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"Cool, exploding loogies!"
Upchuck, Ben 10

Pretty much everyone can spit. Some of you can do so better than others. But can you spit one hundred meters? What about for miles? Wouldn't that be useful. What if you could spit copious amounts of liquid, poison or corrosive materials? Or if your expectoration could ricochet precisely in unexpected directions with exceptional accuracy?

If you could do one, or even all, of those things, you'd have Super Spit.

The most common form of this trope is Bullet Seed. Related to Nasal Weapon, Breath Weapon, Super-Scream. Supertrope to Zombie Puke Attack. Not to be confused with Spiteful Spit, which is not a weapon, but more of an insult.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Betterman: Lamia's Aqua power "Psycho Fluid", destroys the cells of its target, while making sure friendly units are unharmed.
  • Bit character Royakan, from Inuyasha, could spit live wolves.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Golden Wind: Secco can spit liquefied concrete at his opponents, it really shouldn't be as lethal as it would normally be. He's also ridiculously precise with his ability to spit, being able to deflect Mista's bullets at point-blank range and shoot at a sugar cube several feet in the air to disrupt its trajectory and catch it.
    • Stone Ocean: Lang Rangler's spit can turn anyone into a zero gravity point upon contact. Rangler was also able to fire his spit with such velocity that it reached Jolyne upwards on a staircase.
  • The Mazinger series: Many Robeasts from Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and UFO Robo Grendizer could spit gallons of acid, poison and other corrosive fluids. Sometimes it was a kind of gluey substance to paralyze or hinder the enemy. Examples abound: Mechanical Beasts Baras-K9, Gusios-β3... many of the War Beasts of the Mykene Reptilian army.
  • My Hero Academia: The High-End winged Nomu spits projectiles from its mane of trunks.
  • In One Piece, the Younger Boa sisters can spit poison and Chief Warden Magellan spits bubbles that explode into toxic gas. One of Arlong's lieutenants could break trees by spitting water at high pressure. This probably also applies to Mr. 5, who could turn any part of his body into an explosive, but he usually just relied on his boogers.
  • In One-Punch Man, The Deep Sea King can shoot out acidic saliva from his mouth that is extremely corrosive, as it melted Genos' metallic body almost completely.
  • Dragon Ball:
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Jerso's primary ranged attack involves spitting large globs of extremely-sticky saliva that slow his opponents down.
  • Koala from Hunter × Hunter can fire his own spit with high power making it pierce through people like bullets.
  • Lupa from Zatch Bell! is a mamodo whose spells revolve around spitting up slime with unique properties. He can shoot glue, paralyzing poison, oil and acidic slime, one spell even turns it into a net. The acid spell gets the most variations.

    Comic Books 
  • Crossed: A scene from one comic has one of the eponymous Technically Living Zombies spit infected blood into a soldier's face.
  • ElfQuest: If a creature is completely covered by the "wrapstuff" spit out by Preservers, they're put into a state of suspended animation indefinitely.
  • Green Lantern: Red Lanterns are primarily known for vomiting their blood, which has been superheated with plasma by their rings.
  • Legion Of Superheroes: Tenzil Kim can spit acid in addition to his Extreme Omnivore powers.
  • Supergirl: Supergirl gained the ability to spit corrosive plasma when she became a Red Lantern.
  • Superman: Superman once spit a logie clear through the head of a Humongous Mecha.
  • X-Men: The foe Mammomax is an acid spitting man-elephant hybrid. Zeitgeist also has the ability to vomit acid, which he discovers after getting drunk and disfiguring a girl by accidentally barfing on her.

    Fan Works 
  • Nine Days Down: The monsters of Tartarus include a species of shrimp that live in bodies of water underground and feed on creatures that come to drink. They have four claws, both capable of being launched forward with immense force; two end in serrated blades, capable of punching through anything short of steel, and two end in blunt clubs capable of shattering stone. They live in swarms and are nearly fearless, and the other natives of Tartarus fear the greatly.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Belladonna Tyrian can spew toxic fluid with the speed and force of bullets.
  • Voyages of the Wild Sea Horse: Lilith is a Zoan with a model of the Snake-Snake Fruit that corresponds to the Monocled Cobra, a kind of spitting cobra. As a result, she is able to spit deadly gouts of acidic venom in battle.

    Films — Animated 
  • In the movie Shrek, when gazing at the stars, Shrek points out a constellation to Donkey — Throwback, the only ogre to spit over three wheat fields.
  • Beauty and the Beast: "In a spitting match nobody spits like Gaston!"
    I'm especially good at expectorating.
  • The evil owl from Rock-A-Doodle for some reason actually spews Lucky Charms out of his mouth.
  • Incredibles 2: Reflux has the ability to turn his heartburn into lava, which he spits up.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Super Spit is a sidekick power in Sky High (2005), unless you can spit something useful like acid.
    Boomer: Super spit? Sidekick...
    Kid: [taps his shoulder and points to a dissolving column]
    Boomer: Acid spit. Hero!
  • In Godzilla vs. Biollante, Biollante spits out either acidic sap or a similarly corrosive effect more like a pollen spray at Godzilla, depending on which form she's in.
  • Copenhagen monster Reptilicus spits corrosive slime from his stomach, one of the grosser giant monster powers.
  • In The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Red Lectroids can spit a small starfish-like alien that inflicts a lethal poison on the target. Not only that, but when the starfish hits, the victim can be Blown Across the Room.
  • The xenomorph in the Alien franchise has the ability to spit an extremely potent acid, starting with the third film, assumed to be its own acidic blood.
  • Starship Troopers. The giant Tanker Bug can spray a flammable substance from its mouth which is ignited by an electrical spark, thus making it a living flamethrower.
  • X-Men shows Toad spitting some gunk out that seems to harden quickly in order to blind a foe.
  • Prince of Darkness: When a human becomes a zombie after ingesting the green liquid from the cylinder, they can spray the liquid into the mouths of other humans and turn them into zombies too.
  • Jurassic Park (1993): The Dilophosaurus dinosaur that kills Dennis Nedry can spit poison at its victims.
  • Otachi from Pacific Rim can spit enormous amounts of acid at her enemies. The acid is strong enough to corrode Cherno Alpha's hull, making it incredibly dangerous.
  • In Road to Morocco, a camel expresses its displeasure by spitting in Orville's eye.
  • Virgins of the Seven Seas has the virgins training in various impromptu kung-fu skills in preparation of their escape from a whorehouse. One of them involves spitting an olive, with enough force to make a grown man wince when hit... and it effectively takes out a slaver in an Attempted Rape scene by spitting it into his ass!

