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The people are real! The salt wounds are real! The results are final. Real people, real salt, Mario Party TV.
Mr. Doom: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are, wherever you have been, wherever you may be, this is Mario Party TV.

Mario Party TV is a channel dedicated to group playthroughs of the Mario Party series. Extremely salty runthroughs, at that.

The core four players are:

  • Mr. Doom: The invoked Designated Villain and Token Evil Player. Extremely lucky, and has plenty of skill to fall back on when his luck isn't working out. As the main 'bad guy' of the series, he plays on most maps. He usually doesn't get salty, but when he does, watch out. Mainly plays Boo (with Wario as his back up main) and Shy Guy in 9.
  • Holms: One of the saltiest players. Luck is perfectly 'legit' for him and 'bullshit' for anyone else. Has a tendency to make… questionable strategic decisions, such as pursuing the Coin Star at the expense of everything else, to the point where one has to wonder whether or not he's even playing to win. Originally used Mario, but later switched to Peach along with a large variety of other characters whenever they were available (namely Koopa Kid, Birdo, Hammer Bro, and Bowser Jr.). As of Season 2 of SuperSalt, he has decided to return to using mainly Mario, along with Birdo and Bowser Jr. whenever they are available.
  • Steeler: Plays Donkey Kong and Toadette, who apparently have an Odd Friendship on the side. Undisputed master of the Red Star. Even in the games without it. Firmly believes in the importance of skill, and therefore gets extremely salty whenever random events screw him over or propel somebody else into the lead. Also plays Toad in games where neither Donkey Kong nor Toadette are available, and Daisy in The Top 100 (where none of the aforementioned characters are available).
  • Clel: Mainly plays as Yoshi, along with Rosalina and Dry Bones whenever they're available, and Kamek in 9. Chance Time is his favorite show. Relatively unsalty compared to the other three. Is excellent at Button Mashing, but plagued with bad luck and a tendency to not know what he's doing. Sometimes drinks frequently. Probably should not be drinking frequently.

Other frequently seen players are:

And lastly are the guys who rarely appear if at all:

  • Ramiro: Plays as Luigi. Nothing special about him.
  • Chad: Another average player. Plays as Mario whenever he appears.
  • Zeton: A guest commentator. He often gets dragged into the salt. Played as Toad during the only game he was an active player for.
  • Affinity: Played as Yoshi in his only appearance. He also moved away from the rest of the MPTV crew.

In addition to taking map requests, the players have their own Let's Play projects of other games which are linked through to the main channel. They also did a project to LP Every Mario Party Board, playing one map on each of the main nine games and adding up all the stars and coins from each playthrough. At 203 stars, Mr. Doom has won the series.

Steeler has announced that they will do another 'Let's Play Every Mario Party' series soon (later dubbed 'Mario Party SuperSalt'), which will include some of the games that had been left out, including Super Mario Party and Mario Party 10. They started streaming the series on 27 August 2019 on Steeler's Twitch channel, eventually moving to a channel specifically for MPTV. Previous games can also be found on there, and they are being posted on Youtube on a delay.

Not all of the episodes are on the main channel; a playlist containing every video prior to the LP Every Mario Party series here.

This Let's Play group has provided examples of:

