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"I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now! Doom-doom, doom-doom-doom, doom-doom-doom-DOOM!"

There's something primal about saying "Doom". The deeper, the more echoey, the more stretched-out, the better. "Of Doom" can be added to any noun you wish to turn it into something terrifying; if you want to add some Gaelic whimsy or simulate an accent, "o'Doom" can be used instead.

People also often forget that "doom" (related to "deem," i.e., "judge" or "estimate") comes from the idea in Old English and Norse mythology of an ultimate destiny, which need not necessarily be a bad one — you could re-translate the phrase "He met his doom" as "He met his fate". File that one away, fact fans! Another possible re-translation would be "He met his (ultimate) judgment", as the Modern English word "doom" is derived from the Old English word "dōm" (pronounced like "dome"), meaning "judgment" or "law". Hence that wonderful word "doomsday," meaning "day of judgment." Feeling comforted yet?

If you want Nightmare Retardant, then bear in mind that it is derived from the Proto-Indo-European word *dhoh1mos, meaning "thing that is put", and "doom" is the exact same word as the Ancient Greek "θωμός"* meaning "heap".

This trope is parodied so easily and so often it has become an Undead Horse Trope. Doom can also be considered an Inherently Funny Word, and as such has a tendency to appear most often in Laughably Evil characters.

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Tropers are especially susceptible to this.

Meet your DOOM!

Here is a compilation with a lot of examples.

Trope names that have themselves met their doom:

Examples of Doom:

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    Advertising of Doom 
  • This commercial. Just watch it, okay? "Take care of this package or we're... doomed!"

    Anime & Manga of Doom 
  • Bakugan: The Bakugan's equivalent to an afterlife is the Doom Dimension, where they can be sent when they lose in battle if the user has a Doom Card.
  • Glitter Force: In Episode 24, Brooha creates a Carnival of Doom, which she traps the Glitter Force in. In the original Japanese version, it was simply called a theme park.
  • Lupin III: Dragon of Doom... in the English release, anyway. The original Japanese translates more to "Burn! Iron-Cutting Sword".
  • One Piece: Original: "USOPP WAGOMU [rubber band]!" Dub: "USOPP RUBBER BAND OF DOOM!"
  • Voltron: Planet Doom from the Lion version (but not the original Japanese version, Golion, where it's called "Planet Galra"note ).
  • In Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, one team entering the fourth Squad Jam, which consists purely of suicide bombers, is called Team DOOM.

    Card Games of Doom 
  • Magic: The Gathering features around 45 cards with "Doom" in their name. This includes the Unhinged joke card Pointy Finger of Doom and Clock of DOOOOOOOOOOOM!.
  • Munchkin:
    • The card game plays to this with the "... Of Doom!" card, which gives a bonus to any weapon item, and can (intentionally) lead to some interesting constructions: Cute Shoulder Dragon OF DOOM, Sword of Slaying Everything Except Squid OF DOOM, Rat on a Stick OF DOOM, etc.
    • The "Duck of Doom" trap card. You should have known better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon.
    • There is good satisfaction gained by adding ... of Doom! to The Other Ring. It sorta completes the circle.
    • Munchkin Cthulhu has a card whose name is already the Sushi Knife of Doom. In a blender game, it could possibly become the Sushi Knife of Doom OF DOOM.
    • Continuing with this trend, the IN SPACE version of this game has combinable gun cards, leading up to a "Bananafanafofaser Bobaser Dazer Maser Shmaser Raser... of DOOM", which actually would follow through with the 'of doom'ing as it would be insanely powerful.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!'s card game also features Doom a lot, even more so in the TCG version, where "Death" tends to get replaced with "Doom".

    Comedy of Doom 
  • In 1990, Richard Lewis had a TV special titled Richard Lewis: I'm Doomed.

    Comic Books of Doom 
  • Doctor Doom (whose real name is Victor Von Doom, but who never actually finished his doctorate) of the Marvel Universe. He talks about himself in third person, too, which means he refers to himself as Doom. (Wouldn't you, if your name were Doom?) He was doing this before it became cool, and still does this even though it's long since become a Dead Horse Trope. Doom will change his ways for no one!
    • At one point in a Spider-Man cartoon, he replaced the U.N. Security Council with robots and was briefly "elected" as ruler of the world. Cue robot security council members chanting "DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! DOOM!..."
    • He also renamed his nation's capital city to Doomstadt.
    • In an alternate future presented in All-New Wolverine, Doom ignited a final conflict between heroes and villains dubbed the "Doom World War." Following his defeat, he enclosed Latveria within a shell called the Doom Dome.
  • Also from the Marvel Universe, the lead-up to one of their big Crisis Crossovers in the 1980s involved Surtur the fire giant forging Twilight, also called the Sword of Doom. For months before the series actually began, readers saw him in various comics striking the glowing sword blank on an anvil with a hammer that made a ringing "DOOM!" with each blow.
  • Marvel Comics has the Elements of Doom. Take the elements of the Periodic System, give them sentience, and let them carry out the urge to Kill All Humans.
  • An early issue of The Amazing Spider-Man has the title character remarking that he was always being "doomed" by every villain he met.
  • Famously, Hellboy has his right hand of Doom. It's the literal Key to the Apocalypse.
  • Doomsday, who is best known for killing Superman himself. His arrival was even preceded by the sound of him smashing against the walls of his subterranean prison (naturally, "Doom! Doom!") and the final blow freed him with the ominous onomatopoeia, "Krakadoom". "Crack of doom," naturally.
    • Later comics introduced a clone of Doomsday called Doomslayer. He's named that because he has dedicated his life to killing Doomsday, but he's willing to wipe out humanity if that's what it takes.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Doom's Doorway is a rift on Themyscira that leads to the underworld and the outer rim of Hades. In the Post-Crisis continuity many Amazons, and Steve Trevor's mother, died over the centuries keeping it closed and preventing the horrors trying to escape from the other side contained.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): Inventa and Torcha force Diana to face "Four Dooms," rigged challenged designed to kill her and be unwinnable, or be responsible for their execution of all the Amazons.
  • An old British comics character named Disaster Des caused trouble wherever he went without meaning to. He had a habit of singing to himself, but instead of "dum dum dum", he always sang "doom, doom, doom".
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac had its fair share of Dooms:
    Satan:...they never know what they've been doomed to be. God, I love that word. DOOM!
  • As Starr cracks up in Preacher, he decides he needs a much bigger gun (partly to make up for something he's lost) and begins posing with it, muttering "Doomcock..."
  • There's the "Satanic Cheerleaders of Doom", the Fanservice minions of the Fanservice villainess latex in the Fanservice comic Three Little Kitten: Purr-fect Weapons, from the makers of Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose.
  • Thulsa Doom, whose debut story was not published in Robert E. Howard's lifetime, but once King Kull got a comic book, that name just warranted a promotion to Arch-Enemy. He would also later face one of Howard's other creations, Conan the Barbarian (including in his first movie).
  • In Judge Dredd, during the "Judgement Day" arc, a movement arose in Mega-City One called the Doomsayers, who constantly ranted about how everyone was doomed, and doom had come to the city. Doom!
  • The Galactic Police in the print incarnation of Zita the Spacegirl are called the Doom Squad.

    Fan Works of Doom 

    Films of Doom — Animation 
  • In The Jungle Book, after Bagheera interrupts Kaa's meal of Mowgli, Kaa tells Bagheera, "You have just sealed your doom." Followed by extreme whiplash when Mowgli shoves Kaa's coils off the treebranch.
  • Ice Age: The Tae-Kwon-Dodos: "Doom on you! Doom on you! Doom on you!"
  • The Flight of Dragons has James Earl Jones repeating the word while sending out the eponymous flight to wreak havoc on the world.
  • In a promotional video for Inside Out, Riley watches an old horror movie called Shoes of Doom.

