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"This is my pistol, this is my gun.
One is for fighting, one is for fun."

"No, she's absolutely right," said Zeb, patting the enormous pistol at his hip. "This is a penis substitute. After all, if I could kill at a range of thirty meters with my penis, I wouldn't need to carry this thing around, now would I?"

Guns, cannons, swords, daggers... they're all penises.

After all, most of them are vaguely phallic (any object longer than it is wide would be considered phallic), they penetrate human flesh, and killing people is a sign of virility. In the case of guns, they even "ejaculate" bullets, while swords tend to have a suggestive shape, guard positions where the hilt is held crotch height, and thrusting attacks. Even better if they are combined (bayonets on guns are the simplest applications of this, as well as any syringe-like weapon) or carried inside a man's pants.

Sometimes in more comedic situations, the weapon may go limp and become "impotent", making it also a case of Pathetic Drooping Weapon.

See also BFG, BFS, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?, Compensating for Something, Gun Porn. Compare/contrast with Torpedo Tits, which is somewhat of a Distaff Counterpart to this. Subtrope of Freud Was Right. See Visual Innuendo for when the weapon is positioned in a way that looks particularly phallic. Also see Freudian Threat, when a weapon is used to threaten someone's phallic area. The imagery can be reinforced in pink weapons.

For when a penis is truly weaponized, see Rape, Pillage, and Burn and Psychosexual Horror.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The infamous "Obari pose" (named after the man who popularised it, the legendary animator/director Masami Obari) is a common shot in action anime (especially '80s/'90s mecha shows) where a warrior readies themselves for battle by brandishing a gigantic sword or gun at approximately crotch height, with the tip pointed diagonally towards the camera. It's exactly as phallic as it sounds, and the source of an enormous number of off-colour jokes about a particular era and genre of animation.
  • Afro Samurai: The Afro-Droid's last resort BFG in episode 3 definitely has this trope in mind.
  • In Berserk, Word of God mentioned in an interview that Guts' BFSs not only represent his strength and determination, but also his virility. So it's no surprise that he managed to get Casca pregnant rather quickly upon returning to the Hawks.
  • Hannah Annafellows from Black Butler takes very interesting weapons from under her skirt.
  • In Black Cat, after smashing Train into the wall, Creed rants about how his disappointment and anger toward Train has caused his (imaginary) sword to grow enormous in strength and size. While holding a rose between his teeth, no less.
  • In Bleach, Szayel releases his Resurreccion form by swallowing his sword.
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi keeps his sword sheathe hanging between his legs.
    • Pesche keeps his sword in his loincloth.
    • Zanpakutou in general grow and shrink relative to the user's power level and control, and Ichigo was repeatedly described as wielding a zanpakutou "as long as he is tall".
  • Inverted in Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight! when Sara tries to penetrate Misora with a strap-on with "Ginsu" written on the side.
  • Referenced in Cesare - Il Creatore che ha distruttoBarbaric Bully Henri thinks Naïve Newcomer Angelo is insulting France when he asks if they still throw spears there. Cesare saves Angelo from getting beaten up by entering the conversation and talking about how France should be proud of its many spears, including the holy relics gathered by Charlemagne. Cesare's friend Miguel then adds that he's most confident with the "Holy Spear" he uses with women. To add injury to insult, when Henri and Cesare do fight later on, Henri's weapon is a dagger and Cesare's weapon is a cape — and Cesare still wins.
  • In Death Note Mello keeps a gun down the front of his trousers. Down the front of his laced, skintight, leather trousers. Considering this is seen after giving his challenge to Near, one wonders if he's compensating for something else too...
  • A literal example in the manga Dick Fight Island (aka The Eight Warriors). The titular island is the site of a contest every four years to decide the king of the archipelago. The 8 champions fight using their dicks to make the others orgasm first, all while wearing Scary Impractical Armor with huge codpieces. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • Played with in Dominion Tank Police: a particularly effective anti-tank weapon is basically a dildo mine.
  • In Gamaran there's Zenmaru's great katana, Sadanaga: he's extremely proud of its size and power, gets annoyed if anyone comments on it and he's a bit flustered by Shingo's Onidachi (a 4 meter long spear), stating that's even bigger than his sword...
  • In Gate, the peasants describe the Panzerfaust as looking like a giant steel cock.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. In ¥€$, a routine arrest of some gangsters turns violent when one of them turns out to be a battle cyborg who knocks Motoko through a window before Batou takes him out. In a blink-and-you-miss-it gag, a huge cannon unfolds from the cyborg's crotch.
  • Gintama: Is that a Neo-Armstrong cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon? Such a nice replica.
  • Gregory Horror Show. Catherine. Giant needle. That is all.
  • Happens oh-so often in Gunsmith Cats. Unsurprising, given the two themes of the show are "guns" and "fanservice."
  • In Himenospia, wasps that parasitize humans turn women into mutants with a long ovipositor sting coming out of their genitalia. The "queens" can sting other women to convert them into brainwashed soldiers, and those soldiers in turn can inject enemies with lethal venom.
  • From Inuyasha, the Tetsusaiga. Its normal state is a normal rusted sword, but when pulled out, it becomes larger with hair coming out of the hilt, with various energy attacks coming out of it for dealing death blows. Oh, and Inuyasha often holds it at crotch level.
  • kiss×sis has a literal Phallic Weapon in one episode.
  • There is a piece of Lyrical Nanoha fan art that describes how "the harder you get beaten by Nanoha, the harder you get hooked on her (with some exceptions)." Sure enough, Fate seems unsatisfied with her #4 ranking (Vivio, their adoptive daughter, being #1), and pleads to Nanoha, "Pierce through me right now! With that fat pink thing of yours!"
  • Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro has a killer keep a ridiculously long revolver down the front of his pants. The guy is a huge parody of Eagleland attitudes, so he's not the most subtle person around.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy and his infamous Spandex Space. Guess what he usually pulls out of those shorts? Despite the fact that you can see the gun tucked into his waistband in a couple of episodes, for years fans have made jokes about his "secret hiding place".
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: It seems that the happier Mami is, the bigger her magical rifles become, such as during episode 3 after Madoka says the she wants to be by her side. The sandworm Witch that kills her in that very same episode embodies this trope even better.
    • When Kyouko has to kill Oktavia in episode 8, it seems that her chain-javelin is far bigger than usual. Her target is Sayaka.
    • Sayaka's lashing out by hitting a Witch to a bloody mess can be seen as venting out her sexual frustration. Because she did not get the guy.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Swords all over the place. Most notably, magic swords that you draw from your lover's heart.
  • And from s-CRY-ed: "It's thick, it's hard, and it's coming to get you!"
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the Daigunzan is a huge robot shaped like a ship, that has a huge blade-like part attached to the groin, shaped like the front part of a ship. During the Battle For Teppelin, it rams itself into Dekabutsu's huge hammer, pointy end first, only to leave it stuck and detonate it, creating an opening for Gurren-Lagann to enter. This is not even getting into all the drills the protagonist uses to penetrate the heavens.
  • In Transformers: Armada Megatron's BFG didn't strap to his arm or shoulder like it did in most Transformers installments. It protruded from his hip. And just to drive the phallic nature of it home, he had to grab it with one hand to aim it. The only way it could have been more obvious is if they'd made it a pump-action.
  • YuYu Hakusho example: Sensui's Kazuya personality's gun-arm. What he does to Yusuke with it looks ONE HELL of a lot like Prison Rape. This is lampshaded in the dub:
    Kazuya: [pressing gun to Yusuke's face] Open your mouth, and close your eyes...

