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"I'm the bald white guy who, even in broad daylight, looks like he's about to step out of a dark alley and shank you. I promise, I'm really friendly, my face just does that."

This is where a character is shown to have a very scary, thuggish face — mostly for comedic purposes. The expression will often include a Kubrick Stare, where the face tilts down but the eyes look up. The face of a thug is so scary that normal people are shown to be easily scared off just by looking at them, and can make even tough brutes feel uneasy.

The catch here is that the character with the face of a delinquent is anything but. Some of them are genuinely nice, even exceptionally so; others are actually cowards surviving solely based on their looks. Generally, though, they are normal people who would rather just have a normal life.

Things aren't that easy, though. Since everyone assumes them to be a badass of the highest degree, other people will either avoid them for fear of getting involved or try to rope them into fights far beyond their actual ability. Their actions will usually revolve around trying to make normal people acknowledge their true self while avoiding that the thugs around them learn the truth about the same.

This can often result in a delinquent who doesn't act like a delinquent. Such a character may even have actual skill at fighting and street survival, not by choice but by simple necessity. Since it was forced on them, they had to pick up those skills simply to survive. They may even reluctantly become a thug because everyone assumes they are one already. Very frequently overlaps with Dark Is Not Evil, since darkness and fear factor are synonymous in aesthetics.

Please note that this trope doesn't necessarily mean "ugly", even though most of the examples below are. It's more about looking threatening than actually looking unattractive, and it's possible to look both handsome and fearsome. Indeed, there are situations where the scary-looking character is found attractive as a result of being scary-looking (e.g. All Girls Want Bad Boys), which can in turn lead to the infatuated party being disappointed by how non-scary the crush really is underneath.

In modern-day usage, especially on the internet, the phrase "resting bitch face" has become a popular term for this phenomenon.

Compare Death Glare, Frozen Face, Gentle Giant, The Grotesque, Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold, Hero with Bad Publicity, and The Un-Smile. Subtrope of Paper Tiger (except in those cases where kind-but-scary-looking characters suddenly become truly as scary as they look). A frequent subversion of Scary Black Man. When parents are scared of this character harming their children, it may result in Pulling Your Child Away. When an actor has this, they'll often be type-cast as thugs.

The opposite of this trope is Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, which is when someone looks friendly on the outside but is evil on the inside. When that trope and this one are brought together, it can result in Ugly Hero, Good-Looking Villain, though as mentioned above, the trope isn't always about attractiveness exactly. See also Peek-a-Bogeyman for when a character intentionally scares others, but only in a harmless manner; there may be overlap with this trope whenever the character isn't actively trying to scare people at the moment.

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  • In the 1980s, a famous American Express print ad touted cards with the holder's photo on the front: "This is you" (picture of scary biker). "This is the jerk who stole your credit card" (dorky-looking guy with horn-rimmed glasses).

  • In an Old Master Q strip, the titular character is eating by himself in a teahouse when a heavily-scarred, fierce-looking man sits down opposite. Master Q daydreams about what would happen if he pisses the guy off, leading to an Imagine Spot where Master Q and the guy tears the whole place apart while brawling; intrigued, Master Q then flicks a peanut to the other guy's face. To Master Q's surprise, the man simply remarks "You're such a joker!" and continues eating as if nothing happened.

  • Woo-Soo Choi of Quantum Mistake is a studious boy who has swapped bodies with Kang Too-Jee, a delinquent who spent most of his time getting into fights. Woo-Soo Choi, relying on Kang Too-Jee's reflexes, is capable of putting up a fight, but most of the time, just wants to talk it out with the other guy. (This pretty much never works.)

