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Hilarity Ensues for the zany Karasuno team of Haikyuu!! and their rivals and supporters.

Spoilers are unmarked.

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  • Almost every time Hinata messes up during a match, Kageyama's voice can be heard in the background yelling at him.
  • Every time Tanaka makes his intimidating face as if trying to pick a fight with the other teams... only for Daichi or Sugawara show up and make him apologise.
  • Kenma's look of absolute disinterest or even slightly dazed surprise every time he sees the ball flying towards him. Especially noticeable in the manga.
  • The Running Gag of Hinata running into "dangerous people" when he goes to the bathroom, which traces all the way back to junior high school when he attemped to admonish Kitagawa Daiichi's second years, who are mocking his team, while trying not to throw up. He even lampshades it when he's going to the bathroom during the Spring Tournament.
  • Asahi, possibly the biggest softie of Karasuno, always gets stereotyped by other students as some kind of gangster due to his physical appearance. Rumors include dealing drugs, making other students work for him to extort money and being in high school for 5 years. They all turn out to be misconceptions.
  • The eyecatches are adorable and often hilarious, especially when the people spiking/serving in question mess up in some way.

     Karasuno High Team Formation Arc 
  • Before the practice match with Aoba Johsai, Hinata runs into Kindaichi. The two of them end up going on a rant about how much Kageyama sucks - and when Kindaichi tells Hinata that Kageyama just discards whoever doesn't help him win, Hinata is triggered again.
  • In their Aoba Johsai practice match, Hinata, who's been extremely nervous and hence screwing up badly, accidentally serves the ball awkwardly... and it hits Kageyama's head. Tanaka and Tsukishima find it hilarious, Hinata makes a wonderful Oh, Crap! expression, and Kageyama gives a terrifying Death Glare before confronting him. He asks Hinata why he's so afraid, adding, "There's nothing scarier than hitting a serve into the back of my head, is there?" He proceeds to hit the back of his head a few times with a disturbing smile while saying, "In that case, you have no reason to be nervous anymore. Because you've already done it, the scariest thing
  • Everything about Hinata and Kageyama's first meeting with Nishinoya (minus the angst of course).
    • Hinata's surprise at Nishinoya's short height, to the latter's annoyance.
      Hinata: This is the first time I've looked down on someone since starting high school club activities!
      Nishinoya: Don't weep with joy about it! You're not looking that far down!
    • Nishinoya says he had a reason for coming to Karasuno instead of a school with a more prestigious volleyball team, and Hinata and Kageyama prepare themselves for what they think will be a deep and meaningful answer. With a serious expression, he says, "I came to Karasuno because... I like the girls' uniform. *raises fist and clenches it* Intensely."
    • Nishinoya's shocked face when Hinata first calls him Nishinoya-senpai.
  • Takeda's final (and successful) attempt to convince Ukai to coach Karasuno:
    • Ukai's casually singing in the shop, and he then turns around to see Takeda... who is creeping through the window with Scary Shiny Glasses to boot.
    • When informed that Karasuno will be having a practice match with their old rivals Nekoma, Ukai grabs Takeda by the collar and screams, "Are you trying to seduce me?!"
  • Hinata and Tanaka's inability to recognise Nishinoya and Asahi after having showered (because Nishinoya's non-gelled hair makes him even shorter and Asahi's long hair down makes him look creepier).
  • Karasuno's interactions with Nekoma, especially the members who share the same roles as each other or have similar personalities.
    • After the match Kageyama lurks behind Kenma while making a creepy face and softly shooting off all these questions asking about his volleyball background/habits/skills. Kenma gets scared and runs off.
    • Hinata and Inuoka's conversation - which consists of mostly "Zoom! Boom! Wham! Kazoom!" and a lot of jumping.
    • Sugawara and Yaku, as Karasuno and Nekoma's respective Team Moms, profusely apologizing to each other for the behavior of their more belligerent members (mostly Tanaka and Taketora).
    • The way Tanaka and Taketora first try to intimidate each other with their Face of a Thug... only to bond afterwards over Shimizu's prettiness. When Karasuno is leaving, they're both shaking each other's hands in tears.
  • When the members read about Shiratorizawa's Ushijima in a volleyball magazine:
    Hinata: Shiratorizawa! That's where Kageyama couldn't get in!
    Kageyama: Shut up!
    (Tsukishima and Yamaguchi snicker in the background)

