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As this game is a direct sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth, expect unmarked spoilers for that game below. Spoilers for the show (up to and including Season 21's "Franchise Prequel") may be unmarked as well, mmkay?
"Everybody switch games, we're playing superheroes now!"note 

"Why did we choose this life? Why did we become "super heroes"? We dedicate our lives to fighting crime, for one reason: to make a billion dollars on a super hero franchise!"
The Coon / Eric Cartman

South Park: The Fractured but Whole is the sequel to the 2014 comedy RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth, written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, instead of previous developers Obsidian Entertainment. Players will once again assume the role of the New Kid, and join South Park favorites Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in a new ridiculous adventure.

Some time after resolving the Nazi Zombie crisis by farting on a princess' balls, the New Kid finds themselves beginning a new LARP journey with the boys of South Park, this time under their Coon and Friends superhero personae. Under the Coon (Eric Cartman)'s leadership, the gang fight to clean up the mean streets of their quiet little mountain town, in the name of instilling justice and more importantly, making millions off of their superhero franchise. But thanks to a dispute over the Coon's proposed franchise plan, a subset of the kids have split off into their own hero faction called the Freedom Pals, led by Doctor Timothy (Timmy Burch) and Mysterion (Kenny McCormick); paving the way for civil war between the kids as a far greater threat looms over their home...

The game is also notable for being the first South Park game with foreign dubbing, as it is dubbed in French, Italian, German, both European and Latin-American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The game was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 17th 2017 and for Nintendo Switch on April 24, 2018. The first DLC, "Danger Deck", was released on December 19, 2017, and involved fighting battles on the game's highest difficulty for prizes. The second DLC, "From Dusk to Casa Bonita", was released on March 20, 2018, and has the New Kid deal with rescuing Mysterion's sister from the Vampire Kids at the titular Mexican Restaurant, while being aided by Mysterion, the Coon, and a new ally, Henrietta Biggle. The final DLC "Bring the Crunch" was released in July 31, 2018 and has the New Kid deal with the Lake Tardicaca Summer Camp being plagued by monsters, while being aided by Fastpass, Professor Chaos, and a new ally, Mintberry Crunch. A third game, South Park: Snow Day!, will follow in 2024.

Previews: trailer 1, trailer 2, trailer 3.

The Fractured But Whole contains examples of:

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  • Absurdly Low Level Cap: Just like in the previous game, the level cap is 15. However, the New Kid levels up at a much slower rate since you can't get any EXP after completing quests this time; you have to complete milestones on your character sheet along with winning in combat. At the very least, you can unlock all eight Artifact slots at Level 9, so by the time you reach Level 15, you would have already maxed out the New Kid's Artifact slots with the best Artifacts you have.
  • Achilles' Heel: As Sergeant Yates mentions, Shub-Niggurath can't stand white meat. Defeating it requires you to feed it the white cultists.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: During the Martial Artist's backstory, the Alpha Intruder's comment about the final Dragon Force Punch was that it was actually pretty cool.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Inverted example since her canon name was revealed after this game's release. Moira McArthur, Red's mom, is called "Sarah" in this game, as indicated by her Coonstagram selfie with the New Kid.
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: Once you provoke Classi in the strip club by approaching her, targeting her with an attack, or defeating most of the other strippers, she'll call Spontaneous Bootay, who is invincible, moves forward and acts out of turn with a real-time mechanic, and inflicts terminal damage with her "Death by Bootay" butt-stomp attack. You'll need to reach the end of the hallway before she catches up to you and Captain Diabetes. The other strippers will attempt to get in your way or use knockback attacks, pushing you and Captain Diabetes closer to Spontaneous Bootay.
  • Affectionate Parody:
  • After-Combat Recovery: After every battle, everyone's HP is fully restored. Especially helpful since there are certain instances where you and your party are thrown into multiple battles in a row.
  • The Alcoholic:
    • Randy Marsh is drinking worse than ever, and during your quest to the Peppermint Hippo on Night 1, you discover that he's the one who's been keying his wife's car at night while drunk. This is because Mitch Conner (The Coon/Cartman) has been spiking all the drugs and alcohol in town with cat urine to make everyone even more volatile than normal in order to raise crime in the streets.
    • The New Kid's mother has also become a heavy drinker, drinking wine whenever she's around.
  • Always Someone Better: Morgan Freeman, after it's revealed your super farts are a side effect of medical treatments to suppress your genetically inherited Super Charisma. He takes the same treatments through burrito medicine and uses stronger versions of your farts, and he's still charismatic enough to... be Morgan Freeman. He acts as the game's bonus boss and is easily the strongest foe in the game, with 9,999 health, and attacks powerful enough to wipe whole teams at once. You can still beat him of course. With the right strategy, the right Artifacts, the right party members, and the right abilities, it's even fairly easy, which downplays the trope somewhat in a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation.
  • Amazon Brigade: The Raisins Girls do not tolerate those who skimp on their tab and will scratch the hell out of you. The Peppermint Hippo Strippers will also fight anyone who's after a fellow stripper and barges into their dressing room.
  • And You Thought It Was a Game:
    • At the start, the New Kid's goal is to help make Coon and Friends the more popular superhero franchise over Freedom Pals, which is what Cartman (as his "superhero" alter-ego, The Coon) wants. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of Mitch Conner (Cartman's hand puppet alter-ego). Mitch's plan, which is all too real, is to take over South Park by getting elected Mayor (primarily through The Coon and his attempt at a superhero franchise) and making every day Christmas.
    • When the New Kid and co. travel back in time to the beginning of the game and confront Cartman, he claims to have no idea what they're going on about... and then his left hand lifts up to speak as Mitch Conner, revealing it was never about creating a superhero franchise for him at all. For Mitch, it was always about becoming Mayor and taking over South Park.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Outfits often serve as quest rewards or unlockable loot. The Danger Deck DLC lets you unlock Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Wendy's regular outfits.
  • Animal Gender-Bender: Clyde is fully absorbed into his Mosquito persona, constantly talking about drinking blood. Of course, male mosquitoes only feed on nectar.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Normally, the Coon is responsible for managing your class choices. When he leaves the party permanently for the rest of the main story following his betrayal and Mitch Conner's takeover, Doctor Timothy gives you permanent access to all twelve accessible game classes and their respective abilities.
    • Additionally, in order to get the trophy/achievement that requires you to use every party member's Ultimate Power Moves, you don't actually need to use the Coon's Ultimate for the above reason.
    • There are no missable collectables in this game, unlike its predecessor Stick of Truth, where a few collectable Chinpokomon were rendered unobtainable if you didn't get them the first time around.
    • One of the rewards for the Danger Deck is Tuong Lu Kim's assassination contract, which normally costs a whopping $5,000 that the player will probably have to do a lot of grinding to save up, giving the player a more difficult but far less time-consuming alternative way of getting it.
    • In the side quest involving helping the Gay Fish's mother get to heaven, you have to play a minigame that's basically Flappy Bird. Make three mistakes and it's game over. Each failure gives you more health to play with, though. On the second try, you get five hits and on the third try, you get fifteen (at which point you have to go out of your way in order to lose).
    • If you can't figure out Mitch Conner's riddles, the Coon will eventually just tell you where to go with an obviously frustrated tone of voice through Coonstagram.
  • Arbitrary Headcount Limit: Normally, you can only have yourself and up to three buddies on the field at once. However, occasional circumstances allow you to exceed this limit.
  • Arc Villain: Each chapter in the game has its own villain who the heroes must face. Chapter 1 has the Mobsters who are later hijacked by Red Wine Drunk Randy; Chapter 2 has Professor Chaos and his Army of Chaos Minions; Chapter 3 has Sergeant Yates who has been feeding black people to Shub-Niggurath; Chapter 4 has Mitch Conner/The Coon (Cartman), who reveals himself to be the overarching Big Bad responsible for getting people high on cat urine to raise crime in the streets so he can get them to elect him mayor of the town by having Mayor McDaniels take the blame for the crime wave. The "From Dusk to Casa Bonita" DLC has the Vamp Kids, who want to have Mysterion/Kenny's sister Karen on their side, and the "Bring the Crunch" DLC has Nathan, who wants to shut down Lake Tardicaca by any means needed, and later gets usurped by the Zanganor, who tracked Mintberry Crunch down to seek revenge.
  • Art Shift: After fixing their relationship, Super Craig and Wonder Tweek share a combined Ultimate Power Move which suddenly becomes a Shojou manga/anime.
  • Artifact of Death: The Cube of Ultimate Destruction, note  which Cartman keeps in his secret superhero base. He claims the Cube can blow up the entire Milky Way galaxy! He's not kidding. If you whack the Cube too many times, it falls over and shatters, causing a Non-Standard Game Over.
  • Artistic License – Pharmacology: Cat urine supposedly contains chemicals that cause hallucinations, craziness, and major stupidity when inhaled through the nose. Real cat urine does none of those things to someone, though there is an argument to be made you already are crazy or stupid if you're willing to snort cat urine.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • Morgan Freeman only showed up at the very end of The Stick of Truth to give some exposition. Here, he is a vendor who also acts as The Mentor to your character, helping you unlock and harness your timefarts... and also an Optional Boss.
    • The New Kid's parents play a larger role in this storyline and are actually given names (Chris and Kelly).
    • Wendy goes from being a NPC in Stick of Truth to not only becoming a party member, but an essential part of the plot; she ends up helping the New Kid out a number of times. She's also considered to be one of the better party members.
    • The Woodland Critters are characters you can befriend on Facebook in Stick of Truth as part of an easter egg. Here, they terrorize South Park after Mitch Conner makes every day Christmas in the Bad Future, becoming one of the last bosses in the game once they realize the New Kid is the vigilante they're looking for.
    • Henrietta and Bradley Biggle (AKA Mintberry Crunch) go from being NPCs in Stick of Truth to two of the best party members as well, though it's only if you recruit them in their respective DLC missions, "From Dusk Till Casa Bonita" and "Bring the Crunch".
    • The old farmer who blocks the way to Canada plays the role of Mr. Exposition in the "Bring the Crunch" DLC, giving you cryptic warnings as well as explaining certain gameplay mechanics.
  • Assist Character: Professor Chaos' minons.
  • Ass Kicks You: One of the strippers in the strip club uses this as her weapon. Spontaneous Bootay combines it with an Advancing Wall of Doom since her ass is so big that she uses it for a one-hit kill Shockwave Stomp if she gets close enough.
