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Louis: Run, or shoot? RUN OR SHOOT?!
Bill: BOTH!

Quite simply, a boss that chases you and that you can't get around. A boss version of Advancing Wall of Doom although the two may overlap.

Usually, but not always, found in 2-D games. As with an Advancing Wall of Doom, this kind of boss is frequently accompanied by additional hazards for it to chase or squash you into. It may also fire projectiles or attack in other ways. As this kind of boss typically takes up a large part of the screen, it is very common for only a small area to be vulnerable. These bosses typically either have a looping, indefinitely long track on which to pursue you, or an effective time limit in that there's some sort of hazard towards which they are driving you.

Compare the Escape Sequence, which features an advancing creature that isn't a boss. A Minecart Madness boss fight usually has this kind of boss. Inversion of the "Get Back Here!" Boss. See also Run or Die.



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    Bosses fought while fleeing 
  • In The Adventures of Rad Gravity, the Volcania boss is a golem-type creature that walks toward you and can only be damaged by shooting a column to launch lava bombs at it.
  • Armored Core 4 One mission places you in a tunnel. In front of you, the Giant Mecha you have to destroy; a massive, tank-like thing that fills the tunnel so there's no way past it. Behind you, the colony in which the player character resides, which you have to protect by destroying aforementioned tank before it gets to the end of the tunnel and razes the place.
  • The final boss of Boktai 3 is a huge Nigh Invulnerable Eldritch Abomination that chases you down while you flee for life on a motorcycle. Since you're on a castle in space that's orbiting the moon, your only hope is to outrun it long enough for the moon to move out of the way of the sun.
  • Broforce has the Megacockter, which you have to battle by sending exploding gas-tanks up into it while it tries to rain bombs down upon you. It’s played straight in the first phase of the fight, where it’s shooting at you while you climb up a building.
  • Castle Crashers has a giant troll boss who chases you through a sawmill in his first appearance. You can only escape here; you can't fight, but in the boss's second appearance, you are fleeing on a stagecoach and must defeat it there.
  • Cuphead: The only two bosses that fit into this "Fought While Fleeing" part are Baroness von Bon Bon, whose castle where she hides in begins to chase Cuphead and Mugman in the final phase; and Grim Matchstick, who begins to chase the boys while he spouts out the walking flames on his tongue in the second phase, and when he becomes three-headed in the final phase.
  • Dynamite Headdy: Twin Freaks is a weird-looking machine with a giant reversible face that chases you through a looping Death Course of walls and spikes. Another example (somewhat more marginal) is the Super Finagler, the miniboss in the very next segment, a machine that shoots at you as you ride a moving platform upward through a gauntlet of traps. Then, The Finagler goes apeshit and starts chasing you and Trouble Bruin down a corridor, and it shoots at you as Bruin tries to cling to you attempting to slow you down.
  • Terraria has the battle against the aptly-named Wall of Flesh: should you focus too much on running away and not kill it in time, it will eventually push you into the edge of the world, killing you.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy IV has a boss called Demon Wall. It moves a few pixels to the right every turn, instakilling the party when it reaches them.
    • Final Fantasy VI has the Phantom Train attempting to run down the player characters as they fight. This is the only instance in the game where the player characters are running constantly as the battle is happening.
    • Final Fantasy XII has multiple Demon Walls, the first of which really has to be fled from, but later iterations can be DPSed down before they crush you.
    • Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Demon Wall in 2.0. There were previously two giant gnats fought during the boss fight as well, but they were removed in patch 2.2.
    • XIV also introduced Vishap in 2.55, a massive dragon attacking Ishgard. Vishap mostly ignores the players (you are ants underfoot - he's that big), and instead slowly advances on Ishgard's defenses. The party must kill him before he destroys the final gate for a Non Standard Game Over.
    • Final Fantasy VIII has X-ATM092, the spider robot, which only has to be fought when it first appears. After that, it chases you, and you have to fight it if it catches you. If you're strong enough, you can destroy it by fighting it enough, but you're rewarded based on how few times you fight it, and destroying it deprives you of watching a really cool cutscene.
    • Tonberries or Pugs are this in some iterations — they advance on you and then pull their Chef's Knives to "doink" you to death in one or two hits.
    • Secret of Mana also has a version of it. Take too long or kill the eyes, and it'll start pushing you into the only instant-death trap in the entire game. (It has a Palette Swap, but it doesn't advance.)
    • Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers has the Demon Wall in the Yuke ruins. Failing to beat it in time results in... getting pushed over a ledge you can't climb over before it retreats. You most likely WON'T beat it the first time, either, since its health exceeds that of basically every monster you've encountered to that point. You can come back and fight it again later once you've upgraded your powers enough.
  • In Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny, the final boss's One-Winged Angel form is basically this; the boss alternates chasing behind you in an endless landscape and shooting you with a myriad of demon-based projectiles. He's easy to escape from, but if he ever manages to catch up with you, it's basically instant death.