    Films of Doom — Live-Action 
  • In The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Vincent Price saying "Nine killed you, nine shall die and be returned your loss, nine times nine! Nine killed you, nine shall die, nine eternities in DOOM!"
  • Cannibal! The Musical:
    Ralph: [thrusts a pointing finger at the group] The Rocky Mountains. I gotta warn ya! You're doomed! Doomed! Doomed! [lowers the finger] You're doomed! [walks away] Doomed. [the man walks around the group. The miners follow his walk with their eyes] Turn back, while you still can. You're doomed. You're all doomed.
    Packer, Swan: (pause) Thank you.
  • In The Color of Money, Vincent sits with his cased Balabushka pool cue watching Mozelle finish a match. Finally, Mozelle walks over and says, "What you got in there?"
    Vincent: In here? (opens case, smirking even more) Doom.
  • In the Hudson Brothers' spoof movie Hysterical (1983), the village idiot-cum-prophet was prone to wander up to the heroes while riding his bicycle, pronouncing "You're DOOOOOMED!" in a loud and mournful tone.
  • Though few films actually follow the trope in the title itself, except for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action: The Pendulum of Doom is part of the multiple ways Damien Drake could end up being killed, but the Director decides it's overkill and gets rid of it.
  • In Orgazmo, when Idiot Hero Orgazmo is held by the Ass-Fuck Twins, Natsuko and Haruka, who are speaking in cutesy Japanese accents: "Dere is no escapin us, Ohgazmo." "Plepare to meet cha dum!" ("Prepare to meet your doom!").
  • Star Wars:
    • C-3P0 is quite fond of saying "We're doomed!" in the face of any small difficulty.
    • Revenge of the Sith: Happens when Grievous, during his duel with Obi-Wan, proclaims after the cavalry arrives, "Army or not, you must realize... you are DOOMED!"
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Judge Doom. The name winds up changed in several foreign translations, usually to a pun on the word for "death".
  • Conan the Barbarian (1982) has Thulsa Doom, cult leader of the Children Of Doom, who await the day of doom when they'll rain doom upon their enemies while chanting "dooooom".

    Gamebooks of Doom 

    Literature of Doom 
  • Aunt Ada Doom in Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, "There have always been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm." The parody of Gothic Horror.
  • Thulsa Doom, the Evil Overlord's Evil Overlord from Conan the Barbarian, whose name comes from a King Kull story by Conan's creator Robert E. Howard, who was given to quite doomy and poetic descriptions. Thulsa Doom is the prototype for many future evil wizards, such as Thoth Amon, Thungra Khotan, and Xaltotun in later Conan stories.
  • Lampshaded in Terry Pratchett's Soul Music, wherein Susan Sto Helit visits Death's home and expects it to "loom, and involve other words ending in 'oom,' like gloom and doom." She's in for a disappointment.
  • Used frequently by Slartibartfast in Life, the Universe and Everything when describing the Krikkiters. On one occasion, it was a sentence.
  • The Lord of the Rings employs the convention that the word keeps its original meaning of destiny, as in other names in the legendarium.
    • Mount Doom (Elvish Orodruin, "Mountain of Fate") fits both the older and the more modern definitions.
    • Within the mountain is The Crack of Doom - a name stolen from Shakespeare, punningly transforming his "crack" as in "thunderclap" into a literal volcanic crack in the Earth's crust.
    • And the Moria sequence with the "drums in the deep" going "doom, doom" — very effective.
    • The actors in The Film of the Book seem to like saying "Doom" with all the weight they can.
    • Elrond says at one point that they must determine the fate of the Ring: "That is the doom that we must deem." (This comes in handy for those of us who did not know the active tense of dooming something.)
    • There is one half-serious reference to the One Ring as the "Ring of Doom". The Rankin/Bass animated version of Return of the King turned this reference into a song, showing that it wasn't a very serious adaptation.
    • While more focused on in The Silmarillion, the mortality of mankind, first known as "The Gift of Men" soon became known as the "Doom of Men".
      • The Silmarillion also has the Doom of Mandos (whose domain is sort of a combo of Death and Fate).
      • Also, in case The Silmarillion was not confusing enough, in it the "Ring of Doom" refers to a completely unrelated meeting circle where the Valar hold council.
  • Used memorably in The Horse and His Boy when Aslan confronts Rabadash: "The doom is nearer now. It is at the door; it has lifted the latch—"
  • Unsurprisingly, a motif in H. P. Lovecraft's The Doom That Came to Sarnath, sometimes in all-caps:
    And before he died, Taran-Ish had scrawled upon the altar of chrysolite with coarse shaky strokes the sign of DOOM.
  • The Wheel of Time: the Pit of Doom, underneath Shayol Ghul, a mountain. This is where the barrier that separates The Dark One from the world is at its thinnest. Also the Mountains of Dhoom, in a Shout-Out to Tolkien.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, repeated references are made to the Doom of Valyria. It's not clear what exactly this was, except that it was very hard on Valyria. Euron Crow's Eye claims to have "seen the Doom," so whatever-it-was may still be going on (although Euron shows every sign of being an inveterate liar). Given that Valyria seems to be the birthplace of the dragons, along with various references to smoke, fire, and poison, fans have speculated that the Doom was actually the eruption of one or more very large volcanoes.
  • The Hendreck character from Craig Shaw Gardner's A Malady of Magicks and its sequels uses DOOM! as his catchphrase.
  • John Moore's Heroics for Beginners uses this repeatedly, including the Fortress of Doom (above the Village of Angst). The gift shop is shown to have the usual merchandise bearing the Fortress of Doom logo.
  • In The Third World War: The Untold Story, Minsk receives a "gigantic and hideous doom"... It gets nuked by four missiles.
  • Patricia C. Wrede's Book of Enchantments has a story set in the Enchanted Forest revolving around the Frying Pan of Doom. It's actually a mighty weapon, but surprisingly few heroes want to go into battle with it.
  • Averted by The Domesday Book, which is simply a land survey and census — the original meaning of "doom" is "accounting" or "reckoning," and a doomsday was the day a lord would take stock of his landholdings' production, whence the metaphorical sense of "day of reckoning, Last Judgment."
  • A Malady of Magicks and it two sequels have the heavy axeman wielding a Club Of Doom. Either because of this or simply as a predisposition to the word, he is constantly saying "DOOM", "Doomed", and "of Doom!" (And, memorable, "Doom doom de-doom doom.")
  • The word doom appears in the Qur'an hundreds of times.
    • That is, it appears in that particular translation hundreds of times; there will be more or less doom depending on the translator. (And in any case, the true Qur'an is in Arabic. Any translation can only be an interpretation of it.)
  • Frank McCourt, in Angela's Ashes cynically observes at one point: "Doom. The favourite word of every priest in Limerick." Or something to that effect.
  • In Carl Sandburg's "Rootabaga Stories" a chapter is entitled "Four Stories about the Deep Doom of Dark Doorways" but none of the stories are dark, nor do they involve deepness, doom or doorways.
  • In Susan Kay's Phantom Erik is know as "The Angel of Doom" in Persia.
  • The word is often used in Inheritance Cycle, in references to prophecy and fate, such as, "There is a doom upon you," or "Now Eragon's doom would be decided." Given the context, it is unclear whether it means "anyone's ultimate fate" or "a dark fate in specific" but it is definitely tied to destiny and prophecy. Also, Angela the herbalist provides us with this in Eldest, when Eragon asks what she thinks of Nasuada's plans: "Mmm... she's doomed! You're doomed! They're all doomed! ... Notice I didn't specify what kind of doom, so matter what happens, I predicted it. How very wise of me."
  • Star Trek Novel 'Verse:
    • Fabian Stevens of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers is fond of the trope. He's named one of his engineering breakthroughs the "Magical Paint of Doom", using it to good effect both in the series proper and in the novel A Singular Destiny.
    • In Star Trek: The Genesis Wave, Krussel's method of informing his fellows of a supposed threat from the titular Wave is to cry "DOOM!" at the top of his lungs.
  • The main antagonist in the first two Septimus Heap books is called DomDaniel.
  • Galaxy of Fear: The Doomsday Ship.
  • The working title of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament.
  • In Under the Serpent Sea (from The Secrets of Droon series), various characters talk about "doom," and it nags Neal so much that he says "Is doom, like, everybody's favorite word?"
  • The central conflict of You Are Doomed (Sign Here Please) comes from Director Fulcher dooming Nathan.
  • He Who Fights With Monsters: Jason gets the blood, darkness, and sin essences, which combine into his fourth and final essence, the doom essence. The first spell he gets from it is even called "Inexorable Doom". Most of the powers he gains are affliction-based, giving harsh damage-over-time debuffs to his enemies.
  • Moongobble and Me: Book 1 features the "Dragon of Doom", which is said to be very dangerous. It turns out to be faking for intimidation purposes.

