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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • A moment outside of the game itself: According to some whiteboard development notes for the game, Craig only cares about two things: his guinea pig and Tweek. Since Word of God confirms that Craig and Tweek have indeed become an Official Couple in the show, it says a lot about how strong their relationship gotten to the point that Tweek is one of the only two things Craig cares about, very possibly beating out even his own family.
    • Tweek bought Craig a pet guinea pig, Stripe the Fourth.
    • Early on in the game, Super Craig explicitly calls Wonder Tweek his ex-boyfriend and proudly states that he's gay. A later mission has the two making up and gaining a shared Ultimate for the rest of the game.
      • The shared Ultimate itself is a combination Moment of Heartwarming and Awesome. It has a big radius, and it both confuses and damages all enemies in range, making it perfect for groups of enemies. It's powered by a public display of affection (with Super Craig and Wonder Tweek holding hands) and plays Let's Fighting Love at the climactic moment in a burst of pink flowers. It's a big example of The Power of Love all the way.
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    • At one point, Tweek will mention that after his own laptop broke, Craig lent him his without Tweek even needing to ask. All together now: Daaaw.
    • They both share the same power source in their character sheets: Love.
    • Their bickering never stops even when they reconcile. If someone else besides Super Craig revives Wonder Tweek while Super Craig is on the battlefield, he'll gripe at Super Craig for being too busy to revive his boyfriend.
      Wonder Tweek: Craig, you can't be bothered to save your love?
      Super Craig: I was busy!
      Wonder Tweek: You're ALWAYS busy!
    • On the other hand, if Super Craig gets taken out, Wonder Tweek will have a minor meltdown.
      Wonder Tweek: Super Craig! No! I can't live without you!
      Super Craig: It's okay, you can just revive me.
    • In the same vein as above, Wonder Tweek is very vocal about his affection in general when it comes to battle quotes. Besides the above exchange, he'll for example yell at attacking enemies not to touch "his Craig" and affectionately call Super Craig "tiger" when the latter attacks. Super Craig in return is far more low-key about it and generally spends his quotes snarking at Wonder Tweek and trying to get him to calm down, but even he has his moments, like proudly stating that he "taught [Wonder Tweek] everything he knows" when the latter attacks, or this exchange:
      Wonder Tweek: There's so many of them - I-I don't know if I can do it, AUGH!
      Super Craig: Super Craig believes in you, so believe in him.
      Wonder Tweek: All right, I'll try!
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    • If you collect all the Creek yaoi fanart, you get an achievement that depicts Wonder Tweek resting his head on Super Craig's shoulder.
    • One of the Creek yaoi fan art can be found in the backroom of Tweek Bros., where Tweek was established as spending much of his time working in the last game, implying that Tweek himself (or his parents) was the one who put it up. Another can be found on top of a tree carving with the letters C+T inside a heart.
  • When you first get the New Kid's Character Sheet, their power source is listed as "Anal". After learning to believe in themselves by the end of the game, it's relisted as Heart.
  • Mosquito (Clyde) being thankful to the New Kid saving him from the Raisins girls after all the horrible things he did with the Nazi Zombie goo in the previous game.
  • Whatever the status of Stan and Wendy's relationship is in this game, the two of them are still friends. Hitting Wendy will prompt Stan to express concern, showing that even if this game takes place after she dumped him, he cares about her well-being.
    Stan: Hey, no screwing with my Call Girl!
    • Wendy will also protest if Stan gets hit in battle, and occasionally asks if he's okay.
    Wendy: Hey! That's my Toolshed you're messing with!
    • According to Word of God, the events of the game are canon to the TV series, and seeing as Stan and Wendy tend to be flirtatious with each other, it can be assumed that Stan was indeed able to win her back with Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton's help. Either that, or Wendy got back together with Stan on her own, as she didn't want to go along with the girls' plan, and did so behind their backs.
  • Mysterion's second Ultimate, "Mysterion Re-rising." He ascends into Heaven and is greeted by half-naked angels, but he quickly has a change of heart and returns to Earth, bringing himself back to life while healing his fellow superheroes.
