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Miss Bennet: I confess, I did not know.
Miss Bingley: In faith, what would appear to be the summation of all that you "do not know", Miss Bennet, would make for quite th—
Mr. Darcy: Oh, Caroline, would you please SHUT THE FUCK UP!?!

When you don't have anything smarter to say. Basically, someone screams "Shut up!" at another person (or group of people) when annoyed, upset, or pissed off, and occasionally followed up by trying to attack said someone. Could also be uttered when trying to put a Super-Powered Evil Side in its place. Variations include: "SHUT THE HELL / FUCK UP!", "QUIET!", "SHUT YOUR (DAMN/FUCKING) MOUTH / FACE!", "SILENCE!", "ENOUGH!", etc. The Japanese version, very common, is "URUSAI!", literally "noisy!" Occasionally applied literally to Shut Up, Hannibal! or Shut Up, Kirk!. "Shut Up!" Gunshot is this when it's done with firearms.

Compare Silence, You Fool!, Ceiling Banger, Noisy Shut-Up, Rapid-Fire "Shut Up!", and– SHUT UP!!

Here is a compilation with a lot of examples of this trope.



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  • A 90s BK Ratch Tech commercial has a guy screaming this when two kids keep making noises with their shoes that echoes across the city.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers has an instance in the first episode: the world conference gets out of hand, so Germany lets out a big "EVERYONE, SHUT UP!!!" to get everyone back in line.
  • Cowboy Bebop has a few in the episode, "Cowboy Funk". Spike and Faye each give one to Andy, an annoying self-absorbed man who thinks he's a cowboy. Spike and Andy then both give one to the Teddybear Bomber, an actual terrorist they're ignoring because both of them are too focused on shouting at each other.
  • Afro Samurai has this moment on the penultimate episode said to a perpetually complaining Ninja Ninja. It qualifies as a Big Shut Up due to the fact that the normally absolutely silent Afro raises his voice, if only slightly.
  • Shakugan no Shana: Whenever Shana gets frustrated, she'll shout "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" ("Urusai, Urusai, Urusai!" in Japanese). Usually to Yuji.
  • Kagami tends to give only big shut ups to Konata in Lucky Star.
  • D.Gray-Man: When in the middle of one of their arguments and told to calm down, Kanda and even Allen tell Lavi and another guy "Shut the hell up!"
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • One occurs in a funny scene in episode 16:
      Makoto Hyuga: You look pretty worn to the bone, Major Katsuragi.
      Misato Katsuragi: I have reasons for being worn. Private ones.
      Ritsuko Akagi: Kaji's bone?
      Misato Katsuragi: Shut your face!!!
    • In episode 22, Arael's Mind Rape eventually reduces Asuka into constantly repeating "SHUT UP!!!" against the Angel's "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Osanai does four big shut ups to Paprika when the latter accuses him of being "the Chairman's pet dog" and of once being "Himuro's idol".
  • Naruto:
    • Naruto says this to Chiyo when the latter tells him to calm down following Gaara's death.
    • Chapter 485 had a scene where Sasuke screamed at Naruto to shut up after the latter told him he understood the reason behind his actions.
    • Naruto to Pain when the latter tries to Break Him by Talking.
    • In Chapter 619, when the Hokage are revived, Tobirama tells his older brother Hashirama "SILENCE!". It even made it onto the Memes:Naruto page
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie: "SHUT UP, TAILS!"
  • Sonic X: "SHUT UP!"
  • In the Japanese version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, Pegasus tells Dark Bakura to shut up after the latter read his past like an open book through Duel Monster cards used as Tarot cards.
    Bakura: So your social status and your actions are in fact a mask concealing your true intentions. An extremely roundabout way of reaching a goal hidden in the depths of your heart. And this goal is—
    Pegasus: SHUT UP! Shut your mouth!
    • Noah says this a lot to Kaiba, mostly when being confronted about his past.
    • A controlled Jonouchi shouts for Marik to Shut up! when he's being commanded to kill Yugi.
    • Kiaba also yells this many times, usually when his motives are questioned.
  • Bleach:
    • Szayel does this to his Fraccion once they start making a commotion following Ishida's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Grimmjow to Nel when the latter won't stop crying following Ichigo's 'death'.
    • Shinji pulls off an impressive one when Ichigo stated that he did not have time to play around with the other Visoreds.
    • In Chapters 474-5, the villain tries to break Ichigo with revealing knowledge, causing Uryuu to panic because he believes Ichigo isn't in the right state of mind to handle the truth. Ichigo's "shut up" leads straight into bankai before ordering the villian to shut up and revealing his first "shut up" was towards Uryu.
  • In episode one of Betrayal Knows My Name Uzuki does a big shut up to Yuki.
    • In episode five a little girl remembers her mom screaming "Shut up!" before hitting her.
    • Hotsuma does this to Yuki when the latter expresses concern for him.
  • One Piece:
    • Luffy sort of pulls this when Usopp wants to ask Rayleigh about the One Piece. Luffy doesn't want to learn anything about One Piece until he actually finds it, because it's more fun that way.
      Usopp: I want to ask something too! The legendary treasure One Piece... does it really—
    • This was also his response to Chopper's timid refusal to join his crew.
      Luffy: SHUT UP! LET'S GOOOOO!!!!
  • Code Geass: "Mao!" (hits his Geass) "NEVER SPEAK AGAIN!" Some fansubbers actually translated it as "SHUT UP!"
  • In Unico in the Island of Magic, Lord Kuruku does a pretty crazy version of this, out of nowhere, to Cheri right before turning her into a living puppet.
    Cheri: Kuruku, listen—
  • Berserk:
    • Guts to Griffith during their first duel after Griffith asks Guts if he wants to stop the duel so he can recover from his wounds.
    • Casca to the Band of the Hawk when they're transported to the Vortex during the Eclipse.
    • Guts to the Godhand during the Eclipse in a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment.
  • Ed to Shou Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist after he tries to say he transmuted his daughter and dog into a chimera For Science!.
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic: Hakuryuu's famous breakdown scene in Zagan's dungeon, in which he manages to shock everyone else present into speechlessness.
    Zagan: H-huh? I made him cry? I made the weakling cry? Haha...
    Hakuryuu: Shut up, you stupid masked pervert!
    Alibaba: C-calm down, Hakuryuu!
    Hakuryuu: Shut up! What's wrong with you anyway!? Why is someone as irresponsible as you so strong? You're someone who abandoned his country and started fucking around in Sindria!
    Morgiana: Wait, Hakuryuu, that's too much...
    Hakuryuu: Shut up, superwoman!
    Aladdin: Hey, Hakuryuu, calm down...
    Hakuryuu: You should shut up too, chibi assistant! [falls to his knees and starts to wail]
  • Persona 4: The Animation: During the battle between Adachi and the Investigation Team, Adachi starts shouting this during the heroes' collective "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Koenma of Yu Yu Hakusho does this once:
    Koenma: Are we as stupid as my blue ogre monkey boy? Are we really as stupid as George Saotome?
    George: [begins picking up some papers] That's the first time you've said my name, sir.
    Koenma: SHUT UP!
  • Cody/Iori in Digimon Adventure 02 at least once. Given that sometimes he's the Only Sane Man on the team, it shouldn't be a surprise. He tends to be unusually polite about it, choosing to use "Would you be quiet" rather than actually saying "Shut up".'
  • One of the early Patlabor episodes, the maintenance team's boat (which they use for fishing) has run aground, one of the Patlabor units fell into the bay trying to get it out, and maintenance chief Sakaki is on his way back (and he won't be satisfied with pitching all of them into the bay). Cue mass panic, everyone running everywhere babbling at 100 mph. Suddenly in (accented) English.
  • Yuri is forced into this twice in Episode 5 of Angel Beats! to get her cohorts to stop arguing in class. Both times it attracts Angel's attention and Otonashi is forced to make up some excuse to cover for her outburst.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion, Homura unleashes a frightening one on Kyubey as he reveals to her his and his race's plan to bring back the old Witch system. The effect is lost on the critter, but not on the audience.
  • In the Dragon Ball Z manga, Gohan yells at his mother Chi-Chi to shut up.
  • In Shugo Chara!, El (one of Utau Hoshina's charas) has a tendency to yell "Shut up!" in Gratuitous English.
  • Nakaba from Dawn of the Arcana yells at two Senan nobles after she overhears them insulting her and Caesar.
  • Onegai My Melody: In Episode 17, when Baku asks him how he knows Kuromi, My Melody's grandfather tells him that he used to change her (Kuromi's) diapers when she was a baby. Cue a Big "SHUT UP!" from Kuromi as Baku starts chortling.
  • In Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!, Kikitchi shouts one to Hapihapitchi after she fails to make him happy (Hapihapitchi was invented to spread happiness to everyone on Tamagotchi Planet).

    Asian Animation 
  • Motu Patlu: In "John Banega Don", Inspector Chingum asks Motu and Patlu who threw a suitcase on his head. Motu and Patlu struggle to tell him who threw the suitcase before Chingum shouts "SHUT UP!!!" at them.