    Comic Books 
  • Hellboy is a Big Red Devil with glowing yellow eyes, a protruding lower jaw, and a rocky Right Hand of Doom which all make him look rather sinister. But thanks to his upbringing among the humans of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, he is a force for good who works to protect the world from sinister supernatural forces. His benevolence, natural charisma, and positive reputation are so strong that even devoutly religious civilians, who would otherwise be very wary of interacting with demons, never show any trepidation about interacting with him. Even when his similarly freaky-looking demonic brethren try to convince him of how he "should" act (particularly when it comes to his originally planned role in ending the world), he repeatedly rejects their cajoling and stays on the side of humanity.
  • Marv from Sin City was so ugly, they had to resort to Special Effects to recreate his looks on Mickey Rourke. He made a Kubrick Stare or two throughout the movie as well. While he is indeed a Sociopathic Hero toward his enemies, he is an otherwise decent guy driven to avenge the death of a woman at the hands of a Serial Killer.
  • Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, when outside his armor, is one of the few Superheroes to wear a mustache and a goatee, making him look more like a traditional villain than a good guy. However, while he can be a Jerkass and has poor communication skills, he struggles hard to be a good person in spite of his innate flaws.
  • Thanks to his powers turning his body into living iridium Mettle from Avengers Academy has a metallic red skull for a face. Yes, in the same universe as that other chap prominently known for the same. He's not very comfortable with it, especially given that he's Jewish.
  • MMA fighter "Mistress" Ayane in Gold Digger would love to be a Face; unfortunately, she has the coldest, cruelest eyes on the planet and a wicked smile to boot. It's hard to be a hero to children when they run screaming whenever you look at them. It's so bad that even all-powerful sorcerers and dragons wince when they meet her gaze. In fact, when she met a guy who could look her in eyes and not flinch, she was desperate to win his heart so she could finally be with someone who wasn't terrified of looking at her. It's even implied that her unnaturally cold and fearsome stare might be because she's actually not human.
  • In the Marvel Universe, there are a handful of Skrulls who have for one reason or another ended up on Earth and decided that they want to be heroes. They have all found it necessary to adopt more human guises, as their natural forms tend to freak people out.
  • Doom Patrol: Dorothy Spinner has a face like an ape, but is a very sweet and good-natured girl.

    Fan Works 
  • Medicated: One of the most common things noted by frogs that scare them about the human form is the eyes, which are more set in front of the head like a predator than the more spread out frog eyes. This effect is amplified if they are ever angry or agitated.
  • In Origin Story, Sanchez and Francisco are a pair of twin brothers who work as agents for porn actresses. They are described as looking like walking stereotypes and "feel slimy" when Alex Harris first meets them. It turns out that they are two honestly nice guys who give Alex some helpful advice after realizing she's underage.
  • build your wings on the way down: Aviv Seif, Catherine Armstrong/Gabby's boyfriend, looks rather intimidating due to his height and burn scars on his face, which make him look like he's always scowling. He's actually rather down-to-earth and very sweet.
  • In the Reaching for a Dream series, after ascending to godhood Naruto certainly looks incredibly intimidating given that he's two meters tall, has horns, fangs, fiery orange eyes, claws, and black markings on his face. But as noted in one of the sequels, he's like a large dog; he looks intimidating but the worst he'll do is drool on you. Though that doesn't apply to enemies.
  • In Live a Hero (MHA), Izuku is eerily pale-skinned, frightfully thin, Covered in Scars, and has a habit of playing with and sharpening knives in plain sight. Despite it all, he wants to be a Hero.
  • In Risk It All, Ren is a Perpetual Frowner whose face makes him look old enough to pass for an adult despite being only sixteen. Despite this, he's a well-meaning kid who loves his parents and tries to stop Black Mask to prevent him from hurting others rather than any sense of revenge.
  • In Unlimited, Izuku's teacher Kurobayashi has the head of a shark, which tends to make others instinctively afraid of him. He's actually a very nice man and enjoys helping others.
  • In Something Always Remains, Spring Bonnie, after falling into the decrepit state of Springtrap, is this. It's even more poignant when it's revealed that it's haunted by Jeremy Fitzgerald, a man who could never harm a fly in life. Averted when the other ghost takes over, though.
  • Just Another Night at Freddy's has pretty much any animatronic fit the bill, with Foxy perhaps being the best out of all of them. He is a Friend to All Children and will emotionally break down if he is forced to scare or harass any. But his disrepair has done no good for his looks and most people's reaction is generally fear. His occasional hairpin temper and hatred of being touched don't help either.
  • In Such a Doting Father, Endeavor is ranked in the top 10 heroes who look like villains, but (in this fic's AU at least) he's a massive softie and Amazingly Embarrassing Parent.
  • In A Slice of Smash, Dharkon looks like a terrifying Eldritch Abomination. He acts like a Keet Nice Guy.
  • Like in canon, Munehisa Iwai in the Persona 5 Adult Confidant AU is a case of this. He's a rather intimidating guy who can't give a proper smile to save his life, but is overall a decent person and a member of the AU's Phantom Thieves.
  • Giratina in Chosen One's Adventure with Legendaries looks just like his canon counterpart, but behind his terrifying appearance and lack of an indoor voice he's actually a meek Nice Guy.

