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Grand Blues! (Guraburu! in Japanese) is the official webcomic/manga spin-off for Granblue Fantasy drawn by Kiku Hitomoji, written and published by Cygames. It is an ongoing Gag Series that focuses more on the comedic aspects of the RPG game's characters, with various hijinks pertaining to fourth-wall hints and breaks, lampshaded tropes, Deconstructions, Running Gags, Brick Jokes and numerous character-related exaggerations. Basically, it's Granblue with all the seriousness tossed aside for the sake of making fun out of the lore using alternate, chibi-fied versions of the characters.

The comic series is presented using a 4-koma format, with the first panel on top being fully-colored. Each new comic strip is usually tied to the currently-running story events or celebrations of the game. Although these are originally released in Japanese, Cygames also releases official English translations for the older comic strips by batch. This is freely-accessible from the main screen of the game. It was later printed into manga volumes.

Starting from the April Fools' Day event of 2017 onwards, this webcomic spin-off has been somewhat integrated into the story of the RPG game via the "Big Bad Shadow" event and its iterations, making the series a case of a parallel world wherein the comical alternate selves travel to the Skydom via portal cracks, interacting with the real crewmembers for the duration of the events.

On the April Fools' Day of 2020, it was announced that this webcomic series is having a short anime adaptation within the same year. Yep, despite the announcement being on April Fools, it was a real thing planned to be released on October 8, 2020.

Like the browser game it is derived from, Grand Blues! should not be confused with Grand Blue.

Tropes in Grand Blues!

  • Accidental Misnaming: Rosine is prone to this mistake due to her old age. In Comic #1027, she calls Godsworn Alexiel as Gigantes. Alexiel then has to slowly repeat her name close to Rosine's ear to help her remember. And in Comic #1029 when Lyria mentions "Egg Rice" when thinking about food, Rosine misnames Alexiel again as "Aleggxiel".
  • Accidental Pervert:
    • A strip has Black Knight admiring an Orchid figure that Sierokarte gave to her, with its incredible accuracy to the real deal and the articulation of its joints. When she tries to check how well the upper legs work, she ends up peeking up the skirt when the real Orchid enters her room. Orchid declares she'll leave the Black Knight to do whatever she was doing in peace with Apollo getting flustered and shattering her armor to try to get Orchid to listen to her explanation.
    • In Comic #351, Eso challenges some of the female cast to an arm wrestling challenge. Vyrn later calls him out on this act as an excuse to something else, but Eso nervously denies his accusation.
      Vyrn: You say it's arm wrestling but I bet you just want to hold hands with the girls.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Before and during Crossover events, Cygames would usually make Grand Blues! comic strips featuring Granblue characters who share the same voice actor with a character from the third-party franchise, such as Niyon constantly having comic appearances while the Code Geass collab (featuring C.C.) is taking place. C.C. and Niyon are both voiced by Yukana.
    • Comic #852 featuring Seofon, is titled "Blade Works Not So Unlimited". This is a clear Shout-Out to Fate/stay night and Emiya's Unlimited Blade Works Noble Phantasm, as well as an actor allusion for Jun'ichi Suwabe who voiced both Seofon and Emiya (the former is even known by the players for being an Expy of the latter, by having the similar ability of summoning multiple copies of blades).
  • A-Cup Angst: In Comic #1028, Cucouroux wanted to ask Lyria's opinions about chest sizes. But Lyria brandishes Vyrn as an axe, creates a fissure on the ground that separates them both from Cucouroux, and warns the latter from "crossing the line". This implies that Lyria doesn't want to talk about chests, as she isn't well-stacked yet.
  • Alternate Self: What the Grand Blues! characters basically turn out to be when they get crossed-over with the actual setting of Granblue Fantasy. During the "Big Bad Shadow" event, they are usually identified with a question mark after their names to help distinguish them from the real deal.
    • Vyrn's counterpart is "Vyrn?", who even acts as the boss of the "Big Bad Shadow" event.
    • Katalina's comic counterpart "Katalina?" appears in the "Big Bad Shadow" event. Her other self is focused on nothing else but wanting to catch the "Vyrn?" from the Gag Series.
    • Rosetta's comic counterpart "Rosey" appears in the "Big Bad Shadow" event, though they never actually meet face-to-face. This version of hers worries about her "posture" and any potential risks to her back. She is only seen in the event's epilogue.
    • Cagliostro's comic counterpart "Cagliosled" appears in the 2018 re-run of the "Big Bad Shadow" event, though they never met face-to-face. She is basically a sled with Cagliostro's head. Cagliosled is seen during the epilogue, carrying "Rosey" while stumbling across an empty room in the Grandcypher.
    • Jin's comic counterpart "Jin?" appears in the Big Bad Shadow event, who motivates the real Jin to face the event's antagonist "Vyrn?" with his full might... by allowing the real Jin to imagine the voices of the female cast cheering on him.
    • Lancelot's comic counterpart "Chaindelot" appears in the "Big Bad Shadow" event. Chaindelot takes the appearance of Lancelot being chained into a wall, seemingly unable to break free. He only appears at the epilogue of the event, and it is revealed that Chaindelot always takes that slab of concrete with him wherever he goes, even when entering a portal.
    • Ferry's comic counterpart "Ferry?" appears in the "Big Bad Shadow" event. This version of her appears to be nearly cowering for most of the time, and the one who urges her fellow Gag Series to go back to their original world.
  • April Fools' Day: The "Big Bad Shadow" series of April Fools'-exclusive events in the browser game has the Grand Blues! version of Vyrn invading and serving as the raid boss, while the similar comic counterparts of some skyfarers team up with their real counterparts in order to stop him.
