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I want to tell you a story about a filly
Who cried a river and looked kinda silly...

"Pedro's tears are once again flowing like waterfalls!"
Pedro, Excel♡Saga

Just as the human body contains gallons of highly pressurized blood and saliva, it also contains an equal amount of tears, at a similar pressure. Under the proper emotional stimulus, these tears can emerge as cascading sheets, actual waterfalls, or even firehose-like streams, all emitted from the eyes (of course).

Some characters require less stimulus than others.

As a visual trope, this is Older Than Television; older American animation had a number of minor characters (who were usually minor in the sense of age as well) who would begin high-pressure crying at the drop of a hat (sometimes preceded by Puppy-Dog Eyes, though that was more typically a signal for a poignant single glistening teardrop). Often called the "Fire Hydrant Wail" in the case of the more extreme versions.

Compare Sparkling Stream of Tears, Manly Tears, Crying a River, Tender Tears. Drool Deluge is the saliva equivalent. Contrast Trying Not to Cry, Single Tear, Inelegant Blubbering (both of which involves rather fewer and rather more realistic tears), Fireball Eyeballs.

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  • British advert for Walkers Crisps, playing on footballer Paul Gascoigne's famous tears at the 1990 World Cup, fits him with water being sprayed from two plastic tubes for a rare Live-Action version of Ocular Gushers. Here you go.
  • In an advertisement for IHOP's endless stack of pancakes, a man is so saddened by his empty plate, a HUGE tear builds on his cheek. It gets sucked back in by the arrival of a new stack.
  • The Old Spice commercial "Tree," where several mothers are atop a tree, playing this trope straight.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Deserted Island Diary: In "The Ultimate Photoshoot!", Harvey keeps insisting that his guests call him Harv. They never do. Eventually, it drives him to have tears come down his eyes in rivers.
  • Asteroid in Love:
    • Mai's Heroic BSoD for being unexpectedly named the club president mainly involves crying in this way, represented by two lanes of tears as wide as her eyes.
    • This is the default way Mira cries. For example, during the fourth episode, the club watches a video while visiting JAXA Space Center at Tsukuba. While the astronomy enthusiasts of the club are moved to tears at the end of it, only Mira does this — Ao, Mari, and Endou-sensei are all shown to have a Single Tear. It'd be a rather serious business if she doesn't cry like this; her immediate response to Ao's reveal that the latter is moving is crying with Single Tear.
  • Azumanga Daioh: Nearly everyone does this in at least several points of the series. Worth mentioning is Mr. Kimura, who, in the last episode, spouts a literal waterfall of tears that traces down the contours of his suit.
  • In the manga of Battle Royale, this is a constant occurrence with practically every character. Generally the steady stream of thick rivers of tears.
  • Best Student Council: Randou Rino does this often, usually while glomping her friend Ayumu.
  • Bleach:
    • The administrator at Ichigo's school, who called several students in anime episode 11 to berate them for their misbehavior at Don Kanonji's TV show filming in episode 10.
    • Kon and several of Ichigo's male student friends (especially Keigo) have done this repeatedly.
  • Romio Inuzuka from Boarding School Juliet after Juliet Percia accepts his Love Confession, although he insists it's not his tears flowing out.
  • Being the light-hearted parodies of the Nasuverse they are, these show up in Carnival Phantasm and its predecessor Take Moon from time to time. For example, when Rin Tohsaka finds out she wasted ten years of her life preparing for a Holy Grail War that's now a Japanese game show.
  • Doraemon:
    • Whenever something bad happens to him, Nobita often cries like this, often combined with hysterical Inelegant Blubbering. Other characters such as the titular character himself also tend to play this trope.
    • Doraemon: Nobita and the Castle of the Undersea Devil have Doraemon gushing tears visibly after believing Gian and Suneo had drowned after the Resistance Light's effects had worn off, never mind the fact that the entire story takes place Under the Sea.
    • Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey ends with Doraemon and gang embracing Hachi and their new friends of Wan-Nyan country. Doraemon in particular lets out two waterfalls of tears when he needs to leave Sharmee, whom he had a crush on, while Gian and Bulltaro both have gushers. Ironically, Nobita's farewell with his new ally Hachi, while tearful, is nowhere to this trope's extent.
    • Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend have the gang returning to earth after escaping from the Green Planet, intending to warn humanity of the Plant Aliens' intention of terraforming the entire galaxy, only to discover they are too late - the Green Planet nuke has hit Tokyo, and the entire world is now overgrown with vegetation that reaches to above the Tokyo Tower. Everyone breaks down in tears, while Gian tells everyone to stay strong, but when he remember his mother and sister are likely among the nuke's victims, Gian finally lets out his gushers.
    • Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicles of the Moon Exploration has the farewell between the heroes and the Espals, with Luna thanking Suneo who had rescued her earlier during the climax and saying she'll miss him. Cue Suneo letting it out.
  • Dragon Ball: In one episode, when Chi-Chi sees Gohan's blonde hair (at this time, she doesn't know what a Super Saiyan is), she acts shocked and cries because she felt that Gohan became a "punker."
  • Excel♡Saga:
  • FLCL. During the final episode "FLClimax", Commander Amarao has one of these during the final confrontation between Atomsk!Naota and Haruko.
  • Fairy Tail: At one point, local water mage Juvia starts crying and nearly drowns several mages around her.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Occurs occasionally in the 2003 anime version, even to Alphonse, who has no tear ducts. Or eyes, for that matter. Especially gets ridiculous when he questions moments where Ed won't cry for him when they're both in despair.
    • In the 25th episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, May Chang is anxious about her pet Panda after she and it are separated during an intense fight with the enraged homunculus, Gluttony. In one scene, she actually cries a jet of tears which almost puts out the burning coals she used to warm herself.
  • GaoGaiGar: Every human who's freed from a Zonder Core has these. Makes sense, since being purified appears to relieve whatever stress led to them being a Zonder target in the first place.
  • Haikyuu!! usually portrays realistic crying, but there's one notable example of Ocular Gushers: when Shimizu, the team manager, digs up Karasuno's old banner and wishes the team good luck in the upcoming tournament. The 3rd and 2nd years just stare blankly for a moment... then tears suddenly start splurting out. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Team. Chief Technology maid Ikuyo Suzuki is prone to have tears flow out freely. Taro has a large tearfall in episodes 13 and 14 and La Verite episode 7.
  • Haré of Haré+Guu has to put up with so much grief from the titular Adorable Abomination, it's no wonder he does this at the drop of a hat.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Italy pulls this off several times, with tears literally spraying out in all directions. Notably in episodes 3 and 8 when he is faced with Germany, and England's cooking respectively.
    • His manlier older brother Romano also does this once or twice as well.
  • Inazuma Eleven: Kabeyama is prone to tears when he gets overly emotional. At the beginning of Season 2, after Raimon win the Football Frontier championship, he cries a river.
  • Kill la Kill: Mako takes this to its logical extreme at the end of her fight with Ryuko by having her entire eyes turn into pools of water before spewing forward like a busted hydrant. Like everything in that anime, even the crying is done to the extreme.
    • She does it again when Gamagoori gets knocked out protecting her, making an otherwise dramatic scene fairly Narm-y.
  • Love Hina: Keitarō is well known for this, at the drop of a hat, of the cascading sheets variety, with at least one of firehose-like streams.
  • Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection: Zenigata — who's already prone to Inelegant Blubbering — bursts into these after Lupin calls him his most Worthy Opponent.