    Films — Animated 
  • Finding Nemo:
    • The shark trio of Bruce, Chum and Anchor seem like they'd be fish-eating monsters - trailers played up Bruce as the Big Bad, in fact. Turns out they're pretty nice guys who have sworn off eating fish... Except for stinkin' dolphins. Just don't let any of them catch a whiff of blood. Oddly, out of the shark trio, Chum, being a shortfin mako, and Anchor, being a greater hammerhead, are the ones most likely to subsist on a diet of fish at their size. A great white of Bruce's size would mostly eat marine mammals... Like dolphins.
    • Gill, even though he has enough scars to look like a mob boss, and puts an act of being one, is actually a benevolent leader.
  • Isle of Dogs: One of the cannibal dogs, Gondo, is pretty freaky-looking. He's got huge fangs, the fur on half of his face had been torn away, and he's always got a fierce expression on his face. However, he turns out to be a friendly and gentle dog. It also turns out that he and his fellow "cannibal" dogs were very ashamed to have eaten another dog, when they could do nothing else to help him.
  • Tigress of the Kung Fu Panda series arguably qualifies as such in later installments. While not hideous, she is designed with a much fiercer look befitting her species compared to the more cartoony designs of the other Furious Five members, with a scowl often her default expression. However, after having Took a Level in Kindness following the first film (as well as a study of Hidden Depths in Expanded Universe material) Tigress is often conveyed as very loyal and sympathetic, if still rather aloof and blunt.
  • Rudolf the Black Cat: Gottalot is a muscular and intimidating stray cat feared by his peers, but he has a good heart; he's not gratuitously violent, willingly takes care of Rudolf, values learning and intellectual pursuits and gives Rudolf an education.
  • Shrek: Humans are scared of Shrek because of his monstrous appearance, but in reality, he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who doesn't hurt people without provocation, and at one point he laments to Donkey that people judge him before they get to know him.
    Shrek: Ogres are like onions.
    Donkey: They stink?
    Shrek: Yes. No!
    Donkey: Oh, they make you cry.
    Shrek: No.
    Donkey: Oh, you leave 'em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin' little white hairs...
    Shrek: No! Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.
    Donkey: Oh, you both have layers. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions.
  • Toy Story: All of Sid's toys are disfigured and creepy looking in some way. Both Woody and Buzz think they're cannibals after they carry away two toys who Sid performed "surgery" on. Then they fix Buzz's arm as he goes through a Heroic BSoD and reveal that they weren't eating the first two toys; they fixed them too.
  • Grandma Wu in Turning Red has Evil Eyebrows, a visible scar on her right eyebrow and Villainous Cheekbones but she's really just strict and intimidating rather than malicious.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Day My Kid Went Punk is an 80s film about a guy who gets into punk music and fashion. His peers are skeptical about this massive change. When he applies to work as a daycare worker over the summer he is almost denied due to his unconventional looks, and he later gets a mother mad that they're allowing someone dressed like him to take care of little kids.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: Norixius, the dragonborn Absolution Council member with a bulky saurian head, dark scales, and gruff demeanor, looks rather sinister. However, he's the one who shouts at the escaping Edgin and Holga in an understandably exasperated tone that their pardon had been approved, indicating that he's more sympathetic to prisoners like them than he initially seems.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: At the pageant, Richard ends up sitting near an intimidating-looking man in biker clothes who brushes off Richard's attempt to introduce himself. After Olive's big dance number, the biker ends up being one of the few people in the crowd who actually cheers for her. Word of God is that the man is the father of one of the other contestants who got dragged to the pageant and cheered for Olive because she did something new and interesting.
  • Revenge of the Sith: The Pau'an as a whole Looks Like Orlok, with gray skin, sunken red-rimmed eyes, long gnarled fingers and limbs, and a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs. Despite their ghastly appearances, they're capable of being perfectly friendly, as shown with Tion Medon, who greets Obi-Wan and is happy to help him track down General Grievous despite worrying about the potential battle that could break out in the city. While there are some evil Pau'an in later works like Star Wars Legends (Darth Desolous from The Force Unleashed) and The Grand Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels (who used to play this trope straight when he was a Jedi), they're rare exceptions to the rule.
