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Big Barda's a whole lotta woman.
"My mind can’t quite get to the point of having lustful thoughts because I’m too worried about where I’m going to find a step-ladder at this time at night."

Women, on average, are shorter than men. And a good number of men find petite women charming. Because of this, in most human societies, tall girls and women often feel awkward and out of place, and some men will feel uncomfortable when it comes to having a relationship with a woman who towers over them, similar to someone stronger than them.

But then there are some women for whom this trope applies. These are the women whose overall charm comes from their height. Even if they themselves don't acknowledge it, the story and/or characters make it clear that her height is one of her distinguishing charms. Also, in fiction, tall women tend to be Tomboys and sometimes fall into the Action Girl archetype. Due to their extreme height, they will often have nice, long legs.

They are also quite common in the Superhero genre, where they also often have a Heroic Build and the Most Common Superpower. As with those tropes, tall heroines can be more the norm than the exception. Tall heroines have to be extremely tall to really stand out. Looking at published Canon references like DC's Who's Who and Marvel's Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, one gets the impression that the average height for female heroes is something like 179 cm or 180 cm (between 5'10" and 5'11") (and that for male characters, it's about 191 cm (over 6'3")).

Please note that for a woman to qualify for this trope, she needs to fulfill two criteria:

  1. She must either be taller than most men in her setting or stand at least 5'8" (173 cm) tall.
  2. She must either be considered attractive In-Universe or be accompanied by Fanservice, Beauty or Attraction Tropes. note 

Since men are usually taller than women, attractive male crossdressers will often appear this way, and the same is true for attractive Transgender women. On the other hand, in fiction, at least, an Easy Sex Change can often work around such limitations.

Not to be confused with Taken for Granite (although it may sometimes be combined with it!).

Some Statuesque Stunners are also Amazonian Beauties or fit the Buxom Beauty Standard. Compare and contrast Huge Schoolgirl and Giant Woman. Compare Amazon Chaser, a guy to whom the attractive quality in a woman is her fighting skill and/or her muscular build instead of her height. Also compare to Big Beautiful Woman (which puts more emphasis on weight rather than height), and Brawn Hilda, who is muscular but unattractive. Compare to overlap with Tiny Guy, Huge Girl and contrast with Huge Guy, Tiny Girl.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Air Master, the eponymous streetfighter—real name, "Maki"—is this, as well as a Huge Schoolgirl and an Action Girl. During the opening, she's seen walking through an average, crowded Tokyo street—heads and shoulders above everyone else. Most of her height is in her legs, which is handy since they're also her main weapon. As for being "stunning"... well, several guys in the show seems to think so, at least.
  • Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh, is simply huge for a 16-year-old Japanese girl at 1.74m (5'9"). This troubles her a lot as she's very shy and obsessed with everything small and cute.
  • The Big O: Angel is a homage to Fujiko Mine and stands at 5'10". She's usually seen in secretarial garb whenever she isn't donning her pink catsuit and has UST with Roger for most of the series.
  • Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun has Odagiri who is one of the tallest girls in school, and even taller than some of the male students. She's viewed as attractive and is noted to have the best figure by everyone except for two jealous girls who wonder how is she seen as cute when she's that big.
  • Code Geass has several: Cornelia Li Britannia, Viletta Nu, Milly Ashford, and Marianne vi Britannia come to mind quickly, though even Euphie is close to the mark at 5 foot 7. Clearly Britannians breed for height along with bust and ham.
    • There's also the 180cm (5'11) Rakshata Chawla.
  • The Dangers in My Heart: Anna Yamada is a middle school student who works part time as a model and towers over her classmates at 171.9 cm tall (5'7").
  • Noi of Dorohedoro is very tall (according to the Japanese Wikipedia, she's about 6'10"). She's quite buxom as well. Despite Most Common Superpower, she's been mistaken for a man numerous times by other characters due to a combination of her huge muscles and her default outfit being a baggy tracksuit and a head-covering mask, and most readers tend to get a Samus Is a Girl moment when they see her maskless for the first time. Fanart tends to depict her carrying her partner Shin in her arms.
  • In Do You Like Big Girls?, five of the six members of the volleyball team are at least 6 and 1/2 ft. tall. And they're all pretty in their own ways.
  • The Angels Vados and Marcarita in Dragon Ball Super, are both very tall, around the same height as Whis who himself is taller than Goku & Beerus and both of them are beautiful, with white hair, Vados in a ponytail and Marcarita with pigtails. Their sister Martinu is a Big Beautiful Woman in more ways than girth.
  • Niki Hanada from Dr. STONE is definitely Statuesque, as she stands at 180cm (or 5'11"), which is quite tall for a woman (especially in Japan) and puts her comfortably over most of the male cast. The stunner part is debatable at first due to some Brawn Hilda traits, but Art Evolution veers her firmly into unambiguously attractive territory.
  • Cana and Evergreen from Fairy Tail are 5'8" and 5'9", respectively, according to the official height chart. Since Fairy Tail is a World of Buxom, where all of the protagonists are good-looking, they also qualify as stunners.
  • Hanabata Nohkins from Futoku no Guild stands at an impressive 5'10"/178cm tall, yet she's considered a Head-Turning Beauty.
  • Gate: In the novel and manga versions, Mari Kurokawa is 190cm/6'3". She looks very imposing compared to the other characters, and she's a beauty whom Tuka has a crush on. In the anime, she is 175cm/5'9", but still towers over the other girls.
  • Mora Bascht of Gundam 0083 stands head and shoulders above most of the cast, regardless of their gender. She becomes one half of the show's Beta Couple with Keith, who is initially put off and intimidated by her size, but later seems quite happy with her.
  • While Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing from Hellsing is still dwarfed by Alucard (really not much of an accomplishment), she still sees eye to eye with the more average height male characters in the series and towers over the shorter ones.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • The gender flipped version of Russia is a very beautiful, long-haired Winter Royal Lady who easily is the tallest of the girls.
    • Also, the gender-flipped version of Sweden is a Lady of War with glasses and just as long hair. We're not sure of how exactly tall she is, but consider that the original Sweden is at least 6'0"...
  • High School D×D: Rias Gremory stands at 172 cm/5'8" tall, is considered attractive by everyone else including her lover Issei, and is also the club's resident Ms. Fanservice.
  • Hitomi-chan Is Shy with Strangers: The titular character is very attractive to all her classmates and stands head and shoulders above most of them. She's a full head taller than Yuu, the Tiny Schoolboy in their Tiny Guy, Huge Girl relationship, despite him being a year older.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Lisa Lisa from Battle Tendency stands at 175 cm (5'9''), and is a Ms. Fanservice with heavy emphasis on her long legs.
    • Her great-great-granddaughter, Stone Ocean's Jolyne Cujoh, stands at the same height and is equally beautiful.
  • An older series called The Kabocha Wine (The Pumpkin Wine) features a love story from the short boy Aoba Shunsuke and a big-sized beauty by the name of Natsumi.
  • The title character of The Legend of Mother Sarah is a tall, athletic woman who wanders the earth, towers over or is just as tall as most men she runs into and often gets in trouble either for being an attractive female or because she likes to right the wrongs in the places she visits.
  • Motoko in Love Hina is taller than Keitaro and the other girls and it's shown she feels awkward about it, but it's made clear she's considered attractive nonetheless.
  • Half of the premise of Lovely Complex is Risa Koizumi, a girl taller than average. The other half being Atsushi Ootani, a boy shorter than usual.
  • Naruto: Mei Terumi, the Fifth Mizukage, stands at 174 cm (5'9"), making her the tallest woman in the cast. She is also noted as a beauty, with her bodyguard Chojuro blatantly swooning over her.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Kaede (181cm/6'0"), Chachamaru (174cm/5'9"), Mana (184cm/6'1"), Akira (175cm/5'9"), Ayaka (173cm/5'8"), and Chizuru (172cm/5'8"). Most of them regularly wear fanservicey clothing and/or are prone to being depicted in the nude via either public bathing/hot spring scenes or a misfired Flans Exarmatio spell from Negi, and the only potential Love Interests for them are a couple of 10-year-olds. Lampshaded by Chisame on how her class is so abnormal in every aspect including beauties, breast size, and height.
    • There's also Mahora's Hospital Hottie head nurse and guidance counselor, Shizuna Minamoto. She's tall, with blue hair that flows down her back, and she's quite buxom as well (her cans are 99cm). Negi is literally introduced to her via Marshmallow Hell.
  • One Piece:
    • Nico Robin, the womanly archeologist, is the third tallest Straw Hat pirate, standing 188 cm (6'2" ft.), more than most male crew members.
    • Boa Hancock, whose official height is a whopping 191 cm (that's over six feet three inches) is very obviously beautiful both to readers and in-universe characters. In fact, she's called the most beautiful woman in the world at one point. It fits, since she's the empress of an island of amazons.
    • Played with for Hancock's younger sister, Boa Sandersonia, who has a figure almost as nice as Hancock's and who is even taller at a massive 453 cm (that's 14 feet 10 inches tall). Pity about her face, though; its disproportionate size, flat features and overly wide mouth detract from her appearance... albeit not to the same extent as her younger sister, Boa Marigold, who is a straight-up Brawn Hilda Gonk.
    • Two of Big Mom's daughters, Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Praline, easily tower over allies and enemies. Smoothie is over 4 and a half meters tall, plus she possesses extremely long legs; on the other hand, Praline is a huge half-mermaid with a very nice bust and who's around twice the size of her beloved merman husband, Aladine of the Sun Pirates, who's not exactly short to begin with.
    • Kikunojo, from the Wano arc, is 287 cm (9'5") and shown to be much sought after.
    • At least half of the women in One Piece are attractive and above the 172 cm line. Coincidentally, that makes a good amount of women in One Piece taller than 172 cm to 174 cm Luffy.
  • Twilight Suzuka from Outlaw Star is listed as being 5'9", though she's often drawn as tall as or slightly taller than Gene (5'11"). Either way she towers over the other two women in the main cast and is known for being very attractive, judging by the title "The Beautiful Assassin."
  • Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) from Sailor Moon is the tallest and strongest of the Inner Senshi at 5'6" (the rest average around 5' even). Haruka (Sailor Uranus) takes it to even more drastic levels at 5'8". Though it should be noted each approaches the Stunner part from different angles. Makoto's known to be busty and proud of it while Haruka's less prominent bust makes her look athletically trim.
  • Five of the Seven Mortal Sins are this, with Lucifer at 173cm, Belial at 179cm, Asmodeus at 177cm, Mammon at 180cm, and Satan is 183cm tall. And they're all Hot as Hell.
  • Slayers: Naga is actually taller than Gourry, a fact which her sister, Amelia, mentions offhandedly. And you can't help but see her figure (especially THOSE things), since she wanders around in next to no clothing.
  • Tsubaki Nakatsukasa from Soul Eater is about a head taller (anywhere from 5'7" to 5'9") than most of the teenaged Weapons/Meisters. Same goes for Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson, who's about the same height as Tsubaki or at least just a little shorter. Thing is, Liz has nothing on Tsubaki's stack; in fact, her little sister Patty outmeasures her there.
  • Hikaru Ohno of Take On Me. Quoting the character intro, she's "Six foot one of fun fun fun!"
  • Yuuko Sagiri from Triage X stands at 5'9" tall and is one of the most attractive members of the team.
  • Sakura from Urusei Yatsura has never been given any height, but once cured of her sickness, she becomes tall, slender, and incredibly beautiful, much to the pleasure of Ataru.
  • Variable Geo: Jun Kubota is the primary example, as she's a former Olympic wrestling champion and has the height and physique to show it.
  • In the manga Walkin' Butterfly, the protagonist bemoans the fact that she's super-tall until she realizes that most models are actually quite tall.
  • All of the most attractive girls in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun are quite tall. In particular, Student Council President Ameri Azazel absolutely towers over not just main character Iruma (who's fairly short), but is taller than almost everyone, including the adults. When she attempts to hold hands with Iruma, for example, she's so tall that she ends up grabbing his shoulder instead. Her father is even taller than she is, so it must run in the family.
  • Kagari Ayaka from Witch Craft Works. The male protagonist Honoka barely reaches her chest (although the size seems to change from chapter to chapter), making her at least 1.8 m tall. She is also a Sugar-and-Ice Personality with G-cup breasts, dark, thigh-long hair (except when she is in battle, where it becomes fire-like), and a very nice body. It shows in the many, many, many instances where she carries Honoka bride style.
  • Though her height is never revealed, Yuuko Ichihara from ×××HOLiC is almost the same height as Kurogane, which means she's probably about six feet tall.
  • Hanako Kuzuryu from Yankee JK Kuzuhana Chan is at least half a head taller than main character Saotome, and when she does bother to dress up nicely she's definitely gorgeous.
  • Mai Kujaku/Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh! stands almost eye to eye with Katsuya Jounouchi/Joey Wheeler, who is 178 cm (5'10") which makes her the tallest female character in the series.

