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Biomutant is an upcoming Action RPG, developed by the Swedish studio Experiment 101 (made up of former Just Cause developers from Avalanche Studios) under the publisher THQ Nordic, and slated for PC and consoles.

The game is described by its creators as a "Post Apocalyptic kung fu fable", or "Kung Fu Panda with a touch of Mad Max in it". It is set in a world filled with animals who have mutated into sentient races a long time ago. Their new society centers around the great World Tree. One day, however, toxic oil came up from underground and began to poison the tree. Moreover, this weakness was sensed by five great monsters, which started to feast on the roots. It is now imperative for you to slay them all.

However,this is only a part of a larger mosaic, as there are six tribes around the tree, many with conflicting goals: for instance, only half of them are desperate to heal the World Tree to its former glory, as the other three are instead eagerly laying groundwork for their plans once it collapses. You are free to choose how you intend to interact with them, making decisions that'll significantly alter the course of the story.


The official website is here, the 2017 extended gameplay trailer is here, and the 2019 demo gameplay is here.

Tropes seen in the preview material for Biomutant:

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: The gameplay trailers shows that you can pick from practically every shade of rainbow for your fur color.
  • Dialogue Tree: The gameplay trailer shows that the player can select responses through a conversation wheel.
  • Exploding Barrels: The large boss seen in the gameplay trailer, Rocka-Boom, throws fuel barrels at the player, with no regard for its small allies who can easily get caught up in the blast as well.
  • Flunky Boss: The boss seen in the gameplay trailer, Rocka-Boom, has a bunch of small anthropomorphic rat allies on its side.
  • Giant Mook: The apes in the gameplay trailer are not large at all by our standards, but they are definitely giant for your racoon-sized character.
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  • Written Sound Effect: In the gameplay trailer, colourful words like "SMASH" and "BOOM" can appear when you are delivering a sustained beat-down to an enemy.


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