  • Glen from Seed of Chucky. Despite being depicted as an ugly doll, and at the beginning of the film, being seen killing a girl's parents, we find out that Glen was having a nightmare and that he's really sensitive and despises violence, unlike the rest of his family.
  • Lampshaded and played with in Six Degrees Of Celebration. A police officer tells a recently-caught thief that just from looking at his face, one can tell he’s a thug. Later on, the officer himself gets mistaken for a bandit – and a fierce-looking granny tells him he clearly has the face of a thief.
  • The titular Tucker and Dale of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil are stereotypical rednecks who initially come off as creepy horror villains towards the group of college kids. In actuality, they're perfectly friendly people but prone to severe cases of miscommunication that make them come off worse than they intend.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Morso from Aasi, Morso ja Mouru. Morso is a mouse who looks like he came out of a puppet hater's worst nightmare, and Aasi the donkey is known for being scared to death of mice. However, Morso serves to be The Heart of the trio in comparison to Aasi's Cowardly Lion and Mouru's Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and he's determined to help Aasi get over his fear of mice.
  • Breaking Bad: Jesse's assumptions about this regarding a random stranger causes his relationship with Walt to permanently sour in season 5. They've both retired from the drug business at this point but Jesse is working with the DEA to bring Walt down, whom he suspects is trying to have him killed to tie up loose ends. They agree to meet in a public space, but Jesse notices a man dressed like a Neo-Nazi skinhead standing close to Walt. He assumes this man to be a hitman and calls off the meeting, but it turns out the guy was just there to pick up his daughter.
  • The Carol & Company episode "Myna and the Messenger" has Myna, a devout Christian woman, approached by an angel (Howie Mandel) who urges her to get to Vegas to win money to save her church. Myna is soon hooked on the gambling as she ignores a rough-and-tumble biker. She puts all her money into a huge bet...which loses. When she moans about what went wrong, her "angel" smirks "Oh, I think everything went great" and removes his hat to reveal a pair of horns. A downcast Myna is approached by that biker and gives him her last quarter out of pity. He uses it to win a huge slot jackpot which he says belongs to Myna as it was her coin. When she thanks him, he just smiles he's "doing my job" as he lifts his biker cap to show a halo over his head.
  • Drake & Josh has the infamous "Theater Thug" episode.
  • Gorou Yura, a supporting character in Kamen Rider Ryuki, is a perpetually scowling, rough-looking man who's both butler and bodyguard to the corrupt lawyer Kitaoka Shuuichi. He's also significantly less of an asshole than his employer, at one point going out of his way to compliment the protagonist Shinji for having a "good whistle" and later asking him for his gyoza recipe.
    • Ren Akiyama / Kamen Rider Knight usually gives people a bad first impression with his dour expression, rough attitude, and fondness for black clothes, but is actually a Jerk with a Heart of Gold trying hard not to let it show.
  • Gentaro Kisaragi, the protagonist of Kamen Rider Fourze, dresses as a Delinquent with slicked-back hair. However, he's actually an affable goof who quite literally wants to be Friend to All Living Things (who can still kick ass if needed).
  • Kamen Rider Zi-O: Geiz Myokoin can make people run away in fear just with his sour face and doesn't even realize why. Granted, if that doesn't work, his Hair-Trigger Temper will probably do the trick anyway. Social grace of a sledgehammer notwithstanding, he has Undying Loyalty to Tsukuyomi and fights to avert a Bad Future.
  • Kamen Rider Saber: Yuri, Sword of Light, has a fierce-looking face that seems locked in a perpetual frown, befitting his Comically Serious reactions, but not so much his easily distracted Cloud Cuckoolander persona.
  • An episode of My Name Is Earl dealt with this trope.
  • NCIS has, of course, the ever-lovable and normally harmless forensic scientist Abby.
    • It's not so much that Abby's really all that scary-looking, so much as it is that she is a caffeinated workaholic who dresses in a Goth fashion (even at work).
  • RuPaul's Drag Race will sometimes feature Drag Queens serving the female equivalent of the thug face, known as "resting bitch-face". Season 7's Pearl and Season 9's Trinity Taylor are two prime examples of queens who just paint their faces to look very cold and harsh even when they are perfectly content.
  • Vulcans in Star Trek. The first alien species to appear on the show (and, as later movies confirmed, the one to initiate First Contact with Earth), and one of the most popular. With pointed ears, upswept eyebrows and an overall cold demeanor, not to mention the ability to read minds, they have a genuinely demonic appearance (which was a problem -initially - for the producers of the Original Series worried about audience response and in-universe for the crew due to his more than once getting mistaken for a demon by one humanoid alien race or the other). Turns out that these guys are supersmart, logical, vegetarian pacifists who have completely forsworn violence and are quite willing to play the protective big brother to younger species.