  • La-Mulana: Viy is a monster so huge that only its Cyclops-like face fits on the screen, and it chases you upward through an endless shaft with platforms in it, firing an endless barrage of small shots and the occasional half-screen-wide laser. The Mini-Boss Algol is a more typical example, advancing to the right until you kill it or run away. The latter is the only option if you're missing a certain item.
  • L.A. Noire has a later mission where a mobster in a bulldozer is trying to kill you, and chasing you through a movie set. To defeat him, you must use the tried and tested "run a bit, shoot a bit, repeat", method as stated here.
  • Mega Man (Classic)
    • Mega Man 6 has Metonger Z, which fights the player on a scrolling floor. Both Wily Machine forms (but not the Wily Capsule) from the same game may also technicaly count.
    • Mega Man 7 has the HannyaNED at the end of Wily Stage 3, which chases the player down an endless corridor.
    • Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch has the Guts-Dozer, which also chases the player down an endless path.
    • Street Fighter X Mega Man has Balrog, who keeps using One-Hit Kill punches and moving forward, forcing you to progress while facing a slew of Mooks. Then he falls into a Bottomless Pit.
    • Wily Stage 3: Pursuer in Rockman 7 EP has the HannyaNED^2 boss fight take place throughout the whole level as HannyaNED^2 constantly pursues Megaman. Even when dead, he still pursues Mega Man.
  • Mega Man Zero 2 has the intro boss battle against a Mega Scorpia Mechaniloid, which chases Zero to the right. Later in the game, Zero fights Fefnir after he turns into a tank and he chases you forever to the left. You can hit him in the head, but you should really consider disabling the four fire guns and the treads first to simplify the battle.
  • Metal Slug
    • Metal Slug 2 has one of these in the Egyptian-themed level. The boss is a huge mechanical snake-thing that keeps following you up a huge stone pillar you must climb. Very annoying as one of its attacks is a huge laser that covers most of the screen.
    • Metal Slug 3 has the Huge Hermit boss in the first level.
    • Metal Slug 6 has that Brain in a Jar Humongous Mecha boss.
  • Mischief Makers: Cerberus Alpha is a multi-phase boss, the first phase of which is fought while being chased, with the Humongous Mecha chasing you while you're riding on a cat. The other phases of the fight include chasing after the boss from behind and fighting the pilot himself while his steed keeps moving independently.
  • Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero: The final boss becomes this in the second phase of the fight. Since contact with it means instant death, you're supposed to flee from it to trigger the ending. It can be killed, however, if you have a certain power and enough items to keep your ice meter fully replenished; doing this unlocks bonus content in the PSX version.
  • The final boss of Nuclear Throne, the titular Throne itself, moves down the screen while firing obscene amounts of projectiles at your character. Let it get to the end of the arena, and you'll get crushed.
  • Resident Evil:
    • Resident Evil 2: The giant Sewer Gator. If you get cornered at the end of the corridor, it automatically swallows you whole.
    • Resident Evil – Code: Veronica: Once you leave Rockfort Island on the cargo plane, the T-103 Tyrant becomes this. He's slow but implacable...and you have nowhere else to go (being on an airplane in flight which apparently lacks parachutes).
    • Resident Evil 4: In one sequence El Gigante chases Leon down a narrow gorge. You can shoot the supports out from platforms to drop boulders on him, or you can just run away and fight him when you reach the end. You don't actually have to fight him at all here, although you'll miss out on a few treasures in the area. Later, a Drill Tank advances on Leon and Ashley in the castle dungeon.
    • Resident Evil 6: has too many to count. The most prominent example is perhaps Ustanak, a huge muscle-bound B.O.W. that chases Jake and Sherry through an alley in it's first appearance. You escape it without a fight, but it'll be back many many times to pester you throughout Jake's entire chapter. Then there's H.A.O.S. at the end of Chris' story, and Simmons' mutant form during the train ride.
  • Serious Sam II has The Mental Institution, a titanic Base on Wheels that very slowly advances on you and eventually will crush you against the far wall if you take too long to defeat it. Even though it's pretty easy to defeat it long before then, the attacks that it launches on you in the meantime are far more dangerous.
  • Silent Hill 2: The Pyramid Head chase in the hospital basement. You can't beat him, but on Hard mode, you do have to shoot him to slow him down.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Sonic 3 & Knuckles:
      • The final boss (unless you have all seven Chaos Emeralds) is the Great Eggman Robo, Eggman in a Humongous Mecha. The second phase of this fight has him chasing you across the exterior of the Death Egg, which is collapsing behind you. This apparently isn't enough of a threat on its own, though, as Eggman periodically shoots flames and ridiculously huge laser beams at you.
      • The boss of Sandopolis Zone, Egg Golem (no, not that one), a lumbering mechanical sphinx that shoots lasers from its forehead while slowly marching forward. You can only run so far from this one: If you take too long, it pancakes you into the wall at the other end of the room.
      • The boss of Lava Reef Zone (with Sonic; Knuckles doesn't face a boss in that zone). It chases you up a staircase while the screen force-scrolls past several bottomless pits and fires spiked balls at you. The only way to defeat it is to let gravity turn its attack against it.
