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Tear Jerker / South Park: The Fractured but Whole

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  • The split between the heroes has Toolshed (aka Stan) and Mysterion (aka Kenny) pitted against Human Kite (aka Kyle). When Kenny, Stan and the others jump ship with the plan to overthrow Cartman's team, you can see Human Kite looking concerned that two of his best friends are now his enemies by default. What's more, Wonder Tweek and Super Craig (aka Tweek and Craig) are also on opposing sides, and the first time you see the two teams fight, the two are in the front row arguing about their relationship. There's even special dialogue if you get them to attack each other.
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  • Visiting Kenny's neighbourhood is a little extra depressing this time. His house is now crowded by the remains of the SoDaSoPa project that was abandoned once everyone moved out to Shi Tpa, homeless encampments have taken over his backyard, and his dad Stuart spends most of his time wandering around outside trying to call out any nearby cats so he can cheese (huff their urine). Then when you're able to actually get inside Kenny's house, you can overhear Stuart and Carol in their room arguing about splitting some meth bought with welfare money.
  • In the beginning of the game, the New Kid walks in on their parents having a fight. Their mother can later be found crying in the kitchen, but if you try talking to her she'll deny it.
  • The New Kid eating dinner alone after seeing their parents fighting. It's a surprisingly poignant moment, especially considering how they rarely emote and their sad sigh is the only sound they make in the whole game. It also shows that, despite all their heroics, they're still just a kid who can't really stop their parents from going at each others' throats.
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  • Seeing Randy Marsh drunk and needing children to protect him from himself is disconcerting. Like Stan said, he was already an idiot, but this is a new low for him.
  • The last time the New Kid's parents appear before the Timey-Wimey Ball starts affecting the plot. Kelly is badly injured in a nearby chamber while Chris is strapped down to an operating table, and yet they still can't stop themselves from arguing through the whole ordeal. Then, it turns out that to progress, the New Kid must kill one of them for a DNA sample, either by ripping off Kelly's arm or decapitating Chris. Yeah. And the whole time, they each encourage their child to kill their spouse. It's dark.
    • If you decide to kill Chris, his last words are either a Dying Declaration of Hate towards his wife... or him saying that he's scared, and using his last words to tell his child goodbye and say that he loves them so much.
    • Either way, it is not just a one-and-done. You have to press A three times, with each instance including the parent in question desperately begging you not to go through with it. And once you're locked into your decision, the game makes you mash a button to finish the job. It takes a while to finish that mash sequence too.
  • There's a subtle one occurs during the New Kid's raid on U-Stor-It. Almost every time the New Kid looks up at Professor Chaos (aka Butters) on one of the TV screens scattered all over the facility, the New Kid has a shocked expression, dismayed that they don't have a choice but to fight one of their best friends.
    • For reference, your character almost never emotes outside of combat. Your character still has their usual blank expression even when watching Captain Diabetes dying, or facing the horrors of the genetics lab, or having to kill one of their parents to progress.
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    • Most of the U-Stor-It mission is Teeth-Clenched Teamwork between Toolshed and Coon and Friends, and Toolshed makes it perfectly clear that he's only here because he owes you. However, there's a moment at the end where he and Human Kite drop their superhero personas and have a brief conversation where it's clear they miss each other. Even when they brag about their respective franchises, one-upping each other with the amount of money they plan to make, it's easy to see that their hearts aren't in it.
    • As Played for Laughs as it is, the scene where Super Craig is almost consumed by the "lava" can be surprisingly sad due to the music and the way everyone's lines are delivered. What's especially surprising is that The Coon ( aka Cartman), the one who takes the superhero game the most seriously and seems to have trouble differentiating it from reality, is the one who's the most desperate to find a way to save Super Craig from his "fate", even having to be held back by Fastpass from trying in vain to save him.
  • Captain Diabetes runs out of insulin and dies from a diabetic coma during Night One. It can be a pretty tough scene to watch since Scott is just a sweet, dorky kid that took you under his wing as his sidekick.