  • The Monster of the Week in the Supernatural episode "Yellow Fever" is the ghost of a man who was murdered as a result of this trope.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • While not overly thuggish, Viola Cadaverini from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney looks creepy as Hell, but discounting her relationship with Furio Tigre she's really not that bad (though Investigations shows that she's keeping Tender Lender running just as ruthless as ever in Furio's absence).
    • Will Powers is a Gentle Giant with a face that scares small children. Kind of a handicap for an actor in children's shows, so he takes roles that involve wearing masks. He even refuses to be seen out of costume, because he's afraid of crushing his fans' expectations.
    • From Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Wocky Kitaki's father. He used to be the head of the local Yakuza and has an extremely intimidating face. But by the end of the case, it's shown that he's a loving father who brought the family out of the mob business so that his children, especially Wocky, wouldn't have to put their lives in danger.
    • From the Investigations games, Detective Badd is an imposing, gruff figure, but he's practically a second father figure to Kay. He gives her Swiss Rolls and distracts her with 'important detective assistance' to keep her mind off her father's death.
    • Justine Courtney from Investigations 2 practically screams Obviously Evil: A Cold Ham Hanging Judge proclaiming herself to be a divine avatar of the law itself, with an ever-present Leitmotif of sinister church music, constantly gets in Edgeworth's way, and tries to strip him of his badge. She was actually on his side all along, and her antagonism was mostly an act to get in the good graces of Blaise Debeste so that she could more easily take him down.
    • From Dual Destinies, Mayor Tenma, who is vilified for his scary looks and because he wants to or rather was being blackmailed into merge Tenma Town and Nine Tales Vale. He is really a kind man, loving father and popular pro-wrestler of the "face" variety.
    • In The Great Ace Attorney, it's immediately clear why Barok van Zieks is known the Reaper of the Old Bailey. He's towering, dressed like Dracula; and though he's clearly very handsome despite the Rugged Scar between the eyes, he seems incapable of expressions other than icy-eyed Death Glares and menacing Kubrick Stares. Even after he proves Dark Is Not Evil, Ryunosuke is still terrified to make eye contact with the man he's dubbed the "'Least Approachable Man in the World' winner, ten years in a row."
      Ryunosuke: He really does look fully prepared to dispatch his next victim to the underworld.
  • Danganronpa
    • Sakura Ogami has a wild appearance more suited for a Barbarian Hero than a high schooler and is the Ultimate Martial Artist (and probably the strongest student in school), but if you're not too intimidated to befriend her you'll find that she's a gentle soul and possibly the most mature character in the game.
    • Kazuichi Souda in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair sports a pretty outrageous Slasher Smile accentuated even further by his filed down shark-like teeth. He is actually quite timid and cowardly, and gets called on it within the game.
  • Moe Mortelli Daughter for Dessert has a scary, often creepy-looking face, but he's a cop who (at least mostly) follows the laws that he is paid to enforce.
  • In Double Homework, Morgan's uncle, Tommy, has an intimidating appearance, but is a caring father figure toward his niece, at once trying to keep her on the straight and narrow and looking after her happiness.
  • In the Prologue of Grisaia in The Eden of Grisaia Amane shows up riding a custom low-rider motorcycle, a leather jacket, and towering over the students and teachers alike. Chizuru is terrified until realizing that Amane hasn't the faintest idea what kind of impression she gives off and is actually very friendly and domestic.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • Berserker zigzags this trope, as while he IS a terrifying juggernaut of pure physical power to anyone even remotely threatening towards his master Illya, around her and when not burdened by absolute batshit insanity, he is a very compassionate and heroic individual. Most of his most impressive moments are his going above and beyond the limit to keep Illya safe.
    • In the Heaven’s Feel route, it is revealed that Rider bears this trope, as pretty much all of her actions are designed to protect her real master, Sakura.
  • Minotaur Hotel: Robert, considering how he scared the unsuspecting delivery man when his charm briefly malfunctioned. Storm is also this before he gets his charm while Asterion says most people find him scary.