    Live-Action TV of Doom 
  • The MythBusters crew frequently refer to their especially dangerous rigs as the "[Whatever] of Doom" (occasionally slipping in an "... of Death" to break up the monotony).
  • The good folks at Television Without Pity have dubbed the Princeton Plainsborough Teaching Hospital MRI machine from House the "MRI... of DOOM" (ellipses mandated), because every time it's used, something invariably goes wrong.
  • Private Frazer, of Dad's Army - The dour Scottish Undertaker - had a great way of saying "We're doomed!", stretching the "oo" to the breaking point and usually rolling his eyes madly. It was his catchphrase for the entire run of the show, and would be put in play at the slightest provocation.
  • The resident Cloudcuckoolander of Power Rangers Mystic Force once gave the line "I hate to be a doomsayer, but, uh,... DOOM! Doom, doom, doom."
  • Z'ha'dum, the planet of the bad guys (the shadows) in Babylon 5. How is it pronounced? "Za-ha-DOOM".
    • And it's a Shout-Out to The Lord of the Rings' Khazad-dûm, pronounced similarly but with two consonants swapped.
    • Oh, and almost the first time it's mentioned, it's in the following sentence: "If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die." He does, and he dies, but it doesn't stick.
  • The "of Death" variant, like so many tropes is lampshaded in Eureka:
    Carter: It's a ray that causes immediate death! Why can't you just call it a Death Ray?
  • From one particular bit on The Daily Show: Roombas of doom! Doombas!
  • Doctor Who seems to prefer the words "death" or "evil" to spice up the title of a story, but they've throw a few dooms in over the years. There's "Doomsday", Four to Doomsday, The Seeds of Doom and the episode of The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve called "Bell of Doom".
    • The 'death' variant is most iconically associated with the Tom Baker era due to three of his most memorable stories having the word 'death' shoehorned into the title - "City of Death", "The Robots of Death" and "The Deadly Assassin" (the title of the first has basically nothing to do with the story, the title of the second is one of the most glaring Spoiler Titles in the series's history, and the title of the third is laughably redundant). This association with the Fourth Doctor led to it being used consciously in some of his expanded universe stories: novels "A Device of Death", "Festival of Death", "Dreamers of Death", "Colony of Death", with the stories "The Valley of Death" and "The English Way of Death" playing on the formula for literary allusions. Other stories with this formula are "The Seeds of Death" (not to be confused with "The Seeds of Doom" above), "The Ambassadors of Death", "The Green Death", the novels "Empire of Death", "Game of Death", "Island of Death", "The Art of Death", "Army of Death", "Kiss of Death", "The Doll of Death", "The Paradise of Death", "Scarab of Death", "The Android of Death", "Plague of Death", "The Masquerade of Death", "The Green Death" and "Death to the Daleks". The Steven Moffat parody "The Curse of Fatal Death" was a skewering of the formula.
  • In a sketch on That Mitchell and Webb Look, a Mad Scientist named Professor Death tries to destroy all his doomy inventions when he learns to his horror that governments may be interested in their military applications. This culminates in his taking a hammer to the "Doom Melon." Since the Doom Melon then immediately goes squish, he sheepishly admits it still needs some work.
  • Anything remotely scary on Top Gear becomes the "_____ of Death" (Plunger of Death, Ball of Death, etc.)
  • Firefly: Wash tends to panic while at the wheel because space travel is tricky business. "Oh my God, what can it be? We're all DOOMED, WHO'S FLYING THIS THING?" note 
  • The Buffy episode "Doomed" dealt with two plots: a) Buffy and Riley's budding relationship may be doomed, and b) the earth may soon be doomed by a group of demons.
  • Angel. The trope is lampshaded when Team Angel discover an Eldritch Abomination has an Army of Doom. Spike responds sardonically, "Now there's a shock."
  • The unproduced season finale of The Middleman was called The Doomsday Apocalypse Armaggedon.
  • One of the Merlin video diaries has Bradley James (doing a voiceover parody) declaring a nearby van the "evil, mystical van...of Doom!"
  • Star Trek: Voyager. The Adventures of Captain Proton! holdeck program has its Mad Scientist Big Bad lurking in a Supervillain Lair called The Fortress of Doom, which Tom Paris introduces in a suitably dramatic tone of voice.
  • Episode "The Midnight Sun" of The Twilight Zone:
    Mrs. Bronson: There was a scientist on the radio this morning and he said it would get a lot hotter each day now that we're moving closer to the Sun and that's why we're ... that's why we're ...
    Serling: The word that Mrs. Bronson is unable to put into the hot still sodden air is 'doomed'.
  • The "Final Jeopardy"-esque final round of the game show Street Smarts is called the Wager of Death.
  • On Season 9 of Food Network Star, the contestants' weekly challenges regularly used focus groups to measure the contestants' charisma. The people in these focus groups were all given Dialsmith's Perception Analyzer dials, which measured how much they liked and disliked the contestants as they came. By the third week, the contestants had dubbed them the Dials of Doom, a name that caught on. Alton Brown even used that name for them in an episode of Season 10 when they briefly returned.

    Music of Doom 
  • Doom Metal and its subsequent subgenres. The apotheosis of this genre, at least in terms of naming tendencies, is the doom metal solo project Doom:Vs. The etymology of this (quite ridiculous) name goes as follows: he chose the Latin word "domus", meaning house, then respelt it as "doomus" (meaning "doom house", one supposes), then respelt that as doom:us (meaning that we, "us", are doomed) then replaced the "u" with a "v", simply because a "v" looked so much... doomier than a "u".
  • Rammstein's drummer, Christoph "Doom" Schneider. He took his nickname from the game of the same name, but lamented in a 2010 interview that he would have chosen a different nickname if he'd known it was going to be on every record Rammstein had ever done.
  • Hip hop artist DOOM (or MF DOOM), who uses all caps and a mask for extra doominess. Named after Doctor Doom.
  • Angus McSix: The Fireflies of Doom (doom doom-doom-doom, doom doom-doom-doom).
    With eyes of burning hell flames
    They are heralds of the end
    Their stings bring death and great pains
    There is no way to defend!

    Newspaper Comics of Doom 
  • Parodied in the Finnish Fingerpori. The town of Fingerpori is trying to pass itself off as the city of Turku to some foreign visitors, and they try to pretend a totally different-looking building is the Turku Cathedral by putting a sign in English in front of it that proclaims it to be the "Turku Church of Doom". This is a literal-minded "Blind Idiot" Translation of the name of the church (and type of church). Another literal translation would be "Judgement Church", but it's just an old-timey term that doesn't carry any actual meaning like that. The Swedish version sounds even more doomy, as it's "domkyrkan", where "dom" is pronounced like "doom".

    Pinball of Doom 
  • Mystery Castle has the hidden words "OF DOOM" on the backglass, which can only be seen in certain points. When "OF DOOM" lights up, it makes the word "Mystery Castle of Doom".

    Pro Wrestling of Doom 

    Puppet Shows of Doom 
  • Scratch N' Sniff's Den of Doom, a Game Show which revolves around 3 steps separating 5 contestants from life and doom. Getting a question wrong makes you move a step closer to doom, but get it right and you can choose someone to take a step closer towards doom.

    Radio of Doom 
  • Round the Horne: Spasm the Butler likes to declare how everyone is "doomed". Apparently he's got "a touch of the DOOMS!"

