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Cartoons enjoy exaggeration. Instead of just turning slightly pink, characters who blush go cherry red. Instead of just running really fast, characters who sprint leave a huge cloud of dust behind them. Instead of teardrops, characters literally cry a river of tears with the occasional booger bubbles. Instead of just leaking some saliva, characters who see a really tasty meal (or something else appealing) turn into living low-pressure fountains.

A Droolugenote  is when more drool than should actually be possible pours out of something's or someone's mouth. This can range from, say, making a visible puddle below, to covering the entire building with a hip-deep flood. Of course, this isn't just limited to cartoons, but that's where it's seen the most often.

Usually Played for Laughs, but might be intended to cause Squick.

Compare *Drool* Hello, where something above the characters signals its presence with a drip of drool, and Phlegmings, where a character's mouth has lines of drool to be gross or scary, Waterfall Puke, where characters leave a pool of vomit, and Ocular Gushers, the ocular equivalent.


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  • A commercial for Subaru shows a family of dogs driving the car and the dog in the driver's seat has to repeatedly turn on the windshield wipers because of large amounts of water splatter. It's later shown that the splatter is coming with the bulldog driving the car ahead of them and drooling (a lot).

    Anime And Manga 
  • In Kaiju Girl Caramelise, Jumbo King, a corgi-like dog, is always seen with a perpetual string of saliva dripping from his mouth. At one point when Kuroe comes home with an unexpected makeover, Jumbo King does a Spit Take with his drool that spews out so profusely that it resembles a Vomit Indiscretion Shot.
  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission debuts the Pro Hero from Singapore, Big Red Dot, whose quirk allows him to fire high pressure blasts of water from his mouth. Background info states that seeing his favorite food can make him flood the area.
  • Photon tends to drool at the thought of mealtimes. A steady stream of saliva cascades from his mouth in episode 3, as Keyne prepares breakfast. However, she forbids Photon from sampling it before it's ready, and when the time comes, the villain appears and wrecks the layout. In fact, Papacharino does this at every mealtime, leaving poor Photon drooling rivers with hunger, yet not getting one bite that whole day.

    Asian Animation 
  • BoBoiBoy: Gopal is enjoying his hot chocolate one day until the TV announces that it's World Biscuit Day. Then Gopal drops his cup in shock and stares agape at the TV while hot chocolate pours from his jaw. For added hilarity, he stays this way throughout the commercial, the ongoing downpour of hot chocolate from his mouth included.
  • Happy Heroes: In Season 3 episode 5, Big M. and Little M. produce waterfalls of drool from their mouths as they stare at a dinner Headmaster Tele is having with his princess guest.
  • In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Joys of Seasons episode 59, Wolffy produces a waterfall of drool from his mouth when Darker describes the goat meat rice balls that they cook where he comes from.

    Comic Strips 
  • Droolia in Pooch CafĂ© is a mastiff who, true to her name, drools constantly. In one arc she manages to fill a dumpster with drool.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Turner and Hooch: The dog-hating cop Turner (played by Tom Hanks) has to take care of an amazingly drooly dog named Hooch.
  • The Naked Gun: At one point Frank starts describing his life of constant casual debauched sex to the very-married Ed, leading to Ed literally foaming at the mouth.

    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: Sucking up a cloud of ham stink and releasing it in front of a sleeping dragon will awaken the latter and make it drool continuously, creating a waterfall and filling up a small dried-up lake below.

    Web Comics 
  • Kevin & Kell has this happen a number of times. It's where the aforementioned building flood comes from. It's usually done when a predator sees or hears about a particularly tasty herbivore, but sometimes, it can be done for non-food purposes, such as imagining your girlfriend coming home exceedingly rich.

    Western Animation 
  • The Loud House:
    • In "Patching Things Up", Lincoln and Clyde both drool a river of saliva when thinking about Bluebell Scout cookies. Lana and Lola have to walk under them with an umbrella.
    • In "Candy Crushed", Lola goes on a bet to not eat sweets for a week, but when she watches TV to take her mind off treats, she finds that it is constantly playing commercials related to chocolate. One such commercial seductively advertises her favorite candy, truffles, causing her to start salivating. This is downplayed a bit in that she bites on her stuffed bear as she salivates.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: In "A Yard Too Far", Ren's salivary glands sprout faucets upon him seeing a plate of hog jowls on a windowsill.
  • On Rocko's Modern Life, a hungry Heffer watches as Filburt arranges his potato chips before eating them. At one point, a torrent of drool is cascading out of his mouth.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • In the episode "Home, Sweet Pineapple", SpongeBob sleeps at Patrick's house, but the drool coming from Patrick's mouth spills across the house and ends up being absorbed by SpongeBob's body.
    • In the episode "One Krab's Trash", Mr. Krabs has sold a certain #1 hat to SpongeBob. Then some random rich fish comes to him and explains that that hat is actually rare and famous, and he'll pay a lot for it. Mr. Krabs starts gagging and drooling. Then another fish comes and offers him more money for that hat, and Krabs then drools so much he creates a mini river out of it. To top it all off, another fish offering an even higher price rows his boat over the drool river.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures had a talkative variation where Sylvester was teaching his protege, Furrball, about catching mice. He produced so much thhhhhhaliva that Furrball was holding up an umbrella and wearing goggles!


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