    • Even better when you realise this was a chance to finally be free from the immortality that made his life hell and he willingly refused because of his friends.
  • If you get Karen's doll back for her, Kenny will message you commending you for it, even if the New Kid is with Coon and Friends and therefore Mysterion's enemy. Also, if playing as a female character, Mysterion states that you remind him of his sister and he has "a weird urge to protect you."
  • At the start of Doctor Timothy's boss fight, the New Kid is locked out of selecting party members as the Coon friends are mind-controlled by Doctor Timothy and the Freedom Pals are staying on the sidelines to watch Doctor Timothy punish the New Kid for double-crossing them. However, Call Girl and Professor Chaos immediately enter the battlefield to back up the New Kid because as far they're concerned, the New Kid is still their friend and that's all that matters to them.
    • Even better, any of the mind-controlled Coon and Friends the New Kid defeats immediately wake back up and go to the New Kid's side, and all of them (even The Coon!) say lines where they either pledge to help the New Kid or state how royally pissed they are at Doctor Timothy for forcing them to fight their friend. The way Coon and Friends see it; however underhanded their methods tend to be, they still look out for each other and they seem to think Doctor Timothy crossed a line in making them fight each other.
  • What was Doctor Timothy doing during the Civil War, even though he sided with Freedom Pals? Working himself to death to create the perfect franchise plan that included everyone and treated everyone equally, giving every hero their own movie or TV series, and building up to a grand finale that included them all. Even though Butters had declared himself their archenemy and was working against both teams, Doctor Timothy still included Professor Chaos in his franchise plan, including giving him his own movie.
    • If the main story ended with the Freedom Pals and Coon Friends making peace with each other after learning about Doctor Timothy's true intentions, it could probably have been the happiest ending out of any South Park game and it could probably have Coon prove even a shred of him being Good All Along.
  • Coming from a franchise that more often than not tends to run on Negative Continuity, the fact that there are people in South Park who still fondly remember befriending the New Kid in the previous game is pretty touching. More than a few of those same people who the New Kid had to earn Facebook friend requests from even agree to freely give Coonstagram selfies!
  • Each of the superheroes has a short little quest they'll give you. Help them, and they'll immediately declare they're with you, no matter what. Special note goes to Craig and Tweek for getting them through therapy, particularly since Tweek hasn't gotten to know the New Kid well.
  • Captain Diabetes.
    • While the rest of Coon & Friends tend to treat the New Kid indifferently at best, Captain Diabetes goes out of his way to let the New Kid prove themselves during their first mission. He even takes time out of his mission to relieve a drunken Randy Marsh from his car keys, a feat which Toolshed is so amazed by that he comes to them personally to tell the New Kid that he owes them one.
    • During the first mission, Captain Diabetes calls you his sidekick, as briefed by the Coon prior; justified, since you are their newest recruit and this is your first real superhero mission. After that? He calls you his partner.
  • Jimmy's superhero alias as Fastpass. He's living out his fantasy of being the fastest kid in town despite being having seriously handicapped legs, and is somehow able to accomplish it.
  • Taking selfies with your favorite characters, especially Mysterion. And most of them will gladly smile for the picture, including (if so you desire) the New Kid, who rarely ever smiles.
  • Meta-example: Stan giving a shout out to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann through his Ultimate and quote. While it is one at the show, it likewise is more directed at Studio Gainax, who have more than showcased they are fans of South Park in their works (the art shifts in FLCL and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt).
  • Out of all the adults in South Park, Liane Cartman seems to have the most fondness toward the New Kid. For starters, after Eric (as The Coon) broke up the fantasy game the New Kid was playing and left them in the dust, Mrs. Cartman is quick to encourage the New Kid to convince her son to let them play superheroes and potentially even gives some advice on how to find the password to get into the basement. She later asks the New Kid for help with her prostitution business (probably the first time she's trusted a child with something related to her business, though she could be taking what the New Kid has faced in Stick of Truth into account) and rewards them generously when they prove a good helper, all while speaking in the sort of kind motherly tone she's mostly reserved for Eric, suggesting that Liane likes to think of the New Kid as a second child to her. And with the New Kid's parents being.... busy with their own problems, it's nice to think that someone like the New Kid has a third parental figure they can look up to when their own parents are at their worst.
