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Date: Hey, Mizuki. What's inside that backpack you always have on you?
Mizuki: Well... Water, dehydrated bread, chocolate, biscuits, a flashlight, a hand charger, Swiss army knife, a candle, matches, triangular badges, a first aid kit, whistle, portable toilet, a plastic bag, duct tape, a grenade, a magnet, disposable hand warmers...
Date: Do you have an entire disaster relief kit in your bag?
Mizuki: Better safe than sorry. I'm ready for anything.

Simply put, a character is excessively prepared for a scenario, no matter how unlikely.

This trope is for you if you always have on hand what it takes to MacGyver your way out of a tight spot, or have your large, impressive gun rack all sorted by varmint size, and are Genre Savvy enough to prepare for every unlikely trope,

See also: Police Code for Everything, Properly Paranoid, Suddenly Always Knew That, You Didn't Ask, Unspoken Plan Guarantee, Batman Gambit, Hidden Supplies, Survivalist Stash, Seen It All, Wall of Weapons, and Crazy Survivalist. Also compare The Anticipator, who manages to remain unsurprised despite lack of preparation. Contrast Forgot to Feed the Monster. Trust Password is a subtrope. If programmers try to anticipate everything the user might do, then it's Developers' Foresight.



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  • Brian Le Petit (principal clown) in Cirque du Soleil's Mystère is crazy prepared for pulling any prank you could think to pull on unsuspecting Real Life audience members, such as fake tickets, a blonde wig, confetti, a lacy bra, and several buckets of popcorn, most of which he hides up his sleeves or in his pockets. If that does not count, we later find he has quick access to a gun, a chainsaw, and a can of air freshener. As a bonus, he's not one of the characters in the story, but a prankster who somehow got into the theater and decided to amuse himself, so there's even less sensible explanation for where he's finding/why he's carrying some of these things.


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The Great Muppet Caper

Both played straight, with Nicky and his supermodel cat burglars assembling highest tech break-in equipment, and then parodied with the Muppets having a list of nonsensical items, most of which is either forgot, lost or eaten by animal.

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