  • Natalie Baxter is most famous for her "warm guns", recreations of pistols and assault rifles made out of fabric, "bringing 'macho' objects into a traditionally feminine sphere and questioning their potency."
  • On Hieronymus Bosch's "Hell" panel of "The Garden Of Earthly Delights" there is a long knife with two ears on the side resembling a penis and testicles.
  • Gender-Inversion: H. R. Giger occasionally uses guns as a yonic metaphor. "Birth Machine", for example, has a handgun chamber loaded with fetal-positioned humanoids as a play on a gun "birthing" bullets.

  • George Carlin's "Rockets and Penises in the Persian Gulf" routine discussed this trope, with heavy use of the word "dick".
    "You don't need to be a sociologist or a political scientist to see the Bigger Dick Foreign Policy at work. Goes something like this: 'What? They have bigger dicks?! BOMB THEM!!' And the bombs and the bullets and the rockets are all shaped like dicks. It's a subconscious desire to project the penis into other people's affairs. It's called 'fucking with people'!"

    Comic Books 
  • All over the place in The Silver Age of Comic Books (Not that The Golden Age of Comic Books was completely tame).
  • The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius: Most of preteen inventor Barry Ween's guns. Lampshaded in a crossover with Carrie Stetko:
    Marshal Stetko: Are you aware all your guns look like penises?
    Barry Ween: Oh, yeah.
    Stetko: So, it's intentional then?
    Ween: Oh, yeah.
  • Batman: Sideshow's "Green with Envy" statuette for Poison Ivy has her flanked by two vines ending in flowers with long stamens. The phallic imagery instead points to her reputation as a Femme Fatale, with her living weapons (and the men she tends to manipulate by metaphor) at her beck and call.
  • The Galaxy Gun in Dark Empire is often joked to be one of these. Considering it was built by the Emperor after the more practical World Devastator turned out to be a non-starter, this is probably apt.
  • Used hilariously for a supremely ridiculous villain in Doom Patrol, who was ridiculed all his life for having a small penis and thus built a giant cannon to attach to his crotch and called himself, what the hell, Codpiece. The horror comes in when said super-villain is defeated by a transgender heroine... who has the power to dissolve objects.
  • Spoofed in the movie posters for a 1985 Dykes to Watch Out For comic strip (famous for being the strip that popularized The Bechdel Test).
  • In Empowered, Phallik gets all his powers from holding his Phallo-Spear. When he's in range of a Power Nullifier, his spear goes limp.
  • Gold Digger: Brianna manages to design a waist-supported laser cannon with side-supported plasma orbs... without realizing the implications until her entire family and their friends point out her big throbbing—
  • Invoked and inverted by Heroic Comedic Sociopath Lobo in Injustice 2 when he gets a Green Lantern ring and defeats the Red Lantern Atrocitus by sending him flying with a construct in the shape of a building-sized dildo that penetrates his defenses. Hal Jordan is appalled while Guy Garder thought it was hilarious.
  • Money Shot has a literal example, with the Bokai elder using his gigantic testicles and (after he regains the ability to become erect) Gag Penis to fight the warlord Daughir.
  • Towards the end of Preacher, Herr Starr develops the disturbing (and hilarious) habit of holding his gun over his (penisless since a dog attack) crotch and repeating "Doom cock... Doom cock..."
  • In the 2003 version of Rawhide Kid, the titular character is seen in the first issue cover holding one of his revolvers the same way, revealing his gay sexuality.
  • Superman: When Superman rescues Lana from Lex Luthor's mooks in an early Post-Crisis comic, he faces down a Mook with a huge bazooka and asks "Overcompensating for something there, fella?"
  • Tank Girl has loads and loads of this in its sight gags, both for the title character and for some of her more macho enemies.
  • Given its premise as warfare by Fanservice, it's not surprising that one of Tank Vixens' world-building bonus comics shows off a bunch of weapons that embrace the trope wholeheartedly. Though the ones that look like they could be used in the bedroom don't appear in the main comics, the fairly ordinary-looking gauss rifle and the hip-fired BFG are seen from time to time.

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): Played for Horror in this Godzilla MonsterVerse fanfiction, with MaNi/Elder Brother's retractable bone blade. It's clearly intended as a phallic metaphor both In-Universe and out-of-universe whenever he tries attacking Monster X with it.
  • Real-Time Fandub: In the Sonic Adventure 2 Team Dark video, Dr. Eggman's Eclipse Cannon is reinterpreted to be him Compensating for Something. He reveals the weapon in a fit of rage after learning his wife cheated on him multiple times, claims the video feed of it is actually a feed of his dick (and that it's better than Shadow's, one of the people whom she cheated with), calls the act of blasting a hole in the moon "pissing on" it, and then immediately compares Shadow having sex with his wife to the cannon's ability to "fuck the Earth".
  • Things I Am Not Allowed to Do at the PPC: Rule 3 prohibits agents from using lightsabers as phallic metaphors, specifically mentioning not asking to see if someone else's lightsaber is bigger than their own.
  • Heavily exaggerated and parodied at once in Thirty Hs with the "groinsaw."
  • Lampshaded in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: immediately after Joey dismisses Tea's remark on the overabundance of phallic imagery in a duel, Yami Yugi says, "Now watch as my mighty lance penetrates your moist cocoon!"

