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Master: Fight back! Resist the ass!
Craig: How can I resist an ass so great?
Master: It is only an ass. You must overcome the ass with your mind.
Craig: This ass is unlike any I have ever encountered, Master!

When Soviet badass, Ass Kicks You.

A battle trope. Perhaps to further humiliate the opponent, sometimes, even an ass becomes a viable weapon. So what you do is basically face back, bend your waist forward, and then jump backwards. And make sure your ass lands on the enemy. If you land in their face, that's much better. Or alternatively, do this while your enemy is down. Stomp them with your ass. In Video Games, this is often the form taken by the Ground Pound.

Believed to have originated in Japanese professional wrestling, where this has been a staple move since at least the late '80s. Thus, this trope may or may not overlap with Wrestler in All of Us. In video games, this is usually more utilized by female characters, as it can be used in a cutesy way, sometimes accompanied with a cutesy "BOING!" sound. When it comes to males, it is usually the bigger/fatter ones who utilize this in battle (and hygienically, they are not portrayed to be the best). More generally, this move can just be a basic attack for characters with prominent lower bodies.

If you like Toilet Humour (or just want to add insult to injury), fart while you're at it. Or take it one step further. Not guaranteed to happen, though.

See also Butt Sticker, Butt Cannon, and Literal Ass-Kicking. Compare Belly Flop Crushing for when you use your gut rather than your butt. This trope is not related to people who kick ass elsewhere being in Soviet Russia... aside from being clearly named in that manner. Nor is it related to particularly kick-happy donkeys. Can overlap with Cherry Tapping.

This trope could have been called "Butt Butt",note  but that's way too lame a pun even for this site.

Not applicable when the other meaning of ass kicks you. However, see Horsing Around.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Amagi Brilliant Park, Salama, an Elementario fairy of fire, accidentally did so once. During a situation where she was was joking about pushing Latifa's super-important Do-Not-Push button, Muse yells at her to not do it, but Salama is then pushed away making her accidentally hip thrust into Koboli, who bumps into Sylphy, and then is rebounded back into Salama, who thus accidentally pushes Muse away and onto the button head-first. As seen in Episode 9: "Not Enough Teamwork!"
  • Astro Boy has butt-mounted machine guns. It's probably the most joked-about aspect of the series after his short pants.
    Astro: ...I have machine guns... in my butt?
  • Ayakashi Triangle: Shirogane constantly Dope Slaps anyone he views as acting like a pervert, but since his Shapeshifter Default Form is a regular-sized domestic cat, he usually needs to throw his full body at people butt-first. When Kanade (physically a young human child) merges with Shirogane, she still uses a full-body butt slam, which Suzu complains is overkill.
  • A number of wrestling moves appear in BECK, and this one is performed by Koyuki.
  • There is an anime OVA titled Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gotaman. The title should make this example self-evident.
  • This seems to be one of Cutey Honey's standard attacks. This appears in the live series too (albeit not in the movie). Lampshaded in a yaoi doujinshi starring her even-more-fictional son:
    But my mom taught me those moves...
  • There was Fairimon/Kazemon from Digimon Frontier's Carino Anca (Ita: Pretty Hip) attack. It did work once or twice when it was used for its effect — to make a male enemy dizzily smitten with her for a short time. It's when she tried to use it to actually do damage that she just ended up getting hurt.
  • One of Angoramon's attacks from Digimon Ghost Game has him leap several dozen feet in the air and slam down butt-first on his enemy. As fluffy as he might be, Angoramon is the largest and heaviest of the main characters by far, so getting hit by this attack is incredibly painful as Dracumon finds out the hard way.
  • Recoome from Dragon Ball Z has an attack named the Recoome Butt/Hip Attack in which he hits his opponent into the air and pounces them with his butt, pushing them a good distance away. Works quite effectively on Gohan, then five and small, who took it from a bare-assed Recoome.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Not really a combat version... maybe a parody? On the way to stop Erigor from killing the guild masters with an Death Magic playing flute, the heroes' magic wagon jolts, and Lucy slams butt-first into Kageyama's face. His reply? "Can't you go on a diet and slim down that huge rear end?" She is offended.
    • Lisanna attempts this against a villain using her Penguin Soul transformation (basically turns her into a giant cartoonish looking, and weighing penguin) to crush him, but he switches places with her brother Elfman at the last second causing her to squash him instead. He is not amused.
  • In the first episode of Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka makes use of Wrestler in All of Us to beat some thugs, this being one of the moves she employs.
  • Done unintentionally by Onizuka to Urumi in Great Teacher Onizuka: while the two are standing on top of a high building Onizuka reaches down to pick up some spare change, and Urumi happens to be standing right behind him... causing him to accidentally shove her off the building with his rear, which results in him believing he's killed her. In the anime this even gets invoked where he immediately panics and imagines the events as a movie trailer entitled "Murder by Butt Blow", wherein the police investigate Urumi's "death" and theorize that the only way she could have been killed was by someone pushing her off a building with their butt.
  • The Brownie mecha from GUN×SWORD had butt mounted machine guns.
  • Keijo!!!!!!!! has a whole sport where the competing girls are only allowed to hit each other with their butt or boobs.
  • In NEEDLESS, Mio has two of these attacks. "Mio-chan Hip Attack" is the standard variety, and "Mio-chan Hip Stamp" is a Ground Pound.
  • One Piece:
    • In Thriller Bark, Giant Zombie Oars tried to crush the Strawhats with his massive behind, calling the technique "Gomu Gomu no Butt Stomp".
    • An unintentional example, but during the Sabaody arc St. Rosward is knocked out by Usopp landing on him ass-first.
  • In Planetes, Hachimaki shoves Tanabe through an airlock back into the ship... to which his former sensei disapprovingly says that "Nobody who calls himself a spaceman ever raises his hand to a woman." Hachimaki answers that "It was my butt."
  • Pretty Cure Franchise:
    • HeartCatch Pretty Cure! has Tsubomi's "Blossom Butt Punch", which debuts in episode 6. Why she decides to call it a "punch" is something that confuses villains, bystanders, and even Tsubomi herself.
    • Doki Doki! PreCure has an epic one in Episode 36. Actually it's an empowered Use Your Head by Raquel, but being a Mentor Mascot, Transformation Trinket and hanging on his partner's dress, he also drags Cure Diamond's body with his full force towards a Monster of the Week and he hits it with his cheek while Diamond hits it with her butt. And the monster is even defeated by this.
    • The "Blossom Butt Punch" returns in The Movie for Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure, which is also a crossover with Heartcatch. Not only do Cures Blossom and Summer perform a "Double Butt Punch", both teams team up for a "Mass Butt Punch".
  • In one episode of Sgt. Frog, Kururu puts a device on Keroro that causes him to obey all instructions given. He has him use one of these as part of the demonstration. A rather painful example showed up in episode 175. Fuyuki, Keroro, and Giroro shrank so they can swim in a kiddie pool. Everything went fine, until Natsumi and Koyuki showed up and jumped in the pool. Fuyuki and Keroro got tossed around and generally battered...but Giroro? Natsumi ended up sitting on him, complete with crunching sounds and poor Giroro groaning in pain. Ouch.
  • At one point in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Yoko pulls this on Kamina by sitting on the back of his head after he calls her butt big.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, when the Ojamas attack or use many of their spell or trap related support cards, it generally involves the monster or the opponent getting whacked by their rear end(s). (Probably the most disturbing time in the anime was in the finale of Season Two, during Manjyome's duel with Rei; Ojama Yellow hit Rei in the face this way via direct attack.)
  • Yusuke of YuYu Hakusho absolutely humiliated Kuwabara with one in the first issue of the manga.
  • At one point in the Neon Genesis Evangelion spinoff manga Shinji Ikari Raising Project, Shinji, Asuka and Rei do a training mission that goes wrong quickly. Near the end of the chapter, Shinji gets a faceful of Asuka's butt as she and Rei hurdle towards him.

    Comic Books 
  • Cerebus the Aardvark: The noticeably curvaceous Red Sophia does this to Cerebus in her introductory appearance, accidentally knocking him on his face with her (rather large) backside when she attempts to demonstrate a few dance moves. A few panels later, it escalates into a full-on sword fight, which which Cerebus wins.
  • In Asterix, Obelix has done this occasionally. In Asterix and Obelix All at Sea the heavy-set Germanic ex-slave also does it to some Romans when they join the villagers in their attack on the Roman stronghold.

