the same person multiple times just so the evil clone can kill the person in question over and over again. The final panel then reveals that said person is none other than Itachi.
    • At the end of Chapter 131, a trio of Akatsuki copycats arrive to their lair, only to notice the presence of another person there. Suddenly, the two guys among the copycats receive a kunai on their face by that person, with the young woman among them being spared from that fate. The final panel in that chapter reveals that the person in question is Tobi.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: In Chapter 131, Minato heavily criticizes the Konoha elders for the way they treated Naruto over the years, including letting it get out in the first place that the Kyubi was sealed inside of him and not telling him about his lineage until recently.
  • Whole Episode Flashback: Chapter 45 takes place during the canonical Time Skip where Naruto spent a couple of years training with Jiraiya. It shows how Naruto became familiar with the hot springs he and his friends would later end up visiting during the vacation arc.
  • Wingding Eyes:
    • Naruto has star-shaped eyes while drooling and thinking about the Hinata-shaped cookies that his girlfriend made for him in Chapter 9.
    • At the hospital, Naruto is drooling and has star-shaped eyes when he promises to stop sneaking out of his room if Sakura brings him ramen.
    • Hinata has heart-shaped eyes when she tells Kakashi what would Naruto have done to not make her worry without telling her something about his ANBU training.
      • Her inner-self also has heart-shaped eyes while gushing over how Naruto is "SO COMMANDING" in Chapter 75.
    • Naruto has spiral-shaped eyes after Hiashi violently shook him when the Hyuga Clan head assumed that Hinata was pregnant (which he assumed only because he learned about Naruto and Hinata being engaged).
    • Ayame has heart-shaped eyes when she thinks about her ideal type of boyfriend.
    • Kiba has swirly eyes after landing right next to Mina. This happened after Hinata punched him into the sky when he accidentally grabbed her left breast instead of her left hand.
    • In Chapter 96, the baby fox (later known as Kosuke) has swirly eyes when Naruto holds him in his arms and tries to apologize for attacking him.
    • Lee has swirly eyes after getting punched in the face by Arekusu while they are sparring.
  • Woken Up at an Ungodly Hour: In Chapter 15, Naruto is awakened at 3 a.m. by someone knocking at his door. While yawning and making his way to the door, he warns whoever is knocking to prepare to have their ass kicked. However, he is shocked to see Hinata in tears and carrying a backpack, asking if she can come in. He agrees without asking any question. It's only when Neji shows up the next day that Hinata explains to Naruto that she had an argument with her father when he forced her to break up with the Uzumaki, resulting in her leaving the Hyuga Clan compound and going to her boyfriend's apartment.
  • Would Rather Suffer:
    • Ino is annoyed by the fact that Shikamaru has kept his relationship with Temari a secret from her and Choji. She decides to punish Shikamaru by forcing him to pay for the barbecue meal and bringing Temari along so they would get to know her better. Shikamaru then complains that he would much rather let Temari meet his parents instead.
    • After Sai tells a girl named Jirian that he picked her up as a date because he wanted to lose his virginity and she looked like she would be easy, she slaps him on the face and angrily yells "I WOULD RATHER SLEEP WITH A DOG THAN YOU, YOU PERVERTED CREEP!"
    • When Sadako and Yori are reunited with each other at the end of one chapter, the former complains about the latter running off without telling anyone, leading to this conversation:
      Yori: Careful, Sadako. I may start thinking you miss me, when I go out.
      Sadako: As if, you self-centered jerk! Like I would ever miss seeing your ugly face, everyday!
      Yori: [spreading his arms] What, no hugs and kisses?
      Sadako: I would rather kiss a toad's ass than you.
      Yori: You have some weird fetishes, Sadako.
      Sadako: It's called sarcasm, you ignorant cretin!
  • X Days Since: Naruto keeps a mental note of "how many pages since Hinata last fainted".
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are:
    • Naruto has been called a monster by some guy he captured due to all the people he killed at the Nation of Steel, leading to this moment:
      Naruto: That guy called me a monster for what he saw in the base. For what I did. And I can't help but think...
      Hinata: [turns around to face him] I know what you're going to say and don't think that. You are not a monster, Naruto. You are the kindest person I know. Just think... Monsters don't mourn the deaths they cause.
      Naruto: [pulls her closer to him while smiling] Thank you, Hinata. I don't know why... but hearing you say that makes me feel better.
    • When Mina expresses that she sees herself as a failure for disappointing her parents, Hinata tells her she's not a failure and makes the following speech in response:
      Hinata: You can only ever do your hardest. I know what it's like to not fall into the high standards set by a parent. To feel like you are a failure in everything you do just because you can't please those you care the most for. It took me a long time to get the courage, to get the confidence to stand on my own and be happy. Trust me... You can only ever Be Yourself.
    • While talking with Naruto, Sasuke says he doesn't deserve to be happy given how much he ended up hurting Sakura when he left Konoha several years ago:
      Naruto: Sasuke! She forgave you that a long time ago. We all did. You've changed from that guy who left.
      Sasuke: I know I've changed, but what right do I have to deserve to be happy with her after I put her through so much?
