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  • Acceptable Targets: Vampires and Goths. The game treats you barging into the vampires' party and ruining things for them as justified because of how lame the vampires are, and Goths are treated as being almost indistinguishable from vampires, and are at best seen as tolerably lame.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: While it's safe to say Mitch Conner was just another alter ego of Cartman's, what is more debateable is how much Cartman regrets his actions as Mitch Conner with implications that Cartman's regrets stem specifically from how he was hurting the New Kid, whom he considers his student and close friend. While there are moments where Cartman starts butting heads with Mitch Cooner whenever the later tries to get under New Kid's skin, people both in and out of universe think it was just an attempt to convince people he has no control over Mitch.
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  • Anti-Climax Boss: The final boss, the second Mitch Conner encounter, can come off as anticlimactic compared to the other two battles in Chapter 5 against the Woodland Critters and King Douchebag (the latter qualifying as a sort of Boss Rush)- which are more challenging due to the number of units you had to deal with in those fights on top of their stronger attacks. In this fight, you only have to contend with a Dual Boss versus The Coon and the Human Kite who start by trading shots against each other before turning on you while you outnumber them four to two. Really, if you've made it this far in the game, it won't pose much of a challenge compared to the fights before it, with King Douchebag arguable being the "real" final boss in terms of combat challenge and applying all the tactics you've learned throughout the game, while this battle really only exists for comedy as well as to wrap up Mitch Conner's arc.
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  • Ass Pull: Played for Laughs if you decide to Retcon the New Kid's gender. Somehow, almost nobody noticed the New Kid was actually a girl during the entirety of the first game!
  • Awesome Boss:
    • The second to last boss. Butthole. Versus. King. Douchebag. You and the whole team get to battle your way through several of your companions from the first game before finally having an utterly epic showdown with your own past self.
    • In From Dusk Till Casa Bonita, Michael Jackson is summoned via a portal from Hell (everyone calls him Corey Haim, since that’s who was originally suppose to be summoned). The boss fight is on a concert stage, complete with a cheering crowd.
    • In Bring The Crunch, you fight an alien in the hellish mind of a possessed Dr. Timothy, the latter as a large figure controlling the battlefield. While not the hardest final boss, it definitely looks the part a lot more than the one from the main storyline. You even get to fight your kryptonite. For a more authentic final boss, it’s highly recommended to not play this level until you’ve completed everything else in the game (except maybe the battle with Morgan Freeman).
  • Awesome Music: The fight music in this game is utterly astounding, with many bosses getting their own unique battle themes.
    • The strip club gets no less than three tracks: one for the Lap Dance Mini-Game, a battle theme, and a boss theme for when Spontaneous Bootay steps into the battlefield.
    • In the second round with Alternate Human Kite, he calls in Kyle's mom, Sheila. When this happens, the music changes to an energetic klezmer rendition of "Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch" from the Movie!
    • Sober Towelie comes with a fast-paced theme fitting for facing off in a weed shop.
    • The fight against Morgan Freeman, the game's Bonus Boss, the game plays a badass Mexican-style theme that wouldn't sound out of place in a Western gunfight.
    • Fighting the Corrupt Cops treats you to a theme that sounds like it came straight from an 80s Cop Show.
    • The Raisins Girls have music that sounds very similar to The Powerpuff Girls, but it doesn't sound any less upbeat and funky for it.
    • The boss theme for the last couple of bosses in the game barring Mutant Cousin Kyle sounds fittingly climactic and sinister.
    • Not that the music for the aforementioned Mutant Cousin Kyle is any worse; it's intimidating, unnatural and utterly fitting for fighting the hideous freak the boss has become.
    • The theme for battling the Vamp kids, a ridiculously awesome orchestral metal piece for dueling the Vampire's lame black magic with not-lame Netherborn black magic.
    • The theme that plays while fighting the "monsters" (or guys dressed in nice Halloween costumes) sounds like an epic track out of an 80s slasher film.
      • As well as the brief theme that plays when you fight the monsters for the first time. It sounds like traditional superhero battle music (as it’s suppose to be an introduction to Mintberry Crunch), but is epic nonetheless.
