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  • The CD release of The Monty Python Matching Tie and Handkerchief has the sketch "Radio Shop", where a verbose customer wishes to have his radio repaired, but the clerk tries to get around it. But the customer recognizes that "avoidance of responsibility is as English as toasted muffins," he produces the following:
    • A receipt for the radio, with the store's address on it.
    • The manufacturer's catalog, to prove that the receipt didn't have any typos.
    • A witness to the sale, who took a Polaroid of the transaction to debunk the claim that the chain never sold the customer's model of radio.
    • A tape recording of the customer talking with the clerk's manager, who promises to have the radio fixed as soon as possible because he's "an old customer", to prevent the clerk for sitting on the repair job for nine months.
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    • And finally, he surrounds the shop with armed men to ensure the staff will fix the radio. When the staff still refuse to cooperate, the customer, who reveals his name as Mr. Armageddon, has the shop demolished.

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