      Naruto: You have every right! Sakura is in love with you, and you make her happy!
      Sasuke: [having a small smile] Yeah... she does. I still have no idea how she could love someone like me... but I know she does. And I said that she does make me happy.
      Naruto: That's what I was saying.
  • "You!" Exclamation: Evil Sasuke says that three times in a row upon seeing Sasuke at the end of Chapter 74.
  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!:
    • This is Neji's reaction when Lee and Gai end up having a game of Rock–Paper–Scissors, even though it initially seemed like they were about to have an epic fight instead.
    • At the beginning of her training session with Lee and Gai, Arekusu asks "Y-You're just kidding right?" when Gai says they're going to do 20 laps around the village on their hands as a warm-up.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Evil Sasuke says this to Karin after she steps in front of Sasuke to prevent him from getting stabbed by his evil clone.
  • You're Cute When You're Angry: In Chapter 68, Hinata behaves like a Clingy Jealous Girl after seeing Naruto not putting up much of a fight while dealing with Nanami. She then shyly apologizes to him for getting angry, only for Naruto to tell her that she has nothing to be sorry about and that she's cute when she's jealous.
  • Your Mom: When Sakura is interacting with Tayuya for the first time, she hears the latter swearing a lot:
    Sakura: Cute mouth you have, do you kiss your mother with it?
    Tayuya: No, I kiss yours. Or at least I would if her prices weren't so expensive.7

    Mini-sodes and Eroti-sodes 
  • Angry Chef: During a dinner at the Hyuga residence, Naruto asks for salt at one point. This turns out to be a mistake, as the Hyuga Clan's chef shows up and does an angry rant over it while holding a kitchen knife:
    Chef: [to Naruto] Who wants salt?! You want salt?! You don't like my cooking?! I've been chef for forty years, you think you can do better?!
  • Angry Collar Grab: Tsunade does this to Naruto when he asks some advice on how to fondle Hinata's big breasts, threatening him if he does anything perverted with his girlfriend.
  • Art Shift: They're drawn with a Super-Deformed artstyle. However, on occasions, certain panels have the characters drawn with more realistic proportions, as shown here with the second panel.
  • Ate It All: Hinata made Naruto-shaped cookies, but then couldn't resist the urge to sample them - leaving her with an empty cookie tray, passed out in a sugar haze on the floor.
  • Attention Whore: Naruko, Naruto's female clone, decides to make an impromptu bikini contest. However, she doesn't take it well when she's not chosen to be the winner, with those attending the contest choosing Hinata instead. Naruko then has a breakdown where she yells that she, not Hinata, is the one who is supposed to be ogling at. Soon enough, she ends up exploding like any of Naruto's clones because of her reaction.
  • Bad Liar: During a family dinner at the Hyuga residence, Naruto and Hiashi are having a sword fight. However, they're interrupted by the arrival of Hinata and Hanabi:
    Hiashi: ...
    Naruto: Umm... We're... It's Not What It Looks Like
    Hiashi: Yes... Umm... Uzumaki and I were... just comparing... blades.
    Naruto: [making a nervous smile] W-We weren't fighting.
    Hinata: *Sigh* At least they lie together...
  • Bag of Kidnapping: Nanami decides to kidnap Naruto this way so she can get him to her room and go at it all night. However, much to her chagrin, it turns out Naruto used a substitution jutsu to switch places with Yuko, who's all too eager to accept Nanami's offer.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Naruto wakes up and finds himself not only naked on a bed, but also with Hinata and Nanami lying unconscious on top of him and naked. He panics and wonders what happened, no doubt under the impression the two ladies had sex with him while he was unconscious. However, a flashback from ten minutes earlier reveals that both Hinata and Nanami became unconscious after seeing his naked body, thus preventing either of them from having sex with him.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: During an undercover mission at some hotel, Naruto and Hinata (the former having taken on the appearance of the latter) are found by the hotel manager. At first, it looks like the manager discovered they're spies. However:
    Manager: So... this is what you were doing. Going to the bathroom, huh? And here I find you walking around with someone looking just like you... I see what's going on. [having a joyful face] You have a twin sister with a cat-suit fetish and we're going to have some private fun!
    Naruto and Hinata: [thinking in unison] That was unexpected.
  • Beach Episode:
    • All the guys are ordered to the lake for the day to relax. Right about the time they are all bored and ready to leave, all the girls show up in very revealing swimsuits.
    • Naruto is specifically invited to the Hyuga picnic. Contrary to his expectations of a very stiff and formal event, it turns out to be a fun picnic at the beach.
  • Big Ball of Violence:
    • A Cat Fight between Sakura, Ino, and Tenten over which one among them is the hottest while wearing a swimsuit turns into this trope.
    • Naruto is a victim of this trope when he gets attacked by three pups.
  • The Big Damn Kiss:
    • After another one of their dates, Hinago walks Naruko all the way home. With a smile and a slight blush, she asks him "So what now?" This is followed by Hinago giving to Naruko a kiss far more passionate than any of the few ones these two had in previous Mini-sodes. What makes this even more notable is this is the first time where Hinago is the one who initiates the kiss instead of Naruko.