  • Catharsis Factor: Players can take great pleasure in laying the beatdown on characters that they dislike. Special mention goes to being able to beat up Stephen Stotch (Butters' abusive father), Lexus (who pretended to like Butters for his money and then had no problem in breaking his heart in front of his parents after he ran out of it), or Sheila Broflovski. The Casa Bonita DLC gives the player the opportunity to wail on an annoying side character, Mr. Adams the police psychiatrist.
  • Character Rerailment: The Memberberries, over time, were Flanderized to only make Star Wars references. Here, they 'member stuff other than Star Wars again.
  • Character Tiers: Depending on the choice of class the player makes, certain buddies are more or less useful than others. However, the party members can be compared to each other, and a few of them edge out over the others.
    • The higher tier fighters are: Call Girlnote , Mysterionnote , Professor Chaosnote , Toolshednote , Henriettanote , and Mintberry Crunchnote . The only downside is that most of these are not available until more than halfway into the game (though you do get a taste of Toolshed's power during your siege in Professor Chaos' lair in Chapter 2) and both Henrietta and Mintberry Crunch are paid DLC.
    • The middle tier fighters are: Captain Diabetesnote , Human Kitenote , Mosquitonote  and Wonder Tweek note .
    • The lower tier fighters are: The Coonnote , Fastpassnote , Super Craignote , and Tupperwarenote 
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • A number of players reserve a spot for the Double-Edge skill, since, especially when combined with the fart power that summons "Backstory You," up to four turns of damage can easily make up for any missed ones (especially if lots of AoE is needed, or it's time to finish off the enemy).
    • Another two both come from "Bring the Crunch", being Mintberry Crunch as a partner and two of the Final Girl skills.
      • Mintberry himself is an amazing support character due to, when managed right, making your entire team practically invincible. Expect to see people save their ultimate for him and him alone if he's on a party, as it makes your entire team unable to take damage for 3 turns note 
      • Using the Final Girl's sledgehammer and sawblades is a very popular way to spend one's moveset. Sawblades place a trap that inflict a one turn damage debuff when the enemy moves over one in any way shape or form, as well just starts their turn on it, and stacks. The sledgehammer gives very, very, very good enemy movement control in addition to letting the New Kid move again after an enemy is targeted, and can be used to move enemies over sawblades as well as allow them to knock enemies into allies, dealing more damage. Using both and basically using teammates as a buffer with a high knockback damage build is a popular endgame build if you have the DLC. It can also be combined with the above double-edge spam.
    • When choosing your Kryptonite, one of the choices you can pick from is Old People. Since there's only one instance of fighting old people in a scripted event, as opposed to lots of random encounters with Sixth Graders, Chaos Kids, Raisins Girls, Ninjas, and Crab People, that's what 99% of a player's second playthrough will choose. Another common choice is Vampires, since you don't actually encounter any in the main story. note  Those who don't own From Dusk Till Casa Bonita, or who cleared it in a previous playthrough and thus have no reason to return on a subsequent playthrough, will choose that in order to have effectively no weaknesses. That said, you might want to reconsider Vampires being your kryptonite if you are going to play Bring The Crunch.
  • Contested Sequel: The Fractured but Whole is considered a very strong game on its own. The contesting comes into play with most players feeling that Stick of Truth has better writing, while this game has better gameplay - so 'which game is superior overall?' can be a heated question.
  • Continuity Lockout: The amount of Continuity Porn in this game is so staggering even in comparison to Stick of Truth that most of the jokes and references will almost invariably end up flying over the heads of anyone who hasn't been following the show (especially seasons 19-20) religiously.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • As in most South Park media, content is outrageously hilarious, but this line from the trailer seals it.
      Wonder Tweek: If we want to make billions of dollars, then I think we should start with the Tupperware movie!
      The Coon: Right, start with a black superhero.
      SuperCraig: Marvel is making a black superhero movie.
      The Coon: Yeah, now! They waited years to get to that! We follow their plan, we do all the real people first, then we sneak the black guy in at Phase 3.
    • Speaking of race, the "difficulty" slider is tied to your skin tone in character creation, meaning if you want to play as a black person the game will be on the hardest.note  A voiceover from Cartman comments "Don't worry, this doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life." Also, at higher "difficulties" (darker skin tones), Morgan Freeman will not be available as a Bonus Boss.
