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The New Kid will be very annoyed being dragged into the main group's shenanigans.
  • Because at the end of Stick of Truth he said "screw you guys, I'm going home."
    • Jossed. They weren't dragged in, they went into their base out of curiosity.

This game will feature a crossover with Drawn Together.
  • Because why not?
    • So long as it's better than the DT movie...

Butters/Professor Chaos is a Disc-One Final Boss
There'll end up being some other town threatening calamity that, once it rears its ugly head, the game has to be stopped.
  • He was essentially this in Good Times with Weapons, so I'd say it could easily happen again.
  • Of course he's Disc One; don't you know the Hero and Villain always pull an Enemy Mine in Act Three to defeat the greater evil? Besides, he says in the trailer that somebody paid him to do it!
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  • Confirmed. The true villain is Mitch Conner.

Possible Bag of Spilling justifications for the New Kid
  • The game's in-game justification is that since the kids are playing superheroes, nothing the New Kid did in the last game matters and he has to start from square one as a superhero.

Professor Chaos may try to convince the New Kid to join him instead of Coon and Friends.
  • Stick of Truth already heavily established that the New Kid considers Butters his best friend out of all the kids, so it's likely that as Professor Chaos, Butters may try to capitalize on that fact to get the New Kid to side with him.
    • If you're a girl, you could become The Dark Chick, with the power to make good guys feel bad about hitting you. Then one of the heroes ends up Dating Catwoman!
  • Confirmed, but only as The Stinger.

Fractured But Whole will parody more video game tropes, but also deconstruct some of them, particularly with the New Kid.
  • After the events of Stick of Truth, it's possible that New Kid will likely become more used to the weirdness and may be a bit too used to how he's had to deal with combat-heavy situations. The skills he's learned and feats he's accomplished may have make him arrogant to the point where he may think he's invincible, a mindset that even in the South Park universe can get someone like the New Kid in serious trouble. The New Kid may be faced with things like his Drunk with Power mentality alienating his friends and family, he may become cocky enough to openly fight people he doesn't like even if he may not be justified in doing so and probably place himself in trouble with the law as a result, and him following the belief he's stronger than anyone may land him a hardcore Break the Haughty moment when he finds an opponent he can't defeat.

The real ManBearPig is the True Final Boss
It will only be fought on the hardest difficulty, however. The first phase is Al Gore disguised as ManBearPig, and the next phase is either Al Gore transforming into ManBearPig, or ManBearPig itself will show up. Again.
  • Jossed.

Mecha Streisand will be a boss.
  • It would be cool to fight a giant foe that could attack both party members at once because it's so big, especially since one of the main criticisms of the first game was that it was too easy. If nothing else, Mecha Streisand would be a good choice for the Bonus Boss.
    • Alternatively, you could fight Mecha Streisand twice, with the first battle being against the original version from her debut episode, and the rematch against the upgraded version from later episodes.
    • Since the game will be going by the superhero theme, a boss fight with Mecha Streisand may be used to parody the Toku genre, possibly with a scenario which involves the New Kid and his teammates turning giant-sized themselves, or maybe even them piloting a Humongous Mecha with its own set of abilities.
  • Jossed.

Cthulhu will appear as a boss.
And seeing how superheros are a big premise in this game, this will probably be to the Coon Trilogy what Stick of Truth was to the Black Friday Trilogy. Bonus points if he is just an early boss and is overshadowed by a smaller scale villain, like Saddam, Scott Tenorman or even Butters/Professor Chaos.
  • Cthulhu doesn't show up. You fight Shub-Niggurath instead.

Butters/Professor Chaos will have some kind of ultimate form.
The final boss in the Stick of Truth was Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny. The cause of that "ultimate form" was the green toxic waste. Maybe Butters/Professor Chaos will attempt this same act and attempt to defeat Coon and Friends
  • Or he'll use his anime form as an ultimate form.
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  • Does having a Humongous Mecha made out of underpaid Mexican immigrants count? Because I guess this is confirmed.