    • Naruko and Hinata from the Yuri-verse ended up doing this type of kiss right after they confessed their love to each other.
  • Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: Naruto is surprisingly an okay cook, although he douses his cooking in this to Hinata's chagrin.
  • Brain Bleach:
    • This is Sakura's reaction when she comes to the conclusion that Naruto might enjoy it a little too much whenever she physically hurts him.
    • Naruto and Hinata decide to check up on Tsunade given that she's been focused on trying to help the still unconscious Jiraiya so much. When Naruto opens the door, he and his girlfriend see Tsunade sitting on top of Jiraiya, with her vest revealing her bare right shoulder as if like she was about to have sex with him. She notices the presence of the young ninjas before saying "I'm... checking his vitals..." The Uzumaki then closes the door without entering the room. Both he and Hinata are stunned while he, after saying earlier on that he doesn't want to see Tsunade sad, comments that he didn't want to see that either.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In the 50th Mini-sode, Naruto and Hinata are kissing each other. After the kiss is over, she asks him if they gave their watchers what they wanted.
  • Call-Back: During their day at the lake, Hinata does a move that reminds Naruto of a dream he had on a mission of a naked girl dancing in a waterfall (it was from the Search for the Bikōchū filler arc, and it was very much real). Hinata immediately becomes flustered as she can't believe that Naruto remembers that.
  • Cat Fight: At a lake, Sakura, Ino, and Tenten (who are all wearing swimsuits) have a fight that turn into a Big Ball of Violence over which one between them is the hottest. The guys look at them while this is happening and Naruto comments "I wanna look away... but I can't."
  • Christmas Episode: Between the 70th and the 71th strips, there is a Christmas strip (labeled a Christmas Special) that was published on December 24, 2015. It focuses on Hinata attending a Christmas party alongside many of her friends and waiting for Naruto to be back, presumably from a mission.
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    • When Hiashi decides to have a talk with Naruto regarding the latter's perverted reputation, the young ninja constantly misses the point of what the Hyuga Clan Head is asking:
      Hiashi: With such a reputation, I am sure you know much about the habits of... romantically involved adults. So... Umm... Please tell me... *Ahem* what it is you know.
      Naruto: Wow, I thought you would know. But OK... When a man and a woman...
      Hiashi: No, no. I know about it. I just want to know what you know. And if you are looking into wanting sex.
      Naruto: M-Mr. Hyuga, I'm not sure I'm your type.
      Hiashi: [making a Comical Angry Face] N-Not with me, you idiot!
      Naruto: [smiling and blushing] That's a relief. Then with who?
      Hiashi: With Hinata!
      Naruto: Wow, you're really giving me permission? You're not as mean as I thought, you're pretty awesome!
      Hiashi: [making an even bigger comical angry face] I'm not giving you permission! You're not touching my daughter!
      Naruto: [making a comical angry face himself] Then why were you asking if I wanted to?!
      Hiashi: I wasn't!
    • Hinago's mother orders her son to invite Naruko so she can judge the Uzumaki girl. When Hinago meets Naruko to tell her about it:
      Hinago: [with tears in his eyes] Mother wants you to come to dinner. *Sniff* If you do not come, she may not let me see you anymore!
      Naruko: Wow... Mealtimes sound pretty important at your place!
  • Cranial Eruption:
    • A snake gets one after touching Sakura's butt and getting punched by her when she thought it was Naruto touching her with his penis.
    • While sitting next to the still unconscious Jiraiya, Tsunade decides to essentially relieve the old days by grabbing his hand and making him touch her breast before calling him a pervert and punching his forehead, resulting in a lump on his head.
  • Denser and Wackier: They are far more comedic than the main NHC series, similar to how Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth is more comedic than the main Naruto series.
  • Dinner and a Show: Naruto is invited to a very awkward family dinner with Hiashi and Hinata. While this is happening, Neji takes bets from the rest of the Hyuga Clan on how long it would take Hiashi to draw his sword.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Everyone from the Alternate Universe, but especially Naruko, Hinago, and Hinago's mother (for Naruto, Hinata, and Hiashi, respectively). Only Naruko from the Yuri-verse is one.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: When Naruko and Hinago go to a restaurant for one of their dates, several guys at the restaurant are staring at Naruko while blushing. One of those guys' girlfriend is not pleased by that at all.
  • Dress Hits Floor: Hinago goes to Naruko's home for a sleepover. While there, he thinks she's wearing a yukata. However, she reveals that she's actually wearing a bath robe and she's about to take a shower. The next panel is a shot of her legs while her robe hits the floor, with Hinago having a major Nosebleed upon seeing her naked.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: When Naruto and Hinata are babysitting Kurenai's baby AJ, Hinata is smiling tenderly at Naruto playing with the baby. At one point, the Uzumaki gives to the baby a shuriken. The Hyuga continues to smile and says "Aww, he's playing with a shuri..." before making an over-the-top panicking face upon realizing what her boyfriend gave to AJ.
  • Fanservice: A regular feature, especially of the Eroti-sode censors. Of special note is Sakura removing Hinata's coat for Naruto's birthday. Using nothing but her teeth.
