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Problems, Little Jimmy?

The Truth Has Set Me Free!

Ronnie Aaron "Ron" Killings (born January 19, 1972) is an American professional wrestler better known by his ring name, R-Truth (previously K-Kwik and Ron "The Truth" Killings). He's wrestled in TNA and currently WWE. His career started in 1997.

A rundown of his career can be found at The Other Wiki.

Tropes associated with the C-O-N...SPIRACY include:

  • Angry Black Man
    • He was encouraged to be by Jeff G. Bailey, who told Killings, and his other black clients that they were superior athletes being held down by the racist system of Georgia. Of course, this was Bailey's attempt to take control of NCW and later, NWA Wildside. Also, Truth's 2011 heel turn.
    • However, on TNA's fifth PPV, July 17, 2002, he cut a promo which ended, "I'm not an angry black man. I'm just the damn truth - and the truth will no longer be denied."
    • Scary Black Man: Though he's less scary than any insane professional athlete has the right to be, he still managed to scare most of the Raw roster to get them to vote "no confidence" on Triple H.
  • Anti-Humor: Truth pulled one during his Survivor Series 2011 promo in which he had the crowd expecting him to explain his conversation with a bunch of pigeons, since he's WWE's Cloudcuckoolander. The MSG crowd gave him an ovation for the hilarious bait-and-switch.
    "I yelled to those pigeons, I said, 'Hey pigeons! The Rock and Cena are gonna lose tonight!' You know what those pigeons said?...Nothing. They're pigeons. Pigeons don't talk. All they do is crap!"
  • The Artifact: "The Truth" moniker originally came from his gimmick in All Pro Wrestling, which was later resurrected as a Malcolm Xerox gimmick he had in TNA. After turning face he kept The Truth, even after rejoining the WWE. Apparently he got/stole the name from Truth Martini, even though he has a completely different gimmick. He was truth in APW a year before Martini debuted, but then started going as K-Krush till WWE and TNA.
  • Arch-Enemy: John Morrison, which instigated his heel turn in the first place. Then Little Jimmy. Then he had face turn. Then it became The Miz.
  • Artistic License – Geography: "Nothin' good comes from the South." Says the guy who came from North Carolina/Georgia.
    • It's just Cheap Heat. Michael Cole said pretty much the same thing, despite being from Texas.
    • "The good R-Truth is gone." He was including himself in that statement because he's not a good guy (at least at the time).
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: His actual name Ron Killings, anyone? He's using R-Truth now and before that, K-Kwik.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: And they speak the truth
  • Berserk Button/Hair-Trigger Temper: After turning heel.
  • Cameo:In Head of State and The Wrestler
  • Character Development: Before his heel turn, Truth was a bland face who rapped, then he lost out on a Championship opportunity and turned heel and lost all his marbles. Now he's back as a face, but still has his Cloudcuckoolander mannerism. And he's all the better for it.
  • Catch-Phrase
    • What's Up?
    • Truth is...
    • And that the truth, the whole truth and nothin' but the truth.
    • It's a conspiracy!
    • Don't boo me, you should be booing yourselves!
    • Lil' Jimmy!!
    • [Insert Wrestler Here] is about to get GOT!
    • I'm Gonna be a GOOD R-TRUTH!!
    • Don't "what?" me!
      • (After crowd shouted "What" at him) Okay, what me!
    • The TRUTH has set me free!
    • You're gonna get got!
  • Cheap Pop
    • "[Name of city he's currently in], WHAT'S UP?"
    • DON'T WHAT ME!
      • Crowd: WHAT!?
      • Okay, "what" me!
    • (Formerly) "[Current city], we're about to get rowdy!"
  • Cloudcuckoolander: He's... not all there, to say the least. Some of the things he does and says are a bit out in left field... but he's significantly toned down from 2011-2012, where he wasn't even in the freaking stadium.
