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Crazy Prepared / Professional Wrestling

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  • Jushin Thunder Liger revealed that he has face paint under his mask, which came in handy when The Great Muta pulled his mask off.
  • Someone has to keep putting all those tables, ladders and other weapons under the ring should they be needed...
  • John Cena proved himself to be this. Facing Batista in a Last Man Standing Match and armed with nothing more than a roll of duct tape? No problemo...
  • Triple H, in street clothes including a leather jacket, went up to the ring to attack Randy Orton both were armed with sledgehammers. After some confronting each other with the ring ropes between them the two agree to give up their weapons and use Good Old Fisticuffs to handle this. Both drop their weapons and... Triple H had another sledgehammer hidden in his jacket.
  • Rey Mysterio Jr. occasionally wears a second mask to counter being unmasked.