    Film — Animation 
  • An American Tail: Fievel Goes West: Tiger faces off with a masked gunslinger cat who turns out to have a more powerful slingshot. Tiger's slingshot goes limp in response.
  • Beowulf (2007). Beowulf's sword Hrunting is given this treatment while talking to Grendel's Mother, who gives the sword a long caress which makes the weapon's tip "ejaculate" liquid metal before the sword melts entirely from her magic. It foreshadows Beowulf succumbing to her charms and promises, as well as having sex with her and impregnating her with a child.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Alien: The filmmakers state that the rolled-up adult magazine that crew member Ash tries to suffocate Ripley with is meant to be a penis substitute, because as an android he doesn't have one himself.
  • Epiphany Proudfoot in Angel Heart is killed by gunshot. The shot in question comes from a gun stuffed into her nether regions. We thankfully don't get to see the murder, only the aftermath.
  • Lampshaded in The Avengers (2012) with Tony's "performance issues" comment after No Selling Loki's staff.
  • Batman (1989) has an example that pays off twice. First, the Joker shoots down Batman's plane with a ridiculously long-barreled revolver pulled from the front of his baggy clown pants. Then, immediately afterward, he uses this gun to take the Girl of the Film hostage, and keeps it pointed at her throughout the film's long and sexually charged climax (and as if that were not enough, relieves the leading lady of some of her clothes while he's at it).
  • One scene from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls has a girl fellating a gun before being shot.
  • Bonnie and Clyde has a very sexually charged scene where Bonnie checks out Clyde's gun.
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula: Mina Harker watches wide-eyed as her friend Lucy Westenra appears to be reaching into the trousers of her American suitor, saying "Let me touch it; it's so big!" only to remove a huge Bowie knife.
  • City Heat: In the final shootout, Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds keep producing larger pistols in an attempt to both shoot the mooks and one-up each other. Clint naturally has the biggest gun, an absurdly long-barreled revolver which he pulls out of his trousers.
  • Deadpool (2016): Theatrical posters show the Merc-with-the-Mouth conspicuously brandishing a Desert Eagle right in front of his crotch, similar to the Duke Nukem Forever video game example.
  • Lampshaded in Death Wish: While at a gun range in Tuscon, Arizona, Paul Kersey mentions to his client Ames Jainchill that he was a Conscientious Objector during the Korean War.
    Ames: [laughs] Oh, Christ, what a guest to bring to a gun club! You're probably one of them knee-jerk liberals; thinks us gun boys shoot our guns because it's an extension of our penises.
    Kersey: I never thought of it that way. But it could be true.
    Ames: Well, maybe it is. But this is gun country.
  • Scorpio's homoerotic "My, that's a big one" when Dirty Harry produces his Hand Cannon. And in The Enforcer, Harry's female partner notes tongue-in-cheek that his .44 Magnum has superior penetration.
  • The poster for Dolemite has him holding a Hand Cannon at crotch height, as one of his ladies grips the barrel. It's also discharging as she's gripping it.
  • Dr. Strangelove's final scene has this as well. Not just the final scene.
  • The Expendables 3: Caesar is informed that the mini-Gatling he's so excited over will "shoot its wad" (run through its ammunition) in only ten seconds. Caesar quips back, "You have that problem too?"
  • Fight Club opens with Tyler's gun in the Narrator's mouth.
  • In From Dusk Till Dawn, the character Sex Machine has a "crotch gun," basically a codpiece with a gun on it. It makes a cameo in Desperado, and in Machete Kills where the trope is even more obvious (see below).
  • Averted in Full Metal Jacket when the Drill Sergeant Nasty makes sure his recruits know the difference by having them march with their rifle in one hand and cupping their balls with the other, while chanting, "This is my rifle, this is my gun (tugs on crotch). This is for fighting, this is for fun. (tugs on crotch)"
  • In The General's Daughter, during a flashback to Captain Campbell's gang rape at West Point, a soldier is shown to be very suggestively stroking the barrel of his rifle.
  • Glass Onion: Duke (whose defining character trait is Testosterone Poisoning) carries a pistol in a holster over his crotch at all times.
  • Grindhouse has a fake trailer for a schlock slasher movie. In one scene a cheerleader is stripping naked while bouncing up and down on a trampoline. The killer shoves a knife through the trampoline beneath her just when she does the splits.
  • In a very clear Visual Innuendo in Hard Candy, when Jeff arms himself with the knife and he's raging at/about Hayley, he begins stabbing the photograph of one of his models/victims. Around her crotch area.
  • Literally in Hot Bot. Sex shop owner Benny has a double-ended dildo that comes apart with the two halves being linked by a chain. He uses it as a set Instant Chucks to knock out Agents Koontz and Frazier when he rescues Limus and Leonard from Senator Biter's fundraiser.
  • Idiocracy has monster trucks equipped with phallic extensions. They both crash out when trying to destroy a smaller car with a floppy dildo on the hood.
  • Bad guy to partner in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka:
    Willie: How come their guns are so much bigger than ours?
    Thug: It's a phallic thing.
  • In the first dream level of Inception, Mr. Eames produces a Grenade Launcher from his Hammerspace, blows away a group of projections and says "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." Those who do not feel that this implies "I can also do this with my penis" are hereby commended on the cleanliness of their minds.
  • In the Line of Fire: When Horrigan misses a jump and ends up dangling from a rooftop, Leary pops up overhead, prompting Horrigan to take aim despite his failing grip. Leary teases Horrigan's pistol a bit before deciding that he'll take care of him later, and helps Horrigan to a nearby fire escape.
  • A subtle example to be found in Island of Lost Souls: Mad Scientist Dr. Moreau wears his revolver holstered at the front so that the barrel is somewhat tucked between his thighs, the butt jutting outwards from his groin. Apparently this was a deliberate choice by openly bisexual actor Charles Laughton. Amusingly, since the gun is worn barrel inwards, butt out, this makes it a weird reverse Phallic Weapon.
  • Jack Reacher: Reacher compares the frustration of not being able to kill to sexual frustration. When he's saying this, a flashback shows Sociopathic Soldier Barr in Iraq, pushing a knife through a blanket draped over his crotch.
  • Gay Perry from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang manages to kill a guy by literally shooting from the, er, hip.
  • In Kopps, a police officer throws his gun into the air, opens his pants, catches the gun in the open fly, then buckles his belt over the gun. He then guns down two criminals using pelvic thrusts. Then takes out the third by hacky-sacking the gun and kicking it into mook's face.
  • In Let's Get Harry (1986), a group of construction workers, financed by a gung-ho businessman and advised by a mercenary, go down to Columbia to rescue a colleague. The mercenary, who's given them strict instructions not to try bringing guns into the country, walks into their hotel room, grabs the businessman by the crotch and says, "I want you to give me this." While the others are gaping at this apparent Ho Yay, the businessman gives a shamefaced grin and produces a 9mm pistol from his underpants.
  • Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels:
    Soap: I brought weapons as well.
    Eddie: What do you mean, weapons?
    Soap: [pulls a bundle from his coat and unrolls it, revealing large knives] These.
    Eddie: Jesus! [grabs the bundle and rerolls it] Let's keep them covered up, eh? Couldn't you get anything bigger?
    Soap: [pulls a big-ass machete from his trousers] What, like that? What do you think?
    Eddie: ...I think you need help.
  • In the Action Prologue of Machete, our hero rescues a beautiful stark naked hostage. Double Entendre ensues immediately.
    Girl: What's this long, hard thing?
    Machete: My machete.
  • Machete Kills:
  • Mad Max: Toecutter asserts his authority over Johnny the Boy (implied to be his male lover) by making him suck the barrel of his shotgun, telling him, "Keep your sweet, sweet mouth shut!"
  • Mandy (2018): Fuck-Pig's weapon is a knife strap-on.
  • The Man with the Golden Gun is one of the more obvious examples. Scaramanga's lover explains that he only makes love to her before he kills someone with his golden gun, and one scene involves him suggestively caressing her with it as she lies naked in bed. The opening credits to quite a few James Bond films involve the silhouettes of naked women and guns.
  • Experimental montage film A Movie makes use of this trope for what's either a gag or a lampshading of the whole concept. One montage starts with a submarine captain looking through a periscope. The film then cuts to a sexy woman in bra and panties. The next clip shows the submarine firing a torpedo. Then there's a clip of an atomic bomb explosion. The sexual imagery is not subtle.
  • Mutant Girls Squad: Kisaragi, the leader of the mutant rebels, has a fleshy blade growing out of his stomach. It is usually limp, but stiffens after he powers up. His dialogue makes it pretty clear the symbolism is not accidental.
  • Naked Killer: Detective Tinam has a fear of guns after accidentally shooting his own brother, being unable to fire his issue weapon. This is symbolically linked to his impotence, as he gets better after sleeping with Kitty and is able to gun down numerous mooks in the final battle.
  • The Night of the Hunter: "Preacher" Harry Powell, watching a striptease show, extends a Sinister Switchblade through his pocket, symbolizing his Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny mindset.
  • Orgazmo: Cock rocket.
  • OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies: 117's handgun. He can load and unload it. It has a great coefficient of penetration.
  • The Pirate Movie:
    • The Pirate King is asked, "Is that a knife in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" It turns out it is a knife in his pocket, as he pulls it out and throws it into the wall beside the woman's head. However, he then demonstrates that he is also pleased to see her.
    • Mabel is trying to rally the policemen to assist her. She mentions that, among their other crimes, the pirates are "cop-killers." The Sergeant's billy-club immediately goes limp, like a... well, you know.
  • In Point Blank (1967), Walker bursts into the bedroom of the man who betrayed and cuckolded him, emptying his .44 Magnum into the (empty) bed. He then sits there with an empty gun, emotionally exhausted, while his ex-wife rambles on about why she betrayed him.
  • Psycho features the infamous shower scene — the phallic-shaped knife, repeatedly stabbing Marion. Not to mention the killer having sublimated his/her sexual repression into murderous urges.
  • In Rear Window, Jeff uses a telescopic lens (obviously longer than the binoculars he was previously using) to further his voyeurism and subsequent violation of his neighbor's privacy.
  • Red Sun: Cristina appears to be going to seduce Link, only to grab his revolver and attempt to shoot him. She discovers It Works Better with Bullets. Link quips that the problem with Cristina is that you never know which gun she's going to grab.
  • In the Scream movies, the serial killer targets young women, simultaneously acting seductive towards them and trying to stab them with a knife.
  • Actually Played for Horror in Shin Godzilla. This particular incarnation of the monster is a mess of Body Horror, with one particular trait being a much longer, more phallic-shaped tail. Not helping the comparison is what seems to be a grotesquely malformed head on the end, complete with an eye and teeth, glowing red veins and the ability to fire a beam of its own. The film's final shot also implies it may literally function as a reproductive organ, with Godzilla frozen in the process of birthing emaciated humanoid versions of himself.
  • This is lampshaded endlessly in Shoot 'Em Up.
  • Soldier of Orange: The protagonist has just become a bomber pilot and boasts of all the German cities he can bomb while having sex with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he has a premature 'explosion' before completing his list.
  • Spaceballs: Dark Helmet's line: "I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Let's see how well you handle it." He says this while he and Lone Starr are holding their pseudo-lightsabers at crotch level.
  • All lightsabers in Star Wars could count, but special attention goes to the ones wielded by Darth Sidious aka. Emperor Palpatine, which look like the most expensive vibrators ever made. In Revenge of the Sith, he stabs two Jedi to death with his primary saber while grunting and groaning loudly throughout the fight. Now we know what he meant by "UNLIMITED POWAAAAAH!".
  • Tank Girl: The title character has a moment loving on the gun of the tank she ganks from Water & Power. To the tune of Shaft, no less. And later on, explicitly called out as she rides the cannon up to the window of a truck. "Feeling a little inadequate?"
  • Taxi Driver: Travis Bickle blasting away on the gun range cuts to him in a porn movie theatre, pointing a Finger Gun at the screen.
  • In Turkey Shoot, the villains have a Double Entendre-laced conversation about the Sniper Pistol that Jennifer is Gun Stripping.
    Tito: 32 seconds. You manipulate it well, my dear; like part of your body.
    Jennifer: It is my own design.
    Thatcher: Yes, a very nice piece. Serviceable, well-contoured, a good feel. Perhaps a trifle large in the bore...
    Jennifer: It's been my experience, Charles, that it's less the size that counts, but the skill with which it's used.
  • That scene in Videodrome where James Woods grows a vagina and then starts masturbating it with a gun.
  • When Eight Bells Toll (1971). British spy Calvert sends the Damsel in Distress to Show Some Leg to the guard holding her family hostage.
    Sue: [caressing barrel of guard's rifle] Is it loaded?
    Guard: Yeah, it sure is. [moves in on her and gets clobbered from behind by Calvert]
    Calvert: "Is it loaded?" You must learn more than deerstalking in the Highlands.
  • The two are linked in the opening scene of Zardoz, when the giant floating head vomits up a huge pile of firearms and calls on the Exterminators to murder the Brutals to keep their numbers down (if Zardoz had given them a huge pile of condoms instead, he could have avoided all this trouble).
    Zardoz: The Penis is evil. The Penis shoots seeds and makes new life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was. But the Gun shoots death and purifies the Earth of the filth of Brutals. Go forth, and kill! Zardoz has spoken!