  • Flirtatious Smack on the Ass: Naruko from the Yuri-verse does this to her Hinata in one Mini-sode.
  • Fog Feet: When Shizune reveals to Tsunade that the law forbidding anyone discussing Naruto as the Nine-Tailed Fox has never been revoked even after Naruto showed his powers during the Chunin Exams, Tsunade asks why it wasn't repealed. The next panel shows Hiruzen Sarutobi in the sky as a ghost with a halo and this type of feet, saying "Don't look at me... I died." Minato and Kushina are also present with the same appearance, both of them frowning at the Third Hokage and Kushina saying he could have at least repealed it when her son found out, to which Sarutobi replies that he was busy.
  • French Maid Outfit: When Hinata asks Sakura and Ino some advice on how to make Naruto tell her that he loves her, Sakura suggests to make some instant ramen for him. However, much to Sakura's annoyance, Ino suggests to Hinata to wear a sexy maid outfit and to act the part right while serving the ramen to Naruto.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • Hinata and Hanabi have a sisterly conversation about cookies while Hiashi chases Naruto with his sword all over the Hyuga compound.
    • All the guys are ready to leave the lake, until the girls in fantastically hot swimsuits change their mind. Meanwhile, Lee is splashing around in the background like a toddler...
    • Naruto's smart clone and Hinata have a discussion about how much of an idiot the real Naruto is. Meanwhile, the real Naruto is being chased by Lee, who insists on fighting him.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: Hinata insists on giving a gift to Naruto. The latter reluctantly admits that one thing he would love is seeing her kissing Sakura, much to Hinata's shock.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Hanabi has a shoulder angel and a shoulder devil when she hesitates over causing some trouble to Naruto and Hinata by claiming to Hiashi that the baby they're taking care of is their secret love child (when in reality it's Kurenai's baby they're babysitting).
  • Guilt by Association Gag: After Hanabi pulls a prank by claiming to Hiashi that Hinata and Naruto had a baby together (when in reality they were simply babysitting Kurenai's baby), she tells Konohamaru that they must be on guard for reprisals from her sister and the Uzumaki. Konohamaru asks Hanabi why she's dragging him into her problems even though he didn't do anything and she replies that it's because he's her boyfriend.
  • Hand Gagging: Naruko, Naruto's female clone, does this to Hinata while kidnapping the latter from behind.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • Sakura gets on Hinata's case for being so lovesick with Naruto when she's already that with Sasuke.
    • Naruto and Hinata become teaching assistants to Iruka one day. When Naruto is present, the girls in the classroom become fangirls to him. The boys in the classroom criticize the girls for behaving like that. However, those same boys behave like that anyway when Hinata enters the classroom.
    • During a fight between Naruto and Lee, Hinata is encouraging the former while Arekusu is encouraging the latter. They both comment on how the boys are quite competitive. The girls then agree that they can support the boys without being competitive themselves. However, they immediately do so anyway in the next panel.
    • In the gender-reversed alternate universe, Tsunade's male counterpart becomes aware of Naruko barging into the Hyuga's home and chewing out Hinago's mother. The Hokage tells the Uzumaki "It's just plain rude. And if you have an issue with someone, then just remain calm and talk it out in a civil manner." Naruko then reveals that Hinago's mother thinks the Uzumaki is only worthy of being Hinago's mistress, like "some kind of whore to be used by him". Upon hearing that, Tsunade's male counterpart does not remain calm and does not talk in a civil manner to Hinago's mother.
  • I'm Standing Right Here: While in a lake, a snake touches Sakura's butt. She thinks it's Naruto touching her with his penis given that he just jokingly warned Hinata about a 'snake' poking her, resulting in the pink-haired girl angrily punching the actual snake. Upon seeing the latter, she's horrified and says "Ehh?! A-A-A real snake?! Snakes are creepy!" Sasuke, who is just nearby, frowns and exclaims "Hey! I work with snakes!"
  • Imposter Forgot One Detail: Nanami decides to get Naruto's attention by disguising herself as Hinata. When she tries to convince him to go with her to some hotel, he's not fooled at all and tells her she didn't quite get Hinata right, although without elaborating about it. For one thing, Nanami didn't have the Hyuga's Byakugan eyes (it looks like she didn't think about having any contact lenses that would give the impression she has those eyes), but she also acted in a much bolder way than how Hinata would usually behave.
  • Innocent Innuendo:
    • While Naruto is absent for a mission, Hinata takes this opportunity to use her toy. The way she's talking about it, it sounds like it's some kind of sex toy. However, it turns out to be a life-sized Naruto doll she uses to snuggle against.
    • During a sleepover, Hinago asks Naruko if, for dinner, she has enough to satisfy them both. He says that he knows how she gets when she starts, that she can really be intense and go at it for a while. Naruko tells Hinago to not worry about it and adds, while making a seductive face, "Because, Sweety, it's all you can eat!" However, she then holds a pair of vouchers in her hand and says she feels sorry for the BBQ restaurant for giving them out.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: With some help from Hinata and Lee, Naruto tries to find Naruko, his female clone. The Uzumaki comments that she could easily stay hidden for as long as she wants and that they'll never find her. However, this is immediately followed by some guy mentioning to someone else that Naruko is making an impromptu bikini contest. Both Naruto and Hinata are stunned to hear that, while Lee exclaims "Or we could follow those people!"