  • Ass Shove: This is how you use Toolshed and Professor Chaos' field abilities. Toolshed plugs in his Sandblaster in the New Kid's ass to clear away any obstacles and reach any objects hidden in pipe nozzles, and Professor Chaos shoves in one of his hamster minions in the New Kid's ass to launch the minion into an electric panel.
  • Bad Future: South Park during the last stretch of the game. Ten days after Mitch Conner/The Coon/Cartman gets elected mayor, City Hall is shown with heavy security forces around it. After the next jump, the effects of "Christmas Every Day" can be seen: The town has turned into an utter shithole, residents are drunk/high and rioting in the streets, businesses have closed and are being looted, the Woodland Critters are going around killing people, and the timespan of the jump was far enough that the abortion clinic has a line of heavily pregnant women that runs out the door and down the block. Worst of all, it's revealed that the New Kid's time jump ends up transporting the heroes into next year.
  • Badass Adorable: All of the party members qualify, since at the end of the day, they're just young children playing superhero all while taking down corrupt cops, an offending pedophile, an Eldritch Abomination god, rogue mutants, and satanic woodland critters.
  • Bag of Spilling: The player doesn't carry over any of the stuff from the last game on account of the kids now playing superheroes instead of a fantasy game.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The first trailer makes it seem as though the game will be another Fantasy LARP story. Then Butters shows up not in his Paladin persona, but as his supervillain alter-ego Professor Chaos, the boys then switch costumes and the rest of the trailer shows it will be a superhero story.
  • Bait-and-Switch Boss: During Night 1, Coon and Friends head into an Italian restaurant run by the mob, with the New Kid and Captain Diabetes breaking into the back room where the mobsters draw guns on them. Then the real boss, Randy Marsh, drunk on red wine, bursts in, beats up the mobsters and scares them off, hellbent on getting his car keys back from Captain Diabetes and challenging the heroes to a battle to do so.
  • Beautiful Tears: Clyde (as Mosquito) breaks down in tears in Dr. Mephesto's lab. Wendy (as Call Girl) posts a selfie of herself grinning and pointing at a still-crying Mosquito as Stan (as Toolshed) comforts him and tops it with the caption "Boys are kinda cute when they cry, huh? #sorrynotsorry".
  • Big "NO!": Cartman gives a hilariously nasal one of these if the New Kid knocks over the Cube of Ultimate Destruction.
  • Bigot with a Badge: The town's police department have holding cells full of black prisoners, all of whom are implied to have been wrongfully arrested, but only a single white inmate, Jared Fogle. The reason for this is that the cops are also secretly cultists of the Lovecraftian Outer God Shub-Niggurath, who demands Human Sacrifices but can't tolerate "white meat".
  • Bilingual Bonus: The Mexican Chaos Minion acting as the right arm of Professor Chaos's mech suit very flatly states "Es un trabajo..." This roughly translates to "It's a living..."
  • Black Comedy Animal Cruelty: To solve certain puzzles, you can shove Professor Chaos' hamsters into your ass and fire them into electrical panels, and to help Super Craig retrieve his guinea pig, Stripe IV, you throw firecrackers at him and fart in the air vent he eventually hides in to overpower his sense of smell. This is all Played for Laughs.
  • Book Ends:
    • The game ends like the origin story did, with the New Kid's dad fucking their mom, despite having changed the past so neither of them gets hooked on alcohol or drugs. As Professor Chaos puts it in the sequel hook: no matter what you did, your past still started with your dad fucking your mom.
    • During the game, the Sixth Graders serve as the first major enemy faction. During the climax, the Sixth Grader ass-mutants of Dr. Mephisto's lab serve as the last major enemy faction.
  • Boss Remix: The Freeman's Tacos shop gets an epic remix for when you fight the man himself, changing from a laid back theme to something straight out of an old action western movie.
  • Boss Subtitles: Zig-Zagged. Most of the major boss encounters, as well as some playable characters like Fastpass, Toolshed, and Call Girl, get introduced with dramatic splash screens, but they lack any actual subtitles, instead just showing their name.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: This game ties in with Season 21's "Franchise Prequel" when Mysterion, Toolshed, Tupperware, and Wonder Tweek leave Coon and Friends to form their own franchise as the Freedom Pals when they disagree with the Coon's franchise plan. Needless to say, this is what starts the whole plot of the game and all the events that happen as well.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • When Mr. Mackey calls the New Kid's parents to confirm their gender identity, whatever the outcome he says that the details don't affect what was established in The Stick of Truth.
    • One of Wendy's special attacks involves South Park: Phone Destroyer, a real life mobile game based on the series.
    • Attempting to skip the opening cutscene will have Cartman telling you to cut it out. Do it enough times and he'll just send you straight to the credits.
    • A redneck will recite the character's entire racial, religious and sexual background using very obviously disjointed Mad Libs Dialogue. When one of the other rednecks asks why he's talking like that, he whispers, "Dialogue tree."
    • In the "Bring The Crunch" DLC, Doctor Timothy (who is controlled by the Zarganor), during the final boss fight, can restrict certain powers, hide the turn order (although it is possible to see if you look close enough), and even deplete your team's entire Ultimate Meter. Lampshaded by Fastpass:
    Fastpass: Oh no, Timmy's mind is breaking the fourth wall!
  • Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario: Super Craig and Wonder Tweek start the game estranged because Tweek split off with the Freedom Pals. It's treated exactly like a bitter divorce, and they don't reconcile until the New Kid gets them into couples counseling.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": As per usual superhero tradition, some of the kids' costumes incorporate a monogram on their person:
    • "C" is for The Coon.
    • "S" is for Super Craig.
    • "M" is for Mysterion.
    • "T" is for Toolshed and Tupperware.
    • "D" is for Captain Diabetes.
    • "WT" is for Wonder Tweek.
    • "GD" is for General Disarray.
    • The only playable characters in the base game who avert this theming are New Kid, Human Kite, Mosquito, Fastpass, and Call Girl.
  • The Bus Came Back: Dr. Mephesto returns after a long absence from the show. And on that note...
  • Bus Crash: Dr. Mephesto's son Terrance is revealed to have been killed during the events of "Mecha-Streisand" all the way back in season 1.
  • But Thou Must!: You have no choice but to watch the opening cutscene. If you try to skip it, The Coon won't let you, telling you that it's important that you watch the cutscene. The more you try to skip it, the more pissed off The Coon gets. After the 10th time, he gets fed up and just rolls the credits.
  • Call-Back: During the tutorial, which takes place before the boys change games from Sword and Sorcery to superheroes, the New Kid still has their old rank of King Douchebag which gets upgraded to King Douchebag, Dragon Slayer after the Warmup Boss.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Despite some dark and sad moments like the New Kid's lonely home life, the temporary death of Captain Diabetes, and the boss fight against Shub-Niggurath, the first three phases of the game remain mostly light-hearted. Then the fourth phase begins with the Coon revealing his Mitch Connor persona and betraying you. And then things get really dark.
  • Changing Clothes Is a Free Action: Subverted; whenever you change clothes outside of the school, a kid walking by will notice and thinks it's weird.
  • Cheap Costume: While the majority of the kids' costumes are pretty rag-tag, they're pretty elaborate for something cobbled together by a bunch of fourth graders. However, Super Craig's costume really is this trope, as it's just a paper note stuck to his shirt with an "S" on it. Others will sometimes call him on it in battle, much to his indifference, though the cover art shows that he had a red cape as well, but was removed in the final game for some reason. It's eventually revealed that they had a lot less time to make the game for Super Craig to make a better costume.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome:
    • Bradley Biggle (aka Mintberry Crunch) unless you get the DLC and Cthulu had major roles in the "Coon and Friends" trilogy, yet they don't have any role in the main story. However, another Lovecraftian creature can be fought as a boss and, as mentioned beforehand, Bradley becomes playable if the player purchases and plays the "Bring the Crunch" DLC.
    • Despite having a prominent side quest in Stick of Truth, Al Gore and Manbearpig are nowhere to be found in this game.
    • Principal Victoria was phased out of her role in the show in favor of PC Principal by the time Fractured but Whole came out. As a result, she lost whatever minor presence she had in Stick of Truth.
    • Timmy's role in the "Coon and Friends" trilogy was "Iron Maiden" (Timmy in a metal suit), who was supposedly indestructible. In the story, Timmy now has the superhero persona of "Dr. Timothy" (an Expy of Professor X) and Iron Maiden is never mentioned by anyone.
    • Big Bad Government Guy was a Plot Twist member of the previous game's Big Bad Duumvirate. He makes no appearance whatsoever in this game.
  • Civil War: The kids have split off into two different teams: Coon and Friends led by The Coon and the Freedom Pals led by Doctor Timothy. At the start of the game, the two groups are already opposed to one another ever since Franchise Prequel.
    Toolshed: You go with the plan, maybe we'll just go and do our own franchise!
    Mysterion: Yeah!
    Wonder Tweek: Yeah!
    The Coon: Oh, you want Civil War, is that what you want!?
    Toolshed: Yeah, dude, it's Civil War, fuck you!
    The Coon: Oh, fuck you! Get out of my house!
  • Color-Coded Speech; While its predecessor only used yellow subtitles for every character, 'this game uses different color subtitles depending on which main character is speaking in a scene. For example, Kyle's subtitles are teal, Cartman's are pale red, and Mr. Mackey's are green. This comes in handy when characters speak shortly after one another and the previous character's subtitles are still onscreen. Less significant characters tend to just have plain white subtitles.
  • The Comically Serious: Just like the last game, the New Kid constantly wears the same expression no matter the situation, though it’s notable that they tend to emote more this time around. What’s also notable is that they have Fartillery powers that they make surprisingly good use of, despite the sheer ridiculousness of having farts that can bend time.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Played for Laughs in the boss fight against Human Kite 2 from an Alternate Universe/Kyle Schwartz, where he blatantly cheats and justifies it by being canon in his Alternate Universe, like randomly giving himself an extra turn because the New Kid didn't give him a time-out, using a Torah scroll as a shield,note  and using his inhaler to heal even after his turn as finished which also negates Status effects. It ends up backfiring when he tries to use Kyle's bed as a platform to do a flying press on the New Kid, but knocks himself out.
    • Mitch Conner also outright cheats by declaring his attacks to do additional ailments, give himself Deflector Shields, or outright nullifying attacks. Even worse, he declares the additional statuses after the attacks hit, and gives no justification as to why they give that status whatsoever.
