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"One thing I must remember about my demons...
If I don't do exactly as they say, as they wish...
They become totally... completely... harmless."

Wapsi Square is a "slice of supernatural life" webcomic by Paul Taylor, who describes it as "An attempt to combine the cute and the macabre." It follows the life of Monica Villareal, a busty anthropologist from Minneapolis, as she discovers that it isn't her that's crazy, but rather the world around her.

The comic started out as a simple slice of life comedy, but eventually grew into a much more complicated story with the introduction of an Aztec deity, three indestructible golems, and a massive, time-spanning plot to save the world. Despite the shift, it still finds time to explore the personal lives of the characters, but with a bit of a supernatural twist.

In 2013, the focus began to shift away from Monica to her friend Katherine Gilchrist and her adopted daughters, a teenage siren named Atsali and a pre-teen sentient mass of vines named Castela.


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