  • Bill Cosby talks about mothers during the concert film Bill Cosby: Himself, one of his famous concerts.
    "And that's another thing, they ask you a question, you try and answer, they tell you to shut up. 'Day and night, night and day, work my fingers to the bone for what?!' 'I don't-' 'SHUT. UP. Now when I ask you a question, you keep your trap SHUT! Think I'm talking just to hear myself talk?! ANSWER ME!'"
  • A common staple in Ross Noble's stand-up shows is him shouting at the audience to shut up when he's trying to say something somewhat serious or when they notice a joke he didn't intend (usually rude). To the point that it's almost a Catchphrase. Unfortunately this only makes them laugh more.
  • "Shut Up, Little Man!" featuring Raymond Huffman and Peter Haskett as recorded by Eddie Lee Sausage, is all about this trope. Here's Part 1
  • In the "Sister Mary Elephant" sketch from the Cheech and Chong album Big Bambu, a substitute teacher, faced with a class of unruly teenagers, repeatedly invokes this trope, with the screaming at even higher decibel levels as the skit progresses:
    "Class... Class... Cla-ass… SSSSSHHHHAAAADDDDUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (silence) "Thank you."
  • This is part of the Catchphrase of Jeff Dunham's puppet Achmed the Dead Terrorist:

    Comic Books 
  • A memetic panel from a Chick Tract citing Galatians 4:16 is of Jesus being told to shut up by older Jewish men who "hated [Him] because He told them the truth."
  • In the original ElfQuest series after the Wolfriders defeat Winnowil's and Leetah is at work using her healing power to revive Lord Voll after being rendered unconscious by the villainness, one of the Gliders protests that the "savage" mustn't touch him. At that insult after all that has happened, One-Eye roars "Shut your beak!"
  • Darkhorse's Oktane provides the page image.
  • Hellboy is so sick of Not So Different speeches and people trying to convince him that You Can't Fight Fate that this is practically his CatchPhrase.
  • In The Defenders 2005 miniseries Doctor Strange tries to halt Namor and Bruce Banner's bickering (which has been going on non-stop since they both arrived at the Sanctum) with one of these. It has little effect:
    Banner: —wings on the feet are a trifle fey, don't you think? Or do you not know what that means either?
    Strange: Quiet.
    Namor: I understand your slur full well—
    Strange: Quiet!
    Namor: —and any man — even a myopic baboon such as yourself — who impugns Namor's manhood must pay the—
    Strange: SHUT UP!
    Namor: Did you hear him, Banner? Even the magician finds your insolence intolerable!
    Banner: 'Scuse me, your lowness, but I think he was talking to you!
  • Examples from Superman stories:
    • In The Supergirl from Krypton, Superman tells Darkseid to "SHUT THE HELL UP!" before beating the crap out of him when he presumably kills Supergirl, then calls her stupid for jumping in the way of the Omega beam that was intended for Superman.
    • It happens twice in Who is Superwoman?:
      • After spending several minutes enduring her mother's relentless emotional abuse, Supergirl finally snaps and tells Alura to shut up as smashing her comm device to bits:
        Alura In-Ze: I warn you. Do not return to New Krypton empty-handed, Kara. Do not let anyone or anything keep you from your task. If you pass this test, you will prove to me that you are not as useless as a soldier as some would lead me to believe—
        Kara: Mother. SHUT UP!
      • Supergirl Later shouts a good, big "SHUT UP!" when Reactron gloats about leaving her fatherless.
        Reactron: And lemme tell you— It felt so good putting that hole in your daddy's ches—
        Supergirl: (bludgeoning him) SHUT— UP!
  • In The Golden Age, Dynaman yells "ENOUGH!" when Hourman reveals to the assembled crowd in Washington D.C. who Dynaman really is.
  • In Brian Azzarello's Joker, Joker says this to Jonny, accompanied by a punch to the face, when he's thoroughly tired of Jonny.
    Joker: Uh... God. You disgust me. You have no charm at all, just... obviousness. Dumb, dull, disappointing.
  • Ant-Man Hank Pym lets one out when he hits the Wasp in The Avengers #213.
  • In Super Mario Adventures, the Koopa kids try to console Bowser over losing his bride ("She would've been a lousy mom anyway, Pop.") "SILENCE!!!" roars Bowser, blowing his top. His anger is so great, it creates fissures throughout the room.
  • In the Legion of Super-Heroes story arc The Great Darkness Saga, Orion's clone isn't the mood to listen to Darkseid rationalizing his actions away.
    Darkseid: "It seems I erred in restoring you to life, my son."
    Orion: "Restoring—? You mean desecrating me, do you not, father? You stole those cells from me in life— and warped them to make a shambling mockery of me in death. No more, father... YOUR CURSED VOICE WILL BE STILL!"

    Fan Works 
  • Several times in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series:
  • A grieving Lilly to Hanako in Reconciliation.
  • In That Epic Plan Light gets annoyed when Beyond and L are arguing:
    Light: Shut up, you two crazy panda-people.
  • In the Soul Eater fic Breaking Point, there's one from Crona of all people.
    Medusa: [while attempting Grand Theft Me on Crona] It's too late. You—
    Crona: Shut up! ["And This Is for..." punching ensues]
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, when Supergirl and her evil duplicate battle for the first time:
    Grimly, Kara hurled herself forward. Her enemy was already within plain sight. <TearyoureyesoutandEATTHEM,> sent Satan Girl, not even conscious of her speech. <RipyouapartandseveryourINTESTINES.>
    <Shut up shut up SHUT UP,> snarled Kara, and smashed into her. It was like the collision of two starships, at the very least.
  • Monsters In Paradise: Rin's reaction to the confusion-laden conversation between Utsuho and Utsuho/Ditto in Chapter Six.
  • Kyoshi Rising An argument between Kyoshi and Prince Adachi ends with this:
    Kyoshi: Adachi, will you just SHUT UP AND LET ME DO MY JOB?!
  • Loved and Lost:
    • Prince Jewelius shouts "SILENCE!" in four separate instances. The first two are directed at the Mane Five when they attempt to defend themselves against his accusations in the fifth chapter and beg for him not to sentence them to slavery in the sixth chapter. The third one is at Canterlot's citizens in the 17th chapter when they vocally vouch for the heroes being pardoned, and the last one is at Celestia when she praises the Mane Six for stopping his army.
    • In the 12th chapter, Twilight screams this at her disgraced friends and brother when she refuses to believe their claims about her fresh fiancé Jewelius being evil, all the while bursting into tears and earning more sympathy from the crowd, while her loved ones only receive more disdain.
    • In the climax of the 18th chapter, Commander Hildread screams this at her hated rival Shining Armor as they argue about the righteousness of her actions.
  • Chapter 3 of Hope for the Heartless:
    The Horned King: No, Please No! Don't let...
    The Fates: SILENCE!
  • In With This Ring, Swamp Thing (who is in giant form) said this to Poison Ivy when he is about to cut off her connection to The Green.
    Swamp Thing: Your.. voice. Always.. on the edge of hearing. Whining, screeching, demanding voice! Be.. silenced.
  • The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World:
    • In the second chapter, Ringo is attempting to explain what he's seen of the world, but John and Paul keep interrupting him. Finally George gets fed up with them and jumps to his feet and shouts "EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP!" Ringo is quite grateful.
    • George does the same thing when the Tipaanese Voices and the Svenjaya elder Slavayat get into a big soap opera-ish argument when they need to be making an important decision.
  • Amazing Fantasy
  • RealityCheck's Nyxverse:
    • A nonverbal version of this occurs in Chapter 6 of "Nyx's Family". When Roller Reel's parents and grandfather begin complaining and arguing about him, in front of Shining Armor and to his face, Shining eventually gets fed up, and then slams his hoof against his desk, shocking everyone into silence. This is followed up by the spoken version when he tells them off for thinking they could just drop their son off with the royal guard as though it was a foster home, cutting off the father's protests with a loud "SHUT IT!"
    • In Chapter 7 of "Alicornundrum", when an attempt at an Arranged Marriage set up by Lord Blueblood is shut down by both Twilight and Celestia, Blueblood threatens to take Twilight to court over the annulment. Since attempting to screw over Twilight is a massive Berserk Button for Celestia, however, she finally loses her temper and screams "SILENCE!" while her mane and eyes burst into flames, before furiously explaining to Blueblood as to why he Didn't Think This Through (including not only said Berserk Button, but a plethora of legal issues that'd lead to him being sentenced to life in prison at the minimum).
  • The Nightmare House:
    • In Luna's nightmare, she yells, "SHUT UP!" to an old woman who taunts her.
    • In Luan's nightmare, she yells, "SHUT UP! SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!" to her rude dummy.
  • In Shazam fanfiction Here There Be Monsters, Dr. Sivana angrily shouts his daughter to shut up when she points out how badly his master plan has failed.
    Dr. Sivana: "A Sivana is always prepared. Remember that."
    Georgia Sivana: "Oh, sure, Daddy. Like we were prepared for the Marvels to beat us on television, with the whole world watching. Like we were prepared for everything to mess up, and all of the Society but us in jail. Like we were–"
    Dr. Sivana: "SHUT UP!"

    Films — Animation 
  • 101 Dalmatians: Jasper gives Cruella one by mistake over the phone when he yells at Horace to shut up and she overhears it and thinks he said it to her. Later he gives her an intentional "Awwwww shyaddup" when she starts berating them after the car wreck.
  • Aladdin: The Return of Jafar: From Iago to Jafar. "Hey, Jafar! SHUT UUUUUUP!" Also a Call-Back - Jafar's last line in the first movie was one of these to Iago as the two were flung into the distance.
  • Happens during the climax of The Aristocats when Roquefort the mouse orders Edgar and several cats to stop fighting each other so he can focus on getting Duchess and her kittens out a crate that's bound for Timbuktu. Once the lock was unlocked, after a few seconds, they resume fighting shortly afterwards.
  • During the final confrontation in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the Joker can't deal with the new Batman's tactic of mocking him:
    Batman: The real reason you kept coming back was you never got a laugh out of the old man.
    Joker: I'm not hearing this...
    Batman: Get a clue, clowny! He's got no sense of humor! He wouldn't know a good joke if it bit him in the cape... not that you ever had a good joke.
    Joker: Shut up... shut up!
    Batman: I mean, joy-buzzers, squirting flowers, lame! Where's the "A" material? Make a face, drop your pants, something!
  • In Brave, when the clans are all arguing and demanding to know where Queen Elinor is:
    Merida: SHUT IT!!!
  • Lampy in The Brave Little Toaster receives this after too many of his ideas on what to use for their vehicle fail. Radio is the first to shout this, although his ideas are no better.
  • Brother Bear:
    • Two rams shout this at their own echoes.
      Ram 1: Hey! Shut up!
      Echo: Hey! Shut up!
      Ram 1: No, you shut up!
      Echo: No, you shut up!
      Ram 2: No, you shut up!
      Echo: No, you shut up!
      Ram 1: Hey, will you shut up?!
      Echo: Hey, will you shut up?!
      Ram 2: No.
      Ram 1: JUST SHUT UP!!!
    • It gets even funnier during the end credits where the Rams are exhausted and still yelling at their echoes.
  • Donald Duck:
    • In Fun and Fancy Free, when Donald is starving:
      Edgar Bergen: [narrating] But Donald doesn't whimper... Donald doesn't give up...
      Donald: SHUT UP!!! I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!
    • Earlier in Saludos Amigos, as Donald struggles to cross a rickety, falling-apart suspension bridge on a llama:
      Narrator: The traveler should be cautioned against any reckless behavior at this high altitude. Overexertion is dangerous. And above all, one should never lose one's temper.
      Donald: SHUT UP!! Ya big windbag!
  • In Pixar's Finding Nemo when Nigel is about to eat a crab:
    Nigel: Oh, would you just SHUUUUTT UUUUPP?!?! You rats with wings!!
  • In Frozen when Anna confronts Elsa when she refuses to let her marry Hans:
    Anna: What did I ever do to you?
    Elsa: Enough, Anna!
    Anna: No, why?! Why do you shut me out? Why-why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?!
    Elsa: I said, ENOUGH! [unleashes her ice powers]
  • Ratigan of The Great Mouse Detective screams at his hostage to "sit down and shut UP" when she starts calling him names and pulls on his tail.
  • Hotel Transylvania 2: Drac, Mavis and Johnny does this at the Phantom of the Opera.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls:
    • Twilight shouts "STOP!" to break up an argument between the Alternate Universe versions of Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie.
    • In a Continuity Nod, in Rainbow Rocks Sunset Shimmer yells "STOP! YOU HAVE TO STOP!" at the bickering Rainbooms while their magic is getting drained by the Dazzlings.
  • Two instances in Pinocchio:
    • Jiminy Cricket can't sleep because of all the snoring and ticking clocks in Geppetto's shop, so he yells, "QUIET!" They all freeze and all is silent.
    • When Pinocchio yells to be let out of the cage Stromboli put him in, the latter shouts, "QUIET! SHUT UP! Before I knock-a you silly!"
  • Puss in Boots: "SILENCIO!"
  • Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure: King Koo Koo would yell "SILENCE!" whenever the subjects of Loony Land have a laughing fit.
  • Tulio from The Road to El Dorado yells "STOP!", just as an erupting volcano becomes dormant in the background.
  • Ratatouille: Remy does this to the Gusteau cut-outs in Skinner's office while trying to get the key to the food safe. Later in the scene he finds out that Linguini is Gusteau's son.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:
    Wicked Queen: ...and then my dear huntsman, you will kill her!
    Huntsman: But your majesty, the little Princess!
    Wicked Queen: SILENCE! You know the penalty if you fail!
    Huntsman: Yes, your majesty.
  • Kyle gives one to Cartman in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut while the latter is singing "Kyle's Mom's A Bitch". SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH CARTMAN!!!
  • In The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Squidward does this when he comes in to complain to Mr. Krabs:
    Squidward: MR. KRABS! SpongeBob, zip it!
    [SpongeBob promptly stops laughing]
    Plankton: [exhausted] Thank you, Squidward...