  • Actually a Doombot: After Bowser loses a minigame at 6's E Gadd's Garage, upon returning to the main map, he gloats about how he's going to punish the losers, then acts shocked that nobody lost. The guys joke that they must have fought a 'Bowser bot' instead.
  • Affably Evil: Mr. Doom is generally calm and polite during the boards, rarely losing his temper.
  • Anti-Climax: Occasionally when playing handheld Mario Party games, the match prematurely ends due to one of the players disconnecting. This especially affects Star Rush games (due to Download Play being especially unstable there), with a vast majority of the playthroughs ending in a disconnection.
  • Ass Shove: Ky threatens this during the run on Bowser's Gnarly Party prior to Let's Play Every Mario Party, specifically by shoving his foot up someone's ass.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Mr. Doom wins his share of boards.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Holms' reaction to stumbling across the Game-Breaking Bug in Crazy Cutters. The clip of this moment became part of Season 3's intro.
  • Book Ends: At the start of their first Grand Canal playthrough, Steeler states that Toadette is top tier thanks to her Triple Shroom Orb. At the end, after discovering he couldn't use other Orbs while it was in effect, he claims she's switched to bottom tier.
  • Broken Win/Loss Streak: Steeler has won one only one Mario Party 6 match on the channel in the span of ten years, only breaking his losing streak in 2020 with his comeback win in the SuperSalt playthrough of Clockwork Castle. Steeler even emphatically referred to his previous losing streak right after his Clockwork Castle victory.
  • Butt-Monkey: You'd think that Clel would be this, since he loses the most, but his calm demeanor dulls the trope a little. Steeler and Holms take turns at this instead.
  • Cain and Abel: Turns out Mr. Doom and Holms are brothers.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Mr. 'Freaking Sneaking Cheating' Doom doesn't particularly mind being seen as the Token Evil Player, and uses this as an excuse whenever the others get salty.
  • Cassandra Truth: The Reverend Inferno at Snowflake Lake.
  • The Cameo: Parodied: Mr. Doom's character of choice is Boo whenever the ghost is available. On boards where Doom isn't even playing, this has led to jokes about him appearing as the thieving Boo the players can hire.
  • Character Portrait: Mr. Doom, Steeler, Holms and Clel use pictures of themselves to mimic the portraits used in the in-game Ranking charts, which change appropriately in accordance with their status.
  • Character Tiers: invoked Discussed in regard to the character-exclusive items found in certain games (mainly Mario Party 7). Steeler states that Toadette is top-tier thanks to her Triple Shroom Orb, and Clel starts playing Dry Bones instead of Yoshi in those particular games so he can use his Magic Orb. Holms also explicitly states the first time he picks Peach that he's only choosing her for her Flower Orb.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Goes nicely with salt.
  • Cross Player: One of Steeler's two signature characters is Toadette, while Holms often plays as Peach or Birdo and Ky plays Daisy.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Common, and a leading source of salt.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Steeler cannot get over how cute Baby Luigi is in Mario Kart 8.
  • Cutting the Knot:
    • Their approach to M.P.I.Q. in Mario Party 3 is to mash the buzzer and choose a correct-sounding answer rather than let anyone outbuzz them after reading the question.
    • Clel discovers the trick to winning Speedy Graffiti in Mario Party 8: wildly spraying the entire board rather than following the shape.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: In their Group Nuzlocke Challenge of Fire Red and Leaf Green, Steeler finds himself frequently selecting the item bag whenever he goes to switch Pokémon, blaming this on their positions being switched.
  • Dark Horse Victory:
    • In "LP Every Mario Party ~ Bowser's Nightmare (MP5)", Holms had gained over 140 coins but only retained one star at the end of all the turns, with the others keeping at least two stars, with Clel in particular having four. Then the bonus stars came, and Holms managed to get all three of them, especially the Coin Star (which Holms would have lost if Mr. Doom's Bullet Bill managed to hit him on the last turn), propelling him from last all the way to first, beating Clel by coin lead.
    • Steeler pulls this off in Shy Guy's Perplex Express, as he finished the board in last place with only three stars compared to everyone else's five or six (and spent a good portion of the game with no stars, including losing the first one to Bowser)… and then sweeps all three bonus stars, giving him the win by coin tiebreaker.
    • In the SuperSalt playthrough of Pirate Land, Holms wins a board victory after spending a season and a half without a single official one.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jack Daniels: During their second try at Creepy Cavern, Clel of all people was revealed to be this.
  • Drinking Game: In some games, Clel plays one where he takes a shot every time someone earns a star (stealing one through Boo or Chance Time doesn't count). Sometimes this concerns the others if there are a lot of stars being bought.
  • Drunken Master: When Clel does said drinking game on Neon Heights, he starts playing better the more he drinks. The irony is not lost on Steeler.