     Interhigh Arc 
  • Karasuno's second and third years' reactions when Shimizu shows everyone the "Fly!" banner and wishes them good luck. They stare with blank faces for a while... then their tears just spurt out suddenly and over-the-top Manly Tears ensue.
  • Hinata takes Asahi's advice to overcome his nerves by thinking of his most scary experience. He first thinks of a rollercoaster, The Ring, getting a bad test score and the time the vice principal's wig flew off. But then he has a flashback of Kageyama's face after being hit in the head by the ball he clumsily served... and he becomes much more relaxed saying he'll be fine now, which disturbs the others a bit.
  • Sawamura tries to compliment Tanaka for scoring in their first match except he keeps getting interrupted by Tanaka and Nishinoya roaring too much, causing him to snap and yell at them to shut up - and then the referee tells all three of them off for being too noisy. Especially funny in the anime where Tanaka's screaming face takes up half the screen with Sawamura in the background; when he tries to say his compliment again, Nishinoya slides over, covering him up and screaming alongside Tanaka with an equally absurd face.
  • When Oikawa is with his fangirls instead of inside at the tournament, and he gets hit on the head by a volleyball in the middle of his flirting. He angrily turns around complaining not even the coach hits him that hard... only to realize the one who hit him was Iwaizumi who then makes a scary face and gestures him to come inside. He immediately leaves the fangirls and follows him back in.
  • When Sugawara joins the others on the court in their Aoba Johsai tournament match to temporarily replace Kageyama and giving him time to cool off, he cheerfully greets everyone with a "Hey!"... while hitting them all (including Tsukishima); he punches Sawamura in the chest, aggressively rubs Tanaka's head, karate chops Asahi on the side, karate chops Tsukishima on the head... and double high-fives Nishinoya, who happily returns both the high fives and the greeting.
  • Hinata looks at how smiley and cheerful Sugawara acts with the team on court. He can't help but compare to Kageyama, who looks irritated as usual.
    Hinata: Jeez, your face is scary.
    Kageyama: I was born with this face!
  • After returning to the court in their Aoba Johsai match, Kageyama tries to be like Sugawara by acting more friendly to his teammates, with mixed results:
  • When Yamaguchi subs for Hinata during the third set of their match with Aoba Johsai, their other teammates try to reassure him everything is fine. Ironically, they're also just as nervous as him... except for Kageyama, who's just happy that he won't get hit in the back of his head.

     The Arrival of Haiba Lev (OVA) 
  • Lev does not get the memo to never talk about height with Yaku, and nonchalantly points out it's hypocritical of him to talk about short players like Hinata when he's short himself. Cue Lev getting a beating from the usually composed Yaku.
  • The Karasuno members try to beat a video game (hinted to be Monster Hunter) and they all suck at it for different reasons:
    • Nishinoya ends up flopping spectacularly, due to his libero habit of trying to receive everything, which unfortunately for him meant taking in all the damage in the game.
    • Sawamura proudly shows off his defending skills against the monster. While it certainly helps him to not die, the others can't help but point out how boring and tedious it is.
    • Asahi's reaction to the game is especially hilarious as all he does is run away.
    • They end up bickering over who's turn it is to play which leads to Kageyama accidentally dropping the console in a dramatic fashion that parodies Karasuno's final moment against their Interhigh match with Seijoh.