  • The Detachment. Dox releases a teenaged girl they're holding hostage and is uncomfortable with how much he enjoys being hugged by her in gratitude. There's a gun tucked into his front waistband, so he thinks that it will do as an appropriate metaphor.
  • In Discworld, there's a popular Bawdy Song called "A Wizard's Staff Has a Knob on the End." It's... not actually about the staffs they do magic with.
  • In the Dragaera series, several characters have Cargo Ship-level emotional involvement with their Empathic Weapons (which are all swords or daggers), are described as stroking them compulsively, and in some cases, the narrator comments on how the weapon is much larger than the wielder.
  • The Dresden Files book Summer Knight has one wizard ask Harry, "Still going with the phallic foci, eh? Staff and rod?" He replies, "They make me feel all manly."
  • In Gate- Thus the JSDF Fought There, the Panzerfaust 3 used by Japanese soldiers to wound a powerful dragon is described as the "Rod of Steel" by natives of the Special Region beyond the Gate. In the manga adaptation, the weapon has a suggestive outline around it as one refugee says it looks just like a man's thing.
  • In the Harry Potter universe, there is some phallic symbolism around the Elder Wand, legendarily the most powerful and dangerous wand in the world. Hermione (notably, a female character) says that the idea of one wand being better than another is nonsense and that "some wizards just claim to boast that theirs are bigger and better." In The Tales of Beedle the Bard, it's stated that no witch has ever claimed to own the Elder Wand (that is, only men ever have) and invites the reader to "make of that what you will."
  • At the start of the Mount Tonglu of Heaven Official’s Blessing: Tian Guan Ci Fu, Hua Cheng and his scimitar Eming have been reduced in size by his efforts to mitigate the effects of the ghost mountain and Eming is thus having difficulty fighting Rong Guang. Xie Lian, Hua Cheng's Love Interest, restores Eming to full size by complimenting, handling and kissing it. Xie Lian, being the Chaste Hero, reads nothing into this, but their more worldly companion Pei Ming is shocked.
  • In The Iron Dream, Feric Jaggar's weapon, The Great Truncheon of Held, also known as the Steel Commander, is described in unambiguously phallic terms. And then Feric Jaggar forces his new underling to kneel and kiss it.
  • Some literary critics have theorized that Killdeer, Natty Bumppo's long rifle in James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans was the Trope Codifier, at least for American culture.
  • In The Man with the Golden Gun, M reads a psychiatric report on Scaramanga speculating that he uses a massive gold-plated Hand Cannon as an assassination weapon because he's Compensating for Something due to his ambiguous sexuality, whereas the ruggedly heterosexual Commander Bond usually carried a .25-calibre Beretta 418 as his primary sidearm at the time. Bond did keep a Colt .45 Army Special in the glove compartment of his car as a backup in case he needed something with more punch, which could be interpreted in any number of ways, but that might be overthinking it. It's easy to understand why the film adaptation reimagined the Golden Gun into something very different and less Freudian.
  • The Magic Goes Away: In the short story "What Good is a Glass Dagger?", The Warlock laughs out loud on hearing that the wizard Wavyhill was known for carrying a sword. When asked what was so funny, he explained that no competent wizard would ever need a sword as a weapon - the only reason he would have one is as Sympathetic Magic to enhance his ahem 'sword'. Of course, it does mean that he has to bring the sword into bed with him when he wants to perform...
  • Not-Baragon from NES Godzilla Creepypasta sports a minigun that appears mounted to his pelvis, and landing hits on it deals extra damage. He also happens to be a bizarre bipedal creature with no arms and an elephant's skull for a head. And he's not the strangest monster in the story...
  • There's a literal version in Eric van Lustbader' novel The Ninja. A lesbian call girl has sex with a female client in the bathtub, and she inserts the barrel of an air pistol into her lover's vagina and pulls the trigger during her climax.
  • In the Nightside series, descriptions of the Speaking Gun - a phenomenally powerful ancient weapon made out of living tissue - disturbingly refer to it smelling like dogs in heat, feeling fever-hot, and sweating from the patches of skin on its exterior.
  • In Jon Steele's non-fiction War Junkie, he's covering a war in Georgia and encounters a militiaman with an RPG warhead stuffed down the front of his pants. The soldier smirks at the sight of Steele's camera, and the others agree that the soldier's "explosive erection" means that "his is definitely bigger".