  • Kidnapped from Behind: Naruto, Hinata, and Lee try to find Naruko, Naruto's female clone, who is making an impromptu bikini contest. However, Naruko gags Hinata with her hand and pulls her away, with Naruto and Lee not noticing it before it's too late.
  • Kill It with Fire: Naruto receives a letter from Nanami that comes with several pictures of her. One of them is a folded up one that makes Naruto blush upon seeing it. When Hinata sees it, she makes a Comical Angry Face and angrily yells "BURN IT! BURN IT!!"
  • Lampshade Hanging: During a sleepover at Naruko's home, Hinago tells her he didn't want to assume they were sharing the same bed, hence why he brought a sleeping bag:
    Naruko: [smiling] Oh come now Hinago, you know you can sleep with me whenever you want.
    Hinago: [blushing and having Blank White Eyes] R-Really?! Wait... You do mean just sleep... right?
    Naruko: [also blushing and having blank white eyes] Huh?! Oh! I err... I-I guess that did come out a little awkward, heh-heh!
  • Literal Split Personality: One arc focuses on Naruto's Shadow Clones becoming real with different personalities. They include a female version, a smart one, an aggressive one, a flirty one, and one who keeps eating ramen.
  • Love Confession:
    • At the end of one of his dates with Naruko, Hinago nervously tells her that he loves her. She then kisses him on the cheek and leaves. However, when she's alone, Naruko ends up crying, saying she had no idea how to react given that no one ever said that to her.
    • Naruko and Hinata from the Yuri-verse confessed their love to each other on the day Naruko left Konoha for her three years-long journey with Jiraiya.
  • Marshmallow Hell:
    • During a heated argument between Hinata and Nanami, Naruto is subject to this by both girls. Eventually, his head gets crushed by both girls' breasts, making him have a major Nosebleed.
    • Naruko does this to Hinago a few times. The first time is to keep herself warm given how hot Hinago becomes in such situation. The second time is while telling him that he has no idea how much seeing him stick up for her means to her.
  • Mistaken for Incest: Hanabi is granted permission to call Naruto her big brother. As it turns out, she asked for it just to pull a prank: When Naruto is kissing Hinata, Hanabi takes this opportunity to yell "EWWW! MY SISTER IS SMOOCHING MY BROTHER!" Several bystanders hear what she just yelled and fall for it. This results in Hinata fainting once again, Naruto being angry at Hanabi, and the latter running away while laughing.
  • Mistaken for Transformed: Hanabi pulls a prank by claiming to Hiashi that Hinata and Naruto had a baby together (when in reality they were simply babysitting Kurenai's baby). Later on, she comes across her father and thinks it's actually Naruto pulling a prank on her (who transformed into Hiashi to pull a prank on her in a previous Mini-sode) as a revenge for her own prank. She then starts insulting Hiashi right in front of him, only to realize her mistake when the real Naruto appears nearby.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Hinago's Love Confession is adorable, but it leaves Naruko weeping in private, barely able to understand why, and at a complete loss as for how to respond.
    • Right after shoving his face into her breasts, Naruko expresses how much she genuinely appreciates Hinago for sticking up for her, telling him that he has no idea how much it means to her.
    • In one Mini-sode, Naruto and Hinata have a romantic moment where they are drawn in a more realistic style and he declares how much he loves her. Then, the final panel shows Sakura and Sasuke in chibified form, the former having blank white eyes, the latter frowning and asking why are Naruto and Hinata always acting so weird (while the Uzumaki and the Hyuga themselves are back to being drawn in a chibified form and making a cartoony smooch to each other).
  • Most Definitely Not a Villain: During an undercover mission, Naruto takes on the appearance of Hinata and spends the night with an hotel manager while the real Hinata is investigating the hotel. At one point, Naruto tries to find an excuse to leave without giving off any suspicion. After getting an idea, he then asks the manager "Hey, I need to go take a piss, I won't be long. But, where's the girls room, cuz, you know, I'm a girl. I pee sitting down and everything." Taken aback at first by the coarse language, the manager doesn't realize yet who "she" really is and reveals where the girls room is.
  • Mundane Utility: Naruto using the Kage Bunshin makes moving day a breeze along with delivery services. He also uses his clones to regularly pamper Hinata.
  • My Eyes Are Up Here: During an undercover mission, Naruto takes on the appearance of Hinata and spends the night with an hotel manager while the real Hinata is investigating the hotel. At one point, the Uzumaki notices the manager staring at his breasts with a pervy face and pushes the manager's chin upward while frowning and telling him "Eyes up Mister! If you wanna look at me, look at my face."
  • Naked People Are Funny: When Naruto accidentally creates clones with different personalities, one of them is Naruko, his female version that represents his Sexy Jutsu. At one point, she decides to completely get rid of her clothes, leaving herself naked. When she runs past Tenten and Temari, the latter two both have Blank White Eyes at her sight (and so do several nearby guys).