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the 1996 live-action 101 Dalmatians, when all the villains are arrested at the end:
    Cruella: Congratulations. You three have just won the bronze, silver, and gold medals in the Moron's Olympics.
    Horace: [after awkward pause] Who won the gold?
    Cruella: SHUT UP!'''
  • The Big Lebowski
    "Shut the fuck up, Donny!"
  • At the end of an exchange in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure:
    Ted: Now your dad's goin' for it. In your own room!
    Bill: Shut up, Ted.
    Ted: Your stepmom is cute, though.
    Bill: Shut up, Ted!
    Ted: Remember when I asked her to the prom?
    Bill: SHUT UP, TED!
  • Billy Madison
    "Ahahahahahaha—SHUT UP!!!"
  • Happens in Black Swan after Nina (who at this point is rather drunk and high on ecstasy) returns home from her night out only to be confronted by her mother:
    Erica: What else have you been doing?
    Nina: Oh, you want to know their names?
    Erica: ...You need to sleep this off.
    Nina: No, there were two. There was Tom, there was Jerry...
    Erica: Be quiet, Nina!
    Nina: And I fucked them both...
  • The Boondock Saints: "Shyut your fat ass, Rayvie! I can't buy a pack of smokes, without runnin' into nine guys you FUCKED!"
  • In The Breakfast Club, Andrew tells Brian to shut up, and Claire screams it at John a few times.
    • When John Bender is illustrating life at his own house, he yells "Shut up, bitch! Go fix me a turkey pot pie!" in an imitation of how his father deals with his wife.
  • One of the prison guards in A Clockwork Orange: "SHUT YOUR BLEEDING HOLE!"
  • How Miss Scarlet ends the "is there a bullet left in the revolver?" argument in Clue.
    Wadsworth: Even if you were right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not one plus two plus one plus one.
    Miss Scarlet: Okay, fine, one plus two plus one- SHUT UP!
  • In The Dark Knight, when Harvey Dent, now Two-Face, interrogates Michael Wuertz and he tries to bullshit his way out of it, his response is this, full of pure vitriol and downright offense that he would so insult his intelligence.
    Dent/Two-Face: Who picked up Rachel, Wuertz?
    Wuertz: M-must've been Maroni's men...
    Dent/Two-Face: SHUT UP!
  • Donnie Darko has poor old Cherita Chen yelling "CHUT UP" at Donnie for some Mind Screwy reason.
  • Vince McCain delivers one of these to chronic talker "Bugsy" Malone in Fierce Creatures, who of course ignores him as he would anyone saying it more quietly. Vince gets so irritated that he goes to get a gun, but this merely prompts a Not with the Safety on, You Won't and a change of the subject to that of guns.
  • Towards the end of Fly Away Home, after Thomas has been forced to separate from Amy and has arrived at the landing site, he begins asking the crowd to be quiet so they can try and listen for Amy, who's now flying the last few miles of the flight alone, only for the developer to start yelling through a megaphone as the bulldozer's engine revs. In frustration, Susan yells out, "SHUT THAT THING OFF!" And they do. (She looks as surprised as anyone that it actually worked.)
  • Played for laughs in The Gamers, after the titular gamers' PCs defeat the Bandit King:
    Mark, the Red: Three Cheers for the archer! Hup hup —
    All characters: Huzzah!
    Mark, the Red: Hup hup —
    All characters: Huzzah!
    Mark, the Red: Hup hup —
    The Studying Girl from Down the Hall: [intruding on the fantasy] SHUT UP!!!
  • Harry Potter:
    • Snape yells "Silence!" to Harry and Ron in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when he is berating them for flying the Ford Anglia to Hogwarts.
    • Harry to Aunt Marge in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when she keeps insulting his family.
    • Harry tries to call a Quidditch tryout to order in Half Blood Prince. He isn't quite loud enough, so Ginny intervenes with a very helpful "SHUT IT!"
    • In the original movie, Albus Dumbledore does this when the entire class starts to panic after hearing that there's a troll on the loose, although in this case, it's so he can calm everyone down.
    Albus Dumbledore: SIIIIIILEEEEEENCE!! Everyone please, do not panic!
  • High School Musical: Sharpay sings one of these during "Stick to the Status Quo".
    Sharpay: Everybody QUI-ET!
  • Hot Fuzz. Okay, we all know how this goes by now. So say it with me. On the count of three. One, two, three:
    "The greater good..."
    "SHUT IT!!"
  • Claw gives one to Kramer in Inspector Gadget (1999)
    Gadget (reacting to his robot clone): I don't get it, why would you do this?
    Kramer: To make teachers!
    Claw: SHUT UP!!!!!!!
  • Burt Lancaster does this to his lawyer as he's badgering a witness in Judgment at Nuremberg.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger does one of these in Kindergarten Cop when the classroom full of children drives him to it.
  • Kung Fu Hustle: SHUT THE HELL UPPPPPPPPPP!!!! Actually becomes a plot point.
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan does this to G.H. Hardy in The Man Who Knew Infinity when the latter tells him that intuition can only get him so far.
    Hardy: Intuition can only get you so far...
    Ramanujan: STOP!!! [beat] I-I can't take this anymore.
  • Mars Attacks!. General Decker tries to get the U.S. President to order a nuclear strike on the Martians.
    Decker: We're already at war, sir! We have to nuke 'em, we have to nuke 'em now!
    President: General Decker, if you do not shut up, I'm going to relieve you of your command.
    Decker: We have to strike now, sir! Annihilate! Kill! Kill! Kill!
    President: SHUT UP! Shut up! Shut up!
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Delivered in Captain America: The Winter Soldier by the titular Winter Soldier, a.k.a. a Brainwashed and Crazy Bucky Barnes, who delivers on in the middle of a confused mental fritz due to his memories, when Steve tries to remind him who he is.
      Steve Rogers: Bucky, you've known me your whole life. Your name is James Buchanan Barnes.
      Winter Soldier: SHUT UP!
    • Thor gives a lightning powered one to Loki at the climax of Thor, after Loki laughs while creating numerous doubles of himself.
      Thor: ENOUGH!
  • Max Keeble's Big Move
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
    • When someone very reasonably suggests that the reason a carver's death throe was engraved in stone is because he was dictating, everyone in unison yells at him to shut up.
    • And in an earlier scene, Dennis continues explaining that a "watery tart lobbing scimitars at people" isn't a viable system to base a government upon, despite repeated orders to "Be Quiet!" and "Shut up!" from King Arthur.
    • King Arthur yells "Oh, shut up!" to Tim the Enchanter when Tim goes off about how no one ever believes him about the Killer Rabbit.
    • On the audio album The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (which takes place at a "screening" of the film itself), John Cleese's commentary is twice interrupted by "Oh, shut up!" (when describing particular details about the castle in the opening scene and the castle in the French Taunter scene).
  • The Moai did this in Night at the Museum when Larry tries to get the exhibits' attention before the climax.
  • Chuck records it on Bill's tape recorder in Night Shift.
    Chuck: This is Chuck telling Bill to SHUT UP!!
  • Pacific Rim has Stacker Pentecost do this to Gottlieb when he starts interrupting Newt's exposition of his kaiju-drifting experiment.
    Stacker: [to Gottlieb] YOU, SHUT UP! [to Newt] You... keep talking.
  • Delivered in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales by Carina to the people of St. Martin as she and Jack were about to be executed in front of them.
    Carina: [in a calm, dignified tone] The final words of Carina Smyth...
    [notices the still arguing masses gathered around]
    [everyone promptly remains dead silent]
  • The Princess Diaries:
    Mia: Me? A princess? SHUT. UP!
    • Gets a Call-Back in the sequel with Clarice's reaction when the marriage rule is brought up — right down to her assistant rushing in to reassure the recipient that it's not necessarily an expression of rudeness.
  • Being the Only Sane Man in Pulp Fiction, Jules resorts to a profanity-laced version of this quite often, especially when dealing with his Too Dumb to Live partner.
  • In Punch-Drunk Love, Barry threatens Dean Trumbell and gets this response:
    "SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Shut up, will you SHUT UP? SHUT UP! SHUT-SHUT-SHUT-SHUT-SHUT UP... SHUT UP! NOW... are you threatening me, dick?"
  • Also from the Cohen Brothers, this exchange in Raising Arizona:
    Hayseed: Well, which is it, young feller? You want I should freeze or get down on the ground? Mean to say, if'n I freeze, I can't rightly drop. And if'n I drop, I'm a-gonna be in motion. You see...
    Gale: Shut up!
    Hayseed: Okay, then!
  • The end of Roger Corman's The Raven (1963):
  • At the end of Red State, Abin Cooper is sermonizing to himself in his prison cell when another inmate (voiced by director Kevin Smith) tells him "Shut the fuck up!"
  • In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Riff Raff drops one of these on Magenta when they're BOTH in the middle of a laughing fit after Eddie's corpse is revealed under the table.
  • In SpaceCamp, Andienote  (sort of) resorts to this when the campers start arguing in the shuttle simulator after they failed a re-entry simulationnote .
    Andie: All of you, STOP IT!
  • The Martians in Spaced Invaders fleeing a mob of townsfolk after their supposed super-weapon suffers an Epic Fail:
    Corporal Pez: "Prepare to die, Earth scum. Prepare to die, Earth scum!" I'm gonna make sure they carve that on your tombstone!
    Lieutenant Giggywig: Ahhhhh, SHUT UP!!!
  • Harry to Peter in Spider-Man 3, after Peter tries to explain that he didn't kill Harry's father.
  • Star Wars:
    • Vader does this to Krennic the way that only Vader can, by Force Choking him when he won't stop snivviling about matters that Vader has no say in. You even hear his voice distort for a moment before he realizes just what is happening to him, and he drops to his knees....
    Darth Vader: Be careful not to choke on your asperations Director.
    • In A New Hope, Luke interrupts C-3PO (who is about to start whining about his problems while Luke, Leia and Han are about to be crushed to death in the garbage compactor) by saying, "Will you shut up and listen to me?!"
    • The Empire Strikes Back:
      • C-3PO telling R2 to "switch off" is clearly meant to invoke this. Doubles as an Unusual Euphemism.
      • C-3PO is about to do a second instance of stating the odds of a crazy move by Han, but instead of Han saying "Never Tell Me the Odds!" again, Leia snaps at 3PO to shut up.
      • When 3PO is chewing out Han for his stunt of attaching the Falcon to the back of a Star Destroyer, Chewie turns around and growls something, with 3PO's response making it clear that Chewie told him to be quiet, and that 3PO was getting fed up with being on the receiving end of these.
  • Suicide Squad (2016): This one uttered by a military colonel; the SHUT UP! has all the more impact because it is preceded by a seemingly respectful "Lady":
    Flag: [telling the Suicide Squad they have nano-bombs implanted in their necks] You disobey me, you die. You try to escape, you die. You otherwise irritate or vex me, guess what... you die.
    Harley Quinn: I'm known to be quite vexing, I'm just forewarning you...
    Flag: Lady SHUT UP!!!
  • ¡Three Amigos!:
    Lucky Day: Not so fast, El Guapo! Or I'll fill you so full of lead, you'll be using your dick for a pencil.
    El Guapo: What do you mean?
    Lucky Day: I don't know.
    Jefe: I think he means that if you...
    El Guapo: SHUT UP!
  • Titanic (1997):
    • Rose does this in the second half when she's had enough of her mother's self-centered attitude.
    • In another instance Jack and Rose break through a door after escaping from the rapidly flooding lower decks:
      Steward: Hey! What do you think you're doing? You'll have to pay for that, you know! That's White Star Line property!
      Jack and Rose: SHUT UP!
  • Transformers. "SHUT UP, GRANDMA!"
  • In Trick or Treat (1986), the resurrected demonic rocker Sammi Curr shows up at Eddie's friend Roger's house, pins him against the wall, and this exchange takes place:
    Roger: I am a big fan of yours. I have all your albums—
    Sammi: SHUT UP!
  • In Wanted, Wesley's conversation with his boss after meeting The Fraternity:
    Boss: Management skills: POOR! Attitude: POOR! "Works well with others?" Hah! That's a fucking joke! [looks at Wesley's computer] What's this bullshit? Who is this prick? Some asshole gets his head blown off on—
    Wesley: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
  • While he doesn't do it directly, the eponymous character in What's Eating Gilbert Grape deliberately runs over a trumpet-playing girl's chair with his truck as if to invoke this trope.
  • In Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, after Wonka explains the origins of the Oompa-Loompas, Veruca begins demanding one from her father. To this, Violet begins rolling her eyes in annoyance until:
    Veruca: I want an Oompa-Loompa now!
    Violet: CAN IT, YOU NIT!
  • The Wizard of Oz (a.k.a.: "Oz the Great and Powerful") does this Dorothy when she tries to ask him for help:
    Dorothy: If you please, I am Dorothy... the small and meek. We've come to ask...
    "Wizard": SILENCE!!