    "Clel, you're doing better now that you're drunk, I don't get it."
  • Dysfunctional Family: Apparently, King Boo is the father of Mr. Doom's Boo. Pink Boo is either his girlfriend, wife, or ex-wife, and all the little mini-Boos are their kids. This doesn't stop them from giving him crap; instead, they're constantly after him to pay child support instead of spending all his coins to support his Star habit.
  • Enemy Mine: About halfway through the playthrough of Bowser's Gnarly Party, the other three players realize that Steeler has all three of the bonus stars, and team up against him in minigames. Steeler… did not approve.
  • Ensemble Cast: Downplayed; the core four members star in the majority of the games, but the show occasionally features other players and background commentators.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • In the very first game, Mr. Doom won the board and Holms, in his anger, Rage Quit the game (by shutting the entire game off). Sets the tone, don't it?
    • In the trailer for LP Every Mario Party, clips are shown from previous games to establish everyone's character: Steeler yells over a battle mini-game screwing him over, Mr. Doom receives a second star within the span of one turn, Clel rolls too high with a Sluggish Shroom, and Holms rage quits over the game screwing him over. The trailer also shows the infamous Chance Time where Clel made Steeler swap his huge amount of coins with Mr. Doom, Bowser stealing one of Steeler's stars, Clel falling off the edge of a bridge in a minigame, Mr. Doom rolling a big enough roll to guarantee his victory, and Steeler screaming after losing an 8-player mini-game at the last second.
    • In the intro used for most games of the second season of LP Every Mario Party, Steeler protests landing on a Bowser space, Clel accidentally goes the wrong way, Mr. Doom sees what game's coming up and asks Holms not to rage… and Holms immediately goes off.
    • In the third season intro, Clel accidentally screws himself over in Chance Time, Holms freaks out about Crazy Cutters again, Steeler goes into a shrieking Big "NO!" after losing two stars in Chance Time, and Mr. Doom calmly commenting "Hey, I can win this now" after yet another lucky incident.
    • Season four's intro featured Mr. Doom rolling small numbers (which he's prone to do), Bowser Jr. throwing his orb right on the spot Clel landed on, Holms raging over winning a game, and Steeler raging after he loses a game just inches from being able to win it.
    • Season five's intro features Mr. Doom winning the three star windmill at Windmillville (and therefore the game) at literally the last turn (and Steeler flipping his shit over it), Holms raging over moving a star when he was two spaces away from it (and breaking stuff), Clel being hit by a Bullet Bill during a minigame (right after trash talking), and Steeler losing at Chance Time yet again.
    • Season 6's intro has Steeler getting screwed out of a free star because he tied with DK on DK Roulette, Holms screaming because Mr. Doom was winning a minigame (and their attempts to stop him was actually helping him), Mr. Doom trolling Clel, and Clel wins by doing absolutely nothing.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In SuperSalt's playthrough of Undersea Dream, Steeler lands on a Happening Space that is two spaces before a star. This space allows him to be thrown by a whale one space before the star… but there is also a chance that it will throw him one space after the star. The game spells out both possibilities very clearly and allows the player to reject the use of the whale. Steeler, failing to read the latter caveat, takes the whale and misses the Star. His jaw drops to the floor when the game decides to throw him after the star as if he didn't believe it was possible, despite the game telling him straight to his face the whale could do that.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: Having started recording before determining who gets what starter in their Group Nuzlocke of Fire Red/Leaf Green, Steeler comments that the Random Number God will probably determine that Holms ends up with Squirtle when he's the only one not interested in running him. Sure enough…
  • For Want Of A Nail:
    • In "LP Every Mario Party ~ Pirate Dream (Mario Party 5)", Holms wins due to surprisingly landing on a Wiggler Space on the last turn, which allowed him to buy a star even when he was far away from it, leaving him in tentative second place with four stars (the leading player, Mr. Doom, having four stars and far more coins than Holms), after which he managed to overtake Mr. Doom due to getting two bonus stars and Doom only getting one. The turn leading up to that also counts as this trope, since on that last turn, Mr. Doom had previously stolen Holms's star and coin lead with a Chance Time coin-and-star exchange between them; the only reason Holms had enough money to buy the star with the Wiggler space after the Chance Time crippled his coin amount was due to Doom obtaining ten coins from using a Chain Chomp blue space on the second-to-last turn.