  • Nefertiti Bust: Even if it's just a bust, there's tallness to it owing to the long, naked neck, the high cheekbones, and of course the crown that nearly doubles the height. The missing uraeus may even add to the sense of length because without it the bust's profile from forehead to crown is an unbroken line. "Nefer" means "(inner and outer) beauty", but Nefertiti's status as one of the World's Most Beautiful Women is a modern one and largely based on the bust.

    Comic Books 
  • Grace Choi, the former bouncer first introduced in Batman and the Outsiders. In addition to being an Amazonian Beauty, she's about seven feet tall.
  • By default, Giganta of The DCU is 198 cm. Her usual attire is a leopard-skin two-piece loincloth, although she swapped it out for a leather jumpsuit as of One Year Later.
  • Maxima, sometime-villain, sometime-heroine, and one-time suitor of Superman, had a stature befitting her name, standing at 6'2".
  • Big Barda from New Gods is... BIG. As seen in the trope image, she towers over her husband Scott/Mr. Miracle (see the page image), and indeed over most heroes, male or female. Including Superman. note 
  • Knockout, another of the Apokoliptian New Gods, and a supporting character in the Superboy and Secret Six books, also qualifies.
  • Being a Statuesque Stunner seems to be something of a requirement for membership in Darksied's Female Furies. Lashina and minor member Artemis are 198 cm and 191 cm respectively and even Granny Goodness is 179 cm and while she definitely doesn't fit the trope now at least one story set in her youth showed her as a very hot looking bald woman.
  • Blackfire, enemy of the Teen Titans is especially tall at 188 cm (6'2")-and she's actually shorter than her sister Starfire, who's 193 cm (6'4") tall (with '80s Hair and heels often adding even more inches to that!).
  • Wonder Woman, of course. And many other women from Paradise Island, as well. In Wondy's case, this is especially noticeable in DC: The New Frontier when she gets down from a table she was standing on and shows that she's taller than Superman.
  • Diana's fellow Amazon and one-time stand-in Artemis is even taller. Like Wondy, her height has been edging up over the years from 6 feet even in her original stats to a current 6'2".
  • Wonder Woman (1942): Marya is eight feet tall. She's also very beautiful and is admired for her beauty both in her home country of Mexico and when she comes to DC to attend Holliday College, where she also acts as a lifeguard.
  • Wonder Woman (1987): The stripperiffic Queen Clea officially stands at six feet five inches tall in the Post-Crisis continuity.
  • Other DC Comics superheroines qualify, though sometimes inconsistently, Depending on the Artist:
    • Huntress, officially listed at 1.81 m 5'11". When drawn next to male characters she's usually depicted as the same height (or taller if the male in question is short-statured, such as Robin); however, when next to the Birds of Prey, she's rarely drawn any taller than Black Canary (listed at 5'4), so her tallness is only emphasises around male characters.
    • Power Girl, listed at 1.81 m (5'11"). Amusingly, she was formerly listed at merely 5'7, which isn't that tall, but artists kept drawing her as towering over male characters, even ones over six foot officially, so this listing seems to be an attempt to meet that.
    • Raven (sometimes listed at 1.81 m (5'11"))
    • Supergirl is usually portrayed as a woman of roughly average height at 5'5", but occasionally taller, particularly if shown as her "future self" of Superwoman. Since Power Girl is essentially Supergirl's "grownup" counterpart from a parallel Earth, the two are often contrasted against one-another by having Power Girl tower over her. One of her villains -Nightflame, who showed up in Demon Spawn- is about two heads taller than Supergirl.
    • Andromeda, Supergirl's Captain Ersatz in the Legion of Super-Heroes, is 6'2".
  • Mother Panic, AKA Violet Paige, is a Gotham socialite who stands exactly 6'0".
  • Kate Kane was originally 5'10" when she debuted as Batwoman and gained an additional inch a few years later. Multiple characters have commented, unprompted, on her good looks.
  • The villainess the Queen of Fables is 5'10'' and rather stunning, like the time she tried to seduce Superman while wearing a Kryptonian dress.
Marvel Universe


  • Agent 327: Olga Lawina is a tall woman, but also very beautiful.
  • For some reason (probably because it's easy to draw elegant proportions with a taller character), all the beautiful women in Asterix are absolutely huge. Particularly jarring when Asterix asks Obelix if he fancies "little Panacea", when Asterix is absolutely tiny and Panacea is shown to be the same height as the colossal Obelix. The single exception in the entire comic run is Influenza, who is much more cute than she is beautiful and seems to be considered attractive especially because of her unusual smallness. Camomilla in Asterix and the Picts is also quite short, but that book was drawn by a different artist.
  • Meriem, the eponymous heroine of Cavewoman, towers over her boyfriend Bruce and most of the other men in Marshville.
  • In Echo, the Phi-project is slowly altering Julie Martin's body, making her grow larger and larger until she towers over everybody else in the group. People soon begin to assume that she is an actress or model, and when she denies anything of the sort they refuse to accept that she is not at least somehow a sex icon.
  • Aspen Matthews of Fathom measures in at 175 cm, is lithe and curvaceous, and is usually clad in a bikini, tops.
  • Caitlin Fairchild of Gen¹³ is 6'4" (184 cm).
  • Jem and the Holograms (IDW) is full of tall women. Clash is the tallest female, at 185 cm (only an inch shorter than Rio). Pizzaz, Kimber, Jem, and Jetta in particular are meant to be attractive and are all above average height.
  • Ms. Tree stands 183 cm.
  • Red Sonja (181 cm) is definitely this, as well as an Amazonian Beauty.
  • Shanna the She-Devil stands at 179 cm.
  • Ari, the resident Gorgon starlet from The Demon Mages, clocks in at 196 cm.
  • Channon Yarrow of Transmetropolitan is a head taller than everyone else in the cast, and supported herself through journalism school as a stripper. She is the one character who is both depicted and described as classically beautiful.
  • Lady Death was originally a Sexy Scandinavian woman named Hope before becoming an immortal warrior-sorceress. As such, her height and amazonian physique is often emphasized.
  • Vampirella: It's hard to come by with exact data, but her famous "life-size" Warren poster is 6 feet tall...and since it's taken from frog perspective, you can easily add 10% for that.