    • One of first missions in the game has the New Kid visit a church for spiritual guidance. After entering a dark room, two rather perverted priests get touchy-feely with the New Kid before turning on the lights. Cue cheesy porno music as Buttlord beats the shit out of them.
      • One of these priests uses a rosary as a string of anal beads, and removes it from his ass to use as a whip.
    • Then you have 10 year old children giving drunk businessmen lap dances... while farting on them.
    • The racism of the SPPD is blown up to almost comical proportions. Case in point: gathering the town's African-American population to sacrifice to Outer God Shub-Niggurath.
    • The boss fight against Jared from Subway may be one of the most offensively hilarious things the creators have ever done. This is including the giant aborted Nazi zombie Kardashian fetus from the previous game.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Scott Malkinson has gained more love from fans than ever for his role as Captain Diabetes. This has also reflected on the show itself, as not only he has gained more screen-time, but even got an episode of his own during Season 23's Basic Cable.
    • Spontaneous Bootay is widely considered to be one of the most fun bosses in the game due to her incredible theme song and hectic boss fight.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Plantmancer's "Root Burst". It hits verically up and down the same row as the New Kid as well as two rows in front of him, does decent damage, and inflicts Bleeding and Knockback. Its massive area of effect ensures you'll never be unable to strike an enemy, and in fact you can probably hit multiple targets every turn, and the status ailments are gravy on top of it.
      • The Plantmancer's other moves are seriously potent in themselves. "Purifying Petals" heals you, any allies close to you, clears status ailments AND grants Attack Up. The only thing tempering it is its long cooldown. "Sweet Scent" not only does decent damage to a foe a few squares away, but also knocks them towards you and Charms them, a condition far more difficult to get rid of than Confusion. And the Ultimate, "Nature's Gift" will heal every ally on the battlefield. And if an ally is down, it revives them, no strings attached. There's probably a reason that this class is among the final ones that get unlocked in the game.
    • Mintberry-Crunch turns the whole base game into a complete joke. Not only is he able to potentially prevent any enemies from dealing any damage to your party if the "Mint" and "Berry" status effects are applied to both friends and foes respectively, but even if that weren't the case, the "Mint" status effect also reduces any damage taken by half. Combine that with the fact that Bradley himself has a three in movement by default so dealing with the enemies and protecting the allies is not a big deal even in the hardest difficulty mode. His main drawback is that he's paid DLC, but once the "Bring The Crunch" campaign is completed, he stays in your party in all save files.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In the final boss fight, after Cartman goes down and then gets back up as Mitch Connor, Kyle's Mitch Connor will send up his kite to protect him. However, if you use the reverse time fart, Cartman will be removed from combat. He will still be talking but is invisible, indicating that this isn't supposed to happen.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In the E3 2016 trailer, the game pokes fun at the Marvel Cinematic Universe for making a Black Panther film only after making a whole bunch of white-led films first. It’s pretty disheartening to see that Trey and Matt ended up not liking the film.
    • At one point, Tupperware gets shot at by one of the police officers solely for being black. Come "The Pandemic Special", Token gets shot by the police for real, and for the same reason.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The "Black Friday" saga of the cartoon, which The Stick of Truth followed from, focused on the Console Wars between the PS4 and Xbox One. Guess which consoles The Fractured But Whole is for? Doubly so, since physical launch copies of TFbW include a digital voucher for TSoT.
  • Ho Yay:
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: The most common complaint about the "From Dusk Till Casa Bonita" DLC is that you only get about 2 hours worth of content for $12.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: The New Kid can and is shipped with just about everyone. Common targets are Scott Malkinson, Kyle, Kenny, Butters, and Wendy.
  • LGBT Fanbase: South Park already has a sizable LGBT fanbase, but that fanbase really enjoyed this game. Not only is Craig and Tweek's romantic relationship an important plot point, but you can assign your player character a variety of sexualities and genders, and the game won't treat your character much differently based on your identity (as the rednecks attack you no matter what your identity is). Of course, the game is very tongue-in-cheek about it, but it still attracted players whose sexualities and gender identities were rarely represented in video games.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The sound of an attack being guarded can qualify as this. Few enemies will block your attack themselves, and you have both enrage and shield moves on your team that produces the sound note  and then Mintberry crunch, doubly so after his ultimate, will produce this noise quite frequently during a battle.