    Web Animation 
  • ATTACK on MIKA: Jin has a scary face, which is fitting for a former gang member. However, he is actually a kindhearted man and currently a stay-at-home dad.
  • Manga Angel Neko Oka: Akira has a face that usually intimidates people leading to none of the women in his workplace dating him. He uses it to his advantage when he saved Aoi from a stalker. He became her bodyguard soon after.
  • Manga-Waido:
    • "My parents put all their love into my sister, but I was sold to a dangerous man...": Kaede and Mao's parents sold the latter to a scary-faced-businessman named Akio, only for her to find out he was an honest man who wanted to get ahead in his mushroom business by buying her grandmother's land. He even helped her sister Kaede when she ran away from her parents' house when they forced her into sex work to earn them money and reported the couple.
    • "My dad who exposed an injustice was fired from the boss…" Despite looking like a thug, Tadashi's father is actually a fun person to talk with. He also turns out to be a lawyer who wants to help Keita's father to sue his former company for wrongful dismissal.
    • "I stumbled into my ex at work...": Keisuke's father looked like a Yakuza at first glance, unnerving Mihiro as he called her out for insulting his son. However, he is actually the owner of a cleaning company Keisuke works for, and hoped for him to take over someday.
    • "My annoying neighbor told me that her boyfriend was a gangster so I...": Yoko's father looked like a stereotypical Yakuza thug due to his towering build and scarred face, but he is actually part of an anti-gang squad and the scar in his face was from an injury at work. When he shows up, the stuck-up Ms. Makita (who brought up her Yakuza boyfriend to shut Yoko up) is reduced to a begging, sobbing wreck at the sight of him.
  • The Rhino and the Redbill has Niles, who in the surface seems to be another stereotypical rhinoceros brute, with his blindness,constant frown and a large muscular build making him look quite scary. However, he is a compassionate fellow that, despite his stoicism, does genuinely care about those around him, such as his Oxpecker partner Red.

    Western Animation 
  • In The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode "The Great Honey Pot Robbery", honey robbers Stan and Heff bring in their gargantuan Woozle, Wooster, to mug the Hundred Acre Wood of all their honey. Pooh steps in and naively and sweetly asks if they could just be friends and then share the honey peacefully. Stan and Heff scoff at this suggestion. Wooster's response?
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: Roger is a sewer gator that looks as fearsome as any alligator does, yet he's probably the kindest animal you'll ever see in Central Park, with a penchant for baking and choir.
  • Popeye has a face that could perhaps be best characterised as ugly, odd, and cartoony and fits with his rough-around-the-edges attitude but also has a rather altruistic and chivalrous personality treating everyone especially kids fairly.
  • Steven Universe: The Topazes, a pair of big hulking minions with intimidating builds and scary faces, turn out to be Gentle Giants.


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