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South Park Elementary Students/Faculty/Staff

  • Tolkien got his crowning moment at the end of "Christian Rock Hard", where after having to deal with Cartman being... well, Cartman for the entire episode, finally snaps and beats the crap out of him in possibly the swiftest, most efficient asskicking Cartman has ever received. And Cartman is then farted on by Butters, with the words "Fuck you, Eric."
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  • Wendy Testaburger in "Tom's Rhinoplasty". You want Disproportionate Retribution? How about hiring foreign mercenaries to stuff the substitute teacher whom you believe (completely wrongly) is stealing your boyfriend into a rocket and launch her, bewildered and terrified, to a flaming death in the heart of THE FREAKIN' SUN??? Cartman has got nothing on that. "I WARNED her. Don't... fuck... with... Wendy... TESTABURGER!!!!" [Scare Chord]
  • Wendy turning the tables on Cartman in "Dances with Smurfs". For the entire episode, Cartman has been slamming her school presidency, calling her a slut and a Smurf killer, showing fake footage of her destroying the Smurf village. Her response? Confess that she indeed destroyed the Smurf village. It's much better than it sounds, though, since by going along with Cartman's story, she completely rips Cartman's phony story up, and even makes it sound like he was actually involved in the annihilation of the Smurfs by painting him as a spy. At the end, she makes Cartman the president, showing him what exactly a school president is capable of: absolutely nothing. Not only that, it takes away his job as morning announcer and he's forced to listen to the new announcer criticize his presidency. Hoist by His Own Petard, indeed.
    • A related Moment of Awesome comes when Wendy shocks Cartman by telling him that she already sold the movie rights to Cartman's phony, cliched story about living with the Smurfs, and even tells him that it's in theaters right now. The next scene: cue Cartman screaming out of a theater showing Avatar.
    • Principal Victoria finally having it with Cartman and his slander/libel of Wendy.
      "Eric, I've had enough of this! You can not and you will not sell your books on school grounds! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!?!?"
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    • Even before she turns the tables on Cartman, you gotta hand it to Wendy for deciding to handle the slander by ignoring so as not to give Cartman the satisfaction of upsetting her. It finally took Butters peeing on her house (and her dad) for her to finally break and even then she remained totally calm throughout it. In fact, throughout this episode it's Stan that sounds more angry at Cartman slandering Wendy than Wendy herself, although by this time Stan's pretty much angry at Cartman for practically doing anything.
    • And if you're paying attention to the fight scene references during her No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Cartman, you'll know that she's the equivalent of Brad Pitt from Snatch. and Daniel Day Lewis from There Will Be Blood at the same fucking time.
    • The Principal's speech that inspired Wendy to stand up for herself and fight Cartman. The only thing that could have made that speech more awesome, is if Principal Victoria had said something about cancer spreading... because you can see assorted kids starting to support and believe Cartman because Wendy won't fight him. Principal Victoria's speech was just the thing Wendy needed to feel good about beating the shit out of Cartman in the climax of "Breast Cancer Show Ever".
      Principal Victoria: [After revealing she is a breast cancer survivor] Cancer is... pure evil. It is a fat little lump that needs to be... destroyed. When there is a cancer, you have to fight it. You can't reason with cancer; you can't wish it away. Cancer doesn't play by the rules, so neither can you.
      Wendy: ...My parents said that if I fight..
      Principal Victoria: And you can't listen to what anyone else has to tell you. You have to be willing to give up everything because the cancer will take everything. Do you understand?
      Wendy: [firmly] Yes, ma'am.
      Principal Victoria: When you have cancer, you fight, because it doesn't matter if you beat it or not; you refuse to let that fat little lump make you feel powerless.
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    • And how she first managed to scare Cartman shitless in the first place - "I'm going to shove your ass down your throat and make you eat your underwear!" He actually does it, hoping it will appease her.note 
  • Craig just pretty much had a two-parter dedicated to Moments of Awesome as he mercilessly ragged on the main boys for always getting themselves into terrible situations before accidentally saving the day at the end. By shooting laser beams out of his eyes. This scene is then followed by Craig's utterly deadpan monologue/epilogue, detailing the aftermath of the incident as a Pan Flute Cover of Gary Numan's "Cars" plays in the background.