  • Composite Character: R-Truth's latest face run saw him bring back a few of the dance moves he refused to do for most of his heel run. Also, he went back to a subtly flashier in-ring style whereas his heel run saw him use a slightly more aggressive moveset. Essentially, Truth's latest face run is Nutcase!Truth's promo work meshed with Rapper!Truth's in-ring mannerisms.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Considers himself a victim of a massive conspiracy.
  • Curse Cut Short: In one of his Touts (mainly due to you only getting 15 seconds worth of airtime):
    Truth: Antonio, in German: You gon' get got. In French: You gon' get got. In Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Bickanese: You gon' get got. In English: Imma kick yo— *tout ends*
  • Dark Reprise: "U Suck" is pretty much a Villain Song version of "What's Up".
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune
    • "What's Up/U Suck" and "Right Time." When he was a Face, his entrance included him dancing and performing the rap over the track on his way to the ring.
    • He does all but two of his seven themes.
  • Evil Foreigner: As part of La Legión Extranjera under Konnan, in AAA
  • Expy
    • Shows several similarities to Booker T - a black, dreadlocked, Spirited Competitor with a Lightning Bruiser fighting style (although more emphasis on the "lightning" and less on the "bruiser"). He even used a modified version of the scissors kick for a while.
    • R-truth is an expy of K-kwik...Ron Killings became an expy of himself.
    • The beginning of his late 2011 Heel run. Extremely violent, slightly unhinged loose cannon with anger issues. It later (d)evolved into something completely different, but at the beginning it was a near dead-ringer for Randy Orton's heel run, particularly in the Legacy days. (Truth's finisher even changed to something slightly resembling the RKO.)
  • Face–Heel Turn: Performed one after he lost a Championship opportunity to John Morrison who had goaded him in to a match with the contendership at stake, and went from a happy go lucky guy who raps to the audience to a raving mad conspiracy nut.
    • Heel–Face Return: Upon returning from his Wellness Policy suspension, R-Truth seems to be OK with Little Jimmies.
  • Felony Misdemeanor
    • Heath Slater kicking Little Jimmy in the face on WWE Superstars. Even better, the crowd reacted as if he had actually kicked a small child in the face, as did Truth.
    • This happened again in his and Kofi Kingston's tag match with Epico.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat
  • Hearing Voices: He call Triple H crazy for talking to himself while repeatedly turning around to speak to people no one else can see.
  • Flanderization
    • At the very beginning of his most heel turn in 2011, he was certainly a slightly unhinged loose cannon, but as the heel run has gone on, his Sanity Slippage has been cranked Up to Eleven...and then slightly past it.
    • As a Face in his tag team with Kofi Kingston, the crazier (and arguably funnier) aspects of his Cloudcuckoolander persona have been toned down, leaving a slightly loopy guy with an imaginary friend.
  • Game-Breaking Injury/Put on a Bus: Wasn't on TV for several months because of this knee injury. (WARNING: MAY INDUCE Squick.) He later returned to save Kofi Kingston from a beatdown courtesy of Damien Sandow.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: After doing a Face–Heel Turn by beating up John Morrison, he took out a cigarette and began smoking it, as the chanted "That's illegal!" and a woman in the audience very audibly shouted "Will somebody please think of the children?!"
  • Green-Eyed Monster: At least part of his 2011 heel run seems to be because he's jealous of the fact that people only seem to care about John Cena.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In TNA, being opposite of Vince Russo will bring that on really quick.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: In the weeks building to his match against John Cena at Capitol Punishment, Truth had been antagonizing Cena's fanbase, even throwing a cup of soda/water in a fan's face. During the match, Truth had Cena down and decided to bully a kid at ringside, drinking from his collector's cup. The kid would throw the liquid in Truth's face, distracting him long enough to get thrown back in the ring and get hit with the Attitude Adjustment for the three count.
  • Imaginary Friend: Little Jimmy. And lord help you if you decide to play along with him and actually kick Little Jimmy for hell of it. Truth doesn't react well to Little Jimmy getting kicked. At all.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: As a face. Part of his Face–Heel Turn involved Truth saying he would no longer dance and smile for the "Little Jimmys". Following his face turn a couple months later, he is accompanied to the ring by Little Jimmy.