    Mitch Connor: Oh, and you're burning now.
    The person he hit inexplicably lights on fire
  • Continuity Nod: Even more than in the last game, some of which is even a major factor in the main story. Namely "cheesing", the cat urine drug from "Major Boobage", which turns out to be part of Mitch Conner's plan to make everyone in South Park behave even more irrationally than usual.
  • Collection Sidequest: The new collectible is yaoi fanart of Tweek and Craig. Somewhat unnervingly, the quest is given to you by Craig's dad, who apparently wants to sell the drawings for big bucks. You can also find jars of Member Berries, who make a combination of Call Backs, Shout Outs and Take Thats whenever you find them.
  • Covers Always Lie: The cover shows Professor Chaos and Call Girl being part of Coon and Friends and the Freedom Pals respectively. In reality, the two aren't affiliated with either groups. Which actually plays a role during the boss fight against Doctor Timothy and the brainwashed Coon and Friends.
  • Crosshair Aware: Some enemies and bosses have telegraphed attacks that require a turn to charge up, and as they charge, the area their attacks will strike will light up in red, signalling you to move and get out of dodge. Some of these (such as the Sixth Grade Bomber's "Piss Balloon") can damage their own allies. Casa Bonita introduce enemies with AOE heals, buffs, and revives marked with green. This causes an inverse situation where you want to set your party up to gatekeep these areas and use moves to knock enemies out of them, or barring that, kill them so they only just revive instead of receive massive buffs.
  • Darker and Edgier: Compared to The Stick of Truth. The overarching story is about South Park facing a crime wave due to the return of the "Cheesing" drug, the New Kid's parents are now physically and verbally abusive to each other with Dad becoming The Stoner and Mom being The Alcoholic, which affect the otherwise stoic New Kid, Captain Diabetes died of diabetic shock during Night 1 and would have stayed dead if it weren't for the New Kid's time traveling powers, the police are more racist than they ever are with them arresting and sacrificing innocent black people (including Tupperware's parents and Classi) to an Eldritch Abomination and the New Kid's parents giving them a Sadistic Choice between either killing one of them in the game's fourth chapter. All of this is not helped by repeated callbacks that the kids are well, fourth graders. Mostly these come up in running gags, like having to stop the game for a car passing by, the Coon not knowing about the birds and the bees, and Wendy innocently using the superhero name "Call Girl". However, the fact that you are repeatedly reminded that these are very young kids just makes everything worse.
  • Death as Game Mechanic: When Mysterion (AKA Kenny McCormick) dies in battle, he remains on the battlefield as a ghost that can cast a variety of debuffing moves on the enemy. His Limit Break also changes from a suicide attack ("Cruel Fate") to a self-resurrection ability that heals his team-mates ("Mysterion Re-rising").
  • Demoted to Extra: Several characters who were prominent in Stick of Truth had their roles reduced in this game.
    • Ike played a role in the climatic siege of Clyde's fortress. Here, he's just someone to take a selfie with. Oddly enough, he doesn't even appear in the Casa Bonita DLC with rest of the Broflovskis.
    • Randy Marsh guided the New Kid when they were abducted by aliens, taught them a new fart technique, and appeared in Clyde's fortress. In Fractured But Whole, instead he is a boss fought twice in the first night.
    • Mr. Slave was a summon and had a dungeon inside of his ass. Just like Ike, he's just a friendable NPC here.
    • Annie was the one the New Kid talked to whenever they needed to meet with the girls. Like Ike and Mr. Slave, here she's just another NPC to take a selfie with.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Fastpass is one of the less prominent heroes in the main story (seeing how there are other high-mobility heroes with better abilites, such as Mosquito and Mysterion), but he's one of the main characters and Required Party Members in the "Bring the Crunch" DLC along with Disc-One Final Boss Professor Chaos, Big Good Doctor Timothy, and new character Mintberry Crunch.
  • Developer's Foresight:
    • If you enter the correct keycode to an electronic lock without finding the password first, Cartman himself will pop up on screen to call you out for your cheating while dressed as New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.
      Cartman: Hey, Tom Brady. You wanna play the game or do you just wanna be known as a smug cheating bitch the rest of your life?
    • If you play the game while it's still being downloaded from digital distribution servers and get to a currently not ready area, a guy will tell you to get lost because that part of the game isn't ready yet.
    • The game will remember what you chose for your initial character creation for the boss fight with King Douchebag.
    • If you somehow have $5,000 to bribe the ninja into not killing you, he will comply, but only for this battle. You can later buy an Assassination Contract from Mr. Kim for the same price or earn it as a reward by winning against the Danger Deck DLC that will cause the ninja to stop attacking you altogether.
    • If you bring Butters/Professor Chaos into a battle against Chaos Minions, i.e. people he hired himself, Butters will be in disbelief that his own minions oppose him while they will mention that his checks bounced and they want to get paid for their work, thus resorting to fighting their boss.
    • If you identify as an African-American, your parents can be found in the cells when you assault the police station.
    • If Tupperware or yourself (if you're playing as an African American) get eaten by Shub-Niggurath, it will gain back about a fourth of its health.
    • Conversely, feeding your white teammates to the monster will hurt it just as well as with cultists. Don't worry, it spits them out the next turn.
    • DLC characters Henrietta and Mint-Berry Crunch have dialogue pertaining to the main story missions if brought along. If they're in the same team, they'll even bicker with one another.
    • The New Kid's nationality cannot be Canadian, since they don't look the way Canadians are supposed to on the show.
  • Dialog During Gameplay: The party members will have something to say about just about anything that can happen during a battle, from being attacked to having different status effects inflicted to using items to specific other party members attacking, and sometimes characters will even have short exchanges with each other. And that's not even counting the lines specific to different story fights.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Turns out that a pack of fourth-graders in silly costumes are fully capable of defeating an actual Lovecraftian Outer God.
  • Disability Superpower: Scott Malkinson, AKA Captain Diabetes, uses his diabetes to fight crime by drinking apple juice, which fills himself with sugar, making him really angry, then using the ensuing sugar rush to perform feats of strength. Unfortunately, this bites him in the ass when he runs out of insulin during a mission and dies from a diabetic coma. The New Kid revives him by discovering their Timefart powers and moves everything back to before Captain Diabetes drank the juice. He then figures out another way to trigger his Diabetic Rage is by having the New Kid fart on his face, which makes him just as angry.
  • Disc-One Nuke: The DLC classes and party members can become this since unlocking them will unlock them for all future save files, meaning that you can use either Netherborn and Final Girl (the former a powerful crowd control class and the latter comes with an ultimate capable of insta-killing bosses) as your first class as well as having the Biggles (both of whom are capable of nuking all on-field enemies while healing/rendering the party invulnerable) as soon as you can swap party members.
  • Disney Death: Captain Diabetes, whichever parent you choose to kill to escape Dr. Mephesto's lab, and Mr. Mackey in the Bad Future.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: You can try to visit the Medicinal Fried Chicken restaurant from the episode of the same name. Keyword being try; when you get close to the doors, shutters will slam down and machine gun turrets will pop out, turning you into swiss cheese unless you have the right power to avoid getting hit long enough to turn them off.
    Sentry Guns (after gunning down the New Kid): Say no to drugs.
  • Dirty Cop: While the cops of South Park have always been violent and racist, they've never been seen helping a Criminal Mastermind instigate a drug epidemic as well as sacrificing black people to Shub-Niggurath.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Professor Chaos is hyped as the main villain, but turns out to just have been hired to destroy the heroes by a second party. This turns out to be Mitch Conner/Cartman, as part of a plan to become Mayor of South Park and make every day Christmas.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Invoked. Jared Fogle's primary melee attack is about as sexually suggestive as humanly possible without actually being porn. He holds a Subway sandwich at crotch level and repeatedly thrusts it into his target's face until liquid sauce explodes everywhere. And remember, you're playing as children. The dialogue is also sexually charged.
    Jared: I like your tool! Wanna hold mine?
    Toolshed: The world would be a better place if you didn't talk, ever.
  • Double-Meaning Title: The game's title refers to how the original Coon and Friends split into two rival superhero groups but how despite their bickering eventually team up against a common enemy (Mitch Conner/Cartman). It's also a Punny Name referring to a moment where the New Kid gets his butthole fractured.
  • Dueling Player Characters: The second to last boss is King Douchebag themselves.
  • Easily Forgiven: Tolkien's parents don't end up holding it against you for breaking into their house, assaulting them and getting them arrested and have no problems taking a selfie with you the day after (though partially because it'll be good for when they sue the cops). Tolkie himself evidently never puts two and two together or doesn't care.
    • To a more profound extent, after the Coon betrays his fellow heroes and proceeds to further his plan to promote his franchise by raising more crime in South Park to fight only for it to fail drastically, the New Kid still lets him fight by their side, implying that they forgive the Coon for his betrayal. After all, the Coon pretends to butt heads with his hand puppet Mitch Connor, implying that he feels guilty for betraying, who is perhaps, Cartman's only real friend ever since Stick of Truth, and if it weren't for the Coon's betrayal, the New Kid would've never found out about their origins and their parents would've never gotten over the pressure of keeping their child's secret and would still be at each other's throats.
  • Egocentric Team Naming: Coon and Friends, of course. Averted by the Freedom Pals.
  • Empty Levels: Downplayed. The maximum level in this game, just like the previous game, is 15. However, you get stronger by equipping more and better artifacts, and you unlock your last artifact slot at level 9. Your level also affects status effect damage against enemies, but the increase is small enough that it's unlikely to matter in the main story.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Sergeant Yates is a closeted racist who feeds black people to an Eldritch Abomination. That said, even he's disgusted by what Jared Fogle will do to a pack of children. Not that it stops him from unleashing him.
  • Even the Girls Want Them: The Raisins girls' charm ability will still work flawlessly on your party members who should have an Incompatible Orientation; such as Super Craig and Wonder Tweek (both gay), Human Kite (who is listed as an alien with No Biological Sex), and yourself if applicable.
  • Evil vs. Evil: The final boss is against both Kyle and Cartman as Mitch Conner, though they are more focused on attacking each other than the playable characters. Downplayed in that Kyle is only acting as Mitch Conner to mock Cartman.
