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The Frankenstein's Monster of Video Games

THQ Nordic GMBHnote  and THQ Nordic ABnote  is a publishing and holding company based in Vienna, Austria and Karlstad, Sweden.

The company, formed in 2008, Initially made something of a name for itself when they acquired all assets from the defunct Dream Catcher Interactive Inc and Jo Wood Entertainment AG in 2011, but made serious headlines when they in 2013 bought the majority of IP's from THQ. This ended up just being the start of the young company's rise as they kept up their rate of acquisitions throughout the The New '10s with IPs from everyone from Atari to Crytek, many of which have been dead for years (giving them something of a reputation as the studio equivalent of the guy who knocks door to door and asks if he can have any junk that you have laying around), acquiring several studios to along the way. Their end goal is to bring back mid-range (AA) games, larger than independent works, but not quite triple-A.


Their name itself is a testament to this, as they've bought the dead THQ trademark following their bankruptcy, and use it as their means to conduct business. The Holding part acquired Coffee Stain Studios as well as Deep Silver and their parent company Koch Media in 2018, making them both officially sister companies to THQ Nordic GMBH.


  • Under THQ Nordic GMBH:
    • The Adventure Companynote 
    • Black Forest Games
    • Bugbear Entertainment
    • Experiment 101
    • Foxglove Studios
    • Grimlore Games
    • HandyGames
    • Gunfire Games
    • Mirage Game Studios
    • Pieces Interactive
    • Piranha Bytes
    • Rainbow Studios
  • Under Koch Media Holding GMBH
  • Under Coffee Stain Holding AB
    • Coffee Stain Studios
    • Coffee Stain Publishing
    • Coffee Stain North
    • Lavapotion
  • Under Goodbye Kansas Game Invest AB
    • Palindrome Interactive
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    • Fall Damage
    • Neon Giant
    • Kavalri Games
    • Framebunker

Prominent THQ Nordic and Coffee Stain games with a page here:note 


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