    Fan Works 
  • A young Recovery Girl in Alliance of Amazons and Izuku is seven feet tall and an absolute bombshell according to both Izuku and Midnight.
  • Bird Features Feral, a Protectorate hero and former patient at Alchemilla who towers over nearly all the other characters and is quite brawny. For clarification- when she comes to visit she picks her adopted father up and spins him around like a child.
  • Child of the Storm has a couple:
    • Sif (just about - she's 5'9") who is both stunning and every bit the warrior goddess.
    • Carol, who though she first appears at the age of 14 and a half, she's about 5'10", has a relatively downplayed (due to age and realism) version of the Most Common Superpower, and generally already looks very much like her canon counterpart. This means that she can pass for 21 without even trying and gets a lot of attention, much to her discomfort and that she spends the first book and a decent chunk of the second being clearly taller than Harry, whose friendship with her evolves into a mixture of an Anchored Ship, Courtly Love, and Vitriolic Best Buds, and in chapter 46 of the sequel, Mindlink Mates. When she gets a temporary Plot-Relevant Age-Up, she's described as being basically the same, but with the finishing touches applied, including a bit more muscle and maybe an inch or two of height, taking her up to about 6 feet/183cm.
    • Diana, being on the cusp of adolescence (and a pre-teen/early teenage Wonder Woman) and mainly a Badass Adorable, is shown by the brief Plot-Relevant Age-Up to be this as an adult, being described as about the same height as Carol, a little more muscular and absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous. By the sequel, when she's a fair bit taller and all dressed up, she can pass for several years older than she is, and is regarded as extremely pretty. Considering who she is, this is hardly surprising.
  • Suze in Enter the Dragon is noted as being the "epitome of Grecian beauty" from the waist up and as a centaur, she's a little over 2 meters tall.
  • In Power Girl fanfic A Force of Four, Badra is tall and considered beautiful or sensual by many characters.
    She was tall, almost 6 feet in height, and vaguely stirred their carnality.
  • For Love of Magic:
    • Adrastia Zabini is nearly six feet tall and considered drop-dead gorgeous even without using her sex magic.
    • In the sequel, when Harry makes them new bodies, Luna requests hers be over seven feet tall so she can be taller than Harry for once. Like Adrastia, many remark on her beauty, though she's considered less intimidating than the former.
  • In Forum of Thrones there are a few examples:
    • Visenya Targaryen is about the same height as the average man, but still shorter than her imposing brother and she's described as a harsh, buxom beauty.
    • Helen Arryn is also taller than the average woman and she's considered quite beautiful regardless.
    • Viveka Codd, while not a world-class beauty, is taller than average but regarded as pretty.
  • Friendship Is Magical Girls has Applejack and, to a lesser extent, Rarity.
  • The Good Hunter:
    • Ancalagon's human form resembles a woman almost reaching nine feet tall, and she is undoubtedly a beauty, as per Nial's P.O.V..
    • The Doll is this according to Sierra and the Wandering Scholar's narrations. The former notes that the workshop steward has a "towering yet graceful form". As for the latter, not only she is the tallest woman he's ever seen, the Doll is described as "a beauty in all meanings of the word, but utterly unapproachable".
  • Jade, from The Legend of Anju, is noted to be seven feet tall and quite pretty when she's not wearing her Iron Knuckle armor.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom, Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.): Makoto/Lita is stated to be taller than Danny, thought it doesn't diminish his interest in her.
  • In Nymeria's War, Dalia Sand is 6ft tall, towering over most people, and despite being in her thirties, she's still quite attractive. Then there's Jinora Ling, a Lengii from the far east, who stands out from nearly every other character in the setting by measuring 7ft tall. And her people are known for their beauty.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Sarah the Force-sensitive Siren is 2m (6'6") tall, was specifically designed by her creators to fit in among the most common species (humans), and has purple hair. Somewhat left up to the reader, it is nonetheless strongly implied she is essentially a super-powered, but otherwise attractive (unless she's angry) human-looking (colors aside) woman.
  • In Origin Story, Alex just has that effect on people. She's 188 cm tall and built like a bodybuilder. Combine this with the Most Common Superpower and the effect is complete.
  • There are several in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, such as Misty, Iris, Cynthia, Lorelei, Cheryl, Lucy, Clair, Belladona, Iolani, Betty, and Velvet. There's the possibility that the last four are half sisters that inherited the height from their shared father. Iris is particularly statuesque given that she's even taller than Ash who's taller than his mother.
  • Xanna (aka Kyuubi) in the Reaching for a Dream series is initially 193 cm but after ascending godhood, she makes her new body over 214 cm tall. Several characters remark on her beauty.
  • In Shall We Make A Deal?, Izuku is slightly above average height but Ibara is still a few inches taller than him (unless you count his horns) and Izuku is frequently distracted by her beauty, especially once they get over their initial rocky first meeting.
  • In the Superwomen of Eva story Superwomen of Eva: Emerald Fury, Misato Katsuragi becomes the She-Hulk, growing to be about eight feet tall every time she transforms. The "stunner" part is hard for people to not notice, considering that Clothing Damage happens to her very often.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: Jasmine is the tallest character in the story at 6 feet, and is the only character aside from themselves or Lindsay that Heather and Cody most frequently lust over.
  • Voyages of the Wild Sea Horse:' Miriam the tiger shark [1] is a whopping 426 centimeters tall. Despite her stature, her rippling muscles and her permanent potbelly, she's beautiful enough that even the multiply-engaged Ranma Saotome is impressed by her beauty when they first meet, and future crewmate Harumi Tsukuyomi (who is only 169 centimeters tall himself) is quite blatantly smitten at first sight.
  • In MasakoX's Dragon Ball fanfic What If Raditz Turned Good?, Raditz's daughter with Launch, Ranch takes after her father in height at 6'0"/183cm to 6'1"/185cm tall, and is the Implied Love Interest of present Trunks and Future Ranch is the Love Interest and later wife of Future Trunks.
  • What's in a Hoard?:
    • Ochako is a couple inches taller than the six-foot Izuku and he's left speechless by her beauty when they first meet.
    • Momo is slightly taller than Ochako and similarly gorgeous.

    Film — Animated 
  • Disney Animated Canon:
    • The titular character from Pocahontas is nearly as tall as her film's leading man, John Smith, who, himself, stands tall above most of the other men in the movie.
    • Mother Gothel from Tangled is a very lovely and tall woman, rivaling even the male characters in height.