  • The Goth kids, tired of being confused with the 'wannabe fag vamp kids' decide to do something about it. First they kidnap the leader and mail him to another town, then when that doesn't work they find the Hot Topic that has been selling all the vampire clothes and burn it to the ground, thus ridding South Park of vampires. Right at the end they give a speech to the rest of the class on the difference between Goths and Vamps. It ends with riotous applause from the crowd. They reply by flipping the assembly off. The Goth kids are just plain awesome in that episode.
    • In the episode "You Got F'd in the A", the kids are looking for dancing talent to show up a group of other kids who got them "served." They ask the Goth kids, who one by one explain that they'll never join the troupe because they're non-conformist - until they ask the last one, who says that he's so non-conformist that he'll ditch his Goth friends and join the troupe after all. As the troupe leaves, one of the remaining Goth kids says, "we just got Goth-served."
  • Clyde, in defiance to his deceased mom, puts the toilet seat back up and flips off at the heavens!
  • Bridon Gueermo punches out his abusive dad, who controls his family by threatening to slap them.
  • Tweek gets one in "Free Hat". Despite being terrified, he goes to rescue Stan, Kyle and Cartman from Steven Spielberg. Wielding a bazooka, he threatens to blow up Spielberg's updated edit of The Temple of Doom unless the boys are released.
    Tweek: ...Except for Cartman. You can keep him.
    Cartman: HEY!!
  • David Rodriguez stands up to Cartman after his threats of giving his parents' restaurant a one-star review lose water.
    David: My name... is Daveed.
  • In "The Hobbit", after all of the cheerleading squad has made fake pictures of themselves, they start to gang up on Wendy, who hasn't. Wendy epically calls them out on their own delusions.
    Wendy: The problem with having fake pictures of yourself, is that you start to believe in your own bullshit!
  • In one of the more down-to-earth moments of awesome on the show, one-time character Gary Harrison gives Stan one hell of a monologue about the way he's been criticizing his family (who've been nothing but nice to everyone in town) and his Mormon faith throughout the episode "All About Mormons".
    Gary: Look, maybe us Mormons believe in crazy stories that makes absolutely no sense, and maybe Joseph Smith did make it all up. But I have a great life and a great family, and I have the Book of Mormon to thank for that. The truth is, I don't care if Joseph Smith made it all up because what the church teaches now is loving your family, being nice, and helping people. And even though people in this town might think that's stupid, I still choose to believe in it. All I ever did was to try and be your friend, Stan, but you're so high and mighty you couldn't look past my religion and just be my friend back. You've got a lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.
  • "Handicar":
    Mimsy: Hey boss, I just thought 'a somethin'. You always come up with these plans to get out of going to summer camp, but they all inevitably backfire on ya'. Why don't you just tell your parents that you don't want to got to summer camp, and see how they react? (beat) Oh, right. (slaps himself) Shut up, Mimsy!
    Nathan: Hey Mimsy?
    Mimsy: Yeah?
    Nathan: [slaps Mimsy harder than ever before] SHUT UP!
  • Everything Jimmy does in "Sponsored Content" is amazing.
    • He outright refuses to censor himself or the school paper just because PC Principal doesn't want to see the word "retarded" in it. When PC Principal tells him that he'll need to approve the paper before Jimmy starts handing it out at school, Jimmy then goes around the neighborhood handing the paper out to students at their homes. After several episodes of him getting away with things from beating up Cartman for minor transgressions to driving Butters to attempt suicide for maintaining a "Safe Space" for insecure people, it is very satisfying to see someone stand up to PC Principal, and there is nothing he can do about it.
      Jimmy: (while flipping the bird) S-s-s-s-s-s-suck my dick, PC Principal!
    • For bonus points, the headline of the first paper he delivers to everyone's homes (including the PC frat house) reads "PC Principal's 'Retarded' Policy".
    • "Actually, I prefer 'handicapped.'"
    • Jimmy takes note on how most of the PC bros act, and writes a story that "PC" actually stands for "Pussy Crushing."
    • A Geico executive appears at Jimmy's door to offer him $21,000,000 for ad space in his paper. Jimmy sticks to his "No ads" policy and refuses, telling him to "St-st-stick it up your ass!" Even when the executive pulls a gun on Jimmy, he still says no.
    • Jimmy's gets a perfect score in a test to discern news from sponsored content, then he realizes that fellow student Leslie is a sentient advertisement.
  • Mr. Garrison owning Sheila with this zinger.