  • The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me: Among the many delicacies available at the sweet-shop are Willy Wonka Rainbow Drops — "suck them and you can spit in seven different colors".
  • In Jurassic Park, the Dilophosaurus are able to spit poison at their preys in a range of several meters, something which is only discovered when one of them spitted at its handler.
  • In Labyrinths of Echo, Sir Max's spit turns into an acidic contact poison (which he is immune to) as a side effect of a curse cast upon him by an ancient undead Magister in book one.
  • In the Saga de los Confines, by Liliana Bodoc, El Masticador (the Chewer) is a Brujo de la Tierra, one of the magicians of the continent of Fertile Lands, whose name comes from the fact that he constantly chews all kinds of herbs, plants and mushrooms, some have hallucinogenic qualities, while others are poisonous, and therefore El Masticador uses their saliva as a weapon, being capable of temporarily blinding a person or causing unpleasant blisters on their skin.
  • In The Spiderwick Chronicles, fairy spit (or at least hobgoblin spit) applied to the eyes will give a person True Sight.
  • In Super Minion, Nicole has the ability to spit acid, and Tofu eventually learns how to use his mouth as a powerful slingshot, on par with a pistol.
  • In Wings of Fire, the Rainwing dragons have the ability to shoot highly corrosive venom from their fangs, inspired by the real-world spitting cobra. Notably, the venom only corrodes organic materials — metal and stone are left untouched. The venom usually isn't lethal to dragons unless it gets in the eyes, mouth, or bloodstream; however, it will still hurt like hell and leave very ugly "blackened and molten-looking" scars.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Alphas, one Alpha has the power to spit acid. He uses this to blind his opponents in an underground fighting ring.
  • The Mandalorian: Krayt dragons can spit gouts of greenish acid to predigest prey before eating it.
  • Seinfeld: Discussed in an episode parodying Oliver Stone's film JFK, where Kramer and Newman think that Yankees player Keith Hernandez spit at them after a game.
    Jerry: According to your story Keith passes you and starts walking up the ramp. Then you say you were struck on the right temple. The spit then proceeds to ricochet off the temple striking Newman between the third and forth rib. The spit then came off the rib turned and hit Newman in the right wrist causing him to drop his baseball cap. The spit then splashed off the wrist, pauses — in mid air, mind you — makes a left turn and lands on Newman's left thigh. That is one magic loogie.
  • In My Hero (2000), George can send away for additional powers. One of these is "miracle spit". A single loogie fired into a plant pot causes a green shoot to instantly grow to a great height.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise once featured a species that had a healing spit, which one of them demonstrated on Trip when he lacerated his arm.