    • The boss of Stardust Speedway in Sonic CD. You race with Metal Sonic to reach the (booby-trapped) finish line while Eggman follows close behind you continuously firing a death ray. Fall too far behind Metal Sonic and the beam kills you instantly.
    • The final fight against Zavok in Sonic Lost World has him turn giant and chase you up a vertical shaft. This fight was a source of Guide Dang It! for a number of players, as they assumed that this was an example of a Type 2 Advancing Boss of Doom, but if you get to the top of the shaft, Zavok just kills you. What you're supposed to do is use the Bounce Attack to use the exploding crates that Zavok had used in an earlier stage of the fight against him.
    • In Sonic Mania, the boss of Green Hill Zone is a revamped version of the Death Egg Robo, which chases you down as you fight it. If you don't finish the fight in 90 seconds, you'll discover the hard way that the terrain ends in a bottomless pit.
  • Spider-Man
    • Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge:
      • Wolverine's second level is a fight against Juggernaut. If he catches up with you, you die. Reportedly, he can be defeated by cutting the ropes suspending numerous anvils from the ceiling so that they land on him. In practice, he typically catches up before you can slash your way through one of the many breakable walls.
      • The Juggernaut fight. You not only need to hit pretty much every anvil/weight in the stage, you also need to actually attack him yourself. A lot. And while you're doing this, you also need to keep carving through the game's destroyable walls so that you don't wind up trapped. And if you get too far ahead of the boss, he speeds up, meaning you have to balance keeping him close enough to avoid triggering his speed increase, but far enough away that you have enough time to carve through the walls before he can reach you. Also, the game developers also decided to add some enemies that you have to deal with throughout the level. All of this within a special time limit; if you haven't depleted Juggernaut's absolutely ridiculous HP by the end of the level, you will come face-to-face with a long, completely unavoidable death-pit, meaning you get to choose between death-by-Juggernaut or death-by-pit.
    • The versions of the Spider-Man for PlayStation, Useful Notes/Nintendo 64, Useful Notes/Dreamcast,and Useful Notes/PC had Doc Ock with Carnage's Symbiote chasing you throughout the entire final level. Eventually the flames from the exploding base behind him defeat him.
    • Doctor Octopus in Zen Studios' Spider-Man pinball advances down the playfield, and the player must repeatedly shoot the middle ramp to repel him.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl features Meta-Ridley as a boss you fight while it chases the Falcon Flyer, which you're standing on, as it makes its way out of the Bomb Factory. Meta-Ridley, however, doesn't so much attack you as he does the craft in general, with you happening to be in the line of fire. This doesn't seem like a big deal, until you see his attack where he slams the ship downward into the abyss. Of course, going too far off-screen in Super Smash Bros. is the only way to die, and your character almost always sticks to platforms when not airborne or attacked, despite the fact that the platform is being moved downward.
  • Super Metroid has Crocomire, who periodically steps towards Samus, forcing her towards a wall of spikes. It's also combined with Ring-Out Boss, because defeating Crocomire requires that you hit it in its mouth, causing it to step back, until it falls into a pit of acid.
  • Yoshi's Island:
    • Sluggy the Unshaven pushes you off the stage if you don't hit its heart multiple times.
    • Roger The Potted Ghost's fight is entirely this. Roger is immobile in his pot, so he has two Shy Guy mooks push him towards you, eventually off the platform the two of you are standing on. Roger, being a ghost, is immune to your eggs. So how do you beat him? You return the favor and push him off of the platform.
    • The second phase of the final boss, Baby Bowser, mixes this and Background Boss. You need to toss giant eggs at the now-massive Baby Bowser as he charges at you from the background, occasionally stopping to breathe fireballs at you. If you let Baby Bowser get too close, he'll destroy the platforms you're standing on and cause you to fall to your death.
  • In Apocalypse, the third horseman, War, grows to 50 feet tall and chases you for the second half of the battle. To stop him, you must shoot the Exploding Barrels along the roadside. If he gets too close, he instantly kills you via Giant Foot of Stomping.
  • The stage 2 sub-boss in Journey to Silius is a Humongous Mecha that advances towards you and will crush you if you don't destroy it fast enough.
  • Kirby:
    • In Kirby's Dream Land 3, the first boss is Whispy Woods, who initially spits fruit that you can spit back at him as well as air bullets, and is just as easy as in any other Kirby game, big deal. Once his health bar is depleted once, however, he Turns Red, sporting an evil grinning face, and starts chasing you, spitting rotten fruit at you along the way. Still easy, fortunately.
    • Kirby: Squeak Squad has the fourth boss, Yadogaine, a giant hermit crab-like mecha which chases Kirby, digging up the path the two run on as they do so. It's very notable that both Yadogaine and KDL3 Whispy's second phase have endless paths that don't stop until they're both defeated.
    • The second form of the fifth boss in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, HR-E, is another example. Like Whispy Woods and Yadogaine above, it chases Kirby down a path, launching missiles and snapping at him with scissor-like claws. Unlike Whispy Woods and Yadogaine, however, the path here isn't endless - Should you take too long fighting the boss, the path will run out, and since Kirby can't fly forever in this game, he'll fall to his death. You're given a fairly generous amount of time, though, so it's not really an issue.