    Sheila: This is an offense to the Jewish community!
    Mr. Garrison: You ARE the Jewish community!
  • The scene in "Fourth Grade" where Mr. Garrison comes to terms with his sexuality. It's hilarious, but it becomes surprisingly powerful.
    Mr. Garrison: ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT, I ADMIT IT! I'M GAY! I'm... gay. I'm gay! I am gay! You hear that, everyone? I'm gay! I'm gay! I'm gay and it... and it feels good.
  • Mr. Garrison calling out the South Park citizens at the Museum of Tolerance for condoning the lewd acts he performed in front of his class in "The Death Camp of Tolerance".
    • Which then leads to him being put in the titular camp, as he was obviously intolerant of his own homosexuality - but was more likely in response to his admitting that he was trying to defraud the school with a Frivolous Lawsuit if they fired him.
  • In "Follow That Egg!", when Cartman refuses to take a replacement egg from Mrs. Garrison after breaking his:
    Mrs. Garrison: Eric, you've never been anything but a problem for me! You're taking that egg! And if you break it again, I'll break both your legs, and burn down your house!
  • Mr. Garrison deciding to swallow his pride and admit to the American people that he's not a good candidate, he doesn't really have a plan and he shouldn't be elected president took a lot of guts. Pity it didn't work. Eventually, Mr. Garrison manages to hit a nerve when he starts making sexist comments. When women start walking out, he mocks them for being selective in their views on political correctness.
  • Mr. Slave's Moment of Awesome comes in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", where he finally acts to end the reign of Paris Hilton. After her attempt to prove herself the World's Greatest Slut by ostentatiously dancing provocatively with a group of muscular, near-naked men and then inserting a whole pineapple up her vagina, Mr. Slave - who has been watching quietly throughout - walks calmly over to her, leaps in the air, and inserts Paris Hilton herself into his anus. This is made even more awesome when he then flatly lectures the applauding crowd that he shouldn't be applauded for being a slut and people like Paris Hilton are not good role models for little girls. It's a very odd yet strangely moving Moment of Awesome.
  • While the end result wasn't too good, Tweek's acting performance in "Tweek x Craig" is this. The kid is such a good actor that he convinced quite possibly every kid in school (except Craig of course), at the very least, to believe his story and improvised himself around all of Craig's attempts to get things back on script without missing a beat. And considering he earlier in the episode considered himself a terrible actor, he most likely had little to no previous acting training.
  • The ending of "Put It Down". After spending the entire episode freaking out over North Korea and the President, Tweek finally gets over his anxiety with Craig's help. They then create an awesome song that they perform with their classmates urging people not to tweet if they become President of the USA.
  • After having to put up with a rapidly-regressing Cartman for all but two episodes in the entire season, and being converted into another him, in "Splatty Tomato" Heidi finally realizes the truth to herself and can finish the breaking-up with him she needed since the end of Season 20.
    • Made even more awesome when Cartman threatens to commit suicide only for Heidi not falling for it in the slightest and simply leaves making it clear that she is no longer going to let Cartman manipulate her and that this break up is indeed permanent. Cartman's Villainous Breakdown makes this event the more cathartic.
    • Somewhere between "Splatty Tomato" and A Problem with a Poo" Heidi manages to go from being another Cartman back to her old self again, basically undoing all of Cartman's abuse on her.
  • Ike earns himself a Moment of Awesome by saving the Princess of Canada in "Royal Pudding." Call him Sir Ike from now on.
  • Mark Cotswolds beating up Kyle upon discovering Kyle turned Rebecca into a whore. This earns Mark the respect of the other kids at South Park Elementary.
  • PC Principal stopping the ads in "PC Principal: Final Justice". He makes a Heel–Face Turn in the Season 19 finale and spends the whole episode being a badass.
    • "Put It Down" has PC Principal finally get sick of Cartman's demands and refuse to give him all the bells and whistles he wants for his grandiose suicide awareness concert including "a full orchestra and a thousand doves".
    PC Principal: I can give you two student volunteers and a pigeon.
    Cartman: Do you have any idea how serious this is? As someone who deals with suicidal thoughts, I cannot believe the lack of concern at this school! Maybe I should just take the awareness of my suicide out to the public on the streets!
    PC Principal: (goes back to doing bicep curls) Maybe you should.
  • In "Sons A Witches", Mr. Garrison uses an orbital space laser to kill Chip Duncan.
