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Trivia / South Park: The Fractured but Whole

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  • Ascended Fanon: This is the game that made "Carol" Kenny's mother's official name, as it had been previously used by the fandom as a popular fanon name due to it being used to refer to many of the mothers before their official names were revealed.
  • B-Team Sequel: Ubisoft developed this game while its predecessor was made by Obsidian Entertainment.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Like in the show itself, there are some female characters that are voiced by Trey Parker, specifically the elderly women, Rebecca and Spontaneous Bootay.
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    • In some of the foreign dubs, most of the male kids are voiced by women. Special mention goes to the European Spanish Dub, in which the only playable character that is voiced by a man is Tweek.
  • I Knew It!: Quite a few fans speculated that a Stick of Truth sequel would change the setting to focus on the kids' popular superhero personas from the show.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • None of the French series voice actors returned for the video game.
    • The Italian dub features a weird half-Darrin: Tweek's dad is voiced by Gianni Gaude as usual, except for his "Welcome to Tweak Cafe" line, which is instead voiced by Davide Albano.
    • In the European Spanish dub, Tweek's voice actress in the series, Yolanda Mateos, was changed to Francisco Javier García-Sáenz, possibly due to Mateos also vocing Craig in both the original series (from season 21 onwards) and the game.
  • Dummied Out:
    • Dr. Timothy was meant to be a playable character in-game, but in the final game he is only an NPC and a boss. As seen here, all of his abilities were already planned out and his character sheet, description and character portrait can all be found in the files, indicating that he was scrapped as a playable character late in development.
    • An unused class, Mystic, lurks unused in the game's code, and given it's status, it is assumed that it was cut late in-development. The default costume for this class can also be found in-game by completing the short side-quest for the Goth Kids.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Pre-ordering or buying an early release copy gives players a remastered copy of Stick of Truth for free as well as Towelie as an Annoying Video-Game Helper (Although you can de-activate his dialogue from the settings menu).
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  • Schedule Slip: Originally announced at E3 2015, it was slated for a release in December of 2016, as stated by the trailer at the following year's E3, until it got moved to Q1 2017 before finally settling on a release date of October 17, 2017 (nearly one year after the original planned release).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the marketing, PC Principal was depicted as the proverbial Godzilla Cartman pulled out when things crossed the Godzilla Threshold for some reason. In the game itself, he teaches Butt Lord about Microagressions (which gives them a free attack if an Action Command is passed).
    • Doctor Timothy was supposed to playable as Dummied Out content indicates. You can even still get his character sheet but you can't view it in-game. Also, the earliest trailer showed Timmy in his original Iron Maiden persona.
    • Apparently Toolshed was meant to deflect back to Coon & Friends following the second night. This explains why he is seen next to the members of Coon & Friends after the Freedom Pals reveal their Franchise Plan to the opposing team and acts as if he didn't know anything about Timmy's plan.
    • Originally, Mysterion saving Karen from the Vamp Kids was part of a sidequest in the main game, in which they would go the Graveyard in order to save her. Time constraints eventually led to it becoming a DLC on its own, while the Graveyard was used as a battle scenario for the Danger Deck DLC. In the base game, you can select Vampires as your kryptonite, even though Vampires don't appear outside of Casa Bonita.
  • The Wiki Rule: South Park Game Wiki, shared with its predecessor.


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