  • Near the end of the game, you and the others are trapped in Dr. Mephesto's lab complex surrounded by hordes of genetically engineered abominations, and about halfway through the level Mosquito finally breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably about how he just wants to go home. Shortly after you leave the room, Mosquito posts a photo of himself on Coonstagram with the caption, "Dad, if you can read this, I love you. I'll say hi to mom for you."
  • When Dr. Mephesto makes his second reappearance after fifteen years, he's operating a sprawling science facility with several geneticists working alongside him. But in all of his previous appearances in the show, he's a recluse working alone with an assistant, Kevin, and on one memorable occasion his son Terrance, who was the same age as the main characters. The game reveals that Terrance died during the series, and that Mephesto has been trying to create clones of him, which he proudly shows off to the main characters. Although he denies it, one could still come to the conclusion the upgraded facilities were born from regret over his son's passing.
  • The Buca de Faggoncini restaurant is packed with douchebag clients mocking addicts, alcoholics and dysfunctional families, all things that apply to the New Kid's personal situatuon. Even when indulging in an escapist fantasy, your problems still follow you everywhere.
  • If Mosquito dies in battle, he might mention seeing his deceased mom. There's also something heartbreaking about how his father's bed is the only double bed in South Park with just one pillow.
  • One of the Creek yaoi pieces can be found in Tweek Bros.' back room, where Tweek was established as spending much of his time working in the last game. When the player finds it, however, it's covered up with a poster.
  • Depending on how much you think Cartman cares about the New Kid, his betrayal could be considered one hell of a tearjerker. Cartman has consistently viewed the New Kid as a good friend and protege, with both of them sharing a bond built on mutual trust and respect. But out of nowhere he turns on the New Kid by kidnapping their parents as Mitch Conner, then constantly switching between Mitch Conner (a ruthless sociopath using a child as his means to an end) and himself (said child who hates Mitch and sympathizes with his friend's situation) whenever they both speak. The two sides even butt heads whenever Mitch tries to get under the New Kid's skin. One of the more charitable interpretations is that Cartman may be forcing himself (in his own unique way) to acknowledge that he's hurting one of the few people he's ever genuinely cared about, and it tears him apart knowing that he can't bring himself to put aside his selfish obsessions for the New Kid's sake. Cartman has lost in his schemes before, but his defeat at the end of the game comes as much more of a blow to him since he not only failed his end goal, but he knows his selfishness almost cost him his friendship with the New Kid, someone he considered almost as important to him as himself. Of course, after the main story, the Coon is once again a playable character, implying that the New Kid forgives him and still likes him enough to let him work with them again (further shown during later events in the Casa Bonita DLC Sidequest). Even if we interpret Cartman's kindness toward the New Kid as just a ruse, it would just mean that despite the New Kid's genuine acts of loyalty toward him, Cartman saw them as just another pawn.
    • In the Playable Epilogue, Cartman is alone in the Coon Lair while everyone else is using the Freedom Pals' base. He's looking down on his monitor, contemplating over all the trouble he caused, implying that he feels guilty about what he did. He's even aware of how awful he acted, with his dialogue either being sarcastic or melancholic. One line even has the Coon admit he's somewhat baffled the New Kid would even want to talk to him.
      • The password to Coon Lair is changed to the Freedom Pals' motto, "Retribution With Inclusion", along with changing most of the other words (aside from "wiener") into more respectful ones.
  • The Freedom Pals are noted for always having each other's backs and assisting one another. In the "Bring the Crunch" DLC mission, Fastpass calls for help to defend his summer camp from monsters, yet only two out of the 13 other members show up, with one of those two only coming to show off their new strobe light projector. Then, Mintberry Crunch drops in from the sky to help. Mintberry Crunch, an intergalactic alien who who's never even met Fastpass, is more willing to help him than his own friends.