  • Never Gets Drunk: Type 3b. Nanami tries to get Naruto drunk so they could have sex together. She does so by claiming that her clan has a tradition to share a bottle of sake to wash away bad feelings. He agrees to do that tradition. However, an hour later, Nanami is drunk while Naruto still isn't yet. Much to her shock, he explains that his healing ability makes alcohol burns twice as fast in his body, meaning he can drink twice as much as other people before being drunk.
  • No Periods, Period: Averted. One strip has Naruto having a conversation with Sakura where he tells her that, every month, Hinata gets all moody and they don't see each other for a few days. However, Naruto thinks it must be some kind of chore she has to do every month. Sakura asks him if he knows what PMS is. He gives two wrong answers (first a courrier service, then a television channel) and he still doesn't understand what Hinata's monthly "chore" actually is by the end of the strip.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: At some lake where all the characters are wearing swimsuits, Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji, and Lee are all waiting for the girls to arrive. When the girls arrive with their revealing swimsuits, all the guys are blushing at their sight... with the exception of Lee, who continues to splash around in the water. Subverted in the next strip, when Lee is blushing heavily while seeing Arekusu wearing her swimsuit.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Naruto buys a bouquet of flowers from Ino so he can give it to Hinata. However, he accidentally drops it to the ground and kneels down to grab it. When Hinata arrives to ask Ino if she's free for something, the way Naruto is holding the bouquet gives the impression that he's offering it to the Yamanaka, making the latter panic over this misunderstanding.
  • Nothing Is Funnier: Ino decides to pull a prank on Naruto by claiming that the girls changing room (where Hinata is currently changing into a two-piece swimsuit) is actually unisex. Naruto enters it and Ino is waiting to hear a major reaction. However, she's confused when she hears nothing. She looks into the changing room and says "Oh, that explains it.", but what she's seeing is not shown.
  • Official Kiss: Naruko and Hinata from the Yuri-verse had their official kiss after they confessed their love to each other, which happened on the day Naruko left Konoha for her three years-long journey with Jiraiya.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: When Naruto accidentally creates clones with different personalities, one of them is the smart one, who makes a few comments about how the real Naruto is such a buffoon and that he now understands Sakura's perspective.
  • Out-of-Context Eavesdropping: When Naruto and Hinata are moving into the same home, Naruto unpacks a box where one of Hinata's bras is caught on one of his pair of pants. Meanwhile, Konohamaru and Hanabi are standing outside the room and carrying some boxes. They hear what follows without knowing the context:
    Hinata: Naruto! Don't pull my bra so hard, you'll break it! The clip is at the front, just undo it!
    Naruto: OK, I opened your bra... but... my pants.
    Hinata: I see, let me take care of your pants for you.
    Naruto: I got it!
    Hinata: Naruto, just take it out and give it to me
    Hanabi: [to Konohamaru while they're both blushing] Think we should come back later?
  • Playboy Bunny: Tsunade hears a rumor about Naruto and Hinata. When the Uzumaki comes to her office, she says she heard they were going at it like 'rabbits'. However, Tsunade notices Naruto having a pervy face and angrily asks him if he's thinking about Hinata in a rabbit suit.
  • Poke the Poodle: Hinata is told that she's too much of a good girl to stand a chance with dating Naruto if the latter was into bad girls. She tries to prove she can be a bad girl as well... by not putting her cup back on the saucer and instead putting it directly on the table:
    Hinata: [suddenly wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses while having a cigarette in her mouth] Father would be furious at such bad etiquette and manners! See, I can be wild!
    Naruto: [smiling and sweat dropping] I'd have loved to see you in your rebellious stage!
  • Porn Stash: When Hinata is moving in with Naruto, Shino tells the latter "You're a brave man, Naruto." before adding "I wouldn't leave my girlfriend alone to clean my room in case she found my porn stash. Unless you threw them out?" Not only does Naruto immediately leave in a hurry after that, but Kiba is shocked to learn that Shino owns porn.
  • Power Perversion Potential: This is the subject of a discussion between Naruto and Hinata. The former asks the latter if she ever used her Byakugan to see through people's clothes. Heavily blushing and having Blank White Eyes, Hinata replies she never did that and that the Byakugan does not even work that way (or at least she doesn't think so).
  • The Prankster: Hanabi in spades, although Naruto and Hinata give as good as they get.
  • Right in Front of Me: One strip has Naruto and Hinata pull a prank on Hanabi by turning into Hiashi and forbidding her from seeing Konohamaru. Several strips later, Hanabi pulls a prank by claiming to Hiashi that Hinata and Naruto had a baby together (when in reality they were simply babysitting Kurenai's baby). Eventually, Hiashi learns the truth and decides to confront Hanabi over it. Upon seeing him, she wrongfully guesses it's Naruto in disguise and tells him "You think if you do my father's stupid frowny face I will fall for it, you are as dumb as Sakura says!" It's only when Naruto and Hinata appear several feet away from them that Hanabi realizes her mistake and makes an Oh, Crap! face.
  • Running Gag: If you thought Hiashi waved his swords at Naruto a lot in the main comic...