Fractured But Whole may feature Loyalty Missions from each member of Coon and Friends.
Since the New Kid will likely be the Rookie Red Ranger again and will again spend much of the game doing what his friends tell him to do, his teammates may again enlist the New Kid’s help with whatever personal problems they may have. Here are some hypothetical examples:
  • Mysterion (aka Kenny) gets disturbing news that his sister Karen has been kidnapped and promptly gets the New Kid to help him find her, leading up to a boss fight where Mysterion and the New Kid will have to protect Karen from her kidnapper.
  • The Coon (aka Cartman), fully aware that the New Kid is more powerful than he is, may use it to his advantage by getting the New Kid to fight some foes that he was never able to take down before but wanted to, Cesar Milan and the Earth Day People from the ‘Earth Day Brainwashing Festival’ episode are some possible examples.
  • The Mosquito (aka Clyde), feeling guilty about everything he put the New Kid through during the events of Stick of Truth, actually plans out a mission with the New Kid’s benefit in mind as a way to help get the New Kid to be willing to forgive him and hopefully make him willing to be friends with Clyde again.
  • Confirmed. Several of your friends have crap that they need your help to deal with, and you usually get their character sheets as a reward.

The Coon and Mysterion will end up being Opposed Mentors to the New Kid.
It's no secret that both The Coon (Cartman) and Mysterion (Kenny) have clashed a lot over how Coon and Friends should deal with situations and have even become rivals in the superhero profession before Coon and Friends was established. So it's very likely the New Kid will be dragged right in the middle of their arguments, with both Coon and Mysterion wanting him to support one of them.
  • Yes and no. due to where the New Kid starts his adventure, he's basically stuck with Cartman, though the Freedom Pals do note that they wish circumstances were different.

Kevin will dress up inappropriately again.
The twist this time is that Kevin will finally dress up as a fantasy character, only for Cartman to yell at him for not having a superhero costume.
  • Somewhat jossed, while Kevin does dress up as a fantasy character, he does so at the start of the game just shortly before the kids break-off the Fighters of Zaron game.

Trent Boyett may become a boss.
Both Trent and the New Kid are considered powerful fighters that cause alot of destruction in their wake, but from a narrative standpoint, Trent and the New Kid have very contrasting backstories and relationships with the Main Boys. While Trent had his life ruined by the Main Boys over an accident and became fueled with hatred and vengeance as a result. The New Kid in contrast was welcomed by the Main Boys, who end up helping him develop his skills for combat and helped him gain a reputation as one of the most popular individuals in South Park. In short, the Main Boys helped the New Kid gain everything he'd need to thrive in South Park. The clashing viewpoints and backgrounds may prove to make the two characters perfect foil for each other, with Trent possibly being the kind of person the New Kid might turn out if he was never treated with the compassion and friendliness he's been given. making Trent perhaps the perfect Shadow Archetype to the New Kid.
  • Jossed.

The New Kid himself may become a boss.
We know that the US government has been pursuing the New Kid to weaponize his friend-making talents, so there is a possibility that we'll get a scenario where the New Kid gets captured by government agents who resort to brain-washing or some form of mind-control to enslave the New Kid into siding with Big Bad Government Guy. Assuming that the New Kid won't be able to escape on his own, Coon and Friends will likely try to mount a rescue mission to save the New Kid only to find he's already been at least partially brain-washed, forcing Coon and Friends to engage in a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight in order to free him.
  • CONFIRMED! You travel back in time to fight the New Kid as King Douchebag.

The New Kid is autistic.
Think about it. He never talks until the end of the game and almost never shows any emotion. It's a mild case though. He CAN talk, he just doesn't no matter the situation. Not even to his own parents. And he doesn't seem to take things too literally. This troper wanted to put this on the WMG for the previous game, but it looks pretty dead to me.

PC Principal will be a Bonus Boss
  • The only way to get him to fight you would to be as un-PC as possible to the point he will personally come and fight the kids. May also double as one hell of a Final-Exam Boss.
    • That would be even better than getting to fight Shelly!
    • While him being a boss is unknown; he is revealed to be in the game. Cartman opens a storage house, thinking that he didn't want to do this, indicating that PC Principal may be some sort of Godzilla Threshold.
    • Considering all the crap Cartman's done as The Coon (You remember him releasing Cthulu, right?) I now put money on PC Principal being the Final Boss - or the first stage of a final boss, anyway.
    • Jossed; PC Principal is not a boss, but he does teach you how to punch someone for making Microagressions.

There will be DLC in the Game
  • It is being published by Ubisoft after all.
    • Confirmed. The game has a season pass that includes two story-based DLC packs, one that gives you a “danger room”-like bonus area to fight in and there is a DLC pack that includes costumes and artifacts that reference Stick of Truth.