  • Exact Words: Combined with Tempting Fate, after the last camp consoler is saved during "Bring the Crunch", Fastpass boasts that nothing on Earth can stop Lake Tardicaca from being open all Summer long. Cue Zarganor, an alien not from Earth, making his entrence.
  • Exposition Fairy: The Towelie DLC has Towelie appear occasionally to give you gameplay hints. Fortunately he can be turned off in the options menu.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Much like in real life, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle goes from misunderstood health enthusiast to unashamed pedophile.
  • Failed a Spot Check: How do they explain being able to play as a girl when you couldn't in The Stick of Truth? You were a girl the entire time, but who gets to notice this is played with.
    • Your parents seem to not realize your gender, but it's subverted when it's revealed that they lied about your gender to protect your identity from the government.
    • The boys take this up to eleven, as throughout the game, they'll make comments about your feminine traits, such as your smooth skin or hair. But they'll never put two and two together that the person they've been relying on for everything is a girl. Kyle outright thinks you're playing as an effeminate guy. Then again, you DO have a very unladylike skillset.
    • Wendy subverts this, as she has always known you were a girl. She chooses to be your Secret-Keeper and won't tell the boys your actual gender out of respect for your wishes to be mysterious (That's her interpretation of you being an Elective Mute, anyway).
  • Fatal Flaw: The New Kid is revealed at the last minute to be very insecure. When attempting to travel back in time to stop Cartman, this reveal kicks in and causes them to jump a year into the future instead of to the start of the game. Only by Cartman as Mitch sending the New Kid even further, back to the backstory, does the New Kid work up the courage to believe in themselves.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The starting superhero powers are Brutalist, Blaster and Speedster. You can later pick a combination of the previous and/or the following: Elementalist, Gadgeteer, Cyborg, Psychic, Assassin, Plantmancer and Martial Artist. The Casa Bonita DLC gives you the Netherborn class and the Bring the Crunch DLC gives you the Final Girl class.
  • Flat-Earth Atheist: You are given the option of doing this, as you choose your religion in a conversation with Jesus himself at the gates of heaven. Despite this, you are given a full list of religious options, including Atheist. The only option that he takes issue with is Scientology.
  • Flipping the Bird: Craig does this a lot, as per usual. It's one of his idle animations during combat and even serves as one of his attacks, which inflicts a Pissed Off status effect on the attack's target, causing them to focus their attacks on him only.
    • The dragon that appears during the Martial Artist's "Dragon Swagger" ultimate will flip off the entire enemy side.
  • Food-Based Superpowers:
    • Captain Diabetes' Limit Break "High Fructose Death Wave" involves him ingesting large amounts of sugar to Hulk Out and cause massive damage to enemies.
    • You obtain the Timefart abilities after consuming particularily strange burritos.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Italian mafia repeating Cartman's version of Captain Diabetes' backstory (had been farted on during birth) is this to Cartman (as Mitch) being their leader. Also makes the 'Cartman really had no control over Mitch' theory less plausible.
    • If you challenge Morgan Freeman too early, he will unleash a fart that kills all of your party members in a single hit, giving you a Non-Standard Game Over... until everything rewinds back to the point before you challenge him. It's implied that Morgan used his farts to rewind time, which he later teaches you when you need to revive Captain Diabetes after he dies from a diabetic shock.
    • When everyone from both teams decide they are better off working together, Cartman is the only one who hesitates before changing his mind and agreeing on the idea. Since having both Coon and Friends and Freedom Pals together would mean his idea of having a successful franchise would not come to fruition, he is the one who kidnaps your parents and turns against everyone later on.
  • Four-Point Scale: Discussed and parodied. Cartman wants the new game to settle for nothing less than a 9.5 on Gamespot.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Sometimes when executing the player's ability to cancel an enemy's turn with their farts, the game will lock up by failing to bring the New Kid back into the battle proper. Thankfully the player can restart from the last checkpoint, though this will still invalidate all progress through the battle.
  • Game Over: "YOU ARE DEAD" in bloody red letters.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • Shub-Niggurath eats black people, and will thus recover health if Tupperware or a black New Kid gets in her feed zone. Conversely, she'll lose some health if any of the other party members ends up devoured, though not as much as when she eats the policemen.
    • Nearly every character has an idle animation of them checking their phone, justifying their vulnerability to Phone Destroyer.
    • Listing her Superhero identity's orientation as Polysexual explains why the normally-straight Wendy can succumb to a Raisins Girl's charms in battle.
    • When fighting Sheila, Kyle will turn against you and fight on her side since he doesn't want you beating up his mom and get into further trouble for it.
    • Morgan Freeman can potentially charm one of your allies into his side by telling them to gaze upon his freckles. This doesn't work on either Captain Diabetes, who also has freckles, or a New Kid with freckles.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation:
    • Even after giving Stripe IV back to Tweek at the coffee shop during the relevant quest, Super Craig will use Stripe during his Ultimate ability in battle.
    • One of the sidequests involves Call Girl's data plan being cut off, and her phone being dead. Despite the fact that her powers are based off cell phones, she's not crippled in the least during this sidequest.
    • Call Girl is able to use her Phone Destroyer ability on animals, inanimate objects like barrels full of chemicals, or even on newly birthed eggs from an Eldritch Abomination. Then again, in the age of the "internet of things", WiFi has been needlessly crammed into all sorts of ridiculous objects so a "smart barrel" doesn't actually sound that far-fetched.
    • When you're escaping Dr. Mephisto's lab, Call Girl says it's a D-Mobile Dead Zone. Her powerset isn't affected in the least.
    • Wonder Tweek's description lists earth as one of the elements he controls, but this is not reflected in his moveset or, indeed, anywhere other than that specific description.
    • A lampshaded example in the "Bring the Crunch" DLC: After going through a fight on Indian Burial Ground where fallen enemies can be revived, our heroes come across a dying councilor and decide to use the dirt from the burial ground to revive him. It fails and the farmer comes by and tells you that was purely a gameplay mechanic but kudos on you for trying.
    • While the example of Call Girl not being affected by the Raisins Girls' charm mentioned above somewhat makes sense, Super Craig, Wonder Tweek, Henrietta (the three of them attracted to boys) and a New Kid not attracted to girls can still fall victim to their charm.
    • Early on in "The Chaos Gambit", it is established that Professor Chaos's tinfoil helmet shields him from Doctor Timothy's Psychic Powers, preventing the latter from reading Chaos's mind. In battle, all of Doctor Timothy's powers work normally on Chaos.
    • All chaos themed enemies are immune to the fire Status Effect. When Professor Chaos joins your party, he is no longer immune to fire.
    • Regardless of what gender you make the New Kid, the Backstory version of them used to use the male hurt sound. This has since been removed in a later update, suggesting that the Backstory New Kid using a hurt sound at all was just an oversight.
    • Craig or Tweek can use Eros Eruption even if the other one isn't currently in the party, or one of them is defeated.
    • Cousin Kyle will always gain a second turn because of the New Kid not obliging his pause request, even if the player did skip their turn and do nothing.
    • If Mosquito gets cured of the Charmed status, he'll always refer to the person who charmed him as female, even if the charmer was the clearly male Doctor Timothy or Morgan Freeman.
    • Even after Professor Chaos gets the money to summon minions again, he's still somehow unable to pay the minion random encounters you can fight with him in the party and thus those minions will still fight him with neither mentioning this.
    • Spontaneous Bootay in the "Bring the Crunch" DLC will run in a cutscene because she's terrified of the Final Girl class. Despite this if you carry over the class into a new save, in both the Main Story nor the Bring the Crunch fights against her Spontaneous Bootay will be just as immune to all the Final Girl's abilities as she is to every other ability.
  • Gassy Gastronomy: Morgan Freeman is a taco place owner, and he teaches your player character to pull off all kinds of amazing attacks with their farts. Eating his tacos can make you rewind time with your own flatulence. During his optional boss fight with him, he'll eat one of his own burritos, causing him to let out explosive farts that will afflict your party members with the "grossed out" status condition.
  • Genre Shift: The boys change their fantasy LARP session to a superhero game after The Coon arrives from "the future". The combat itself has also been expanded from a simplistic Paper Mario-esque system to a grid-based Strategy RPG with multiple characters on the field similar to Live A Live.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Jared Fogle for the main story, "Corey Haim", AKA Michael Jackson for the "From Dusk till Casa Bonita" DLC sidequest, and the Zarganor for the "Bring the Crunch" DLC sidequest. A heroic example would be Santa Claus, who the New Kid accidentally summons instead of Jesus during the battle against the Woodland Critters.
  • Godzilla Threshold:
    • In the E3 2016 trailer, Cartman is forced to unleash his greatest weapon: note 
      PC Principal: Did I just hear someone use a microaggression? RAAAUGH!
    • In the main game, when you confront the police, Sergeant Yates unleashes Jared Fogle to deal with you.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: You can be Coonstagram friends with various characters that are otherwise or will become your enemy, including Mr. Kim, Stephen Stotch and the Raisins Girls (though they make you pay for a selfie pass before they'll agree to take a pic with you).
  • G-Rated Sex: "Eros Eruption" has Super Craig and Wonder Tweak — with a lot of build-up and an Animesque cutscene — hold hands. Somehow it shocks and disorients their enemies as if they were witnessing something involving a squid's worth of tentacles, two cans of cranberry sauce, and a goat.
  • The Great Wall: If you manage to make it to the Canadian border, you'll find the giant wall from "Where My Country Gone" and a Canadian upon it taunting you about how you can't get in.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: On the 2nd night, when you and your allies infiltrate the U-Stor-It in search for Scrambles the Cat, Toolshed is added to the Allies App since he owes the New Kid a favor for helping him stop his dad from driving drunk during the 1st night. Of course, this only lasts until the 3rd day starts; by that time, Toolshed has already left the New Kid's side and wouldn't be recruited again until you're sent to infiltrate the Freedom Pals' base at Tokien's house. Even then, you can use his Buddy Ability to remove any "lava", AKA Red LEGO bricks, blocking your way before you do.
    • During the boss fight with the Woodland Critters, Santa Claus joins the fight after you try to pray to Jesus.
    Santa: Oh, you little fuck critters again, huh?! Santa's gonna kick the shit outta you!

  • Hates Everyone Equally: A gang of rednecks show up to kick your ass first after you confirm your sex and gender identity in "The Talk", then again after you confirm your sexual orientation in "The Talk 2: The Gendering", then again after visiting the bank in the sidequest "Always Bet on Chaos", then finally when you determine your religion after the "Touch the Sky" sidequest. No matter what you are, they hate it, so it's safe to say they just hate everyone. At one point, they get confused on whether they hate you for paying Mexicans or because of your racial/sexual identity, only to settle for both.
