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"Teams of five strive to survive."
—The Tagline of Survivor Series 88.

Survivor Series is WWE's annual November pay-per-view event. It is one of the "Big Five" events, along with WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank and SummerSlam, as it is one of the original four pay-per-views produced by WWE.

Survivor Series is the second longest running pay-per-view event in WWE history, behind WrestleMania. The first Survivor Series, held in 1987, came on the heels of the incredible success of WrestleMania III, as the WWF began to see the lucrative potential of the pay-per-view market.

The event is usually characterized by having five on five (or sometimes four on four or six man) Tag Team elimination matches. These matches are generally referred to simply as "traditional Survivor Series matches". But the catch to Survivor Series is to be the sole survivor or survivors meaning that there is an elimination element to the match.

"Tropes of five strive to survive":


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