Grandma Stotch will be a boss.
  • In her debut, and to date only episode on the show, she created an unnamed alter ego after she discovered Butters's Professor Chaos Costume.
    • I'd buy this game for the sole pleasure of beating her up.
  • Jossed, but you do get to beat up Stephen.

Karen will find out Mysterion is her brother and try to become his sidekick
Of corse Kenny will be completely against it, at least at first. Karen might be able to prove herself or Kenny will decide to train her until she's ready.
  • Jossed.

The New Kid will start out the game as a Sidekick
The first part of the game will be about choosing your mentor, ether Professor Chaos, Mysterion, or The Coon.
  • Jossed; You're the sidekick to Captain Diabetes.

The New Kid will talk using a dialogue wheel.
And the awkward pauses between conversation will be noted by the other characters. The creepiness of the whole thing will explain why you don't talk at all in the original game.
  • Jossed.

Scott Tenorman will be a boss.
After years of plotting revenge, Scott will take advantage of the situation and try to kill Cartman. Cartman, being the coward he is, forces Douchebag to take care of him.
  • Jossed.

Cartman will make you do his dirty work.
As punishment for breaking the Gentleman's Code, Cartman forces the New Kid to do his bidding, be it kicking PC Principle's ass as part of Eric's revenge plot, dispatching Scott Tenorman, and even summoning Cthulhu!
  • Confirmed, but the circumstances were different from the above. On Day 3, Cartman sends you to spy on The Freeman Pals.

  • Partially confirmed, but only the parts regarding movies and Netflix.

Alan Moore, Stan Lee, and Frank Miller will appear in the game
Lee will be a summon, Moore will issue side quests, and Miller will be a boss battle.
  • Jossed.

Captain Hindsight will appear
Probably after you loose a battle.
  • Alternatively, he appears in the Game Over screen and gives you some tips on what you could have done to not die.
  • Captain Hindsight appears as a possible Coonstagram friend, and you can visit his base.

Mysterion will not be featured in any significant plot capacity
A bit like Jimmy in the last game. Just so Trey and Matt can mess with all the people hyped for his return.
  • Mysterion is evidently the leader of the Anti-Coon faction, so he's probably a major player.
    • That's not him. Professor Timothy is the leader of the Freedom Pals.
  • Jossed.

The game will have a few Take That! moments toward the MCU, to show nothing is above ridicule
For example:
Kyle: You can't kill them Coon, superheroes don't kill!
Cartman: Yuh-huh! Marvel's heroes do it all the time!
Stan: Wait, why aren't you wearing your mask?
Cartman: Marvel's heroes are too cool for the Secret Identity thing. Everyone knows who they are.
Kenny: Whatever! Let's just go stop a bank robbery or something.
Cartman: Bank robbers are beneath Marvel's heroes. They're to busy visiting museums and expos about how cool they are.
  • Confirmed in that they repeatedly point out how skewed Marvel's movie preferences are, especially a line in the trailer about how the black hero doesn't get a movie until Phase 3. Which in turn causes the Civil War.

Big Bad Government Guy returns as the New Kid's nemesis
The BBGG is a personal enemy of the New Kid set up to be a recurring foe for the games. His evil plot is to kidnap the New Kid and use his social networking powers to get all the leaders of the world together to hang out and somehow use that to achieve world domination/peace/whatever. Alternatively, he becomes the General Ross parody, complete with becoming a Red Hulk equivalent (IE, gaining Fart powers of his own).
  • Jossed.

The game will parody Romance options.
Here's a fun idea, imagine the New Kid trying to romance any of their Superhero party members regardless of gender, with each character likely giving their own rejection lines by saying they either Prefer to be just friends with the New Kid. are already dating someone, or, depending on which gender you give the New Kid, simply aren't into them like that. Even if the New Kid does manage to convince someone to date them, any romance subplot presented may be glossed over and The Coon may even make fun of the New Kid for their choice of suitor.
  • Jossed.

There will be a morality system (or a deconstruction of one) similar to Infamous
As a response to the loyalty guess above, the New Kid will be given the option to either help people or attack them. If he goes down a good path, he'll work with Mysterion, and if he goes down an evil path, he'll work with either the Coon or Professor Chaos.
  • Jossed.

The "berries" Mintberry Crunch draws his power from are Member Berries
They're purple, just like half his costume, and they're the type who would fondly 'member slavery.