    Fan Works 
  • Fanfic writer CVGW James features an interesting variation of this; two characters' butts touching each other. This happens in "Pooltime Fun" between Lara Croft and Tifa Lockhart, and in "MJ and Cat's Pool Battle" between Mary Jane and Black Cat.
  • In one of the alternate chapters of Fluttersized, a giant Discorded Fluttershy is rampaging through Canterlot, until Luna confronts her. Luna is quickly (and hilariously) overpowered and knocked into the ground. As a Coup de Grâce, the giant Fluttershy sits on her, pancaking poor Luna into the street and leaving a crater.
  • New Look Series: Joe's New Look: While in Silvia's clothes Joe manages to send one of Big John's men flying to his face with his hips.
  • Ponies and Dragons:
    • A vignette has Applejack complaining about her character in a tabletop game accidentally landing her rear on an evil pony baron after slipping on a patch of ice. Since her character is a giant pony, the baron was instantly flattened in a Karmic Death.
    • A later chapter has a flashback to that moment, with Applejack giving a great Bond One-Liner:
      Applejack: Well, at least that's one bad guy who'll never be a pain in the rear again!
    • Another vignette hints that Dragon Queen Tiamat once accidentally sat on (and thus destroyed) a Griffon city she'd gotten for her birthday. When one of Shining Armor's gaming buddies reveals a pony newspaper ran a joke about that incident, Tiamat immediately goes off to smash/eat/burn the paper's office. (Celestia intervened and prevented any violence, so don't worry.)
  • Ultra Fast Pony. In the episode "Derp and Destruction", Derpy Hooves gains superpowers due to getting struck in the ass by lightning.
    Derpy: But the lightning has given my ass supernatural powers. Behold! [...] Butt powers, asstivate!
  • Tamaki in Son of the Sannin uses a technique named Feline Aerial Bomber, which consists in dropping herself from above, rear-first, on her opponent's face.
  • Doctor Whooves and Assistant: Derpy. One particularly egregious example comes in episode 5, when her sitting on a panel kicks off a chain reaction that ends up destroying an entire facility full of cyberponies.
    Cyberpony: Warning. Data suggests that the female pegasus posesses a destructive posterior. It must be eliminated at all costs.

    Films — Animation 
  • Aladdin: Not quite a battle example but at one point Jafar bumps Prince Ali out of the way with his butt. He's so skinny that it really shouldn't work, but it does.
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker: The DeeDee twins do this to Dana when they are dancing with Terry to get her out of the way so they can gang up on him.
  • Despicable Me 3: This move is part of Balthazar Bratt's dance-fighting repertoire. He uses it twice against Gru, once in each of their fights.
  • El Cid: The Legend: In the third act, Ordoñez gets hit in the head by the rear end of Rodrigo's horse. Near the end of the movie, Alfonso undoes his arranged marriage with Jimena so that she can be with Rodrigo, when Alfonso asks Ordoñez if he has any objections, the horse threatens to hit him with their rear again if he speaks up.
  • In A Goofy Movie: While working at a photo booth, Pete hip-checks Goofy out of the queue of the customers.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney): Phoebus helps Esmeralda escape from the guards by having his horse Achilles block their path, and then having Achilles sit on the one who gets knocked down.
  • Kung Fu Panda:
    • In the first movie, when Tai Lung and Po finally meet, Tai Lung mocks him in precisely this manner. This is exactly what happens when the two are tumbling down the long stairs from the temple.
      Tai Lung: You're a panda! What are you gonna do, big guy? Sit on me?
      Po: Don't tempt me.
    • Later on in the same fight, Po slams Tai Lung with his butt hard enough to knock him several blocks away and through a house wall.
    • In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po in his chi dragon form tosses Kai around, first with a "Belly Gong", followed immediately by a "Butt Slap". Yes, that's what he's calling the attacks.
  • Madagascar: During the final battle with the predatory fossa, Gloria the hippo literally butt-stomps some of them into the ground.
  • Monster Mash (2000): Mrs. Tinklemeister accidentally bumps Drac with her behind a couple of times when the vampire tries to scare her.
  • ParaNorman: Sheriff Hooper manages to butt a van she's pursuing off the road. While riding a motorcycle.
  • Robots has an unintentional example with Aunt Fanny, whose enormous metal booty frequently sends unfortunate nearby robots flying whenever she turns around too quickly.
    Aunt Fanny: What happened to your friend [Rodney]?
    Fender: He's been rear-ended.
  • In Tangled, when Rapunzel invites Flynn to dance with her and he refuses, Maximus bumps him with his large rear end into Rapunzel's arms.
  • In Turning Red, Mei and her friends use butt bumping as part of a Dap Greeting.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Drunken Master, a 1978 film featuring Jackie Chan. In the climactic battle, Jackie uses this method as a part of the Technique of the Drunken Miss Ho, and attempts to use a full-drop version of this attack as a finishing move. He misses (due to a combination of both Calling His Attack and the target still being fast enough to get out of the way), and promptly learns the downside to this technique.
  • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. When raiders enter the refinery, the Mechanic's assistant swings the disabled Mechanic in his suspension rig to knock one down, hitting him rear first.
  • Add a sword and you've got a "butt blade" à la RoboGeisha.
  • In the exploitation film Mr. No Legs, the title character is a Handicapped Badass with no legs. When a mook charges him in his wheelchair, he lifts his body up with his hands and boots his attacker in the groin with the stump of his body, then turns around and hits the mook in the stomach using his ass. The character is played by real-life disabled karate champion Ted Vollrath, so it's not as ridiculous as it sounds.

  • The drop-bear, an Australian joke "cryptid" on par with jackalopes, is said to resemble a carnivorous koala with a large posterior. It's alleged to drop butt-first from treetops onto unsuspecting targets, fatally invoking this trope on its prey with a butt-themed Goomba Stomp.

  • Discworld:
    • A drop-bear tries its titular attack on Rincewind in The Last Continent, and discovers the downside of dropping onto something capped with a cone...
    • Not an intentional attack, but the troll roadie Asphalt from Soul Music wound up squashed shorter than a human because the elephants he used to tend at the circus kept sitting on him.
    • Miss Alice Band, an Assassin's Guild instructor and member, carries a "Falchion" Compressed Air Device with Adjustable Timing Mechanism as a deadly weapon, concealed in her bustle.
  • In the comic mystery novel Merry Wives of Maggody, Bonaparte Buchanon nearly dies after getting fresh with Dahlia, who weighs well over 300 pounds. Police Chief Arly manages to persuade Dahlia to stop sitting on him before he suffocates.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Hannah Montana: "Come Fail Away" opens with Hannah and Lola discussing an animated movie starring an anthropomorphic duck which Hannah is auditioning for. Hannah mentions a scene in which the main character "hip checks the evil farmer out of the way with her bodacious boduckadon".
  • Diana from the Metal Heroes show Jikuu Senshi Spielban with her "Diana Hip Press" attack. This consists of basically whacking an enemy with her backside. Apparently, Diana's butt is made of stronger stuff than any of her weapons as it always is a One-Hit KO and never fails. She even calls the attack.
  • In the All That sketch LAMOS, Mega Butt has a similar power to Kim Kardashian. And Chelsea Brummet was pretty darn curvy to begin with.
  • Star Trek's own Captain Kirk is known for throwing himself into the melee... literally. In "Journey to Babel", he even launches himself off a corridor wall in order to land butt-first on his attacker (see it at 0:18). The best part? That's no stunt double — it's William Shatner himself pulling off that maneuver!
  • The old G4 game review show Judgement Day had a segment reviewing game hardware and accessories, but instead of hosts Victor Lucas or Tommy Tallarico, one of several buxom "Hardware Girls" (Their name, not mine) would fool around with the technology. Part of the gimmick of this segment is that the Hardware Girl of the day would wear a shirt referencing a video game term or trope but always written as a Double Entendre. One of the shirts simply read "Be Nice or I'll Butt Bounce You".
  • Doctor Who:
    • Blink-and-you'll-miss-it example in "Day of the Moon" where, during their shootout with the Silence, River gives the Doctor a, ahem, shove towards the TARDIS.
    • Another happens in the episode "Robot of Sherwood", when The Doctor uses this maneuver to bump Robin Hood off of a bridge into a creek. Later in the episode, Robin Hood repeats the maneuver to the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • A figurative example in a Whose Line Is It Anyway? skit in which Buffy Summers confronts Count Dracula. The Count turns his backside toward Buffy to tempt her with his "Fanny of Darkness," and Buffy looks away to avoid seeing it.
  • Kamen Rider Nadeshiko, as seen in Kamen Rider Fourze's crossover movies (Megamax and Ultimatum), does this as part of her awesomely cutesy fighting style.
  • Kamen Rider Gaim: The campy and effeminate Oren Pierre Alfonzo, alias Armored Rider Bravo, has used this technique on occasion.
  • Blake's 7. This happens to Dayna to conclude a rather unconvincing fight scene in "Stardrive".
  • Used by a female character in the Super Sentai Official Parody series Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger.
  • Zhou Cheng, a Drunken Master villain, does this to Danny during their fight in Iron Fist (2017).
  • El Chavo del ocho: In an episode taking place in an amusement park, El Chavo is using his weight to get a Merry-Go-Round to spin, and while holding on to it, he accidentally hits an extra in the knees with his butt. Seen here (starts at the 0:21 mark).