    Tabletop Games of Doom 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The spell "Doom" may be a bit of a subversion — it presumably fills its (single) target with appropriate dread if it works, but as it's only a first-level cleric spell, that means "only" a -2 penalty to most d20 rolls in terms of mechanics.
    • The 1st and 2nd-edition spell "Creeping Doom", on the other hand, was seventh-level and conjured a quite deadly swarm of venomous bugs.
    • The Dungeons & Dragons module, "The Red Hand of Doom".
    • The "Slimy Doom" disease turns victims into infectious goo from the inside out.
  • GURPS Thaumatology has a ritual named Doom that lives up to its name. It first makes you wish you were dead. Then it kills you.
  • The Marvel SAGA game system has players use cards to determine the success of their characters' actions instead of dice. The card suits are: Intelligence, Willpower, Strength, Agility, and Doom. (Doom cards do not go back into the discard pile after being played, but get saved out by the GM, who can use them later to force villainous NPCs' actions to succeed.)
  • The Skaven in Warhammer — Doomrocket, Doomwheel, Doomglaive, Doomflayer... plus "Your doom has come, man-thing!". Ahem.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has Doomrider NA! NA! NA!.
    "No! To the Warp with Doomrider! DOOMBREED, greatest of Khorne's Daemon Princes and Genghis Khan in he 41st Millennium! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"
  • Deadlands authors love their doomy dooms. There are Tables o'Doom, a Canyon o'Doom, the blood magic spell Doom, and lots of other uses.
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying has its "doom pool" as a Game Master resource. Over the course of the game, this pool will grow and shrink as the GM (a.k.a. "Watcher") collects, trades up, and spends "doom dice", which serve both as an expendable Luck Manipulation Mechanic for NPCs (and may be outright needed just to power up some of their special tricks) and as a general indicator of the current challenge and tension level of the ongoing scene — player actions not directed against another character, which in other games might have a fixed difficulty rating to beat assigned to them, are here simply opposed by the doom pool itself.

    Theater of Doom 
  • In Finian's Rainbow, Og the leprechaun wails about "doom and gloom — d-o-o-m and gl-o-o-m!"
  • The Golden Apple, a scientist sings a perky, cheerful number explaining how the human race is "Doomed, Doomed, Doomed."

    Theme Parks of Doom 

    Toys of Doom 
  • Mighty Max was in love with this trope, giving us, among other things, the Doom Dragon, the Beasts of Doom, the Doom Stone, etc. There was also a new major villain introduced toward the end, named Doom, who was going to get his own Mega Head playset in the planned-but-unreleased fourth toyline "Into the Battle Zone". And there's also the first and most prevalent playset style - the palm-sized "Doom Zones".

