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Awesome / South Park: The Fractured but Whole

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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The title hits an amazing level of creative wordplay. Just try not to smile when you think about how many levels it works on. "The Butthole of Time" doesn't have near the same ingenuity to it so the change was for the best.
  • Firstly, nearly every important character is introduced with an amazing and dynamic intro card, that makes even the silliest characters look badass.
  • The Summons in this game are as impressive as some of the Ultimate Power Moves, complete with their own animations:
    • The Macaroni Picture cuts away comic-book style to the Hall of Super Best Friends, where Moses will unleash a healing beam into the sky that heals up the entire party.
    • Cheesing Vials allow one to call upon Kyle's Dad, Gerald, as he flies the Jewish Princess and bombs the battlefield. Granted, it's just a Cheesing-driven hallucination, but Gerald still kicks ass.
    • The Ham Radio summons Ned and Jimbo to gun down enemies, with Ned finishing it up by pulling the pin on a grenade and tossing it into the fray.
    • Classi's Burner allows the kids to dial up Classi for a hit-and-run attack.
      Classi: That's right, bitch! You dead!
  • Despite Mr. Mackey being a bit of a quack sometimes, he actually figured out a counseling exercise that helped Craig and Tweek work things out. Being South Park, that exercise involved beating up a bunch of random schoolkids, but still, it worked.
  • Morgan Freeman's boss fight is full of this, from his monstrous health pool and high stats, all the way to some of his one-liners.
    Morgan Freeman: Whatever happens next, just remember who picked this fight.
    • Mr. Freeman is capable of using the New Kid's own tricks against them, including using a Timefart to summon a younger version of himself. It's an evenly-matched battle, which makes it all the more satisfying to finally best Morgan Freeman.
  • The New Kid can out-slap a pimp.
  • An understated one for Liane Cartman: Usually, she rolls over and gives Cartman exactly what he wants, but after the New Kid finds Classi and brings her back to the Coon lair in the middle of the night, she comes down to the lair and successfully sends Cartman to bed and the others home, threatening to call their parents if they don't leave immediately even though Cartman tries to get out of it.