  • The novelty song "Little Gomez", about the singer's rather randy chihuahua, ends in tragedy when the determined little dog encounters a female St. Bernard, which apparently gets bored in mid-liaison. And sits down.
  • The song "Manticore" by comedy band Ninja Sex Party claims that the legendary manticore will "kick your ass in with his feet, and then he'll kick your feet with his gigantic ass."

    Music Videos 
  • An Eminem music video features a "cameo" of Kim Kardashian doing this to her date by inflating her ass.
  • Similarly, Fergie does this telekinetically in the "Pump It" video. You know how telekinetics sometimes use hand motions to "throw" or "shove" someone? Fergie does it with her butt. (Or her hair, or her breasts...)

    Pro Wrestling 
  • This is an actual move in pro wrestling, which, when done by a woman, is called a booty bump.
  • As noted above, the flying hip attack has long been a staple move in Japanese Professional Wrestling, although it's interesting to note that it tends to show up a lot more in women's matches than in men's. Shiro Koshinaka, who graduated from the All Japan dojo in 1979, was the first male wrestler who adopted the move. Also Kesen Numajiro and later Manabu Murakami have hip attacks among their signature moves.
  • One of André the Giant's spots involved backing an opponent into the turnbuckle and then ramming his butt into their gut, sometimes repeatedly. Interestingly sometimes in matches such as against an evil SGT. Slaughter, André would toss his opponent into the ropes then when they came running back André would be bent over and his opponent would run smack into his ass. This became even more common in the big man's career, though rather sadly because of his increasing mobility issues. In his later matches, his ramming in the turnbuckle would turn into André just sitting on his opponent for a rather long time to give him time to rest and gain the strength to stand back up.
  • World Class wrestler Iceman King Parsons used the flying hip attack as a finisher, known sometimes as the "Rumper Stumper" and to at least one announcer as the "Butt Butt" (as opposed to a Head Butt). The "Butt Butt" has also been used by Colt Cabana; while he was in Ring of Honor, it was known as the "Flying Asshole".
  • Goldust a.k.a. Dustin Rhodes uses a flying hip attack on an opponent coming off the ropes from time to time. Being that Goldust is often portrayed as an extremely bizarre Camp Gay, it fits him.
    • In the same boat, there's also Rikishi, whose main gimmick was being a cool big guy while being an occasional Gasshole who'd often enter the ring, slapping his own ass. His signature move was the Stink Face, which consisted of mashing his ass to your face.
    • Rikishi's Stink Face move was also later taken up by Torrie Wilson for a while. And then by Torrie's Spiritual Successor Kelly Kelly.
    • Kelly's former Extreme Exposé teammate Brooke Tessmacher also adopted it in TNA.
    • Amber O'Neal, after embracing her love of hip hop, came up with a booty-popping variant of the Stink Face, where she bounces her hips and repeatedly knocks her opponent's head into the turnbuckle.
    • Rikishi's sons, twins Jimmy and Jey Uso and their younger brother Solo Sikoa, will use this attack on occasion as well, usually in tandem to opponents in opposite corners.
  • Before Rikishi there was Yokozuna, who had even more girth and had no one kick out of his Banzai Drop. Japanese wrestler Akebono also adopted it as a tribute to him.
  • Junkyard Dog used the Butt Butt as one of his regular moves.
  • Doink the Clown's finisher, the Whoopee Cushion, complete with fart sound.
  • Umaga was fond of charging butt-first into opponents with their heads on the bottom turnbuckle.
  • The Seated Senton Bomb/Splash is the "butt stomp" variant of this trope. Few wrestlers use the aerial variant because of the shock on the spinal column this causes (not to mention what landing ass first on an opponent from a distance would do to said opponent, should the splasher not land just so), but a running version was the Finishing Move of the late John "Earthquake/Avalanche/Shark/Golga" Tenta.
  • CHIKARA's Los Ice Creams use a version of this they call El Asesino.
  • Former WWE Diva Molly Holly used a somersault senton, dubbed the "Molly-Go-Round", as her finisher, which utilized her large backside to full effect. When Molly used to do her back-handsprings, she'd usually finish off with an elbow, but she sometimes mixed it up by squashing her opponent against the corner of the ring with her butt.
  • Big Show on occasion. Often sitting on his opponent whenever he gets the chance, especially in the form of a Stink Face. He usually does this by taking a seat on their face in the corner and relaxing for a bit, but sometimes tends to rub his buttocks on their face as well, apparently with the assistance of flatulence. Other moves of his include thrusting his ass into his opponent's abdomen, throwing them against the ropes and bending over so that they can hit his buttocks as they bounce back, and taunting the referee and the audience with his backside.
  • Kevin Nash used to throw his opponent into the corner of the ring and then slam his hip into their midsection. Not quite the same, but occasionally he would over-rotate and look like he was slamming his ass into their torso.
  • Prince Nana is prone to running his ass into the gut of an opponent in a corner.
  • Heather Monroe of the Killer Baes uses a supposedly patented hand spring butt strike in the corner.
  • The World Famous Kana's "Billiken" Finishing Move, which she stopped relying on as she developed her "evil shooter" gimmick but never quit using entirely, especially since an "evil clown" gimmick came next.
  • LuFisto proposes something along these lines to Canadian Revolution Wrestling women's champion Sara Del Rey after catching Del Rey talking trash about her in what was supposed to be a pre-taped promo.
  • In response to being teased about her rear end by Girl Posse Team Blondage in SHIMMER, Cindy Rogers decided to put it to use against Krissy Vaine.
  • Hiroyo Matsumoto likes to enhance her weight by having other people jump into her arms or on her back before finishing the opposition with a butt drop. She's increased herself from 70 to 237 kg(522 lbs) by carrying Ran Yuu and Aja Kong.
  • Naomi Knight's signature move, the Booty Call or the Rear View on rated PG Smackdown.
  • Layla also started using a booty bump, where she would jump backwards and hit a sitting opponent with her ass. In this case, it was more of a playful Poke the Poodle than an actual offensive move.
  • One of Seleziya Sparx's moves is to back her opponent into a corner, climb to the second rope, and start booty popping down on their head.
  • Being exoticos, the Fella Twins use a suggestive tag team variant of the stink face.
  • Alexander Otsuka's Depraved Bisexual persona Otoko Sakari uses a full arsenal of it.
  • Ryusuke Taguchi uses a lot of hip attack variants as signature moves. This is just one aspect of his unique offense - they don't call him the Funky Weapon for nothing.
  • Done accidentally on the first Women Of Honor live show when rookie wrestler Faye Jackson signaled for her "Triple Spun Milkshake" and knocked both her Tag Team partners out of the ring in the process. Needless to say, her finishing move wasn't enough to win a now 3 on 1 match.
  • One of Dementia D'Rose's signature moves is called "the dark side of the moon", and one of her finishing moves is called "the weapon of ass destruction". The latter involves her running at the opponent and turning around...
  • Mila Naniki, known as "The Booty Monster", is not one to grapple from behind unless one is sure she is grounded. Otherwise, the opponent's grip, and possibly ribs, will be broken by a thrust with said booty.
  • Sahara Se7en made frequent use of a running hip attack while teaming with Mio Momono in the Japanese promotion Marvelous. When Tomoko Watanabe and Yuu Yamagata recruited Se7en into their Level 5 faction they dubbed her "The Savage Beauty, With A Cute Booty".
  • The wrestling Drag Queen Cheerleader Sonny Kiss will, using the top ropes for support, catch her opponents by the neck with her legs and then repeatedly ram their head into her ass.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In D&D, a Monk can use every part of his body for an unarmed attack, with no off-hand penalty. Yes, even his ass. And at high levels, his ass is considered both lawful and adamantine (meaning they can pierce most kinds of damage reduction). Now that's a hard ass.
  • In the GURPS martial arts supplement, a character can buy Iron Hands, meaning your hands are hardened with callouses and bone deformity until they strike as hard as a weapon. Similarly, you can buy Iron Buttocks...