  • Healing Boss: Shub-Niggurath will heal health whenever she eats "black meat", aka Tolkien/Tupperware or the New Kid if the player made them black.
  • Heal It with Nature: Picking the Plantmancer class gives the New Kid some support-focused Green Thumb abilities, including "Purifying Petals", which heals allies in range and removes status effects, and the Limit Break "Nature's Gift", which summons Mother Nature herself to heal and revive all allies.
  • Hollywood Law:
    • There is no reason for Jared Fogle to be in a small town jail rather than a federal penitentiary like in real life.
    • The mayor of a small-time town doesn't have the authority to make every day Christmas.
  • Human Aliens: Kyle's Human Kite persona is an alien despite looking like a human wearing kite-themed clothes. Additionally, Bradley is a literal example as an actual alien that looks exactly like a human boy.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels:
    • The difficulty slider changes the color of your character's skin, with lighter skin being easy and darker skin being hard. Rather than altering combat, it alters the amount of money the player starts with as well as interactions with characters. For example, the crooked cops will try to attack you playing as a black character, but require direct provocation if white.
      Cartman: Don't worry, this doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life.
    • The actual combat difficulty is ranked Casual (Easy), Heroic (Normal), Mastermind (Hard) and Diabolic (Very Hard). There is a trophy/achievement for completing the game on Mastermind as a black character.
  • Infernal Background: The intro cards for the battles against General Disarray and Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme feature environments covered in lava.
  • Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence: Combined with Lethal Lava Land, Professor Chaos has blocked off several routes and areas with impassable lava (in reality just red LEGO bricks), making them unreachable until you unlock Toolshed's secondary ability, which lets him blow away the bricks with a sandblaster plugged into the New Kid's ass.
  • Intentionally Awkward Title: Once you say it out loud, you'll never not hear it that way.
  • Interface Spoiler: One trophy/achievement specifically tasks the player with using every party member's ultimate once... except the Coon's. Guess who leaves the party later on in the game.
  • Internal Retcon: If you choose to be anything but a boy? Nobody noticed except your parents, who were lying to hide your identity, and Wendy, who was playing along.
  • Irony: If the Super Craig & Wonder Tweek movie were to ever happen, then it would be the first superhero movie with homosexual protagonists. Unsurprisingly, Cartman's planned Super Craig X Wonder Tweek film is targeted at the Japanese market.
  • Item Crafting: You can craft healing items, costumes and equippable items (called Artifacts) using any materials you find.
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique:
    • One of the minigames has the New Kid "interrogating" a drunken businessman in a strip club by giving him a lap dance while farting on him.
    • You do this to Jared Fogle after the boss fight in order to get the elevator keycode. You can choose whether to fart in his face anyway after he gives it up.
    • You do this to Cartman (as The Coon) late in the game after Cartman (as Mitch Conner) kidnaps the New Kid's parents.
  • Kevlard: Spontaneous Bootay from the Peppermint Hippo strip club and Raisins girl Rebecca are overweight but are tanks in the battlefield. Rebecca has more health than the other Raisins Girls and can do more damage whereas Spontaneous Bootay can defeat the player and their allies in one hit and cannot be harmed.
  • Kids Prefer Boxes: The dragon in the tutorial is crudely constructed out of cardboard boxes and string with a dragon's body drawn on the front with colored marker, and is so fragile it has to be wheeled into battle on a wagon. To absolutely nobody's surprise, the New Kid kicks its ass in no time.
  • Kryptonite Factor: One of the things you must fill out for your character sheet is your Kryptonite, where you must choose an enemy faction that you'll be weak against. The other heroes also have their own, detailed on the character page. The Coon is the only character that does not have a kryptonite in spite of him saying that it is against the rules to not have one.
  • Lampshade Hanging:
    • When Mitch Conner describes his plans to create a genetically engineered version of the New Kid, Cartman calls him out by saying that using a bigger and scarier version of the hero to fight the hero has been done to death.
    • After friending Morgan Freeman on Coonstagram, he posts that he's not sure why you kids went through all the trouble of making your own social media network and why the entire town uses it, but he might as well join in.
  • Lazy Mexican: When we first see PC Principal, he just punched a man for telling a hispanic coworker that he "looks tired" because he claims it's a microagression that enforces the Lazy Mexican Stereotype. When said hispanic coworker tells him that he IS feeling tired, PC Principal punches him as well. Subverted however with Butters' Minion that he can summon via whistling for him and act as an extra teammate for three turns.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: A man by the bus stop comments that it feels like he's been waiting three years for the bus and that it was supposed to be there in December. This is a reference to the fact that The Fractured But Whole came out three years after The Stick of Truth and how the original release date was December 2016.
  • Lemony Narrator: While narrating your origin, if you dawdle for too long, Cartman starts losing patience with you and tells you to get it over with.
  • Limit Break: Every playable character has an ultimate attack, otherwise known as an "Ultimate Power Move", which can only be used if the team's power meter is filled to 100% by inflicing damage or taking damage. The New Kid's superhero classes have twelve of these with each class having one.
  • Living MacGuffin: Scrambles the Missing Cat is what drives the initial storyline for Coon and Friends.
  • Loading Screen: On top of the smaller and simple loading screen that simply shows "LOADING..." on the bottom right, there is a bigger loading screen that shows a spinning icon in the center. What icon is displayed is dependent of the current day/chapter:
    • Chapter 1 uses the Coon mobile.
    • Chapter 2 uses the Coon and Friends "C.A.F." logo.
    • Chapter 3 uses the Freedom Pals mobile.
    • Chapter 4 uses the Freedom Pals logo.
    • Chapter 5 and the Playable Epilogue uses Tupperware's Tupper Mech Mk III.
    • From Dusk to Casa Bonita uses a sopaipilla.
    • Bring The Crunch uses a bowl of cereal.
  • Mad Libs Dialogue: One of the rednecks does this with the New Kid's race, religion, ethnicity, and gender when they have their character sheet completely filled out and one of his buddies asks him why he's talking like that.
  • Main Character Final Boss: Downplayed. The first phase of the final boss is the New Kid's past self in their King Douchebag persona from the previous game, South Park: The Stick of Truth, accompanied by Clyde, Craig and Kyle (and, during the last phase, Butters), which is often considered the hardest boss in the game. The real final boss, present Cartman and Kyle using the former's Mitch Conner persona, is more of a Post-Final Boss in comparison.
  • Marathon Boss: The battle against the New Kid in the past is one. You have to fight the New Kid, then fight Clyde, then Craig, then Kyle, then all of them together plus Butters. Really, it's basically the final real boss, as the actual final battle is more for comedy and basically impossible to lose if you've beaten everything else.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane:
    • Yeah, Mitch Connor was originally a hand puppet created by Cartman, but it's shown he can teleport between Cartman and Kyle's hands freely (and, in fact, the way to beat him in the Final Boss battle is to beat down both of them).
    • Kyle is eventually revealed to have been faking it, and given that Cartman's Mitch echoes Cartman's unbelievably poor understanding of sex, it's very strongly implied he was faking too.
    • Carried over from Stick of Truth, the ENTIRE PLOT. It's repeatedly noted that these are regular 4th graders playing a game. However, they beat up the police, an eldritch abomination, mutated monstrosities, and travel through time.
  • Meaningful Background Event: While heading to Stark's Pond, you can hear some sixth graders talking about one of their friends going missing. This foreshadows the mutants at Mephesto's lab.
  • Mechanically Unusual Class:
    • Mysterion has a Stance System where if he dies or uses his first Ultimate, "Cruel Fate", he'll turn into a ghost and switch to a secondary moveset complete with a second ultimate, "Mysterion Re-rising", which heals all allies on the field. But the price for this is he's unable to attack, as all of his moves as Dead Mysterion are purely for support, or be revived with items, as his secondary Ultimate is the only thing that will bring him back. Also, if Mysterion is still dead when the rest of the party dies, you'll still lose the fight.
    • DLC character Mintberry Crunch has a moveset revolving around status effects that only he can apply, 'Mint' and 'Berry'. While Minted allies are cleansed of any debuffs, its true power comes from the fact that Berry-affected enemies do no damage to any Minted allies.
    • The New Kid gains a new class in the same DLC that added Mintberry Crunch: the Final Girl. Three of the four attacks the Final Girl can use mark it as very different from the other classes. First, the Saw Bleed, which places a vertical row of sawblades on the field. Any enemy that passes over a saw in any form will take damage and suffer a status effect exclusive to that specific move, 'Hemorrhage', which is like 'Bleed' but is more damaging and can stack with Bleeding as well as itself. Second, the Hammer Bomb, which allows the New Kid to not only move after selecting a target, but also select which direction the knockback goes, something no other move in the game allows you to do. Finally, there's the Ultimate Power Move, "Final Vengeance". Once it's activated, the New Kid moves to whoever is in their range and attacks them with a cobbled-together chainsaw weapon, instantly killing any enemy that's at low health.
  • Medium Awareness: In the Developer's Foresight example above, the New Kid will look up at Cartman, who is placed at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Medium Blending: Part of Fastpass's ultimate has him running through a live-action street. Also, Super Craig's original ultimate (before completing his quest) shows a real hamster with a pirate hat as a part of sequence.
  • Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot: A simple quest to rescue a missing cat snowballs into the discovery of a cult dedicated to feeding black people to Shub-Niggurath and a plot by Cartman to take over South Park and make every day Christmas.
  • Mirror Boss: The fight with King Douchebag starts with a sequential battle against the past versions of Clyde, Craig, Kyle, and Butters, with Clyde, Craig, and Kyle forced into your party at various points to fight themselves. And of course, you fight yourself as well.
  • Monster and the Maiden: Henrietta can summon Satan himself for her ultimate move.
  • Mook Maker:
    • During the first fight against Doctor Timothy in the playground, if the player defeats one of his mind-controlled kindergartners, Timothy will spawn more until he is defeated.
    • White Ninja can summon weaker Red Ninja in battle.
  • Mugging the Monster: Who'd have thought that kindly old Morgan Freeman was some sort of fart master capable of doing hundreds of points of damage with a single fart?