  • Donkey Kong
  • The House of the Dead games like to make use of this:
    • Strength in The House of the Dead 2 is a giant zombie with a Hockey Mask and Chainsaw who chases you through a maze at the send of Stage 4.
    • Death in The House of the Dead 3 is a hulking zombie dressed as a security guard who chases you through the first two levels wielding an enormous club.
    • Justice in The House of the Dead 4 is a giant four-armed zombie who chases you through a sewer at the end of the first level.
  • In X-Men 2: Clone Wars for the Sega Genesis, the second half of the final stage starts with the screen-filling Brood Queen charging from the right side of the screen and chasing you to the left while she fires energy beams from her mouth and explosive pods drop from the ceiling. The only time you can damage her is at points when a wall stops the chase and the Brood Queen charges at you twice, smashing the wall and the armor on her head, letting you get in a few hits before the armor reforms and the chase resumes.
  • The final phase of The Universe in A Super Mario Bros. X Thing is essentially an Advancing Wall of Doom. Just run away until you reach the pipe to escape and you've finally beaten it.
  • Wings of Vi has multiple bosses to fight while moving.
    • Dark Annihilator slowly chases you down a cave while periodically firing anything from missiles to lasers, and even incendiary bombs at you.
    • Kratarac, however, moves much faster, making you jump to and from various platforms while dodging his intimidating limbs, among other things.
  • Bomberman 64 has a water boss that chases you while you're on a raft, chucking bombs at it. Like with all monster bosses, you have upgraded bombs.
  • Dragon's Crown gives you the option of turning the Red Dragon boss fight into this by getting out of the room you find it in. If you do, it'll chase you down a hallway filled with Weapon Crates and Ballistae for your use, and it will occasionally use a screen-filling fire breath that could wipe out your party if they don't hide behind a Great Shield. If you're unable to kill the Red Dragon on time, it will eventually chase you to a crumbling bridge where it will fall to uncertain death. Escaping from it in that manner won't win you one of the Talismans, but it's also the only way for you to get the Chicken ingredient in camp if you're going for the "eat all types of camp food" Trophy.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team features a final boss "fight" against a Stompa. It's less of a fight and more you running for your life the whole time while sending potshots back at highlighted weak points. It's still lots of good fun though.
  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed has the Siege Machine V2, which unlike the first version, can smash through barriers, and will crush you against the leftmost wall if you don't destroy it fast enough.
  • For the final, Turns Red phase of the Earth Dragon in Ys Seven, it blows your party out of the arena and into a narrow circular corridor, where it would start chasing your party endlessly and continue its attacks.

    Bosses with chases, then fights 
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum has Killer Croc, who will let out a deep breathing when nearby, drag you into the water if you make too much noise, or just come out and try to grab you with your only defense being activating his shock collar with a Batarang. Where at the last part of his lair chases you and you have to run to escape to a trap you set up before hand to stop him.
  • Battletoads In the 11th stage, you control a motorized vehicle called a 'Clinger-Winger' as a Hypno Orb runs around and tries to catch up to you while you attempt to cut around corners and outspeed it. Notice that we said 'attempt.' Eventually, though, the orb stops and fights you.
  • In Broforce, the Deathfield, Satan's third form, cannot be fought, requiring you to run through an entire segment with the thing on your heels. The final level has you up against Satan's True Form for the final showdown of the game.
  • Castlevania
    • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia has Brachyura, a Giant Enemy Crab that chases you up a lighthouse before you reach the top to crush him with an elevator. Interestingly, the bestiary shows that Brachyura does have a preset amount of HP, however, it's impossible to kill him prematurely, as going back on a New Game+ reveals.
    • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin has a very early meeting with the Behemoth, which at this stage is unkillable and must tear down a wall in order to let you advance; you fight him later as the second boss.
    • The Behemoth appears in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood as a Mini-Boss example of this. Except that in that game, you can kill it.
  • Resident Evil:
    • In Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, the Steve Burnside "boss" fight. You just have to run to the door really fast while shooting him, or his poleaxe swings will kill you in two hits.
    • Uroboros Wesker from Resident Evil 5. When the battle starts, he chases you down, and will fling you into the nearby lava if he touches you. After you solve a bit of a puzzle involving boulder-punching, the fight proper starts.
  • Gears of War: The Berserkers fit this pattern, as you can't kill them until they are outdoors (so you can deploy a Kill Sat), and many of the segments begin indoors and consist of trying to get outdoors in order to kill them - simply running away isn't enough, however, and they must be killed.
  • Ikaruga The Chapter 3 Mini-Boss.
  • In the Hunt has the living statue boss which chases your submarine up a seabed ruin. Completely impervious to your submarine's weapons, you had to use the floating stone blocks at the top of the arena in order to defeat him.
