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An interactive webcomic made by Wolfcat on the Within Hubris forums (formerly the hub of the Ben Drowned community) that can be read here if you can sift through all the additional banter and awful In Jokes. As of this writing it has one arc and one intermission complete, with a second arc in progress.

Paul Rudd lives and works on the 25th floor of Meatouchers, Inc., and has for 10 years without ever leaving. One day, the local fuckboy Crash bursts into his work area, shouting "BEAT MY MEAT" and attempting to allure him with her ass. Paul, having too high a bum resistance to be turned on, instead mistakes this for an invitation to spar using meat products and knocks her out cold. After dicking around and being called back to work, Paul sends her up a chute to the next floor, only to regret it with the realization of how lonely his job is.

In a moment of need, he prays to the ancient deities Beerd and Cheezus (sic). For his prayers, he receives the Key to the Arg, which can unlock anything (he promptly throws it out) and the Bionic Brottknocker, which can open any door that belongs to a weenie. With it, he opens the previously locked door of what should have been his bedroom, and finds a number of ponies, alongside a Bigger on the Inside outhouse belonging to some strange hooded douchebag.

Paul steals the outhouse and finds his way to a land filled with new faces, adventure, and many oddities, and learns the true meaning of friendship what is this some children's cartoon.

Unfortunately, Weenie-Licked was cancelled in April of 2016. But perhaps, somewhere, somewhen, somehow, we'll see Paul Rudd again.

The comic has won the Cac Award for Best Thread on the Within Hubris forums.

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