  • Secret Test of Character: Parodied. After Hinago confesses to Naruko that he loves her, she comes to the conclusion, after remembering some advice from Slutty-Sage, that he just wants to get in her pants by saying that. Naruko starts removing her clothes as a result. However, when Hinago makes it clear that he does love her, he has an over-the-top blushing reaction and asks if she was asking to have sex with him. Before he could finish his question, Naruko has an over-the-top embarrassed reaction and says "What?! Umm... N-No... Th-This... This was... Err... A test... Yeah, a test of your intentions!"
  • Self-Insert Fic: In-universe, Hinata has written a fanfic depicting her reunion with Naruto after he came back from his three years of training with Jiraiya to be much more romantic than how it actually happened. Much to her embarrassment, not only does Naruto find the fanfic, but he points out that they recall that reunion quite differently.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Naruko cleans up very nicely into a proper young lady. Subverted, though: One of Slutty-Sage's favorite roleplays was the Dirty Noble Lady, which required you to start off an angel before being a demon in bed.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: When Naruto refers to Arekusu as Lee's girlfriend, Lee nervously denies it. Afterwards, Naruto is confused over whether Lee and Arekusu are dating or not, while Hinata tells him they just need time.
  • Shout-Out:
  • "Shut Up" Kiss:
    • After Hinata pushes Naruto away so that Hiashi wouldn't see him after a prior discussion that went badly, the young Uzumaki ends up in a nearby river. After Hiashi leaves, Hinata panics upon seeing Naruto unconscious and with his face in the water. She pulls him out and thinks about giving him CPR, but she blushes heavily over kissing him while he's unconscious and thinks it would be "so naughty!" However, Naruto opens his right eye and impatiently tells her to just give him a kiss already while pulling her towards him. Hinata then exclaims "Eeep! Narut-MMM!" while the kiss is happening.
    • In the Christmas Episode, while attending a party, Hinata is waiting for Naruto to be back, presumably from a mission. When she notices him while he's right behind her, he's standing right below a mistletoe and says "I wonder if I can find someone to ki...", only to be interrupted by a kiss from his girlfriend.
    • At the end of Hinago's first date with Naruko, the former hesitates on whether or not he should kiss the latter. Smirking, the Uzumaki girl says "Hey... Hinago..." The Hyuga boy then says "Ye...", only to be interrupted by a kiss from the blonde-haired girl.
    • Naruko from the Yuri-verse gives this kind of kiss to her Hinata when they are buying clothes for the latter.
  • Side Bet: During Naruto's first dinner time at the Hyuga Clan house, the other members of the clan hold a betting pool for how long it would take Hiashi to kill Naruto. Naruto bets anonymously and wins the pot.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: Subverted, Hinata and Naruto deliberately insult each other to have a post-fight makeout session, but they come off as adorkable rather than angry at each other.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses:
    • Parodied. In one strip, Naruto is portrayed as being intellectual while wearing glasses. Then Hinata removes his glasses from his face and he goes back to being his normal, significantly less intellectual self, much to her joy.
    • In a story arc, Naruto accidentally creates clones with different personalities. One of them is the smart one and appropriately wears glasses.
  • Speak in Unison: Both Naruto and Naruko exclaim "W-Wife?! You're already married?!" at the same time to the Naruko from the Yuri-verse when she reveals that she's married to her Hinata.
  • Special Edition Title: The logo for the Mini-sodes consists of Naruto and Hinata's heads surrounding "NHC Mini-sodes", as shown here. In the Christmas Episode, as shown here, the NHC letters have snow on top of them, with some Christmas decorations on their side. Also, Naruto is wearing a Santa hat and a Santa beard, while Hinata is wearing an elf hat and has elf-like pointy ears.
  • Spit Take: During a dinner at the Hyuga residence, there's a silent moment and Naruto decides to say something to Hiashi to break the silence. The Uzumaki then says that Hinata has a great body and that it's amazing how all Hyuga women are so sexy. Hinata spits her meal upon hearing that and naturally expects her father to have a negative reaction. However, much to her shock, Hiashi smiles and says that, despite Naruto's statement being rather crude, he accepts the compliment on behalf of the clan.
  • Spy Catsuit: Hinata wears one during an undercover mission at some hotel. When the manager finds her like that, he assumes she has "a cat-suit fetish".
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: In the Christmas Episode, Hinata doesn't notice that Naruto is right behind her until he comments about the presence of a mistletoe, leading to the inevitable.
  • Stealth Insult: When Sakura tells Hinata that she feels sorry for the latter:
    Hinata: Why is that?
    Sakura: You're stuck with Naruto, while I have such an awesome boyfriend?
    Hinata: Did you break up with Sasuke?
    Sakura: What?! No!
  • Super-Deformed: In NHC, the characters are drawn with realistic proportions, similarly to the Naruto manga and anime. By contrast, the Mini-sodes and Eroti-sodes have the characters drawn with a chibi artstyle to fit its Denser and Wackier tone, similarly to Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth.
  • Super Mode: Hinata activated Seduction Mode! However, she encountered a Mode Activation Error: No Data found!