  • At the Peppermint Hippo, the other strippers step in to protect Classi without hesitation or fear of losing their jobs. Granted, their opponents were mere children, but given how they fight later, it says something about how these ladies work with each other. If you go back to the strip club, you can take a selfie with some of the strippers without them holding a grudge.
    • Regardless of your choices during Mackey's counseling sessions, both parents support the New Kid wholeheartedly. Their concerns come from the fact that the government is looking for them and may harm them if they are found.
    • If you play as a black New Kid, the New Kid will later find their parents have being arrested and jailed, but the heartwarming part comes when the New Kid battles the Dirty Cops to rescue their parents and the rest of South Park's African-American citizens. Chris and Kelly are treated to a front-row seat viewing of their child kicking ass and, taking into account their desire to maintain anonymity, discreetly express pride and gratitude over how much of a badass their child has become.
      Kelly: So brave, That kid's mother must be proud.
    • After saving Classi from being sacrificed, she'll call you with a heartfelt thanks, and rewards you with "Classi's Burner", which lets you summon her from that point onwards.
  • Toolshed comforting Mosquito in Mephesto's lab. He even calls out Call Girl for taking a selfie of Mosquito's crying on Coonstagram.
  • Another moment for Toolshed in Mephesto's lab is taking a selfie with one of the mutated cats to call an end to animal testing.
  • When the New Kid plays the mandolin and flugelhorn for the old folks at the retirement home, they're smiling throughout most of it, indicating that while Tupperware and Wonder Tweek are at best indifferent to having to perform in front of the old people, the New Kid's clearly enjoying it.
  • One of the in-story justifications for multiclassing is The Coon sympathizing with New Kid's backstory, and letting them do so out of pity.
    • Though it's a somewhat bittersweet relationship thanks to Cartman's more dickish behavior as the Coon in contrast to his role as Grand Wizard Cartman in the previous game, The New Kid's friendship with Cartman seems to have remained largely intact throughout three quarters of the game's story. Cartman again tries to be a good mentor to the New Kid, and the New Kid (who still remembers what Cartman's done for them in the past) returns the favor by giving him their respect and loyalty. It's safe to say that unlike most of Cartman's other 'friends' who have mostly hanged with him out of fear or pity, Cartman has (for perhaps the first time in his life) actually earned the New Kid's loyalty and friendship, leading them to become Cartman's first and possibly only real friend. Unfortunately, all that makes the Coon's betrayal all the more tragic and heart-wrenching for the New Kid... at first.
    • You want a good example of the New Kid showing the Coon their loyalty? During one of their encounters with Freedom Pals, the New Kid's immediate reaction to Doctor Timothy mind-raping The Coon was to shoot a Death Glare at Doctor Timothy! And that's just moments before Civil War Two starts!
  • Depending on Butthole's gender identity you might get a couple of extras.
    • When a female Butthole starts Call Girl's mission, Call Girl will give her a friendship bracelet, "Chromatic Charm", a gender-exclusive Minor Artifact.
    • It's worth noting that while playing as a female New Kid, none of the party members (except Wendy) ever figure out her gender. BUT! Trey and Matt have implied in some pre-release interviews that even if the boys did find out the New Kid's a girl, they'd still adamantly want the New Kid to play with them. Why? 'Cause as far as they're concerned, the New Kid's too awesome to not have on their side.
    • While most of the boys will comment on what a feminine-looking "boy" a female New Kid is, Kyle will also assure "him" that it's perfectly fine for a boy to be feminine and tell "him" to be true to "himself". He's a bit mistaken about what exactly is going on, but the sentiment is sweet.