    Video Games 
  • All the characters in Crisis Beat has a special move where they uppercut an enemy into destroyable environments for extra damage. For Julia? She stuns an enemy before using her butt to pummel them out cold.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Various characters land butt first in their variation on the Ground Pound. It's usually also the most powerful attack in each game it appears in.
  • Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver in God Hand have butt attacks, preceded by the phrase, "Whip it good!" The fat enemies also have a flying variant.
  • Yuri Sakazaki, in Art of Fighting 2 & the The King of Fighters series has a butt attack. In The King of Fighters as well, Athena gained an aerial butt attack, and Momoko of KOFXI has another, in three-hit-combo style. Also, in KOF'99 Mai Shiranui gained an aerial butt attack that takes advantage of her rarely emphasized hips. Chang Koehan attack with his butt in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium. In King of Fighters XIV, newcomer Zaria slams her backside into enemies as a combo finisher. It fits her character pretty well, since she's a Capoeira fighter.
  • Kisarah Westfield uses three versions in Aggressors of Dark Kombat - one generic horizontal back-turned, butt-first leap, one jumping reverse somersault attack with rear impact "Hip Bazooka!", and one throw during which she leaps high into the air and lands on the opponent's face "Supreme Inferno!" The last one was re-tooled as a somewhat less suggestive follow-up to her Cutie Rainbow for her return in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.
  • Carol Stanzack of Savage Reign uses a butt attack whenever she travels into the background of a stage. Gordon Bowman uses his backside to attack close up.
  • Kyoko of River City Girls has this as her main aerial move, appropriately named "Butt bump".
  • Ellis of Battle Arena Toshinden uses a butt strike as part of her HK attack. The same strike is used during her desperation move in 2 and 3 and also, she can use an aerial butt drop against a downed opponent, but only in 2.
    • In Toshinden Subaru, having removed the original cast, the strike was given to Puella as a running attack, and the drop went to Fen, who used it in both his throw and downed attack.
  • In the Neo-Geo fighting game variation of Double Dragon, Marian can attack a downed opponent using an aerial butt drop.
  • Crossing over with Grievous Harm with a Body, Glory Killing a Pinky from behind in Doom (2016) will have the Doom Marine tear out the demon's entire backside and use it to cave its face in.
  • Chiaki Ichinomiya of the obscure PSX fighting game Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle and its sequel Critical Blow has a butt attack as part of her fighting style.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Widemaw is a new machine that looks like a hippopotamus. Normally it attacks by biting or spitting rocks at you, but if you get behind it it can charge backwards before hopping up into the air to crash down butt-first on you.
  • Victor von Gerdenheim from Darkstalkers uses his ass rather than kicking when up-close. And he uses his ass to throw the enemy, not just smashing them on the face. He even has a grab where he squeezes his opponent between his cheeks. Note that whenever Victor attacks, he has the ability to make the attacking body part grow roughly three times its size. He does it in this case, too.
    • Sasquatch has an EX move called Big Sledge, in which he brings his snow dogs to ride on his opponent like a sledge. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, Sasquatch ends the move by hitting them with his butt.
  • Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth: The Geodancer job for female party members is based on hula dancing. One of the skills the job learns is called "Honolulu Hips", which involves repeatedly smashing her butt into an opponent. The class's basic attack on a prone enemy is also a hip drop.
  • Street Fighter:
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3, flinging herself butt-first at her opponent forms the basis of Rainbow Mika's signature moves (Shooting Peach/Flying Peach/Rainbow Hip Rush). She even rubs her sore posterior after any of these moves connect. In Street Fighter V, her Critical Art has her call in her tag team partner, Nadeshiko, to crush their opponent's head between their asses.
    • E.Honda also wields butt-based attacks in most of his appearances... his jumping light kick, his charge down-up-kick move, which basically has him jump high into the air and smash down on the enemy butt-first. But he also has a special throw (full-circle-punch) that consists of him grabbing the enemy, smashing him to the ground, and then butt-smashing him while he's down. Street Fighter Alpha 3 adds a new Finishing Move (charge-down back, down front-down back-up-kick) where he headbutts the opponent, hurls them off the ground, and leaps after them with a body slam followed by butt crush if done on max energy. All are highly damaging. Presumably due to E.Honda weighing more than most cars. (It's particularly disturbing if you see him pull this on Sakura. Watching a 400lb fat man jump 5 feet into the air and then crush a 16-year-old girl (a child, mind you) is a mild but memorable squick.)
    • Street Fighter III's Hugo's crouching Roundhouse is a none too pleasant-looking version.
    • Though she doesn't have one in the main series, Sakura sports two in Super Gem Fighter. In one she catches them in the air and lands sitting on their head. In the second she, in Bunny Girl attire, butt smacks them away.
    • Laura, who is rather shapely and is the heaviest female in the franchise, has a jumping attack where she simply thrusts her shapely rump towards the opponent. The game counts this as a heavy attack.
      • Though this can realistically backfire, as many attacks are made specifically to stop jumping attacks some characters can literally look like they are ramming their fist up her big Brazilian butt.
    • Similar to Sakura, Ibuki doesn't utilize her ninja butt for attacks in the main series mostly depending on a realistic moveset; however in Gem Fighter she doesn't herself either but one of her disguises if it connects involves Ibuki seducing another FEMALE and she jumps butt first into a blanket that Ibuki's opponent is under. Making them take the girl's full body weight.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge: When playing with two or more players, it's possible to perform a "sandwich attack" where two heroes will team up to smash a mook from either side. April and the Turtles will perform this by smashing their backsides into the opponent. Makes sense for the Turtles thanks to their shells, less so for April. Splinter, Casey, and the two DLC characters Usagi and Karai have somewhat more dignified moves when performing a sandwich attack, instead.
  • In Final Fight Revenge, Andore has a Butt attack as a command move(right+weak kick)
  • In the Touhou Project fighting game spinoffs Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Touhou Hisoutensoku ~ Choudokyuu Ginyoru no Nazo o Oe, Marisa Kirisame has a charge attack in the form of launching herself butt-first at the enemy. It has surprisingly good range and damage, and provides immunity to projectiles, raising questions about just what Marisa makes her bloomers out of.
    • In a later fighting game, Urban Legend in Limbo, one of Sumireko Usami's attacks is a hip check. Seems to be a magician thing.
  • Hitting his opponent with his butt is the third part of Luigi's one-two-three combo in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl. In the Mario series in general, this is called a "Ground Pound" when performed vertically.
    • Also in the Super Smash Bros. series: Princess Peach's Peach Bomber side special. And her back aerial, and her back throw, and her down throw. Plus her ledge get-up attack. Though the Peach Bomber is the only one of those moves that explodes on impact. Daisy gets her own version in Ultimate as Peach's Echo Fighter called the "Daisy Bomber".
    • In Ultimate Toad takes a more active role in Peach (and Daisy's) moveset, by aiding in their grabs and throws. This includes the back throw (pictured above) where now Toad joins in with his own butt bump!
    • Donkey Kong uses one to return to the stage when hanging.
    • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wario also has a number of ass-based attacks... including his back and down throws. And yes, that IS quite a few SSBB characters - it's been joked that the game also needs a 'Butt Attack' sticker, in addition to the usual Arm/Foot/Head Attack stickers. And in Mario Strikers Charged, Wario's deke attack is a butt stomp. "BUTT SMASH!"
    • Just to emphasise how many fighters use this method, both Bowser and Yoshi's Down B attacks are a Ground Pound.
    • Wario doesn't use his behind to strike his opponents directly in Wario World, but does use it to execute the Ground Pound move that Mario does in some games, and his can be pretty lethal.
  • Earthquake's signature move in Samurai Shodown.
    • Wan-Fu (big Chinese fighter) and Cham Cham (catgirl) also have this as an option. Cham Cham limits hers to a flying drop, while Wan-Fu can throw it out while standing on the ground as well.
  • Cyber Woo in King of the Monsters 2 has a Piston Punch Version of this.
  • Aska from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, the SNES version. And here is a video of her in action. SNES T.M.N.T. Tournament Fighters - US Aska vs JPN Aska
  • Tiffany Lords of Rival Schools has both a butt-smash attack and a taunt where she does a "kiss my ass" pose. Delinquent Gan Isurugi, on the other hand, has a dash attack where he throws his sizable money-maker at the opponent.
  • Bloody Roar has Busuzima who sits on peoples faces and FARTS on them!
    • Bloody Roar also has Greg who uses this in his Gorilla form.
    • Seems to be a Nonomura family trait. Mitsuko, Alice, and Uriko all have butt-bump attacks in their combos.
  • Cassandra does this for several standard attacks and her Critical Finish in Soul Calibur IV. In 3 and 4, a butt-first leap is her longest ranged move. Her butt strikes also actually use the "kick" command.
    • Her elder sister Sophitia does a butt attack if you have her throw the enemy from behind, or if your back is turned to them.
    • Voldo also has an ass-attack in Soul Calibur IV. It is much more horrifying.
  • The Succubus' "Hip Attack" in Disgaea.
  • This is a part of Djeeta's multiattack animation in Granblue Fantasy, if the player is using the Luchador class for her.
    • The fighting game spinoff Granblue Fantasy Versus has Metera dash behind her opponent and bump them away with her booty during her back throw. With it being able to bounce heavyweights like Vaseraga around, Metera’s ass is probably one of the deadliest weapons in the series.
  • The Final Boss Mondo in Slaughter Sport has a butt-drop move that can be a one-shot kill, making it the most powerful move in the game. Spamming these attacks to make him bounce on his ass back and forth across the arena is an easy way to cheap your opponent in versus mode.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog has a few examples.
    • Rouge the Bat in Sonic Adventure 2's multiplayer mode has the Hip Drop move, which involves butt-stomping the ground so hard it causes an earthquake that stuns her opponent, even from all the way across the map. As they use the same moveset as Rouge, the cameo character Nights also does this.
    • Amy Rose can dash into her opponents rear-first in Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Battle. In the Updated Re-release of the former, this is one of a few moves copied from her by Honey the Cat, which was likely taken because her source character also made use of this trope. In the latter, the robot Emerl can copy her.
    • Bark The Polar Bear in Sonic the Fighters has a variation of his jumping attack where he butt-stomps the opponent.
  • In Odin Sphere, the Titanian Axe Guards do this as their jumping attack. It's also the fastest and hardest to dodge jumping attack.
  • Pokémon:
    • In Pokémon Battle Revolution, this is Lopunny's standard physical attack animation. Of particular note is the move Return, which causes hearts to burst out on impact...
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon introduces Z-Moves, and, more recently, Pokémon specific Z-Moves. Snorlax gets one such Z-Move, Pulverizing Pancake, which results in it leaping above the opponent before crashing down, rear first, on top of them, along with a literally earth-shattering kaboom.
  • As with the Luigi example above, Link's Goron form in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has a punch-punch-butt combination. As a Goron, Link has the excuse of being incredibly strong, weighing a ton, and literally having a rock-hard backside.
  • Patrick does this when kicking in Nickelodeon Soccer Stars 2.
  • Tina Armstrong has a flying backwards butt rush as part of her wrestling repertoire. As she's a longtime Dead or Alive contender, there are worse asses than hers to be hit with (like her father Bass, and Brad Wong).
    • It's possible to dodge this using the "counter" command, which can result in her flying ass-first off the edge of a roof (or similar).
    • Ayane also has a, fairly difficult to deliver, chain which ends with her slamming her rear down on them.
    • Also, Lucha Libre wrestler Lisa Hamilton (a.k.a. La Mariposa) has a move where she jabs her assets into an opponent.
    • Let's not forget the "Butt Battle" mode from Xtreme 2.
    • Marie Rose's Rose Hip attack utilizes her butt.
    • Guest fighter Rachel has a throw (to crouching foes) where she grabs their heads, and SLAMS them into her ass!
    • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round introduces Honoka, a busty schoolgirl who can copy moves of other fighters. Alot of her moves involve use of her large butt.
    • DLC character Naotora Ii from Samurai Warriors utilizes her shapely assets: from a powerful butt-first tackle, to a move in which she crushes them under her butt.
    • Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters and her busty side-step attack.
  • Hibari from the Senran Kagura series has a powerful aerial combo that finishes with a prominent hip throw, and she uses her rear to attack when using her aerial smash.
  • Fiona's fully charged neutral E attack in Arcana Heart causes her to launch herself buttfirst at the enemy.
  • Some of the larger fighters in the Tekken series allow for this too. Notably, anyone named Jack can do this, as well as Kuma, Panda (basically same moves) and Ganryu. All of them used to share the same movesets, but eventually diversified.
    • Lili gains a bump version as an item move.
    • Anna Williams finally puts her money where her...butt is, after seven games of simply shaking her butt at the enemy in Tekken 6, when her "Aphrodite's Scorn" (f+2+3 or 6+RP+LK, if you're weird like that) move makes a debut. Thankfully, it's her standard/most powerful combo ender, so there's a good excuse to use it frequently.
    • Miharu can uses a back-turned butt bash this and an combo ender with her Miharu's attack.
    • Jaycee (Julia Chang) has a hip check, and a dropping butt crush.
    • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 grants this to literally most of the female cast aside from Leo. Every female character can purchase Lili's Tekken 6 headdress and it grants them the same attack where they hit their opponent with their bottom and send their opponent flying horizontally. As even the sub 100 pound Xiaoyu can use this she can literally send a monster more two times are tall and four times as heavy as her flying simply by hitting it with her rather small rump.
