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Comic Book / Van Helsing: From Beneath the Rue Morgue

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Van Helsing: From Beneath the Rue Morgue is a 2004 one-shot comic book by Dark Horse Comics and a spin-off/side story of the 2004 Stephen Sommers film Van Helsing. The comic book takes place after Van Helsing kills Mr. Hyde at Paris and before he arrives to Transylvania. The comic includes Dr. Moreau and the Invisible Man (named Beathán).

From Beneath the Rue Morgue provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Name Change: Instead of Griffin, the Invisible Man is named Beathán.
  • Big Bad: Dr. Moreau, who is a diabolically mad scientist.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: While Dracula of the film and Mr. Hyde of the London Assignment prequel are monsters, Dr. Moreau creates monsters.
  • Interquel: The book takes place after Van Helsing killed Mr. Hyde but before he goes toward Dracula.
  • Karma Houdini: Dr. Moreau escapes from his destroyed lab.
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  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Moreau has created monsters such as Beathán.
  • Monster Mash: Van Helsing encounters Beathán and Dr. Moreau.
  • One-Shot Character: The characters that aren't Van Helsing and Friar Carl only appear in this comic.
  • Super Serum: Beathán gets his invisibility from a serum created by Dr. Moreau.