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No clothes either.

"The very first actual scene, the one that plays over the credits, is Anderson dancing around and flopping out of her top on a strip club stage... One of the most vocal patrons calls her 'babe' and she severely injures him by throwing her shoe at his forehead. I can only guess all the paying, theater-going viewers of this film, seeing everything they had paid to see, left right after the credits."
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson, ComicsAlliance

The Film Of The Comic Book.

Released in 1996, the movie stars Pamela Anderson Lee as a nightclub owner/mercenary/Bounty Hunter in 2017 during the Second American Civil War. The Chief of Police raids her club because he is looking for a scientist who has information about a superweapon.

The film is based on the eponymous series printed by Dark Horse Comics during their attempt at creating a shared comic book universe, Comics' Greatest World, which resulted in an In Name Only compared with the source. The plot copies elements of Casablanca and passes The Bechdel Test.


"Don't Call Me Trope":

  • Absolute Cleavage: The cleavage in Barb's outfit is so low her breast look like they would topple out of her outfit at any time.
  • Action Girl: No matter how much of Pam got showed off, Barb Wire is definitely a hard-up, bad-ass action girl to be proud of.
  • Anti-Villain: Police Chief Willis. He may be a corrupt, lying asshole who makes Barb's life difficult, and a pawn of the oppressors, but he's not actually evil. For one thing, he knows his men are thugs and idiots, but they're still his men. He doesn't agree with the murder of Barb's blind brother, and at the end he saves them all by not handcuffing Barb and giving her a grenade to use.
  • Artistic License – Biology: A character fools a retina scanner using colored contact lenses, which actually might've worked if it had been an iris scanner. Evidently the writers didn't know retinas are at the back of the eyeball.
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  • Bathtub Scene: Barb is taking a bubble bath in her house, but it turns into an Interrupted Bath when he ex Axel comes in. She promptly grabs a gun she kept within reach and threatens to shoot him, but he pacifies her. She then gets up out of the tub (being covered by Censor Suds) and asks him to throw her a Modesty Towel before they talk.
  • Berserk Button: "Don't call me Babe!" (Which led to many jokes about talking pigs.)
  • Big Bra to Fill: Inverted. Pam's breasts were actually larger in the movie than the original comic character.
  • Fanservice: It's a whole movie with Pamela Anderson in either tight, revealing clothing or none at all, what else would you expect?
  • Groin Attack: Barb orders a dog to do a "Package check," which means the dog bites the guy on the groin.
  • Naked on Arrival: Barb isn't exactly fully clothed during the credits when the audience first sees her and later, she meets her ex-husband's fiance' just after getting out of the bath.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Barb spends much of the movie wearing a corset that enhances her already-buxom figure. According to Pamela Anderson, filming the fight scenes while wearing a corset and heels was extremely challenging.


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