  • Kirby:
    • Kirby Super Star Heavy Lobster pursues you through a long corridor inside the Halberd, during which time you must dodge walls to avoid being crushed. At the end of this sequence, you get to face Heavy Lobster in the open.
    • Kirby Mass Attack has the frozen dinosaur in the Dedede resort level and the shadow in the haunted house. Eventually, the former is dropped and buried under an avalanche, and the latter is punched out by a giant Kirby living statue.
  • The Wii and PlayStation 3 versions of The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest has the dreaded Balrog in the mines of Moria pursuing the Fellowship. While the Balrog himself is invincible, the player must occasionally stop and shoot him with fire arrows to hold him off while an AI-controlled ally opens a gate to continue the chase and escape. Subverted in that going too close to the Balrog doesn't kill you outright; it only drains your health slowly as you are scorched by the heat.
  • Mega Man:
    • Mega Man 2 The most iconic example (and, for a great many gamers, probably the most iconic Advancing Boss of Doom, period) is the giant robot dragon, pictured at the top of the page, which chases you over a long series of tiny platforms over a void and then turns into a standard boss fight once you reach a group of three platforms at the end of this chain.
    • Rom Hack Rockman No Constancy took it and cranked the speed level Up to Eleven. The boss is reused in I Wanna Be the Guy, where it chases the Kid back and forth in between bouts of imitating the Yellow Devil.
    • At one point in ROM Hack Rockman 4 Minus Infinity, you encounter a Jumbig that makes short hops towards you and has a high amount of hit points.
    • Mega Man Legends: The giant boss boat at the end of a hard water fight is this, it chases you while firing streams of missiles. You can't injure it until you get to a small lake at the end of a river you travel along. Before this though you do get the option of retreating to restore your own boats health (considering how hard the fight was just to get to this point you might want to retreat before going to the boss battle).
    • Mega Man X8: Earthrock Trilobyte's level has a giant Mechaniloid that chases the player up to a cliff face, where a crane on top is the player's only means of damaging the mech.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • New Super Mario Bros. Wii The final boss is this. You don't fight Bowser exactly, just try to escape him until you hit the actually useful switch at the end. This is repeated in Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D World (the latter two in a Rise to the Challenge variation).
    • Paper Mario has Tubba Blubba. Tubba is invincible and chases you throughout his castle, until you find his removed heart and beat it
    • In Super Paper Mario, Mimi will pursue Mario around the basement rooms of Merlee's mansion in her gigantic creepy spider form. If she catches up to Mario, she'll start rapidly spitting rubies at him. She cannot be defeated until Mario is cornered in the women's restroom.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl has the Porky statue, which forces you to flee from it through an obstacle course level before Ness shows up and destroys its shell, exposing Porky's machine and allowing you to actually fight him.
  • Psychonauts: The Lungfish chases you for a while along a fixed track in "Jaws" First-Person Perspective, and then you fight it.
  • Rayman 2: The Great Escape: The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams works rather like the Lungfish, although in the second phase your goal is not actually to harm him directly but to make your way through the final stretch of the level by turning the skulls he spits at you into temporary platforms.
  • Rocket Knight Adventures: At one point Axel Gear hops into a Humongous Mecha. Eventually you find one of your own and fight him, but before that you have to spend a good-sized stretch fleeing from him through a series of tunnels and trying not to get crushed.
  • The Mega Man-inspired doujin platformer RosenkreuzStilette has the Demons Wall in Sepperin's Castle, with a similar chase to the aforementioned dragon from Mega Man 2. The difference here is it's a larger wall made of Creepy Cool Crosses and is much, much harder.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game has the player running away from Todd Ingram as he generates a vegan-powered ball of destruction.
  • Tales of Graces: The Fendel army sicks an Avakum mech on your characters, at which point you can't defeat it. However, when you take the first left and follow the road to the end; you will eventually fight it.
  • OFF has Enoch, who is invincible the first time you fight him. After fleeing from battle, he chases you down two Boss Corridors. If he catches you, you're dragged into another Hopeless Boss Fight from which you have to run again. He can only be defeated when he traps you in the tram station.
  • Monster Hunter:
    • Tri, Portable 3rd and 3 Ultimate all have Jhen Mohran, which doesn't specifically chase you, but the second stage of its boss fight is based around you trying to protect the wreck of the Dragonship from the advancing Jhen Mohran. Considering that it's over 100m long and is several stories tall, you're going to need all the weaponry the Dragonship has. If the Dragonship takes too many hits, it's a Non-Standard Game Over.
    • 4 and 4 Ultimate have Jhen's Suspiciously Similar Substitute, the Dah'ren Mohran. It fights exactly like Jhen Mohran does, right down to the Dragonship being needed to fight it.
  • Ninja: Shadow of Darkness: The Spider Queen (a Queen Mook Boss) is a variation. You confront her in a long, narrow corridor where she will chase you, and your only way of retaliating is to lob throwing knives or energy blasts at her as you flee. But if she catches you, instead of killing you she will ensnare you with her webs, then lay eggs which hatches into multiple baby spiders before retreating backwards as the baby spiders chews away your health. You'll need to do some button-mashing to break free, fight off the baby spiders (via Goomba Stomp) and if you survive the Spider Queen will continue chasing you. Rinse and repeat until you win.
