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No clothes either.

The Film Of The Comic Book.

Released in 1996, the movie stars Pamela Anderson Lee as a nightclub owner/mercenary/Bounty Hunter in 2017 during the Second American Civil War. The Chief of Police raids her club because he is looking for a scientist who has information about a superweapon.

The film is based on the eponymous series printed by Dark Horse Comics during their attempt at creating a shared comic book universe, Comics' Greatest World, which resulted in an In Name Only compared with the source.


"Don't Call Me Trope":

  • Fanservice: It's a whole movie with Pamela Anderson in either tight, revealing clothing or none at all, what else would you expect?
  • Groin Attack: Barb orders a dog to do a "Package check," which means the dog bites the guy on the groin.
  • Naked on Arrival: Barb isn't exactly fully clothed during the credits when the audience first sees her and later, she meets her ex-husband's fiance' just after getting out of the bath.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Barb spends much of the movie wearing a corset that enhances her already-buxom figure. According to Pamela Anderson, filming the fight scenes while wearing a corset and heels was extremely challenging.
  • Unscrupulous Hero: On the one hand, Barb Wire just wants to run her nightclub. On the other, she's a mercenary and Bounty Hunter during a Civil War, which means she has to do anything she can to survive.


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