    Film — Live-Action 

  • Sadie from 11/22/63 is about 185 cm and, by all accounts, quite the bombshell.
  • The majority of the Blood And Silver female cast fill the Stunner part of this trope, being vampires. Some of them, such as the 6'2" Magdalena, the 5'10" Ariella, or Dana and Grace, both of whom are 5'8, definitely fulfill the Statuesque part.
  • In The Chronicles of Narnia, Jadis the White Witch is about 2 meters tall. In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Edmund was enamored with her. In The Magician's Nephew, Digory and his uncle Arthur thought she was the World's Most Beautiful Woman.
  • In the Norse dark fantasy novel A Clash Of Gods, the death goddess Hel lands squarely in this trope thanks to her Jotun heritage. Even the above-average Morana, who is nearly as tall as the six-foot-two Thor, is forced to look up into her eyes. While she is rather gruesome in her left side, her right side is noted to be strikingly beautiful, if somewhat severe.
  • Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel The Coming Race describes the "Vril-Ya", a utopian society in the interior of the earth, where all women are beautiful and taller than men. This is when men of this society are as tall as the tallest men on the earth's surface. Zee, the most important female character in the book, is described as being seven feet tall.
  • Lizzy of the web-novel Domina is described as bronze-skinned, golden-eyed, and over six feet. Sounds like the description of a Greek goddess.
  • Many female characters in The Dresden Files, both human (Charity, Molly, Georgia, etc.) and otherwise (Gard, Lara, Lea, etc.), to the point that Author Appeal is strongly suspected.
  • Earth's Children:
    • By the time she's seventeen, Ayla is nearly six feet tall and regarded as very attractive (though she thinks she's "big and ugly", due to the different beauty standards of the Clan). She was actually based upon a real skeleton of an unusually tall Cro-Magnon woman found in France. In the film adaptation of The Clan of the Cave Bear, Ayla was portrayed by Daryl Hannah, who is 5'10".
    • Whilst she's not as tall as Ayla, Joplaya is still considered tall for a woman and is also very beautiful. She gets her height from her dad; both he and Joplaya's paternal half-brother Jondalar are unusually tall (over six feet), while her mother is quite short.
    • Serenio is described as attractive and quite tall, reaching Jondalar's chin (Jondalar is 6'6").
  • Sarene from Elantris. Played with, as she is tall even for her own people, has moved to a city where the average height is much shorter, and has developed something of a complex about her height (which the cultural height difference only exacerbates).
  • Cimorene of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles is mentioned to be as tall as most men.
  • The first two things mentioned about Avalon Sinclaire in Heretical Edge are her height and her beauty compared to Flick.
  • In The Fallen Arises, Karliah is noted to be nearly as tall as Oliver, making her - and Vermillia, who can look her in the eye - nearly five foot eleven. Shyra also notes that both are very beautiful, even flawless.
  • In The Fifth Season, the beauty standards of the Sanze Empire prize women who are at least six feet tall with full figures, ample hips, and ideally a fair bit of muscle. In this case, it's meant to improve survivability during the periods that the land turns into a Death World.
  • Madame Maxime in the Harry Potter series is described as incredibly attractive. She is secretly half-giant but she hides her condition making herself pass as just "very tall".
  • Honor Harrington, who at her 188 cm (6'2") is one of the taller characters in the series. The fact that she considered herself a Huge Schoolgirl in her youth, with attendant self-esteem issues, had large implications in the early books.
  • In the Hurog duology, Ward has a crush on a woman who is very tall, and has more muscles than many men. His thoughts imply that he considers this very attractive; mainly because he's a Gentle Giant and other women might be a bit too frail and delicate for his tastes.
  • Judge Dee: While not exactly considered beautiful by the judge due to Deliberate Values Dissonance (she's Mongolian, and thus doesn't look quite right according to the Chinese ideals of beauty at the time), Miss Violet Liang is a wrestler as tall as the judge (himself exceptionally tall for the time) who curbstomps three attempted kidnappers. And the guildmaster of the Beggars' Guild (also a huge guy) is head over heels for her, and even a prince of the Imperial court asked that she inform him if she got married so that he could send the husband a silver stepladder with which to ascend her.
  • Millennium Series: Aside from her muscular physique, Amazonian Beauty Monica Figuerola of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest is this too, being described as being 6 feet tall.
  • Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments is very tall and beautiful, attracting the attention of many boys. According to Jace, Isabelle hates being taller than most boys her age and would rather be dainty and petite.
  • Old Kingdom:
    • In "Sabriel", the titular character is described as being as tall, in fact about the same height as her male companion Touchstone (later her husband). As their son is described as being a bit over six feet tall and having inherited his height from both of them, it seems both are around or over 6 feet tall. Touchstone also describes her as being beautiful and it seems, from all of her exploits, that she is quite strong.
    • In "Lirael" Ellimere is begrudgingly described by her brother as being "pretty - some even cobsidered her beautiful", and he also notes that she stands a bit taller than his 6 feet 0.5 inches. She is also noted as being quite athletic, particularly enjoying tennis and horse riding.
    • Sanar and Ryelle are both described as being very tall and incredibly beautiful, though in a more willowy way.
  • Evelyn, the narrator and protagonist of "Paper Chains" by Jane Langton, is a 183 cm redhead. And her parents have always encouraged her not to slouch.
  • At 175 cm, Annabeth Chase of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is described as being an attractive, athletic, well figured, tanned skinned blond who resembles a princess, with characters up to the Goddess of Love and Beauty saying she has "grown into quite a beautiful young lady". Her film portrayer, Alexandra Daddario, is only slightly shorter (173 cm) and pulls off the looks.
  • The Rise of Kyoshi: Avatar Kyoshi is described by a couple of people as being quite beautiful. She's also described as being unusually tall for a woman and is taller than most men she comes across.
  • Galadriel 'El' Higgins from The Scholomance is 5'10" and still growing when the first book A Deadly Education starts and is noticably muscular due to the constant exercise she uses to build mana. She is also distinctly attractive in a striking way despite her generally hostile demeanor, shakey-even-by-Scholomance-standards level of grooming, and persistent air of disquiet born of her earth-shattering capacity for Black Magic.
  • Small World (Tabitha King novel): Leyna Shaw, who stands 6'7" in heels and is an object of lust for the entire D.C. press pool.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • In "The Hedge Knight", one of the Tales of Dunk and Egg, we have the brief romance between Ser Duncan the Tall and a Puppeteer Tanselle Too-Tall. During their exchange of names, Tanselle notes that she often gets reactions regarding this trope because of her height.
    • In The World of Ice & Fire, we learn that one of the distant nations, Leng, is known for its beautiful women, and its people being 210 to 240 cm tall. There's an illustration.
  • Patrick Tilley's Star Wartz features Shalimar, who is described as "seven feet (214 cm) of exotic fantasy fodder". A significant chunk of the hero's motivation includes the distant hope of sleeping with her. It later turns out the top twenty centimeters or so are the result of her hairstyle. 194 cm is still pretty tall, though.
  • In Thud!, Nobby's stripper girlfriend Tawnee is described as being over 6' (1.8m) tall and so attractive she believes she's hideous because Nobby is the first male to not instantly mark her as inconceivably far out of their league and so the first male to ever ask her out.
  • Tolkien's Legendarium:
    • Galadriel of The Lord of the Rings et al is this. She is said to be 193 cm (the tallest elf woman ever born) and one of the most stunning beauties in Middle Earth. She is played by Cate Blanchett in the film series who is 177 cm and was deliberately filmed at angles that made her seem a lot taller than most of the other characters.
    • Éowyn is also stated to be tall, but never given a specific height. Her brother is 6'6"/198cm and she was able to dress up like a Rohirrim soldier, with Merry mistaking her for a "slender man". Usual estimates put her at 5'10"/178cm to 5'11"/180cm. She's played by the average height 5'5"/165cm Miranda Otto in the films.
    • Lúthien, especially in comparison to her human husband Beren (although he's hardly short by human standards). Her father Thingol was the tallest elf to ever live, and her mother Melian is described as almost equal in height (a sign that she's NOT an elf). Her son Dior is also said to be tall. While Lúthien's exact height is never stated, it's made pretty clear that she would be taller than Beren.
  • Lanfear of The Wheel of Time, who is consistently stated to be the World's Most Beautiful Woman and stands almost as tall as the 6'6" Rand al'Thor.
  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Diana, which several characters mention.
    [S]he was just as Alia remembered her - six feet tall and gorgeous, built like someone who could sell weird fitness equipment on late-night television.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun:
    • Kristen Johnston is 6'0"/182 cm tall, and frequently plays this type of character, but is best known as Sally Solomon. Much of the comedy in the early seasons comes from the conflict between her stunning Earth body and her alien identity as a warrior.
    • There is a story arc where Sally feels threatened by new policewoman Janice, who is played by the very statuesque professional wrestler Chyna. Two 1.8 meter tall women jostle for dominance. Unforgettably.
  • 5'11"/180 cm Adrianne Palicki playing Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. She's at least one head taller than the other girls on the team, and Jemma even starts to show some intense admiration for Bobbi. She's taller than everyone on the team except for Mack.
  • Steven Tyler committed a serious faux pas on season 11 of American Idol by referring to Shannon Magrane, who is over 1.8 meters tall at age 16, as "hot, humid, and happening". Directly to her father's face.
  • In Season 2 of The Apprentice there was Pamela Day, the towering contestant who was best known for being the only woman on the men's team and the brains behind many of their successes.
  • The Arrowverse is flooded with them.
  • Catwoman, as played by Julie Newmar on Batman (1966), was 5'11"/180 cm. Wearing heels, she even towered over her own henchmen.
  • Number Six of Battlestar Galactica (2003), played by fanboy-endorsed Tricia Helfer who stands at 5'10"/178 cm. Especially in the miniseries, she towers over 5'7" James Callis (Baltar). Number Eight AKA Sharon Valerii also counts, as she's played by Grace Park, who stands at 5'9" and is unusually tall compared to most Asian women.
  • In Birds of Prey (2002), two of the eponymous trio are tall and gorgeous; lead protagonist Helena Kyle played by the 5'7.5"/171 cm Ashley Scott, and Naïve Newcomer Dinah Lance/Redmond played by the 5'9"/175 cm Rachel Skarsten. Not that remaining member Barbara Gordon, played by Dina Meyer, is a slouch at 169 cm.
  • On Bones, Angela Montenegro's actress Michaela Conlin, who is at 5'9"/175 cm, is actually taller than TJ Thyne, who plays her husband Jack Hodgins. The eponymous protagonist herself is played by Emily Deschanel, a lovely woman who stands 5'8"/173 cm.
  • Buffyverse:
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers just shoots up over her three seasons on the show until she is five feet seven and a half, the tallest of all the Buffy girls including her screen sister Buffy (five feet three inches) and mother Joyce (five feet seven inches). This is lampshaded in season 6 where Buffy observes "I should be the taller sister" and by Faith (Eliza Dushku at five feet five inches) in season 7 where she comments "Brat's all woman sized". It is also the subject of an in-joke in 'Chosen' where Dawn expresses a desire to wear high heels more often.
    • Angel is populated by Charisma Carpenter (five feet seven inches) and Stephanie Romanov (five feet nine inches) who are permanently in high heels. So much so that Christian Kane as Lindsey was perceived by many fans as being quite short despite being five feet eight inches tall (referred to as a "Tiny Texan" by Spike in 'Soul Purpose'.
  • President Mackenzie Allen of Commander in Chief, who is both gorgeous and played by the 183 cm Geena Davis. In heels, she was often the same height as her on-screen husband, the 194 cm Kyle Secor. Her height also helped quite a bit in intimidating political opponents, of which she had many.
  • The Defenders (2017):
  • From Castle, Kate Beckett (played by 5'9"/175 cm Stana Katic), combined with her looks, her clothes, and everything else, makes her really, really Ms. Fanservice material.
  • Companion/miniskirt enthusiast Amy Pond of Doctor Who, portrayed by the 5'11"/180 cm Karen Gillan. Lampshaded by her somewhat more petite successor, Clara Oswald (played by the 5'2"/157 cm Jenna Coleman), when she remarks in the mini-episode "Clara and the TARDIS" (upon seeing a photo of the miniskirted Amy), "My God, that woman is made of legs!"
  • Gina Torres plays Zoe Washburn on Firefly. She stands 5'10". Her husband Wash, played by Alan Tudyk, is two inches taller, but Zoe sometimes ends up a couple inches taller than him between the heels on her Boots of Toughness and Alan’s tendency to slouch a little as the geeky Non-Action Guy. She’s at least a head taller than 5'4" Kaylee (Jewel Staite) and has a few inches on 5'8" River (Summer Glau) and 5'7" Inara (Morena Baccarin) as well. Only the men on the ship are either slightly taller or still tower over her in Jayne's/Adam Baldwin's case.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Like in the novels, Sansa Stark is exceptionally tall and statuesque. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, is taller at 5'8.5"/174 cm than some men in the cast. She stands a full head taller than her sister. Her height is lampshaded by Cersei in their first meeting.
    • Gwendoline Christie, who is Brienne of Tarth, is absolutely gargantuan at 6'3"/191 cm but is far more attractive than the character described in the novels. Word of God has it that part of what won her the role of Brienne is that she showed up to her audition done up to look as homely as Brienne does in the books (on top of showing up in an actual suit of armor).
  • Barbara Feldon on Get Smart had to slump a bit next to star Don Adams.
  • Ghost Whisperer: Andrea Moreno (Aisha Tyler), Melinda's five-eleven-tall Token Black Friend - Andrea mentioned in one episode how being a tall black woman made it hard for her to get dates in Grandview.
  • The Good Place:
    • Tahani Al-Jamil played by the 5'9.5"/177 cm Jameela Jamil. This is especially noticeable because she is often shown next to Eleanor, played by Kristen Bell, who is 5'1"/155 cm, and Tahani often wearing heels and Eleanor wearing sneakers or boots. Eleanor even calls her a "sexy skyscraper."
    • Janet, played by 5'10"/178cm tall D Arcy Carden, also fits the role, with several characters being attracted to her in-universe or commenting on her looks.
  • Gossip Girl (2007):
    • Blake Lively is taller than her co-star Leighton Meester (she's a touch over 5'9"/175 cm, Leighton... isn't) and many of the rest of the cast, a point acknowledged in "The Magnificent Archibalds":
      Aaron: Serena's life is complicated?
      Dan: Yeah. I don't know about you but the Serena I know has long, flowing blonde hair, towers over both of us?note 
    • Taylor Momsen who plays Jenny isn't much far behind at 5'6.5"/169 cm.
    • Kelly Rutherford who plays Blake's on-screen mother isn't much far behind at height (she's 5'8"/173 cm) and certainly a beauty.
  • Gossip Girl (2021): Luna is much taller than all the other girls, especially noticeable when she's facing Julien. She's also quite beautiful (her actress Zión Moreno is a model who's 6 feet tall).
  • In The Honourable Woman, Dame Julia Walsh, the ever-so-foxy and snarkish head of MI6, is played by Janet McTeer, who is 6'0.5"/184 cm.
  • On How I Met Your Mother, Robin is definitely considered attractive. Marshall once called Robin "freakishly tall." Of course, she's got nothing on the women in Marshall's hometown.
  • I, Claudius: Everyone agrees that Claudius's wife Plautia Urgulanilla has a pretty face, but the moment that she stands up during their wedding ceremony, revealing that she's a full head taller than her middling-height husband, his own family bursts into mocking laughter.
  • Sarah MacKenzie from JAG is the Ms. Fanservice of the show. Although the two previous female leads Caitlin Pike and Meg Austin were a bit taller.
  • In an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a perp refers to Casey Novak as "blonde and statuesque." Diane Neal is 5'10" and quite attractive, both in-universe and out. Her predecessor, Alexandra Cabot is no slouch either, being only slightly shorter than Novak and is very good-looking herself.
  • An example of this Trope appeared as far back as Leave It to Beaver, believe it or not. Wally's school was having a formal dance with another school where the boys were matched with girls from the other school (and vice-versa) as dance partners by lottery, and one of Wally's rather sneaky friends - who had obtained the rival school's yearbook - offered to trade with him. At first it seemed like a bargain because the girl was sweet and a knockout; however, she was very tall. (A handicap for dancing.) Fortunately, the girl was able to switch from heels to flats and get rid of a corset in order to match his size better.
  • Lost's Juliet Burke, a Hospital Hottie played by 5'8.5"/174 cm Elizabeth Mitchell.
  • Lucifer uses Tricia Helfer's height (at 5'10") to excellent effect as she towers over her co-stars in her role as Goddess of All Creation. Special mention goes to any scene she has with Dr. Linda (Racheal Harris at 5'2").
    Dr. Linda: You're certainly very ... tall.
  • Mad About You has a downplayed case with Jamie Buchman, played by 5'7"/170 cm Helen Hunt. On-screen husband Paul Reiser would even elaborate that he might be taller (5'10"/1,78 m), but like most people his height is concentrated in the legs, while Hunt is "mostly torso", so when both are sitting they look the same height.
  • Miranda (2009): Comedienne Miranda Hart stands about 6'1"/185 cm tall. Part of the visual comedy of her eponymous show revolves around the size contrast between Miranda and her onscreen mother, the very petite Patricia Hodge. Her onscreen comedy partner Sarah Hadland is also around the 156 cm mark.
  • My Living Doll also starred Julie Newmar, this time as a female android who towered over most male cast members.
  • In The Night Manager, Elizabeth Debicki (playing Jed Marshall, 187 cm) is noticeably taller than Hugh Laurie.
  • Once Upon a Time has Red Riding Hood/Ruby, very lusty and fan servicey and played by Meghan Ory, who is 5'6"/168 cm.
  • Orange Is the New Black:
  • Orphan Black:
    • Aynsley Norris is played by the 5'10"/178 cm Natalie Lisinska and is the tallest woman in the series. Aynsley's height is really noticeable during her Cat Fight with Alison, who is played by the 5'4"/163 cm Tatiana Maslany.
    • The final season introduces villainous Fair Cop Maddie Enger who is played by 176 cm Elyse Levesque. She is the second tallest woman in the series after the aforementioned Aynsley.
  • In one episode of Seinfeld, George mentions that he'd like to have sex with an extremely tall woman. At the end of the episode, he meets such a woman, though we don't know if he succeeded in sleeping with her.
  • Eliza Dooley of Selfie - tall, beautiful, long legs, played by Karen Gillan.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law sees Jameela Jamil playing She-Hulk's Arch-Enemy Titania, with She-Hulk herself towering over most people as well.
  • Mini from Skins fits all the requirements of this trope, with Freya Mavor, the actress who plays her, being a 5'9"/175 cm blonde with light eyes, freckles, and wavy hair.
  • Smallville: Lois Lane (As played by the 5'7"/170 cm Erica Durance) fits the bill nicely being a Ms. Fanservice with a Buxom Beauty Standard figure.
  • Cat Deeley, at 5'9" and always in heels, usually towers over the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.
  • In Space Rangers (1993), Jojo Thorson is played by the 6'0" tall Marjorie Monaghan.
  • Half of the female cast of Spartacus stands between 175 - 179 cm. Most of them are Action Girls, which is not a bad thing, considering that this is a show about gladiators.
  • Star Trek:
    • Any characters played by 6'0.5"/184 cm tall Suzie Plakson: Dr. Selar, K'Ehleyr, the female Q, and Tarah.
    • Michelle Forbes, who played Ro Laren on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is a little shorter at 5'9"/175 cm, but still cuts quite an imposing figure.
    • From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jadzia Dax is played by the 6'0"/182 cm Terry Farrell. Kira Nerys is played by 5'8"/173cm Nana Visitor. Interestingly, since most of the cast was around 6' tall, they usually had Nana Visitor in heels, to appear as an equal to them.
  • The title character of Suddenly Susan, played by Brooke Shields, is usually credited as being between 5'10.5"/179cm to 6'0"/183cm tall.
  • Suits has Donna Paulsen, played by Sarah Rafferty, and Samantha Wheeler, played by Katherine Heigl, who are both 5'8.5". Gina Torres, who played Jessica Pearson on Suits and now does so on spinoff Pearson, is 5'10" in her bare feet. When Jessica is in heels, she towers over everybody.
  • Sam's late girlfriend/fiancee Jessica in Supernatural is 5'11"/180 cm (and played by the previously-mentioned Adrianne Palicki). She comes up to her 6'4"/193 cm boyfriend's shoulders, the only one of Sam's love interests across the entire 15-season run of the show to do so, very nearly making him, the tallest character in the series, look normal-sized. If she and Sam had managed to have kids, they would have been some very tall children.
  • Ted Lasso: Rebecca Welton, played by the reportedly 5'10" Hannah Waddingham, and prone to wearing professional-looking high heels that make her even taller. She's considered a stunner, with many characters expressing attraction to her.
    Keeley: That Rebecca is an intimidating and very tall woman. I mean, the minute she locked eyes with me, I started sweating.
  • Laura Prepon, who played Donna Pinciotti on That '70s Show, is 5'9.5"/177 cm, and throughout the series, was touted as the single hottest girl in Point Place. Add that the other main female is the 5'4"/162 cm Mila Kunis, and scenes with them both frequently try to hide the difference.
  • In Warehouse 13, Myka Bering stands at 5'8"/173 cm - only 3 inches/7 centimeters shorter than her partner Pete - and often wears high-heeled boots for work, not to mention short and tight dresses on several occasions.
  • C.J. Cregg from The West Wing. No doubt inspired by her actress, Allison Janney (who stands at an even 6 feet tall).
    • Lampshaded when the White House decorator tries to get her to redecorate her office with a desk used by Dolley Madison.
      Decorator: But it's lovely, and feminine.
      CJ: Dolley-with-an-E Madison was maybe 5'3".
      Decorator: Yes...?
      CJ: (stands up and stares down at her)
      Decorator: ... Of course.
    • Caused a bit of a problem when C.J. meets a man who is described in-universe as being very handsome. When she meets him she sees that he is, but the actor, Joaquim De Almeida, is a little over 5'7"/170 cm, so Janney had to remain seated throughout the meeting and the scene seemed a little strange.
  • Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, who was both tall (5'9.5"/177 cm) and (of course) dressed in a skintight Leotard of Power.
  • The eponymous character of Xena: Warrior Princess played by Lucy Lawless stands a little over 5'9"/175 cm.