If a third South Park game gets made, the ninja alter-egos from Good Times With Weapons will be the center point
And it'll either be a fighting game or a Dynasty Warriors-esque hack and slash game (since those seem to be the two genres most licensed games for anime end up in).
  • Alternatively, the third game may continue the superhero theme, but gameplay may change to an RPG Fighting Game hybrid with the New Kid using custom moves and the return of Artifacts to enhance their combat prowess, essentially a cross between Injustice 2 and the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Games

Or, alternately, the third game will be a pastiche of monster movies
Like Godzilla (2014) or Kong: Skull Island. Considering the genre is going through a resurgence, I'd imagine that it'd be ripe for a parody.

The main villain for this game will be the Ads.
Drawing inspiration from the end of Season 19, more Ads will start to become sentient to the point they're beating the New Kid and his friends' faces in until they download a new game or buy these clothes or whatever.
  • Jossed.

Chef will return again as a zombie or something else.
Since the game seems to be pulling a Status Quois God maybe he will return as a boss again.
  • Zombie Chef would be perfect for a Blackest Night parody. He could be South Park's equivalent of Black Hand and go around reviving other dead characters like Pip, Ms Choksondik and Saddam Hussein as zombies.
  • Jossed.

You will be able to fight the guys where PC Principal lives.
PC Principal maybe a Bonus Boss but his mooks may not be a boss or bosses at all.
  • Jossed.

Stan Lee will make a cameo.
Because why not?

Morgan Freeman will make a cameo again.
It was funny when he did it the first time.

Something will cause Cartman's group and Kenny's group to come back together.
If they're parodying superheros, they might as well. Plus, it could make a good Call-Back/lampshade to the previous game.
  • Partially true: Coon and Friends ends up reuniting, but Cartman as Mitch Conner goes rogue and becomes the main villain.

The Final Boss will be a parody of Darkseid.
Considering his notoriety in comic books (especially as of Final Crisis), it would be fitting if there were a character who was a clear Expy of him. Candidates include:
  • Big Bad Government Guy (assuming he survived the events of The Stick of Truth)
  • PC Principal
  • ManBearPig (or Al Gore showing up dressed as him)
  • Someone entirely new?
  • Jossed.

Heidi Turner will play a role as an NPC.
Yes, you can probably interact with her, and any attempt to harm her will be chastised by Call Girl or The Coon. Alternatively, she'll be kidnapped by Professor Chaos, and one of those two (depending on if you're team Coon and Friends or team Freedom Pals) will go and rescue her, and all battles will force one of them into the party. Neglecting to rescue her will cause you to get a game over or alternate ending, as The Coon losing his (possibly ex-)girlfriend and Call Girl losing her friend for real will ban you from both groups.
  • Alternatively, as a way of tying in to Cartman being the New Kid's mentor (moreso if they stay purely aligned with Coon and Friends), Heidi may act as something of a Cool Big Sis toward the New Kid (who's already established as being a year younger than the other fourth graders) and provide them with stuff like emotional support, advice, or leads on possible side quests.
  • Currently Jossed. However, the Story DLC that will be arriving may change that.

The Member Berries will make an appearance
And they'll be asking if you 'member good old RPGs.
  • Oh I 'member.
  • Oh! 'Member Final Fantasy II for the SNES?
    • Member Berries could also appear on the Load/Save screen, or narrating a Previously On… recap. 'Member what happened last time? Oh I 'member!
  • Confirmed. You'll be able to find Member Berries at various points in the game. Standing next to them will allow you to hear nostalgic stuff.

The New Kid will have a Duel Boss with Mysterion.
Because s/he is still seething over Kenny's betrayal at the end of The Stick of Truth. Bonus points if the game Genre Shifts back to High Fantasy for the battle.
  • Jossed.

Skankhunt42 may be involved with Wendy's involvement with Coon and Friends/Freedom Pals.
It has been confirmed that the game takes place where Stick of Truth left off, but maybe it also takes place around Season 20, what with Skankhunt42/Gerald Broflovski causing an entire gender war with the kids. Since Wendy is part of the main protagonists, it may be that by uncovering who Skankhunt42 really is, that she would eventually join the boys' side.
  • Jossed. Gerald spends the entirety of the game cheesed off his gourd.

Giant Clyde from the Stick of Truth trailers will make an appearance.
  • Jossed.