  • Just like in the last game, every single hero has one special move (dubbed an Ultimate Power Move) that unleashes their true power, which can only be accessed when the Ultimate Power meter is filled to 100%.
    • "Prime-Time Coon": The Coon leaps into the air, showing off all his desires as a superhero and his expectation for his Coon & Friends franchise, then slashes all enemies with his claws, inflicting the Bleeding status effect on them.
    • "Wrath of Kite": Human Kite flies way up above the Earth and zaps his foes with a Wave-Motion Gun.
    • "Tupper Mech Mk III": Tupperware turns into what can best be described as a Transformer made of Tupperware parts and rains missiles down on his enemies.
    • "Pandemic Pestilence": Mosquito summons a swarm of mosquitoes, which might not sound impressive on paper, but there's something really awesome about seeing them swarm up behind him as he grins evilly.
    • "Burning Lap": Fastpass speeds around the world thrice in mere seconds to trample his foes with flaming feet.
    • "Full Bore": Toolshed also uses a Wave-Motion Gun, except his takes the form of a giant drill. For added awesome, the animation is a giant reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Toolshed even shouts out a quote from the same anime:
    Toolshed: We advance a little further with each turn - That's how a drill works!
    • "High-Fructose Death Wave": Captain Diabetes gorges himself in a world of candy and completely hulks out on the enemy.
    • "Flash Mob": Call Girl summons a mob of Chinpokomon GO players to the battlefield to attack the enemies while looking for a rare Chinpokomon.
    • "Furry Death": Super Craig has his pet guinea pig Stripe perform a double charge with him towards a single enemy. It may seem unimpressive at first, but the high damage it inflicts helps its image somewhat.
    • "Single Origin Overdose": Wonder Tweek chugs an entire pitcher of coffee, overcharging him with energy, which he then unleashes in a storm of power around him.
    • "Eros Eruption": After you help Super Craig and Wonder Tweek get back together during the mission "Therapy Wars", they unlock a combined Ultimate which has them blow their enemies away with a public display of their love, holding hands while floating in the air with a burst of cherry blossoms spreading across the battlefield.
    • "Cruel Fate" and "Mysterion Re-Rising": Simply yet effectively, Mysterion weaponizes his Resurrective Immortality and blows himself up along with enemies around him. His second Ultimate has him go to Heaven, greeted by naked ladies, but he decides to back to Earth and help his friends in battle.
    • "Hammer of Chaos": Just like when he was Paladin Butters in the Stick of Truth, Professor Chaos channels the inner power of Chaos to zap all his foes with an energy hammer.
    • "Black Mass": Henrietta summons Satan himself, who binds the spirits of ghosts to attack enemies and heal all allies.
    Henrietta: (takes a drag from her cigarette, then stabs the ground with it to instantly create a magic circle) Welcome to Hell.
    • "Bringing the Crunch": Mintberry Crunch creates a storm of Mint and Berries, cleansing him and his allies with Mint and covering his enemies in Berry, effectively granting him and his allies invincibility, since any Minted Hero is invulnerable to any Berried enemy's attacks. Oh, and it all starts with a retro-style commercial for Mintberry Crunch cereal! One step closer to granting a wish to the fans!
  • The New Kid can choose between twelve, one for each hero class.
    • "Hyperspace Fury": The Speedster pummels an enemy with extremely Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
    • "Full-Force Fisting": The Brutalist pounds an enemy to a bloody pulp with Unstoppable Rage. Made all the better by the fact that this is the single most damaging attack in the game.
    • "Backfire Blast": The Blaster swallows a fireball to unleash burning Fartillery, which can both Burn and Gross Out their enemies.
    • "Elemental Onslaught": The Elementalist conjures up giant arms using the elements of ice, earth, and lightning to attack and inflict Chill and Shock onto foes.
    • "The Big Guns": The Cyborg pulls out two gatling guns and several cannons to unleash More Dakka on the enemies.
    • "Chakra Cleanse": The Psychic achieves a state of tranquility (treating players to psychedelic imagery), allowing them to heal allies and grant them protection.
    • "Deadly Dive": The Assassin dives from South Park City Hall (just like a certain Ubisoft franchise) and stabs the unlucky victim below. Bonus points if the New Kid has the Assassin suit (Ezio's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood DLC outfit) equipped.
    • "Airborne Annihilator": The Gadgeteer calls upon a drone from their room, which then pumps their enemy with bullets before finishing them off with a missile barrage.
    • "Nature's Gift": The Plantmancer summons Mother Nature, who lets out a big queef that heals and resurrects all allies.
    • "Dragon Swagger": The Martial Artist does several stances that enrages all enemies to draw them towards the Martial Artist, while it also shield them from attacks.
    • "Grim Fate" The Netherborn summons Death himself, whom they merge with, chilling all enemies around them and granting them a second attack with enhanced Netherborn abilities.
    • "Final Vengeance": The Final Girl creates a weapon using items from a shed that allows them to instantly kill all enemies that are low on health, including bosses.

    Day 1 
  • The New Kid as King Douchebag. Not only do they no longer need weapons to kick ass, but they have a devastating hammer attack.
    • Even though they lose all respect once the kids start playing superheroes, not only does Randy still approach them for help with a problem he himself unknowingly caused, but he works hard at reclaiming his former glory and got very far in achieving that in the span of a single day.
  • They may have been Tactical Suicide Bosses, but the New Kid taking down two Pedophile Priests all by themselves was pretty damn cool.
  • The first Civil War battle, with Doctor Timothy calling out the Coon telepathically and escaping, Wonder Tweek and Super Craig's lovers' quarrel, and a fight against three tough superheroes. This battle was just CMOA after CMOA. It's even better if you defeat Wonder Tweek with Super Craig, especially if it's with Super Craig's "Furry Death" Ultimate Power Move.

    Night 1 
  • While this is kind of nutty, Captain Diabetes (AKA Scott Malkinson) can actually lift things that are quite heavy despite his size. Put him into a Diabetic Rage and he can even rip a phone line out of the ground and tilt it upwards.
  • A rather mundane, but still awesome one for the good Captain: During your first mission with him, he successfully relieves a drunk Randy Marsh of his car keys and manages to prevent him from retaking them even after he (a fully grown adult, mind you!) resorts to physical violence twice to get them back. Just goes to show that even the simple things can make one a true hero.
  • The encounter with Spontaneous Bootay is quite memorable due to the kick-ass soundtrack and due to being one of the first bosses with a real-time turn mechanic.