  • The Hollies' "Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)", who's "just a five-nine (177 cm), beautiful tall".
  • Hawkwind incorporated a stage dancer called The Amazing Stacia, who stood well over 1.8 meters tall and who, onstage, regarded clothing as a constricting inconvenience.
  • The girl described in "Big and Hot" by The Love Dogs.
  • Carly Simon is 5'10".
  • Florence Welch is 5'8.5" (174 cm) when shoeless (as she frequently is) and can easily break 6'0 in heels.
  • Floor Jansen (After Forever, ReVamp, Nightwish) is 185 cm (6'1") and doesn't shy away from substantial heels, with a towering presence many Youtube commenters liken to a Valkyrie or goddess. It led to jokes when Wintersun bassist Jukka Koskinen was announced as the fill-in for their 2021-22 touring seasonnote  that Nightwish had finally found a musician taller than her.
  • Corey Parks ex Nashville Pussies/Die Hunns bassist is 191 cm (6'3").
  • Lzzy Hale of Halestorm is 173 cm (5'8").
  • Taylor Swift is 5'11".
  • Kesha, Adele, and Jennifer Hudson are all 5'9".
  • Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Dua Lipa are all 5'8".
  • The Jethro Tull song "Like a Tall Thin Girl."
  • Megan Thee Stallion is a proud 5'10" and quite beautiful.
  • Robert Johnson's song "They're Red Hot":
    I got a girl, say she long and tall
    She sleeps in the kitchen with her feets in the hall
    • Variations on this lyric have turned up in a few later blues songs, such as Taj Mahal's "She Caught The Katy".
  • Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally". In fact, the clothing label Long Tall Sally, which specializes in making clothes for tall women, is named after the song.
  • Tyler Hubbard's "5 Foot 9" has the height of his love interest right in the title.
  • Love and Rockets: "So Alive" seems to be about one:
    I don't know what color your eyes are, baby, but your hair is long and brown
    Your legs are strong and you're so so long and you don't come from this town

    Music Videos 
  • Invoked and Exaggerated in the video for Miserable which stars a giantess in a bikini and high heel shoes. Said giantess is played by Pamela Anderson, and the band is playing on different parts of her body such as her butt, her thighs, and her lips, thus providing plenty of Fanservice and Male Gaze.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Josie Wahlford, aka Minerva, the first recognized US women's champion in professional wrestling and(highly disputed world women's champion), is said to have been an imperial six feet tall(183 centimeters), which was huge for a woman during the 1890 to 1910 period when she was in her prime.
  • The Fabulous Moolah's main rival in the National Wrestling Alliance during 1975, the 6'1" Sue Green, one of the few women to pin Moolah for the World Women's title but of that exclusive club, she is one of few the NWA were reluctant to recognize and one of the "many" whose victory the WWF refused to acknowledge.
  • Tully Blanchard's "Perfect 10" valet, Baby Doll, was listed as being 6-foot-1.
  • Wrestling/Slick used a theme made for him called "Jive Soul Bro", which doubled as a The Villain Sucks, that played with this in how he doesn't learn from the consequences of his evil ways "Well you'd think this dude might learn a lesson but I didn't learn a thing at all
Well late last night I was out there messin' with a lady that was 7 feet tall"
  • Torrie Wilson, one of the most famous Ms. Fanservice in Professional Wrestling (especially during the 2000s), stands 5'9".
  • Stephanie McMahon is 5 feet, 9 inches.
  • June Synder, the six-foot-tall founder of the "Southern Belles Wrestling Club", which she founded to prove pretty women could wrestle, so someone presumably found her attractive.
  • WCW manager and later, WWE "Diva" Stacy Keibler stands at 5'11", in addition to being a very attractive blonde with a famously long pair of legs. Literalized, since she once did a photoshoot dressed up as the Statue of Liberty.
  • Chyna was 5 feet, 9 inches, and towered over Eddie Guerrero during their storyline together.
  • PWX wrestler NYX was 6'5". PWX trained her to be a mysterious technical wrestler, but pretty much every other promotion that used her did so as The Giant instead. And when she wasn't wrestling she was usually booked as a sexy dominatrix, though she sometimes got to be an intimidating bodyguard sometimes.
  • In 2001, the Sibling Team of Mr. Excellent and Queen Maya debuted for Italian Championship Wrestling. Maya stands at 185 cm, a full two more than Minerva and seven (three inches) taller than her 5'10"(178 cm) brother.
  • Sara Del Rey is 5'11" and could hit the Royal Butterfly on AWESOME KONG and defeated the 6'5" Claudio Castagnoli. She's got legs, but don't tell her that. Larry Sweeney, her manager in Ring of Honor, was an Amazon Chaser and thought very highly of her that way.
  • Michelle McCool is 5'10" and certainly thinks she is the best-looking thing on tv. Even before her ego swelled she had a "personal trainer" gimmick where she helped wrestlers stretch. It was transparent fanservice.
  • Annie Social's fairly short. The Tag Team of Wesna Busic and Melanie Cruise which she managed in SHIMMER was not, standing at 5'10" and 6 even. Also, SHIMMER's third singles champion, Madison Eagles, stood at 6'1". That said, Busic and Cruise gave up on looking "cute" after Social started directing them, and Eagles when she became obsessed with the SHIMMER Championship belt.
  • The Kongtourage of TNA was made up of the 5'4" Sojournor Bolt, 5'8" Raisha Saeed, 6'0" Awesome Kong and 6'2" Rhaka Khan, in progressing order. And their primary enemy was the 5'3" Taylor Wilde. TNA actually added two inches to Kong and Khan, but at 5'10" Kong was still noticeably taller than Stalker Ichikawa in Dragon Gate, and he nonetheless found her attractive, to her annoyance. At 6 flat Rhaka Khan was taller than Petey Williams and eye to eye with Scott Steiner, who were not turned off in the slightest.
  • At 6'9", Isis the Amazon is possibly the tallest woman to ever take up professional wrestling and is noticeably taller than most male wrestlers. Still, she claims to have been dolling up to get noticed by the movie industry and did score a leading role in some independent films.
  • Jessica Love from Finland stands in at 6'1". Hajime Ohara was impressed enough that he chose the then twenty-one Love as his partner to help him get one over on his long-time rival Último Dragón (who was teaming with Yoshihiro Tajiri at the time).
  • Nia Jax is a legitimate 6'1" and is billed at 272 poundsnote , which makes her larger than many of the guys in WWE.
  • Later, TNA would briefly run with the German-born Tag Team of 6'0" Alpha Female and 5'11" Lei'D Tapa (though only Alpha had any hint of being German, Tapa grew up in the Western Hemisphere and was a proud wild Tongan), pitting them against 5'3" Madison Rayne. Chris Sabin at least found the larger pair more attractive.
  • Charlotte Flair is 5'10", only an inch shorter than her father Ric.
  • Summer Rae is 5'10".
  • Paige is 5'8" and is one of the renowned beauties (for her Raven Hair, Ivory Skinnote  in particular) in Professional Wrestling.
  • Billie Kay is 5'8" and is one of the renowned beauties in Professional Wrestling during The New '10s. She even has a Femme Fatale gimmick.
  • Lacey Evans is 5'8" and very much prides herself on beauty, which is understandable with her frame-fitting fashion sense and seductive attitude.
  • Raquel Gonzalez/Rodriguez is 6'0" and an Amazonian Beauty with a brutal smashmouth style of wrestling.