  • "Board Girls": Over 10 years after his debut, we finally get to hear Scott Malkinson say "My name ith Thcott Malkinthon and I have diabeteth".

South Park Residents

  • Mr. Kim:
    • The fact that a single middle-aged man was able to build a 20 foot wall around the entire city in a matter of days is damn impressive. And he managed to keep rebuilding it after the Mongolians kept tearing it down.
  • The Boys cheering Randy on to fight the Bat-Dad with the music from Rocky playing. He then proceeds to beat the crap out of him while attempting to sing "The Best Around", followed by one of the only times Stan is ever proud of him, since it got him and the other boys disqualified, so they wouldn't be wasting their summer playing in the Little League National Circuit. It's Awesome Music & Awesome, Funny, and Heartwarming Moments all around.
  • Randy Marsh ties up and beats the shit out of The Situation. Said beating includes a gratuitous and awesome flip and back kick.
  • Sheila's Jersey side was able to save Sharon from being harrassed by a group of New Jersey women in the hair salon.
  • Big Gay Al:
    • In "The F Word", after the boys decide to fight to change the definition of "fag" from a pejorative for homosexuals to a term for obnoxious guys riding Harleys, he leads the gay community to rally for the cause. While that itself is awesome, his true Moment of Awesome comes when the bikers raid the town and he stares them down an alley with a shotgun. "You FAGS get the hell out of our town!"
    • He gets kicked out of a Boy Scouts-esque organization, leading the kids to pressure Washington to make such bannings based on sexual orientation illegal. They finally are about to do it, but then Al refuses to support them because simply forcing the group to accept homosexuals won't actually make anyone change their minds about the morals of homosexuality, which is what really needs to happen for true equality to exist.
  • Compared to the Extreme Doormat she was in earlier seasons (and still is at times), any time we see Liane Cartman stand up to her son, put her foot down and punish him - and not even back down when he bitches at her over it - is fantastic. Even though she's still got a ways to go, she's still come a long way from the woman who took her son's abuse with a smile and gave into him all the time. She's finally had enough of her son's head games in "HumancentiPad". Cartman, after asking if God is done fucking him over, gets a taste of divine punishment via a lightning bolt. In "Shots!!!", she stands up to the rest of the parents for criticizing her parenting, the wranglers for trying to give her son a shot against his will, and her son for refusing to get his shot and denying him a toy until he agrees to get one.
    • Another moment is in "PC Principal: Final Justice", where she seriously Took a Level in Badass:
      Liane Cartman: (pointing a gun at Cartman) Eric, it is time for night-night!
  • Sharon beating Janet Reno with a stick for destroying her house during the riot in "Quintuplets 2000".
  • Sharon's speech near the end of "Eat, Pray, Queef". The subject itself sounds silly, but it mentions the Double Standard on how men are allowed to make fart jokes but women can't make jokes about queefing. What makes it particularly awesome is how Stan and Randy change their original view of only men can make fart jokes after hearing it.
  • Sharon Marsh gives a Rousing Speech to Randy in "The Cissy", who, as it turns out, has actually been living a double life as the pop star Lorde (long story) and is feeling depressed because he's no longer allowed to use the women's bathroom at work because it makes the female employees uncomfortable:
    Sharon: Do you know why young people like Lorde so much? It's because she's something different. Lorde represents something in all of us: the truth that wants to be heard. If I could talk to Lorde right now, you know what I'd tell her? I'd tell her not to let people change who she is. I'd tell her that if people are making fun of her, it's probably because they've lost touch with being human. I'd tell her to keep on doing what she does. Because when someone's not allowed to express who they are inside, then we all lose. That's... what I'd say to Lorde.
  • In "Cherokee Hair Tampons", the livid mothers of South Park find out holistic chemist Miss Information has been conning them with fake medicine (and has been knowingly killing Kyle slowly and painfully with it for the sake of an extra buck). Their response? Surround the very worried looking con artist and beat her senseless.
  • Randy actually giving meaningful advice to his son about valuing friendship that actually plays into the whole class learning An Aesop in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society". At least he can say he taught his son something worthwhile.
  • The entire town gets one in "Red Man's Greed". The populus marches out of buildings and down the road to the gathering of bulldozers, singing the chorus to "Love is a Battlefield" in Acapella.
