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Headscratchers / South Park: The Fractured but Whole

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  • Wait... How are the New Kid's parents alive and well? Weren't they in Dr. Mephesto's lab being harvested?
    • Traveling back in time created an alternate timeline, as indicated by the New Kid's Coonstagram feed.
      • Yeah, but why aren't the New Kid's parents being harvested in the alternate timeline?
      • One possibility is that, during the events of the time travel, the New Kid's parents quit their addictions, which could lead to a butterfly effect of sorts.
    • It's incredibly confusing what did or did not actually happen in the final timeline.
  • Putting this in here since the question arises from the game, even though it has implications for the order of continuity, made more confusing because of the show's rolling continuity. Terrance Mephesto died in the Season 1 episode "Mecha-Streisand." How is it he's alive in later episodes in the series? As late as "Oh Jeez" from Season 20? No one worked on any way to resurrect him, not even from Dr. Mephesto, who only wanted to add more asses to his son's corpse.
    • Death Is Cheap in the series, not just for Kenny, who had it more obvious.
    • Alternatively, maybe Dr. Mephesto did bring him back a few times and what we see were his clones, but he eventually gave up and decided to just let his son rest in peace.
  • Ok, so in South Park: The Stick of Truth, the South Park Mall was completely intact. Why is it still being built in this game? Come to think of it, how did the Canadian Border Wall get built in a day? And how is there a "cissy" bathroom in the playground now? All this in a day between SOT and FBW?
    • It seems that the kids play "Fighters of Zaron" occasionally, with Stick of Truth being an example of one session. This is supported by Past-Kyle saying that they "stopped playing superheroes five days ago" which implies that there's a number of different games they play from time to time.
    • True, but it's implied that the game that starts the... well... game is actually Stick of Truth. such as when you go back in time at the end of the game and Wendy remarks that she finally gets to play Stick of Truth. So, wouldn't that imply that FBW happens not long after SOT? At any rate, how basically everyone treats you in this game suggests that you're still relatively new to South Park, but the mall that was completely intact in SOT was half-demolished in a (seemingly) short period of time.
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    • In an episode called "Unfulfilled", the mall is practically a wasteland. Even if we ignore the events of that episode, it isn't like South Park or anybody in reality goes to a mall anyway.
  • How is it that FBW takes place just 1 day after SOT? Everything's changed so much ever since the events of SOT, such as the Canadian Wall, PC Principal is there instead of Principal Victoria, Mr. Garrison is nowhere to be found, etc. Shouldn't it have taken place, like, 2 or 3 months after SOT?


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