  • Musical Sting: Every time Super Craig yells out "Suuuuper Craaaig!" orchestral music swells briefly, even if there was already music playing.
  • Named by the Adaptation: Kinda. Brimmy, the kid that wears a blue hat with a yellow rim, has been a background character since the first season, and despite fans naming him "Brimmy" since the show's early days, he did not have an official name until appearing in this game, which confirms that his name is indeed "Brimmy."
  • Never Trust a Trailer: A lot of the trailer footage isn't even present in the game, such as Cartman finding the stick in his toilet. It also hyped Professor Chaos as the main villain, while in the game he's only a Disc-One Final Boss.
  • Non-Standard Game Over:
    • Failing a brief Quick Time Event near the beginning of the game, when the New Kid tries to leap off Cartman's garage.
    • Knocking over the Cube of Ultimate Destruction.
    • Walking too close to the Sixth Graders blocking the entrance to Main Street three times before recruiting Super Craig and Human Kite.
    • Getting blasted by a machine gun turret, incinerated by lava, zapped by a puddle of electric water, crushed by malfunctioning sliding doors or flattened by falling construction site materials.
    • Losing to the Flappy Bird clone in Heaven.
    • Trying to escape Butters' house by jumping out of his window.
    • If Captain Diabetes dies during the fight with Red Wine Drunk Randy, you immediately lose because Captain Diabetes has Randy's keys and retrieving them was what Randy was out to do in the first place. This is guaranteed to happen if you don't use TimeFart Glitch to skip Randy's first turn, as he delivers a One-Hit Kill No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Diabetes, which he never uses past that point.
  • No OSHA Compliance: Through sheer incompetence, Dr. Mephesto's lab is designed in such a way to hamper and kill the people inside if the security system ever goes down.
  • "No. Just… No" Reaction: One of Super Craig's possible battle quotes in reaction to Mosquito's attacks.
    Super Craig: Uh, no. No, no, no. No, no, no, no. No.
  • No-Sell: In the battle against Stephen Stotch, the New Kid is immune to his grounding powers and has the power to unground their teammates. After he's defeated, he tells Butters that the latter is Grounded Forever, only for it to turn out that Butters now has the same immunity. Cue Stephen letting out a Big "NO!"
  • No, You: Tweek's attempts at insulting Craig basically just consist of him applying this trope to Craig's insults.
  • Nostalgia Level: The first few minutes of the game has the kids continuing their game of medieval warfare, starting at the protagonist's house and ending at Cartman's house. You revisit this scene late in the game, and have to fight the past versions of the heroes, who have powers based on the previous game.
  • Not So Above It All: Initially, the Goth kids are above taking selfies with you. That said, if you help them with their ritual, not only will they selfie with you, they smile in the resulting photo.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: Mitch tells the New Kid several times that they really aren't so different. When his plans finally crumble, he reveals that he too had a parent that was fucked.

  • Offscreen Villain Dark Matter: Interestingly being harmful to enemies, where every enemy has a seemingly endless supply of cell phones to be blown up again and again in their face by Wendy's Phone Destroyer attack since they always check their phone instead of throw it away.
  • Oh, Crap!: When a character is selected as a target to attack, their faces change to a surprised/worried expression. For characters that can't make facial expressions, their idle stance changes instead.
  • Ominous Cube: "The Cube of Ultimate Destruction", which is just a Rubik's Cube. The Coon remarks it has the power to destroy the Milky Way galaxy. He isn't kidding.
  • Once More, with Clarity: Near the end of the game, you and Cartman end up traveling back to the moment that your tragic backstory supposedly begun. You learn that the burglars you've fought during the tutorials are actual just your followers on Facebook who simply want a selfie and you find out that your parents were just arguing about you.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Towards the end of the game, after travelling back in time and having to fight themselves from the first game, the team has enough and just walks through the "lava" to get to Cartman. The other kids are too stunned to stop them because up to that point, no one had ignored the rules of the game, up to and including life and death circumstances.
  • Optional Boss:
    • Morgan Freeman.
    • The Danger Deck DLC provides challenges that require specific movesets, allies, and strategies in order to win and all of the rewards you get become available in all save files. One of the challenges also includes Morgan Freeman but with two of his past selves.
  • Out of Focus: Despite aiming to bring back as many elements from the show as possible, Fractued but Whole is missing some key characters:
    • Mr. Garrison only appears in a cameo despite being one of the most important adult characters in the show. Justified because this game takes place around the time Garrison was elected President of the United States, forcing him to leave South Park and govern the country.
    • All the major Canadian characters sans Ike are absent in this game since a huge wall prevents the New Kid from entering Canada, earning the mockery of a Canadian watching the American side of the border while sitting on the wall. This includes Ugly Bob, the Canadian royalty, Scott the Dick, the Queef Sisters, Charlotte, and even Terrance & Philip.
    • Despite having become one of the most important characters in the serialized storyline the show was experimenting with at the time, Heidi Turner is barely in the game at all. Although there were plans for her to appear, she is not part of a sidequest nor is she available for a selfie despite almost every prominent 4th grade girl making an appearance. The closest thing she has to a role is random NPC 4th graders that wander around South Park sometimes having her character model.
    • Kevin McCormick makes an appearance unlike the last game, but the New Kid cannot befriend him on Coonstagram despite every other family member, including minor characters like the Biggle parents, being willing to take a selfie with you.
  • Overly Long Gag: The scene in the forensics lab during "The Thin White Line", where a forensic scientist tries to cheese from a cat in the dark, only to get himself killed by a chemical spill. This goes on for at least a minute while the scientist narrates everything going on for no reason, all while the only thing the player can see (until the lights finally come on) is the New Kid standing there with their usual blank, vaguely-confused expression.
  • Overturned Outhouse: During the first night mission, Captain Diabetes demonstrates his "Diabetic Rage" ability by flipping a port-a-potty that's blocking your path at a concert.
  • Pedophile Priest: Played with. Father Maxi guides the New Kid to a dark closet to "confront your fears" to discover religion. Inside are two priests who immediately try to molest the New Kid. But then subverted when after fighting them, Maxi opens the closet back up and is horrified and furious at what the other two priests did and yells at them before kicking them out. He seriously just wanted you to confront your fears. And it's implied it isn't the first time its happened.
  • Permanently Missable Content: Generally averted since the collectables can be found whenever the player needs them. However, the New Kid can only take selfies with certain characters on certain days. Once the time limit has passed, the character will no longer be available for selfies:
    • Andre, Johnny, and Matty, three random kids that were playing Stick of Truth, during one of the first quests.
    • Cousin Kyle, after the New Kid beats the Broflovski family in a boss fight. Averted if you have the "From Dusk to Casa Bonita" DLC, which makes him available for a selfie at Casa Bonita.
    • Linda Stotch, who is found bathing during the second half of the game.
    • Peter Mullen, the boy the New Kid protects from a sixth grader during the tutorial on sixth graders.
    • Red McArthur, who can be found at Nicole's house during the first two days.
  • Picky People Eater: Shub-Niggurath cannot stomach white meat and only accepts black sacrifices. You beat it by making it devour the police cultists, which causes it to lose large chunks of health at a time.
  • Pink Is Erotic: The Peppermint Hippo has a pink aesthetic as part of the design; as shown by the pink women's only sign, the strippers wearing pink, the pink chairs, and Spontaneous Bootay's title card as she slams her butt into two (very happy) male customers while under pink lights while wearing a pink scarf.
  • Playlist Soundtrack: Like in the previous game, the music in certain public locations, like the post office and photo shop, cycles randomly between a collection of songs from the show, with the implication being that those songs are played on the store radio.
  • Poking Dead Things with a Stick: Early in the DLC mission "Bring the Crunch", the New Kid, Fastpass, Professor Chaos, Mintberry Crunch and Professor Timothy encounter the dead body of one of the camp councilors of Lake Tardicaca, who has 10 knives in their body and a meat cleaver in their skull. When Professor Chaos wonders if the councilor is just sleeping, Professor Timothy (telepathically) responds, "No, he's super dead, I poked him with a stick."
  • Political Overcorrectness: PC Principal, as always. He is introduced punching people out for committing microaggressions, and then trains you in the art of the Social Justice Warrior so that you can do the same, allowing you to get a free hit in combat whenever an enemy says something which can be spun into some sort of bigotry.
    PC Principal: I'm not just gonna sit here and do nothing while you insult this man's ethnicity!
    Man: I wasn't insulting him.
    PC Principal: Excuse me! Did you or did you not say that this man seemed tired?
    Man: Yes, he's my friend. I said, "Paulo, you look tired".
    PC Principal: MICROAGGRESSION! [punches him several times in the stomach] Persons of Hispanic backgrounds have been stereotyped as being sleepy, and saying they look tired is a microaggression that WILL NOT STAND!
    Paulo: But I am tired.
    [PC Principal punches Paulo several times in the face and knocks him out]
  • Power Creep: Not for offense, but both DLCs give you some very useful support allies and potent powers. Casa Bonita gives you Henrietta who can buff and cleanse, heal and give an AOE status condition that heals at the end of the target's next turn, and her Ultimate Power Move deals damage to all enemies and heals all allies and even her sole offensive attack has some range on it as well as inflicting Burn, making her the best support ally you could possibly use in the game. Mintberry Crunch has a gimmick of inflicting Berry on enemies and Mint on allies, making Berried enemies unable to damage Minted allies, with his Ultimate Power Move easily being worth prioritizing by giving you 3 turns of invulnerability with these buffs and debuffs. The classes the New Kid get are fairly useful as well. The Netherborn class lets you initiate a knockback attack with a scythe, a ranged attack that summons undead hands from the ground which chains to all adjacent enemies in every direction, and Dire Shroud, which can function as both a healing spell that grants a protective shield and health rengeration or an attack that debuffs by inflicting Defense Down depending on who you target, making it versatile and useful. The Netherborn's Ultimate Power Move transforms you into the spitting image of Death, with your Netherborn abilities being powered up for the next three turns. The Final Girl class has hedge trimmers, which inflict Bleeding and knockback two tiles away, saw blades, which damage and inflict the Hemorrhaging status effect to enemies if they either move over or start on a tile with blades, and Hammer Bomb, which has godly repositioning for both enemies and yourself by letting you move again after targeting an enemy and letting you choose what direction to throw the enemy two tiles away. The Final Girl's Ultimate Power Move can allow you to kill any enemies that are below 50% health and bosses that are below 33% health.