  • Art Evolution: The earlier chapters of the 4-koma has an art style closely resembling the NPC artworks of the characters. Later chapters turned the overall aesthetic to a more chibi style such as having rounded eyes, larger heads, and lesser jagged edges. Vyrn is one of those who have underwent a noticeable change.
  • Artistic License – Chemistry: In Comic #112, Vyrn uses the Litmus Test to know which among the two bowls of soup is made by Katalina since he can't distinguish between her and Teena's soup at first glance. The paper turned pitch black, which is not in the pH scale's range of colors.
  • Ascended Meme: These are either concepts pulled straight into and out of the comics, or inspired by the community's memes and fan nicknames:
    • The Chat Stickers contain plenty of these, such as Rackam being known for his infamous Duration skill has earned him a bunch of in-game Stickers (and an outfit!) to commemorate both his "legend" and his Duration. In fact, all Chat Stickers are colored versions of specific panels taken from the comic series.
    • Comic #736 is titled "Ramenverse", which parallels with the Shadowverse playerbase's habit of deriving fan nicknames from "_____verse" into specific topics of interest such as "Waifuverse" and "Aggroverse".
    • The official English translations of Comic #948 and #1102 are titled "Rosetta's Only a Girl! JK!" and "Ilsa Joins The JK Club" respectively. The acronym JK is a fan nickname for Rosetta, who appears in both comics.
    • Comic #1386 depicts Aliza doing the "Hands-Free Bubble Tea / Tapioca Challenge" with her Draph assets. Granblue fanartists already made these images with some of the game's characters even before Cygames made an official comic out of the meme.
  • Awesome Mc Cool Name: In Comic #1007, the Lowain Bros. discuss on how a "Xeno" primal beast has such a terrifying power, and conclude that it is due to the name. They then imagine adding Xeno prefixes to their names to match up with the beasts', from Xeno Lowain, Xeno Vira, and lastly Xeno Predator, whom Tomoi calls a "Wicked Cool Name".
  • Beat Panel: Comic #294 has Sarunan looking for ways to extend Honey's lifespan. A curious Aster asks him about what can she do to help. Sarunan explains that he needs a child Erune as his successor since they have the longest lifespan. The next panel has an awkward silence where Aster is visibly trembling and that Sarunan is looking straight at her. The last panel shows the two unleashing their Charge Attacks at each other.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In Comic #1781, when it looks like Port Breeze is going to be crushed by debris after Eustace destroys Diaspora, Galleon comes out of nowhere to grab the debris as it falls and hurl it back into the sky, as a way to repay Korwa and Lennah for making a big enough shirt that she can wear.
  • Bishie Sparkle: The webcomic depicts Seruel with this as he does everything with incredibly graceful poise, making even the simple act of taking out the garbage elegant.
  • Bowdlerise: Similar to the base game, some of the perverted jokes and innuendos get toned down here once they get official English translations. This is mostly the case for Belial's related dialogues, such as in Comic #995, #998 and #1067 where "Climax" gets translated to "Hit the Sweet Spot", "Down and Dirty" to "Hanky-Panky", and "I'm Coming!" to a very distant "Free the Beast!" or "Dark Communion".
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Happens in Comic #1074 where Eustace doesn't know how to properly classify Wulf.
    "A Dog... Or A Man? A Dogman!"
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • In Comic #781, Zehek, Lunalu and Orchid attempt to deconstruct Lyria's traits... by mentioning some tropes!
      Zehek: The Girl in Blue who commands Primal Beasts... Now taking on the strong and silent trait?
      Zehek and Lunalu: Imperial Secret, Life Link, Girl in Blue, Amnesia, Primal Beast, Skies and Stars
      Lunalu: The number of Anime Tropes you embody is too great even for me!
      Lyria: Anime Tropes?
      Orchid: If Lyria didn't speak, we'd be sharing the same trope...
    • In Comic #938, Clarisse is amused by Cagliostro's Cagliosled outfit, while saying "You're so cute you make me wanna Tweet!" Cagliosled later responds with "Tweet What?". The next panel is later an example of the Star Character Twitter template of Granblue.
  • Brick Joke: A common theme among several comic strips of the series. A joke will sometimes get continuations in future strips, along with a written reference to the strip number of the comic where the joke was previously mentioned or used. An example is given below:
    • Several strips feature Alec and Albert (two Lightning-users) in the Engine room, strapped to machines that drain electricity from them just to power up the Grandcypher. While this became a Running Gag every time the two appear in the comics, some characters wondered how they could help the duo. In a comic released during the "Bzzt! Amped-Up Summer" event, Orchid sneaks in an "electric eal" into the ship, and instead of having it disposed for being a potential threat, Vaseraga suggests replacing Alec and Albert with the electric eal. It worked, with the two finally free from the Engine Room, while the eal takes their place.
    • Pommern has two appearances in the Grand Blues! comics where a hot boiled egg flies in his mouth, making him scream in pain. In the "Odenlicious" Free Quest of Agastia, Pommern is so lost in his train of thoughts while eating oden to the point where he accidentally burned his tongue from an egg.
  • Brief Accent Imitation: In Comic #931, Vane and Lancelot imitate Percival's facial expressions and speak his Catch Phrases like "Vassal" and "Mongrel".
  • Butt-Monkey: Rackam. He tends to get blown up a lot with a legend following his deeds (at least in the comics). Said legends may be in the form of paintings, landmarks, a festival, or a yoga pose.