  • Player Punch: AND HOW! The day after Coon and Friends agree to assimilate with Freedom Pals, the New Kid can wake up in the morning to find their parents are missing and their kitchen drenched in blood!. When they arrive to the Freedom Pal headquarters, not only do they find out that Mitch Conner (aka Eric Cartman) destroyed Timmy's franchise plans, but kidnapped the New Kid's parents and blackmails the New Kid into getting selfies from certain people to help guarantee his winning the election for mayor. Later on when they get to the genetics lab, they get hit with another player punch when they find themself forced to kill one of their parents in order to escape the lab.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: As pointed out in Contested Sequel above, this is a minor case; while quite a few players consider this an improvement gameplay-wise, it's also considered to have a somewhat weaker story. Interestingly, its processor got the opposite reaction.
  • Sidetracked By The Golden Saucer:
    • The Wheel of Fortune bank minigame is painfully addicting.
    • The arcade at Casa Bonita, especially since you can get three Epic Artifacts from it (which actually do something, compared to the wheel only giving you Economic Status on your character sheet.).
  • Squick: The Blaster Ultimate of the player character: They form a fireball in their hands, followed by swallowing it. What follows is a glimpse of the New Kid's inner workings as the stream of fire makes it's way through their intestines before reaching the rectum, in which the New Kid promptly farts out a giant flame of destruction. Appropiately, enemies hit by this attack get both the Fire and Grossed Out status.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
    • The beginning of the song that plays while using the Cyborg's "Ganz Technique" sounds similar to Cher's 1998 song "Believe".
    • The song that plays during the Raisin Girls' fights sounds very, very close to something out of The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • If you're among those that don't like Randy Marsh, good news! This E3 2016 video reveals that you'll get to fight him while he's drunk in his driveway. In fact, you fight him twice, the second time being drunk on red wine.
    • Even better! You finally get to lay the smackdown on Stephen Stotch during your mission of recruiting Butters onto the team. If the Youtube comments are anything to go by, fans of the show have waited a long time to do this.
    • Rounding off the trio of disliked parents is Sheila Broflovski, who is fought after Kyle's cousin tattles on the kids, complete with a klezmer rendition of "Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch".
    • There's also the boss fight with the entire squad of racist cops of South Park, including the oft-despised Sgt. Harrison Yates.
  • That One Attack:
    • The Raisins Girls' "Favorite Customer". It forces the Charmed status onto one of your units, forcing them into turning on and attacking their teammates. Not only will you lose one of your fighters, but depending on which characters you entered with, they can potentially gain a very powerful ally in the process, potentially one that can heal the Raisins Girls themselves if they charm an ally with healing capabilities. Most Raisins Girl teams carry at least two Charmers, so if you thought you could cancel one charmer's turn, the other will freely move in and charm your unit without you being able to stop it. And you can only cure the status by attacking the affected ally or by tossing an Antidote at them, which can sometimes be easier said than done without accidentally killing the Charmed ally.
    • Jared's "Sandwich Artisan". Implications aside, the reason he is a candidate for That One Boss is because of this attack. It deals huge damage to a single target, leaving them with either a sliver of health or outright killing them if they don't have enough HP to survive.
    • High Jew Elf Kyle's arrow rain was a powerful attack in The Stick of Truth and still lives up in this game during the final battle against King Douchebag. It targets all party members regardless of range and inflicts bleeding, and it gets more annoying to deal with in the final phase since you also have to deal with King Douchebag's own powerful attacks, which gives you a dilemma on when to use your Time Glitch.
  • That One Boss:
    • Spontaneous Bootay is the game's first introduction to the timed interruption mechanics; as such, her fight serves as a wake-up call to those who take a long time to decide on their next move and/or can't prioritize objectives.