  • Isaac Asimov's "Galley Slave": When EZ-27 attempts to explain the reason why it changed certain passages in Professor Ninheimer's book, the man shouts that it had been ordered to keep quiet, inadvertently revealing that he had been responsible for the hack rewriting of his book.
  • From the Harry Potter series:
    • Harry snaps and yells a big "SHUT UP !" to Snape after the latter maliciously taunts him about the kind of arrogant jerk his father was in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
    • In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix after Harry is proven innocent in the court, Fred, George, and Ginny do a war dance to the tune of "He got off, he got off, he got off..." which makes Mrs. Weasley invoke this trope.
    • At the beginning of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore asks Harry to give Kreacher an order, to test whether he has properly inherited the house-elf as Sirius intended. Due to Kreacher's incessant whining, all Harry can think of is to tell him: "Kreacher, Shut up!" The order sticks.
  • In Martha Speaks, there's a part where Martha talks non-stop about her early childhood, and her family couldn't take it anymore, so on the next page, they tell her, "SHUT UP!" in big red letters.
  • Spectral Shadows: When the Suburbians are being quite an annoyance in regards to Sir Jon overriding Kacey's parents' decision to pull the plug on her life support. You could hear a pin drop after Miss Sonny yells at them, as she barely ever talks like that. She doesn't exactly say "Shut up!" but she does yell, "QUIET! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! "

    Live-Action TV 

In General:

  • Keith Olbermann, during March Madness 2015. Asked to produce a bracket, he proceeded to declare all branches other than the one containing University of Kentucky to be irrelevant, tearing up each paper representing them as he did so. A beat, and then:
    "...ohhh, you're doing that thing where you pick each game? So that we can pretend that this isn't a competition to see who dies last? You're actually going to think about Arkansas-Wofford? Because 'somebody's a Cinderella team', and—SHUT UP!"

By Series:

  • All in the Family
    • Stifle it, Edith!: Archie, whenever he was losing an argument or he perceived someone – usually Edith – was saying too much. He rarely if ever yelled it, but was clearly annoyed or irritated whenever he would say it.
    • "I don't care what Robin says. Robin, shut up." from Gloria.
  • Breaking Bad has Skyler shouting this, multiple times, at her sister Marie.
  • Chappelle's Show: During the Mad Real World sketch, when Chad is trying to get a good night's rest because he has to work in the morning while all the other housemates are up partying loudly. He finally reaches his breaking point and goes downstairs, launching into a furious tirade at the others.
  • One of the many Running Gags in El Chavo del ocho involves multiple people talking (often the students in the school episodes), and one of the authority figures (often Prof. Jirafales) giving one these (usually followed by a Seven Minute Lull involving the title character).
    "Silencio. ¡Silencio! ¡¡¡SI-LEN-CIO!!!"
    • Also there's Quico's "¡AH, YA CÁLLATE, CÁLLATE, CÁLLATE QUE ME DESESPEEEEEEEE... ras! note 
  • On Cheers, used by Sam to Diane in a heated argument which culminates in the following exchange:
    Sam: Are you as turned on as I am?
    Diane: More!
    Sam: Bet me. [they embrace and kiss]
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry David to his secretary: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
  • In the Doctor at Large episode "Mother and Father Doing Well", a loud argument breaks out in the waiting room of a maternity ward among the expectant fathers and several of the doctors on staff. One of the doctors, Dick Stuart-Clark, finally bellows "SHUT UP!" at the top of his lungs - and is amazed when it actually restores order.
  • Doctor Who: This actually seems to be a pretty common trope with the Doctor.
    • "The Parting of the Ways": (Nine, to the Daleks): "I've got five billion languages and you haven't got one way of stopping me, so if anybody's going to shut up... IT'S YOU!!"
    • "The Christmas Invasion": The Doctor is getting over his regeneration sickness and keeps trying to say "I need... I need... I need," only for Jackie to cut him off with suggestions. He eventually snaps, "I need you to shut up!" and Jackie snarks that he hasn't changed that much.
    • "The Idiot's Lantern": The Jerkass father tries to cut the Doctor off by shouting that he is talking... only for the Doctor to start bellowing that he is not listening, and informing him, in no uncertain terms, that if he doesn't let the Doctor help, there's going to be no end of trouble, finishing off by demanding that the guy tell him what's going on.
    • "Fear Her": The Doctor quiets an argument between several people by yelling "FINGERS ON LIPS!"
    • "Human Nature": When the Family of Blood crashes the village dance, Father of Mine yells "YOU! WILL! BE! SILENT!"
    • "Time Crash": The Fifth Doctor's initial, annoyed reaction to Ten's chattiness.
    • "Forest of the Dead": The panicking little girl gives one to her father before accidentally making him disappear with her TV remote. She later yells the same at Dr. Moon.
    • "Planet of the Dead": When the other passengers on the bus are panicking because they think they're going to die, the Doctor shouts "Stop it! Everyone, STOP IT!" before managing to calm them down.
    • "The Lodger": The Doctor yells at Craig after he headbutts him, revealing his true identity.
    • "Time Heist": The 12th Doctor utters the phrase "Shuttity up", believed by many to be a response to an online fan movement demanding to hear Peter Capaldi utter his famous "Fuckity Bye" from The Thick of It.
  • On ER, fed up with Kerry Weaver's incessant nagging—she disapproves of his intent to revive a patient who has revoked her DNR order and as such, is crabbing at him while he tries to work—Mark Green finally grows a pair and delivers one of these to her, telling her to "SHUT UP, Kerry or GET OUT!"
  • Friends: 'Pivot! Pivot! PIVOT!' 'Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UUUUUP!'
  • During a typical Quartermaine family argument on General Hospital, AJ consistently butts in with useless or annoying comments, only to have another family member respond with this. He persists until even beloved matriarch Lila primly snaps, "Oh, AJ, shut up!"
  • On Gilmore Girls, it takes five and a half seasons and an almost-destroyed romance, but Lorelai finally smacks Emily down: "MOM! Please hear me. If I want your input in my life in any way, shape or form, I will ask for it. Until then, do us all a favor and shut up!"
  • Graeme did one in an episode of The Goodies, to quiet down Tim and Bill bickering Like an Old Married Couple. It's overpowering.
  • Gossip Girl: Blair and Serena scream this at one another during their Cat Fight in 2.06 "New Haven Can Wait".
  • In Grey's Anatomy Cristina tells Meredith at the beginning of the fifth season what most of us have been thinking for years in one little speech: "SHUT UP!!"
  • The Honeymooners: Ralph Kramden shouts this a lot, usually at Ed Norton when he has a laugh at his expense.
  • It Ain't Half Hot Mum has Sgt Major Williams, one of the old masters of these. Several times per episode he would bellow some variant of "SHUUUUUUUT UP!!!" It's also the last thing the audience hears every episode after the end credits, when Sergeant Williams bellows at the Char Wallah for singing Land of Hope and Glory.
  • In "The Gang Gets Invincible" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Cold Open of the episode finds the Gang engaged in a heated argument over whether a rat could kill a scorpion in a fight. At the end of his rope, Charlie drops one of these to end the pointless bickering.
  • In Kamen Rider Drive we see a flashback to when one of the main characters catches his partner abusing a robotic life form, when the partner tries to stop him his only response is SHUT UP!
  • In Law & Order's episode "Angel", Jack McCoy delivers one.
    Ross: He's badgering, Your Honor.
    Jack: Sit down, and shut up, Mr. Fineman!
    Judge Stein: Overruled. And you will address the court from now on, Mr. McCoy.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: The detectives are trying to convince a woman to name her rapist—she refuses to do so because of her religious beliefs—by having her meet with his two other victims. When their efforts fail, she tells one of them, "I hope that you can find peace. . .", to which the sobbing woman responds, "Shut up, you freak, SHUT UP!"
  • In Malcolm in the Middle Hal has a slow and steady nervous breakdown as he tries to contend with the future of his children, where he keeps personifying his confused thoughts as miniature versions of himself that only he can see, ranging from Cowboy Hal, to Spaceman Hal, and even Fonzie Hal. Eventually, he has a small LEGION of Hals all over his bedroom, and listening to the conflicted personas all talking at once finally causes him to dash out the bedroom and burst into the living room of his house in front of all to see, and let out a big, fat:
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Daredevil (2015): When Wilson Fisk is introduced in season 3, we are given a demonstration of how much power he has over the prison when he barks to the inmates outside his cell to be quiet so he can enjoy his prison omelettes in peace.
    • Jessica Jones (2015): Kilgrave orders an entire restaurant of people to shut up because their noise is too irritating to him.
  • On several occasions in the early seasons of M*A*S*H, Col. Blake would try to get everyone's attention, but people wouldn't stop talking until Radar yelled "QUI-ET!"
    • In "As You Were", Trapper steps out of the O.R. to take a cigar break. He hears the roar of a jet overhead and mutters "Ah, shaddap" to it.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • The Spam sketch features several screeching "SHUT UP!"s from the hostess whenever the Vikings start singing.
    • Mr. Bounder effects this in the Travel Agent sketch when Mr. Smoke-Too-Much drones on about his misbegotten holidays.
      Mr. Bounder: SHUT YOUR BLEEDIN' GOB!!!
    • The Conquistador Coffee sketch, whenever Frog-
      • S. Frog, sir!
      • Shut up!
    • John Cleese during The Cheese Shop sketch gives a sudden outburst to the background Bouzouki player and to those dancing.
    • The Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit Skit.
      Student: Suppose he's got a bunch.
      Instructor: ...SHUT UP!
      Student 2: Suppose he's got a pointed stick.
      Instructor: SHUT UP!
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Satellite of Love crew is known to invoke this whenever a character really gets on their nerves, usually an Odious Comic Relief who doesn't know when to quit.
    • Crow unleashes a Giant Shut Up at the end of Invasion of the Neptune Men.
    • In the Alien from L.A. episode, the two robots and Mike simultaneously shout "SHUT UP!" to the annoying female protagonist. Can be seen here. (Right at the 30 minute mark)
    • A running gag in the Godzilla vs. Megalon episode has the cast constantly being annoyed by Rokuro's dialogue. When Rokuro shouts goodbye to Godzilla when he leaves, Joel, Servo, and Crow all unanimously shout this trope in total frustration.
  • Perhaps one of the best in TV history is in the finale episode of Newhart. As their chatterbox wives argue among themselves, the two Daryls, after 184 episodes of keeping silent, finally erupt "QUIET!" at them. It shuts them up while the studio audience goes insane cheering.
  • In an episode of The Office (US) where Michael wants to hire a male stripper, according to his understanding of "seperate but equal" (He was hiring a female stripper for a bachelor party.)
    Angela: Under no circumstances should a man strip off his clothes in this office!
    Meredith: SHUT UP ANGELA!
  • This humorous exchange in The Orville during the episode "Cupid's Dagger", when Bortus takes place in karaoke:
    Bortus: Lieutenant Malloy taught me this song. I will now sing it. ["My Heart Will Go On" begins to play, and everyone begins to loudly cheer] YOU WILL BE SILENT!
  • Our Miss Brooks: Mr. Conklin, to Motor Mouth Walter Denton.
  • Penn & Teller: Bullshit!: Penn Jillette is fond of these while giving someone a dressing down in narration. A meme that's circulated for some time comes from one of these, in which Penn rips into a group who opposed research into genetically modified food, punctuating his speech to make his point more clear.
    Unless you and yours are starving, you need to shut! The fuck! Up!
  • JD's rant on Scrubs starts with about 4 of these. (One for each of the people he's annoyed at.)
  • The eponymous Sherlock is often like this at crime scenes, and whenever someone's disturbing his thoughts by being too loud.
    Sherlock: Shut up! Everybody, SHUT UP! Don't move; don't speak; don't breathe — I'm trying to think! Anderson, face the other way. You're putting me off.
    • John does this to Sherlock when Sherlock tells him that his wife falls into his "adrenaline junkie" pattern.
  • In Stargate SG-1, Weir is trying to brief the President on what's going on but Kinsey keeps butting in with contrarian opinions and demanding her resignation due to her having refused a self-serving order from him just beforehand, escalating to the two literally trying to out-shout each other until the President has enough and yells at them to shut up. Weir apologizes, only for the President to reply that he meant to direct that at Kinsey, whom the President immediately fires on the spot and when Kinsey tries to protest, repeats the shut up calmly but Punctuated! For! Emphasis!.
  • In Star Trek: The Original Series, "Journey to Babel", McCoy to Spock and Kirk.
    Kirk: Dr. McCoy, I believe you're enjoying all this.
    Spock: Indeed, captain. I've never seen him look so happy.
    McCoy: Shut up! [Kirk opens his mouth] Shh! Shhh!
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • The episode "Datalore", when Wesley insists that Data's Evil Twin is posing as him. Picard finally snaps "Shut up, Wesley!" Then, Dr. Crusher gets offended and starts bickering with Picard. When Wesley speaks up again, she says "Shut up, Wesley!"
    • In "Future Imperfect", when Riker realizes he's just been put through a Faked Rip Van Winkle, he unloads one of these on the image of "Admiral" Picard:
      Riker: SHUT UP!
      "Picard": I beg your pardon?
      Riker: I said "Shut up!" As in "close your mouth and stop talking!"
  • Michael Burnham gives one to Spock in the Star Trek: Discovery episode, "Project Daedalus", when Spock gets under her skin, talking about the death of her parents.
    Spock: Even your parent's death was your responsibility.
    Burnham: Stop it.
    Spock: If only you hadn't asked to watch a star become supernova. But you're wise to blame yourself. Children should know when a warfaring race will attack without warning. Perhaps you could have done something. A child fighting a Klingon- those are excellent odds.
    Burnham: SHUT UP!
  • That '70s Show:
    • Episode "Canadian Road Trip":
      Mountie #1: What's your reason for coming to Canada?
      Leo: What's your re-
      Mountie #2: SHUT UP!
    • When Kelso's van sinks into frozen water, all Jackie can do is thank the Lord for a sign that they shouldn’t be together because it was all about him.
      Kelso: Are you losing your van?
      Jackie: (snidely) No.
      Kelso: THEN SHUT UP!
    • Then, when Kitty (whose going through menopause) and Red chaperone the guys when they visit the University of Wisconsin.
      Kitty: Uh, I realized that... I may have been a little irrational today.
      Kelso: "A little?"
      Kitty: SHUT UP!
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:
    • Episode "Sleepover Suite":
      Mellownotes: (singing) Then pick me... Me... Me... Me...
      Zack, Cody, London, Moseby and Nia: SHUT UP!!
  • The "Posh Dancing" sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look has Mr. Darcy finally do what two centuries of readers have been wanting to be done to Lady Caroline Bingley and bellow at her to just stop talking. Complete with Precision F-Strike.
  • The Twilight Zone episode "A Stop At Willoughby" has Gart's finally breaking after his boss' "push push" "The Reason You Suck" Speech: "Fat boy, why don't you shut your mouth!"
  • One hilarious episode of Ultraman Max has everyone in DASH forget who they are or what to do in the middle of a monster attack. Elly, the stoic Android who is unaffected by the amnesia, is the only one who can help DASH fight the monster, but everyone's forgetfulness (including Ultraman Max himself) causes her frustration to uncharacteristically boil over into shouting this to everyone in attendance. Once the situation worsens and more monsters show up, she quickly regains her stoicness.
  • The following exchange happened at least twice on What's Happening!!:
    Roger: Shut up, Dee!
    Mom: Roger, that's no way to talk to your sister.
    Dee: That's right. You tell him, Mama.
    Mom: Shut up, Dee!