  • Production Foreshadowing: One of Call Girl's attacks is named "Phone Destroyer," which would be the name of the South Park mobile game released about a month after The Fractured But Whole.
  • Psi Blast: Cerebral Blast is a Psychic-type attack that inflicts damage and lowers an enemy's defense.
  • Pun-Based Title: Count on the South Park guys to subtitle their new game with a homophone of "the fractured butthole". Cartman even giggles a bit after saying it.
  • Punch-Clock Hero: Both superhero teams are primarily motivated by the goal of becoming a Cash-Cow Franchise in the vein of the MCU. The only five heroes who do more than that are Mysterion (who patrols the streets for criminal behavior), Call Girl (who pieces together the greater conspiracy and sets everyone on track, and isn't a part of either team), Captain Diabetes (who stops a drunk and violent Randy from drunk driving by taking away his car keys, something usually above the capability or expectations of a ten-year-old), Henrietta, and Mintberry Crunch (neither are part of either team and don't care at all about a superhero Cash-Cow Franchise in the first place; they both help the New Kid after they help them in their respective DLCs, although Mintberry Crunch also does it out of a genuine desire to help people).
  • Punched Across the Room: Many melee attacks in the game inflict knockback; for example, Captain Diabetes's Coma Combo and Super Craig's Mega Fist Punch. You can also knock enemies into other enemies to inflict extra damage to both.
  • Rainbow Speak: Major characters each have a special colour their subtitles are in.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Mysterion considers the fact that he's debuting in a Netflix show and not a movie to be this.
  • Required Party Member: Both of the DLC stories force specific team compositions whenever you visit their respective locations:
    • "From Dusk to Casa Bonita": Mysterion and Henrietta. The Coon is optional, but if you take his picture, he'll be forced into the party.
    • "Bring the Crunch": Fastpass, Professor Chaos, and Mintberry Crunch.
  • Retcon: Played for Laughs. If the player chooses to play as a girl, it turns out the New Kid had always been a girl through the first game and everyone else simply just hadn't noticed (and those that did know kept silent/lied about it for various reasons). When establishing your gender with Mr. Mackey, this leads to him being very confused and calling up your parents to confirm that you were a girl (or trans/gender-neutral) the whole time.
  • The Reveal: The secret project that Doctor Timothy is working on turns out to be a more comprehensive franchise plan including all of the heroes.
  • Rogue Protagonist: Cartman was the Big Good in the previous game, but is the Big Bad here.
  • Rule of Symbolism:
    • Looking at it one way: Coon and Friends represent Marvel Studios, while the Freedom Pals represent Warner Bros. Studios. Coon and Friends wear outfits that are more colorful and extravagant but a noticeable lack of diversity in their releases. The Freedom Pals wear outfits that are less colorful but more grounded and they treat their diverse cast well from the get-go.
    • However, they are modeled the other way around, with Freedom Pals being blatant expies of Marvel heroes (Iron Man, Professor X, etc.) and Coon and Friends being based on DC heroes (Flash and Batman).
  • Running Gag:
    • "CAR!" note 
    • "I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!" note 
    • Of a sort, several of the heroes have battle quotes remarking on how lazy Super Craig's "costume" is and him responding in annoyance, making it feel like this once you hear enough of them.
    • Super Craig's steadily-increasing exasperation/outrage over the sheer incompetency Dr. Mephesto displays in regards to running his lab, as well as how hilariously pointless most of his experiments are.
    • The Coon bringing up Captain Butthole's "tragic backstory" of seeing their dad fuck their mom.
  • Sadistic Choice: At one point in the game's fourth night, you'll need DNA to proceed, and, in order to harvest it, you'll have to murder either your Mom or Dad. There's no third option; you must kill one of your parents..
  • Samus Is a Girl: You can choose to have this be the case with the New Kid early in the game if you decide to make them female, with the explanation being that (aside from Wendy) somehow nobody in South Park had noticed that she was a girl during the first game. It's also possible to make the New Kid nonbinary by picking "other" as their gender.
  • Scenic-Tour Level: Dr. Mephesto takes you on a tram ride tour of his laboratory. He even asks the kids if they've played Half-Life.
  • School Setting Simulation: South Park Elementary reappears from South Park: The Stick of Truth where you talk to Mr. Mackey about sex and gender. You also go there again to fix Wonder Tweek and Super Craig's relationship.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: The Coon says that it is against the rules to not have a kryptonite and thus forces the New Kid to choose one. However, one look at The Coon's character sheet reveals that he doesn't have a kryptonite.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here:
    • Cartman's concept of the Coon and Friends cinematic universe causes half the team to split off and declare civil war because he puts more focus on certain characters than others (Mysterion gets no movies, only a Netflix series and Tolkien has to wait until phase three to get his film).
    • In the scene where Cartman's alter-ego "Mitch Connor" is revealed to be the mastermind behind the crime wave, Kyle/the Human Kite declares it a stupid plot twist and angrily barges out of the meeting of Coon and Friends with an indignant "No. Just… No" Reaction.
  • Secret-Keeper: At a certain point, if the New Kid talks to their mom (Kelly), she implies to her child that she's figured out (while drunk no less) that they're the Farting Vigilante, yet seems okay with it.
    Kelly: The news was talking about a Farting Vigilante, I'm sure you don't know anything about that. [whispering] Definitely don't tell your dad.
    • If you play as a girl, Wendy/Call Girl admits she always knew but chose to keep quiet.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • Cartman's reaction to the previous game during the trailer:
      Cartman: That was barely even an RPG, Kyle, the combat sucked. We're gonna do it bigger, and we will settle nothing less than a 9.5 on Gamespot.
    • The opposite opinion gets a joke as well, as one of the random hashtags that can show up on the New Kid's Coonstagram selfies is #SoTwasbetter.
  • Sequel Hook:
    • The Stinger has Professor Chaos tempting the New Kid into making a Face–Heel Turn.
    • If you try to go to Canada, there's a giant wall stopping you, and the guy sitting on the wall says they might save Canada for a piece of DLC. There was never a DLC expansion involving Canada.
  • Serious Business: The kids take "playing superheroes" just as seriously as their fantasy game — maybe moreso.
    Cartman: We're not playing games, mom. This time, it's serious.
  • Ship Tease: During fights where Mysterion and Henrietta are in your party, the two get surprisingly flirty with each other, bonding over each other's "not-lame" themes of darkness.
  • Smash Cut: If you have already completed the "From Dusk til Casa Bonita" and/or "Bring the Crunch" DLC missions, and thus unlocked all their content, when you start a new game, and you end up choosing one of the two DLC classes (Netherborn or Final Girl) during any of the three class selection scenes, Cartman's explanation of your origin story skips over the combat section, cutting directly to the robbers' defeat. Justified since those classes have an in-depth explanation in their respective DLCs, which came out after the base game's release, and thus redundant to explain twice.
  • Snow Means Death: On the first night when Captain Diabetus dies due to running out of insulin, it starts to snow.
  • So Last Season: Since the kids are now playing superheroes, all of the prestige and powers the New Kid has as King Douchebag no longer matters since they have to reroll as a new character. As if to emphasize this, the New Kid's nickname is changed from Douchebag to Butthole. The new social media network used is "Coonstagram", meaning that he has to build up a new list of friends.
  • Status Effects:
    • Grossed Out, Burning, Bleeding, and Shocked: Statuses comparable to poison that reduce health over time and can be stacked with one another. Shocked has the added effect of causing small damaging pulses on each turn that damage nearby enemies/allies.
    • Hemorrhaging: Only caused by Final Girl's Saw Bleed ability, it essentially works as a stronger version of Bleeding that stacks with it and can also stack itself multiple times like the status effects in the first game.
    • Pissed Off: Caused only by the player's side. The affected character is forced into attacking the user that inflicted the status. Often combined with casting the below status on the user.
    • Blocked: The user gains a shield that blocks weak attacks, but will break if the attack is strong enough. Does not protect against other Status Effects.
    • Protection: Grants temporary additional health on top of the unit's main health.
    • Regeneration: Slowly heals the user over time. Caused only by items and only usable by the player's side.
    • Charmed: The affected unit is forced into attacking their own allies and is now controlled by the AI in the process.
    • Confused: Similar to the above, but the affected unit will target both friend and foe alike.
    • Slowed: Anyone inflicted with this status will have their Speed stat reduced, decreasing the number of spaces they can move to on each turn by 1.
    • Chilled: If affected, a unit will be unable to move until the effect goes away.
    • Grounded: Used exclusively by one boss in the gamenote . Its effects are comparable to petrification, and is permanent unless cured. During the aforementioned boss fight, the New Kid exchanges their Ultimate Power Move slot for a healing touch that cures this status.
    • Lifesteal: Drains enemies of their health to restore the user's own.
    • Baleful Blessing: Used exclusively by the DLC character Henrietta Biggle. When Henrietta applies the Baleful Blessing, it restores the target's health while granting them a cross that explodes and drains any adjacent enemies of their health at the end of their turn.
    • Mint and Berry: Used exclusively by the DLC Superhero Mintberry Crunchnote . When Mintberry Crunch applies Mint and Berry, Mint cleanses all allies from any negative status effects and reduces enemy damage by 33%, while Berry helps negate damage from enemies if they attack an ally with Mint.
  • Status Quo Is God: Even after all the crazy things that happened in Stick of Truth, nothing appears to have changed, other than the Stick of Truth reappearing... Briefly.
  • Stealth Pun: The title of the game. Though not quite that stealthy if one has the watched the trailer.
    Cartman's voice: South Park: the Fractured But Whole. Hehehe...
    • One of the late-game bosses. The police force turn out to be feeding South Park's black population to an elder god foretold by Lovecraft. Since the cops and Lovecraft are notoriously racist, of course they'd be feeding black people to Shub-Niggurath. Yes, it is pronounced exactly the way you'd think it'd be given the context.
  • The Stinger: Professor Chaos tries to turn The New Kid over to the dark side. Cut to black!
    Professor Chaos: No matter how hard you try to change the past... Your dad will have always fucked your mom.
  • Summer Campy: The "Bring the Crunch" DLC is a Slasher Movie parody taking place at Lake Tardicaca summer camp.