  • Zia from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues is 5'10", making her the second-tallest girl in the cast besides the 'freakishly tall' 6' Luna. Her physical prowess, alongside her confident demeanor and punk lifestyle, have attracted the attention of multiple suitors.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Eilistraee, the Chaotic Good drow goddess, stands at 9 feet tall. And yes, she's quite attractive.
    • In the 3rd Edition sourcebook detailing the gods used in campaigns, all of the Greek gods fit into the Large category (about eight to sixteen feet tall) in their true forms and avatar forms, meaning that any attractive Greek goddess - including Aphrodite, Athena, Hera, and Artemis, to name just four - would qualify in this continuity.
  • Radha of Keld from the Time Spiral block of Magic: The Gathering qualifies, being described as just shy of seven feet tall and an Amazonian Beauty to boot.
  • Drow females in Pathfinder are just as prone to Evil Is Sexy as their D&D counterparts. They also tend to tower over females of other races and to a lesser degree male drow, as not only are elves taller than humans in Pathfinder (5'6" is the minimum height listed), drow also flip around the sexual dimorphism so their average female is taller and larger than their average male.
  • At her normal scale, Sky-Scraper of Sentinels of the Multiverse is about 6'5", although as a Sizeshifter she can end up anywhere from 65' to 6.5 micrometers (in her Extremist version, anyway).