    Lupin: Sheesh. You cry at anything, Pops.
  • My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya. In one instance, his tears shot upwards with so much pressure that his feet were buried into the ground from the recoil. His mother is also equally prone to crying upnote  literal rivers while watching the tournament on TV; apparently she fainted five times during the tournament, two of those times being from dehydration! This has made fans joke that Izuku isn't actually quirkless and his ability to do this trope is his quirk.
  • Naruto:
    • Rock Lee and his sensei Might Gai are notorious for the waterfall-of-tears look.
    • Naruto and Inari perform some Ocular Gushing when they say goodbye to each other at the end of the Land of Waves arc despite being determined not to.
  • No Game No Life: Kurami, after losing to Sora in the Real-Time Strategy equivalent of a chess game, cries in this matter. It's oddly adorable too.
  • One Piece tends to use the cascading water effect when characters are extremely upset. Oddly enough, it uses a somewhat subdued version for dramatic effect. The logical conclusion ends with a giant, whose tears are compared to a deluge.
  • Frequently in Ouran High School Host Club, both anime & manga, by Tamaki (almost every other frame) and the Hitachiins in response to any example of Haruhi's "cuteness". Honey also, for Moe points.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • This happens occasionally with the Team Rocket trio whenever they witness the Pokémon they're supposed to catch face hardship or do something emotionally significant, such as when Pikachu almost agreed to evolve into a Raichu with the Thunderstone in hopes of winning against Gym Leader L.T. Surge's Raichu.
    • One of Pikachu's cuter moments was after its ketchup bottle got slashed open by a Scyther. The next scene showed it doing this, holding the open bottle.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Sōun Tendō. In fact, one reading of his name in Japanese means "Crying Man".
    • And in the manga, when Happōsai needs Ranma's tears for a Fountain of Youth potion, poking a pressure point on Ranma's back causes him to literally blast a torrent of tears out his eyes so that Happōsai has to catch them in a bucket.
  • Saikano has this happen to most characters dozens of times in every chapter. No one is resistant to this trope. The most notable gusher is actually the robot girl/"Ultimate Weapon" Chise, who seems to cry even when she's simply surprised.
  • Sailor Moon: Usagi will do this at the drop of a hat, but the most common trigger is being called dumb, usually by her mom Ikuko, brother Shingo, or Rei. The very first episode of the anime is called "The Crybaby: Usagi's Beautiful Transformation"!
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Sara does this when wrongfully accused by Knuckles of piloting the Metal Robotnik robot. It is rather unfortunate that Robotnik is sitting in the path and attempts to jump away from the cascade.
  • Certain Super Mario Bros. manga books would usually have certain characters do this over silly things.
    • An example is in this panel, where Yoshi, because of his grown weight, makes Mario, Peach, Luigi, and even his mother do one.
  • In the Tamagotchi show, there's many characters seen crying their eyes out exaggeratedly especially Memetchi and Chamametchi who are total crybabies, in one episode the former have pulled a April fool's joke on all her friends saying she's moving away and made it very serious despite it being just a prank. After everyone was celebrating a "going away party" for her, Memetchi couldn't take it anymore and told the truth while crying which causes all her friends (except Kuromametchi) to start crying a fountain of tears in the sad thought of missing her.
  • Variable Geo: Invoked by Yuka during her opening scene, when she realizes she's outgrown another of her uniform's shirts because her DD-cup breasts are still growing.
  • The World God Only Knows:
    • Keima at one point claims he's not crying, he's enjoying a hot spring! Complete with Keima suddenly being in a small hot spring filled with his tears. Which other characters apparently see and comment upon. Unless he really made one instantly...
    • In Chapter 78, Keima cries a river after losing to Diana in a shogi match.