    Video Games of Doom 
  • The computer game series Doom, naturally.
    • This led to the odd situation where, during the time period that the in-vogue First-Person Shooter was a version of Quake, Moral Guardians tended to complain about Doom, report that violent teenagers were fans of the game, etc., simply because "Doom" sounds scarier than "Quake".
    • The name Doom was chosen as a homage to the Tom Cruise film The Color of Money, where "Doom" is the name of the pool cue used by Cruise's character. The developers hoped that their game would have a similar effect on the entire gaming industry as the cue stick "Doom" had in the movie. Which it did.
    • In a Shout-Out from Spyro: Year of the Dragon, a pair of Agent 9 sidequests are missions played from a first-person perspective. The mission names? "You're Doomed!" and "You're Still Doomed!"
    • Taken even further in the 2016 reboot, where the most common moniker for the Player Character is Doom Slayer.
    • And in Doom Eternal we have the Fortress of Doom, which sounds like a Supervillain Lair but is actually the hero's base of operations. (Of course, as noted above, he is called the Doom Slayer.)
  • In a reference to Invader Zim, Deekin sings "Doom doom dooooom" while travelling in the Underdark in Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark expansion.
  • In Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, Deekin is all about this trope. Story of Doom gives him a huge "DOOOOOM" over his head that fills up over time and gives a multiplicative damage buff as it fills, but decreases when enemies are killed. His ultimate attack has him shout DOOOOOM at the enemies, which not only deals huge damage but also fills up the Story of Doom stacks to max for 30 seconds.
  • Dragonfable:
    • Artix Entertainment's online games often take Refuge in Audacity, and the Doom weapons are no exception. The description for one is just "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" and another is "So much DOOM, it hurts!"
    • And when you used them, the special status effect is called "Engulfed by DOOM! Hahahaha!" and for a few turns the opponent takes a bit of damage. From DOOM!
    • Interestingly, the axe version of the Doom weapon actually has a backstory instead of just randomly shouting DOOOOOOOOOOOM!
    • Curiously, there isn't much difference between the Doom Weapons and their "purified" counterparts, the Destiny Weapons. The Destiny Weapons deal light damage as opposed to darkness. Hilariously enough, the Destiny Weapons also inflict a special status effect, called "Engulfed by Destiny! Hahahaha!". Yes, the "good" counterparts of the Doom Weapons have the same Evil Laugh!
    • Artix Entertainment's Mechquest also has weapons capable of inflicting DOOM! on enemies. These are the trademark of the main enemy faction the Shadowscythe.
    • Sepulchre the Doom Knight, the Big Bad of Dragonfable, or his chatty Doom Blade that might be the one really calling the shots.
    • Oddly enough, despite the vast time gap between Mechquest and the other two games, and the five year time difference (and implied reality break) between Dragonfable and Adventurequest, the same NPC (the Mysterious Stranger) is connected to matters of DOOM! in all of the games (and he has made his move in two of them!).
  • Although it might owe itself more to onomatopeia, there is a song in Pop'n Music 14 (part of a franchise that runs alongside DanceDanceRevolution and Konami's other music games) called "BBLLAASSTT!!". The associated character is an anthropomorphic drum set. Called DOOOOOM.
  • The determinedly pessimistic pilot Doomsday from Wing Commander II.note 
    Doomsday: Now all we need is Maniac, so we can all die together.
    Spirit: What an uplifting sentiment.
  • Warcraft III:
    • The ultimate spell of the Pit Lord, which slowly kills the target and spawns a demon from the corpse? "Doom". The spell makes a return in World of Warcraft as the "Curse of Doom", but was nerfed and doesn't kill by default, reducing its doominess (Doomness?). It's called this because the demon summoned is a DOOM GUARD. But if he's here, then who's guarding the doom?
    • Thrall's weapon? The Doomhammer, the hammer wielded by the great Orgrimm Doomhammer.
    • The 'Pendulum of Doom.' Yes, a pendulum. Ok, it's an axe with a 4.0 speed, get over it. PENDULUUUUUUM.
    • World of Warcraft has more items, creatures and spells with the word "Doom" in them than we could possibly count here. Let us only mention one more notable item: in the cult video "Leeroy Jenkins", the titular player's weapon was? The "Blackhand Doomsaw". In the occurence, Leeroy doomed his own guildmembers rather than enemies...
    • Archimonde's timeless classic "Tremble mortals and despair, DOOM has come to this world!".
    • Also, at one point in the fight, the members of the Twilight Counsil in the instance Bastion of Twilight in Cataclysm will yell: Behold your DOOM! with alot of emphasis on the word doom.
    • The version of Millhouse Manastorm you fight in Brawlpub has an ability called "Dooooooom!" That's right, it includes the extra 'O's and the exclamation point.
    • In the 4th expansion raid Throne of Thunder, the 9th boss, The Dark Animus, is a robot that must go through a lengthy activation sequence before you can fight him, and says all sorts of funny dialogue while he's at it, meanwhile you fight his lesser sized replicas. At one point during his activation sequence, he says: "Setting Doom level to 15000 milli-dooms"note .
    • In a parody of the game in Foxtrot, the main character (almost) gets the most powerful weapon in the game, "Doomulus Prime." An actual weapon named Doomulus Prime was added to the game in homage, when the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj were opened.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom: One of the conditions in Eternal City of Wizards is called Dream of Doom, which is a more dangerous version of Beckoning Dreams: Not only will cookies be put to sleep by dealing and receiving damage, they'll also receive the Injury effect every time the sleep status ends. Get put to sleep too many times and your cookie's HP will be dangerously low. Thankfully, some cookies No-Sell this effect.
  • Defense of the Ancients has a hero known as the Doom, whose ultimate spell is called "Doom".
  • Demolish Fist have a boss named "APOSTLE OF THE DOOMED: EIGHT." The cutscenes refers to him as Eight, though.
  • In Granblue Fantasy, the April Fools' Day event boss Vyrn? applies this to the names of his three Charge Attacks; Laser Beam, Ragnarok Blast, and Spirit Bomb all end in "of Doom".
  • The Sanctioned Psyker from the Warhammer 40,000 RTS games Dawn of War: Winter Assault and Dark Crusade is famous for crying "Witness your dooooooom!!" when he attacks with the Lightning Arc ability.
  • Altered Beast (1988): while sound compression lead to the infamous "WISE FWOM YOUW GWAVE!", the pre-Boss Battle "WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!" is perfectly audible.
  • In Jedi Academy, when one pushes an enemy into a Bottomless Pit, it says "(Name) was thrown into their doom by (name)".
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
  • The Doomlore Shrine in Guild Wars, which is the Town in the Charr Homelands.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • New Super Mario Bros. U has a Brutal Bonus Level called "Spinning Platforms of Doom".
    • Mario Party:
      • Bowser is a fan of this in the series. When you land on a Bowser space in the second game, he announces his entrance with "Doom doom doom DOOM!"
      • Mario Party 4: Bowser's minigames are called Darts of Doom, Fruits of Doom, and Balloon of Doom. There's also Panels of Doom (a special minigame available on Bowser's Gnarly Party) and Doors of Doom (a single-player game).
    • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga infamously has Fawful bragging to the Mario Bros. about spreading "The mustard of your doom!" on the sandwich of Cackletta's desires. Even the official strategy guide describes him as, "rambling incoherently about mustard of doom."
  • In the Ratchet & Clank franchise, Ratchet & Clank (2002) has the Glove of Doom, which spawns 4 small explosive Gadgebots that run toward your enemies and self-destruct. They get a name in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, the Agents of Doom. However, this gets averted when they upgrade to Level 5 and become the Agents of Dread instead. In addition, the Agents appear again in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and Ratchet & Clank (2016). Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time has the Dynamo of Doom, which also averts this at level 5 by becoming the Dynamo of Devastation.
  • Starting with the second game, the Master of Orion series has had the Doom Star, a Captain Ersatz of the Death Star. Like the Death Star it can turn planets into asteroid fields. Unlike the Death Star, you're never limited to just one at the time.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic, Juhani's battlecry: "I vill be your DOOM!"
  • Ketsui's True Final Boss is called "Evaccaneer DOOM."
  • The Tetris: The Grand Master clone Heboris: Unofficial Expansion has "DEVIL-DOOM" mode, which replicates the Harder Than Hard "Shirase" mode from Tetris: The Grand Master 3.
  • In the Soul Series:
    Kilik: "Haha, this rod will be your doom!"
  • Bloons Tower Defense:
    • There is an upgrade for the Dartling Gunner called Ray of Doom in 5 and 6, which gives the said tower a laser attack instead of firing darts.
    • The highest-ranked non-boss bloon in 6 is called Big Airship of Doom, or, when abbreviated, the BAD. True to its name, it's simple and brutal, and can be extra threatening because it is immune to One-Hit Kill, knockback and stuns as well.
  • Crash Bandicoot:
    • Doctor N. Gin loves this. "Adopt me... or I will put doom in you!!"
    • In Crash of the Titans, Cortex declares that his new superweapon will be known as "The Doominator", which causes Coco to comment "That name sucks!"
  • Cespenar the imp in Baldur's Gate II. His reaction to the artifact weapon "Hindo's Doom":
    Cespenar: Hindo's Doom! Can you say it? Hindo's Dooooooooooooooooom...
  • Whenever there's a particularly large amount of complaining about a recent change on the City of Heroes official forums, veteran forumgoers cry DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! in mockery.
  • Shoot 'Em Up game Big Bang Mini names all of the bosses this way in the manual.
  • There are many one-use plants in Plants vs. Zombies, mostly because they explode the instant they activate. The most powerful of these is called the Doom Shroom, complete with angry-looking red eyes. It has a huge blast radius and actually leaves a crater where it was planted. Additionally, the onomatopoeia for when they explode is... wait for it... "DOOM!"
  • The main dungeon of NetHack is called the Dungeons of Doom.
  • ADoM has the ring of doom, which is autocursing, almost worthless to shopkeepers, and gives you the "doomed" status when you put it on. Being doomed in this game should be taken seriously, as it gives a large negative modifier to most rolls and is very likely to get you killed.
  • Angband has a type of cursed item called the Amulet of DOOM. It is the only item in the game which is capitalized like that.
  • From EarthBound (1994), the Plague Rat of DOOM!
  • The World Ends with You gives us this memorable quote by Higashizawa - "The proof is in the pudding...the pudding of their DOOM!"
  • Final Fantasy:
    • The series bowdlerized the "Death" spell into "Doom" in its early days. In other instances, "Doom" refers to a Status Effect that kills one party member after a timer above their head expires.
    • Final Fantasy VIII has the Doomtrain summon which slaps a bunch of status effects on all enemies. This includes the very useful Vit-0 status, which completely negates the enemy's physical defense; this makes Doomtrain one of the few GFs that is worth summoning late in the game.
    • Sometimes they have even put Doom on stages. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest has Doom Castle as The Very Definitely Final Dungeon.
  • The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra involved entering a place called the Bottomless Pits of Doom.
  • For some reason "Nintendo is always doomed!", even while it's having 60% market share of total video game sales. These days it's become a very tongue-in-cheek Running Gag on gaming forums. "Doomed Nintendo is best Nintendo," as they always say.
  • BlazBlue has the character Mu-12, whose Leitmotif is titled "Sword of Doom".
  • In Fable III, during "The Game", the PC gets attacked by cute fire-breathing chicken of Doom
  • From Marvel vs. Capcom 3, we get this gem from Doctor Doom:
  • Bright Side of the Moon: in order to get the Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society's magic trick, you have to help them test their ultimate AI in a game of TIC TAC DOOM!
  • The SNES game Lufia & The Fortress of Doom
  • Nicktoons: Globs of Doom, which also has the PLUNGER OF DOOM!
  • The Sims Medieval includes top-tier gear like Doomplate, Doomsword, and Doomstaff.
  • Kingdom of Loathing has the Dungeons of Doom, and the skill Disco Dance of Doom. And lots of things in the game are doomed.
    "Its power would consume us, and we would be known as the Kee-Blurr Elves, doomed to forever bake the cookies of evil."
  • Kaos of Skylanders is quite fond of naming his spells "of DOOM!" or the like. Most famously, his favorite water-based spell involves summoning DOOOOOOOOM SHARKS!!! In addition, one Skylander, Whirlwind, has an attack called the Rainbow of Doom.
  • Kirby:
    • The most common miniboss in Kirby's Return to Dream Land is the Sphere Doomer, and the boss Grand Doomer. There's also the final stage of the game, which are full of regular Doomers. Their names are indicative of their task, which is to bring doom to Kirby and his friends.
    • In the Kirby Super Star Ultra minigame Revenge of Meta-Knight, the titular villain's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner to Kirby is "Prepare to meet your doom!" Well hey, it's polite compared to the original Kirby Super Star version on SNES, where he declares "Prepare to die!"
    • Hyness' Boss Subtitles in Kirby Star Allies is "Officiant of Doom". He's also the leader of the Jambastion cult that seeks to revive their Dark Lord, Void Termina.
  • One of the first Flags in Puzzle Pirates was simply called "of Doom" to take advantage of the way character pages listed Flag affiliations. They were shown as "Member of the Flag [Flag Name]" so any member of that flag would be listed as "Member of the Flag of Doom".
  • In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, whenever Ratchet & Clank use their Level 2 super Clank says "You are doomed." Clank also sometimes says "We may be doomed" after respawning.
  • In the mobile CCG Rage of Bahamut, the final form of Vania's card has the ability "Malinda's Breath of Doom".
  • One of Lavos' second form's magic attacks is called "Shadow Doom Blaze".
  • Doctor Doom's goal in LEGO Marvel Superheroes is to build...DOCTOR DOOM'S DOOM RAY OF DOOM!
  • Level 3-4 of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is "Temple Doomdidoom".
  • Heroine's Quest has Ratatosk the DOOM Squirrel, who keeps proclaiming how he will doom you and destroy the world! Made slightly less imposing by the fact that he's, well, a squirrel.
  • League of Legends has the Doom Bots of Doom.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim uses the word in its original Norse meaning when the Dragonborn reaches Sovngarde to defeat Alduin.
    Dragonborn: I have come to slay Alduin.
    Tsun: A fateful errand, no few have chafed to face the Wyrm. But Shor restrained our wrathful onslaught, perhaps, deep-counselled, your doom he foresaw.
  • Anti-Idle: The Game has the Tower of DOOOOOOM raid in Battle Arena, with "Doom" enemies and equipment "of DOOOOOOM" as drops.
  • Nexus Clash has the Doom Howler, an undead demon whose howls have a functionally dooming effect.
  • Merasmus the Magician from Team Fortress 2 may announce his arrival by seeing either "DOOM! All of you are DOOMED!" or "Welcome to your DOOM!", say "Time to play hide-and-seek... your DOOM!" when hiding, and shout "I leave you... to your DOOM!" when he leaves.
  • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Estelle suggests calling the black orbment the "Dark Thingy of Impending DOOM." Her suggestion is dismissed as being annoying to say.
  • Lethal League gives us the Final Boss, a robot-boombox thing called... DOOMbox.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda: A very small side-quest is called "Fire-Breathing Thresher Maws of Doom!" It's a krogan tabletop game, which apparently comes with real flamethrowers. For kids! (krogan kids).
  • Total War: Warhammer II has the Skaven Rite called the Scheme of DOOOOM!, which summons a DOOOOM! Engineer hero unit, that can be expended in an earthquake to ruin a settlements walls before attacking, or set up a skaven undercity in a foreign settlement. The User Interface is sure to inform the player when an A.I. faction carrys out this scheme, potentially giving you a chance to assassinate him with one of your own agents.
  • Uninvited: The Quest for the Red Diamond: The Living Room of Doom and the Red Room of Doom. You can die in the former, but not the latter.
  • Barbarous: Tavern of Emyr has an orc warlord called Rush'a'Doom.
  • In Splatoon 3, during the Tricolour Turf War matches used in the second half of Splatfests, players on the attacking teams can attempt to activate an Ultra Signal, which if successful, allows the idol sponsoring their team to plant a Sprinkler of Doom, a giant ink sprinkler that provides constant covering fire, and inks a large amount of turf in doing so, giving the team that calls it in a sizable advantage.