  • After sweetly taking her daughter's abuse for so long, Mrs. Biggle's reaction to Henrietta calling her names occurred in one word: Fatty.
  • In "You're Not Yelping", the town restaurants are flooded with Yelpers who intimidate restaurants to follow their excessive demands on risk of getting 1 star reviews. Eventually, the Whistlin' Willy's owner decides he has had enough of them and throws every single one of them out of his restaurant. His actions help inspire other restaurants to put the Yelpers in their place and ban them from the stores!
    • The non-Yelper customers get one too by giving Whistlin' Willy a rise in popularity after he kicked all the Yelpers out rather than listen to their reviews.
  • From "You're Not Yelping", the ending song is extremely satisfying to anyone sick of self-important assholes using the adage "the customer is always right" to abuse servers and businesses to get their way. It's disgueting, but well-deserved and can be described in three words: Boogers. And. Cum.
  • Sgt. Yates and the rest of the police refusing to help the townspeople with the homeless problem after all the harassment they received from them.
  • "Sponsored Content":
    • Barbrady, of all people, pulled off a Big Damn Heroes moment when he saved Jimmy's life by shooting a Geico representative who attempted to murder him for refusing to work for Geico.
    • Sharon's calling out of Randy. Her speech is a perfect summation of how oppressive hyper-political correctness can be for everyone.
      Randy: Look at what's happened to our town! We have CtPaTown, boutique restaurants and artisan shops, we have a fucking Whole Foods, and that was all me! Diverse people are moving in, everyone is becoming aware of how they talk! This is paradise, Sharon!
      Sharon: Is it? All I know is that you've changed. Ever since you joined this PC thing, you just bully people and wait for anyone to say anything improper, just so you can drop down their throats for whatever words he or she used!
  • The sequence where Gerald trolls people on the internet to "Smokin" by Boston. He gets so into typing it syncs up with the organ solo from the song, and ends with an animated cameo appearance by Boston themselves.
  • In "Broadway Bro Down", Larry Feegan manages to do the nigh-impossible: Get Shelley Marsh to fall in love with him.
  • "Franchise Prequel": Stephen, upon finding out Butters has been using Facebook to spread lies about his friends (as Professor Chaos and Coon & Friends), drags him all the way to Moscow to force him to tell Vladmir Putin what he did. Butters confesses he got the idea from what the Russians did on Facebook during the 2016 election and Stephen tears Putin a new one before grounding both of them. One of the rare moments where Stephen grounding Butters is actually justified as punishment.
  • "Tegridy Farms": After Randy discovers that Stan has a vape pen, he becomes a One-Man Army going the Vape factory beat the crap out of EVERYONE there, before blowing up the factory.
    • When being confronted by a muscular man who ask if he's a pussy because he smoke's vape, Randy simply says "Yep!" before beating him up without ever being intimidated by the man in the slightest.
  • Timmy's employees charging down the hill and attacking Nathan and Mimsy in "Handicar".
  • "A Boy and a Priest". The ending. GOOD. FUCKING. GOD! When Father Maxi is offered a transfer to the Maldives and a chance to start his life over after being unfairly accused of pedophilia, with a "new priest" being sent in to start the cycle anew... he doesn't just say no... he takes the Cumboni and runs over and mutilates all three of the clergymen who were offering him the chance, all the while with the most stoic and stone-faced look. This is a Priest who takes to the Word of God like it was giving him air to breathe! And at the end, despite the townspeople still making jokes about him, he decides to just ignore them and continue with his sermon.
  • South Park: The Streaming Wars show Liane finally rebuff Cartman after years of giving into him. After he forces Liane to quit her job and continually mopes about it despite him being the reason, Liane finally promises herself to never give into him ever again, and actually sticks to her guns the whole special. Even when Cartman tries to manipulate her into getting the implants by telling her he'll be getting them himself (in hopes she'll stop the surgery to put herself in his stead), Liane lets him do exactly that. She really meant her promise.
  • South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2 brings a big one: RANDY QUITS TEGRIDY! Not only was this considered a massvie relief for viewers that had grown sick of Tegridy Farms overtaking every plot over the past few years, but it shows Randy finally waking up to himself, going back to his geology job and working day and night to solve the drought.

Other Characters

  • Santa gets his in Cartman's Christmas story when he shows Stan how to deal with Satanic Woodland Critters.