  • The final boss of Parasite Eve starts off by chasing you down a series of corridors. A bit of trial and error may be needed here, as it is constantly only a couple feet behind you at all times, and taking the wrong turn even once guarantees an instant death once it touches you. However, once you escape the corridors, it transforms into the final boss, where you can defeat it once and for all.
  • Juggernaut from Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge chases you through a circus-themed obstacle course. If he catches up to you, or if you fail to kill him by the level's end, it's an instant death.
  • Serious Sam series:
    • Ugh-Zan III from Serious Sam: The First Encounter chases you all the way to the Great Pyramid, where you find a flying saucer with a Wave-Motion Gun you can use to damage him.
    • Serious Sam II has Hugo, fought at the end of the Sirius Moon levels, chases you all the way to a helicopter so you can take the fight to the air.
  • In the second game in the Uncharted franchise, Lazarevic's army assaults the Tibetan village with infantry and a tank. At the start of the battle, Nathan has no anti-tank weaponry, forcing the player to flee from the tank for a while until he gets to a spot where Nate encounters enemy soldiers armed with Rocket-Propelled-Grenades. At that point, the player can kill the enemy soldiers and use their weapons to destroy the tank.
  • Two side missions in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy pit you against Rancors that act in this manner. The normal one in the earlier mission can be killed if you hide in a spot it can't reach, then empty every single gun you have into it, but it'll simply respawn the instant it drops dead, so you'll still have to outrun it the next couple times you must enter the arena it's prowling. The second example is a cybernetically enhanced monster several times larger than a normal Rancor, and this one can't be killed until you lure it into some big machinery to crush it to death at the end of the mission. The whole assignment basically consists of running the hell away from the Rancor and Imperial Remnant troops alike, although thankfully the latter will usually switch their fire to the Rancor the moment it appears in their line of sight.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, during the Momma Tyhrranoid boss battle; the second phase of the battle has her hunting Ratchet down in first person perspective while she tries to bombard him with rockets. She can only be fought after both of them enter the second arena.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers brings the Chthonic Riddle, Therion, which is faced on a long platform with little outcroppings on the side, which are the only way to dodge its ultimate Wave-Motion Gun attack. Therion will leap forward after the first two casts of said attack, blocking the way to half of the outcroppings and reducing the battlefield to an uncomfortably cramped rectangle. Thankfully it stops there, but you still have to deal with the outcroppings slowly collapsing after each ultimate.
  • Early on in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Ori is chased by a giant wolf, then has to fight him off with a torch. Later, the possessed Kwolok also has a pre-fight chase, and Mora and Shriek have chase sequences in between their fight phases.

  • Alundra features a boss battle where the titular character, Alundra, must run across a highbridge while being chased by Nirude who is destroying it from behind by thrusting his body against it in a forward walking motion. Also of note: the animated ending sequence for the game depicts Nirude as an Advancing Wall of Doom boss, as it appears that he's moving like a wall towards Alundra instead of like a walking human, as was seen during gameplay.
  • BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm has the Hateful Reliquary, an utterly massive Chest Monster that chases Catie down a very long hallway. If it catches her, a Hopeless Boss Fight ensues. To kill it, you have to lead it onto the collapsing rope bridge at the tunnel’s entrance and let gravity do the work.
  • Contra III: The Alien Wars has something of an inversion in the boss fight in stage four. Rather than the boss chasing after you, you must constantly retreat because you are battling it while holding onto missiles being launched at it.
  • The Crash Bandicoot series has numerous variations on this where Crash is chased towards the screen, whether it be by boulders, giant polar bears, triceratops, dragons, a walrus chef, or a fusion of all the previous bosses.
  • In Cuphead, the only boss that can fit in this category is the gorilla-like Cyclops in the final part of the Rugged Ridge. Since he cannot be fought while chasing you, you have to outrun him while hopping on ledges all the way through to the end, and he will fall into a Bottomless Pit all by himself.
  • Devil May Cry has an optional example. After defeating the first boss, Phantom, in the cathedral, the next level sees you leave the room to proceed to the statue where you need to use the Pride of Lion, the key item you pick up before Phantom confronts you. But before you can get through the doors into the room where the statue's located, Phantom emerges from up the corridor behind you and chases you the rest of the way along it, lobbing a fireball every five seconds. It's possible to fight and defeat him here, but you don't have to; if you go into one of the rooms leading off from the corridor, then go back the way you came, he'll be gone and you can reach your objective unhindered
  • Enter the Gungeon: The Wallmonger is an enormous boss that takes the form of a slowly advancing wall that occasionally spits fire as it slowly moves in to crush you.
  • Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy VI has the Doom Train boss fight. You don't fight a boss on the Doom Train - YOU FIGHT THE TRAIN! Your characters are constantly running in front of it, stopping only to take swings at (or suplex) the train behind them.