    Live-Action TV 
  • Discussed in 30 Rock:
    Liz: What is it with men and guns?
    Tracy: Well, I think I speak for the both of us when I say "because they're metal penises."
  • Altered Carbon. Takeshi Kovacs is being tortured in Virtual-Reality Interrogation by Dimi Two, but Kovacs refuses to break and Dimi runs out of his allocated time in VR, shown by his blowtorch suddenly going out. Kovacs tells him it happens to every man after a certain age.
  • Andromeda: Have you seen my forcelance?
  • Angel:
    • In "Billy", Cordelia is holding the title character, a rampant misogynist, at crossbow-point.
    Billy: So, you can dress like a man, talk like a man? Does that make you feel superior?
    Cordelia: Actually, I'm feeling superior because I have an arrow pointed at your jugular. And the irony of using a phallic-shaped weapon? Not lost on me.
    • In "Soulless", Angelus mocks the "perfect day" fantasy used to turn him evil. "Caves, booby traps, the requisite phallic sword..."
  • Arrow. Barry Allen is discussing the Vigilante (not knowing he's billionaire playboy Oliver Queen) with Felicity Smoak, with whom That Came Out Wrong is a Running Gag.
    Barry: Police reports show that he uses carbon arrows, but if he switched to an aluminum carbon composite, he would have far better penetration.
    Felicity: Maybe he thinks he penetrates just fine.
  • In Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the government implants an 'inhibitor chip' in vampire Spike that prevents him from biting anyone, a condition that's compared rather tongue-in-cheek to impotence. He's delighted when someone gives him a pistol as he can at least threaten people but then finds the chip stops him from even aiming it. Spike's response is to demand a bigger gun.
  • Played with in Burn Notice, where the girlfriend of the not-too-bright son of the villain of the week gets the hots for Michael.
    Debbie: I... want to see your gun.
    Michael: Okay, that's not my gun. Not my gun.
  • Cowboy Bebop (2021) gender-inverts it with a yonic variant. Faye has just bought a Rail Gun which doesn't have a barrel—you just place a metal object in the Y-shaped discharge area. A lesbian Wrench Wench sees the gun and Double Entendre ensues.
    Mel: Whenever I see a good looking piece I have to touch it.
    Faye: Yeah...Touch away.
    Mel: You shoot her yet?
    Faye: I haven't found anything small enough to—
    Mel and Faye: (in unison) —fit in the chamber.
  • Danger 5: A rifle pokes out of a toilet to shoot Hitler. A boy reading porn on the toilet grabs the barrel for masturbation.
  • Farscape. In "Coup by Clam" John Crichton is Disguised in Drag to infiltrate a brothel. When it's time to resort to violence, he gets up on a table and asks loudly, "Does anyone else here, have one of these, under their skirt?" then produces and starts firing Guns Akimbo the two pulse pistols he had strapped to his thighs.
  • In an episode of Frasier, Frasier accuses Niles of using antique purchases to deflect his sexual frustration. Niles is defensive but then considers that one of his purchases was a Civil War-era ramrod, and concedes that Frasier may have a point.
    Niles: Oh, you Freudians! Sometimes a ramrod is just a... oh hell, even I can't make that one fly.
  • In Season 3 of Game of Thrones, Joffrey fires his crossbow from the hip, and the camera angle clearly implies this trope. This is after he has lovingly shown and described it to his fiance, and he has already shown that he gets turned on by violence and killing. He later uses the crossbow to murder a prostitute for kicks.
  • In the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Pique", the detectives believe that the killer has disposed of the murder weapon, but Dr. Huang declares, "That knife is his surrogate penis. He did not throw it away."
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: When Halbrand puts Galadriel's dagger between them, the filming ankle and her breathless reaction makes it looks like she touched his, ahem, phallus and not a weapon's handle.
  • In the episode "The Gun" of M*A*S*H, Frank steals a general's gun. Margaret also gets an orgasm when Frank shows her the gun (she then doesn't know yet that Frank has stolen the gun).
  • Lampshaded by MST3K during "Danger, Death Ray!"
    Mike: (as death ray scientist) Of course it's phallic, why wouldn't it be?
  • Oz. The Sinister Shiv called a Don Juan (made from a sharpened bed spring) earned that name because it penetrates (unlike the Gillette Bayonet, which is only good for cutting).
  • Played for Drama in Phoenix (1992). As the police analyst is questioning a home invasion witness, his wife suddenly reveals that one of the robbers sexually assaulted her with a shotgun. This causes the analyst to check the Rape Squad files, getting their first break in establishing the criminals' identity when she finds several similar cases.
  • On a live broadcast of Q13 News This Morning in Seattle, anchor Kaci Aitchison demonstrated a drawing app and tried to draw a cannon. The problem was, as this trope suggests, the resulting sketch looked a lot like, well, not a cannon. Hysterical corpsing ensued. The presenters tried bravely to carry on, but they were helpless.
  • Used deliberately and disturbingly in Six Feet Under when a carjacker forces Dave to suck on his gun and threatens to shoot him with it before running away. In a show where Anyone Can Die, it seemed like he might pull the trigger.
  • Star Trek: Voyager. In "Bride of Chaotica!" Captain Janeway has to enter a campy sci-fi holodeck program, posing as intergalactic Femme Fatale Queen Arachnia. Mad Scientist Dr. Chaotica proudly shows her his Death Ray. Janeway promptly strokes the barrel in a sensual manner.
    Janeway: Ohhh, it looks like a... formidable weapon.
    Chaotica: The most powerful in the cosmos!
  • It's been speculated that this is why Xena prefers her chakram to the sword since it's yonic rather than phallic.