  • In the "Imaginationland" episode, the Satanic Woodland Critters are so evil that they scare the shit out of all the other villains, doubling as yet another CMOA for Cartman.
    Jason Voorhees: Man, I do NOT want to meet the kid that dreamt those things up.
  • Jesus saving Santa in "Red Sleigh Down". Now there's a deific sacrifice you can get behind.
    • And Santa then standing over his sadistic interrogator as he cowers and blowing his brains out.
      Santa: I couldn't do it... I just couldn't let him live, he shocked Santa's balls!
    • Jesus confronts the men holding Santa:
      Jesus: My children, you should know something. [pulls out a knife] I'm packing.
  • Jesus destroying William Donahue with a glaive from Krull in the "Fantastic Easter Special", and then calmly slipping on a pair of sunglasses.
  • In "Super Best Friends", the moment where David Blaine eats his own head!
  • Morgan Freeman was depicted reading the first three chapters of "The Poop That Took A Pee" in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs". The only shame is they didn't get the real deal to guest voice.
  • Satan throwing his fight with Jesus when, after the weigh in, everyone in South Park, save one person, changed their bets to Satan, due to his 200+ lbs over Jesus' weight. And that one bet for Jesus was made by Satan himself, so he ends the episode with the pretty sweet consolation prize of a great deal of the townspeople's money. Even though This Devil Is a Loser, he's still the Devil.
  • Towelie in his debut episode, near the end when he is lowering Stan, Kyle and Cartman to try to let them grab their Okama GameSphere, as the place is falling apart. The GS-401 towel tells Towelie he has to decide between saving the boys' lives and getting high. Towelie declares that he chooses both, and stretches out far enough to grab GS-401's joint and get high, allowing Kyle to grab the GameSphere and escape just in time before the platform they are on collapses.
  • "There's a real hoot for ya, Woodsy!" Please let it be known this is Freddie freakin' Krueger, who was Good All Along, saving the others from a demonic Woodsy the Owl. Bad ass? Bad ass.
  • The return of Mr. Hankey in "I Should Never Have Gone Ziplining".
  • "Raising the Bar":
    • First Lady Michelle Obama beating up Cartman in order to fight childhood obesity. Would normally be Dude, Not Funny!, but this is Eric Cartman.
    • James Cameron being the one who saves the day by literally raising the bar back and setting society's standards to the correct levels, then proceeding to steer his ship into a storm en route to the set of Avatar 2. When his crewmembers say people should know about what he did, he responds:
      James Cameron: James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is... James Cameron.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead are horrible abusers, but at the same time, they put Cartman in his place. Mr. Weatherhead threatening Cartman with the punishment room. While Mrs. Weatherhead calls him out on his pronunciations.
  • The epic journey of Lemmiwinks the gerbil to escape Mr. Slave's body after being shoved up his ass, freeing the souls of all the other animals that have suffered the same fate along the way.
  • Joe Jonas gets one in "The Ring" when he and the other Jonas Brothers stand up to Mickey Mouse and threaten to quit performing over the band's dissatisfaction with his purity ring scam. (Even though the latter beats him to a pulp for doing so). It's very likely he knew of his boss's track record of being verbally and physically abusive toward his staff, but didn't hesitate to speak up to him anyway.
  • Cesar Millan's appearance as the Dog Whisperer. He's sent to help Ms. Cartman control her son and does it by treating him like a disobedient dog who needs to learn its place. The first thing he does is walk into the house and ignore Cartman and nip his neck with two fingers each time Cartman tries acting out. He and eventually Ms. Cartman manage to completely break down Cartman and make Ms. Cartman the dominant one in their relationship. If it wasn't for Status Quo Is God (he needs to leave since his work is done, causing Ms. Cartman to feel lonely again, which results in her turning Cartman back into her best friend instead of a son), Cesar would have done the impossible and suffered no reprecussions for it.
  • Patty Hamill, the wife of the Vagisil creator from "Poor And Stupid" who has been treating her like garbage throughout the whole episode, has enough of his crap and commandeers a crashed NASCAR car which she then uses to outrace Cartman (who was now the Vagisil spokesman) and runs him off the track. She flawlessly wins the race and destroys her husband's company after years of emotional abuse, and the best part is not only does she not care about ruining her husband's career, but she never even had any speaking parts throughout the whole episode.
  • The ending to "Crack Baby Athletic Association", where Slash proves that he's Real After All by building the crack babies their lavish orphanage after EA screwed the kids out of the rights to their franchise, even leaving a guitar and top hat behind as a calling card. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, too.