  • The bridge of Linkin Park's One Step Closer.
  • Korn has a song called "Right Now". At one part the lyrics "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up, I'll fuck you up!" are screamed.
  • They say this cat Shaft is one bad mother-
  • Shouted in Ayria's "The Gun Song" between the verses.
  • "Louder Than Words" by Celldweller.
  • "But Julian, I'm A Little Bit Older Than You" by Courtney Love.
  • "Told You So" by Drowning Pool, seven times during the chorus.
  • "Shut Up" by Kelly Osbourne
  • "Shut Up and Dance" by Aerosmith
  • Doctor Steel: STOP!
  • David Bowie drops it twice at the end of It's No Game (Part One), from 1980's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). He would reuse the routine as the opener for his Glass Spider Tour through the second half of 1987.
  • "Shut the Fuck Up and Dance!" by Adrenaline (aka Richard "Humpty" Vission)
  • "Sadface" by Psychostick is about useless Facebook post and Twitter updates. At one point it's just "Shut up. Shut up! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!!"
    All that I ever wanted was to reach out to my friends. Instead i'm drowning in a sea of bitching, whining, moaning, and complaining about the weather. BLOCK! Fighting with your lover. BLOCK! Griping about the government BLOCK! Preaching about the environment. BLOCK! I hate my parents- BLOCK! I lost my wallet- BLOCK! I'm totally bored- BLOCK! I feel so- BLOCK! I- BLOCK! But- BLOCK! Please- BLOCK!
  • Motörhead give a loud one at the start of "Killed By Death".
  • Anthrax's "Caught In A Mosh" includes the line "Shut up shut up I don't want to hear your mouth."
  • Gilby Clarke's solo debut album Pawnshop Guitars includes a song called "Shut Up."
  • Simple Plan recorded a song that's actually called "Shut Up", and the lyrics are practically shouted throughout the song.
  • In Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do video, one Taylor requests to be 'excluded from this narrative', at which point the other fourteen Taylors immediately respond with "Oh, SHUT UP!"
  • Madness also have a song titled "Shut Up."
  • Aerosmith's "Shut Up And Dance."
  • CG5 does this in "I Wanna Waa":
"I'm not in the mood, so PLEASE SHUT UP!"
  • "Shaddap You Face" by Joe Dolce Music Theatre.
  • A few near the end of 'Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry".
  • Run–D.M.C. begins "You Talk Too Much" with a big "SHUT UP!"

    Myths & Religion 
  • In some translations of The Bible, Jesus' "Peace, be still" to the wind and waves in the gospel of Mark comes off as Him yelling "Quiet!"

  • During the Drunken Peasants' rematch debate with the Brett Keane posse, PaulsEgo delivered one to NephlimFree. Deservingly so, as NephlimFree kept talking over the others and constantly refused to let them get a word in edgewise.
  • The Greatest Freakout Ever has this from Stephen at least once in almost every video.
  • In Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4, Red Guy gets increasingly annoyed with Colin the Computer, trying to stop his incessant string of questions. Finally, Red Guy lets out an uncharacteristically angry "Shut up!" and pounds on Colin's keyboard... which only makes him mad.
  • The Guise episode of the Sentinels of the Multiverse lore podcast, The Letters Page, guest-stars Guise himself. During the close of the episode, Guise keeps saying increasingly loud and goofy goodbyes to the audience until Christopher and Adam both yell "SHUT UP!" at him.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Vince McMahon and any number of other heels. Of course, the crowd invariably roars even louder afterward.
  • Chris Jericho was known for using this as a catchphrase when interrupting someone who was talking too much: "Would you PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP?!"
    • Jericho gets a taste of his own medicine in All Elite Wrestling by none other than Orange Cassidy during their Great Debate, who up until that point was practically The Speechless.
  • CM Punk was once on commentary for a Divas' match, and he was joined by Jerry Lawler, LayCool, and Josh Matthews. All of whom sans Punk were bickering like high school girls throughout the match. Halfway through, Punk snaps and yells "EVERYBODY SHUT UP!!!" Needless to say, they did.
  • Scott Steiner once tried to convince two women to have a meeting with him as a "modifier". When corrected ("you mean 'moderator'") by Jeremy Borash, Steiner yells "SHUT UP!" Can be viewed here.
  • On a recent episode of Raw, when CM Punk runs his mouth to Vince McMahon about him screwing him over, John Cena shuts his mouth with a quick yet sharp "ENOUGH!"
  • He does another to Randy Orton in late 2013, when he was bragging on how he had become the face of the WWE and added other things to it. It can also count as a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment.
    John Cena: Would you just shut up!? Honestly, these people are tired and you sound ridiculous! "I turn dreams into nightmares!" Where the hell did you get that one, a fortune cookie!?
  • Dwayne Johnson:
    • The Rock previously used a variation of the following phrase as this trope:
      The Rock: Know your role, and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
    • Also:
      The Rock: Why don't you fix yourself a nice warm glass of SHUT UP juice!
    • And this, to Triple H:
      The Rock: "To say the least The Rock's something you're not: Undisputed Champion, so shut up, bitch!"
  • "The Female Fighting Phenom" Jazz. After defeating Rosita at CWF Mid-Atlantic No Excuses on July 28, 2012, some of the guys in the audience were accusing her of being out of shape.
    "This is after two kids. What's your excuse?"
  • UltraMantis Black has been on both ends of this:
  • Nonverbal Example from Survivor Series 1987: Near the end of the Team Moolahnote -Team Sherrinote  match, Noriyo Tateno of The Jumping Bomb Angels dropkicked Sherri and The Glamour Girls' manager Jimmy Hart off the apron.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Animal of The Muppets has been known to shout "QUIET!" on occasion, followed by a relatively low-key "Thank you."
    • Other Frank Oz Muppets to employ this trope include Miss Piggy, Marvin Suggs ("Shyuuuuuut UP!") and Sam the Eagle, the latter managing to silence Statler and Waldorf on one occasion.

  • The Navy Lark:
    • Any time Seaman "Fatso" Johnson was about to inadvertently spill the beans on CPO Pertwee's latest scheme, Pertwee would quickly silence him with a sharp and loud "BELT UP!".
    • As would any number of the other members of the Pertwee clan, all of whom were every bit as conniving as the CPO.
  • There numerous, hilarious versions of this on The Jack Benny Show. Many times, various people, often Mary Livingstone and Verna Felton (as Dennis Day's mother), would snap at Jack to shut up to keep him from making some corny joke. Sometimes, Jack would give it in response to someone either pointing out the obvious, or the flaw in a gag, or his ego. Most of the time, though, it would be Jack hollering "Wait a minute!" at his quartet, the Sportsmen, in a futile attempt to stop them from going crazy with their latest wacky song.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: As Marvin the Paranoid Android starts cueing up Also Spake Zarathrustra while Zaphod Beeblebrox gives his spiel before his assault on Magrathea:
    Zaphod: Can it, Marvin!

  • Towards the end of Vanities' third scene:
    Joanne: [to Kathy] If I thought you didn't care, I don't know what I'd do.
    Mary: Probably get drunk!
    Joanne: OH, YOU SHUT UP! At least I won't end up old and lonely like you. I don't need a neon prick for kicks!
  • In the play We Are United, in the final challenge Jack says, "OK, everyone, let's work together." Everyone responds by saying, "BE QUIET, JACK!"
  • In The Most Happy Fella, Tony, despite suffering serious injuries, manages to silence Marie's hysterical objections to his marrying Rosabella by shouting, "Shut up, Marie!" at the top of his voice.
  • Hector's Heroic BSoD in The History Boys starts out this way:
  • Right in the middle of the Villain Song "Candy Store" from Heathers: The Musical:
    Heather Duke: Honey, whatcha waiting for—
    Heather Chandler: SHUT UP, HEATHER!
  • Starlight Express has a good few of these.
    • In the original version of "The Rap":
      Dinah: I don't wanna!
      Everyone else: SHUT IT, DINAH!
    • In the second version of "The Rap", this is changed to:
      Dinah: Greaseball, stop it!
      Everyone else: DINAH, SHUT IT!
    • C.B also resorts to this trope in the original version of this song to silence the rest of the trains.
      C.B: Hey, look! Hey—!
      Everyone else: [starts arguing over each other]
      C.B: QUIET!
    • In the original "Right Place, Right Time":
      Rockies: [sarcastically] Hey, look who's paying us a visit! It's the champ! Is it? Is it?
      Rusty: SHUT IT! I was cheated!
    • In the original "Light at the End of the Tunnel":
      Control: Engines must obey Control! Engines must obey Control! Do what you're told!
      The trains: SHUT IT, CONTROL!

    Theme Parks 
  • In the pre-show of Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios, when The Three Little Pigs keep interrupting the Magic Mirror's retelling of the first film, Pinocchio yells, "WILL YOU BE QUIET?!?!"