  • Calling Your Orgasms: Belial intentionally makes Sandalphon saying "I'm Coming!" in Comic #998 appear to be an example of this. However, any variant of this innuendo gets toned down in the English version to "Free the Beast!".
  • Characterization Marches On: Played straight and discussed regarding Io. She used to be the Straight Man especially in the earlier strips, but finds herself more and more pre-occupied noticing other female characters' body features. It came to a point that the crew were looking to recruit more people who could fulfill the Straight Man archetype, like Sandalphon or Baal.
  • Chekhov's Gag: Several comics focus and lampshade on Lyria not wearing any footwear at all. In another comic, she challenges Threo to a beach sumo wrestling match. She instantly wins by default since Threo immediately collapses from the hot sand scalding her feet. Lyria's gone barefoot for so long she never felt a thing!
  • Continuity Nod: Sevilbarra has a shared gag in the Grand Blues! comics where he attends a "Brothers meet-up" with Lucius and Ryan, with the trio secretly discussing their younger sisters. However, Sevilbarra does not appear in Comic #1081 alongside the two brothers, because his younger sister is now deceased, following the "Reflections for a White Clover" event in the mobile game.
  • Cool Mask: Or rather, the lack of it, is what drives Comic #1374 when Maria interacts with other characters with Cool Mask like Gawain and Siegfried. Maria instead uses her Evoker hood as replacement.
  • CPR: Clean, Pretty, Reliable: Played for Laughs in Comic #285 where Ladiva performs a "Rescue Breathing" with a drowned Rackam. But given the third panel and the "Mmmmwua", it is implied that Ladiva only kissed Rackam, who was aware of the situation because he was half-dead.
  • Crazy-Prepared: In Comic #1048, Siegfried installed windshield wipers on his helmet's visors, anticipating the moment when his fellow Dragon Knights and Team Chickadee splash paint on everyone's faces.
  • Crocodile Tears: Haaselia's favorite trick when she tries to pass off as a child as shown in Comic #1290. Claudia can easily see through her act though.
  • Crowded-Cast Shot: The 1000th comic strip features a wallpaper of almost the entire cast (in their chibi appearances) to celebrate both the milestone of 1000 and the 4th Anniversary of the game.
  • Crushing Handshake: Tzaka and Zeyen do this in Comic #823. Tzaka initiates this as he is shocked that Io now calls Zeyen her master. Vyrn is even aware of this trope at work, while the last panel shows the two unleashing their Battle Auras during the handshake.
  • Deconstruction:
    • Comic #936 takes a jab at how real physics/gymnastics would apply to be able to simulate the 2D Side-Scroller genre.
      Arthur: Try moving sideways while facing forward. Now jump at the right moment while strafing... And you'll practically be flying!
    • In Comic #1132, Vyrn deconstructs wrestling matches as a form of forced entertainment when the crowd goes wild after seeing Ladiva and Therese fight. Of course, Therese hears this and thinks of the other way - that duels and wrestling are a real sport. She later intimidates Vyrn into a "real" fight.
      Vyrn: Well a Duel's scripted to be entertaining after all! There'd be no room for fancy-schmancy moves like that in a real match!
    • In another comic, Grimnir takes too much time in his monologue that he is left vulnerable to Vyrn's punch. Vyrn then deconstructs the Talking Is a Free Action trope and suggests that any Genre Savvy can use this to their advantage against a talkative opponent.
  • Dissonant Serenity: So as not to scare Goblin Mage while he is killing nearby monsters in Comic #1075, Feower drops his rude terms and shouting, and adapts to a more polite personality instead. When Vyrn suggests using Goblin Mage's powers to make Feower more carefree, the results didn't go as expected.
    Hewwo lil' buddy! It's your pal Bloody-Blood Stabby Man! He-he-he!
  • Don't Try This at Home: A disclaimer is placed in Comic #1080 as Karva tries to slide her hand on the razor spin blades.
  • Double Knockout: In a training sequence of Comic #1025, A small flaming meteor hits Threo's chest and bounces to Soriz's forehead, knocking both of them out cold.
  • Double Meaning:
    • Mirin is also the name of a Japanese rice wine condiment. Comic #972 plays with this when she jumps into the sake she was cooking, well because she has to put in "Mirin".
    • The name of Yaia's stuffed toyed is "Charley Horse", which gets played for comedy in Comic #967. Randall hates Charley Horses (A.K.A. Leg Cramps) and will do everything to eliminate them. Yaia, who owns a similarly named Companion Cube hears this from a corner, and calls Randall a murderer, thinking that he would destroy her toy.
  • Dungeon Bypass: In Comic #1013, Chat Noir set up an escape game in which participants would have to solve puzzles in a closed-off room under a time limit. Barawa "completed" his test in just 5 seconds... by smashing through the wall.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Aside from the distinct difference of art styles between the earliest comics and the latest ones, there have been short Running Gags in the comics that have now become obscure or forgotten, primarily because these gags are only exclusive to the comics and require specific tropes to work, something that can be difficult to replicate as a long-running gag. For example, Comics #9 and #27 have Vyrn being thrown like a projectile because someone mistook him for a rock or a bomb. Another example is Altair getting his glasses repeatedly shattered.
  • Eating the Enemy: In Comic #65, Lyria casually chomps off the head of a mushroom minion.
  • Episode Zero: The Beginning: Comic #187, and #190-192 are all titled "Rosamia Unmasked", with the later chapters continuing the story of the previous ones, but #187 starts off the numbering with 0.