  • Shun Di from Virtua Fighter, with his back throw move "Haitou Richu" and "Kasenko: →P,P,P,K".
    • As well as Jeffery. →K+G, while running
    • Sarah too, as of Final Showdown. Wildcat: →P+K+G,K+G of K+G from a front slide.
    • And Taka-Arashi with Hondo Kate'ate: ←P,P,P and Ganseki Otoshi: ↑P (while opponent is on floor)
  • One of Xiaomu's combos in Endless Frontier ends with this.
  • In The House of the Dead 4's fourth chapter, the boss, Temperance, is an oversized obese zombie who is a few stories tall. During the first phrase of the battle, if you don't deplete one of his stun gauges in time, he'll jump high into the air and butt-stomp you. Ouch. That shouldn't just take off one life...
  • Many of Honey's moves in Fighting Vipers use her butt, including one that involves a running start. Her possible boyfriend Sanman also has at least one.
  • The title character of the Croket! games used one in the earlier titles, often including Fartillery. Likewise he seems to have at least once in the anime. In the later games he lost the attack but it was used, minus the fart, by the Old Master and two of the female cast members.
  • Bridget of the Guilty Gear series has a flying butt attack which will frequently stagger the enemy. Potemkin also as an aerial drop version.
  • In Virtual-ON Fei-Yin hits the opponent with her rear in one move, producing a shower of hearts.
  • A good chunk of the cast of Pretty Fighter has one. Also inverted with a spanking attack.
  • Watson of Battle Fantasia uses a butt bump as his throw, and the large Dwarf Donvalve has at least one as well. Marco appears to use his in his throw as well.
  • The freeware fighter Secret of the Eight Stones has two fighters with almost entirely butt based styles, as well as at least one attack from many others. The expansion pack is based around this and Fartillery. Even one fighter with the aforementioned butt machine guns.
    • A sequel demo (which also has an expansion of its own) includes "Princess Elsa" who uses her behind extensively even by this series' standards!
    • And inverted in X2, which has a character based entirely around Literal Ass-Kicking.
  • Arina of Waku Waku 7 has a bump as one of her throws. Coolest of all, however, is her aerial drop in which she tauntingly smacks her butt as it hits them. Literal case of badass?
  • Peppita from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time attacks butt first in her "Charge!" animation. Though not an attack, Roger also puts a fairly unique spin on a butt smack taunt.
  • Neemon in Digimon Rumble Arena 2 uses his rear in a couple of attacks. Along with heavy Fartillery and a spanking victory taunt.
    • In the original game, Impmon had at least three butt attacks.
  • Likewise is Binbougami in DreamMix TV World Fighters with both a butt and gas attack.
  • June of Star Gladiator ends her super with a butt bump, as well as landing sitting on their face in her throw. The latter was also used by her daughter Ele in the sequel.
  • In Power Stone many characters make use of the Ground Pound variant. Also, in the first game, Ayame used a flying bump as a combo ender. She and Pete also pat them at the enemy in their victory pose and taunt respectively.
  • In the Inuyasha PSX fighter, Shippo has a flying butt bump as one of his ducking combo hits.
  • Legaia II: Duel Saga has Sharon's Peach Surprise combo ending with one.
    • The 3rd boss "elfin's dynamic hip" uses one as well.
  • A "Hip Drop" attack has appeared a few times in Dragon Quest; it's given to female party members as part of Tech Trees based on their physcial attractiveness and uses... the reverse part of their hips. It was first seen with Jessica in Dragon Quest VIII as one of her "Sex Appeal" skills, then with Jade in Dragon Quest XI has part of her "Allure" skills. This is an especially good one, because it's not only an effective means of focusing on one enemy if you have Jessica using a whip, it also has a chance to charm whoever the user hits, making them waste a turn. Some monsters can also use the attack in these games; Fat Bats and Night Emperors in VIII and Vampire and Supreme Succubats in XI.
  • In Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round Two, Mama Tua used her massive backside as one of her special attacks.
  • The first stage of the SNES Battletoads game Battlemaniacs had Pig-like baddies that would try to sit on you from higher elevations and had a stone pig boss that did a jumping butt drop that would instant kill if it hit.
  • Helga from Clayfighter had as special move called Valkyrie Ride.
  • Yokozuna from WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game had a scissor bomb and a banzai drop that could hit from across the ring. Ouch! And in one of the Super Nintendo era WWF games, WWF Raw, Yokozuna had a hidden move where he jumped off the turnbuckle and landed ass first in the ring, causing an earthquake!
  • Natalia Glinka from the freeware fighting game Vanguard Princess has two specific attacks using her butt. Given what little clothing she has down there and how she executes the move, it's a major point of Fanservice.
  • In Asterix at the Olympic Games, Obelix does this. It's convincingly destructive.
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers'' features a Butt Battle mini-game in which female selkies attempt to knock one another into a pool using their rears.
  • In trailers for Keroro RPG, Tamama has demonstrated a flying butt attack in his moveset.
  • Chrono Cross: Macha's special attack, Bottoms Up. Here is a vid of her attack- Macha's Bottoms Up
  • In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, the dancer class move, hip attack, is this.
  • Final Fantasy VII features the ChocoMog Materia, that has a rare attack called Fat Chocobo that drops an enormous Chocobo's butt on the opponent. He also learns the "Chocobo Drop" in Natural class.
  • In Final Fantasy X, Cindy of the Magus Sisters performs a very straight-forward one as her basic attack, simply running up to the target before giving them a bump with her rear. The fact that she's wearing a suit of armor probably contributes to its painfulness.
  • In Final Fantasy X-2, Brother also does this for his basic attack if you use him as a party member.
  • BlazBlue:
    • Platinum the Trinity's 6B attack hops butt-first towards the opponent. It registers as a hit even when the opponent is crouch guarding, so it's not wrong to say that this move is most effective when it's a facebutt.
    • Makoto Nanaya of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift does this as her back throw, which has knocking her opponent on their back and then jumping and landing on them butt-first. She also has a variant in her jumping 2C attack (although she's covering her butt with her tail when performing it).
  • One of Bounce Man's attacks from Mega Man 11 is to drop himself at Mega Man if he's under Bounce Man's body.
  • Mortal Kombat 9: Kitana's old Square Wave attack where she jumped up and air-dashed forward with a punch has been replaced with a somewhat more realistic variation where she jumps up and then uses her fans to propel herself ass-first into an opponent. In Mortal Kombat X it's even possible to do a Brutality where she destroys the head of her opponent with this move! (Appropiately, the Brutality is named "Back That Up".) In Mortal Kombat 11, Kitana's mother Sindel also has a move like this. Apparently, its hereditary.
  • Mortal Kombat X: Bo' Rai Cho has the "Bump N' Dump" Special Move, which is a "Belly Bash" attack that's followed by landing his ass on the opponent's face and farting on them. It can be even more humiliating if done as a Brutality where he crushes the head of his opponent with this move.
  • In the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game beat 'em up game, Kim does this as a dash attack. It comes with the cute noise, too.
  • Lucifer and Beatrice are both able to attack with their butts in Umineko: Golden Fantasia...which is kind of ridiculous when Beatrice hits you with the ass end of her poofy dress.
  • For The Simpsons beat-em-up, Marge had this as a power shot (press jump and attack simultaneously) It is notable as a hit from her thin rear end does more damage than any hit coming from her vacuum cleaner.
  • In The Simpsons Hit & Run, Homer used this as a Ground Pound.
  • In Kingdom of Loathing, an item found in some Clan VIP rooms allows you to photocopy your own butt. Which can then come out and attack you. Or someone else. Just about the most literal version of this trope possible. And yes, if your photocopied posterior ends up fighting someone, you end up with either 'Troper has kicked your butt' or 'Your butt has kicked Troper's'.
  • In Psychic Force, Wendy can use this to slam an enemy into the Invisible Wall.
  • Gretchen from Knight's Contract has a finisher where she shrinks every enemy on screen and sits on them. Naked.
  • Pooly, one of the fighters from the PSX Fighting/Adventure Abalaburn uses this as his weak close-range combo. His Acrofatic status makes it rather dangerous for its type.
  • Skullgirls:
    • Double has her "Hornet Bomber" which involves her shapeshifting to Cerebella and then invoking the trope by flying through the air, butt first. Also happens to be a Shout-Out to R. Mika.
    • Squigly bumps her opponent with her butt to do her snapback animation. While doing so, her parasite Leviathan makes the famous "'Dat Ass" face, complete with sunglasses.
  • The "Bump" ring from zOMG! causes the user to hip-check enemies away.
  • Juliet of Lollipop Chainsaw has the aptly named Butt Attack.
  • In Project × Zone, when Valkyrie is called as an assist her finishing attack has her grow giant and perform a Ground Pound on the opponent.
  • In Dragon's Crown:
    • The Amazon's unarmed aerial downward attack is a butt slam that causes shockwaves. Given the size of her butt, this is hardly surprising.
    • The Sorceress' running attack. Despite her having the lowest strength of all the characters, hitting something with this move will knock them clear across the screen.
  • In a minigame for Mario Party 10, a humongous Bowser controlled by a player must buttslam and sit on the other players. That's a whole lot weight and a whole lot of Bowser butt...
  • In Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, one Talk Topic has the persona Sohma describes how she broke out of the thick, strong containment of the capsules Reyvateils are born from, ruefully remarking on her monstrous destructive power. The first reaction is shock at the destruction, but once the hero Aoto finds out she did it by "bumping" her backside into the walls, he decides the image is rather cute.
  • The Nurse which is the boss on Highland Hospital for Beavis and Butt-Head for the Super Nintendo.
  • The Lagombi from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will sometimes jump back and slam into you with its heavily-padded backside if you try and get behind it. In Monster Hunter 4 it also gains a Ground Pound attack.
  • A Basketball mini-game of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy makes Fred use it to steal the ball.
  • Butt-stomping ensues in a few Blazing Moves from Def Jam: Fight For NY. Typically those involve landing ass-first straight into the enemy's lumbar spine. Ouch. And in Meca's case, the punishment doesn't stop there.
  • In Miitopia are Twerkies, Twergulls and Twerkpeas, turkey-like enemies with gigantic bottoms. They, of course, attack by ramming butt-first into the Miis.
  • In the Neo Geo game Fight Fever, Miyuki has an aerial version called the "deadly bullet" and was once called the "dashing hips"
  • Poochy from Power Instinct matrimelee have a dash attack where he turn his butt first at his opponent.
    • Bobby Strong from Bonnou no Kaihou also has a dash attack.
    • Angela Belti from Legends uses her Body Attack in which she kneel down before she rushes with a series of hit. one of the hit uses her big rump as a attack.
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole has the New Kid and Captain Diabetes fight a bunch of strippers, two of which attack this way. One of them, Spontaneous Bootay, does this in the form of a Shockwave Stomp that inflicts terminal damage to anyone around her, and since she acts out of turn and is invincible, she serves as an Advancing Boss of Doom.
  • Isabella Winter A.K.A Daisy from an exclusive PlayStation 3 game from MicroProse called "Girl Fight" has two of these moves when using her butt: Triple Terror and Texan Queen.
  • Not official but a tactic of using Winston in Overwatch involves turning around when landing from his leap so his rear end faces the opponent he is falling on so they can't hit him with a headshot while in the air. When he lands it causes damage to said opponent.
  • Rumble Roses has Becky invoke this quite a bit, her Killer move involves her landing on her opponent's chest seated where the impact of her landing is felt by her opponent through Becky's butt. Becky's SS Lethal is similar concept except more brutal looking. Her counter to an opponent on the top rope involves flipping them and landing on them butt first and many other pinning combinations have Becky doing damage via her butt. What makes this rather fitting is her evil persona Candy Cane was always threatening to kick her opponent's ass and indeed caused more woe to her opponent's butt than anyone else in the division.
  • Wild Woody, from Wild Woody. He erases all of his enemies with his butt since he is an wacky sentient pencil.
  • Nuxia from the Ubisoft fighting game For Honor uses her butt to bump her opponent backwards when throwing them. While unusual for a game as gritty as For Honor, it's inline with the characters lore, as she was originally a dancer who turned her art into a fighting style.
  • In the newer Crash Bandicoot platformer games, instead of using the belly flop as her ground pound maneuver like her brother Crash, Coco instead slams into the target with her backside in a sitting position.
  • Rachel Howard from Hard Edge has a few attacks that makes use of her posterior to pummel enemies, such as for Forward, Forward+Attack move, her downed attacked, and her forward combo attack.
  • One of Boris's Aerial moves from Violent Storm.
  • Paprika from Them's Fightin' Herds ends one of her combo strings ends by her thrusting her rear in her opponent's face.
  • In Elden Ring, the Ground Slam Art of War makes your character do a Ground Pound leaping into the air and slamming their butt into the ground, creating a big shockwave around you. The Golden Slam is a holy version with a yellow shockwave.
  • In Million Arthur: Arcana Blood, Bisclavret has a couple of booty-bumps in her normal attacks, a grab where she launches the foe upwards by pushing them with her buttocks, as well as a special move where she jumps at the opponent, catches their head between her cheeks and falls sitting on their face.
  • In Breakers, Pielle has a hip attack that lands on the opponent heads & Maherl Jumps on his opponent with a hip attack.
  • Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth introduces the Geodancer, a female-exclusive class based around hula dancers that comes equipped with the "Honolulu Hips" skill, which has your party member wiggle her hips seductively before lunging forward with a double butt-strike against enemies. Seeing the usually serious crime boss Seonhee dancing and using her ass to strike thugs is equally as odd as it is hilarious.