    Web Animation of Doom 
  • The Evil Machine Thing O' Doom from The Demented Cartoon Movie.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In the stinger of "Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon", Strong Bad leaves the following message on Marzipan's answering machine:
      "Hello, Marzipan! This is Professor Tor Coolguy! I was just calling to see if you'd be interested in PREPARING FOR YOUR DOOM!! Er...e... not really calling to see, uh... I shouldn't have really given you a choice, I mean, uh... you should just go ahead and prepare for your doom. Cause it's on its way, man. It's gonna be some doom."
    • Strong Sad, in the 23rd main page, pulls out a tape recording that says, "I'm the floating head of doom!" Presumably, the wooden cutout that floats by has Strong Sad's "head of doom" painted on the opposite side.
    • The 2009 Halloween cartoon is called "Doomy Tales of the Macabre".
  • invoked Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation, faced with a Nazi Flak tower in Medal of Honor: Airborne (which he didn't realise was real until he received a barrage of e-mails informing him it was), referred to it as a "Doom Fortress".

    Web Comics of Doom 
  • In Brat-halla, during the Pantheon Games, Odin revealed a move that he'd learned from his kids: the Twirl Wedgie... of Doom.
  • The Unspeakable Vault (of Doom).
  • In Questionable Content, the coffee shop that half the cast works at is called Coffee Of Doom. There's also a Toilet of Doom.
  • An apropos Unsound Effect in Erfworld page 107.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Played with in the "Radio Play" based on the Web Comic, Minor Heroes (online in comic form here):
    Squib: You've doomed us all... doomed us all... Doomed us all!
    Dr. Bonefish: Done?
    Squib: Not yet... DOOOMmmmed!
  • The title of this incredibly trope-savvy episode of Darths & Droids.
  • In Neglected Mario Characters, the Anti-Villain Dr. Donez has a Secret Evil Lab of Doom. A variant example is the tendency of Fred the Spanyard's abilities to have the word "death" in their names, leading to the "Death Ray", "Ray of Death", "Spanyard Flight of Death", and the most extreme, the "Deathly Deathray of Deathly Deathness".
  • In the sequence of parodying The Lord of the Rings in Irregular Webcomic!, the party must cross the bridge of Khazad-Doom. Khazad-Doom, not Khazad-dûm. Not quite subtle, hm?
    Dwalin: We dwarves are nae a soobtle race.
  • In Goats:
    • Maniacal geneticist Gregor Mendel offers a scone. A scone of doom.
    • Later, a villainy contest is won by a Delicate Lemon Custard of Doom.
    • And Lampshaded:
      Fineas: Your meal of doom is getting cold.
      Diablo: That was terrible. Now you're not even trying.
  • 8-Bit Theater:
    Drizz'l: To put quite simply, you're doomed.
    Black Mage: Just once I'd like to go a day without being doomed.
    Red Mage: It would be a pleasant change of pace.
    • Another comic had the "heroes", while in a volcano, encounter a "Fire Dragon (possibly a guardian) of Doom (probably ours)".
  • The DOOM Army
  • El Goonish Shive loves this.
  • Muffins of doom from Precocious, their inverse appears to be cupcakes of bliss.
  • From Phil Likes Tacos:
    Manager: Is there a problem here?
    Doug: Yah, the manager is here to save us from our DOOM!
    Manager: Actually, I was just going to say "Take it outside."
    Doug: No, we're still DOOMED!
    Zoug: Ah haha, I'm here to crash your gaming party!
    Doug: Yah, Zoug is here to even the odds against our DOOM!
    Zoug: ...
    Doug: What, I need to stand up for meself? I'm out of here!
    Doug: No, we're still DOOMED!
    Dolores: Just what is going on in here without us?
    Doug: Uhm... I'm not sure about this one, but I'm still going to keep shouting the word DOOM for fun. DOOOOOM!!
  • Played with in Once Upon A Table:
    "Everything's better when you add "of doom" to the end."
    "Even doom?"
    "Dunno, let's try it."
    "Doom.. .OF DOOM!"
  • The Order of the Stick has a chapter titled "Interlude of Dooooooom!", and then there's always "Helldeathdoomfire Volcano" in Start of Darkness.
  • Full Frontal Nerdity falls afoul of the power of the word "Doom". "Don't make me get the fire hose."
  • In an early episode of Goblins, two low-level clerics assail each other with D&D spells. When the goblin cleric casts Doom, the dwarf cleric cringes to hear her invoke such a grim-sounding spell name, then lampshades how poorly it lives up to its title (see "Tabletop Games", above).
  • Squid Row: Evil death cat of doom.
  • Girls with Slingshots features a ghost kitty which likes to say dooom.
  • Far Out There has a series of Voting Incentive comics titled "The Killer Station of Deadly Doom".
  • In Mansion Of E, second stage Framebreaker blooms attract doombees. Observe.
  • Homestuck:
    • Among the aspects of the characters titles is the aspect of Doom. The two canon characters with this aspect are Sollux, the Mage of Doom, and his dancestor Mituna, the Heir of Doom. The creator has intentionally has left it ambiguous on what the aspect means in this though, so it's anyone's guess which meaning they mean.
    • Calliope states that Doom is the adverse Aspect of Life. This has led to many believing that those with the Life Aspect make their own fate, such Feferi, the Witch of Life — giving the dead eternal life by establishing the dreambubbles, thus breaking the "rules" of life — and Jane, the Maid of Life — being protected from her assassination attempts by her Aspect. If this is true, then Doom can be seen as a rigid adherence to systems, whereas Life is their subversion.
  • In Zita the Spacegirl the galactic police are called Doom Squad.
  • Freefall: At least 2 dooms so far.
    Helix: "Robots. Electricity. Water. Spas are one of the doomiest places there is."