  • Lampshade Hanging: "I don't even know if that's PG!"
    • Considering this was after his Heel–Face Turn but he was still taking up residence in crazy town, one week he did a standard "wrestler cuts a promo while talking to the camera" spot that played in the corner while he walked to the ring. The trope is inverted though, because while it's generally assumed that the wrestler involved is addressing the fans/his opponent, Truth stops mid-sentence, gets a confused look on his face, and asks, "Wait, who am I talking to?"
  • Large Ham: Is a bit of one as a face, but then again, so are most guys in pro wrestling. Since his heel turn in 2011, Truth hasn't just chewed scenery, at some points he's swallowed it whole.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Is he a fast power wrestler or a strong high flyer?
  • Living Lie Detector: Just for Pun.
  • Malaproper: During his heel run. Mainly Played for Laughs.
  • Malcolm Xerox: As part of the "New Panthers" in XPW. During his original heel run in TNA. Part of the initial angle was the fact that no black man had been NWA World Heavyweight Champion before (Bobo Brazil won it but then was stripped, Carlos Colon and Jack Veneno each had it for a few days, but no black man has ever gotten a fair run apparently was not as appealing). It was 2002. He ultimately won the title twice.
  • Manchild: Arguably. His Face in-ring style has always been a bit...flippy, and the fact that he now has an imaginary friend doesn't help.
  • Mook Carryover: He has inherited the Funkadactyls, after the Tons Of Funk breakup.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown
    • His attack on John Morrison after losing his number one contender spot.
    • His run-in along with The Miz during the Punk/HHH match at Night of Champions 2011. They beat the hell out of both competitors, and then ''beat the hell out of the referees.
    • Then came Hell In A Cell 2011 when they beat the crap out of everyone including the cameramen
    • His return on the last Raw of 2011 has him beating the shit out of The Miz
  • No Indoor Voice: Face or heel...when cutting promos, R-Truth has two volumes: loud and louder.
  • Non Sequitur: Half the stuff that comes out of Truth's mouth on camera makes no freaking sense at all. Doesn't stop it from being hilarious, though.
  • Not So Different: Ricky Steamboat took Ron Killing's rantings in TNA personally, feeling Truth was either criticizing the job he was doing or being racist against the fans. Ron Killings instead said that Ricky Steamboat should be able to relate to everything Ron Killings had an issue with, that it was a shame Steamboat never got a shot at the WWF Championship despite having matches people stilled talked about to that very day and that TNA was doing the same to Killings. After hearing him out, Steamboat agreed with him.
  • Odd Friendship: With The Miz. It also consistently provides the most entertaining parts on Raw.
  • Older Than They Look: He's in his early 40's. For perspective, he's older than Edge and The Rock, and younger than Triple H.
  • One-Letter Name: R-Truths first name is "R". At least if you believe what a raving lunatic are saying. This was during a segment between R-Truth, Vince McMahon and Steve Austin with R-Truth coming out in a Confederate costume with the content to secede from the WWE Universe.
  • Power Trio
    • He was one of Jeff G. Bailey's "African American Supermen" in NCW, later NWA Wildside
    • Besides the Kru, he and Konnan were part of Team TNA with Samoa Joe
  • Quieter Than Silence: His theme 'song' right after his heel turn consisted of "THE TRUTH! SHALL SET YOU FREE!" Then R-Truth came out to a loud, blaring track of nothing, usually having conversations with the voices in his head on the way.
  • Recognition Failure: Pretty Ricky, and not just because of the legions of wrestling fans who now want to destroy TV Tropes for making them remember that. Pretty Ricky was not allowed to attend Smackdown shows even though he worked them.
  • Red Baron: Suntanned Superman, a self given one when contrasting himself to Bird man.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After returning from being injured by The Miz, he proceeds to beat the stuffing out of him... Then stop JUST short of taking him out so he can stretch it out over several weeks, telling Miz as much to his face.