  • Ava Max's "Kings & Queens" features the lines "And you might think I'm weak without a sword/But if I had one, it'd be bigger than yours". Also, the cover contains a Visual Innuendo: Ava is sitting on a throne and holding a sword between her legs.
  • In the music video for "This Is America", Childish Gambino thrusts his hips suggestively while dancing to the lyric "Guns in my area."
  • Alice Cooper's "I'm your gun"
  • Deadlee's "Suck Mah Gun."
  • "Kitara ja kivääri" (Guitar and Rifle) by Eppu Normaali:
    Sull' on kivääri ja mull' on kitara ja kamat
    molemmilla meillä välineet on samat
    on molemmilla vara-pippeli!
    (You have rifle and I got guitar and gear / we both have the same stuff / we both have a spare-wee-wee!)
  • In the Evillious Chronicles, there are seven vessels that represent the Seven Deadly Sins, and each of them is thematically appropriate (mirrors for Pride, representing narcissism, a glass for Gluttony as it represents fine dining, a clockwork doll for Sloth because a doll cannot do anything on its own, etc.). The vessel for Lust just happens to be a sword. Humorously, the sinner for Lust ends up having to penetrate himself (in the chest) with said sword in order to activate its powers.
  • "Big Gun" by Lita Ford.
  • "Gunz Yo" by Sage Francis.
  • "Love Gun" by KISS.
  • "Steady Mobbing" by Lil Wayne "Uh, Man suck my clip. Swallow my bullets and don't you spit."
  • The Ludo song "Go-Getter Greg": "I'm a go-getter guy with a gun on my hip, I'm just searching for that someone to be firing it."
  • The Lulu Bond theme "The Man With The Golden Gun," in a hilariously unsubtle way.
  • "Kings of Metal" by Manowar. The line "We got the biggest amps, man they blast." But the whole song, as well as Manowar image in general, are an example of this, or more suitably, Not compensating for anything trope. As those tropes are close, in case of Manowar, they complete each other.
  • The band Machine Gun Fellatio.
  • The Nine Inch Nails song "Big Man With A Gun."
  • And that's what Rammstein do when they perform Pussy live.
  • The Toybox song "007" has "Bad girls scream when I show my gun!"
  • "Shoot From The Hip" by WASP

  • A literal Phallic Weapon: One legendary headline of "Bild", the German tabloid, was "Totschlag mit Penis", which is unfortunately untranslatable: "Second Degree Murder with Penis" does not insinuate, like in the German version, that the poor woman was clobbered to death with a Gag Penis. note 

  • The poem "The Love That Dares to Speak Its Name" plays heavily on the phallic nature of the centurion's spear. Perhaps to be expected, as the poem relates the repeated sexual penetration of the corpse of a recently crucified man, including seemingly in wounds inflicted with a spear.

  • The Fallen Gods has an item that isn't necessarily a weapon. However, the spoon-turned-dowsing rod is warm and veiny and (according to Jake and Josh) fleshy and throbbing, making it fall close to this category. Throughout the rest of the campaign, it's referred to as the dick-spoon.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • During the reign of S.C.U.M. in Ring of Honor, Jimmy Jacobs used phallic symbolism to describe the use of his railroad spike.

    Tabletop Games 
  • BattleTech:
    • The Flea light mech, with a...rather unfortunately placed flamethrower (and has since gotten new art that's not nearly as suggestive).
    • It also gives us the Mackie, with an even more unfortunately placed pair of medium lasers.
    • And then there's the Dragon Fire, which is just ridiculous. You get no points for guessing which part was changed the most in its redesign.
    • But the real king of this trope in the game is the Stalker, which combies a suggestive name with a very suggestive shape.
  • Most Titans in Warhammer 40,000 tend to have sensible weapon placements, but the Imperator class decided to cram one extra cannon in an undignified location. The Orks' Gargants aren't much better, and though their biggest weapons are called "belly guns," depending on the model they may protrude from fairly law on the Gargant's bulk, or even from beneath its armored skirt. On a more organic note, the Tyranids' ranged weapon symbiotes tend to operate through muscle spasms, spurting liquids, and writhing payloads.
  • The original proposed covers for GURPS 4th edition were not very well received, and the reasons included a rocket launcher in one of the illustrations that quickly became known as the "dildo gun", and an off-brand lightsaber being held in a rather suggestive manner.
  • The Hunter Mobile Gun in Rifts has a small laser gun mounted between its legs to shoot enemies and monsters that get too close. Northern Gun sales reps insist on calling it a "Belly Gun", but nobody is fooled. Worse, an update on the design in a later book went and made the gun bigger, with the option of swapping it out for a railgun or flamethrower.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! has the card Flying Fortress SKY FIRE, a Humongous Mecha with a missile rack very strategically placed between its legs. Hilariously enough, this actually triggered the censors when the card was exported, and the card's artwork was edited accordingly.

  • In the Transformers Film Series toyline, Swindle's cannon is normally mounted in his chest while in robot mode, but can be swung down so as to protrude from his crotch. It even "erects" at the push of a button.
  • The Punisher shapeshifter toy has a crotch cannon; it was intended to be transformed into a pistol in the same manner as Megatron, but it somehow becomes a crotch cannon instead. It's still technically a "pistol" however.
  • This was allegedly the reason why Hasbro's Oozinator caused such controversy. It was a large squirt gun that was filled with clear white ooze. The website's promotional page for the product read:
    Ad: Sneak up on your opponents with a surprise bio-ooze attack! Just when they think you’re coming at ‘em with water, blast ‘em with a shot of icky bio-ooze! Shoot out globs of gooey bio-ooze and then drench ‘em with water! It’s a double blast attack that’ll keep your opponents on their toes and running during every water fight. With the OOZINATOR blaster, you don’t just get soaked, you get drenched!

  • William Shakespeare, who never shied away from phallic or sexual symbolism, used this trope plenty of times. Probably the most famous example is the suicide of Juliet: she kills herself with Romeo's dagger, referring to her body as its "sheath", and in her Final Speech she commands it to "let me die", in an era when "death" was slang for an orgasm.

