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Crossbones is an American Professional Wrestler known for his time in CHIKARA. He debuted in 2004 and quickly joined Larry Sweeney's Sweet 'n' Sour International. He also competed for CZW and for C*4 Wrestling. His last appearance was at the 2012 CHIKARA Season Finale Under The Hood on December 2, 2012 (see He's Back below). He has never won a title.

"Friggin' Sweet Tropes":

  • The Bartender: At the Fujiwara Arm Bar in the final Ashes video, "Workin'".
  • Bash Brothers/Heterosexual Life-Partners: With UltraMantis Black.
  • Beard of Evil/Badass Beard: As seen above
  • Big Damn Heroes: Became a regular part of his character in later years.
    • At Martyr Yourself To Caution on September 18, 2011, UltraMantis Black attacked The BDK's Ares following Ares' match with Marshe Rockett of Da Soul Touchaz. The Dark Army (Sinn Bohdi and The Batiri [Obariyon, Kodama and Kobald]) attacked the Spectral Envoy (Mantis, Hallowicked and Frightmare) with Crossbones running in with the flag of Mantis' former faction the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple to be the fourth man for the Envoy team.
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    • At High Noon on November 13th, the BDK's Jakob Hammermeier interfered during the Envoy (Mantis/Hallowicked)-BDK (Ares/Tim Donst) Lucha de Apuesta match, with Crossbones again running in with the flag and chasing Jakob away.
    • The Dark Army (Delirious, Ophidian and the Batiri) ran in during the Envoy-Team Ring of Honor (Mike Bennett and The Young Bucks [Matt and Nick Jackson]) tournament final at King of Trios 2012 Night III, September 16, 2012, with Crossbones again involving himself, taking out Delirious and helping to fight off the Batiri.
  • Cool Mask: As seen above.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Oh yeah. As one example, he crossed this with a blatant parody of So Beautiful, It's a Curse at Young Lions Cup III Night II, July 23, 2005. After his opponent Shiima Xion had introduced himself as the first Filipino model wrestler, Crossbones claimed to be the first male model from Parts Unknown. He added that he had to wear a mask because all the ladies would run to him if he wrestled without it.
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  • Dem Bones: His appearance is of a skeleton, though not played up as much as it is with La Parka.
  • Facial Markings: As Oni in CZW.
  • Finishing Move: Friggin' Sweet Driver, Enzuigiri
  • He's Back: Announced his return in February 2017.
    • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: He is shown standing next to a picture of a Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • Godzilla Threshold: He made his return to CHIKARA at CHIKARA Aniversario: School Reunion to face Merlok, a big wrestling piranha who has been brutalizing his opponents.note  Merlok defeated Crossbones, meaning that Merlok's destructive behavior will continue.
  • I Am Big Boned: Played with. Mentioned by name in this Twitter post. Other times he talks about losing weight.
  • Jerkass: Toward his partner Mano Metalico in 2005, since, at CHIKARA Tag World Grand Prix 2005 Night I, February 18, 2005, and at CHIKARA Don't Eat the Black One on March 19th, Crossbones would use Mano to demonstrate how to kick someone. At the latter show, he even brought in people from the audience to kick Mano.
  • Kick Dude/Lightning Bruiser: At his best, he could fire off kicks like Último Dragón. He defeated Jervis Cottonbelly at CHIKARA Little Creatures, October 21, 2005, by kicking him repeatedly to set up the pin.
  • Man Bites Man: He bit Unstable member STIGMA's arm during the Trios Increibles match where he teamed with Team F.I.S.T. member Icarus and Unstable member Colin Delaney against UltraMantis Black, STIGMA and Team F.I.S.T. member Chuck Taylor at CHIKARA Cibernetico Increible, October 18th, 2009.
  • Mood Whiplash: At Time Will Prove Everything, March 24, 2007, he faced Create-A-Wrestler (today, Dasher Hatfield). In his promo, Crossbones questioned the logic of such a gimmick, and called C-A-W "a nobody," "a loser" and a "dead man." Then Icarus walked over and told Crossbones, "Good job with Captain America," and Crossbones responded with a chipper "Thanks, buddy."
  • Parts Unknown: "Jerk Town, NJ"
  • Power Stable:
    • Sweet 'n' Sour International
    • The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple
    • The Spectral Envoy
  • Product Placement: The DVD cover for CHIKARA The Mint Condition was a picture of Crossbones holding a York Peppermint Pattie with the logo in full view.
  • Put on a Bus: As a result of Delirious breaking his clavicle in May 2010. He wouldn't be seen again until Martyr Yourself to Caution.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Wore a pink mask for a time.
  • Red Baron/Names to Run Away from Really Fast: "The Heavyweight Horror"
  • Rudo: His primary role, until Mantis turned tecnico.
  • Tattooed Crook: His arms are covered with tattoos. He also did Mantis' tats.
  • The Un-Favourite: In the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, as Mantis would fawn over Hydra, Tim Donst and Delirious while ignoring or belittling Crossbones, as seen in this promo from CHIKARA Three-Fisted Tales, November 22, 2009. This is despite the fact that Crossbones was the only one who was loyal, as Hydra left, and Delirious and Tim Donst (disguised as Vökoder) both turned on Mantis and joined the BDK, and that Crossbones was usually the Only Sane Man of the group.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Came close to the parodied variation in his promo before the mixed trios match at CHIKARA The Global Gauntlet Night I, October 18, 2008, where he teamed with Ryan and Madison Eagles in a loss to the Colony (Fire Ant and Soldier Ant) and Jessie McKay, saying, "Equal rights, equal fights!"

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