  • Survival Mantra: Naruto tries to take out Naruko, his female clone, during a bikini contest. However, upon seeing Hinata in a bikini, he keeps repeating "Be strong" to himself, only to have a major Nosebleed.
  • Thanks for the Mammary: Nanami decides to sneak into Naruto and Hinata's home at night. She then gets into the bed and, because of the darkness, doesn't realize she's fondling Hinata instead of Naruto. Soon enough, she's confused upon touching Hinata's breasts. This is immediately followed by the Hyuga turning on the lights, having Blank White Eyes, heavily blushing, and revealing that Naruto is on a mission, much to Nanami's embarrassment.
  • That Came Out Wrong:
    • Hinata has a conversation with Sakura, Ino, and Tenten where she says that she got angry with Naruto and told him she would punish him if he didn't stop teasing her, and Naruto now keeps asking her "When?" The girls think he's waiting for some punishment of the BDSM kind. Ino says there's nothing wrong with some Kinky Role-Playing, causing Sakura to say that Hinata isn't into that kind of thing. The Hyuga then says she wouldn't even know where to start if she was, only for Tenten (who's a weapon specialist) to tell her "I could lend you a whip." Both Hinata and Sakura look at Tenten in shock, who makes a Comical Angry Face and angrily explains that whips are weapons too:
      Ino: [grinning] Oh ho ho! So you really do have Neji 'whipped'!
      Tenten: Ino!!
    • During a sleepover at Naruko's home, Hinago reveals that he brought a sleeping bag as he didn't want to assume they were sharing the same bed:
      Naruko: [smiling] Oh come now Hinago, you know you can sleep with me whenever you want.
      Hinago: [blushing and having Blank White Eyes] R-Really?! Wait... You do mean just sleep... right?
      Naruko: [also blushing and having blank white eyes] Huh?! Oh! I err... I-I guess that did come out a little awkward, heh-heh!
  • That Cloud Looks Like...: Naruto and Hinata join Shikamaru to do some cloud watching. However, they're interrupted by the arrival of Temari, who's angry at Shikamaru for not being at the gate of Konoha when she arrived. The Nara then comments "Hey, I see an angel!" because clouds shaped like a halo and a pair of wings appear behind Temari, making her look like an angel:
    Temari: [blushing while still being angry] I... Err... You... C-Compliments w-won't make me f-forgive you!
    Shikamaru: Huh?! Compliment?!
  • Through His Stomach: Hinata asks Sakura and Ino some advice on how to make Naruto say that he loves her. Sakura says this trope word-for-word and tells Hinata to make instant ramen for Naruto, specifically the rare kinds.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Sakura briefly thinks this is why Naruto keeps doing stuff causing her to hit him. The thought breaks her mind.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: During an undercover mission, when the hotel manager finds Hinata and Naruto (the latter having taken on the appearance of Hinata), he wrongly assumes they're twin sisters and gets excited over having "some private fun".
  • Under the Mistletoe: This is how Naruto and Hinata end up kissing each other at the end of the 2015 Christmas Episode.
  • Undercover as Lovers: Averted in the Undercover Mission arc. Tsunade gives a mission to Naruto and Hinata where they'll have to gather information and their cover will be as a couple on vacation. She explains that she previously sent fake couples (thus playing this trope straight), but they tend to be spotted easily. As such, for this mission, she decides to send an actual couple and it turns out Naruto and Hinata are the only actual couple to be completely available for this mission.
  • Unsettling Gender-Reveal: During an undercover mission at some hotel, Naruto takes on the appearance of Hinata while the latter is investigating. The pervy hotel manager is quite attracted to Naruto with that appearance. However, at the end of the mission, the Uzumaki reveals to the manager that he was a man all along, causing the manager to shout a Big "NO!" and to cry tears.
  • Whole Episode Flashback: The story told from the 205th through the 213th Mini-sodes is about how Naruko and Hinata from the Yuri-verse fell in love with each other and got married, taking place before these two were introduced in the 200th Mini-sode.
  • Wrong Bathroom Incident: Naruto ends up in the girls changing room (where Hinata is changing into her two-piece swimsuit) as a result of Ino pulling a prank on him by claiming the room is unisex. However, what happens afterwards is not shown beyond Ino being confused to not hear any reaction, looking into the changing room, and then saying "Oh, that explains it."
  • You Do Not Want To Know: Naruto asks Sasuke if the latter's Sharingan can copy anything and not just ninjutsu. The Uchiha replies he never used it outside of battle, but he could try as it could bring up some advantages. However, Kakashi arrives and warns him about it. Pointing at his own Sharingan eye, he has a disturbed look while saying "What you see... you cannot unsee... even by accident. I know details of things that would chill your bones to ice and haunt your dreams!" Sasuke then has a rather nervous look upon hearing that.
  • You Owe Me: When Hinata insists on giving a gift to Naruto, the latter reluctantly admits that he would love to see her kissing Sakura. The latter refuses, but decides to help Hinata by unzipping the latter's coat with her teeth. Naruto blushes heavily and has a nosebleed coming from both nostrils upon seeing that. This is followed by Sakura throwing the coat at Naruto and exclaiming "There! I took her coat off with my teeth, you owe me, Naruto!"