  • Errant Story featured it once, when the fairy Nookie uses a flying butt-attack to knock out a fully-grown human mage, straight through a magical shield. For no reason other than to show off to absolutely no-one (since he's the last guy conscious in the area) apparently. The Alt Text actually reads "Booty to the head!"
  • Part 3 of Furry Fight Chronicles shows that Combagals can attack by throwing themselves butt first to their opponent, as Snuggly proves in Chapter 20.
  • Lola and Mr. Wrinkles: With some coaching from Brutus, Hugo stands up to Randal... by sitting on him. It's super effective.
  • Neko The Kitty featured in its "Things Get Weird" arc a "hero" known as Lady Doomass who was constantly foiling McJefferstein's "evil" plans. She later turned "evil" and sided with McJefferstein against the "hero" Hubris. Her appearances constantly featured close-ups on her rear, which prominently displayed the word "Doom". She used this as her weapon of choice when she was in need of one.
  • One-Punch Man: This is how Saitama beat Suiryu in the tournament. He accidentally knocks him clear out of the ring with a HIP CHECK of all things while he was trying to imitate one of Suiryu's moves!. And is so strong that Suiryu plummet into the audience!
  • Poppy O'Possum: In a tournament, Poppy defeats one of her opponents, Bertrand, via falling ass-first on him.
  • Questionable Content features Faye's Sonic Hip Attack.
    Pintsize: I feel like I've been hit by a freight-train carrying eighty tons of SEXY!