    Professional Wrestling 
  • Brought to the business by the Great Kabuki, The Asian Mist (known as the poison fog in Japan) is a move in which a wrestler puts a liquid in their mouth either before or during a match and spray-spits it into their opponent's eyes. It's notable that this is based on a practice in some actual martial arts, where the liquid would be based on some spicy food that is tolerable in the mouth but not in the eyes. Many wrestlers who use it make a show of rubbing their throat before spitting the liquid, as if it is a venom extracted from some secret, extra gland. Commonly color-coordinated: green blinds, red burns, blue knocks out, yellow paralyzes, black (the rarest) is able to kill a person and purple (an American innovation) causes memory loss. This is not always followed, though. In WWE, black just blinds longer and is harmless anywhere but the eyes, while in Ring of Honor red is a poison that constricts the airway. Recently, the black mist used by any House of Black member in All Elite Wrestling changes the victim entirely to the point of becoming evil with the pass of the time.
  • Being a giant fly, Mung Wun, the Thai Fly's spit is acidic in Kaiju Big Battel. Napalean's spit puts people to sleep, as she is part poppy.
  • Delirious in addition to the mist/fog, has also "lubed" himself to escape from holds. Just watching it produced audible disgust from Eddie Kingston and Samoa Joe in IWA Mid-South.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer
    • Trolls have stomach acid strong enough to dissolve stone and steel, and will not hesitate to "pre-digest" you in battle. Most Trolls use this as a melee attack, which seems reasonable; then there's the Troll King, whose attack has the same range as a throwing axe. Projectile vomit, anyone?
    • Lizardman Salamanders used to have an acid-spitting attack that had the same range and Splash Damage as other races' artillery. Recent editions have retconned this into a much shorter-ranged Breath Weapon and upped their speed and melee ability to compensate.
    • White Dwarf magazine #99 article "On the Boil: Realm of Chaos". One of the possible powers in the "Mark of the Mutant" Chaos Mutation Table is Spits Acid. A mutant with this power can spit acid up to 10 yards away, causing damage and possible blindness.
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • Many Tyranids sport bio-plasma attacks, which are basically vomiting hellfire.
    • Some Daemons and Daemonhosts literally vomit hellfire. And if the Deamons are aligned to Nurgle, they just vomit. Of course their vomit is highly corrosive and will probably infect you with every nasty disease know to man (and a few we missed), but in the end of the day you died because a Daemon puked on you.
    • Ork Weirdboyz sometimes do this, vomiting a stream of pure Orky psionic energy that makes Your Head A-Splode.
    • Technically the Space Marines have this too; namely one of their various glandular implants makes their saliva highly acidic, and can be used either as a weapon or just to help break out of a place. Rarely represented any more in actual game mechanics, there are at least a couple of chapters whose glands mutated over the millenia to either let them spew out a full-on spray of the stuff, or whose saliva forms something other than acid (such as chemicals which, when mixed and spit, of course catch on fire).
  • Dungeons & Dragons really likes this trope.
    • Spit acid: anhkheg (30 feet), black dragon (60 feet), copper dragon (70 feet), spitting felldrake (30 feet) dracolisk (30 feet), giant slug (60 feet), hordling (10 feet), thessalhydra (30 feet).
    • Spit lethal poison: giant spitting snake (30 feet), guardian naga (30 feet)
    • Blinding spittle: camel (lasts 1-3 minutes), Cat Lord (until magically cured), krakentua (100 feet, lasts 24-72 seconds, OA7 Test of the Samurai), muckdweller (squirt stream of muddy water 10 feet), nereid (20 feet, 2-12 minutes).
    • If it hits a hard, cold surface, a gibbering mouther's spittle will create a bright flare of light that can blind opponents for 1 minute.
    • Soldier termites can spit an irritating substance similar to kerosene up to 10 feet away which can blind any creature for 5-20 minutes. If the fluid is ignited it can burn the target as well.
    • White and black slaadi can spit globs of chaos-stuff at foes up to sixty and a hundred and twenty feet from them, respectively, which damage their targets over several rounds as the chaos attempts to break their bodies down.
    • Judges Guild's The City State of the World Emperor, Book 1 Guidebook Map 6. In the Adder Copse are adders that can spit poison up to three feet. The poison is only dangerous if it hits a creature's eyes or gets into its blood.
    • Planescape: Varrangoin, bats that live in the Abyss described in the Planes of Chaos boxed set:
      • The Type III version can spit out a bolt of lightning 60 feet long that does 5-30 Hit Points of damage.
      • The Type IV can spit a five foot wide acid glob up to 30 yards away. It does 5-30 Hit Points of damage.
    • Ravenloft:
      • Supplement Chilling Tales, adventure "The Surgeon's Blade". The Mad Scientist Emil Bollenbach created a hybrid monster with the body of a hog and the head of a snake. It can spit poison up to 30 feet.
      • 2nd Edition boxed set, Realm of Terror booklet. One of the powers that can be gained by a failed Ravenloft Powers check is poison spittle that becomes inert after 10 minutes.
    • Dragonlance
    • Sligs are humanoid monsters that can spit a caustic substance into other creatures' eyes three times per day. Each spit does 1-6 Hit Points of damage and can blind the target for 2-5 minutes.
    • The amphi dragon can, three times a day, spit a spray of acid up to 60 feet away that does Hit Points of damage equal to the dragon's Hit Points.
    • Greyhawk: The deity Iuz can take the form of an old man. While in that form he can spit at creatures within 10 feet. If the spittle hits, it causes the victim to age 1-6 years and numbs the target area, rendering it unusable for 2-5 minutes. Clerics of Iuz can cast the spell Spittle, which allows the caster to spit a substance that has the same numbing effect on the area hit (but not aging).
    • Forgotten Realms:
      • Campaign setting supplement Elminster's Ecologies, booklet "Cormanthor". In spring many aurumvorax suffer from allergies that result in sneezing fits. When they sneeze they expel a spittle that can corrode metal, reducing it to rust in minutes.
      • Ruins of Undermountain boxed set, "Campaign Guide to Undermountain" booklet. The arms of the Bone Throne are carved sculptures of snakes. If activated, the snakes can spit poison at creatures within 30 feet, causing 3-12 Hit Points of damage.
      • 2nd Edition supplement The Code of the Harpers. If a spellcaster creates a magical construct (golem, gargoyle, etc.) inside a Harper refuge, either the creator or the construct can be given a Chance Element. One possible Chance Element is being able to spit acid three times per day up to ten feet away. The acid does 3-9 Hit Points of damage and can destroy any object it hits.
    • Dark Sun campaign setting. The supplement Monstrous Compendium Appendix II: Terrors Beyond Tyr. The Nikall are a race of lizard-like humanoid creatures that can spit acid that causes 2-8 Hit Points of damage once every three combat rounds.
    • Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume 1
      • Abyss ants can spit acid up to 10 feet away, doing 2-8 Hit Points of damage.
      • The monster known as the noran can spit out a fist-sized rock at high speeds up to sixty feet away. The rock can inflict 2-16 Hit Points of damage.
      • The death's head tree grows fruit that look like the heads of humasn or demihumans (elf, dwarf, gnome etc.). A head can spit 1-6 seeds, each of which can penetrate a human or demihuman's body. Once inside a victim's body, the seed sprouts and turns the body into a new death's head tree.
    • Dragon magazine
      • #25 article "Varieties of Vampires". The vampire type called the catacano can spit blood at its opponents. The blood causes terrible burns to living tissue.
      • #46 adventure "The Temple of Poseidon''. Devil Wyrms can spit an acidic venom at a single target up to 30 feet away that does 3-18 Hit Points of damage and can cause paralysis.
      • #55 article "The Missing Dragons". The orange dragon can spit out a stream of liquid sodium. This is bad enough as is (it bursts into flames when exposed to air), but if it's sprayed into water it causes a devastating explosion.
      • #91 article "Nine Hells Revisited". The greater devil Rumjal can spit a substance that will do 2-8 Hit Points of corrosive, tissue-eating damage to already-open wounds. He can only do so once in a three day period.
      • #146 article "Dragons are Wizards' Best Friends". The crystal drake can spit acid 4 times per day.
      • #184 article "Magic With An Evil Bite". The neogi spell "Spider Gout" allows the caster to spit out a glob of spider venom up to 10 yards away. Any creature struck by the glob takes 2-8 Hit Points plus 1 Hit Point per level of the caster up to ten.