  • Everyone Has Standards: This version of the crew Took a Level in Jerkass for the sake of comedy but they still look out for one another, case in point as soon as the crew heard about Cassius' fate they were so seethingly furious that not even Ludmila's mushrooms could calm them down to their usual shenanigans or distract them from the rocket.
  • Extreme Omnivore:
    • Lyria's Big Eater trait becomes exaggerated here to the point that it overlaps with this trope. She is shown eating poisonous animals like the Venom Viper and Death Scorpion in Comic #46, and she can eat poisonous mushrooms and Katalina's cooking without experiencing any side effects.
    • This also applies to Amira.
  • Face of a Thug: Katzelia is noticed to have one in Comic #1289. Interestingly, his sprite in the flashback gave him a more gentle expression, implying his current face is the result of the stress of being in exile and seeking revenge on his uncle.
  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences: Done in Comic #1042. When Aliza asks who would win between Masked Vypher and Al-Khalid, all of the ex-contestants continue each other's sentences, to which Aliza thinks their speech is very well-coordinated and Seox calls it a "Unified Armchair Commenting".
  • Flanderization: For the sake of comedy, some characters get their defining traits exagerrated here. They can also double as a Running Gag when they get repeatedly used throghout the series:
    • Lyria loves eating. Here, she's a Big Eater with a Vacuum Mouth. Amira also shares these same quirks as Lyria, referencing how Amira eats in the Rage of Bahamut: Genesis anime.
    • Katalina likes fluffly animals. Here, her Cuteness Proximity trope activates every time Vyrn is near, sending her chasing after the little dragon.
    • Lecia becomes a full-blown perfectionist who wants order and discipline for everyone in the ship, no matter what it takes. This also includes her punishments for those who violate her rules.
    • Jin being a Chivalrous Pervert while being Too Kinky to Torture. Most of the time, he gets caught spying near girls or having perverted thoughts.
    • Lancelot's event version has him Chained by Fashion but eventually broke free. This is spoofed heavily in the comics, where he carries even the wall which is bound to the chains, and is later made a playable costume.
    • Almeida's crush on Vaseraga is already known by her closest friends. The comics are even a lot more blatant as Almeida blushes and freaks out whenever she interacts with him.
    • Drang's perverted tendencies get exaggerated to make him as a Lovable Sex Maniac in his webcomic appearances, no longer turning him into the Chivalrous Pervert of his actual counterpart. To note, he owns and shamelessly brings out dakimakuras of Narmaya and Vira (both of which get ripped by Sturm), openly admits being flustered at the Fanservice designs of the Levin Sisters, and also calls Albert a fellow "Man of Culture" in Comic #1076.
    • Ilsa's Married to the Job trope usually gets exaggerated into the Old Maid trope to the point where some characters (particularly her Society underlings Zeta and Beatrix) mock Ilsa for her lowered chances of getting married, just because she's already 28 years old without a boyfriend!
    • In one of her few appearances in Grand Blues!, Korwa's magical ability to make people happy gets exaggerated. Korwa made a dress that makes the wearer always happy, and one of the unfortunate "victims" is later seen smiling while nervously sweating and trembling.
    • Tweyen is already a Pungeon Master in her own episodes, but she only does it sparingly. Here, she brings out puns by a lot, that almost all of her comic strips feature a pun on two.
    • Magic might be Tzaka's main job, but he's still a humongous Draph man and will punch his way through a situation if the need arises. Grand Blues! parodies his Kung-Fu Wizard trope to no end, implying all his magic prowess is just super strength:
      Io: The Archduke always does magic tricks when I'm feeling down!
      Tzaka: Huh? Did you trip and fall? What a mean stone. I'd better teach it a lesson. (Grabs stone)
      Io: (While Tzaka clenches his fist) Wooooah! You turned it into dust!
  • Forehead of Doom: A Running Gag of Carren, Ghandagoza and Dante in the comics. Their shiny large foreheads are exaggerated to be able to produce and reflect so much light that can even exorcise Jeanne d'Arc's dark persona, amongst other ridiculous feats.
  • Foreshadowing: A common trend of Cygames in this webcomic is to release a comic strip starring a specific character, only to introduce a new event or gacha version of the said character in-game afterwards. One notable example is Alexiel, whose playable version was introduced just around 2 days after having her first comic appearance. This led to players taking hints from the comics to predict future additions in the game's character roster. Chances are, if a character suddenly appears in a comic, he/she will be received an updated version, or will star in a future story event.
  • Fowl-Mouthed Parrot: In Comic #33, Gotle calls Vyrn a "bonehead lizard". When Vyrn tells this to Lyria, the parrot just remains silent.
  • Friendly Tickle Torture: Courtesy of Cagliostro in Comic #650, where it is revealed that Ferry is ticklish and even blushes when someone touches her armpits.
  • Gag Series: The official webcomic/manga counts as this, complete with many examples of Character Exaggeration, Affectionate Parody, and Lampshade Hanging. Notably, this series served as the basis for the 2017 and 2018 April Fools events "Big Bad Shadow" - Grand Blues! was stated to be an Alternate Universe from the main game, with the webcomic version of Vyrn featured as the raid boss.
  • Game-Favored Gender: There is a mini-series of Grand Blues!-styled informative yonkoma that teaches the basic gameplay flow of the gacha game, and it features the protagonist Djeeta being tutored by Sierokarte. Djeeta's counterpart Gran has never appeared in any Grand Blues! media so far, though he has been drawn in the art style for the Granblue Channel videos and in-game stickers.