    Western Animation 
  • Two examples occur back to back in an episode of 101 Dalmatian Street:
    • Pearl Police Horse did a variant of sorts when she stopped a moving car by standing in front of it and planting her rear end on the hood, grinning cheekily.
    • Delilah Dalmatian had to wake up an unconscious Doctor Dave by slapping his face repeatedly with her backside.
      Delilah: Really hate to do this, but...
  • In Animaniacs, Dot does this to a woman in "Cutie and the Beast" to knock her into a well.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Aang is posing as a Fire Nation Academy student, a bully picks a fight with him. The bully is obviously an inexperienced fighter and Aang is the freaking Avatar. Aang simply avoids all his attacks, and for his final move slips behind him and uses his own butt to lightly bump his opponent in the butt, nearing making the bully fall over. Also note that the bully was a firebender and put it to use, while Aang didn't have to (and couldn't for cover reasons) do the same.
  • Done by Betty Boop to two other woman in her "I Wanna Be Loved By You" musical number in the animated special, The Romance of Betty Boop.
  • The Boondocks: Tom DuBois has a fear of being sent to prison and getting raped. He goes to a self-help group to deal with this fear and they teach him a move that involves thrusting your ass backwards to knock your opponent off balance. Tom uses this against the Booty Warrior when he tries to rape him.
  • Buhdeuce and Swaysway of Breadwinners do this constantly. In fact, "Booty Kick" is one of their catchphrases.
  • Celebrity Deathmatch has an episode in which Jennifer Lopez used her cybernetically enhanced ass to battle Dolly Parton's cybernetically enhanced boobs.
  • In a Cow and Chicken episode called "Karate Chicken", Red smacks Chicken with his ass in the dojo. They calls this "Butt-Fu" and they trains students to attack with their butt.
  • In The Crumpets episode "Auto-graff", Caprice does this to push out the twins Bother and Blister, who were taunting at the camera of the web video she is hosting.
  • Danny Phantom: Sidney Pointdexter, who is in Danny's body, jumps up and turns butt first into Danny Phantom (who is in Sidney's body) in the episode "Splitting Images". Then the word "Bawoomp" appears.
  • Princess Candy from Dave the Barbarian practices Tae Kwon Don't ("It's not as good for fighting as Tae Kwon Do, but it's great for firming the buttocks.") which appears to use this as its primary technique, because every time she tries to use it in a fight, she launches herself at her opponent, ass first.
  • An episode of Dexter's Laboratory has Dexter's dad bending over and hitting his son in the face with his butt to push him into the pool.
  • PJ in Goof Troop made a career out of it... for one episode. Max is getting his ass pounded by a bully named Tooth, when PJ accidentally kicks Tooth's ass with his ass. They then finagle their way onto the "school safety squad", an anti-bullying patrol otherwise staffed by skinny geeks. They soon uncover a conspiracy planned by the chief of the squad... Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Lethal Goofin'"!
  • In a House of Mouse short called "Housesitters", Pete uses his rear to throw Mickey Mouse from the outhouse.
  • Although not a "battle": in KaBlam!, June does this constantly to Henry (surprisingly it works, due to June being skinny as a rail).
  • Kaeloo:
    • In Episode 76, an annoyed Kaeloo uses her butt to push Stumpy into a ditch.
    • Kaeloo once does this to Pretty in an attempt to get her away from Mr. Cat.
  • Kim Possible:
    • In "Tick-Tick-Tick", Shego is defeated when the aptly named Big Mike sits on her.
    • In "Dimension Twist", Drakken and Shego get squashed beneath the equally aptly named "Mister Sit-Down".
  • The Loud House:
    • Another accidental version of this trope occurs in episode "For Bros About to Rock", where Luna does this to Lincoln.
    • In "Dance Dance Resolution", he is greeted this way by Lynn's roller derby teammate Polly Pain by vigorously bumping into him with her rear. A move she calls the "Booty Block". And again, but with Mrs. Johnson while she's dancing.
  • Mickey Mouse:
    • The short "Carnaval" has Minnie accidentally bump away Mickey with her backside when he's trying to get her down from the sky after the feathers in her costume caused her to drift away.
    • In "Our Floating Dreams", Minnie's first meeting with Mickey in the short has her get angry at Mickey and knock him away by hitting him with her keister.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "Sonic Rainboom", the Mane Six are trying to find a spell that will allow the ground-bound ponies to accompany the pegasus ponies to Cloudsdale. Twilight Sparkle hesitates to cast the harder of the two spells, but Rarity, growing impatient, forces the issue with a rump bump.
    • Near the beginning of "Party of One", Pinkie Pie accidentally hip-checks Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle into the walls of her apartment with her overly-enthusiastic dancing. Near the end, Rainbow Dash tries to get a bummed-out and angry Pinkie Pie to come with her to Sweet Apple Acres. Pinkie Pie refuses, and when Rainbow Dash tries to force her, Pinkie stomps Dash's head to the floor with her butt.
    • At the beginning of "The Last Roundup", Derpy Hooves knocks down one of the Town Hall's support beams and later breaks the floor, with her butt.
    • In "Dragon Quest", Rainbow Dash comes up with a plan to throw a tail-wrestling fight against Spike when she, Twilight and Rarity are in the dragon disguise. When Rarity comments on how "her silly plan" worked, an indignant Rainbow Dash bumps her using her butt.
    • In "Daring Don't", Daring Do/A.K. Yearling sends a Mook flying across the room with a hip-check during a fight scene. Bonus points for the rump-bump being a counter, happening when the guy was in mid-air and pouncing on her.
    • One of Ahuizotl's minions also does this to Pinkie Pie at the climax of the episode.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • In one episode during a flashback to a soccer game, Baljeet and Mishti both use this to bounce the other out of the way.
    • Subverted when Perry and Candice switched bodies and tried to hit Doofenshmirtz with his tail, only to realise he no longer had one.
  • Popeye:
    • In the cartoon "The Hyp-nut-tist" after Popeye eats his spinach he starts dancing and stretches his butt to hit Bluto in the face.
    • In "the Anvil Chorus Girl", Bluto gets his revenge on Popeye by interrupting the little man as he introduces himself to Olive, who is too weak to finish her farm work and is in need of "a Strong Man". He steps between them and takes a bow with his butt directly in front of Popeye. Introducing himself, he pushes Popeye backwards with his well-muscled glutes, then flexes his well-defined arm muscles for Olive, who is quite impressed.
    • In the 1935 black-and-white cartoon "You Gotta Be a Football Hero", after a helping of spinach Popeye thunders down the field holding the ball in both hands and swinging his butt from side to side to fend off tacklers coming at him.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998) episode "Impeach Fuzz": during a wrestling match, Fuzzy Lumpkins throws the Mayor against the ropes. He then bends over, showing off his big, muscled, fat butt. The Mayor then ricochets off the ropes and slams into Fuzzy's backside, his face right in his big buttcrack. Later in the match, Fuzzy arrogantly pins the Mayor down by sitting on him.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show had a typically twisted variant in "Mad Dog Hoek":
    Ring Announcer: And it looks like Loaf is going to administer a taste of the awful... the INSIDIOUS... FLYING BUTT PLIERS!
  • The Sheep in the Big City episode "Party of the Shear" has General Lee Outrageous summon the Booty Squad, a pair of soldiers with enormous buttocks, when Sheep refuses to continue dancing at his club. The two soldiers then start to pummel Sheep with their rumps.
  • In South Park, when Cartman is teaching Craig how to fight (sumo) he tosses Craig across the room using "the power of the ass".
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Krusty Krushers", SpongeBob and Patrick's opponents are done in by Patrick's Iron Buns.
  • This is the preferred tactic of the Super Duper Sumos. Booma in particular. "GLUTEUS MAXIMUS!"
  • The season 2 opening for The Super Hero Squad Show has Wolverine doing it to a Sentinel. See it here.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • In the vacation special, this happens to Fifi twice in a row. She dresses up as the manager of a celebrity to get to met him. After she enters the hotel he's staying at she announces herself as his manager. The bellhop takes her to a couch where a large woman is sitting down and she sits next to her. He asks the real manager to stand up and after they both stand the woman, for some reason, sits on Fifi. We are even treated to a POV shot of the woman's ass descending on her. She pulls her flattened body out from under the woman's weight and reshapes herself. Rosane Barr then falls down from the rafters on her ass first. Rosanne scoots around rubbing Fifi on the ground with her ass and then it fades out.
    • In the episode "That's Art Folks", Babs does this while in a red cocktail dress during a song sequence then does it a few more times with a bowling ball tucked in the back of her dress.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy occasionally has Dudley attack enemies with his rear end.
  • In The Venture Bros. episode "Ghosts of the Sargasso", bodyguard Brock Samson performs a much more disturbing and violent variant of this move when a pair of professional "ghost pirates" (actually guys who make a living pulling Scooby-Doo hoaxes) attempt to perform an, ahem... "cavity search". Suffice it to say that one of the Mooks in question doesn't get his hand back until he is dead. Brock, it should be noted, is in shackles the entire time... you figure it out.
    Brock: Hey buddy... I'd kill for one of those right about now.
    Smoker: It's my last pack.
    Brock: It'll help me relax...
    Searcher: Dude, give him one! Please!
    Smoker: No! Screw him! Pirates don't give people cigarettes! They take them!
    [Brock clenches his ass so tight that he breaks the guy's hand, and proceeds to use him as a weapon against the other pirate, before breaking free of his shackles and picking up the cigarette]
    Brock: I told you what I'd do for one of these.