    Video Games 
  • In The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, the Nerd refers to "scrotum guns" trying to kill him during the level "Future Fuckballs 2010". Said level also has phallic missiles.
  • Some iterations of the Pack-a-Punch Machine in Call of Duty: Zombies includes a sign with a Ray Gun with a flaccid barrel followed by one with a straight barrel on a 'wow' background. Lampshaded by Sarah Michelle Gellar on Call of the Dead.
  • The protagonist of Newgrounds Flash game CannonCrotch is basically a recoloured Codpiece from Doom Patrol (see Comics above) as a stereotypically British secret agent fighting Nazis armed with giant robots and a Hitler clone.
  • In Cyberpunk 2077, you can obtain the "Sir John Phallustiff", a vibrating dildo, after a sexual encounter with Meredith Stout, provided you helped her and nudity censor isn't turned on in game settings. It also causes your controller to vibrate while holding it, and its unique effects are 69% increased crit chance against heads and 69% stun chance on power attack.
  • Dead Rising:
    • In Dead Rising 2, the psychopath Randy Tuggman wields a chainsaw that he likes to hold at crotch level and makes pelvic thrusts while revving it.
    • In Dead Rising 3, the psychopath Dylan Fuentes, who personifies Lust of the Seven Deadly Sins, wields a phallic homebrew flamethrower mounted on his crotch, there are two circular tanks, with one holding the fuel while the other had liquid nitrogen, making the weapon resemble cock and balls.
  • Deepest Sword: The knight's sword is a phallic symbol. In an attempt at penetrating a dragon's heart, you make your sword longer and longer, while the dragon's comments with each attempt evolve from mockery to respect and ultimately fear at your sheer length.
  • The box art for Duke Nukem Forever shows a cocky Duke from a low angle, with his smoking gun over his crotch and a female hand grabbing his waist. Yeah… subtle. The Impregnader from The Doctor Who Cloned Me Downloadable Content takes this Up to Eleven, it is a portable literal Phallic Weapon.
  • One of your first weapons in Dungeon Munchies is a long, hard, sturdy tree branch obtained by removing it from a sentient tree, who had it growing from a... suspect area of its trunk.
  • In Dystopia, another heavy kills people with a white stream of ions.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series lore, "Muatra" is the name of the spear used by Dunmeri Tribunal Deity Vivec. It is rather strongly implied to be a literal case of this trope, particularly in Vivec's 36 Lessons book series, crossing over with I Call Him "Mister Happy" and I Call It "Vera". In the Lessons, he uses it to kill his monster children (sired with Molag Bal) and to have sex with fellow Tribune Almalexia, amongst other things. Granted, Vivec is a notoriously Unreliable Narrator, who later admits that some of his sermons are false, and is a master of using the Metaphorically True trope.
  • Escape Velocity Override: The Igazra is an alien capital ship that looks almost exactly like a giant red and yellow dong.
  • Five Nights at Fuckboy's has the Dragon Dildo, a recurring Infinity +1 Sword. The description of the first one calls you out on it:
    Wow. You dirty, depraved piece of shit.
    • The third game introduces two other variants of the Dragon Dildo: the Hydra Dildo, usable by Golden Freddy in Act 2, which was described as "a three-headed Dragon Dildo", and Act 3 features the Scylla Dildo, described as an "insanely powerful mystical dildo from mythical times".
  • Gourmet Warriors have a hovering robot boss with half a body, whose lower part is a gigantic syringe sticking out of it's crotch as it tries stabbing you with it.
  • In Horizon Zero Dawn, the protagonist controls ("overrides") machines by stabbing them in sensitive areas with her spear. One of a Grazer machine's areas is very close to their butt. Also, you know where to get upgrades to this ability because after the climactic battle of a Cauldron, a big tower of metal and wires rises out of the floor.
  • Taken to the extreme in Johnny Rocket, a minimalist indie game who parodies other Run-and-Gun games of it's kind. The last boss has a Gatling gun attached to his duck and spends the while battle firing bullets everywhere in a manner reminiscent of peeing. Yes, really.
  • A quote from Kreia about the lightsaber in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: "For the male, it seems to have inordinate importance. But we shall leave such male preoccupations for philosophers and cultural historians."
  • Rather subverted in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword when the legendary Master Sword is revealed to be literally female—specifically, a spirit named Fi.
  • When visiting the Citadel for the first time in Mass Effect, the crew of the almost tiny Fragile Speedster Normandy is deeply impressed when passing The Battlestar Destiny Ascension, the biggest warship in the entire galaxy. Which leads pilot Joker to one of his usual moments of snarking:
    Ashley: Look at the size of that ship!
    Joker: Well, size isn't everything.
    Ashley: Why so touchy, Joker?
    Joker: I'm just saying: You have to have firepower, too!
    • He gets to prove it too—he and the Normandy get to deliver the killing blow to Sovereign.
    • Though ironically, the shape of the Destiny Ascension is far more feminine than most other warship designs.
  • A nice Renegade response from Female Shepard at Omega from Mass Effect 2:
    Merc Recruiter: Well, aren't you sweet? You're in the wrong place, honey. Strippers' quarters are that way.
    Shepard: [pulling out her gun] Show me yours, tough guy. I'll bet mine's bigger.
  • This "Mecha Dress-up" flash game gives you an achievement for building a robot with a minigun between its legs; the achievement's description is "why would you put it there?!"
  • Mega Man:
    • The mini-boss Hell Crusher of Mega Man X3. Its main attack consists of running over the player to crush him against the wall and pierce with a giant spike, which is located under its torso and between its two threadmills (which essentially function as legs in this case).
    • Rospark from Mega Man ZX Advent, in his humanoid flower form, has a very pink phallic rod in between his legs, alongside another one jutting out of his head, that he uses to discharge electric blasts. He also has some homosexual undertones, given from how he enjoys fighting Grey and treating Ashe like she's full of cooties. Oh, and he's a rose.
  • Metal Gear:
    • In Metal Gear Solid, Revolver Ocelot is the Anthropomorphic Personification of this trope. Just listen to his speeches about "slamming a long silver bullet into a well-greased chamber" when reloading.... In 2, he keeps the gun holstered over his crotch.
    • Where does Depraved Bisexual Vamp keep his favorite blade? Exactly where you'd think.
    • Many Metal Gears have weapons between their legs:
      • Metal Gear D has a rotary cannon mounted between its legs.
      • Metal Gear REX has a crotch-mounted laser. Especially funny in 4 where one of its special moves is to spray it violently over RAY.
      • Metal Gear KODOQUE in Metal Gear Ac!d has an gender inversion, with a vagina-shaped laser.
  • In No More Heroes and its sequels, Travis's Beam Sword recharges through shaking a dynamo within it. The way Travis charges it, however, has him holding the sword in front of his pelvic area, pointing outwards and slightly upwards, and him vigorously shaking it back and forth panting heavily, making it look amazingly like masturbation. As Travis is vulnerable when he's recharging, and the sword's power frequently runs out in the heat of battle, you'll most often see Travis performing this animation in a remote corner, facing a wall. To make it even more obvious, the second game's charge meter for the sword looks like a red exclamation mark with a face that stands erect when the gauge is full and starts to flop more and more the emptier it gets.
    • Special mention also to Destroyman and his Wave-Motion Gun codpiece. And he fires it while doing a pelvic thrust.
  • In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Alexia Ashford herself is one.
  • In The Saboteur, Sean meets up with Freudian psychologist Felix Kwong, who muses on the psycho-sexual underpinnings of Nazi ideology. In one mission, he tasks Sean with destroying a massive howitzer gun to demoralize the Nazis, describing the weapon as a monument to their "sexual dominance".
    Dr. Kwong: The cannon's massive barrel thrusts into the sky above Paris like an engorged pillar of masculine flesh... while the women of the city tremble in the eclipsing shadow.
  • The Penetrator melee weapon in Saints Row: The Third. It's an over-sized dildo. The in-game description says it all:
    The absurdity of a sex toy with the lethality of a baseball bat.
    Our weapon artists need professional help.
    • Enter the Dominatrix is generous with this, but the greatest stand-out is the Dildozer, a BDSM-themed tank with a blatantly penis-shaped main turret and matching coaxial machine gun.
  • Mirai from Senran Kagura summons weapons from under her dress, mainly an anti-material rifle.
  • Shadows of the Damned does this constantly, with a phallic gun that grows into new forms and firing modes, and turrets that are even more obviously phallic than your normal weapon. The gun also talks and makes endless dirty jokes. And it's final form? A two-meter long magnum loaded by pressing your gun next to a sex phone hotline, and it's called-
    Garcia Hotspur: TASTE MY BIG BONER!
  • Silent Hill:
    • Silent Hill 2's main antagonist, Pyramid Head, has a long phallic blade as a main weapon. This ties into the fact that all of the villains are metaphorically connected to James, usually by sexual undertones...
    • In Silent Hill 3, the Closers can impale Heather through the crotch with their phallic arm blades as a Finishing Move.
  • "Hey Vyse, my cannon is bigger than yours!" - Vigoro, Skies of Arcadia (he showed up in a ship with a huge freaking cannon mounted on it).
  • Star Control has the Syreen, a mostly-female race, use ships that look like vibrators. They're even ribbed and are called Penetrators. It's not clear if they've always been this sex-obsessed, or if it's the recent shortage of men (out of about 10,000 survivors of their race, only 500 are male).
  • In Sunset Overdrive, the Flaming Compensator is this. As it has two feeding mechanisms that look like testicles. It's actually a reference to compensating for having a small penis, with big balls.
  • Team Fortress 2: The Engineer's buildings (the voice clips describes setting one up as "erecting", and a typical Engineer is always hunched over one and beating it which his wrench—which, in the case of the gunslinger, is a robot hand) and the Medic's Medigun (held at waist level, has a big black thick barrel, shoots streams of team-colored energy, vibrates; popping an uber when nothing is shooting at you is considered the equivalent of a premature ejaculation) are treated as such by fans. Heavy's various miniguns are uniformly enormous and often held at his exact groin level. He's also incredibly attached to them to the point of naming all his guns. It's not hard to get this sort of vibe off them. Notably, in his huge meaty hands and offset by his equally meaty bulk, his shotguns feel positively tiny by comparison.
  • In Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism, one of Koishi's shot types is heart shapes that fly point-first around the screen with a large smoke trail. The shape of the heart thus resembles the head of a penis, with the trail as the shaft. Koishi's attacks are based heavily on Freudian psychology theories about the subconscious mind. The fans noticed.
  • In Xenosaga, the Golem type of Gnosis has an energy shooting weapon where their genitals should be.
  • Mentioned by name in the obscure first-person arena-shooter XS. All of the contenders in the game are given biographies, which may include audio logs from an arena physician or the local psychologist. One of the contenders is a large Snake Person, in the sense that he has a snake's head and lower body, but a scaly humanoid torso. He favors a shotgun. The (female) psychologist actually gets upset at the excess of phallic imagery and declares him a "Freudian mess who uses his gun to spew all over the audien—" at which point she is cut off by the interviewer hurriedly turning off the microphone.