    Video Games 
  • In Marvel's Avengers, the Hulk, tired of the Abomination's talk, grabs a device that nearly bowled him over and starts smashing him with it, yelling "SHUT! UP! SHUT! UP! SHUT UP!", then bringing down the rest of the machine on top of him.
  • Borderlands 2 has one in the crazed blathering of the Psycho, as it would be a translation of the Japanese version:
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! After being betrayed by the very people he thought he could count on, Jack isn't exactly in the mood to be dealing with Tassiter.
    Tassiter: What's going on up there, John? The readings we've—''
    Jack: —SHUT THE HELL UP, TASSITER! JUST SHUT! THE HELL! UP! My ex girlfriend and her two BFF's just tried to kill me, and the last thing I need right know, is your senile ass WHINING IN MY EAR! If I get one more message from you that isn't 'Addaboy Jack!' Or 'I'm sending you a big bag of money!' Then I'm gonna reach through my Echo communicator and GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT WITH MY PINKIES! ARE! WE! CLEAR!?''
    Tassiter: I... Goodbye John...''
  • Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's "Shut up!" textbox actually covers Sephiroth's "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Kingdom Hearts II takes advantage of voice acting to let Cloud do something very similar.
    Sephiroth: Cloud... You'll never let go of the darkness.
    Cloud: [raises his Fusion Swords] Shut up.
    Sephiroth: [raises Masamune] You'll never let go of your past.
    Cloud: [charges forward] SHUT UP!
  • In Psychonauts, Raz says "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" to the cheerleaders urging him on to victory in the Punching Game in Basic Braining in the same rhythm as their cheers.
  • Koudelka has this as well when the title character is held hostage by a mad groundskeeper.
    "You're crazy—"
  • In RosenkreuzStilette, if already having defeated Trau, Zorne would tell Tia, "Shut up *shut up* SHUT UP!!" when Tia desperately tried to talk her into calming down and listening to her.
  • This is all Sanger has to say in order to get the opponent's attention in Super Robot Wars.
  • Portal 2 gives us this gem:
    Announcer: Warning. Core overheating. Nuclear meltdown imminent.
    Wheatley: SHUT UP!
  • At one point in Knights of the Old Republic you can say this during the argument between Sandral and Matale.
  • Motoko Miura from Rumble! @ The Campus, especially when Akane Miyahara's Noblewoman's Laugh is involved.
    Akane: [after being rejected by Motoko in a fight on schoolgrounds] Oh, you don't wanna fight? Ah, what a shame.
    Motoko: What do you mean?
    Akane: Why, cant you see it? You, avoiding a fight, that's COWARDICE! [incoming Noblewoman's Laugh]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • One of the last cutscenes to the story mode of Sonic Unleashed has one from Eggman after his servant Orbot unintentionally tears him a new one for losing to Sonic again
      Orbot: You can simply begin your plans anew. Even if all of your efforts this last time were utterly wasted. Even if it was a complete and utter humiliating loss. Even the most pathetic loser in all the world would surely have the chance to—
      Eggman: OOOOOOOOOOH SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!
    • He does again at the end of Sonic Colors while being sucked into a black hole.
      Eggman: [over the PA system] We at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park ensure that safety is our number one priority.
      Eggman: [about to be sucked in] Oh, SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!
  • At one point in Hyperdimension Neptunia, Neptune does this to get the attention a warring crowd on Leanbox.
  • Silencer from Multiplayer RTS Dota 2, when casting his ultimate ability, the entire map goes silent, accompanied by him shouting "SILENCE!"
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag: after being mutinied against and left on a disabled ship by one of their companions, player character Edward Kenway and another pirate, Charles Vane, have this little exchange:
    Edward: Stop your god damned howling, Vane! It's no bloody use!
    Vane: Well, well, the fearsome Edward Kenway speaks! Pray tell us, captain, how to quit this predicament! And tell us what genius you have for sailing a boat with no sails and no rudder!
    Edward: SHUT! YOUR! GOB!
  • Far Cry 3: Vaas. Even more so in "The Vaas Show" prequel.
    Vaas: SHUT THE FUCK UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! I will kill you, and then I will drag you out of FUCKING HELL, and kill you again. Shut the fuck up, stop fucking crying-
  • The Legendary Starfy has one VERY out-of-place "SHADDUP!" from resident sultry she-pirate Snips.
  • Mass Effect 2: In the Overlord DLC campaign, there is a cleverly hidden "Big Shut Up" concealed in what at first sounds like loud, incomprehensible static. In truth, it is David Archer crying "QUIET, PLEASE! MAKE IT STOP!"
  • In the intro of Diablo II Lord of Destruction, Baal hears out a messenger who defiantly tells him that the city of Sesscheron will not allow him to reach Mount Arreat and the Worldstone. Baal quickly loses patience and shuts up the messenger by shouting "ENOUGH!" loudly enough that the messenger covers his ears in pain, with the echoes in the mountains persisting for some time.
  • In the C/D Routes of NieR: Automata, 9S spends most of his screentime furiously screaming 'SHUT UP!' or laughing maniacally.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • Elements of Justice: As a crossover between Ace Attorney and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, there are expectedly a lot of the usual interjections like "Hold It!" and "Objection!", but Suri Polomare also regularly shouts "Shut Up!" in large red letters.
  • Red vs. Blue has quite a lot, but Church deserves first place:
  • Smosh's Shut Up! Cartoons have a intro with an anvil and the yell, "SHUT UP!", along with the word "Cartoons" showing up at the bottom of the anvil and someone saying, "Cartoons!"
  • Homestar Runner:
    • A minor Running Gag that started in the Strong Bad Email "bottom 10" involves a voiceover by a soft-spoken middle-aged woman getting the response "Shut up, lady!" from one of the characters, usually Strong Bad.
    • In an Easter egg at the end of the Cheat Commandos toon, "Commandos In the Classroom", there is a scene of Blue Laser foot soldiers dressed up as giant slices of pizza:
      Blue Laser Minion: [to the commander] Um... I'm not entirely sure this is what they were talking about, sir.
      Blue Laser Commander: SHUT IT! Pizza can't talk!
  • In Go Animate videos, especially the "Grounded" videos featuring Caillou, the voice given to Boris, Caillou's dad, has a very harsh way of saying "Shut up!"
  • Zero Punctuation's review of Gears 5 has Yahtzee get incredibly frustrated with the writing, to the point where he drops the usual weary snark in favour of this trope:
    Yahtzee: Wanna know how to do a Gears of War witticism? Step one, say something relevant but completely obvious, to stir the players from the trance the combat put them into, step two, continue talking uselessly until I hate you.
    Grunt #1: We need to go over there, and by "over there" I mean "towards that big scary building full of enemies".
    Grunt #2: (rolls eyes) Oh great, so what's the good news?
    Grunt #1: Well, the good news is that I'm very handsome and glib and—
    Grunt #2: Okay, but by "shut the fuck up" do you mean—
    Yahtzee: OH MY GOD! Why can't you just accept that Joss Whedon will never hire you?!
  • During Downfall, in RWBY, Mercury taunts Ruby after disarming her, asking what she'll do without her weapon. Ruby responds by headbutting him in the face and telling the assassin she's going to shut him up. While she doesn't yell the line, her delivery is nothing short of badass.
    Mercury: Uh-oh, what're you gonna do now?
    (He takes a swing at Ruby who ducks and headbutts him)
    Ruby: Whatever it takes to shut you up.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • Mega64: In "The Gangs Returned To Class And Became Honor Students," Dr. Poque has three of these in a row when the rest of the cast is too busy talking about pranks to listen to him.
  • There is one in a Machinima called "100 More Ways To Die In Garry's Mod." The method? "Hearing the loudest thing ever."
  • And now you can have your very own SHUT UP button! Just go to and click the "SHUT UP!" button!
  • Phelous does it when he finally gets tired of The Nostalgia Critic in Kickassia.
  • MarzGurl utilizes the "Urusai" version while dressed as Princess Mononoke (speaking only in Japanese) in Suburban Knights when Film Brain and Luke get into a quarrel over who gets to dress up as Harry Potter.
  • Smosh:
    • Most videos begin with an obnoxious statement relating to the episode, followed by that shout of "SHUT UP!"'
    • In one of the videos, the shout of "SHUT UP!" instead used the shout, "SHUT UP! THAT SONG'S COPYRIGHTED!"
  • Episode 1 of Echo Chamber has Tom attempting to compare Show Within a Show to Schrödinger's Cat (poorly). Dana tries to get him to stop by throwing chalk at him and yelling "SHUT UP" over and over again.
  • At around 6:37 of this Retsupurae of I Justine's infamously awful Portal 2 Let's Play, RP newcomer foreverpandering explodes with one of these.
  • A Running Gag of ClementJ642's Sonic Let's Plays is Clement making a remark about Knuckles the Echidna's intelligence, and Knuckles promptly replying with one of these.
  • What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?: Nash says this several times to Peri in his review of "Revelation of the Daleks".
  • The Cry of Mann: After sitting through Courtney's Motive Rant and hearing her insult their family, Berry just tells her to SHUT UP.