      • #223 article "Dragons's Bestiary". The Spouter Gargoyle can spit acid with 5 foot range that does up to 40 Hit Points damage.
      • #223 article "Primal Rage" (based on the Video Game Primal Rage). The monster Vertigo can spit a glob of poisonous acid up to 100 feet away. It affects a circular area with a radius of 20 feet, and causes up to 150 Hit Points of damage.
      • #237 article "Dragon's Bestiary — Venomous!" 40% of cobras can spit their venom up to seven feet away, aiming at their target's eyes. If the venom hits the eyes it starts to dissolve them as if it were an acid. This causes blindness in 2-5 minutes unless the eyes are washed with water or some other liquid.
    • Dungeon magazine
      • Issue #6 adventure "Tortles of the Purple Sage". A sea dragon can spit poison that kills any creature it hits.
      • Issue #7 adventure "The Jingling Mordo Circus". Sampson's Snap Elders are birds that can spit poison that does 3-18 Hit Points of damage up to ten feet away.
      • Issue #23 adventure "The Vineyard Vales". Giant locusts can spit a gooey brown liquid up to 10 feet away. Its horrible smell causes the creature hit to suffer from nausea that incapacitates it for 10 minutes.
      • Issue #39 adventure "The Fountain of Health". Once every ten minutes, the giant spitting spider can spit out a poisonous web up to ten feet away. The web completely wraps up any target it hits, gluing it to the floor and any nearby objects. The poison paralyzes the target, preventing escape.
      • Issue #46 adventure "Dovedale". Salvel the Talking Trout can spit a stream of water up to 30 feet that blinds the target for 10-30 minutes.
      • Issue #60 adventure "Nemesis". A Type IV varrangoin can spit a glob of acid which has a radius of 5 feet and a range of 30 feet. The acid does from 5-30 Hit Points of damage.
    • White Dwarf magazine
      • Issue #35 article "Fiend Factory". The beggar-louse is a creature that can grow up to 6 inches long and spit acid up to 9 feet away. The acid does 1-4 Hit Points of damage and can cause permanent blindness.
      • Issue #43 article "Fiend Factory". Bug-riders are able to spit their digestive fluids up to 10 feet away, causing 1-10 Hit Points of damage per minute for 1-4 minutes.
      • Issue #43 article "Fiend Factory". The spider dragon can spit acid that does 2-16 Hit Points of damage up to 60 feet away.
    • Imagine magazine #15 adventure "The March Idol". The marsh dragon can spit a liquid up to 60 feet away that does damage as a mild acid and inflicts a parasitic disease on any living creature it hits. The damage inflicted and the strength of the disease depend on how old the dragon is.
    • There is a spell in D&D that allows a druid to blind her opponents with caustic goo. There are also two spells that allow the user to spit vipers.
    • Dragons:
      • Some dragons' Breath Weapons come closer to this — for instance, iron dragons "breathe" molten iron, while black dragons spit a long stream of acid.
      • 4th edition dragons' breath weapons are technically vomit weapons. The edition also adds the dragonborn as a core Player Character race, who possess their namesakes' signature attack. The Draconomicon teaches that the magical energy of a D&D dragon's breath weapon is stored in the stomach, not in the lungs; this is what is meant by "vomit weapon". The expelled effect is explicitly magical, though — it is mystical energy, and not a biological byproduct as found in some other D&D creatures.
      • Dracotaurs don't really breathe fire so much as they expectorate a glob of sticky spittle that ignites when exposed to air, though unlike alchemist's fire it doesn't continue to burn. This is treated as a ranged attack that deals splash damage around the impact site.
    • Original D&D:
      • Supplement I Greyhawk has a Symbiotic Dragon that can spit out Jellies, Oozes, Puddings and Slimes (Ochre Jelly, Gray Ooze, Black Pudding, Green Slime, etc.).
      • Supplement IV Gods, Demigods and Heroes. In the Egyptian mythos section, the Winged Serpent can spit a contact poison up to thirty yards away that will go through armor.
    • D&D Expert rulebook (1980): The sea dragon monster can spit a twenty-foot-diameter glob of poison up to 100 feet away, 3 times per day.
    • Basic D&D Rules Cyclopedia:
      • The Giant Locust can spit a brown gooey substance up to ten feet away. Any target hit may be prevented from doing anything for 10 minutes due to the awful smell.
      • The Giant Slug can spit acid up to 5 feet per Hit Die. They can have up to 20 Hit Dice, and their maximum range is thus 100 feet.
      • The Spitting Cobra can spit a stream of poison at its victim's eyes up to six feet away, blinding them until the poison is neutralized.
    • Wrath of the Immortals boxed set, "Book One: Codex of the Immortals": One of the special powers an Immortal can have is spitting poison up to 30 feet away into another creature's eyes. The poison will either kill or cause damage to and blind any mortal creature it hits. It will either damage and blind or have no effect at all on any Immortal it hits.
  • Mayfair Games' AD&D compatible Role Aids supplements
    • Dark Folk:
      • The troll deity Lirabyth can spit a deadly poisonous stream that paralyzes the victim as well as doing 10-80 Hit Points of damage due to its caustic acid base.
      • The goblin deity Cheliatara the Venomed One can spit a concentrated venom that kills instantly if it hits.
    • Undead. The Cecrops are humanoid/dragon half-breeds who can spit their own blood fifteen feet away. The blood is so hot that it does 5-20 Hit Points of damage.
  • Gamma World:
    • Adventure GW6 Alpha Factor: The monster known as the Bu'daan can spit a ball of phlegm at a target or group (an area effect attack up to 15 meter radius). Depending on the success of the attack the ball can knock the victim(s) down, stun them, entrap them or entrap and suffocate them.
    • Dragon magazine #96 article on mutant body parts: One of the new body parts is an acid pump attached to the digestive system that allows the mutant to squirt hydrochloric acid out its mouth at targets up to four meters away.
    • Dragon #108 article "Mutant Manual I":
      • The Dragun can collect up to 4 large stones in its gizzard and spit them out at opponents. A stone weighs 4-16 lbs., can be spit up to 40 yards away and does 6-36 Hit Points when it hits.
      • A Firebug can spit a glob of flammable liquid up to eight meters away. The glob ignites on contact with air, doing 2-12 Hit Points of damage per Action Turn for five Action Turns.
    • Polyhedron magazine #57 article "Mutations". The mutation Incendiary Spittle allows the mutant to spit out saliva that lights on fire like napalm. It does 1-6 Hit Points of damage per combat round for a number of rounds equal to the mutant's Constitution.
  • In Nomine. One of the Numinous Corpus songs is Acid, which allows the user to spit acid up to 6 meters.
  • Lejendary Adventures
    • The noosedrake can spit out strands of saliva that entangle and draw opponents to its mouth.
    • The slimedrake spits an acidic mucus that damages its target.
    • Some giants can spit a poison that harms the target.
    • A Cave/Barrens Trollkin/Weirdwife Queen can spit damaging acid up to six feet away.
  • Paranoia XP. The mutant power Acid Spit allows a clone to well, spit acid. If the power works, that is.
  • Chaosium's supplement All the Worlds' Monsters
    • Volume I
      • The culverin is an animated stovepipe that can spit stones. There's a 25% chance that the stone will knock the target unconscious.
      • The Spitting Toad can spit poison that does 4-32 Hit Points of damage.
    • Volume III
      • The Arkle can spit acid in a spray 10 feet long and one foot wide that does 5-40 Hit Points of damage.
      • The Bahamut is a giant catfish that can breathe out fire doing 32 Hit Points of damage, even underwater.
      • The Giant Air Breathing Clam tries to disable opponents by spitting its enzymic saliva at them, doing 1-6 Hit Points of damage.
      • A Basic 0th level Demon (the weakest type) has a small chance of having a spit attack that can blind the victim.
      • A variant form of the Maggoth giant slug (from the Arduin RPG) can spit up to 60 feet with a 10% chance to hit the first time and 50% thereafter. Its spittle does 72-216 Hit Points of damage.
      • The Murkworm can spit acid in a 75 foot long cone that is 10 feet wide at the creature's mouth and 40 feet wide at its base. The acid does 10-80 Hit Points damage.
  • Carcosa: Weird Science-Fantasy Horror Setting
    • Hex 0104 has a group of 3 mutant Red Men. One of them can spit acid twice a day that does 2 dice of damage.
    • Hex 0302 has a giant blue mutant spider that can, three times per day, spit a foam that hardens on any target hit.
    • In hex 1012 there's a Sorcerer that can spit jale slime up to 20 feet away, 3 times per day.
    • Hex 1213. A giant snake can spit its venom up to 30 feet.
    • Hex 1302 has an altar. If a human male is killed on the altar by a bite from a poisonous snake, that snake will grow to giant size and can spit its venom up to 30 feet. This is the source of the snake in hex 1213.
  • Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters. The adventure seed "Sins of the Father" has huge lizards that can spit a fiery acid.
  • Hollow Earth Expedition supplement Mysteries of the Hollow Earth. Lizardman characters have poisonous saliva. They can learn the Venom Spitting skill, which allows them to spit their saliva up to 10 feet away.
  • Battlelords Of The Twenty Third Century: In the Shadis magazine #23 adventure "Bug Hunt", the PCs will have to fight the Spiders of the planet Driscoll VII. Adult female spiders can spit a neurotoxin (poison that causes paralysis) up to fifty feet away.
  • Sorcery & Super Science! Post Apocalyptic Role-Playing! The Scritch are large (2 feet across) spider-like creatures that can spit a dangerous poison up to 20 feet away.
  • Star Frontiers adventure SF1 Volturnus, Planet of Mystery. The PCs will encounter a group of alien monsters called spitters. Spitters can spit acid that does 2-20 points of Stamina damage up to 20 meters away.
  • Earthdawn supplement Dragons. A dragon with the power of Venom may choose to have the Power Knack of Spit Venom. This allows the dragon to spit its corrosive venom at a target and cause it to suffer damage and possibly be blinded.
  • Shadowrun
    • Paranormal Animals of North America
      • The Deathrattle (an Awakened/magical snake) can spit its deadly venom at other creatures. The poison takes effect in only a few seconds and if it doesn't kill the victim, it leaves them in agony for hours afterwards.
      • The Lambton Lizard can squirt poison from ducts near its mouth. The poison causes temporary local paralysis, and multiple doses can cause respiratory arrest and death.
    • Paranormal Animals of Europe. The Spitting Pike can spit a glob of acidic saliva up to 10 meters away.
    • California Free State supplement. In the Big Sur area there are toxic spiders as large as a human hand. They can spit a substance that produces paralysis in their normal prey and causes human beings to become sick (dizziness and painful stomach cramps) and collapse in 5 minutes.
    • Man & Machine: Cyberware. A chemical gland can be implanted in a character's neck and set to produce a dangerous substance such as acid or various types of poison. When the character wishes, they can spit out the substance onto a nearby opponent.
  • Runequest
    • Supplement Dorastor: Land of Doom
      • The Gnarl, one of the Slime Broos gang, can spit acid up to 20 meters away that does 12 Hit Points of damage to a hit location of his choice.
      • The Spit Snake is one type of Chaos Snake. Each Spit Snake can spit a different liquid substance, such as potent acid, a skunk spray-like oil, glue, contact poison, dyes, and one that gives off a smell that attracts Chaos creatures.
      • The Howler can spit acid 9 times per day that does up to 20 Hit Points of damage.
      • The three-headed Chaos creature Yeachi can spit acid from its central head (that does up to 32 Hit Points of damage) five times per day.
    • White Dwarf #45 article "Dealing With Demons". A sraim demon can spit acidic venom up to 10 meters away with a 50% chance of hitting.
    • Newsletter Roleplayer #10 (May 1988), adventure "The Isle of Night". The Eldritch Abomination T'Soquat can spit an acidic secretion doing 1-11 Hit Points of damage.
    • GURPS Space Bestiary
      • The Marksman Fish can spit a powerful nerve toxin up to twenty five feet out of water. It uses the spit against small birds, causing them to fall into the water so they can be eaten.
      • The Spitting River Snake can spray a strong narcotic venom up to 6 feet away through the air. It uses the spray to render small animals and birds helpless, then eats them. When used against humans, the venom penalizes dexterity and intelligence but does not cause paralysis.
  • Arduin RPG, The Compleat Arduin Book 2: Resources
    • The Boomer is a type of giant frog that can spit a sticky saliva to entrap its target.
    • Demons
      • The Acid Fiend can spit acid that does 29-48 Hit Points of damage up to 60 feet away and has a 50% chance to blind any target facing the demon.
      • The Sun Demon can spit a glob of molten metal 15 feet away once every three melee rounds. It causes 3-30 Hit Points of damage the first round, 2-20 the second and 1-10 the third. For 100 melee rounds thereafter the cooled metal will secrete poison that does 1 Hit Point per round.
      • The Greater Demon Amon-Rha can spit his poisonous saliva (does 6-60 Hit Points of damage) at targets up to 80 feet away.
      • The Greater Demon Calyandagg the Lord of the Spiders can spit its acid-like venom up to 60 feet away at a single target or in a 30 foot wide fan-shaped spray.
      • The Greater Demon Groak, the Lord of the Swamps, can spit a 10 foot diameter blob of slimy acid up to 60 feet away that does 6-60 Hit Points of acid damage. If it isn't treated within three minutes, the victim will start taking 6 Hit Points of poison damage per melee round for the next 1-10 melee rounds.
      • Once every three melee rounds the Greater Demon Thangumokk Lord of the Goblins can spit a glob of acid up to 30 feet away that covers a 5 foot wide area and does 27 Hit Points of damage.
    • The Maggoth is a giant slug that can spit an acidic saliva up to 90 feet away. The spittle does damage equal to 1/2 of its Hit Points to any creature within 5 feet of the impact point.
    • The Murkwurm can spit a cone-shaped volume of acid that does 10-80 Hit Points of damage to 75 feet away, up to four times a day.
    • The Pybra is a python-like snake that can spit its venom at a victim's eyes, causing intense pain as well as immediate and permanent blindness.
    • A Sluggoth can spit a foaming green acidic venom up to 40 feet away that does up to 48 Hit Points of damage.
    • During its mating season the Snow Maggoth can spit a stream of liquid nitrogen up to 100 feet long that can either freeze the target solid (if it has 45 Hit Points or less) or do 11-30 Hit Points of freeze damage (if it has more than 45 Hit Points).
    • Wobra are green bat-winged cobras with ruby red eyes. They can spit a venom that does up to 160 Hit Points of damage up to 30 feet away.
    • The Yellow Peril is a bright yellow centipede up to 27 feet long. It can spew out a acid spray up to 30 feet long that does up to 31 Hit Points of damage.
  • Space Opera adventure Fasolt in Peril. On an unnamed planet in an unexplored solar system, the alien animal known as the Bolok can spit acid that does Weapon/D damage.
  • Varanae generic RPG supplement Monstrum 1. Naginis look like women with the lower halves of a giant snake. They can spit a 20 feet wide stream of liquid that entangles targets for 1-8 minutes.
  • Midkemia Press' Heart of the Sunken Lands
    • Giant Spitting Cobras can spit their poisonous venom up to 40 feet away, 20 times per day. The victim will either take 1-8 Hit Points damage or be permanently blinded.
    • A blue dragon can spit corrosive saliva as far as a short bow can fire an arrow, doing 1-8 Hit Points of damage per combat round until it's washed off.
  • Mayfair Games' generic supplement Undead. Cecrops are humanoid/dragon crossbreeds with high temperature blood. They can spit out their blood up to 15 feet away, doing 5-20 Hit Points of damage to their target.
  • Judges Guild's The Dungeoneer magazine #11, article "Monster Matrix". The Acid Spitting Llama can spit acid that does 3-18 Hit Points of damage. They often aim for the target's eyes, with the appropriate result.
  • Judge Dredd game, White Dwarf #94 adventure "To Live And Die In Mega-City One". The Judges will meet a large enzyme blob that can spit blobs of goo up to 30 meters away.
  • Call of Cthulhu, Polyhedron magazine #124 article "Modern Minions of Cthulhu". The Jersey Devil can spit its acidic spittle up to 5 yards. It does 2-12 Hit Points of damage to any creature it hits.
  • Traveller Classic
    • Adventure "Disappearance on Aramat". The Gratheudom (Dozer Beast) can spit an acid powerful enough to burn through body armor up to three meters away.
    • Classic supplement Spacefarer's Guide to Alien Monsters
      • The burnfrog can spit a nerve poison up to four meters away.
      • The covalen is a six-legged dragon-like alien creature that can spit a glue-like liquid up to ten meters.
      • The eester is a fox-like alien that can spit strong acid up to five meters away.
      • The nough* In Evolve, the Gorgon can vomit acid that coats the ground, damaging anyone unfortunate enough to be hit by the stream or step in the pools.
  • The Mantis in FTL: Faster Than Light use acidic spit where most other characters simply grab a raygun and fire.t is an alien owl that can spit a contact nerve poison at its foes.
    • The saplin is a shellfish that can spit a poison that causes epilepsy-like symptoms.
    • The shellslug is a three meter long slug that can spit acid up to ten meters away.
    • The spitter is a lizard which can spit an instantly fatal contact nerve poison up to ten meters.
  • Orbis Aerden:Reign Of The Accursed: One the abilities of the Rzaurese bloodline is to coat of one their molars with a powerful toxin, and then spit it out with the strength of a small caliber bullet.