    Asian Animation 
  • TuTu and XiaoGuai both do this in an episode of Big Ear Tutu when they are reunited after XiaoGuai (TuTu's pet cat) gets lost. The steady stream of tears wash off XiaoGuai's dirty body.
  • Everyone in Bread Barbershop cries gushes of tears. The animators paid special attention to this with Wilk - since he's a container of milk, his tears are made of milk.
  • In Happy Heroes, most of the time when a character cries, they produce a waterfall of tears. Sad S. in particular utilizes this as a weapon.
  • In Motu Patlu, anytime a character cries, their tears gush out of their eyes like raindrops.
  • In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, upset characters might cry tears that look like waterfalls.
  • Frequently in Tooba Tooba Noonbory, PinkAru will cry literal waterfalls over small things.

    Comic Books 
  • In a rare case of ocular gushers being Played for Drama, Batwoman has La Llorona, a constantly sobbing ghost who drowns her victims in her abundance of tears.
  • In Ziggy Pig - Silly Seal Comics, Silly Seal cries streaming tears when he appears on television, recalling the good old days with his former comedy partner Ziggy Pig.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Alice in Wonderland had something similar, though it's a bit more reasonable as Alice is in a giant form while crying about her plight.
  • Elemental (2023): Wade, a water element, and the rest of his family are Prone to Tears and would churn large streams of water whenever they cry.
  • In The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, The sprinkler variant is used twice, but the gushers are hand-drawn while the rest of the movie are in Claymation:
    • Lady Tottington does this after she saw Wallace blow a raspberry at her, thinking he was just being rude to her when in reality he was turning into the titular monster.
    • The little rabbits also do this during Wallace's Disney Death.
  • The Lion King:
    • Timon and Pumbaa. At any slightly emotional moment.
    • In the sequel, Simba's Pride, they cried at the marriage festival between Kiara and Kovu until they drenched a disgruntled Zazu.
  • Daredevil Dan from Foodfight! projectile "cries" (supposedly) chocolate tears in an early scene, but the terrible animation makes them look like... something else.
  • In Pixar's Inside Out, Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend cries candy 3 times in this movie.
    • When he breaks a leg while dancing:
      Bing Bong: (he cracks his leg) Aaaaah! Ow! Ow!
      (Bing Bong crying tears of candy)
      Joy: Are you okay?
      Bing Bong: I cry candy. Try the caramel, it's delicious.
    • When he hugs Sadness after he's upset about Riley's rocket,
    • and when he's trapped in a cage made with balloons on Jangles the Clown's belly.
      • Sadness played this trope when she jumped onto a cloud while Joy was searching for her.
      • She also plays this trope in short clips (e.g. Sadness cries a lot of tears after Joy shows a flower to her.).

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Last Circus: The movie opens with a clown act in which one of the clowns gets his costume ripped off revealing that he's in drag, at which point he bawls with water spraying from the sides of his face.
  • The Wildcat: Pepo wants his beloved to be happy, so he tries to resolve the Love Dodecahedron by nobly stepping aside so Rischka can pursue Alexis. Rischka comes home to find that Pepo has created a literal river of tears due to his bawling after she left.
  • The Tin Man from The Wiz cries like this, and it's used as a Chekhov's Skill to wake up and save the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy and Toto after they got poisoned by the Poppy women.
  • The guard in The Wizard of Oz also cries like this when he overhears Dorothy sobbing that she wants to go home to her Auntie Em.

  • Alice in Wonderland has a chapter called "The Pool of Tears". When Alice becomes a giant after eating the cookies marked "Eat Me", she starts crying piteously, flooding the room with her tears. When she drinks from the bottle marked "Drink Me", she shrinks so small that she nearly drowns in the pool of tears she shed as a giant.
  • When The BFG hears about Sophie being locked in the cellar at her orphanage, he sheds a tear that would fill a bucket, which makes quite a puddle.
  • An Older Than Feudalism example from the Confessions. When her son abandons her and moves to a different continent, St. Monica is said to have "rivers flowing from [her] eyes," a huge amount of water that will only dry upon her son's baptism.
  • Happens in The Legend of Rah and the Muggles when the title character's brother sails away with a band of miscreants, to the extent that a flood is triggered that swamps the boats. Intended as a Tear Jerker, came out as just Narm.
  • In the picture book You Get What You Get, the main character Melvin imagines himself crying these after he lets slip to his family the school rule "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit" and his parents decide that it's a good rule for home as well. However, he ultimately doesn't because, well, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.
  • In the picture book You'll Be Sorry, the main character, a little girl mouse named Samantha, hits her brother despite being told she'll be sorry if she did. When she does this, her brother cries massive waterfall tears, which then they flood the entire town.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Penn & Teller: Bullshit! uses this trope during its episode on recycling, parodying the "crying Indian" PSA with a statue of a Native American spraying water out of its eyes all over the place.
  • On the Sesame Street game show sketch: "The Crying Game Show". The contestant who cries harder will win the game. Originally, Pierre Blue cried harder than the others and was the winner and wins The Sonny Friendly Teddy Bear. But Sonny gets upsets about it and cries even harder than him and made Sonny Friendly the winner. And caused Pierre Blue and the other contestant sob in failure after the announcer blurts that There is no consolation prize.
  • Ultraman Geed has the episode where Geed and Ultraman Zero deal with a whiny, bratty juvenile monster, Zandrias. Who, after admitting he's lovesick, then lets out a geyser of tears from both eyes.
  • Mirai in Ultraman Mebius streams tears when Ryuu speaks about how much their team has grown from being a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits to a Badass Crew, and it's hilariously epic.
    Ryuu: Mirai, you dork.

  • Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days, "This is the story of a girl/who cried a river and drowned the whole world."
  • In the Genesis song, "Squonk", the title character, weeping for its own ugliness and ostracization, dissolves into a "pool of tears" while captured in a huntsman's sack. The myth of the Squonk involves this trait.
  • "Lost In The Harbour" by Tom Waits from Alice.
    And then I will fill the ocean back up with my tears
  • "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" of Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay certainly invokes this trope.

    Myths & Religion 
  • As a literary trope, Ocular Gushers go back to The Bible. The prophet Jeremiah wants this, saying, "Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!" (Jeremiah 9:1) Both his books (Jeremiah and Lamentations) are somewhat depressing.
  • The Ten Brothers Chinese myth. The youngest brother can literally cry a river. The details of the story (including the number of brothers) vary, depending on the version, but the story revolves around a set of brothers with superpowers fighting against an evil antagonist and trying to avoid causing their youngest brother to cry.

  • This seems to be based on a Japanese bunraku puppet technique used to show mourning, in which ribbons would flow from the eyes. It was also used in the musical version of The Lion King.

    Video Games 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Larry Butz has a tendency to do this.
    • Blaise Debeste in Ace Attorney Investigations 2 keeps filling up his goggles with accumulated Crocodile Tears, requiring him to empty them constantly. They are useful when he accidentally sets fire to his beard with his lighter, which happens often.
    • Detective Bobby Fulbright in Dual Destinies does this in the final case when he's (correctly) accused of being an emotionless international spy known only as the phantom. Therefore, his exaggerated emotions make sense since he's overcompensating. Apollo lampshades this by pointing out that "he's literally crying us a river over there."
    • Ellen Wyatt, the defendant in the Spirit of Justice DLC case "Turnabout Time Traveler," also does this often. She actually carries a frying pan with her to catch the tears before they hit the ground!
  • The "Sorrow" reaction from Animal Crossing: New Horizons has this when your villager feels like you're going to cry.
  • Hatty Hattington of BattleBlock Theater provides a shining example of this after his Heroic BSoD.
  • In The Binding of Isaac, two items can achieve this effect: the Sad Onion and the Torn Photo. The Sad Onion is obvious enough, while the Torn Photo is a more classic emotional example, with less pronounced gushers than the Onion.
  • Super Catboy have three of the bosses — the Mole, Rottweiler, and Bull — let out the geysers if you defeat them. Twice, when you face them as a Boss Rush in the last stage. Meanwhile, the Cat Ninja last boss only sits down and lets out a sigh if you defeat her.
  • In the Botanic Panic level on Cuphead, Ollie Bulb's attack is this. While he does this, various teardrops fall out of the stream as obstacles.note 
  • Harmful Park have a stage inside a church, where a wedding is interrupted when the bride's ex suddenly shows up and steals her away. The groom then breaks into a massive tsunami of tears, tears which can damage you if hit.
  • In Holy Umbrella, numerous characters, including the Big Bad, spray jets of water out of their eyes when saddened.
  • Bubble Man in the Mega Man fangame Mega Man Maker does this if he is placed on a tile outside of water. He'll start throwing Bubble Lead after a short pause, but otherwise just sits there and cries.
  • Rise of Persona 4 does this a lot, but only when it's tears of relief, so it helps lighten the mood. When Teddie started crying like this too, they hugged each other for support... until Teddie tried to cop a feel and Rise decked him.
  • Several cases in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online:
    • The Dumpling Kid's death animation doesn't really involve its death... just this trope.
    • The /sob emote displays a word balloon (not so) smiley face crying two streams of tears, with a torrent of teardrops falling down.
  • The SCUMM Bar cook returns in Return to Monkey Island and does the same thing when an earthquake wrecks his establishment.
  • The cook of the SCUMM Bar in The Secret of Monkey Island does this when Governor Marley is kidnapped.
  • In Snoopy's Grand Adventure, after Snoopy defeats King Totem in the "Temple of Bunnies" world, King Totem cries so hard, he floods the temple with his tears. This gives Snoopy the opportunity to swim in them up to Linus so he can rescue him.
  • Super Princess Peach, where this is an ability. To clarify, its main use is to let you run really fast, but you can water buds that grow into gigantic vines with your tears (without any negative effects from all the salt in those tears) and aids in defeating a boss.
  • Luigi does this often in the Mario & Luigi series. This ends up being a plot device (though focused on Baby Luigi as opposed to adult Luigi) at the very end of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time .
  • Street Fighter has Dan Hibiki, who has them when happy almost as often as when sad.
  • The Worms-style MMO Gun Bound has certain vehicles (particularly the Triceratops) that will cry like this if they are defeated and respawning is not enabled.
  • Baby Miis from Tomodachi Life do this whenever they're crying. In addition, they shoot out far more tears than they do in real life, the tears are twice as large, and there's even thunder bolts accompanying the tears.