    Video Games 
  • Resident Ms. Fanservice Twintelle from ARMS has every other female competitor beat with 180cm under her belt and that's without her high heels. Dr. Coyle (175cm) and Lola Pop (173cm) aren't too far behind.
  • The women in the Batman: Arkham Series are all pretty tall, the only one shorter than 5'7" is teenage Barbara Gordon in Origins who's 5'2". In particular, there's Poison Ivy (5'8"), Christina Bell (5'9"), Copperhead (5'10") and adult Barbara Gordon (5'11", though she is wheelchair-bound by that point).
  • The Dark Queen from Battletoads stands at 6 feet tall, according to official stats. Although that doesn't explain how she is a giant compared to the Battletoads themselves in the original, who are supposed to be even taller.
  • Bayonetta clocks in at a truly incredible 7 feet, 7 inches. She's got legs is one hell of an understatement.
  • BlazBlue:
    • As of third game in the series Chronophantasma, Bullet at 175cm (about 5'9").
    • Litchi Faye-Ling is 170cm (about 5'7"), but given that she's Chinese she qualifies perfectly.
  • Rayne from Bloodrayne stands at 6'0", and that is without high-heels, as she stands 6'6" with them.
  • City of Heroes, with its highly customizable character creator, lets players invoke this... however, one dev-created example is the hero Swan, who stands near Manticore (the shortest NPC male), and is about 2 feet taller than him.
  • Dark Souls and Bloodborne have a lot of female NPCs standing a head taller than the base humans by default.
    • Dark Souls: Gwynevere is over 20 feet tall, and there's a reason that player-placed messages next to her chamber often announce "magnificent chest ahead!". However, the reveal that she turned out to be an illusion makes this claim rather dubious although given the fact that Gwyn's other children are also rather tall, it is likely that her real self is just as tall as them.
    • Dark Souls II: Don't let the Depth Deception fool you: when you meet Nashandra in Drangleic Castle, she's big (about 14 feet tall) and far away. As this video shows, her knees are about as tall as the Bearer of the Curse.
    • Dark Souls III: Sister Friede is pretty, charming, and easily a foot plus taller than the Ashen One. Her height is actually foreshadowing that she'll be a boss fight. It's much easier to see a humanoid enemy's movements in 3rd person when they're over seven feet tall.
    • Bloodborne: the Doll and Lady Maria are both 6'6+ and quite attractive, complete with grey hair, blue eyes, classy outfits, and vaguely Eastern European accents.
    • Elden Ring continues this tradition with Malenia, an ~8 foot tall force of death and destruction. She definitely fits the bill of attractive... or at least she did, by the time we fight her the Scarlet Rot has been rotting her flesh for decades. The second phase has her burst most of her armor off, being the closest a Souls game has gotten to full human nudity, and this is not a good thing.
  • Morrigan from the Darkstalkers series stands at 5'8", and is a succubus who becomes the defacto Ms. Fanservice in any game she appears in.
  • Tina and Lisa from the Dead or Alive series are 174cm/5'9", and Christie is 177cm/5'10". Considering that this is DOA we're talking about here, it's almost not worth mentioning their sex appeal.
    • Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate:
      • The busty Canon Immigrant Rachel in has been revealed to stand 172cm/5'8".
      • DLC character Tengu Nyotengu stands at 172cm/5'8"; being Japanese makes it icing on the cake.
  • Donkey Kong:
    • Candy Kong is the tallest female Kong of the Kong family, and the only Kong that is taller than her is Chunky Kong but then again, Chunky is The Big Guy of the Kong family.
    • Tiny Kong became this after she was redesigned in Diddy Kong Racing DS. Comparing her with Peach and Daisy in Mario Super Sluggers, she is slightly taller than Peach.
    • Kalypso from Donkey Kong Barrel Blast is shown to be somewhere in between Candy and Tiny's heights, not counting her big afro.
  • From Dragon Age: Inquisition, a female qunari Inquisitor towers over the rest of the cast, with the exception of Iron Bull, a fellow qunari. Sera in particular considers her "well fit" and has her train of thought visibly derail upon meeting her.
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Resident Mrs. Fanservice Artificial Human No. 21 is depicted as around the same size of Son Goku, if not slightly taller. She does wear high-heels, but even without them, she's pretty tall and they are not that high. Some official sources say that Goku's height is 175cm (5'9").
  • The female Ogres from Dragon Quest X are taller than every other player character save their Spear Counterparts and are very attractive to boot.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
  • Exist Archive: Suzaku is 5'10", which makes her one of the tallest characters in the game. Her description says "Suzaku has leveraged her stunning looks into a fairly lucrative modelling career."
  • Female Hero from Fable III head above any other citizen or mook, except giant enemies.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Fran from Final Fantasy XII towers over most of the cast at 6'1¾". And that's not even taking her rabbit ears or stilettos into account!note 
    • Rips from the Dissidia Final Fantasy renders make it clear that Cosmos, Ultimecia, and the Cloud of Darkness subscribe to this trope: Cosmos scrapes in at an estimated 5'9", Ultimecia qualifies at around 5'10", and the Cloud of Darkness absolutely blows them all away at roughly 6'7" barefoot.
    • In Final Fantasy XIV, this applies to the female characters of the playable races Roegadyn (who’s height’s range from 6'3.6" to 7'3.7"), Elezen (6'0.2" to 6'6.8"), and Viera (5'10.4" to 6'3.4").
  • Fire Emblem:
    • The female Avatar in Fire Emblem: Awakening has the potential to fit this trope, if the player chooses Build 3 for her (Build 1 is average height, and Build 2 is petite). If chosen, Build 3 Girl Avatar stands almost eye to eye with guys as huge as Vaike, Gregor, Lon'qu, or Basilio. And if their character portraits are to be believed, Cordelia, Panne, and Kjelle are around the Build 3!Female Avatar's height. They're also referred to as very attractive in-story, specially Cordelia who is quite the hit with guys.
    • While there aren't official heights given for the characters in Fire Emblem Fates, Princess Camilla of Nohr appears to be very tall for a woman and is the tallest female character in the game going by the official artwork and in-game character models. The main visual shows her leaning against her axe, and if she were standing up fully, she'd be nearly as tall as her eldest brother Xander or her potential husband Ryoma, who are amongst the tallest characters in the game. And as one can clearly see, Camilla's height doesn't detract from her attractiveness one bit.note 
  • Galaxy Angel: Forte Stollen is the tallest member among the members of the Angel Wing at 175 cm. Her uniform is already very flattering, but when she dresses up for the ball at Fargo, she becomes a complete knockout.
  • Freya from God of War (PS4) can see Kratos (who is a very tall person himself) eye-to-eye when standing together and is stated to be a goddess well known for her "fertile beauty".
  • Golden Axe features Red Sonja Captain Ersatz Tyris Flare, who stands at 5'8".
  • Most female Norns in Guild Wars: Eye of the North (as well as Guild Wars 2) can safely count as this, along with Amazonian Beauty. They're all at LEAST nine feet tall. And most of them can transform into werebears.
  • Halo: The SPARTAN supersoldiers fit this trope. Due to surgical and genetic enhancements, all of the SPARTAN-IIs tower over 6'5" with varying inches when outside of armor, and when outfitted in their MJOLNIR armor are 7 feet tall with varying inches. The SPARTAN-IIIs and Spartan-IVs also have similar heights when outside of their armor. The stunner Spartans are more evident with the lattermost group being portrayed by an Ink-Suit Actor.
  • There are quite a few from The King of Fighters: Whip (173cm/5'8"), Shermie (173cm/5'8"), Elisabeth (174cm/5'8½"), Lien (174cm/5'8½"), Zarina (174cm/5'8½"), King (175cm/5'9"), Luise (175cm/5'9"), Leona (176cm/5'9¼"), Mature (177cm/5'9.6"), Vice (178cm/5'10"), Luong (180cm/5'11") Foxy (181cm/5'11⅓"), Vanessa (182cm/6'), Diana (188cm/6'2"), and especially Jun (199cm/6'6.3"). Whip much like Kunimitsu however has always been one of the shorter women as represented by her sprites/character model and artwork.
  • While we don't have her exact numbers, Illaoi from League of Legends is even taller than Darius, who's officially 6'5" himself, and she has a build to match her height.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Midna's true form in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess positively towers over Zelda and Link, the latter of whom is stunned by her beauty. Princess Zelda herself is also this, being very tall and slender in most of her appearances as an adult. This is especially notable in the Super Smash Bros. series, were she is roughly the same height as Zero Suit Samus.
    • The Gerudo in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are all roughly twice the height of Link, with one lamenting that men find her intimidating despite the fact that she's "only eight feet tall". And in a less extreme example, the Sheikah girl Paya is One Head Taller than Link.
  • Luminous Arc has resident Ms. Fanservice Vanessa. Though she doesn't have an official height, she towers over the teenage protagonists and has a few inches on all the adults — in fact, the only person taller than her without the aid of a nice hat is the Final Boss. The fact she's rather abundantly proportioned up top only makes her seem even bigger than she already is.
  • Mass Effect features a few tall, beautiful women, notably Nyreen Kandros (who, as a turian, is naturally about a head taller than most humans); Tali (who is the tallest female squadmate in the second game; notable as she is a quarian, who are naturally slightly shorter than most humans); and EDI (an artificial intelligence in a robot body in the third game, which is taller than most of the other female squadmates).
    • Vetra Nyx, a female turian squadmate in the fourth game Mass Effect: Andromeda, has a canon height of about 6'6". Naturally she towers above pretty much everyone around her. Her human crewmates also apply, as they are visibly taller than Sarah Ryder, who is stated by Word of God to be around 5'7.
  • The Metal Gear Solid series has Meryl Silverburgh (1.75m/5'9"), Fortune (?m/?'?"), Sniper Wolf (1.75m/5'9"), EVA (1.78m/5'10"), and The Boss (1.78m/5'10"). The whole cast of 3 is unusually tall, due to needing to size the characters around Naked Snake, who is 6'4" and built like Arnold Schwarzenegger at his 80s peak.
  • Samus Aran from the Metroid series has a listed height of 190 cm (6'3"), though it isn't specified whether that measurement applies to her or her Power Suit. (In-game sprites for armorless Samus are always depicted a bit shorter than their armored counterparts. The trope holds in either instance, though.)
  • Mortal Kombat:
    • According to her official bio, Sonya Blade stands at 5'10". And from the look of things, Cassie Cage is just as tall as Mama Blade.
    • Both Kitana and Mileena top this by being a mere centimeter taller, but the latter provides Fan Disservice.
  • Exaggerated with Hot Goddess Rijin from Muramasa: The Demon Blade, a giantess approximately 3.5 times the size of the player. She dwarfs every humanoid character in the game. This is especially notable when she stands opposite of her romantic partner Fujin, who is a tiny, adorable imp.
  • Inara the Stone Warden Paladins is notable for being the first female Front Line champion introduced and also the tallest champion in the game, eclipsing the previous holder of that title, Fernando. Bonus 'statuesque' points for being made of stone.
  • Oleana in Pokémon Sword and Shield stands at 5'11" according to the artbook, and would be fairly tall for a woman even without her very high heels. Her beauty and elegance make her quite popular among the Macro Cosmos employees as well, to the point that she has a fan club dedicated to her.
  • Amazonian Beauty Angela Belti of Power Instinct stands at over 6 feet tall.
  • While Psychonauts has an art style that makes fanservice difficult, Milla Vodello comes by far the closest, and according to her official ID card, she is 7'2.
  • Resident Evil Village has Lady Dimitrescu, who stands at nine feet six inches tall, towering over her daughters, other monsters, and Ethan himself. She's also Large and in Charge, as it is her castle (and surrounding village) that Ethan is invading to find answers. She also serves as the game's version of Mr. X (and is in fact even bigger than he was), as she'll stalk you around her home and is capable of killing you in one blow with her Femme Fatalons. She's also amassed something of a cult following despite only showing up in short clips due to her... unique design and elegant outfits.
  • In Rift, female Bahmi are taller than male Ethians, but can be as attractive as any race.
  • Rival Schools' Natsu Ayuhara, who is a shade under 6 feet tall (182cm) and gets more than her fair share of fanservice shots. Kyoko Minazuki (173cm/5'8") and Zaki (175cm/5'9") are also as pretty as they are tall, but their height isn't paid attention to like Natsu's is.
  • Rumble Roses has Dixie Clemets at 5'11. Aisha also is the same height but is notably less muscular and uses more of a street fight style compared to Dixie's strength-based one.
  • Saints Row: Among female characters, there's Kinzie Kenzington, who stands at an impressive 6'0" (183 cm).
  • Samurai Warriors has Naotora Ii, who, at 5'9", towers above most female characters. This is due in no small part to her long and powerful legs.
  • In Skullgirls, Parasoul and Valentine. Parasoul stands at 5'10", and her upright posture makes her height very obvious. Valentine is even taller, at a full 6'0", but it's harder to notice because she's usually in a crouching ninja stance. Eliza is one too at 5'11".
  • Merveille from Solatorobo stands at 180cm/5'11", making her much taller than many of the male characters who have their heights listed. In fact, the only character stated to be taller than her is Big Bad Bruno, who is 190cm/6'3". While no one comments on her appearance specifically, the manual describes her as attractive, and Béluga seems quite fond of her as well, though he may be interested in her mind as much as anything.
  • Soul Series:
    • Standing at just under 6’, Ivy is one of the tallest characters, let alone women, in the entire series. Her dominatrix-like outfit is infamous for becoming more and more skimpy with each game.
    • Taki. While she just misses the mark at 5'7", she's practically a giant considering that she's Japanese, especially in the 1500s. She's also the second tallest female, behind Ivy. Of course, that's not even mentioning her tighter-than-skin bodysuit that displays everything in full.
  • Marina from Splatoon 2 stands at 178cm according to the artbook and shows a bit of skin compared to the other idols. Contrast her 145cm partner Pearl, who is 3 years older!
  • Elise Riggs from the SSX series stands at 5'11" (180cm).
  • Street Fighter:
    • Depending on the Artist, Chun-Li's long stems qualify her as well, and even if her official height tends to fluctuate. Notably, she is taller than Ryu (5'9") in-game.
    • Elena from Street Fighter III is the tallest female in the series at 6'0", exclusively uses her long stems when attacking, and wears next to nothing.
    • Rose from Street Fighter Alpha is 5'10" and her outfits always show off her legs and/or bust.
    • Street Fighter IV's C. Viper is 5'9", with a suit that shows off her cleavage to ridiculous levels. Tying with Viper is Poison from the same game as well as Street Fighter V's Laura Matsuda.
  • Oulan from Suikoden II towers even over Viktor and Pesmerga, who are both over six feet tall, and is in fact the tallest humanoid character in the entire game, only beat out by the large-size beasts. Sid appears taller, but only because of his wings. Jeane also counts (as well as for every other game thereafter), being only slightly shorter than Viktor and wearing nothing but see-through gauze on her person.
  • Super Mario Bros. tends to liberally use Your Size May Vary, and doesn't really have much in the way of official heights, but nearly every human female in the series is much taller than Mario and the other male humans. Princess Peach is always at least a head taller than Mario, Rosalina is a head taller than Peach, and then there's Pauline. Originally she was about the same height as Peach, but in Super Mario Odyssey she now towers over Mario, who doesn't even reach her waist. If Mario is 5'/152cm tallnote , Daisy is around 5'10"/180cm tall, Peach is around 6'/183cm tall, Rosalina is 7'3"/216cm, and Pauline is 8'6"/259cm tall. At her shortest, Pauline is slightly shorter than Rosalina. In Mario Kart Tour, she occupies a large kart like Rosalina, Bowser and Donkey Kong.
  • Tales Series:
  • Kunimitsu from Tekken would count according to official sources by being listed at 173cm/5'8. However, this is contradicted in-game by her ironically having the shortest character model of the cast in most of the games she appears in. Nina, Anna, Christie, Lili, Katarina, and Master Raven tend to have character models that are on the large side and as big as many of the male characters.
  • Like with most things concerning Touhou Project, character height mostly depends on the preference of fans, with the two common ones being:
    • Stage 6 Bosses and those of authority (usually one and the same, except for Satori Komeiji, who is a Stage 4 boss) are usually on the taller side of things, with few exceptions like Remilia Scarlet, Suika Ibuki, Eiki Shiki, Satori Komeiji and Shinmyoumaru Sukuna.
    • Komachi Onozuka and Yuugi Hoshiguma are universally portrayed as quite tall, with the latter also doubling as an Amazonian Beauty in a lot of fanart.
  • While her actual height is unknown, Toriel in Undertale is quite tall compared to the other monsters while Asgore, her ex husband, is much taller than she is. Toriel is a boss monster in the form of a somewhat elderly goat and many monsters within the game's internet find her very attractive. When she finds out about it, Toriel doesn't understand why people would even find someone like her old self attractive to begin with.
  • Vanessa Lewis, Sarah Bryant, and Dural from Virtua Fighter. As a guest character in Dead or Alive 5, Sarah even towers above women who are statistically taller than she (which likely has to do with the 6-inch heels she wears, but really because she shares the same body model in-game as Christie, who stands at 5'10" and is the tallest woman in the cast).
  • Xenoblade Chronicles:

    Visual Novels 
  • Kyoko Ashihara from Crescendo (JP) is self-conscious about her height, but in her ending the lead character plays it up as a plus. "It means I don't have to bend over to kiss you."
  • From Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Akane Owari is 176cm/5'9" and also the bustiest girl in the game. Sonia Nevermind is 174cm/5'8.5" and the Love Interest of Gundham and Kazuichi, plus Hajime in Free Time events. Peko Pekoyama is 172cm/5'8" and the Implied Love Interest of Fuyuhiko and Hajime grows quite smitten with her in Free Time events.
  • Fate/stay night: Rider is 172 cm tall and notably towers over all the other female characters, as well as a few males like Shirou and Shinji. She has a large bust, wears a revealing outfit, and is considered a beauty by Shirou.
  • Forte Stollen in Galaxy Angel stands 175 cm, and is the only member of the Angel Wing who's taller than the male lead Tact Mayers. Her uniform is already flattering enough, showing off her large chest, but when she dresses up for a ball, Tact can't help but comment how beautiful she looks.
  • Bri in Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme. She was already decently tall before her Gender Bender, but unlike everyone else in the game turning into a woman actually made her taller rather than shorter, which doesn't hurt her romantic options one bit.
  • Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo is an elegant, very attractive and the tallest girl in the cast. She's even slightly taller than Hisao. Being half Scottish is very likely to have contributed to her height.

    Web Animation 
  • Kiryu Coco of hololive stood proud and tall at 180 CM or 5'11" and is considered one of the hottest members. Sadly, she left in July 2021, leaving hololive without a Statuesque Stunner. The second tallest, Paviola Reine, is only 172 cm or 5'7".
  • Shay Van Buren from The Most Popular Girls in School is 6'0 and one of the most popular girls at her school.