    Video Games 
  • Drakelings from Ancient Domains of Mystery can vomit acid at the cost of Satiety.
  • In Angry Birds 2, some stages have plants that swallow whatever touches them and then spits it right back out, often at much higher velocities than before. As the plants are usually strategically located in the stages, it's a good idea to drop debris and even your birds down to where they can glom on.
  • Banjo-Tooie: Terry attacks with his own mucus during the boss battle. Every time his HP is depleted by 10, he releases some living mucus enemies and temporarily leaves the battlefield to rest. He returns when Banjo and Kazooie dispatches all enemies.
  • Borderlands 3: Mr. Chew and Great Horned Skag have a ranged attack where they spit acid at a foe. The attack command for the base skag has them vomit on a target, dealing Corrosive damage and leaving a damaging puddle.
  • Bug has Spit Wads. These allow bug to do a medium-range spit. While green spit wads give him a normal spit move, red ones give him a double shot, orange/purple ones give him a bouncy shot, and blue ones give him rapid-fire capability.
  • In Control, The Clog attacks by periodically belching out filth.
  • Spitters in Dead Space hurl acid at you, that, if it hits, slows Issac and is shown as attempting to dissolve his suit.
  • Deltarune: One of Jevil's attacks have him warp all over the place as projectiles shoot from his mouth while he makes a "gulp" noise.
  • Devil May Cry 5: Chaos demons can spit harmful neurotoxin projectiles at you.
  • Dino Strike Wii: Dilophosauruses can launch their acid drool on you from miles away. Keep an eye on dilophosaurus enemies in the background - if they're raising their frills, shoot them before they can let out their spit, they can hit you from beyond a valley.
  • Dead by Daylight: The Plague has this via her power, Vile Purge. Vile Purge is essentially projectile vomit that infects any Survivors or environment objects it lands on. Survivors who remain infected too long spread their sickness to anything and anyone they interact with and become Broken, meaning they become injured and can not be healed so long as they remain sick. Cleansing the Vile Purge can be done at fountains called Pools of Devotion, but doing so corrupts them and the Plague can take in this corruption to temporarily upgrade her Vile Purge into Corrupt Purge, projectile vomit which damages survivors outright instead of infecting them.
  • The lizard-like Enforcers from Duke Nukem 3D have a spit attack which, apart from doing damage, also colors the screen green and blinds the player for a moment.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
  • Impossible Creatures: Your creatures can spit out nasty stuff of various stripe if they have the DNA of archerfish or spitting cobras.
  • Kirby:
    • Kirby's main form of offense, puzzle-solving and obstacle removal in Kirby's Dream Land was sucking up and spitting out objects. It's still present in later games, but mostly set aside in favour of abilities Kirby can pick up by swallowing enemies.
    • The boss Acro attacks mainly by spitting objects at Kirby, from skulls, to baby whales to torpedoes.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: The Kraken Given fires its continuous shot attack from its mouth.
  • The aptly-named Spitter from Left 4 Dead 2 spits a long-range gob of acidic goo that becomes a deadly puddle, in order to nail a group of survivors. Obviously, it's not a good idea to stand in that stuff. The Boomer from both games has Super Vomit, spewing bile that marks whoever it hits as a target for his fellow zombies.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The land-dwelling octopus-like creatures known as Octorocks spit rocks that can do damage.
  • Kog'Maw, from League of Legends is quite possibly one of the kings of Super Spit, being little more than a walking stomach capable of vomiting specialized kinds of substance as attacks. His basic attacks are little more than simple globs of acid fired hard. Caustic Spittle, a larger blob designed to crack armour and defenses. Bio-Arcane Barrage allows him to imbue his acid with magic to make it even more damaging AND longer ranged. Void Ooze damages from sheer force of the wall of slowing glue hitting the target, and Living Artillery, aptly named, allows him to launch large, concussive globules vertically at some of the longest ranges in the game, dealing increasing damage to injured meals.
  • While they move very slowly, the mutated Count Carlyle in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes can spit things out of his stomach-mounted second mouth that move towards you and, upon reaching your lines, turn into literal vomit comets and cause havoc.
  • Drogoz from Paladins can spit out explosive loogies which can either hit an enemy directly with it to deal 150 damage and deal 30% more damage for a short while., or (which is slightly harder, but usually more effective,) shoot the loogie with a rocket in midair, which causes the explosive loogie to... explode, dealing 1000 damage to everyone in range. The legendary card Combustable adds knockback to the attack and adds some afterburn to the explosion.
  • ParaWorld: The Dustrider faction has Scout units mounted on a Dilphosaurus, a poison-spitting dinosaur.
  • Pokémon: Besides Bullet Seed, there's Gastro Acid, which, as its name suggests, involves spitting stomach acid at the opponent. Acid Spray is quite similar. Spit Up involves spitting up whatever the Pokemon swallowed and shooting it at the opponent, often after the move Stockpile.
  • Primal Carnage: The self-explanatory Spitter class dinosaurs have the ability to lob some sort of weaponized projectile from their mouths, either as a short-ranged "buckshot" blast or a long-distance precision globule; this causes momentary blindness if hit directly, or lays a toxic lingering pool on the ground otherwise. The Dilophosaurus spits a purple venom which causes low damage, if it hits directly, and drains stamina, while the Cryolophosaurus sprays a powerful green acid that drains health.
  • Primal Rage has the fallen sorceress Vertigo who can spit acid at enemies.
  • Psychonauts has an interesting variant. The Giant Lungfish boss attacks by belching some boxes, anchors, and other heavy stuff at Raz and then by sucking the air in an attempt to temporarily swallow him.
  • Raze's Hell: Raze can eat small, insect-like creatures called Squibs, which he can then spit back out as high velocity projectiles for his primary ranged attacks. In addition, different Squib types cause different kinds of attacks when spat. Blue Squibs cause a rapid fire, machinegun-like attack, yellow Squibs cause a semiauto sniper rifle-like attack complete with a zoomed in view, red Squibs act like explosive rockets, purple Squibs cause a shotgun-like scatter shot, etc.
  • In Reality-On-The-Norm, the local superhero Phil "Llamaman" Nihilist has the power of corrosive spit.
  • Second Extinction have mutated dilophosauruses who can spit acidic globs at you from a distance.
  • The final boss of Serious Sam belches huge chunks of molten lava.
  • Shantae:
    • The spider form, her third transformation, which allows her to wall crawl on the background in certain places and can spit venom.
    • Shantae: Risky's Revenge: The plant-like enemies in Squid Baron's labyrinth spit out spit that travels with no arc, as their attack.
  • In Shovel Knight, The Troupple King weaponizes his ichor spit in his King of Cards battle.
  • Spyro the Dragon:
    • Spyro can pick up certain items in his mouth, then spit them out with enough force to damage enemies and break objects. These items can be anything from glowing lava rocks and spiky crystalline spheres, to small missiles and bombs. He can even pick up and spit certain enemies' projectiles back at them. A few of the bosses from the original three games have to be defeated using these spit weapons.
    • When you have a spitable item or weapon in Spyro's mouth, you can hold down triangle for a First person view, increasing Spyro's accuracy. It even comes with a handy reticle for precision spitting.
  • Splatoon 2: Octohurlers attack by barfing out bundles of Rolonium. Steelheads also harvest their bombs from their saliva.
  • One of the basic weapons in Spore's creature stage allows spitting, the only ranged attack available.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: Gobbers' main method of attack is spitting goo at Luigi. It damages you if it falls on top of him, or it can fall on the floor, which you can slip on.
    • Super Mario Odyssey: Spewart spits out a stream of toxic waste as an attack, first spraying it in a circle around him to keep Mario at a distance.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The boss fight with Marx has one attack of his spitting freeze bombs.
  • Microid's real-time strategy game Warrior Kings had the Deathwyrm. It was a giant demonic maggot with a howdah and rider on it. This beastie was an artillery unit for the Pagans and it can spit "bilestones" to shatter fortifications or it can spew out a toxic bile that can gas enemy infantry for heavy, lingering damage.

