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"Say hello to Da Blue Guy!"

"Meanie wins! Meanie wins! [Beat] Meanie wins? Well I saw it, I know I called it, I'm pretty sure we taped it, for the record, I don't believe it! Hey if SportsCenter doesn't air this, then ESPN can kiss my ass!"
Joey Styles, ECW Ultimate Jeopardy 1997

Brian Heffron (born May 18, 1973) is an American professional wrestler, best known for his appearances with ECW from 1995 to 2000 and WWE from 1998 to 2005 under the ring name The Blue Meanie.

He started his career in March 1994 in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic independents under such names as "Brian Rollins" and "The Zebra Kid". He debuted as The Blue Meanie, a reference to the Blue Meanies, the antagonists from the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine, at ECW's November to Remember 1995 as a surprise partner to Stevie Richards. The tag team of Stevie and Meanie would specialize as Ditto Fighters, plundering and mocking the gimmicks of wrestlers both past and present.

In late 1998, Meanie would leave ECW for WWE and join Al Snow's group, The J.O.B. Squad, before going on to feud with (and later befriend) Goldust after the latter took umbrage at his parody of him, "Bluedust." He would return to ECW in late 1999, having lost much of his weight and renamed himself The Blue Boy.

He has since returned to the indies, with infrequent TV appearances on ECW's reunion shows.

Among his in-ring achievements, he was ½ of the inaugural MCW (Memphis) Southern Tag Team Champions with Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, a former UPW Internet Champion and a 3x SCW (Steel City) Tag Team Champion, 1x w/Stevie Richards, 1x/Super Nova and 1x w/Cactus Jack.

"Say hello to Da Blue Guy's tropes!":

  • Acrofatic: An unashamed fat guy who used a moonsault for his finisher.
  • Big Damn Heroes: On the September 9 (taped August 29), 1998 episode of ECW Hardcore TV, Tommy Dreamer was in a gauntlet match against Lance Wright'snote  stable of "Dastardly" Danny Doring, Jack Victory, "The Canadian Tiger" Mike Lozansky and the Equalizernote , with the intention of getting revenge for New Jack, who Victory had put out of action with a ripped groin. Dreamer was fighting against all four guys as best he could until it became obvious that he was outnumbered. With Dreamer down, Doring got on the mic and talked about how he's the best looking guy in the locker room, the most hardcore and the best dancer, and decided to prove it by dancing, with his theme, Soul Coughing's "Super Bon Bon" playing. Then "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool hit, and Super Nova ran out with a STOP sign followed by The Blue Meanie with a garbage can full of weapons. Joey Styles called them, "Blue Jack and Novastafa!" Meanie and Nova emptied out the weapons, which included a tennis racket, a chair, a Captain America shield and more. Dreamer gave Victory a DDT on the shield, and found among the weapons a bowling ball bag. He placed the shield on Victory's groin and dropped the bowling ball bag there for the pin. After the match, Meanie and Nova dragged Wright into the ring and set him up in the corner with his legs spread. Dreamer then debuted the bowling ball to the groin spot that Al Snow would later use in WWE, with Joey saying, "Steerike!" Dreamer's music, Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box" as he, Meanie and Nova did New Jack's "X" sign, before "Let Me Clear My Throat" came back on and Dreamer, after a brief moment of reluctance, danced in the ring alongside Meanie and Nova.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: After Justin Credible defeated Chris Chetti at ECW's Ultimate Jeopardy 1997, on November 8, 1997 (televised on the November 15 show), his manager Jason "The Sexiest Man on Earth" got on the mic and talked about how, out of 30 or so guys in the locker room, he was one of the few who could actually wrestle and that "it sucks" only working as a manager. So, since he was in his "street clothes," he issued an open challenge for a "street fight." Cue "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool, and out comes...The Blue Meanie with Super Nova? Jason dismisses Meanie at first, but finally agrees. While it's not much of a match, and even less of a "street fight" (referee John Finnegan blocks Meanie from attacking when Jason ducks his head through the ropes), it qualifies as Jason basically treats Meanie as a joke the whole time...until Meanie comes up with a testicular claw into a schoolboy rollup for the pin!
  • Big Fun: This was his gimmick for most of his career; a big, fat guy who had lots of fun in the ring; especially when parodying Scott Hall as part of the "blue World order".
  • Combination Attack: With Super Nova he used the Blue Light Special (wheelbarrow facebuster/DDT combo).
  • Costume Copycat: His, Stevie Richards, and Nova's collective gimmick back in ECW was that they would dress up as several other wrestlers, and even the band KISS. Their most famous impression was the Blue World Order, a parody of a certain other World Order that lasted for several months.
  • Dance-Off: Given that Dancing Was Serious Business in ECW, an entire feud, The Blue Meanie and Super Nova vs. the FBI (Tracy Smothers, Little Guido Maritato and "The Big Don" Tommy Rich) was started over Smothers being a particularly awful dancer, though very much Played for Laughs.
  • Dancing Is Serious Business:
    • ECW had a lot of dancing. The 1998 feud between the team of The Blue Meanie/Super Nova vs. the FBI (Tracy Smothers, Little Guido Maritato and "The Big Don" Tommy Rich) was centered around it. A typical match between the two teams would start like this: Smothers would "dance" poorly and get booed. Meanie would dance and get cheered. Repeat until the FBI attacks.
    • After the Meanie surprised everyone by defeating Jason "The Sexiest Man on Earth" at ECW's Ultimate Jeopardy 1997, "YMCA" started playing and the whole ECW Arena crowd, notorious for being both no-nonsense and tough to please, did the "YMCA" dance along with Meanie and Nova.
  • Facial Markings: The Blue Meanie had excessive eyeshadow. His bWo partner Nova also had facial painting, to make him look more superhero-like presumably.
  • Finishing Move: The Meaniesault (moonsault off the top rope) was his special maneuvers used to cap off matches.
  • Formerly Fat: Late in ECW's lifespan, he lost over 100 lbs and obtained porn star Jasmine St. Claire as a valet (and renamed himself to The Blue Boy). Of course, he also became a Heel who looked down on the audience for staying fat instead of losing weight and hooking up with a porn star like he did. He'd eventually gain all his weight back.
  • Fun Personified: He and the rest of the bWo were always fun and games, no matter what tone the storylike took. The closest they were to losing their fun was during Meanie's feud with JBL in 2005.
  • Mood Whiplash: At WWE's The Great American Bash 2005, an inherently silly match involving tag-team action between the Mexicools and the Blue World Order (Meanie, Stevie Richards and Nova), with the Mexicools entering the arena on lawn mowers and the bWo entering on scooters, was sandwiched between matches that were part of two infamous feuds in WWE in 2005: The Undertaker vs. Muhammad Hassan, which ended with 'Taker giving Hassan a Last Ride through an exposed compartment of the stage, which was used to write Hassan off indefinitely following controversy over his gimmick, and Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, as part of the feud in which Eddie "revealed" that Rey's son Dominik was actually Eddie's biological son.
  • Parody: The Blue World Order was a parody of the Nww World Order. When WCW used its partnership with New Japan Pro-Wrestling to create nWo Japan, ECW used its with Michinoku Pro Wrestling to create bWo Japan.
  • Parts Unknown: He was billed from "Pepperland".
  • White Gangbangers: The Blue World Order, just like the group they were parodying, the New World Order, acted like a street gang comprised entirely of white guys.