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Weapons and Wielding Tropes

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All about weapons and what people do with them.

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    Non-specific Weapon Tropes: 

    The Aesthetics of Weapons 

    Aiming Projectiles 

    Carrying and Wielding Multiple Weapons 

    What's in a Weapon Name? 

    Assorted Weapons 

    Bladed Weapons 
See also swords-specific tropes

    Blunt Instruments 

    Bombs and Explosives 
See also Grenade Tropes, Naval Weapons

See also Tropes in Shining Armor

See also Guns and Gunplay Tropes


    Powered Weapons 

    Slings and Arrows 

    Sticks, Staves, and Spears 

    Super Weapons 

    Throwing Weapons 

    Weapons on Wheels 

    Weird Weapons 
See also Improbable Weapon User

Alternative Title(s): Weapon Tropes