     Tokyo Expedition Arc 
  • After finding out about that they can join the team practices in Tokyo and have a chance to play against Nekoma again, all the guys get excited... until Takeda reveals that they have to pass their subjects or they won't be able to go.
    • Hinata, Nishinoya, Tanaka and Kageyama are the ones in shock, with Kageyama remaining catatonic.
      Yamaguchi: Kageyama's not breathing!
    • What makes this scene even funnier in the anime was how the background music stops playing the moment Takeda reminds them of their exams.
    • Hinata tries to beg Ukai to tutor him. In the anime, Ukai reluctantly informs him why he's not a good candidate:
      Ukai: I didn't want to bring this up, but... Do I look like the type of guy who got good grades??
    • The "four idiots" are in turmoil and not even Takeda can get a hold of himself. Sawamura recomposes himself and declares he will not leave them behind with an equally flattering and insulting remark:
      Sawamura: There's no way Karasuno could bring our best without these four idiots! Not a chance!
      Tanaka: I don't know if I'm flattered or insulted...
    • Hinata and Kaegeyama have no other choice but beg Tsukishima to tutor them. Tsukishima, true to himself gets any opportunity to tease them, especially Kageyama.
  • The Hot-Blooded Hinata and Kageyama's encounter with The Dreaded Ushijima, which occurs differently in the manga and anime but are equally as funny:
    • In the manga, they've just finished studying at Yachi's house and are leaving her apartment. Kageyama points out the area is close to Shiratorizawa Academy. Hinata asks surprised if that isn't Ushijima's school. The tall, muscular man who just passed by running asks, "Are you talking to me?". Hinata and Kageyama's Oh, Crap! faces when they realize it is Ushijima are hilarious. Yachi, who has no idea who this is, is terrified nevertheless and prays for their safety when they follow Ushijima to his school.
      Hinata: JAPAN!
    • In the anime adaptation, how do they end up in another neighbourhood which happens to be close to Shiratorizawa's area? By running too fast and too far during training. Cue Idiot Crows.
  • In the OVA corresponding to Hinata and Kageyama failing their exams, they attempt to convince the vice principal to let them skip their supplementary exams. Unfortunately it looks like they're ganging up on him, much to Sawamura's chagrin. Hinata and Kageyama are so rough with the vice principal that he slips, and his wig is sent flying in slow motion while soft piano music plays in the background... and it then lands on Sawamura's head, much like their first day of club activities. The vice principal demands to talk to both Sawamura and an innocent passerby who had witnessed the whole incident, presumably to swear them into silence, and Sawamura gives a terrifying lecture to Hinata and Kageyama in the club locker room afterward.
  • During the first training camp in Tokyo, Hinata runs into Lev, and in his hurry to show he can match Lev's abilities, he ends up hitting the door casing with his head.
  • Kageyama bows and sincerely begs for advice from Oikawa after his fight with Hinata. Oikawa reluctantly agrees, but what does he do first? Gets his nephew to take a photo of him throwing a peace sign with Kageyama bowing in the background, because he's just that petty.
  • The meat dance, which is a spontaneous dance done by Nishinoya, Tanaka and Hinata when they find out they're having a barbecue for lunch. The scene is complete with Kageyama moving in the most hilariously awkward manner possible. Fukurodani are incredibly disturbed when they see the guys do this weird dance. The dub does justice to the accompanying song:
    Meat, meat, dinner! Meaty meat dinner!
    Meat, meat, meat with a side of meat!
    And meat for dessert!
    M-E-A-T! Now we've got some energy!
    You and me can eat the meat! Eat the meat that can't be beat!
  • When they're training together, Bokuto is taken with Hinata, and decides to teach him a "special move" - namely, a feint. Yet he is the most surprised out of everyone when Hinata breaks it out in the middle of their final practice match together:
    Bokuto: A FEINT?!!!!!!
    Akaashi: Bokuto-san, weren't you the one who taught it to him?
    *Cue Bokuto looking guilty and his teammates looking murderous*
  • It apparently takes a mere 0.5 seconds for Akaashi to contemplate three scenarios when deciding whether to toss to Bokuto or not.
  • Yachi wants to eat during the barbecue lunch but is too terrified by the many large players in the area. At one point several of these players (Asahi included) surround her while concerned, asking if she wants food or a drink. Unfortunately from an outsider's point of view it looks like they're ganging up on her, and it's lampshaded that they'd probably get told off by the police if they were in the city.