    Web Original of Doom 
  • The video podcast Tiki Bar TV features an episode where the guest star — Cally from Battlestar Galactica — plays an alien who must return to space, "or else... doom..." Cut to the unperturbed main characters, one of whom says lightly, "Doom is not a good thing."
  • The book Review Blog Bookshelves of Doom.
  • The LoadingReadyRun's Trick or DOOM video involved an evil villain's series of Halloween schemes codenamed "Trick or DOOM". Most of them had nothing to do with neither tricks nor doom.
  • Doom House, naturally. Among other things, the protagonist develops a habit of incredulously asking, "A Doom House?" to the point of total non-sequitur.
  • Neopets: There is the Lever of Doom that steals your neopoints if you pull it, as well as plenty of items. There's alsothe Evil Toy of DOOM, Ice Lolly of Doom, Immense Rubber Axe of Doom, and Nimmo of Doom (a book).
  • From the Hitler Rants parodies, Hitler's Pencil of Doom.
  • An enemy in Gaia Online's 2010 Halloween event (a near-universally-mourned stack of buttermilk pancakes that was left on the counter overnight, in case you were wondering) has an attack named "Wail of Syrupy Doom".
  • Death by Cliché has Convenient Plot Exposition Man, a one-shot NPC who gives the party the adventure hook for the main quest, before collapsing and apparently dying from the effort of screaming DOOOOOOOOOM! so much and so hard. His catchphrase is used as a Credits Gag, as well as a Running Gag on the remaining episodes' Previously on….
  • The Doomy Adventures of Irken Doominess: In the title alone there are 3 Dooms, Although this is to be expected since it's a Online Roleplay of Invader Zim.
  • Doom House.
    Officer Cop: You seem like a man of many words. But let me tell you this, how about? If you don't move out of the doom house, it could spell your doom!
    Reginald P. Linux: A "doom house"?!?
    Officer Cop: Yeah. DOOOOOOOOOOOM.
    Reginald P. Linux: A "doom house"?!?
  • Larry: The Little Knight: Doom is a central theme; no surprise, as the main character was picked by the Big Bad to be the Fake Ultimate Hero. Luckily, Larry is 19, badly dressed, and even more badass violent.
    Kickit: Doom.
  • Suburban Knights has The Gate Cleaner, who even states he's contractually obliged to start every sentence with "DOOOOOOM!".
  • SCP Foundation: One of the many names that SCP-1370 has given itself is "Doom-Master Thirteen Seventeen, Master of all Doom".
  • Soviet Womble once played ARMA 3 using a shotgun equipped with Doomsday shotgun rounds. At first, it seemed to be useless because they engaged the enemies at pretty long range (described as more than 150 meters). However, as soon as he got inside the range required for it to be useful, he proceeds to kill 27 enemies, demolished multiple houses, and even successfully destroying a tank single-handedly with just the shotgun.
  • Cinematic Excrement: The Wire Jump of Doom™.
  • One of the core four players in Mario Party TV is literally nicknamed Mr. Doom. Considering how he's the Token Evil Teammate, it's rather apt.
    Bowser: Doom, doom DOOM DOOM!

    Western Animation of Doom 
  • Invader Zim:
    • "Doom" is Zim's FAVORITE word. (Well ... second to his own name.)
    • The Mega Doomer Humongous Mecha (... er, that needs to be plugged in).
    • From the same show we have hyper dimwit robot GIR's "Doom Song", to wit, "Doom doom doom doom doom!" ad nauseam. In the first episode it is the crowner for both the show and the trope. In universe, it lasts for six. MONTHS.
    • And, in fact, the show seems to be overly fond of the term doom in general, stuffing it in where-ever it fits, and where it doesn't, such as the episode titles "Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom" and "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom." And Miss Bitters...
    • The show had a total of 10 episode titles, including the non-produced ones, with the word "doom" in it. (In fact, nearly all of the unfinished episodes apply, though to be fair they may have been working titles.) The first DVD is also called "Doom Doom Doom".
    • A version of the show's theme song was recorded and released by a group called the Bass Kittens, who labeled it "The Impending Doom Mix".
    • Jhonen Vasquez, the show's creator, has certain words he likes. Besides "doom", he uses "piggy," "weenies," "moose," "dookie," "bees," and "taco". He is also fond of !s. Really, really fond of them.
  • Storm Hawks:
    • Paranoid and hypochondriac Stork says "We're doomed!" in almost every episode.
    • Slight variation in episode 29, "Stratosphere": "Our next stop will be the Cyclonian battle platform... of DOOM."
    • Those "doom-laden weather balloons of doom."
  • Futurama:
    • Bender seems fond of this. In one memorable example, after Earth is invaded by aliens, this exchange takes place:
      Professor Farnsworth: Dear Lord, they're back!
      Amy: We're doomed!
      Hermes: Doomed!
    • "The Farnsworth Parabox", in which Bender and his glorious golden opposite hold each other and yell "Doooooomed!" in unison.
    • The movie Bender's Big Score actually has a meter that measures levels of doom. Also replicates made by time travel are exclusively referred to as "doomed". The meter uses a unit of measurement known as "millidooms." Apparently, emitting ten times the background level of milidooms is quite alarming.
      Nibbler: Alas! Our kitten-class attack ships were no match for their mighty chairs! The universe is doomed! Doomed!
      Fry: Can I pull up my pants now?
    • In "A Tale of Two Santas", when preparing for Santa's yearly assault we got this:
      Farnsworth: Oh, we're doomed! Every year we're doomed.
  • Chuckie Finster on Rugrats usually uses this to describe the gang's predicament. Lampshaded when he met another:
    Kid: This is very bad. Without the sacred water fountain, we are doomed! Doomed! Doomed I tell you!
    Chuckie: Hey, I think I kinda like this guy.
  • The Earthworm Jim cartoon used this so often and in so many variants it was virtually a Couch Gag; "We're doomed! Doomed, I tell ya! Doomed, from the middle English meaning condemned to ruination or death! DOOOOOOOMED!" Variations such as "Doomed, in case you weren't paying attention!" and "Doomed, for those of you at home keeping score!" are almost certainly Lampshade Hanging.
  • Kim Possible:
    • Several episodes make reference to "spinning tops of doom", which are... well, pretty scary for spinning tops, but also apparently an extremely desirable evil gadget. Somewhat ironic as they were invented by the main character's sidekick.
    • The villain Aviarus (arch-foe of the Go Team) released a giant mecha bird called the Flamingo of Doom. Naturally, Aviarus gives it the full treatment: "Release the Flamingo of DOOOOOOOM!" Made even more delicious by the fact that Aviarus was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, AKA Zim. Ron Stoppable noted that the Flamingo of Doom was "the second-largest flamingo I've ever seen!"
  • The Batman: The Animated Series episode "Almost Got 'Im" had Villains Playing Poker and swapping stories. Cue the Penguin's story:
    The Penguin: (narrating) Welcome, my ebon-winged adversary. You have taken the bait, just as I knew you would. Now, prepare to meet your end within my Aviary of Doom!
    Poison Ivy: (interrupting the story) Aviary of what?...
    The Joker: Yeesh, Pengers. How corny can you get?
    The Penguin: Fah! Just because you mundane miscreants have no drama in your souls!... Anyway, there he was in my Av... * Sigh* ... My "big birdhouse"...
  • The 1982 Rankin/Bass Productions movie The Flight of Dragons includes a very nice doom speech by Ommadon, voiced by James Earl Jones, emphasized by Doomy Drums of Doom.
  • The Legion of Doom! Dreaded foes of the Super Fools! The originals, accept no substitutes. Or Solomon Grundy will crush you!
  • The League of Super Evil's Team Pet Doomageddon.
  • Doom Kitty from Ruby Gloom. Much like her owner Ruby, her name is less an indicator of actual doom than an excuse to pair them as "Gloom & Doom".
  • The Brothers Flub had many Doom gags, usually in the character Fraz. One of the show's VHS collections is entitled "Doom Wears Funny Tights!".
  • Avenger Penguins has as its main villain 'Caractacus P Doom', and thus many of the episode titles had the 'Of Doom' tag.
  • All Yin Yang Yo! villains love the word "doom", but Carl the Evil Coakroach Wizard uses it so much that it's downright aggravating.
  • The people behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars are fond of this word, sprinkling it liberally through episode titles and sometimes even the opening of the episode narration.
  • In the story-telling episode of The Angry Beavers, the tendency for Large Ham villains to keep saying "doom" was parodied in the animesque story portion of Treeflower.
    Villain: Prepare to meet your dome!
    Norbert: "Dome"?
    Villain: I mean "doom!" Yes... YOUR DOOM!
  • In episode XVI of Samurai Jack.
    Arena Master: Welcome... to the Dome... of DOOM!
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: When he discovers the last challenge in a series he's trying to fail at is eating a cupcake in one minute, Beezy correctly states "I'm doooooomed!"
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: "Dog, prepare to meet your doom!"
    • One episode was literally titled "Dome Of Doom".
  • In the "Death Punchies" episode of Regular Show, the martial art of Death Kwon-Do uses the 'Of Death' version. Moves include Death Jump, Death Punch of Death, and Pelvic Thrust of Death. The sensei at the Dojo even threatens to beat up Rigby if he's not gone by the time he counts to "3 of Death", then proceeds to count by adding "Of Death" to each of the numbers.
  • ¡Mucha Lucha! once had a wrestler named Doomien who is new to their school. During the match it turns out that Doomien is actually an evil demon.
  • Fij Fij of Maryoku Yummy often proclaims that they are all doomed, even when the circumstances are rather benign.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • From the episode, "The Beak":
      Phineas: [upon completing the construction of a very elaborate skate track] Here it is! The Phineas-and-Ferb-edge-of-insanity-kiss-your-butt-goodbye-gravity's-a-stone-cold-sucker-nightmare-rail-skate-track-obstacle-course of doom!
      [Ferb accidentally drops his skateboard and it is subsequently mutilated by their dangerous obstacle course. And explodes]
      Phineas: Y'know, it occurs to me we could get hurt. I guess the "of doom" in the name should have tipped us off.
    • From the episode "Phineas and Ferb Busters!":
      Baljeet: It is called "spinning tops".
      Buford: Lame!
      Baljeet: Of DOOM!
      Buford: Alright I'll give it a shot.
    • The movie:
      Doofensmirtz-2: Send them to their doom!
      [Platyborg points to Candace questioningly]
      Doofensmirtz-2: Yes, her too.
      [Platyborg points to Perry questioningly]
      Doofensmirtz-2: Yes yes, everyone. *while pointing* Doom, doom, doom aaand—
      Doofensmirtz-1: DOOM!! Jinx! You owe me three sodas!
      Doofensmirtz-2: Okay, doom for him too.
      Doofensmirtz-1: What? But-but I'm you!
      Doofensmirtz-2: DO-OM!!!
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (1986) has a variant that still conveys the same meaning. The three witches that create the Smooze live in the Volcano of "Gloom". In other words, this is an example of "gloomy glooms of gloom".
  • In Doc McStuffins: "Toy Hospital: Mole Money, Mole Problems," the final test for a guide pet is the "distracted pedestrian of doom."
    Chilly: I am walking and talking on my phone and not paying one bit of attention to where I am going. Doo doo doo...
  • One second season episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power is called "Portrait of Doom".
  • In the second season episode of Biker Mice from Mars, "Back to Mars", its revealed that the punishment for traitors of the Freedom Fighters is being trown in the Pit of Everlasting Doom.