    • Final Fantasy Type-0 has Supersoldier Akkad. The core idea for this guy is "ten levels above the recommendation, run like hell" - but he stops when attacks. If you're determined to fight himnote , the boss stays in whichever sector you're fighting him in.
  • In Phoenix, the Alien's Mother Ship steadily descends towards you and will kill you if it touches you or the foot of the screen. You can't flee so the only way to keep it from getting too close is to shoot away chunks of the hull.
  • Sonic Advance 3 uses the Crocomire variant in one fight. If the Toy Kingdom boss advances all the way to the left, he uses an attack that covers the entire battle area and seems to be unavoidable. Every hit knocks him slightly to the right, and if knocked all the way to the right he falls off a ledge.
  • The Smurfs: Gargamel in the first SNES game is a similar example. Any contact with him is instant death, and you must throw acorns at him to force him back until he falls off his manor house's roof.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has several examples. First is the attack helicopter which you must flee along rooftops and through a building from as it strafes you, until it blows up the building you are standing in. You get a short breather, then find a roof full of grenade launchers and fight it to the death. Then, you get the other attack helicopter that you fight on the train. This helicopter you flee from as it destroys the train cars behind you, until you lose it in a tunnel. It pops up later, as you conveniently get to a heavy machine gun on a tank being carried by the train. Finally, you have the tank, which you flee through a Tibetan village to escape, only finding a rocket launcher will allow you to defeat it.
  • In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the Final Battle with King Boo is a five-stage fight. The first, third, and fifth stages are in an arena where Luigi can fight back. In the second and fourth, however, you have to flee down a mansion obstacle course as he rolls after Luigi like a big boulder until you reach the end, and make it to the next stage of the fight.
  • In one stage of Wangan Midnight, you and Kuroki, who at first is presented as your opponent, start off bumper-to-bumper, but Akio's Devil Z suddenly emerges with a 2.7-kilometer disadvantage, and is slowly catching up to you. You can't stop the gap between you and him from closing up. Kuroki poses a minimal threat, but you must finish the race before Akio outruns you. A similar setup happens in a later stage, where you have a 2-kilometer head start on Tatsuya.
  • Jables's Adventure: Rutherford Goldbeard, except that you don't ever directly fight him. He sustains damage just from pursuing you, so when you reach the end of the Death Course, he's too injured to continue fighting you.
  • The second battle with Dante/Raidou in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. He, unlike most of the examples here, will also shoot at you whilst chasing you. And if he catches you, you're thrown into a Hopeless Boss Fight after which you must redo the puzzle you were trying to solve.
  • Heavy Weapon has an Advancing Mook of Doom, the Bulldozer. You had to constantly fire at it in order to push it back, because you will instantly die regardless of shielding if it brushes against you.
  • Resistance
    • 3 has "Satan"/"The Creature", which takes turns hunting and being hunted by you inside the coal mine. At one point you climb into a mine cart and start rolling, only for Satan to burst out the wall behind you and give chase. He can hurt you and you can hurt him, but you can't actually kill him until the next room.
    • In the second game, you will eventually encounter The Swarm. You can't kill it with the small-arms at your disposal, but they will slow it down - if you simply turn and sprint away, it will overtake and kill you. To make things harder, it's chasing you through forking corridors, so without seeing where you're going, it's easy to get stuck. You encounter it several more times after this nerve-wracking chase, and eventually get to kill it.
  • The final portion of the Final Boss battle of Super Mario 3D Land. The only way to defeat Bowser is by hitting a big button that sends him to a pit of lava, but that button is very far from Mario, so he has to get there while dodging every attack from Bowser and escaping from the falling parts of the path.
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King: The Lich King in the Halls of Reflection dungeon. Since he's the Big Bad and final raid boss for the expansion, you can't just beat him at this point, so instead you escape while fighting a stream of mooks.
  • Played with in the final mission of Warcraft III, wherein Archimonde and his armies march up Mount Hyjal. Archimonde is nigh invulnerable, and even if the player does somehow kill him, he respawns quickly. The goal of the mission is not to kill him, but rather slow him down - if he reaches the World Tree at the top of Hyjal, the mission fails.
  • Clock Tower and Haunting Ground: Take one resourceful-yet-(mostly)-harmless girl and leave her Alone with the Psycho Exploring the Evil Lair. Said psycho will chase her until she eventually fights back. Rinse, lather and repeat.
  • Ib: If you enter Mary's Room, she becomes this; the only thing you can do is run away, and when you're cornered you have to burn her painting or die. It doesn't help that your character is a One-Hit Point Wonder at the time.
  • Legend of Grimrock has The Undying One, a giant metal cube, who tries to roll over you, and who you cannot kill directly, unless you have the Weapon of Power.
  • In a mission near the end of Jak II: Renegade, you encounter a colossal "metal-pede." The only thing you can do is run.
  • In Guacamelee!, you find a giant Alebrije sleeping in a room within the Temple of Rain. When you return to that room after acquiring a certain power, you find that it's disappeared. You eventually find it again toward the end of the temple. It's much too large and powerful for you to attack head-on, so you have to outrun it until you reach the temple's exit, where you can kill it by dropping it into a bed of lava.