  • Metroid II: Return of Samus:
    • Drivels have explosive spit.
    • Skreeks spit arrows, which are described as "bullets" by the manual.
    • Zeta and Omega metroids launch projectiles from their mouths, the latter's goes farther and creates damaging shock waves on the surfaces. The Queen Metroid has something in between Homing Projectile, Spread Shot and Pinball Projectile that will block Samus's missiles.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda: A lot of creatures in the Heleus Cluster can spit acid over an insanely long distance. On the plus side, it's not very strong. It also apparently making a surprisingly good cooking juice.
  • A Total War Saga: TROY: The Lernaean Hydra can spit volleys of venom as a ranged attack.
  • There are several units in Warcraft III and Starcraft II, like the Roach, that have the ability to spit corrosive substances as their primary attack.
  • In the Xenophobe Arcade Game the adult Xenophobe Warrior can spit a green acid across a room at the PC.
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown introduces the Thin Men to the franchise. These genetically engineered Lizard Folk infiltrators use poisonous gas as a concealed weapon, hacking it up from great distances to blind and choke any mammals caught in the area of effect.

    Web Animation 
  • Shrapnel: As shown by the Commandah finishing off a robloxian zombie, the Ugandan Knuckles can spit with enough force and precision to weaponize it to an extent. Or put out some candles.

