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  • The Player Character's higher-tier class skills include:
    • Fighter: the Ground Pound, which ends with a Three-Point Landing for good measure.
    • Mage: the Funnel of Frost, which is a fire extinguisher that can strip away beneficial buffs and freezes people if done perfectly (can also be upgraded to cause MORE damage the more buffs stripped), and the Pyre Ball, which is a dangerously large fireworks rocket strapped with four smaller, dangerously powerful firecrackers. Provided the enemies aren't affected by any status effects that change their animation, they run around screaming and panicking. Essentially, it's the 4th grader's version of a nuclear bomb.
      • Bonus points in how casual the player looks while he's lighting it up, and the oh so satisfying click of the lighter.
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    • Thief: "Execute", which has you leaping into the air and raining kunai down on your target before crushing them with a flail the size of your oversized head, and "Death of a thousand cuts", which summons a squad of ninja to Teleport Spam and cut your target to ribbons.
    • Jew: you can literally summon the "Plagues of Egypt", which damage foes and give them a variety of nasty status effects.
  • The same goes for the buddies' abilities:
  • At the end of the second day, you have to choose to choose between Cartman or Kyle. Depending of you choice, you will have a duel boss fight against either of them. At the end of the duel, you will have a Fart O War between either of them (Cartman using a fiery fart, while Kyle makes do with a leafblower).
    • It then turns out that Clyde has manipulated both sides of the fight to take the Stick of Truth for himself and the only thing that stops the heroes from taking him out then and there is that it's late and the kids all need to go home before they're grounded.
  • If you're playing the Jew class, there are very few things more satisfying than punishing the Pedophile Photographer with the Circum-scythe special!
  • Just before the final boss fight is the battle with Nazi Zombie Chef. Not only does Chef come back after being Killed Off for Real, but the boys actually snap him out of his Brainwashed and Crazy state - if only long enough for Clyde to light him on fire, and have him try to burn the rest of the boys alive.
  • The final boss fight with Princess Kenny. When he uses his special abilities (summoning his Nazi zombie unicorn, Nazi zombie rats, Nazi zombie Death, and drink more of the green goo), your party members can prevent him from succeeding with their abilities. Stan would decapitate his Nazi zombie unicorn, Jimmy would play his pipe to lure the Nazi zombie rats away, Butters would transform into Professor Chaos and blast Nazi zombie Death away, and Kyle would kick Ike towards Kenny to stop him from drinking more green goo.
    • Even after all that, Kenny keeps raising from the dead, thus making Cartman hold Kenny so you can fart in his balls.
  • The Mage's "Dust of Dreams" attack, which involves throwing "magical sleeping powder" (sand) in an enemy's face, then punching them out while they're blinded. It's also quite possibly the class's most powerful single target attack, barring weakness to fire, which means that even if the enemy is immune to stun, it will take out quite a large chunk of their health anyway.
    • "Dragon's Breath" is incredibly powerful with the right equipment, too. Given its multi-hit, armour melting upgrades, it can be used free, with bonus PP, and bring your health back up to full, all in one turn, while destroying the enemies shields, a good chunk of their health, and, if performed perfectly, will set them on fire, causing a DoT. Combine with a Magic attack like Dragonshout to cause even MORE massive damage, and stun them, to boot. It's also really, really funny to watch them scream and panic.
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  • When you summon Jesus Christ himself!
  • There's nothing quite like clearing out an entire room with nothing but environmental hazards.
  • While New Kid's parents are having sex in the background, you end up fighting the gnomish warlock. During said fight, there's a quick time event that involves dodging your dad's balls. How does New Kid dodge it? With an uber badass backflip dodge.
  • After years of taking crap and being beaten up by his sister, both the player and Stan can finally get some payback and beat the ever loving shit out of Shelly. And yes, it is as sweet as it sounds.
    • Bonus points if you don't just immediately slay Shelly with a summon (she's not considered a boss, even though she's incredibly tanky and has REALLY good attacks) and get the last strike as Stan.
    • Even better, after the New Kid defeats Shelly, while she starts off being clearly pissed off and frustrated about losing, once the New Kid returns to her after the fight, he'll find Shelly has cooled off and she admits to the New Kid he's earned her respect:
  • Infiltrating Clyde's Fortress towards the end of the game. Sure, the whole thing is only a treehouse in the guy's backyard, but storming into it with your Badass Army and knocking out everyone in sight with environmental hazards or allowing teammates inside to attack for you makes it impossibly epic.
  • Meta example: This game blows the idea that video games based on existing franchises will always suck completely out of the water. And then farts on its balls.
    • Just the amount of time spent on in-jokes and references and making it feel like an interactive episode of South Park is impressive.

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