Relating to the Skankhunt42 theory above, the game will take place between Seasons 20 and 21, and canonically resolve the gender war plot thread.
Not only will Gerald be outed and fought in a boss fight, but Wendy will apologize to Stan for lumping him in with the other boys and get back together with him, much to Cartman's dismay, as he believes women superheroes can't star in successful films, only to be reminded of the recent Wonder Woman film, which he admits was "totally fucking awesome".

As for Gerald, after the fight, you have the option of telling Sheila, who freaks out and goes postal on Gerald, screaming that she wants a divorce and stating her intention to turn her over to the police for nearly causing World War III, leading to another boss fight that ends with Sheila being knocked out, and having no memory of Gerald being a troll, and Gerald gives the New Kid a special item, while vowing to never troll again in exchange for the New Kid not telling anyone about SkankHunt42. Of course, the player can still tell the rest of the girls, and they come to feel like total jackasses for taking it too seriously, immediately rushing out of the girl's room to reconcile with their boyfriends. Trying to tell Sheila again will just earn you a rebuff from her, and telling Butters will cause him to immediately email this information to Charlotte, who, unfortunately, doesn't believe him and cuts off all contact with him, which causes Butters to advance his plans quicker than initially thought.

  • Jossed.

There will be another messed up thing (cause South Park logic) that happens in the town of South Park as the kids just are playing superheroes
But it will not be Taco Bell, nazi zombies, or anything from South Park: The Stick of Truth as it was already done in that game. Matt and Trey do not tend to overuse a joke.
  • Confirmed in that the town is going through a weird crime spree including an increase in drug usage and almost every adult black character is being arrested. Jossed in that it is all very pertinent to the plot.

Randy Marsh will be a small part of the plot yet again, and will help The New Kid learn new abilities/attacks
  • Well, we do see Professor Chaos looking out his window at Randy, drunk in the street.
    • Randy is a miniboss, but does make appearances throughout the story.

The Coon will be the Final Boss
Cartman will decide the only way he can save his franchise is to kill off every other hero in South Park so it can be all about him, possibly limiting the franchise plan to only a few movies all featuring him as the main hero a la The Dark Knight Trilogy.
  • Partially true; The real final boss is Mitch Conner and Mitch Conner from an alternate universe, possessing both The Coon and Human Kite.

Stan will be the Final Boss in the next game
Since every game in this franchise has had the main boys be the final bosses, that means Stan, possibly alongside Butters, will be the Final Boss in the next game.
  • More likely it'll be Kyle given his tendency to go full-blown Knight Templar on certain issues and certain actions he took in season 21.

No one (save Buttlord) has any actual super powers. Everyone is just playing along with the kids because of the cat piss.
It's why when you fall off a roof or get shot, you die, but everyone else still goes in a turn-based RPG.
  • Alternatively, the kids have found a way to make their powers real somehow.
  • Mysterion mentions how the New Kid and he are the only ones with actual superpowers outside the game, but doesn't elaborate on how things like Tweek shooting lightning work.
  • He could only be saying that to comfort The New Kid. Not to mention, NOT all of the people of South Park drank the cat piss (Sixth Graders, Crab People, Raisins Girls, City Ninjas, Jared Fogle, etc.), so there are still people that are being hurt by the kids' powers WITHOUT the excuse of being under the influence of cat piss.

Buttlord’s family are members of the Assassin’s Brotherhood
And they’re hiding specifically from the Templars. It’s why Buttlord’s Assassin outfit is so much more elaborate than the other kids costumes.
  • Jossed.
    • Well, it's Jossed in the sense that none of Buttlord's family are Assassins, nor is Buttlord himself unless he picked the Assassin class, but that class has little to nothing to do with the Brotherhood aside from a few references. That being said, that does not indicate whether or not Expies of the Assassin's Brotherhood and Expies of the Templars will ever appear in a future game.