    Web Animation 
  • Battle for Dream Island: In BFDIA 5c, after Pencil yells at Ruby, Ruby starts to cry, and first it's single tear drops... then insane waterfalls.
  • In the DEATH BATTLE! episode White Tigerzord vs Epyon, After defeating Tommy, Zechs is shown crying over the remains of Noin and the Gundam she was piloting as she was accidentally blown up by Tommy Oliver's White Tigerzord before the battle. Zordon also cries like this so hard his tank starts flooding, and he isn't even aware of it.
  • In Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, characters would cry two sheets of tears whenever they're upset.
  • At the beginning of the final Pokétoon episode titled Jigglypuff's Song, a girl named Peaches comes across a crying spiky-haired Jigglypuff. When she asks the Jigglypuff on why it's crying, this only results in Jigglypuff crying harder, with it doing this in the process. It only stops crying when Peaches asks the Jigglypuff to play with her.
  • Peach does the full-on Fire Hydrant Wail after the recounting of Sonic's tragic Back Story in Super Mario Bros. Z.
  • In RWBY Volume 2 Episode 2, Ruby does this after Yang kicks her butt at a Magic: The Gathering-style card game. Weiss later joins in after Yang creams her as well.


    Web Original 
  • Freddie Wong does a hilarious live-action version of this at the end of the action short "Gun Size Matters" when the Action Girl played by Shenae Grimes leaves him for a guy who pulled a 360 No Scope on the last Mook with a Barrett sniper rifle before landing into his car. According to the Behind the Scenes vid for the movie, Freddie and crew used a garden hose for this effect, primarily inspired by the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.
  • HowToBasic, off-screen, Tries to cut an onion without crying. Tries.
  • In one scene in Kirby's Return to Dreamland: The Movie, Kirby is showing off to his friends how hard he can cry and squirts out water that looks like it is coming from his eyes, but it's coming from his mouth. In the animated version, Kirby squirts massive streams from his eyes and knocks Meta Knight over.
  • Many variants of the "Loudly Crying Face" emoji depict a face with waterfalls of tears streaming from its eyes, sometimes forming a pool beneath.
  • Stampy's Lovely World: In the minigame "Bouncy Boats", the frog on the losing team's side would cry at the end of the game, producing copious amounts of 'tears'. This is because the dispensers with water buckets function as the eyes of the frog, and when activated, a large stream of water is produced.
  • The "Your tears are delicious" meme usually depicts people or characters enjoying getting blasted with streams of water, implying that the recipient of these images is doing some gushers.


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