  • "Go Fund Yourself": The Last Stand of the Washington Redskins' owner, allowing himself to repeatedly and brutally get tackled down by the Dallas Cowboys and getting up each time - just to win the hearts of the crowd and turn the world against Cartman's use of the team's name.
  • George W. Bush gets a couple:
    • In "Cartoon Wars", he is one the few people to defend the right of the Family Guy writers' freedom of speech when everyone feared a terrorist attack because of their Muhammad episode.
    • In "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", he was crafty enough to start the 9/11 Truth Movement, knowing that 1/4 Americans would fear the government and give them an illusion of power.
  • "Freemium Isn't Free": When Stan realizes he has an addiction, he prays for an intervention to help him understand and fight it. And the intervention comes, from Satan! Who then sits with Stan and explains the science behind the addictions, and when he learns that Stan is addicted to a crappy mobile "freemium" game, he's so enraged at how blunt and unsubtle it is, he borrows Stan's body and goes to fight the one behind the creation of the game, the Canadian Devil, Beelzaboot!
  • In "#HappyHolograms" not only the Hologram MJ shoots Randy's manager for the amount of craziness, after a heartwarming moment from Kyle apologizing to Ike and his friends, Ike suggests everyone to post a '#webelieveinyou' to stop Cartman and his 'CartmanBrah' channel for being too powerful over the trending. Everyone did so including Kyle who tells the viewers to hashtag it. Suddenly, someone decides to jump into Cartman's show and that person is none other than PewDiePie himself. He manages to change it to his Call of Duty Let's Play and stop Cartman and his channel for good.
  • "Safe Space":
    • Reality calling everyone out on their hypocrisy and thin skin.
      Reality: What a lovely charity event. I suppose you're all feeling pretty good about yourselves, hmmm? What have you done? You've raised $300 by spending half a million on Filet Mignon and crystal glasses. Look at you, Vin Dipshit. You say fat shaming is wrong, so in response you show off your abs. You're the one fat shaming, idiot! What's the matter with you people? You're sad that people are mean? Well, I'm sorry, the world isn't one big liberal-arts college campus! We eat too much, we take our spoiled lives for granted - feel a little bad about it sometimes! No, you want to put all your shit up on the internet and have every single person say, "Hooray for you!" Fuck you! You're all pricks. And I've got news for you. While you've been sitting here trying to feel good, the little boy who sucked all your shit is about to die from it!
    • Randy brings Vin Diesel and Steven Seagal in to intimidate the cashier, the cashier calmly starts singing "This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy was in The Fast and the Furious (Vin runs off crying), this little piggy goes directly to cable (Steven runs off crying leaving Randy alone)". He then continues to harass a speechless Randy as if nothing happened.
  • When Nathan slaps his ho Classi for speaking out of line in "PC Principal: Final Justice", she beats the living hell out of him and helps Jimmy with taking down the ads.
  • Lennard Bedrager, CEO of TrollTrace gets one in "Oh, Jeez", when Gerald is sent by Hillary Clinton to infiltrate TrollTrace and use a suitcase EMP to destroy their servers. Once Gerald gets into the server room, it's revealed all the other trolls who helped throw Denmark into turmoil were told the same story as him, and that it was all a set-up between Bedrager and Clinton. With Gerald and the trolls all trapped together, what happens when their suitcase "EMPs" go off?
    • And then the CEO of TrollTrace gets another one when he reveals he's not even Danish, and that everything he's done has been to troll the world into World War 3. Literally For the Evulz. During the moment when Lennart reveals his true intentions in "Not Funny". Clearly what he's doing is wrong, but after a whole season of putting up with Gerald's smugness, it's awesome to see him (naked and clearly scared) being beaten at his own game.
    Gerald: You would deliberately start World War 3? Let the people of Denmark die? Set everyone on earth against each other? Why!?
    Lennart: Because it's FREAKING HILARIOUS! Getting a Scandinavian country to fight trolls? By building a giant machine that actually shows that everyone on earth is kind of a troll, too?
    Gerald: That's not funny!
    Lennart: IT'S NOT FUNNY!? Don't be a fag, dude! That's real bro shit there! Sorry to step on your fucking dicks in the mouth and tit jokes, you amateur little pussy! Have some fucking balls!