    Web Comics 
  • In Schlock Mercenary, the "Magic Cyrokit" — containing the personality of the company's deceased Mad Doctorrebuilds Doythaban after a Schlock-induced decapitation with a variety of secreted weapons, including explosive saliva, acid urine, and even "shaped charges".
    • It's an usual way to use weaponized nanomachines — since they aren't very durable on their own, motile "nannies" are easily detected and fried, thus a swarm is produced inside some living host (not necessarily willing) and then projectively vomited toward the target from close range. So far this happened twice on-screen, and it looks about as bad as it sounds.
  • Aisha from Slimy Thief can spit out acid.
  • Doppler from tinyraygun can spit acid, as Vector learns the hard way.
  • Arachne from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic can spit poison. It's not made clear if this a personal ability of Arachne's or a Drow racial ability.

    Web Original 
  • Worm: Among the many highly deadly abilities of the supervillain Crawler is his caustic saliva.
    • Spitfire can spew a liquid from her mouth that ignites on contact with the air.
    • Crawler's colleague Bonesaw also has this. She has multiple forms, including acid and something kind of like mace. Since these are features she installed rather than an actual superpower, they're very painful to use.
  • Whateley Universe: Tennyo is capable of generating and containing significant amounts of anti-matter, including in her blood and saliva. She's used this more than once to escape from seemingly inescapable containment.
  • SCP Foundation

    Western Animation 
  • Ben 10 eventually gains the form of Upchuck, who can swallow and spit back virtually anything he can get hit with.
    • Later, in Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben gets Ball Weevil, who can spit balls of slime/plasma that he can roll on, and also explode upon impact.
  • Wakfu: In the OVA, Sipho binds Achtam with a substance Kerubim identifies as Dragon Slime.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls, Boomer can spit the best out of the three Rowdy Ruff Boys, to the point it's considered his special ability, comparable to Butch's force field or Brick's lack of one.
  • Smiling Friends: The blue Fun Twin spits some sort of substance on Pim's arm that causes it to sting and be covered in a nasty looking rash.
  • C-Rex from Godzilla: The Series can spit tar.
  • Spider Bytez from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) can spit webbing and acid.
  • Gumby's pal Goo spits orbs of blue liquid and sometimes bolas. Denali the mastodon can shoot cubes of ice at high velocity from his trunk. Pickle the dragon has a Breath Weapon and all three have Improbable Aiming Skills.
  • Dragons: Riders of Berk: There are some species of dragon that don't breathe fire, but use their saliva or stomach contents as a weapon instead.
    • Most Boulder class dragons eat rocks and metals, heat them to melting point in their stomachs, and spit them out as lava.
    • The Flightmare can spit a mist that gets absorbed through the skin and paralyzes its target.
    • Changewings spit corrosive slime.
    • Submarippers use their Vacuum Mouth to eat shipwrecks, then weaponize them by spitting them back out.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Changelings have the ability to spit adhesive slime to trap their enemies, or form cocoons to encase their prey.
  • In Steven Universe, Steven has healing spit, which accidentally cures Connie's eyesight when she drinks from a juice carton full of "backwash" Steven drank from earlier. On another occasion, after winning a watermelon seed spitting contest against his father, said watermelon seeds grow overnight into sentient, Steven-shaped watermelons. Later still, Steven uses his spit to grow a sentient pumpkin for Peridot and Lapis.
  • The Batman:
    • This version of Man-Bat is able to spit out a green, slime-like adhesive, which can entrap an enemy and even render guns useless.
    • Killer Moth starts out as a dweeb in moth pajamas. But after being exposed to a harmful mutagen, he turns into a giant purple moth who can fly and spit acid.
  • On The Fairly OddParents!, Timmy wishes up a small dinosaur that uses spit as a weapon, first spitting up some green slime at Crocker, then using spitballs against Chester and AJ.
  • Dave the Barbarian: The evil god Quozmir is able to spit out flaming loogies.

    Real Life 
  • Spitting cobras and some other snakes are able to spray venom at attackers up to six feet away. While harmless against skin (though it can cause some delayed blistering), if they hit a target in the eyes it can blind them.
  • Spitting spiders are able to shoot envenomed webbing from their fangs, which binds and paralyzes prey.
  • For another spider example, female green lynx spiders spit venom if disturbed, presumably to defend against predators.
  • Archer fish hunt by spitting drops of water at insects hanging on low branches to knock them into the water. They can accurately target an insect or other prey animal up to 10 feet away.
  • The giant petrel is a species of Antarctic seabird that defends its nest from other petrels by not only biting with their powerful beaks but also vomiting up a sticky, oily substance that's composed mostly of the oils and natural antifreezes in the fish they eat. It smells foul but since like most birds they lack a sense of smell its real effect is that it utterly destroys the waterproofing on any feathers it gets on. And it's practically impossible to get off.
    • Some species of vulture use the same defense in a pinch, barfing up a slurry of semi-digested rotting flesh from their last carcass-feast at predators. In this case, the vomit-attack can also also lighten a well-fed vulture's weight so that it can more easily take wing and escape.
  • Camels do this, though like vultures, it's not spit so as much as stomach contents.


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