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Demon Fist is the story of Rory Featherwind, a young man out to shake up the world, and Shaise, Crag and Dither, the three demons who live in his arm.

Pandora's Box has been opened a second time, destroying most of the world and releasing demons and angels into what remained. 3,000 years later, a new society has arisen, where demons and angels live alongside humans, and a totalitarian government controls the world through fear and faith.

A duel between four demons has sealed three of them and part of the fourth in young Rory's body and the remnants in his lost friend Kai's. The Church wants to capture Rory at all costs, because he is the key to giving humans demonic powers. Rory and his three friends want to find Kai, and if the Church gets in their way, they'll feel the power of the Demon Fist!


The comic can be found here. It updates at least once a week.

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