    Web Animation 
  • As the DEATH BATTLE! between He-Man and Lion-O features two muscular, scantily-clad men wielding huge swords, one of which extends, the phallic weapon jokes were pretty much inevitable:
    He-Man: Back off, feline, you are clearly not equipped to—
    [Lion-O's Sword of Omens grows longer]
    He-Man: [in a very pleased tone] Ooooooh!
  • Helluva Boss: As revealed in episode six, Blitzo owns a rocket launcher named "My Dick," with a rocket named "Pussy Destroyer."
    Blitzo: Ah, yeah! Gettin' hard holding this motherfucker!

  • This Cyanide and Happiness comic.
  • Girl Genius. Castle Heterodyne is acting as Shipper on Deck for Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, pointing out that he comes from a powerful family, is already smitten with her, and packs a very powerful Death Ray. As Agatha has a thing for death rays, the last one gives her pause.
    Castle: Heh heh, all the Wulfenbach sparks were known for their over-sized machinery you know.
  • Winter in Girly fights with a giant dildo.
  • Don't insinuate this to Vulcan Raven in The Last Days of FOXHOUND.
    Raven: I don't think we've been introduced. My name's Vulcan Raven. And this here's m'gun.
    Ninja: So... small dick, huh?
    Raven: Congratulations! Your death will be an extra 25% more painful.
  • Lampshaded and gender-inverted in this (SFW) Oglaf strip, where a "Glamazon" criticizes a female warrior's sword for being a phallic weapon, and claims that women should be using engulfing weapons like the whip, net, lasso and... throwing anus.
    Alt Text: The Glamazons don't follow fashion — they set traps for it and wear its shiny pelt.
  • Lampshaded in The Order of the Stick. When Roy has his sword repaired, Durkon calls him out for being too much excited about it. The strip is titled "Sword Envy".
  • In S.S.D.D. the Collective of Anarchist States builds a superweapon, the “Tower of Babel,” that multiple characters note looks like a skyscraper-sized penis. When one character dismisses the possibility that they intentionally made it look phallic the comic cuts to the tower crew using dick-related euphemisms for it.
  • In SwordCat Princess, Kathryn fights with either a pair of katanas or a two-handed omega battle sword. She used the latter to phallic effect in penetrating the ground to try to resist Oberon's telekinetic pull toward his more feminine omega throne. Kathryn also carries an iron railroad spike to ward off faeries; she penetrates Julia's heart with it.
  • Paul Rudd in Weenie Licked has at least two weenie-based weapons.

    Web Original 
  • One web video on the Cracked website has a panel discussing the possibility that James Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, might have been a little too fond of children. They then run with this theory and interpret everything long and pointed in the 1953 Disney movie as a phallic symbol of some sort — everything from pine trees to Captain Hook's sword.
  • Percy from Critical Role managed to avoid jokes about his guns for 27 Episodes, but they couldn't put it off forever. After the List misfires twice in one encounter in Episode 28, he says "I swear, this never happens to me."
  • During his "Minecraft Speedrun World Record 1.15" video, while enchanting his diamond sword with a Looting III book, Dream takes a precious couple of seconds off his speedrun to rename the sword "penis" at Sapnap's request.
  • A name-based example occurs on the Dream SMP, where Dream's enchanted, arrow-loaded crossbow is named "DEFINITELY NOT PENIS".
  • Literalized in It's Always Time: Strawberry Banana (a.k.a. SB) (she's made of Jell-O; It Makes Sense in Context) is a woman with a penis. A detachable penis. And when she detaches it, it turns into a sword.
  • The Jade Regent RPG Actual Play podcasts from RPGMP3 feature a weapon called Oathtaker. During their travels, the adventurers stumbled across this magical tetsubo (a huge Oriental bludgeoning weapon). Apart from its obvious uses, it can also force people under a Blood Geas. It's currently wielded by Harold Shinken, who discovered that the Viking women of the Linnorm Kingdoms were very impressed by the weapon's... craftsmanship.
  • The Key of Awesome. In the Space Girl episode "Pseudopods!", the evil Dr. Brain threatens to launch his doomsday rocket, only for it to fall over limply. The aliens he's threatening can barely suppress their laughter and suggest he might be Compensating for Something.
    Dr Brain: Surrender now or my Titan rocket will penetrate your defenses. What good are your Freudian analyses in the face of my long red rocket...I don't mean it that way...surrender now or my punishment will be stiff indeed...
  • The Nostalgia Critic: Taken to its logical extreme in "Old vs New: Cinderella," when Devil Boner threatens Benny with a phallic BFG strapped to his crotch, which he calls "Johnson Justice."
    Devil Boner: Now open your mouth, I'm gonna give you the finishing blow!
  • Xianxingzhe (先行者, better known as Senkousha in Japanese), China's first humanoid bipedal robot, was known online for (among other things) having protruding joints near its crotch. Due to the camera angle in its reveal, many Japanese netizens mocked its uncanny resemblance to a Wave-Motion Gun crotch cannon. Some time afterward, Aoshima Bunka Kyozai released a model kit based on the Xianxingzhe robot in July 2002 in the Japanese magazine Netrun, which prominently featured what they called a a "Chinese Cannon" (中華キャノン) — a crotch cannon firing a rocket. This led to websites like Pixiv picking up the term "Chinese Cannon" as shorthand for phallic weapons.
  • An over-the-top feminist review of Portal uses this in a ridiculously contrived analysis regarding the misogynist implications of shooter games. It then praised Portal for its feminist aspects, which included the portals' semblance to a vagina.

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