  • Genre Savvy: In Comic #595, Lunalu remains calm just as Zeta is afraid of a shark's presence near them. She later explains the Slashers Prefer Blondes trope to Zeta.
    Lunalu: It's an ironclad rule in B-Horror films! The blondes are always the first to go!
  • Gratuitous French: Tyre screams "Au Revoir!" in Comic #995 which also doubles as Calling Your Orgasms.
  • Groin Attack: In Comic #1115, a fish scooped by Threo ends-up mouth-open into Seofon's crotch.
  • He Knows About Timed Hits: In Comic #1054, Vyrn explains the Uncapping mechanic to Lunalu about Hazen's sudden change in facial expression, stating that a character's appearance may change when uncapped.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Lobelia attempts to "test" Vyrn's sound in Comic #1397 with his Audiomancy. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Vyrn is in the form of the horn...
  • Honey Trap: This trope is invoked and even name-dropped in Comic #1108 when Arulumaya exposes her "sensual nape" in an attempt to distract Capo Tony.
  • Idiot Ball: In Comic #21, Imperial Soldiers having a crush on Katalina decided to wear Vyrn masks after knowing that she is in love with Vyrn. Unluckily for them, it only resulted to receiving slashes from her sword.
  • Imagine Spot:
    • A comic strip featuring Sturm and Drang has the latter asking for a "game of horsey" moment from Cagliostro. Sturm immediately thinks of a perverted scenario where Cagliostro rides her partner, while in reality, Drang wants to ride the Ouroboros.
    • In a chapter of the comic strips, Korwa insists that if Sturm and Drang won't try to act like a romantic couple, they should at least act like close siblings instead. The next panel has Drang imagining the two scenarios whether Sturm becomes his older sister or a younger one. It ends with the real Sturm stabbing Drang out of nowhere.
    • Lyria and Io once had an argument in the comics as to who is the stronger one between Eahta/Okto and Ghandagoza. The two men then started to have a pushing Brawler Lock stand-off. It then cuts to Io who realizes Ghandagoza won't have a chance because Okto can use his katana-equipped ponytail to whack the former's head.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Cagliostro tries to make a pun in Comic #347 by distracting Bonito with an arrow and a rock. It fails miserably as she didn't get any reaction at all.
    Cagliostro: Rock-Arrow. Rock-a-row, Rock and Roll, get it?
  • Instrument of Murder: In Comic #937, Arriet hits the Bone Dragon to the head with her Lyre after her sleep-inducing music didn't work because cause it doesn't have ears.
  • Jawbreaker: Played for Laughs in Comic #1098 as Korwa tries to wrestle and alligator's jaw with all of her limbs.
  • Karma Meter: Comic #70 is a Parody of this "mechanic" as Gawain's cursed armor talks to him, constantly reminding how many points he has earned for helping people or being a jerk.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: In a summer-themed Comic strip, Tweyen dropped a pun so lame it caused the nearby Odajumoki thugs in a Stunned Silence state.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Sometimes, tropes and obvious traits get pointed out and discussed:
    • Lyria being barefoot is lampshaded in certain comics where the others are surprised at how Lyria travels several islands without shoes.
    • Jessica and her Muscles Are Meaningless trope. The comic lampshades how strong she is from carrying around the cannon all the time.
    • Leona being a Statuesque Stunner for being 177cm tall. This gets lampshaded in the comics where she is self-conscious about being tall, as she fears that her height won't make her cute... But Soriz, Jin, and Nezahualpilli disagree with Leona's concern, all while simultaneously calling her cute.
    • In a comic, Jin wonders why Mirin prefers to have a pigtail and a ribbon on her hair and not the typical ponytail that most samurai are depicted with.
    • Naoise being an Extreme Omnivore who can also eat Katalin's deadly cooking without suffering any ill effects. Comic #1170 plays with this by mentioning that Naoise has "no sense of taste".
    • Siegfried having a Face of a Thug. His menacing black armor and quiet demeanor causes many people to regard him with suspicion and fear, even after he's cleared his name. A comic even has him need to remove his mask just to shop.
    • Sophia's boobs having the bouncing effect. This is pointed out in Comic #933 where Sophia joins Team Chickadee for their training. Needless say, the young knights are easily distracted by her appeal.
      Arthur and Mordred: She's got a bounce in every step!
    • In Comic #950, Io describes Almeida the relationship between Zeta and Vaseraga as if the latter two are Like an Old Married Couple.
      Io: Bakameida! If they stick together after all that... They've transcended lovers! They are practically married!
    • Comic #226 reminds us that Carmelina is an Escape Artist.
    • Zaja's Heroic Self-Deprecation trait is often pointed out, like in Comic #1050.
    • Erunes and their weird biology. Comic #610 points out the idea that as Erunes have their ears above their heads, how can some of them even manage to keep their glasses on? There has to be something that keeps the glasses in place. Freesia jokingly answers to this by saying that she uses her "face muscles".
    • In Comic #1096, the Casual Danger Dialogue trope is lampshaded by Pavidus when Melleau and Nemone talk about making cool poses while fighting Tezcatlipoca.
      Pavidus: It's nice to see you sisters getting along so well, but... Let's not forget we're in the middle of a battle!
    • Pholia has a stunted growth which makes her appear younger than her actual age. Her age is also made fun of by Vyrn in Comic #1126. Then in one comic, she delivers this line:
      Pholia: Just look at me! Going Past 30 and Forever Stuck in a Girl's Body!
    • Seofon is an Expy of Archer Emiya from Fate/stay night, due to having a similar voice actor. Comic #852 featuring Seofon, is titled "Blade Works Not So Unlimited".