Mitch Conner somehow became real

Mitch Conner is an Eldritch Abomination
Think about it: If he was just Cartman's invention, then how is it that he seems to be much smarter than Cartman, as well as being shown repeatedly to have his own thoughts and memories. The truth is that he is a memetic entity that possesses people by posing as an imaginary friend like figure, in that whomever is possessed thinks he's a real person, but they "know" deep down that they created him. Cartman has become his preferred host because he is crazy/stupid enough to go along with his more ambitious plans. Unfortunately, he has been attached to Cartman for so long that he has adopted some of his mannerisms, hence why he went along with the tragic "dad fucked mom" backstory. Also explains why he still retained Cartman's voice when he possessed Kyle.
  • It should also be noted that the Human Kite can and will attack you and the others if the Coon isn't in range. Since Mysterion dies when he hits 0 HP, either Kyle is being forced to commit murder or is okay with doing so to "fuck with Cartman".
  • This also means that Mitch Connor's mom is also an Eldritch Abomination.
    • Either that, or she's just an extension of his own. A desperate attempt to get out of the whole situation.
  • This troper actually has the theory that Mitch Connor is actually yet another avatar/incarnation of one of the more famous Elder Gods created by H. P. Lovecraft, the malevolent Nyarlathotep. Much like Mitch, he's an entity that creates chaos and havoc for seemingly no true reason beyond amusement, and much like the other Old Gods, he creates confusion and madness. He may even alter people's memories so they think that Mitch Connor was their idea all along. And much like Mitch does in the finale, Nyarlathotep can take on multiple, separate identities.

never wanted a superhero franchise in the first placeThe entire superhero game and ensuing civil war was simply to distract everyone while he did what he wanted behind the scenes to create more crime and ultimately become Mayor of South Park.

The social media power-suppressing medications had also affected female!New Kid’s voice
That’s why she has a very boyish-sounding voice in the ending of The Stick of Truth. Who’s to say the medications’ side-effects weren’t just limited to the New Kid’s farting abilities?
  • Alternatively, Female!New Kid may have simply disguised her voice, since her parents lied about her gender to others to help protect her identity, she may have had to develop her own methods to hide her gender from others. And deliberately making her voice sound more boyish to hide her true voice may be one such method.

Whenever your character dies, Morgan Freeman reverses time to save you
He sees in you a kindred spirit and wishes to keep you alive, so when you do things like get shot or fall from large distances, Morgan opts to help the New Kid out. He acts like nothing happened because he wants to keep his involvement a secret, and his farts are specially tailored that only one with the same potential (super charisma and utilizing the super charisma suppressing drugs) as him can ignore the effects (so that's why Captain Diabetes remembers dying but no one else remembers the Morgan Freeman fight). You don't say anything about it because your character almost never says anything.

The next game will have Expies of the Fraternity of Assassins as allies to Morgan Freeman.

Stan and Wendy are not officially back together, but they are using the game as a pretense to flirt with each other
Since the game takes place after the second episode of Season 20, they are officially broken up. However, since neither one wanted it, they decided that if they are going to continue their relationship, they'd have to do it in secret (in as much as 10-year-olds can). So their superheroing becomes the means by which they do so, as any time they get caught by anyone enforcing the breakup, they could just claim "Oh no, we're not flirting, our characters are."

Heidi Turner will be a playable character in the DLC stories
Heidi will become a playable character in the DLC as replacement for the Coon, since he leaves the party beginning with Day 4. Assuming the DLC takes place after season 21, Heidi can be something of a Captain Ersatz to Jessica Jones (2015) in terms of being a nice girl before getting into a mentally abusive relationship with a manipulative brainwashing sociopath. After getting out of said relationship she becomes a jaded Broken Bird who spends her night as a Private Detective, while attending bars and drinking non-alcoholic beverages (Hopefully). She will eventually come into contact with Freedom Pals and the New Kid and agree to help them recover their franchise plan though she'll probably want a Netflix series of her own.

  • Jossed

Super Craig is New Kid's favorite of the superheroes
It's why many times when he's directly attacked, Present!New Kid will mouth something.

Mitch Conner is Cartman Becoming the Mask
Originally, Mitch Conner was a hand puppet he was faking to mess with Kyle and the others, but we've seen in Le Petite Tourette that if Cartman does too good a job of faking whatever he's doing, he starts enacting it for real. Cartman got so into the role of Mitch Conner that it became a Split Personality. However, his comments to Butters during the warehouse raid about finances, you taking too long to solve the riddles and him using his normal voice when Mitch is elected suggests that while Cartman may not be in control of Mitch, he is legitimately working with him.

