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Founded in 1986 in Milwaukie, Oregon by a comic shop owner named Mike Richardson, Dark Horse is one of the most versatile comics companies out there.

Dark Horse publishes a little bit of everything; Indie art comics, a number of "creator-owned" series such as Hellboy and Sin City, and even licensed comics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 (which was their idea). In addition, they were one of the major early publishers of English-translated manga in the West before the Tokyo Pop boom, bringing over titles like AKIRA, Ah! My Goddess, Gunsmith Cats, Hellsing and Ghost in the Shell. They also publish paper collections of a number of well-known Webcomics.

They even had an original superhero universe for a short time in the Comics' Greatest World imprint, though it was eventually dropped due to poor sales and lack of interest. They also recently gained a subset (Dark Horse Books) dedicated to non-comics and the word-based sort of book. They've also printed all sorts of other things (including a collection of Playboy interviews and even health books). It doesn't matter what it is, Dark Horse will publish itnote .

This open policy has been the key to Dark Horse's success, allowing them to survive The Great Comics Crash of 1996.

One of the big five comic companies of the Modern Age, alongside DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and Archie Comics.

Things they publish include:

Original series:

Former Gold Key Comics characters most famous for being used by Valiant Comics:

Licensed comics:

Manga and OEL Manga:

Alternative Title(s): Dark Horse