    Real Life of Doom 
  • Swedish language:
    • It retains the old Germanic meaning for the word. Swedish word dom (pronounced "doom") means "judgement" or "sentence", and the verb "to judge" or "to sentence" is döma. The Swedish word for judge is domare (literally "doomer") - the same word is also used for umpires or referees in games and sports. Domstol (literally "doom-chair") means "justice department" or "court". So if you are "doomed" in Sweden, it only means that justice has come to a solution in your issue—you could for instance be doomed to win your lawsuit for 1 million kronor. Some examples however, such as "Your plan is doomed to fail" retain the ominousness while still using "dömd". You can also be doomed to death.
    • In Sweden, it's not uncommon to find a centuries old "Church of Doom" in any given village, town or city. Technically just a local variant of the Latin Domus Dei, "God's house", but you take a look at the word Domkyrka and judge for yourself.
    • And that goes for all of Scandinavia. The provost residing under the bishop of Oslo is known as the "provost of doom", actually the Domprost of Oslo. Every Bishopry in Norway is known as a "bispedømme", actually the area where the bishop has jurisdiction. Translated into a "bishop`s doom area" it may sound more scary than it actually is...
    • The Finnish have this as well, as "Tuomiokirkko." "Tuomio" is the Finnish word for "Doom", though in this case it simply refers to "Domus."
    • The Swedish word for bullfinchnote  is "domherre", which originates from an alternative word for canon (as in priest). Or more literally: DOOMLORD.
  • Seeing as English is a Germanic language there's little surprise that its use of the word for "judgment" also looks funny to modern readers, such as Alfred the Great's law book, known as the Doom Book and William the Conqueror's census of England known as the Domesday Book.
    King Alfred: Doom very evenly! Do not doom one doom to the rich; another to the poor! Nor doom one doom to your friend; another to your foe!
  • One columnist for Computer Shopper magazine has dubbed his basement computer lab the "Basement of Doom and Pepsi-Cola".
  • There is a professor at Wright State University named Dr. Travis Doom. On his webpage, he stated that one of the reasons he got his doctorate was just so he could be called Dr. Doom.
  • The infamous hacker group the "Legion of Doom", again taking the name from Super Friends.
  • The Legion of Doom line of the mid-90s Philadelphia Flyers (John LeClair, Eric Lindros, and Mikael Renberg) may or may not have been evoked by Super Friends, but between their offensive potency and physical dominance it's hard not to see it.
  • The rapper (and sometime voice actor) Daniel Dumile, better known as MF DOOM. Inspired by Dr. Doom, he performs in a metal mask. He has also recorded as "Viktor Vaughn" among other aliases.
  • The Russian parliament is called Duma, and pronounced, yes, you guessed it, DOOMER.
  • The term "doomcock" was coined on a LiveJournal group to refer to the Bigger Is Better in Bed trope in fanfic — it itself is a reference to a character from Preacher who uses big guns because he's Compensating for Something.
  • Australian Wildlife was damn weird in the past, too. Case in point: Dromornis planei, probably better known as the Demon Duck Of Doom. (Seriously, it's called that.)
  • The Blue Screen of Death, an error screen on Windows operating systems that usually comes out of nowhere and forces you to shut down or restart your computer. Thankfully, it is much less common now than it was ten years ago, due to newer versions of Windows being far more stable. Mac users have been known to refer to the "spinning pinwheel of doom," which serves much the same purpose as the blue screen of death.
  • In French, a similar expression could be translated by "...of death". Sometimes elongated as "...of murderous death". Since French doesn't have a literal equivalent for "doom", translation is often done using "cursed" or even "of the curse".
  • Out of sheer coincidence (or thanks to an editor with a weird sense of humor), the Romanian Dictionary of Ortography Orthoepy and Morphology (the newest rules of written and spoken Romanian language, released around 2005) is a large black book with DOOM written on it in red letters.
  • In some retailing circles, the late-2000s design of McDonald's buildings has come to be known as the "Giant eyebrow of doom". (It's officially called "Forever Young".)
  • Doom Chris, comic artist. (Of course not his real name - he's a Dr. Doom fan)
  • The Mydoom computer worm.
  • Bramlage Coliseum, the main indoor venue at Kansas State University and home to the school's basketball teams, is nicknamed "The Octagon of Doom" due to its external footprint and intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams.
  • The Doomsday Clock is a generalized rating created and maintained by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists attempting to represent humanities likelihood of initiating the The End of the World as We Know It as the number of minutes on a clock counting down to midnight. It originally only considered the likelihood of a nuclear exchange, but has since has expanded its scope to cover the full breadth of Apocalypse How. During the cold war it reached 2 minutes to midnight, as the US and USSR both tested thermonuclear weapons within 9 months, and has gone as low as 17 minutes to midnight. On 23 January 2020, it was moved forward to 100 seconds (1 minute 40 seconds) before midnight, and on January 24, 2023 it was set at 90 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds) before midnight. Announced in units of seconds instead of minutes, this is the clock's closest approach to midnight.
  • The Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is often called the "Doomsday Glacier" due to it being located in a region making it vulnerable to climate change by putting it close to warm water, and contains enough ice to cause global sea level to rise 2 feet if it melted completely (compared to Greenland's ice, which is melted from above, and if melted completely would cause sea level to rise 20 feet, the entirety of West Antarctica, which would lead to 10 feet of sea level rise, and combined with East Antarctica, the complete melting of all ice would raise sea level up to 200 feet). However, while its potential vulnerability to climate change seems ominous at first, even a smaller increase in sea level would be enough to threaten the current coastline, long before it finally begins to melt completely.

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