    Day 2 
  • During the second fight against Alternate Human Kite (AKA Kyle Schwartz), you can also beat the ever-loving crap out of Sheila Broflovski. And her unique battle music is an instrumental version of "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch". Serves her right for what she did in the Movie. Bonus points if you bring the Coon to help fight them, especially when Human Kite betrays you to defend his mom, since Cartman can fulfill his dream of beating up Kyle and his mom all the while.
  • When you go through the alley to Medicinal Fried Chicken to pick up Classi's prescription, the Raisins Girls lure you in with a false plea for help and ambush you again, introducing another member named Rebecca, who is larger and stronger than the other Raisins Girls. Just when you think Rebecca's "Smothered Ham Sandwich" attack will kill you, you can Timefart Glitch your way out of it, and then the Raisins Girls will end up having their phones hacked by Call Girl (AKA Wendy Testaburger) and flee to have their phones fixed.

    Night 2 

    Day 3 
  • Do you hate Stephen Stotch for all those times he unfairly grounded Butters? That one time he nearly sold Butters to Paris Hilton? That time he beat up his own son over Cartman's prank? You get to kick the shit out of him and unground his son as well. Bonus points if you let Professor Chaos himself finish Stephen off. Even sweeter if the final blow is the Hammer of Chaos!

    Night 3 
  • Beating Jared from Subway during his boss fight. And then getting the chance to fart on him afterwards, effectively killing him. You can't say he doesn't deserve it.
  • Finally being able to fight the racist police chief as he and his men try to feed black people to Shub Niggurath. Bonus points if you end up feeding the police chief himself to Shub Niggurath! He does reappear the day after, but it's just like defeating Stephen Stotch with Professor Chaos' "Hammer of Chaos": POETIC JUSTICE! Adding on to that, a bunch of fourth graders manage to defeat a freaking Lovecraftian God!
  • The Reveal of what Doctor Timothy was working on: A franchise plan that included all the heroes, as well as Professor Chaos, and gave them all their own movie or TV show, interconnecting different movies and shows and their characters across three Phases to build up to a Grand Finale Freedom Pals movie. Timothy's plan makes Marvel's cinematic universe look simplistic.

    Day 4 

    Night 4 

    Day 5 
  • At first, the final fight against Mitch Conner and his alternate universe self sees no conclusive ending, as they both come up with bullshit rules to each others' benefit, until Doctor Timothy intervenes with his mind powers.
    The Coon: Haha! It'll take more than that to take me out, Freedom Pals!
    Human Kite: Oh, this is getting fucking retarded.
    Doctor Timothy: I AGREE. The only way to end this is to defeat both of them. [uses his mind powers]
    Human Kite: Wait, what?
    The Coon: Wait-wait-wait—

    DLC Sidequest: From Dusk Till Casa Bonita 
  • The fights against the Vamp Kids, The New Kid's Netherborn abilities, especially their ultimate, and the fight against the Head Vampire, Mike Makowski's Father, treats the player to some truly awesome dark metal music befitting a Netherborn.
  • The Netherborn Class in general, with a Soul Slash attack that deals knockback damage, a Ghastly Grasp attack that chains to all adjacent enemies, even diagonals, and a Dire Shroud ability that can either protect and apply regeneration to an ally or damage and apply Defense Down to an enemy, the Netherborn class is one of the most useful classes to have, especially with the Grim Fate Ultimate Power Move, where you summon and fuse with Death himself, granting you powered up versions of your Netherborn abilities. On top of all that, once you unlock it in the DLC Sidequest, it's unlocked for all previous and future save data.
  • Not only do you get a new class, you also get a new ally who is by far the best healer you can recruit: Henrietta the Goth Witch. Her powers revolve around healing and buffing her allies with Protection, Attack Up, Cleansing, and Lifesteal, with her only offensive ability causing Burning status as well. Her "Baleful Blessing" and her Ultimate Move "Black Mass" can drain her enemies' health and give it to her allies.

    DLC Sidequest: Bring The Crunch