    • Seofon can be considered a One-Man Army because of his ability to summon spectral warriors. In Grand Blues! Comic #1135, Lowain puts a hint as to why the rest of the Eternals won't usually meet up with him.
    Lowain: I'm gonna be real bro... the fact that you can do everything alone... Might be the part of why the rest of your fam won't show up.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: One that is given to Alexiel in Comic #1027. When Lyria mentions "Egg Rice" when thinking about food, Rosine misnames Alexiel as "Aleggxiel".
  • Loophole Abuse: In Comic #1016, Tyrias mocks Lyria as the abominations are pre-programed to handle anything the party throws at them thanks to studying the crew's previous combat data (particularly the combat they've been through in this webomic universe). So Lyria instead summons Zaoshen, Adramelech and Ankusha, three primal beasts that were never used before in the comics.
  • Lower-Deck Episode: Comic #1175 is the first comic that doesn't feature any playable or story-relevant characters, just some minor unnamed NPCs.
  • Mistaken for Pedophile: Alanaan is hilariously mistaken as one by Lecia in Comic #1322 when he's praising the Sun (Goddess) together with fellow Sun worshipper Zahlhamelina. While she understands the misunderstanding, Lecia still writes him down in her shit list regardless.
  • Moon Logic Puzzle: Caim got bombarded with them by Philosophia as a test in Comic #1323. Caim tried his best but the absurdness of Philosophia's answers get the better of him.
  • Mundane Utility: Commonly used in the comic strips. While there have been plenty of cases where the individual characters make mundane use of their weapons and powers, there are also instances where groups of characters combine their abilities for one mundane purpose.
    • Comic #428 - Percival uses his flaming sword for acupuncture therapy.
    • Comic #985 - Since Teena has troubles giving chocolate to his brother Lucius, Medusa helps her by petrifying the lower body of Lucius so that he can't escape while Feena offers her drill to help extend Teena's reach.
    • Comic #988 – Gawain and Anre use their Damage Cut buffs on Thelonim, who's been eating Katalina's chocolates. But these went to no avail, since Lowain describes the chocolate as "Death Gloopified".
    • Comic #1084 - Arriet uses her lyre to smash boulders while helping to clean up the rubble, and lulls the Big Eaters to sleep to help preserving food rations.
    • Comic #1118 - A subversion. Anne contemplates in using her paragon spirit's shield and lance as a makeshift bra when her swimwear got washed away by the sea. Of course, the spirit disagrees.
    • Spinnah can use the spin blades to propel himself in the air like a helicopter.
    • Melissabelle uses her hair powers in a variety of non-combat situations, such as holding a spinning spin blade, or shaping it like a slingshot in order to catapult herself.
    • Comic #1396 - Nier can use her magic of life manipulation to grow back people's hair, as demonstrated on Dante.
    • Comic #1373 - Rackam used Estarriola's Snot Bubble to build a makeshift hot air balloon.
  • Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom: In Comic #101, Zehek gives Ferry the name "Lonesome Pale Spirit Zero Grand Guignol Phantazweiss".
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: In Comic #1046, Yodarha leaves a Trail of Bread Crumbs to help them on their way back. But he soon finds out that Lyria has been eating them from behind.
  • Non-Fatal Explosions: Explosions here don't kill no matter how many times a character gets subjected to them. This happens a whole lot with Rackam's Running Gag.
  • Oblivious to Love: In the mobile game, Vira is oblivious to Tyre's crush on her. In the webcomic, this also extends to Jin.
  • Offhand Backhand: In Comic #61, Vira nonchalantly backhands a training monster coming after her. She did not look back as her first priority at that time was to find a vacant spot for her and Katalina to sit on at the park.
  • Or Was It a Dream?: Charlotta has a Nightmare Sequence in the comics where she became so small that Vyrn is literally holding her with one hand. She then wakes up in her room, while a "giant" Vyrn peeks in the window asking "Was it... Just a dream?" Cue this trope!
  • Overused Running Gag: While the "RACKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" gag has been used dozens of times already in the comic strips without any added punchline at the end, it is only during Comic #1086 where Vyrn called the gag a "cliche".
  • The Perfectionist: One of Lecia's exaggerated traits in the comics. She always makes it sure that the crewmembers are adhering correctly to the rules, without even the slightest mistakes.
  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: In Comic #1019, Airi mentions "momminess" to which Tyrias replies "Is that even a word?"
  • Pervert Revenge Mode:
    • Helnar is on the receiving end of this in Comic #1093 where he unknowingly flirted with Io and called her a babe with a super sexy pose. He gets strangled by Lecia as a result.
    • In Comic #325, Robomi punches Nicholas in the face just as he wipes her ticklish metal chest.
  • Portmanteau: Some characters are named in this manner, which is also carried over when they appear in the mobile game during April Fools:
    • "Cagliosled" - Cagliostro's head on a sled
    • "Chaindelot" - Chained Lancelot
    • "Monacar" - Monika's head on a car
  • Product Placement: From time to time, if there's a collab of Granblue with another Cygames franchise, it usually gets directly referenced here as some sort of promotion. For example, when the "Brigade of the Sky" expansion arrived on Shadowverse (featuring GBF characters), Siegfried and Pommern play the mobile card game using their smartphones.
  • Pun-Based Title: Several comic strips have titles written with puns, such as "Pet-ty Arguments", "Walder You Tryin' To Prove?", "Duel Personalities", "Ice to Know You", "Run Farrah Farrah Away", "Senta Claw—-Rackaaam!", "As Farrah's She's Concerned", "What Zehek?", etc...