A Greater-Scope Villain was backing Mitch Connor/Cartman
Think about it, how does Mitch Connor receives his funds to pay for his campaign and Professor Chaos, how he have a lot of knowledge about the New Kids powers and how to replicate them, and how was he capable of kidnapping two grown adult despite being only a hand puppet of a ten year boy. The best bet has to be that he had help from someone else probably an adult with far more resources and knowledge, and was using Mitch Connor as an Unwitting Pawn to test the New Kid's abilities for his/her own agenda. This person most likely the same person who sent the Big Bad Government Guy to South Park in the first game as well as the same person who was in charge of the research facility that the New Kid was born in and escaped from. This Greater-Scope Villain will either appear in the DLC stories or the next game and will be a Mad Scientist archetype (especially if appears in the former because Mad Scientist vs Super Heroes, an obvious cliché in superhero stories).
  • Mitch Conner is able to pay for his various schemes because he is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. How a hand puppet of a 10-year-old got on that is up for debate, but the adults of South Park are established to be very stupid. He was also able to kidnap them using sixth graders (presumably the genetically augmented hybrid monster ones, though a couple dozen could probably do it especially if they had weapons).
  • Still that doesn't mean this Greater-Scope Villain wasn't involve in Mitch's scheme and we will soon find out his/her role in either the future DLC stories or in the next game.

Hurk will appear in future DLC

Given that South Park: The Fractured But Whole was developed by Ubisoft, the same video game developer for the Far Cry series, Hurk can probably crossover to the South Park universe and his antics, such as blowing up monkeys, could easily fit in the comedy of South Park

  • Jossed

Mitch Conner is a mind-controlling brain parasite
Guillermo del Toro will appear in the From Dusk Till Casa Bonita DLC
Given that the DLC will feature Goths and the Vampire Kids and will take place in the Mexican Restaurant Casa Bonita, why not feature Guillermo Del Toro in it since he's a Mexican and his most famous works includes the genre of dark fantasy and gothic horror. He can even be one of the vampire kid initiates alongside Kenny's sister. Plus, given since Guillermo Del Toro has yet to appear or be mentioned in South Park why not have him be the next celebrity Matt Stone and Trey Parker rip on bring a many Take That! to the director that includes why Pan's Labyrinth is only spoken in Spanish language, Del Toro's Silent Hills being canceled by Konami (Why no rip on Konami along the way?), and why The Shape of Water (you know the movie where the mute human girl has sex with a fish man) won the most Academy Awards including best picture, amongst many other things.

  • Jossed: Guillermo Del Toro doesn't make any appearance in the DLC and the celebrity to appear instead is Micheal Jackson, whom everybody mistakes as Corey Haim.

The next South Park game will parody the Cyberpunk genre
It will even have Story Arcs and RPG Elements from popular games of the Cyberpunk genre, such as Deus Ex, System Shock, and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

The Big Bad will either be the scientists who created The New Kid, Leslie Meyers will be Back from the Dead and become a Captain Ersatz of SHODAN, Cartman who want revenge on the New Kid, or perhaps both.

The next South Park game will parody all sorts of different animes
Most likely, with the kids in their various Let's Fighting Love personae.

The next South Park game will parody the Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse genre.
There's a strong chance that this could happen, given that this yet to be parodied. The game could take place when and after President Garrison nukes the world and there will be several references made about the genre ranging from the Mad Max film (where Mel Gibson will serve as a boss) to Ubisoft's very own Far Cry: New Dawn.
  • If that happens, there will definitely be an awful lot of Fallout lampooning.

The next South Park game will feature a Resident Evil Parody DLC.

The next South Park game will have the New Kid speak.
As a sign that he's no longer just going to blindly follow Cartman after what he pulled as Mitch Connor. Bonus points if s/he says "That mute shit was getting old" and "You know what I got the last time I trusted someone? Blown the fuck up", takes on a leadership position, and has three voices per gender to pick from.

The next South Park game will have another Genre Shift to Action RPG
If it's a sci-fi parody, it'll be a Run-and-Gun or First-Person Shooter with RPG Elements. If it's an anime parody as discussed above, it'll either be a traditional Action RPG or a Beat 'em Up with RPG Elements.

The next South Park game will have the New Kid pull off A Fistful of Rehashes gambit.
Both South Park games have so far followed the same structure: Two factions fight in a game the kids of South Park are playing, the New Kid starts off on Cartman's faction, then secretly joins the other faction until the two join forces for whatever reason. The New Kid may very well be tired of this treatment and instead decide to play both sides. Bonus points if this is mercilessly lampshaded.
Kyle: Oh my God....the New Kid totally Yojimbo'd us!
Cartman: Oh my God....the New Kid totally A Fistful of Dollars'd us!


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