    Western Animation 
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • In "Operation: D.A.T.E.", Lizzie appears as Numbuh One is confronting the Delightful Children:
      Lizzie: Nigel Uno, I'd like a word with you!
      Delightful Children: What is the meaning of th—
      Lizzie: SHUT UP!!!!
    • In "Operation: P.O.P.", Mr. Fizz has one when the KND start talking all at once and give him a headache. In fact, he's so sick of loud, noisy kids, he's locking them up in soda bottles just to get some peace and quiet! The second time the KND all bicker at him at once, in response to his evil plan, Mr. Fizz has a Villainous Breakdown and summons root beer-loaded wooden barrel robot armor to steel his nerves and pulverize the kids! Overkill, much?
    • In Operation: Z.E.R.O., Father says this when the other villains keep talking over him in the meeting.
  • Various times on Looney Tunes, usually phrased as "AAAAH SHADDAP!" While many characters used it at one time or another, it was often one of Sylvester's catchphrases (besides "Sufferin' succotash!"). It is also very common in the Foghorn Leghorn shorts, whenever the Barnyard Dawg barks at himnote .
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle:
    • Whenever Boris' latest fiendish plan fails (and it always does), he tells Natasha to "Sharrup you mouth!"
    • Subverted hilariously in one episode, "Greenpernt Oogle", when, trapped in their own mine field, Boris tells Natasha, "Next time I get fiendish plan, do me big favor? SHARRUP MY MOUTH!"
    • Natasha does just that in "The Treasure of Monte Zoom" when Boris and Natasha inadvertently drive a car off a cliff:
      Natasha: Boris, we're falling!
      Boris: Raskolnikov! If those goody-goods think they...
      Natasha: Boris!
      Boris: Hmm?
      Natasha: Do me one favor before we hit.
      Boris: Certainly, poopsie.
      Natasha: SHARRUP YOU MOUTH!!!
  • Raven of Teen Titans screams "QUIET!" in the movies when the others wouldn't stop arguing.
  • The Super Mario World episode "The Yoshi Shuffle" has Roy deliver this to Morton in a Looney Tunes-like manner. "AAAAH SHADDUP! We'll never get started!"
  • Beast Wars:
    • Rattrap and Dinobot simultaneously do this and a Talk to the Fist to Tarantulas. Why? He was interrupting their continuing argument.
  • Big City Greens: In "Raccooned", after the Greens are kicked out of their own house by the raccoons and Cricket and Bill argue once again, Gramma has had enough of it and screams "SHUT UP!" to stop them and call them out.
  • In the Woody Woodpecker cartoon Niagara Fools. After the third time the park ranger goes over the falls in a barrel (all while trying to stop Woody from doing it), he yells it to the crowd of yellow-raincoat-clad onlookers who cheer "Hooray!" every time he goes over.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • In the episode "Los Dos Mojos", when Bubbles (who, thanks to amnesia, thinks she's Mojo Jojo) rants that she is the real Mojo Jojo, the real real Mojo shouts at her, "Oh, shut up!" before walloping her with an I-beam that caused her to lose her memory in the first place (only this time, she is cured).
    • In "Three Girls and a Monster", Bubbles screams "QUIET!!!!" in order to get Blossom and Buttercup to stop arguing so she can fly up and politely ask the monster they're fighting to leave. The monster complies.
    • Buttercup does this in the episodes "Geshundfight" and "Equal Fights".
      Buttercup: Would you guys just SHUT UP!?
      — "Geshundfight"
    • Running Gag in the episode "Monstra-City"; Buttercup yells "SHUT UP!" every time the people and the monsters start arguing.
  • Rocko's Modern Life:
    • In "Day of the Flecko", Rocko yells "SHUT UP!" at an increasingly obnoxious bird who won't stop chirping loudly.
    • In "Zanzibar", Rocko shouts "SHUT UP!" at the crowd that keeps interrupting him by singing during his speech.
    • In "Yarnbenders", when Heffer kept on screaming in the middle of the story Rocko was telling to a sick Filbert, Rocko interrupts Heffer with a shout of "SHUT UP!"
  • The Simpsons: "How did you get this number?" Homer: "SHUT UP!"
    • Marge delivers one to the haunted house that's trying to kill the family in the very first Treehouse of Horror episode.
  • The Critic: Jay Sherman is fond of these.
  • South Park: In "Ass Burgers", after a depressed Stan is tired of hearing his classmates bickering:
    Stan: SHUT UP!!! Everyone just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Twilight Sparkle does this in "The Ticket Master", interrupting her friends' argument over the extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala with "QUIET!"
    • In "The Cutie Map - Part 2", Starlight Glimmer interrupts Twilight's Kirk Summation with a Big "QUIET!" It's enough to shock Twilight into silence temporarily.
    • In "The Mean 6", Twilight screams, "EVERYPONY, QUIET!!!" to stop the argument between her friends which was caused by a series of misunderstandings by their clones, and proceeds to resolve the feud.
  • Lots of occurrences of this on Total Drama. Namely:
    • TDI: Owen, Heather, and Izzy, "The Sucky Outdoors", to a bird whose singing is just a little bit aggravating
    • TDA: In the Reunion Special "Celebrity Manhunt", Gwen is shown giving one of these to Katie and Sadie on her webshow.
      Gwen: Hey. Today I want to talk about going green. Basically the earth is going to DIE if we don't do something about it!
      Sadie: Hey Katie, remember when we went "green"?
      Gwen: Guys?
      Katie: Oh my gosh, when we painted my bedroom green, and we got into that huge paint fight, and it was so much fun.
      Gwen: Guys?
      Sadie: But just because we got into one little paint fight doesn't mean we're not BFF's!
      Gwen: Guys? Shut up shut up shut up shut up!!
      Katie: [turns around to display a splash of green paint on the back of her shorts] And look! I'm still green!
      Gwen: UGH! You were supposed to wait for the signal, remember?
      Katie: Sorry, Gwen. It's just that your show's kind of...
      Katie and Sadie: ...bad.
      Gwen: Why did LeShawna bail on me?
    • TDWT: In "Slap Slap Revolution", After getting chewed out for tossing out an electric meat grinder in the previous episode that they could've used to win the sausage building contest, Heather tries to justify her actions, only for her teammates to tell her to "SHUT IT!!"
  • Beavis And Butthead have been told to shut up numerous times by their teachers. Mr. Buzzcut has threatened to kill students who didn't shut-up.
  • In Regular Show, this has practically become Rigby's Catchphrase. Along with "STOP TALKING!"
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM): Multiple:
    • A moment in the "Secret Scrolls" episode. The heroes' plane is diving out of control and The Drag-Along Antoine is yelling manically.
      All: Antoine, SHUT UP!
    • From the same episode:
  • In Family Guy, Joe Swanson does this impressively... to a telephone.
    [telephone rings]
    Joe: SHUT UP!!!
    Telephone: Okaaayyy!!
  • Joe Bear in the Tex Avery-directed cartoon, "Rock-a-Bye Bear", does this a lot in a very loud voice whenever he hears the slightest bit of noise:
  • Done by the latter of the titular trio in Ed, Edd n Eddy in two episodes.
    • Once in "Oath to an Ed".
      Eddy: SHUT UP, SARAH!
    • Another in "Key to My Ed".
      Eddy: SHUT UP, DOUBLE D!
      Edd: There is no need to raise your voice, Eddy.
  • Dan Vs. has a lot of these.
    • In the Episode "Dan vs. the Wolfman", Dan has a trick-or-treater dressed as a werewolf tied up and hanging from the ceiling whenever the kid says help Dan yells "Quiet!" one other time the kid whines "I wanna go home." Dan and Chris both yell "QUIET!"
    • In the recent episode "Dan vs. the Gym", Chris feels motivated even though they've been forced to power the evil robots he then says what the instructor said to him, Elise, the Hippy guy, and one other extra simultaneously say, "Shut up."
  • In the old seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, characters would occasionally yell at others to shut up if they were being obnoxious. Often it was the Troublesome Trucks who were on the receiving end of this - and occasionally a bump too for good measure.
  • Daffy Duck in The Daffy Doc holds up signs to the operating room audience as Doctor Quack asks for quiet: "SHHH!" "HUSH YO' MOUF!" and "SILENCE IS FOO!" (the third prefaced by a Jewish translation).
  • From The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Big Boogey Adventure:
    Judge: Does the defense have anything to say for itself?
    Billy: I wanna plead guilty!
    Grim: SHUT UP!
  • Steven Universe:
    • In the episode "Message Received", Yellow Diamond does this as Peridot continues to disobey and interrupt her.
      Yellow Diamond: You have disrespected this channel, and my time with your presence and you would do well to—
      Peridot: But—
      Yellow Diamond: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
    • Connie does this in the episode "The New Crystal Gems", as Lapis and Peridot begin to fight over who gets to pretend to be who.
      Lapis: Let's make Pumpkin the Garnet. You should be the Pearl.
      Peridot: I'm NOTHING like Pearl! She's so uptight and sensitive! HOW DARE YOU I'M LEAVING!
      Lapis: That was so funny, you should be Amethyst!
      Peridot: That's so dumb, you should be a clod!
      Lapis: Oh, so I'm a clod? I think YOU'RE the clod!
      Peridot: Wow, your Peridot-impression is LOUSY TOO!
      Connie: WILL YOU TWO CAN IT?!
  • Wakfu:
    • Mandale the Bullies chieftain yells it twice in season 1 episode 5.
    • King Sheran Sharm in season 1 episode 24, when both Amalia and Armand / Canar and Renate are bickering loudly at the same time.
    • Remington Smisse, whenever his half-dozen Shushus get too chatty.
      Remington: SILENCE, SHUSHUS! Can't hear myself killing, here!
    • Rushu is fond of doing this to assert his authority, and briefly mocked by Sadlygrove. Which nearly got him pancaked by a giant flaming fist.
    • Qilby, usually in response to being called traitor, but especially when Yugo gives him the Kirk Summation.
      Qilby: SHUT! UUUUUUUUUP! *blasts Yugo into an asteroid, which splits in half from the force of the hit*
  • In one episode of Rocket Power, Ray asks Reggie and Otto to help out at the Shore Shack while Tito is out sick. Reggie and Otto make a deal to let Otto skate in a contest at the same time, with Sam filling in in the meantime. But after Sam gets locked in the freezer and service breaks down, Reggie gets fed up with the customers' clamor and screams:
    Reggie: QUIET!!! Hello! If you want my attention, say it, don't scream it!
  • The title character in Danger Mouse practically makes a Catchphrase out of telling his assistant "Penfold...shush!" whenever he is complaining at great length about the latest turn of events. (He dials the volume down a bit if Penfold is trying to cower out of the mission or making a bad joke.)
  • Practically a Catchphrase for The Scotsman of Samurai Jack, always delivered at the top of his lungs. Here's a selection of scenes where he yells at people to, in his words...
    SHUT IT!!
  • In Bob's Burgers episode "Sexy Dance Fighting", Tina is mooning over a boy she liked moving away, and Louise makes fun of her. When Linda says she'll eventually hit puberty and go through the same emotional problems, a freaked out Louise shouts, "YOU SHUT UP, MOM!"
  • A few times in The Smurfs:
    • Near the end of "The Astro Smurf", Papa Smurf yells "OH, SMURF UP!" when a Smurf asks one Are We There Yet? too many.
    • In "Lure Of The Orb", Poet yells "QUIET!" out in the forest when its ambient noises become too much for him while he's trying to compose a poem.
  • The Crumpets episode "My Family's Full of Losers" ends with one from most of the Crumpet children to Li'l-One after he complains of his parents' affection in the Earth while he's stranded on the moon.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: At the end of "I Was a Teenage Gary", Gary, Spongebob and Squidward turned into snails start meowing at night. Patrick comes out and yells "Will you CLAM UP?!" throwing a shoe at them.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks: In "Cupid's Errant Arrow", when the representative of Mixtus II accuses Starfleet of being murderers if they demolish the moon, Captain Freeman yells, "SHUT UP AND LET ME THINK!"

    Real Life 
  • King Juan Carlos of Spain told Hugo Chavez to shut up at the Ibero-American summit of 2007 after Chavez called a former Prime Minister of Spain a fascist. The king considered the incident embarrassing.
    ¿Por qué no te callas?
  • During the final moments of his campaign for President, a tired Ronald Reagan kept getting interrupted by a heckler at one of his rallies, until he finally just snapped "Aw, shut up!" Needless to say, the crowd immediately cheered loudly.
  • At one point during the first presidential debate of the 2020 American general election, Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted Joe Biden's attempt to answer a question given to him by moderator Chris Wallace. Annoyed by this, Biden ended up telling Trump to shut up, which instantly became a meme. On top of that, it was interpreted as someone finally putting the man in his place.
  • During the sinking of the RMS Titanic, confusion about the situation resulted in the nearby ship SS Frankfurt repeatedly asking what seemed like pointless questions in response to Titanic's distress calls over the telegraph. Titanic wireless operator Jack Philips eventually had to tell them to shut up and stand by because they were just creating more confusion. Bear in mind all of this was transmitted in morse code over telegraph, so not only did Frankfurt receive the message, so did every other rescue ship and transmitter station in range.

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