  • Red Herring: Comic #173 even has the title "Red Herring" where Carren attaches Vyrn to a fishing hook in order to bait Fafnir... not to feed him to the enemy, but to attract Katalina and make her charge in Vyrn's direction. Just as Fafnir and Katalina are charging towards the bait, Carren pulls Vyrn up and the lieutenant stuns the primal beast with a headbutt.
  • Recoil Boost: Parodied in a comic where Silva makes a flying kick by using the recoil from her backwards sniper shot as a boost, which she calls "Sniper Kick".
  • Running Gag:
    • Vyrn has several - one is his shapeshifting into various objects, while the other is him commenting that he's not whatever he has shapeshifted into. There are also comics where he accidentality opens doors and eavesdrops on a crew member's Out of Character moments.
    • Katalina's deadly cooking. The characters are aware of this and actively try to avoid them. But only a few such as Naoise are able to eat these foods without ill side-effects.
    • Rackam getting caught near explosions, while his fellow crewmates shout his name out loud. This has also evolved in skits "immortalizing" Rackam by making landmarks, objects, art, or a festival to remember his ability to survive explosions.
    • One of the prominenent gags of Io in the comics has her stopping in her tracks, deeply staring when she catches a sight of the other female characters' exposed skin and well-endowed body.
    • Rosetta has a habit of stretching her back and bending her knees. Most of the time, it does not end well for her and she ends up having broken bones (indicated with a "Crack!"). Later strips involve Rosetta trying various forms of exercise trying to improve her body and to avoid suffering more bone injuries.
    • Lecia has two:
      • Lecia is strict at maintaining order and enforcing rules and regulations since the comic exaggerates her role as an Enforcer. She'll mention a rule if anyone among the crew forgets adhering to them.
      • "Is there a problem here?" - Lecia also has another gag of suddenly appearing out of nowhere whenever one of the characters attempts ridiculous or perverted tactics aimed at the children, often quoting a variant of this phrase as she unexpectedly pops up. Other variants include Lecia peeking at the corner of a comic panel if an adult man is thinking of perverted thoughts towards a younger female character (such as in Comic #1103 between Naoise and Scathacha).
    • Albert and Alec act as the Grandcypher's living energy generators... by having the two strapped to devices that drain electricity from them.
    • Ange has a long-running gag where she meets and greets the various princes and princesses of the crew in her quest to become the ideal prince and to find out what makes an ideal princess.
    • The "Brothers Meet-up" strips where the cast of brothers (i.e. Ryan, Lucius, etc...) are seen playing paper dolls resembling their sisters.
    • The "Sisters Meet-up" - The comic strips will occasionally pair Narmaya with real sisters (i.e. one with blood-related siblings), only for her to be overwhelmed by their sisterly powers afterwards.
    • "Rosamia! Wrong lines!" - In the early batch of comics, Rosamia's facial expressions may contradict with the context of what she accidentally says. Others will call her out for it, for example in Comic #50, she tries to encourage Jin with a smile:
      Jin: I've had it with this cruel world! Don't try to stop me!
      Rosamia: What a crybaby... If he doesn't shut up soon, I'll gut him myself...
      Io: Rosamia! Wrong lines!
      Jin: I'm sorry, please don't hurt me.
    • Several strips feature Silva and her sisters making cute girly poses. However, it doesn't work well for Silva, she'll get embarrased when others caught her doing that act... because she is too old to do that stuff. Whenever this happens, the comic panel will usually flash "27 years old" as a way to mock Silva's age and antics.
    • Spinnah tries to solve the problems of everyone... by using only spin blades.
    • Camieux spins her arms so fast like they turn into rotors and other serious characters take note of it as a new kind of attack and then imitate her.
    • Norcel has a recurring gag in the comics where he gets "conveniently" positioned under the taller girls' skirts. Well being a Harvin, he gets a Nosebleed every time he looks up. Sometimes, he is seen beside Soriz and Jin, simultaneously having a nosebleed whenever a female character flaunts their body.
    • Suframare has a similar "SUFRAMAAARRE!" gag like Rackam whenever she gets accidentally injured by the attacks of either the monsters or her allies. Some strips use the same gag whenever Suframare's offers get rejected by her fellow skyfarers.
    • Due to the Mundane Object Amazement trope and her Primal Beast trait, Olivia becomes curious of several mortal culture and objects.
    • Zooey has two, which may sometimes overlap:
      • "Zooey learns something new everyday!" - When being a godly entity makes her interested in several mortal affairs, with the comics ending with this phrase accompanied with a smiling Zooey.
      • "Zooey's Paradox" - She has a fixation on maintaining balance no matter how absurd the subject might be, from the male-female population ratio, up to the sales charts between restaurants. All of these would mostly fail miserably with Zooey lamenting that she herself broke the balance despite being known as the Keeper of Balance.
    • Niyon's "Cardboard Shanty" makes several appearances here, even up to a strip focusing on "What Makes The Sky Blue" where it is used as an Improvised Weapon.
    • In at least two comics like in #444, Anila headbutts Vyrn when he calld her a "lamb" or a "mutton".
    • Sturm stabbing Drang when the latter makes perverted jokes.
    • Whenever Belial appears in a comic, expect him to say some innuendos, just like what he does in Granblue.
  • Salt Solution: In Comic #1036, Vyrn shapeshifts into a slug to help fight against Typhon's snakes. Typhon quickly counters by spraying Slug Vyrn with salt, nearly killing him from dehydration.
