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Anatomy Arsenal

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Anatomy Arsenal tropes are a particular subset of Weapons and Wielding Tropes, dealing with weaponised bodyparts. Popular in Speculative Fiction.



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Gigan's Rotating Cutter

In a buzzsaw-based variation of this trope, Gigan's signature weapon (other than his hooked hands and optic laser) is the giant buzzsaw that runs down his torso, from his chest to his upper abdomen, called the Rotating Cutter. With Godzilla pinned down by the Godzilla Tower's laser gun, Anguirus resolves to save him, but Gigan stands in his way. Though Anguirus bravely takes Gigan on, his abilities at close-quarters combat and charging the foe head on are rendered moot in a very gory scene once Gigan activates the Cutter...

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