    • Jared Fogle in the third chapter can be quite tough as he has an attack that will one-shot whoever he uses it on. While it is possible to survive the attack from full health, it requires lots of Might to reach the amount of health necessary to tank the hit and still stand. Additionally, he can call in backup units that possess healing techniques.
    • Shub-Niggurath, the second to last boss of Chapter 3 can be incredibly difficult given that it has a whopping 9999 health and can't actually be attacked. It's a Puzzle Boss, not that it makes the fight any easier; you need to knock the corrupt cops into the red area so that Shub-Niggurath will devour them; as it doesn't like white meat, it will lose around a quarter of its health for each cop devoured. However, you have to do this while keeping your party out of the devour zone, along with protecting them from the cops. Luckily, some of your possible party members have easy maneuverability abilities that also move allies/enemies, and the boss provides eggs that can be destroyed to knock back anything next to them.
    • Chapter 4's boss, Giant Mutant Kyle Schwartz. He has almost 10,000 HP, has an area attack powerful enough to two-shot most characters, which also has a completely random chance of also inflicting Grossed Out, and gets to move every time you take a turn after he Turns Red. Thankfully you unlock a new time fart for this battle which enables you to temporarily stun him and decrease his defenses as well.
    • The penultimate boss Woodland Critters are no joke either, given that there are a lot of them, their main method of attack has fairly long range and inflicts Burning, and they start off the fight surrounding your party.
    • The boss fight against Spontaneous Bootay in the Bring The Crunch DLC, mainly due to how the boss is not going with the timed interruption mechanic for this boss battle. Simply put, you have to use Time Farts to interrupt the boss' turn if it's about to use a One-Hit Kill, and nearly all of the enemies on the field can use moves to pull towards the boss for an early death. Even worse, you are now limited to just how far away you can run away from the boss, and you can only move further away if the boss moves towards you.
    • The first fight against the City Ninjas. You have to fight through three waves of them, they throw stars at you, all of their attacks cause bleeding, the white ninjas summon more ninjas that have to be defeated, they can move pretty far each turn, and they deliver a ridiculous amount of damage.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Just as in its predecessor, the game perfectly captures the feel of South Park.
  • The Woobie: The New Kid is this in regards to their home life this time around. Their parents spend the whole game screaming at one another while the poor kid can only stand and watch. When they're not shouting at each other, their mom can be found getting drunk on wine in the kitchen while crying and their dad is upstairs getting high and angrily stating that he hates his wife. You get the feeling that playing superheroes becomes a coping mechanism for the New Kid while their family falls apart.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • The main conflict between Coon and friends and Freedom pals is that Coon and friends' franchise plan has a lot of bias towards some heroes, which then later revealed that Doctor Timothy is currently planning a franchise plan that benefits everyone, Coon and friends or Freedom pals alike.
    • You'd expect: That the Freedom pals member to tell the Coon and friends member (except probably Cartman) about Their new franchise plan.
    • Instead: Not only do they keep the franchise plan a secret, but all they do is saying vague promises about their future success.
    • As a result: An unnecessary conflict drives on between the two superhero teams for no reason.
    • At the finale, Human kite planned to bluff the Coon out by playing as Mitch Connor, the plan works, as The Coon gets rattled out immediately.
    • You'd expect: for Human kite to drop the act.
    • Instead: he keeps acting as Mitch Connor for no reasons at all.
    • As a result: The rest of the heroes get confused and beat up both the Coon and Human kite.
  • Woolseyism:
    • Fractured but Whole is an untranslatable English pun, so the Spanish version of the game is titled South Park: Retaguardia en Peligro (literally South Park: Rear in Danger, but also an elaborate idiomatic phrase roughly translated as "(My) Ass is in Danger").
    • Similarly, in Italy the title is South Park: Scontri Di-retti (literally translates as "straight-up fights", but the hyphen in the latter part suggests you can read it as "rectum fights").
    • In France, the game is known as South Park: L'Annale Du Destin (translated as "The Annal of Destiny", but given how French is pronounced, would serve as a homonym to "The Anal of Destiny").
    • In Brazil, the name is South Park: A Fenda que Abunda Força ("the crevice that abounds force", with the pun coming on the fact that "abunda" (abound) can also be read as "the butt", thus making the title "the crevice that the butt forces").


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