  • Pretty much every interaction the New Kid has with Professor Chaos (aka Butters). Despite playing a villain, it's still quite obvious that Butters considers himself the New Kid's friend ever since they first met in the last game. For example, remember Paladin Butters' ability to heal the New Kid in South Park: The Stick of Truth with a supportive pat on the back? The New Kid can return the favor during a boss fight with Butters' abusive father, where New Kid is granted the exclusive ability to "un-ground" their allies.
  • Mr. Mackey shows how good of a school counselor he can really be when discussing the New Kid's gender and sexual orientation. He not only patiently explains the difference between being transgender and cisgender, but also stresses that it really doesn't matter what you identify as, since in his eyes, it's all good. He even adds that some people might not take kindly to you, but insists that you'll be able to deal with that when it happens. Lastly, he states that while he has faith in you being able to cope, he says that you can come back to his office at any time to talk to him. While he's a little awkward about it in places, Mr. Mackey is ultimately trying his hardest to understand you.
  • On a more meta level, the fact that so much attention and detail went into allowing the player to decide the New Kid's gender and sexual orientation. They do an excellent job on explaining the differences, and everyone is treated the same, regardless of what you select, and whether that's negatively or positively. And while Mr. Mackey potentially outing you regarding your gender identity to your parents might not be the best course of action in a real-world sense, it fits his personality as a well-meaning if not particularly competent school counsellor.
  • In a cynical series like that of South Park, it's refreshing to see Father Maxi depicted as a Nice Guy and Reasonable Authority Figure.
  • Also, given how cynical everything is, the fact that Doctor Timothy is not only playing with the group, but a leader of one of the two teams is practically a Tear Jerker. Even in a fairly optimistic setting, a character with such severe disabilities would be left out of a complicated LARP, or relegated to a side role, such as in the Stick of Truth. He not only leads the Freedom Pals, but he's the Big Good. When they learn about his plans, Coon and Friends makes him their leader... except for the Coon.
  • Your parents may bicker with each other before the Timey-Wimey Ball, but they never direct any of their anger at each other towards you, their child. Even though their child can clearly hear them arguing, they try to create some semblance that they're okay when you're around because they know it might upset you otherwise. (Not that your character doesn't know. It's the thought of them keeping you in mind that counts.) After all, the main reason they took you and ran away from the facility in the first place was because they wanted to give you a chance to grow up as a normal child.
    • Most of the parents' interactions with the New Kid are really heartwarming. The mother especially smothers her child with complements and love. And while the father is more abrasive than the mother, you can tell that it comes from a place of being fearful for the safety of his child. You can tell that even if they hate each other, they love their child more than anything and everything.
    • Thanks to a Time Travel plot, your parents come clean about themselves, their powers, and your own powers at a young age, changing the future. Instead of being the bickering Like an Old Married Couple they were from the game, they are Sickeningly Sweethearts desperately in love.
    • The same Time Travel plot also reveals that the intruders who broke into the New Kid's house when they were young were actually just lonely people who wanted to get Facebook friends (through the New Kid's amazing social media powers) but didn't know how. Once they tell them this, the New Kid decides not to attack them like they did in the tutorials, and takes a selfie with them.
  • During the final fight, when Doctor Timothy calls no cheating is allowed anymore, both Human Kite and the Coon obey.
  • If the New Kid gets a selfie with Wendy's mom, the South Park City Planner, Cartman will comment that she has a really cool office. Her response is to study hard, and he can have one too.
  • Danger Deck DLC:
    • The reward for completing one of the challenge sets is the City Ninja Assassination Contract. Why is this Heartwarming, you ask? Because since the Danger Deck challenges are designed by Token (aka Tupperware), this heavily implies that Token and his parents personally bought off the contract, thereby stopping the City Ninja Service from trying to kill the New Kid!
  • From Dusk to Casa Bonita DLC:
  • Bring the Crunch DLC:
  • On a meta level, Word of God from Matt and Trey states that the video games are canon to the series. Nothing like unapologetic Fanservice for fans of the show.


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