  • In Agents of the Realm, Magical Girl Warriors (actually Magical Women Warriors already) Filoni and Camel are both shown standing at least a head taller than the crowd around them.
  • Nina in Between Failures. She's the tallest member of the cast (around 6'3", according to the cast page), two of the male characters have actively expressed interest in her, a third admits that he finds her attractive (but didn't chase after her due to Better as Friends), and there are hints that one of the female employees also finds her attractive.
  • Downplayed in Commander Kitty on account of being a Funny Animal, but it's clear CK initially finds Zenith sexy (when she's not sporting a Nightmare Face), and even without her long ears, she's noticeably taller than any male character besides the occasional Top-Heavy Guy.
  • Any female drow in Drowtales falls under this by default, since female drowolath average around six feet, but Mel'arnach deserves special mention for towering over even the other women and being the Ms. Fanservice. Generally speaking drowolath females are taller than the males, though there are exceptions, including Valo (on the left), who is head and shoulders above almost everyone, and the opposite is true for drowussu, where the males are generally taller than the females.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Amanda is large-breasted and exploits it with a Form-Fitting Wardrobe, in addition to being lusted after by Lisa. Word of God puts her at 5'10".
    • Susan, as due to a growth spurt in the Summer arc has made her able to bump into the top shelf of her locker, making her around 5'8" as per Word of God.
  • Di from Fans! is taller than just about everyone, male or female, hot and athletic. For bonus humor, her mentor is Rumiko, who is tiny.
  • At 6'1", Kelu of Far to the North towers over every man yet shown. It's apparently a feature of her Northern blood. When she finds a Saengorian woman named Junuka actually a man Disguised in Drag she teases her Saengorian sister-in-law by saying "This one is almost as tall as I am, there's hope for you Southern girls yet." Junuka later comments on how Kelu has "legs like a horse" when she's running through the snow.
  • Sekhmet, Shanti and Blitz, from The Green-Eyed Sniper are tall and muscular women belonging to an engineered species called A.I.M.S. Sekhmet is 6′ 6″ (1.98 m) and is among the strongest representatives of her species. Shanti is 6′ 1″ (1.86 m). Although less strong than Sekhmet, she could easily crush a human head with her bare hands. Blitz is shorter, at 5′ 9″ (1.80 m). Even if she is a less powerful A.I.M.S., she is still far stronger than the strongest human.
  • Stephanie Rossum in Groovy, Kinda stands about 6'5". She's blonde, with a nice figure, and a personality which has been described as "ridiculously adorable." Oh, and she's a robot.
  • Almost all of the heroines in Grrl Power sport this by virtue of a Heroic Build being the default for innate powers.
    Sydney: (Watching the other members of ARCHON in a Shower Scene) I didn't realize it was possible to feel fat and skinny at the same time.
  • Heartcore's Amethyst Lashiec stands 5'10", and rocks some serious Big-Breast Pride.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! Princess Voluptua is taller than almost every other major character in the comic. This reflects the fact that she is our solar system's chief authority figure.
  • DiDi of Ménage à 3 is as tall as or taller than most of the cast (which includes a few other female characters who'd be considered statuesque and stunning in most contexts), and is frequently called an "amazon", with good reason. She also has an enormous cup size, is considered one of the most beautiful women in the comic, and is the primary Ms. Fanservice of the series (despite some ferocious competition).
  • Muneca Powell of Pacificators is over six feet tall.
  • From Polymer City Chronicles, Mistress Laura and Lynn Deanna "Lindy" Jones (respectively modeled after Lady Death and Lara Croft) are both 5'9". Blue-Skinned Space Babe Andrah is a towering 7'1" (her mohawk adds on another seven inches), which makes her marriage to the scrawny, 5'8" Dr. Otto Bonn, Ph.D. all the more noticeable. Thanks to Chris Morrison's distinctive style, in addition to being large, these women sport oversized bosoms and ripped physiques.
  • Bubbles from Questionable Content may be disqualified for being a robot built to milspec, but the (human) lesbian characters in the comic consider her to be a Statuesque Stunner. The straight male characters have shown no signs of hitting on her.
  • Jessica from Rain (2010) is 6'1" and is quite self-conscious about it.
  • Blossom's roommate, Hilda, from Rhapsodies. All the more apparent after Blossom drags her kicking and screaming out of her shell.
  • Ruby of Ruby Nation is 9'1" thanks to Applied Phlebotinum, taking this trope to a ridiculous degree.
  • In Rusty and Co., the halfing Kris deems the human Dorilys a Jolly green giant! in an inept pass.
  • Zoé of Sandra on the Rocks is an experienced "glamazon"-style supermodel who can loom over virtually anyone in the cast through a combination of height and force of personality.
  • The main heroine of Super Rivals, Awesome Girl, is quite tall, standing over several other heroes, and quite stunning.
  • Amazonian Beauty Tetsuko stands 6'3".
  • TwoKinds has the King Adelaide, current ruler of the Eastern Basitin; she stands at least 7' tall (Word of God places her closer to 7'6") making her one of the tallest non-dragon characters by far.
  • Esther of [un]Divine is placed at 6'6" when she's in her human form, as such she's a good height above everyone else. This pic is a good example.
  • Phix of Wapsi Square tends towards this in her human form. It would seem that Monica's boss likes taller women.

    Web Original 

    Web Video 
  • Blanche Ingram in The Autobiography of Jane Eyre. She's a model, a trained dancer, a successful businesswoman, and a great beauty. She's very tall, compared to other ladies like petite Jane or Grace Poole, and she's as tall as Mr Rochester or her friend Warren Danton who are tall guys.
  • Danny Lawrence in Carmilla the Series. She's an Amazonian red-headed lesbian athlete-scholar who clocks in at an incredibly impressive 6'2", the second-tallest member of the cast after Wilson Kirsch (6'5"). The average height of non-Danny members of the cast (excluding Kirsch) is 5'4".
  • Critical Role: Vox Machina's druid, Keyleth of the Air Ashari, is canonically six feet tall, and several characters on the show have expressed attraction to her. She's even two inches taller than her Love Interest, Vax.

    Western Animation 
  • Arcane: Caitlyn is already considered very pretty and is noticeably taller than Vi (who is 5'9" according to concept art) and nearly as tall as Jayce, meaning she's at least 6 feet tall.note 
  • Archer:
    • Lana Kane is one of the tallest, and most gorgeous, women in the main cast, and in her spiked heel boots, is easily as tall as Archer himself.
    • Katya Kasanova qualifies as well, essentially being, for all intents and purposes, Lana's Russian counterpart.
    • During the Vice season, Pam (who's normally a Big Beautiful Woman) becomes one herself after losing a ton of weight from her cocaine addiction. In Danger Island, she appears as an Amazonian Beauty who's taller than every other man in the cast.
  • Avatar franchise:
  • Gaea in Class of the Titans may be immensely old, but she's good-looking and among the tallest characters in the show, towering even over her sons and grandsons.
  • In DuckTales (1987), Fenton Crackshell's girlfriend Gandra Dee is physically taller than him.
  • Trixie Tang from The Fairly Oddparents is considered to be attractive by nearly everyone at Dimmsdale Elementary. She's also one of the tallest students in her class.
  • Futurama:
    • Leela, who stands shoulder to shoulder with Fry at 6'0" (182 cm) and can clobber anyone, and still be gorgeous.
    • Hermes' wife, Labarbara Conrad, is noticeably taller than nearly every other human we meet. She's also slim and a dark beauty.
    • This applies to the whole population of the planet of Amazonia.
  • Gravity Falls has Wendy, who is almost twice Dipper and Mabel's height, as well as taller than at least two of her male friends, and is considered to be quite pretty.
  • Justice League Unlimited has both Wonder Woman and Big Barda.
  • In the Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil episode "Bwar and Peace", Brad falls in love with a Viking woman so tall her face is always offscreen.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Jenny is stated to 6'6" and is cute to boot.
  • Princess Celestia, the Alicorn introduced as the ruler of Equestria in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, towers over her subjects. Her sister, Princess Luna, first appears close to normal pony size but grows to almost the same height as Celestia by Season 2. Princess Cadence is shorter than either of them, but is still taller than nearly every non-royal pony (of either gender) seen to date and acts as a de facto Love Goddess. All three are generally treated as the benchmark of Equestrian beauty.
  • The Perils of Penelope Pitstop: Penelope Pitstop is almost as tall as Sylvester Sneekly/the Hooded Claw.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Candace is 5'8", and only age 15, which would make her a Huge Schoolgirl. Get to her older and much more shapely future self and...
    • Vanessa is the same height as Candace, is bustier, and wears leather all the time.
  • Ms. Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls (1998) must certainly qualify, even though we don't see her face until the 10th-anniversary special. She's got a body (to quote Hawkeye Pierce) that should be continued on the next girl, and she's taller than many of the villains on the show.
  • Princess Kashmir on The Simpsons is shown as slightly taller than the 6'/183cm tall Homer Simpson and towers over Chief Wiggum and is considered very attractive in-universe.
  • Ahsoka Tano was one of the shortest characters in her introductory series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in which she was 14-17 years old. Come Star Wars Rebels, which takes place ten years later, and she has grown into this trope, being taller than most of the main cast at 1.88 meters. This is partially due to her species having horns, however as when she’s reunited with Rex, who stands at 1.83 meters, he appears taller.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Rose Quartz was chubby and about eight feet tall. She hooked up with Greg, who is implied to have a thing for tall women, and Pearl also once mentioned that she thinks she was beautiful.
    • Garnet, while not as tall as Rose, is still the tallest member of the current Crystal Gems and stands over most adults- and definitely a looker, if you ask Jamie the Mailman. Justified in that she's a gem fusion, and sizewise, fusions are typically the sum-total of their components.
    • Stevonnie, the fusion of Steven and Connie, stands taller than every character bar Garnet, and commands the attention of every room they enter (often leaving people speechless).
    • Pearl herself, for that matter, is taller than most men and is called "the hot one" by Mayor Dewey.
    • In "Last One Out of Beach City", Pearl develops an immediate crush on Mystery Girl (a human who resembles Rose Quartz), who is a great deal taller than Pearl herself.
  • Like her comic book counterpart, Teen Titans' Starfire is among the tallest members of the group, and still very attractive, and her slightly older sister Blackfire is just as tall and attractive (the only differences being hair and eye colors).
  • Total Drama:
    • Jasmine is a Gentle Giant who towers over all other characters.
    • From the first generation, Heather is a very tall girl whose long and toned legs make up most of her body height, and either meets most of the males at eye-level, or towers over them.
    • Ridonculous Race gave us Kelly, who stands taller than most of the other characters. Justified, as she's one of the show's few adult females.