     Spring High Preliminary Arc 
  • During the Spring High, Yamaguchi starts to feel ill due to Hinata's earlier sickness. Seeing Tsukishima breaking his stoic personality to worry is something to witness.
    Yamaguchi: I... feel like I'm gonna hurl just thinking about Hinata throwing up on the bus...
    Tsukishima: ?! Get to the bathroom, quick!
  • Before their first match, Hinata runs into Ohgi Minami's ace, Towada, who first complains very loudly, but starts treating him nicely, thinking he's a middle schooler.
  • The entire bit comparing Hinata and Hyazukawa's heights (roughly 160cm vs 200cm), where Yamaguchi, Yachi and Tsukishima discuss the various creatures that could fit the height difference (two of them being parodies of Hello Kitty and Pikachu).
  • During the most hilarious Running Gag bathroom encounter yet, Hinata runs into Oikawa and Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi tries to be nice, but Oikawa starts to trash talk Hinata, who is terrified and tries to run away... only to wind up running right into Ushijima. Even worse, the Aoba Johsai players and Ushijima start arguing with each other, with Hinata right in the middle of them - which leads people passing by to think he's trying to pick a fight with all three.
    Hinata (voice trembling): ... K-Karasuno will win!...
    Oikawa, Iwaizumi and Ushijima: *turn to him with a Death Glare*
    Hinata: Eek! *slowly backs down, only to run right into Datekou's Aone.* EEK!
  • Kageyama notices just in time that Johzenji's setter is about to do a dump, and attempts to block him. It looks like he succeeded... until Takinoue points out to Yachi that the ball had actually hit his face, giving him a nosebleed. Hinata begs Kageyama to not die, and Kageyama (with blood dripping from his nose) insists that he isn't bleeding at all and he can still play.
  • Johzenji attempts to replicate Karasuno's synchronised attack during their match when it's Karasuno's set point. The scene seems to be setting them up to do an amazing job despite only seeing it once... then Terushima misses the ball completely.
  • One of the things that Yachi mentions having prepared in case Yamaguchi's jump float serve went wrong was a coffin.
  • Before the match against Shiratorizawa, everyone expects Karasuno to be cool and collected but they're actually falling apart from nervousness. Hinata's has to go to the bathroom again (even though he just went), Kageyama screams about the center court, Asahi and Yamaguchi get a stomach ache and Tanaka and Nishinoya freak out about Shiratorizawa's cheerleaders.
  • When the Shiratorizawa match begins, the on-court players of Karasuno struggle with nerves for the first few points. This leads to Sugawara (a usually very relaxed guy) screaming at them from the sideline and almost getting them all in trouble with the referee.
  • Tendo jumps to block a spike, only to realise that Kageyama is setting to someone else, prompting him to dramatically yell "I've made a mistake!" Ohira doesn't fail to bring this up when Tendo tries to pretend it never happened.
  • According to a sketch from the official twitter promoting Volume 20, all the third years of Aoba Johsai except Oikawa hate Tendo the most out of Shiratorizawa. Given Tendo's I Shall Taunt You personality, it's hardly a surprise.
  • Iwaizumi ponders why Oikawa has come to see the Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno match when he had previously said either team winning would annoy him. His rationale? He gets to see one of the teams' faces when they lose.
    Oikawa: No matter who wins, I'm gonna be pissed, so I hope both of them lose.
  • Iwaizumi calls Oikawa a crappy guy after that. Oikawa gets offended at that and Iwaizumi simply replies back to either pick being called crappy or shitty.Oikawa picks crappy.
  • When Sugawara's is told to be subbed in the final set against Shiratorizawa, Shimizu calms him down by holding his hands which have gone cold and stiff from nerves. This comically leads him to think Shimizu wants to marry him and he goes completely crazy over it. Asahi and Daichi are not exactly happy.
  • In an omake, Tendo shows off a photo of him as a child where he had the bowl haircut. Semi is horrified when he realizes it's the exact same hairstyle as Tsutomu's, and in the anime during the next episode preview he warns Tsutomu to not look at the photo as it will make him want to shave his hair off.
  • Hinata teases Kageyama about being tired when he's brought back in the final set and is about to serve. Kageyama tells him to watch for the back of his head.
  • While the alumni are shouting in celebration after Karasuno wins the finals against Shiratorizawa, Saeko quickly holds out her arm to stop Yachi (who's frothing at the mouth) from fainting, without even having to look.
  • While giving Kawanishi advice in their post-match meeting, Ushijima starts off with, "When Tendo is gone..." He means when Tendo has graduated and left the team, but the specific phrase he uses is usually meant for when people die. Tendo wryly calls him out on this, but Ushijima just ignores him and continues on.
  • During Fukurodani's Tokyo Spring Preliminaries match against Nekoma, it's revealed Akaashi has a mental list of Bokuto's weaknesses, and there's apparently at least 37. The one weakness that comes up in the match? When Bokuto is so focused on one type of spike, he starts to forget how to do the others. The distraught look on his face when he's genuinely wondering how to do a cross-court spike and the team's horrified reactions drive home how ridiculous he is.

     Tokyo Nationals Arc 
  • In their match against Karasuno, Tsubakihara subs in their pinch server Himekawa for the first time on Karasuno's set point. Unfortunately, since this is his first official match (he's a first year and uses the ceiling serve, something that can only be done in large stadiums), nerves get the better of him and he serves the ball right into the back of the ace Teradomari's head, much to everyone's horror. Notable is Hinata's terrified look, since he himself did the same to Kageyama a good 200+ chapters ago.
  • The Karasuno members step on court for their match against Inarizaki and are met with the opponent's huge cheer squad, which even includes a brass ensemble. Sawamura tries to talk over them to his team but gets cut off by the cheer squad each time. In the end he has enough and snaps with a LET'S GO!!!
  • During the opening points of the first set against Inarizaki, Hinata jumps for a quick attack and is excited by how high he is. He's so distracted that he forgets to hit the ball, much to the confusion of everyone.
  • As Nekoma and Karasuno are preparing for their match on-court, some Nekoma high school girls fawn over how attractive and serious Lev and Kuroo look. Unbeknownst to them, the duo at that moment are talking about Lev's frequent urges to poop.
  • In a flashback of the Fukurodani group's training camp during the Karasuno vs Nekoma match, Kuro and Bokuto at one point swap hair styles and mimic each other for the hell of it. Hinata has a good laugh and not even Tsukishima can keep a straight face.
  • Kiryuu (one of the top three aces) slams an intense spike towards Bokuto, who's not in a position to do a proper receive. How does Bokuto keep the ball in play? He chest-bumps it. He then praises himself for the nice receive, which his teammates snark about. Kiryuu is dumbfounded, and Kuroo and Kenma's flabbergasted reactions are a sight to behold.


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