  • Scenery Censor: A panel in Comic #1118 is drawn in such a way that Grea's wings cover Anne's bare chest when the latter's bra got washed away by the sea.
  • Shapeshifting: Vyrn is able to do this to a ridiculous degree, turning into things like a basketball, a sword, or a fan when the comic calls for it. During the "Big Bad Shadow" event, the regular version of Vyrn explicitly states that he can't do this.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • In a certain comic, Nezahaulpilli supports Elsam's romantic interest for Yggdrasil to the point of admitting that he looks forward for the two's offspring.
    • In Comic #1097, Heles teaches Scathacha the concept of kissing when she saw two couples in the distance doing it. She tries to tease Scathacha into doing it for Naoise but the little Erune-dragon kissed her cheek instead.
  • Sickening "Crunch!": Comic #1059 parodies this trope with a Written Sound Effect where the short Charlotta is implied to be in pain while looking at the tall Leona.
  • Sleep Squashing: Happens in Comic #666 as Sutera, who was feeling cold, tightly hugs Aster.
  • Solar-Powered Magnifying Glass: In Comic #42, Drang asks Sturm to "fry" Furias as he is irritated with the Harvin. She promptly follows, but the forehead of Furias simply reflects the ray back at Drang.
  • Spectacular Spinning: Or in the case of Geisenborger in Comic #1346, your spinning punch is stronger with fidget spinners spinning on your metallic arm.
  • Spell My Name With An S:
    • Sophia's debut comic (#171) spells her name as "Sophie".
    • Vaseraga's debut comic (#197) spells his name as "Vaselaga" in its title, but correctly spells it later in the caption of the first panel.
    • While Gareth's name is correctly translated in the English version of "Four Knights of a Fallen Land," her name is written as Galles in Comic #430.
  • Spoiler Cover: The visual announcement on September 1, 2020 contains the characters who appear in the anime adaptation.
  • Stunned Silence: His final reaction in Comic #1069 when Clarisse and Feena decide to wear revealing Fanservice swimsuits during Winter Season.
  • Super Window Jump: In Comic #1122, Seruel jumped out of the window when Scathacha suggested him to wear a Maiden Outfit.
  • Takes One to Kill One: An inanimate object variant. In Comic #1024, Magisa sends a meteor against a larger one, with Threo even commenting "Fighting Meteors with Meteors".
  • Talking Is a Free Action: Deconstructed in a comic strip. Grimnir spends so much time in his hammy monologues that he is left vulnerable to Vyrn's punch, who explains that the best opportunity is to "hit them while they're talking.". As if acting like a Genre Savvy, Vyrn only explains this tactic after he has finished beating up Grimnir.
  • Tan Lines: In Comic #1104, Ilsa exclaims that her mesh-shaped bra would leave fishnet-patterned tan lines if a trainee won't bring her a sunblock fast.
  • The Tease: The Macula Marius Summon's Swimsuit Version has lines that are very suggestive. For example, her line in Grand Blues! Comic #1105 is this:
    Come and plunge into my bossom if you seek to cool down.
  • Thanking the Viewer: Some comics celebrate milestones of the mobile game or the webcomic series itself, thanking the Granblue fans for sticking with the franchise.
  • Truth in Television:
    • Comic #147 demonstrates and deliberately explains a Dust Explosion phenomenon by having Rackam accidentally light a match inside a tight room full of flour. Nonetheless, this is another instance of him getting blown up by explosions.
    • Being a saint, Jeanne d'Arc can receive a "divine providence" through supernatual voices. Vyrn doesn't buy any supernatural explanations and suggests Jeanne to go to the hospital instead. Auditory hallucinations are medical symptoms of certain mental illnesses, that can be treated by the doctors when given enough time.
  • Vacuum Mouth: Lyria's and Amira's Big Eater and "quick-eater" tendencies are exaggerated in the comics, where they practically become humanoid vacuums when it comes to food.
  • Visual Pun: In Comic #1001, Cagliostro breaks down a "4th Anniversary Wall" with her magic.
  • Wall Pin of Love: In Comic #761, Drang does the "kabe don" pose at Sturm. Of course, he gets stabbed as per the usual Running Gag of the duo, but the last panel takes a shot at Sturm's Tsundere trait.
  • What Does This Button Do?: While piloting the Gigantes in Comic #1021, Hallessena notices a Lyria-shaped switch beside her. Pressing it caused the robot to enter "Lyria-Mode" where Gigantes imitates the thinking patterns of Lyria, specifically summoning an Albacore sword, a primal beast commonly used by Lyria in some older comic strips.
  • What If?: Comic #962 is titled "An Ippatsu What-if-Series" - If everyone in the skies were Ippatsu. It features the scene and characters from the tutorial all having Ippatsu's head and slurping on Ramen while re-enacting the part where Gran and Vyrn finds Lyria, along with modified lines to at least mention "ramen".
  • What the Fu Are You Doing?: In his debut comic, Walder attempts to punch a boulder to prove that he's a Forest Ranger. Given that he doesn't have the strength and build of characters like Ghandagoza, Walder ends up breaking his fingers.
  • William Telling: Parodied in Sutera's webcomic debut. She attempts this trope with an apple on top of Vyrn's head. But the lizard simply grabs the apple, eats it and mocks her. An irritated Sutera is later seen choking the apple out of the tiny dragon.
  • Written Sound Effect: The comics are rife with this for comedic purposes. Like in Comic #1057 where Snow White's hard abs go "Doink" compared to Yugu's soft abs going "Poing" when poked.
  • Yonkoma: This series is made up of 4-panel comic strips.