  • In Super Robot Wars Destiny, combined with Advancing Wall of Doom, a number of Zanscare Empire battleships charging towards a helpless town and if any of those battleships reaches the town, it's Game Over. You essentially have to become another wall and disable the ships.
  • This trope is how the game show The Chase works. In The Chase, the contestants must get their earned money to the safe zone before the Chaser catches them in the first three/four rounds and try to make it so that the Chaser cannot beat their amount of questions answered within two minutes during the final round.
  • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within gives you the Dahaka chases where the Prince must use Le Parkour to escape an invincible monster. Camera Screw plays a large part in making these sequences even more annoying: instead of showing you the next ledge you are supposed to jump to, or the next pole you are supposed to grab, you are treated to a dramatic view of the horned beast hot on your trail.
  • In Snoopy's Grand Adventure, the boss of the "Lunar Romp" world is a giant robot that resembles Lucy, whom Snoopy has to run away from. If Snoopy does manage to run away from her and rescue the real Lucy, the real Lucy takes down the robot with a really loud yell.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom, Bandit Keith constantly charges you during his boss fight, meaning you have to flee from him repeatedly if you want to get the rare monster in the mission, as beating Keith immediately ends it.
  • In the very first stage of Kirby: Planet Robobot there's a segment where the boss of Area 1, Clanky Woods, chases Kirby. Since he has no health bar displayed, the goal is simply to outrun him until you reach a pipe that takes you to safety. You actually can destroy him here if you're persistent enough, with a rare sticker as your reward. He'll still reappear for a proper battle, though. He has another chase sequence in a bonus stage, and the reward for defeating him this time is a Code Cube instead of a sticker.
  • The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules has Vicky in this role in "A Badge Too Far". The catch is you can't actually fight her; all you can do is run back to the beginning of the level and a cutscene will take it from there.
    • Its Spiritual Successor, Shadow Showdown, features a more traditional example in Timmy's Dad's Humongous Mecha in "Dad's Dream". You do some running for a bit, press a Big Red Button to cause a wrecking ball to knock its head off, then fire some bolts from your super-powerful ultra magnet at the detached head. Repeat until boss is defeated.
  • LittleBigPlanet: There's one in many of the games, and almost all of them fit into the "run away until you win" type.
    • LBP1's Skulldozer, piloted by Frida, rampages through the Wedding until you cross a bridge that promptly explodes afterwards, stopping the destruction and bringing her back to her senses.
    • LBP PSP's Dragon from the Orient. Unusually for the series, it's of the "fight and run at the same time" type, and you're in a rickshaw so you don't have to worry about the running.
    • LBP2's Copernicus the Guard Turkey, who guards the Factory of a Better Tomorrow (or used to, anyway). He chases Sackboy, Clive, and the Sackbot army until he falls through the floor... and then comes back while on fire and chases them some more before being done in for good by Clive.
    • LBPV's Coaster Valley is guarded by a trash compactor. When Sackboy and Otis attempt to collect some scrap to build the double-barreled cannon, the compactor goes after them and a chase ensues.
    • LBP3's chain link monster, created by Newton after Sackboy, OddSock, and Toggle confront him in the Ziggurat. This time, however, you're playing as Toggle and have to change size to progress and get prizes.
  • In South Park: The Fractured but Whole, while chasing down Classi down a hallway, she'll call on Spontaneous Bootay, a gigantic obese stripper who will crush you with her ass. Rather than being turn-based like everything else, she will immediately move one step forward every few seconds and kill everything in her range, with the various strippers in your way trying to knock you back into her range. You can't actually defeat Bootay, with your goal instead to fight your way to the end of the hallway towards the exit. Bootay returns in the "Bring the Crunch" DLC, though this time, she actually follows the turn-based order, having a turn of her own along with everyone else.
  • One Piece:
    • Luffy and his allies instigate a mass breakout from Impel Down, a giant government prison. When the Quirky Miniboss Squad proves unable to stop them, Chief Warden Magellan Turns Red, using his power to create a giant monster made of poison so vile it saturates anything that as much as touches it, bringing horrible agony to anyone too slow to get away. The rest of the encounter consists of Magellan chasing the escaping pirates up a giant staircase while their allies above are trying to get them a ship. The videogame version of this encounter in One Piece: Pirate Warriors is an inversion of the second type: Your first battle with Magellan is a normal boss fight, and then you have to run away from him as above.
    • Happens again in the Whole Cake Isaldn Saga, with the crew trying to get back to their ship while being chased by Big Mom, unstoppable in her hunger-induced rage.
  • The eponymous monster in It Follows is a non-video game example. It cannot be killed and can only be seen by its quarry, and while it can't seem to move faster than a brisk walk, it never gives up, and seems tireless. The heroine spends the entire movie trying to flee from the thing, but only manages to slow it down a few times.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: In the final part of Micah Bell's fistfight in the "Go with John" part of the final story mission, you need to crawl your way to Micah's revolver while he is chasing after you. If he catches up to you, you're dead and you have to start over.

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