    Real Life 
  • Australia presents... The Wombat! A cute, fuzzy little creature, similar to the koala, (only it lives underground), that kills stuff with its butt. When pursued by a predator down one of its extensive burrows, it can use its rather solid posterior to crush the poor creature's head against the walls of the burrow.
  • African crested porcupines tend to deter their attackers by sprinting backwards at them, ensuring they get a face-full of the (rather thick) quills on the porcupine's rear.
  • In Brazil, there's apparently a "fighter's dance" called samba duro or "hard samba." It's done (as the name implies) during samba dances, and the practitioner (usually a woman) hits her opponent with her bunda (and hips) as she dances. It's mostly a slightly catty, aggressively-passive-aggressive way to punish people for cutting in on one's partner or doing other rude things. This evolved in 2010 into the Surra de Bunda (video) (lit. ass fighting) dance move, in which the dancer literally whacks a guy in the face with her butt. It's kind of become a meme.
  • Happens quite often in Roller Derby, since this zone is approximately where the human centre of gravity lies. A 100lb (45 kg) girl can take out someone twice her size by sitting on the other girl's thigh. And one of the classic defensive maneuvers of roller derby is the booty block. Performed with impressive stopping power, it's more or less exactly what it sounds like.
  • Some martial arts throws use pushing one's hips against the opponent as a means of gaining leverage for the throw.
  • Kickboxer and MMA fighter Mark Hunt once attacked his opponent with what Randy Couture dubbed "The Atomic Butt Drop". This was against current UFC fighter, Wanderlei Silva, who defended against this by rolling up and using his own ass to absorb/deflect much of the impact.
  • This is a common way to get out of being held from behind in several martial arts.
  • Hip-checking in ice hockey. Particularly egregious examples of hip-checking used frequently by players who are known to hip-check are occasionally referred to as "the flying ass".
  • Mundane Utility; if your arms are full and you need to open a door or close a drawer, using the butt will let you keep your balance better than using your foot or knee. When performed while listening to Pop Music (e.g. "Kung-Fu Fighting"), it also looks cool, or ridiculous, or both.
  • Before the rules were revised, sneaky players of Muggle Quidditch would get their opponents fouled out by rushing at them and spinning around just before collision. This would get the opponent penalized for contact from behind, even though it was the approaching player who'd touched them with their behind.
  • "Facesitting" is one of the most popular (or at least "most advertised") activities in the world of BDSM. It's exactly what it sounds like: forcefully smothering a willing submissive victim with the buttocks, battering their face and depriving them of oxygen for brief periods. As one might expect, the experience is meant to be just as painful and humiliating as it is erotic.
  • In American Football, quarterback Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets suffered one of the most humiliating plays in NFL history, The Butt Fumble, when he ran into the backside of one of his offensive linemen, Brandon Moore, got knocked over and fumbled the ball. That would be bad enough but the ball was then scooped up by the opposing team and ran back for a touchdown.
  • The Bump is a popular dance that has you use your butt to bump someone else's butt. Using your hips also count.


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