  • Summon Magic: Summons return from the previous game, only this time they are limited consumables that can be used once-per-battle upon unlocking them. Summons include Moses from the Super Best Friends (who heals the party to full), Jimbo and Ned (who gun down enemies and finish with a grenade), Gerald (who gets cheesed out and attacks the enemies in a Mushroom Samba) and Classi (who runs enemies over with her car). The Danger Deck DLC reward "Summons Decryptor" allows you to purchase as many summoning items as you want from the Coon Lair or the Freedom Pals base for $20 each.
  • Superhero: This time around the kids of South Park are playing masked crime fighters.
  • Super Hero Origin: Parodied. The combat tutorial for your class is Cartman crafting your obligatory tragic backstory, where you fight some burglars and and witness the horror of your dad fucking your mom. Your backstory gets revisited whenever you unlock a new class, to the point where it's revealed that the burglars just want you to follow them on social media and what you saw that night wasn't your parents having sex, but taking drugs while arguing and lamenting that they constantly lie to their child and sneak medication into their food in order to curb their powers of gaining mass amounts of social media followers.
  • Superpowerful Genetics: The game reveals the origin of the New Kid's ability to gain social media friends so quickly is because they inherited it from their parents, their Dad is supernaturally liked on Facebook, and their Mom on Instagram. The Kid's superpowered farts are just a side-effect of the medication they've been slipping them to stunt their powers and keep them from coming under the attention of the Government like they had.
  • Take That!: It wouldn't be South Park without taking a few jabs at people:
    • At the end of the trailer, when the narrator announces that you can pre-order the game, Butters shows up to laugh at the idea.
      Narrator: Now available for pre-order.
      Butters: Heh heh, yeah, pre-order. That's a good idea.
    • The prologue scene starts off with jabs at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For instance, the Coon's film franchise plan involves getting all the white guys several movies in Phase 1, but saving Tolkien for Phase 3 and only introducing a female lead at the very end of the franchise. He also relegates Mysterion to Netflix, similar to how Marvel will only give their darkest superheroes TV series but not their own films.
    • There's also a few jabs at the DC Extended Universe, such as advertising the second film as a direct sequel when it's more about introducing new characters and skipping to the big team-up film before making films about the less popular heroes.
    • They also take a jab at J. J. Abrams for rehashing A New Hope for The Force Awakens.
    • Yet another jab at Kanye West: he appears as an actual gay fish and they make fun of the as-of-yet unreleased Only One, Kanye's game about getting the soul of his deceased mother to heaven. It's a mixture of Robot Unicorn Attack and Flappy Bird.
    • The Member Berries will occasionally give these as well as the usual nostalgic references.
      Member Berry 1: 'Member when Superman movies weren't depressing?
      Member Berry 2: Oh, I 'member.
      Member Berry 1: 'Member when the Batsuit had nipples?
      Member Berry 2: I 'member, but I wish I didn't.
    • How do you change the difficulty? Why, just make your skintone Hispanic or black. Oh damn, oh double dog dippity damn.
    • If you choose your alignment and religion to be Chaotic Scientologist, Jesus will comment that Scientologists are all chaotic as far as he's concerned, but that's just him. Alternatively, choosing to be a Lawful Scientologist would make Jesus proclaim that there is no such thing as a Lawful Scientologist and makes you choose your alignment and religion again.
    • If you enter the correct keycode to an electronic lock without finding the password first, Cartman will pop up on screen to call you out for your cheating while wearing a New England Patriots hoodie and comparing you to Tom Brady.
    • When Call Girl uses her Phone Destory Attack sometimes she will mock her opponent for having a Google plus account.
  • Take a Third Option: To enter Casa Bonita, you need to obtain meal tickets for you and Mysterion. You can complete a puzzle sequence to nab it from the nearby table or the Casa Bonita host when he's not looking... Or just buy them for $34, though Mysterion will warn you that he'll almost certainly never pay you back, since he doesn't have that much money himself.
  • Take Over the City: Cartman/The Coon/Mitch Conner's ultimate goal.
  • A Taste of Power: The game starts you off as King Douchebag in the middle of another fantasy game, in which the game gives you impressive stats and a powerful moveset. All of that ends when Cartman appears as The Coon and declares that they're playing superheroes now. Near the end, you travel back in time to fight this version of yourself.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Happens with one of Mosquito's battle quotes.
    Mosquito: I'm ready to suck ass and take names...Wait, that didn't come out right.
  • Time Travel: One of the main mechanics of the game, the New Kid's farts are now so strong that they can literally bend time and space.
  • Title Drop: During the game, the New Kid is sent to a doctor about a fractured butthole.
  • Two Girls to a Team: If you make the New Kid a girl, this happens during the second night when Wendy's Superhero Alter-Ego "Call Girl" joins you during the siege on Professor Chaos' U-Stor-It Lair. Hilariously, the boys think that The Smurfette Principle is in effect because they all Failed a Spot Check. Alternatively, you can recruit Henrietta in the Casa Bonita DLC and still get this trope if you're not playing a girl.
  • Unexplained Recovery: After being cast into the void (read: Stark's Pond), the Stick of Truth is suddenly found floating in Cartman's toilet.
    • Despite having been killed off in the TV series, Mitch Conner reappears in the game, with Conner turning out to be the main villain. Of course, it makes sense with Conner since he's just a persona Cartman made up.
  • Unconventional Alignment: The game's alignment system is Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic combined with your religion (which can range from Christian to Hindu). The other characters also have their own alignments listed on their character sheets.
  • Uriah Gambit: The Coon and Friends are not opposed to letting the Freedom Pals assault the front of the police station despite knowing they could potentially get killed as if they did then they would be the only franchise left.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: There are numerous sidequests you can do to help out the other characters, such as finding Karen's lost doll, rescuing Big Gay Al's cats from the sixth graders, or helping a kid in Casa Bonita get his tickets out from a dispenser when it jams.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: You can beat Shub-Niggurath by feeding it Butters' minions or even members of your own team. They won't do as much as the police officers (presumably because the children are smaller, while the Mexicans are not white enough to deal full damage). Luckily for you, Shub-Niggurath will spit out your teammates if they are eaten. Just don't let Tupperware get eaten (or yourself if you're black).
  • Villain Team-Up: Starting from Chapter 4, the Sixth Graders, City Ninja, Raisins Girls, Rednecks, and Crab People decide to join forces to take you down, meaning that you have to deal with multiple enemy factions in a single battle. In addition, individual mobs consisting of two enemy factions can be found if you know their places on the map.
  • Virtual Training Simulation: The Danger Deck, a piece of DLC consisting of special combat challenges that reward the player with unique items and equipment when completed, takes the form of this in universe. Designed by Tupperware and accessed from a computer terminal in the Freedom Pals base, it places the player and their chosen party in holographic environments where they fight holographic versions of various enemies encountered throughout the game.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: Returning from the last game, anyone with the Grossed Out condition will puke at the end of their turn. Poor Tupperware gets it the worst, though, since he's wearing a tupperware helmet that fills ups with his puke if he gets Grossed Out.
    • Rarely when using Fastpass' Fast Travel service, the New Kid will barf after Fastpass drops them off. Maybe they suffer from motion sickness?
    • During the scene in Day 4 where the Freedom Pals are torturing Cartman with the New Kid's farts, Cartman will hurl during the third session, all over the food that the New Kid had been eating to make their farts smell bad. This means that the New Kid has to eat the last item of food after Cartman has hurled all over it. The New Kid seems to think it's disgusting too.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The fight with the strippers at the Peppermint Hippo. It uses an Advancing Wall of Doom character in the form of Spontaneous Bootay, and her movement meter charges while you're planning your moves, so you have to move quickly.
  • Wham Line:
    • Selecting female as your gender is treated as this in-universe, since the previous game didn't have a gender option and automatically made the New Kid a boy, meaning almost the entire cast went through the game never noticing that she was actually a girl the entire time. Mr. Mackey is dumbfounded for a moment before calling your parents to confirm this.
    • During the final confrontation of the story, after Human Kite calls out the Coon for blaming everything on his Mitch Connor persona…
      Mitch Connor: (Appears on Human Kite's hand) Then how'd you explain this, Kyle?
    • During the final part of "Bringing the Crunch", Doctor Timmothy orders you to get him some milk from the Mess Hall. Once you give it to him…
      Doctor Timmothy: Your ass powers were the key to making it onto that shelf! (Rolls towards the Zarganor, with glowing green eyes) Just what I need to…
      The Zarganor: …Destroy Mintberry Crunch!
  • What the Hell, Player?: If you input the password to the Coon & Friends base before you have actually obtained it in-game (by consulting a walkthrough, guessing randomly, seeing someone else playing or already knowing it from a previous playthrough), Cartman will appear to chew you out, compare you to Tom Brady, and call you a "smug cheating bitch".
    • With a more comical example, the kids all blame you for just about everything that goes wrong even when you aren't the only guilty party or it was out of your control.
  • Whole-Plot Reference: The main plot is a parody of Captain America: Civil War.
  • World of Badass: The entire setting of the game showcases this, as many characters are shown to be formidible adversaries such as the Raisins Girls, the Peppermint Hippo Strippers, the Buca de Faggocini Cooks, the Rednecks, the Sixth Graders, the Chaos Kids, the Vamp Kids, and even the Old People from Shady Acres. Even some of the parents are shown to be badass enemies.
  • Wretched Hive: South Park starts off in the midst of a crime spree and only gets worse as the game progresses.
  • Wrong Side All Along: The New Kid begins their new story on the side of Coon and Friends, fighting the Freedom Pals to create a multi-billion dollar superhero franchise. It turns out both sides were wrong as Cartman never wanted a franchise in the first place. It was a lie to distract everyone while he ran for mayor as "Mitch Conner". Both sides join forces to stop him.
  • You Are Grounded!: As per usual, Stephen Stotch grounds Butters, this time for not coming home the previous night (due to Butters as Professor Chaos getting locked up by Coon and Friends). It's also weaponized during his boss battle, where he targets select areas on the battlefield, dealing damage and giving the "Grounded" status which prevents the affected kids from doing anything, but doesn't affect the New Kid who is even able to "un-ground" them.
  • You Shouldn't Know This Already: At the beginning of the game, you'll have to find a code to get into the Coon Lair. If you know it already, or just guessed it (honestly, if you know anything about Eric Cartman, it's not too hard to guess), the door won't open and Cartman will show up in the corner of the screen to chide you.
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry!: You can pick a fight with Morgan Freeman by punching him repeatedly, causing him to state warnings like the trope's name. Given that he's a post-game bonus boss, his stats are high enough to justify this attitude.

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