  • Sanity Slippage: Oh so very much with his Heel turn in 2011. Even if a viewer could think it was something else, announcers and people fighting him will tell you directly that R-Truth has lost it. And he was still insane after turning face. Well, for a few months at least. Now he's back to his old self.
  • Shout-Out: His team with Konnan and BG James in TNA: The 3 Live Kru (later became the 4 Live Kru with the addition of Kip James [WWE's Billy Gunn].)
  • Slasher Smile: Look at the above picture and say that this a guy that you'd want to run into in a dark alley.
  • Spin Attack: Two of the finishers he's used (Truth Axe and Lie Detector) - respectively, a corkscrew scissors kick and a double corkscrew flying elbow.
  • Stunned Silence: When Truth came down to the ring in the aforementioned Confederate uniform and song, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin raised his microphone to make a remark and then let it drop back down, unable to say anything in response. You could actually see the point as to when he simply went "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" on the conversation entirely.
  • Tag Team: Held TNA's tag team titles with Adam "Pacman" Jones, unfortunately.
  • The Heart:Of the Three Live Kru in TNA
  • The Rival: AJ Styles in Georgia, thanks to both of them being manipulated by Jeff G. Bailey, and then again a little further south in TNA
  • Think of the Children!: Shouted at him in the UK for his heinous act of indoor smoking, along with chants of "That's illegal!".
  • Three Month Rule: R-truth's first WWE title was the United States Championship he won from the Miz. K-kwik won the hardcore title? K-kwik who?
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Went from Kid-Appeal Character to the guy blowing smoke rings in people's faces and chucking drinks at audience members.
  • Unexplained Recovery: After being blown up by MacGruber on Raw, leaving nothing but his shoes, R-Truth showed up on NXT without explanation.
  • Uncle Tomfoolery: Played straight, then subverted, then double-subverted in the course of a single year. Truth's heel turn in the spring of 2011 was partly prompted by his desire to stop acting hammy for the fans like a stereotypical black comedian. But now that he's back to being a face again, the drawl and the double-takes and the other minstrel-like qualities seem to have not only returned, but are being taken Up to Eleven. At least he's a badass minstrel.
  • Villain Song "U Suck"
  • Villain Team-Up: With The Miz
  • Weapon of Choice: A water bottle. Seriously. And it works.
    • Continuity Nod: The bottle comes from the angle that originally turned him heel. As part of John Morrison's promo against Truth, JoMo claimed that R-Truth's stamina was down because of his smoking habit. Truth was caught at one point during his match drinking from a water bottle. Later that same episode, when he beat down John Morrison, he used the water bottle for the first time.
  • We Used to Be Friends
    • With John Morrison. After Morrison took his spot in a WWE title PPV match, Truth took him out of commission for several months.
    • And again with The Miz, who decided a few weeks before that Truth had outlived his usefulness and assaulted him on the steel ramp, giving Truth a concussion note  that put him out of action for a month.
  • What Have You Done for Me Lately?: When Vince Russo claimed Truth and Road Dog were only in D Generation X because of his pull, the Three Live Kru shot back with Russo owing them his employment several times over and asking what had he done for them lately.
  • Wolverine Publicity: He did the main promo for Hell In A Cell 2013 despite not being on the card. The only sense to make of it was the "hell" in the title and Truth's tendency to paraphrase the Bible "The Truth, Has Set Me Free".
  • Would Hit a Girl: Was targeted by "Bitch Slap" (Nurse Veronica, Cheerleader Valentina, Traci Brooks, Trinity) in TNA. It wasn't personal, having matches with men was just one of the ways they thought they could improve the standing of women in the company. After one of Truth's split legged power bombs injured one of them though, men were banned from initiating contact with women whatsoever.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: K-kwik, a wrestling rapper. This was actually true for Ron Killings for a time too.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Lately, a lot of R-Truth's appearances are him being in the wrong place at the wrong time (such as appearing after The Wyatt Family's Jump Scare), cutting promos for matches he's not even involved in (like Money in the Bank 2015), or being confused about what kind of match he's in (like trying to climb a ladder during a Royal Rumble).

Alternative Title(s): R Truth