    • In "LP Every Mario Party ~ Bowser Nightmare (MP5)", Holms ended up winning due to Mr. Doom failing to hit him with a Bullet Bill on the last turn (Mr. Doom could only succeed in doing that by rolling a 9 or 10; he rolled a 7). If that happened, Holms's Coin Star lead would have been lost and given to Mr. Doom, leaving Clel the winner since Clel would remain the sole player with four stars, the others all having three. Holms relied on sweeping all three bonus stars (Minigame Star, Coin Star, and Happening Star) to win.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: The group discovers a glitch within Crazy Cutters. The second you move whenever the glitch occurs, no matter what direction, it causes the game to count that as a really really small circle (somehow), causing you to fail the mini-game with 0 points.
  • Gasshole: An uncommon gag revolves around Holms farting.
  • History Repeats: Within a Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10 doubleheader, twice in a row does Holms lose first place by four mini-stars.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • At Grand Canal, Steeler discovering the downside of his beloved Triple Shroom.
    • Holms throwing his controller around has come back to haunt him during the second season of LP Every Mario Party, as it's started malfunctioning.
    • Also during the second season of LP Every Mario Party, Captain Holms asks Bowser for lots of presents, putting lots of Bowser Spaces on the map. This bites him later on.
  • Honor Before Reason: Holms loves getting the Coin Star, and will do anything to get it, even to the detriment of getting other stars.
  • In Spite of a Nail: In a 9-star handicap game on Mario Party 4's Shy Guy's Jungle Jam, Steeler freaks out when he is denied two stars on the very last turn due to Clel using a Mini-Mega Hammer on him (in its Mega form, the hammer denied Steeler access to both his Boo's Crystal Ball and the star that was standing right in front of him), expecting himself to lose soon. However, Steeler manages to sweep all three bonus stars, allowing him to overtake the win from Mr. Doom via a coin lead tiebreaker anyway.
  • Intermission: In several videos, brief intermissions are used to avoid risking desync or other video corruptions.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: During a Mario Party Superstars stream, Steeler made sure to show off his two cats, Yellow and Green. Holms was less amused when Green's antics cost him a minigame.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: A Running Gag throughout their first playthrough of Mario Party 9 is agreeing that they'll finish this run, set the game aside, and act as if it doesn't exist.
  • Look What I Can Do Now!: After a few months of video upload hiatus and borrowing Mario Party 4, Clel returns to one of his weakest minigames, Revers-A-Bomb, and utterly dominates it.
  • Money Is Not Power: In the SuperSalt playthrough of Deep Bloober Sea, Steeler and Mr. Doom learn the hard way that not even a massive coin lead, the Coin Star, and all the items they could buy and abuse could win them a game due to the whims of Chance Time. The two end the game with only one star each, and that was because they both got a single bonus star. The winner and runner-up, Clel and Holms, ended up with respectively five and four stars despite spending the whole game being bled dry by various minigame failures.
  • Monochrome Past: Sepia tones are used for the Flashbacks shown at the end of certain episodes, reviewing some of the more memorable incidents on that board. The same effect is used when flashing back to events from previous games.
  • N-Word Privileges: The Shadow Stars/Ztars/Z-Stars/Dark Stars are nicknamed 'N-word Stars' by the group, and constantly referred to as such. Lampshaded during Boo's Haunted Bash prior to the LP Every Mario Party project, where they take pains to point out the guy making the most jokes of that nature is black, and again during the first playthrough of 9.
    • In fact, three of the four main players are black.
  • Nice Guy: Clel, due to being pretty laid-back for the most part.
  • No Indoor Voice: Holms and Steeler both exhibit this.
  • Nonindicative Name: They don't just play Mario Party — they have a few other Let's Plays like New Super Mario Bros. U and Mario Kart.
  • Number of the Beast: The footage adds a Staggered Zoom and Scare Chord whenever it appears someone is about to roll three sixes. It was first invoked when a player had six stars and sixty-six coins.
  • Odd Friendship: Clockwork Castle sparked the Running Gag of Toadette and DK being good buddies, due to how many times she got to catch him.
  • Overly Long Gag:
    • Some recording sessions include Holms bringing some type of noisemaker, which he spams to annoy the others.
    • Some Season 3 episodes start with the guys futzing around on the character selection screen, spamming the select/unselect or camping on characters they know the others want to play just to Troll them.
    • The arguments over what battle minigames to pick. See Episode 6 of Season 3 for a particularly insane example.
  • Rage Quit:
    • Holms tends to threaten this, leading to a Lampshading during their first 8-Player run on 7's Neon Heights. By the end of that same episode, everyone but Team Dolphin resigns.
    • During the group's play-through of Mario Party 2's Space Land (found on Mr. Doom's YouTube channel), Holms' gambit during a duel minigame against Steeler late in the game failed. Holms, who was not having his best game to begin with, then proceeded to take himself out by setting his controller to the Easy-level CPU.
    • During their first run of Mario Party 9, Holms threw his Wiimote so forcefully that the batteries flew out when the game forced mini-Ztars on him for the second time. It has to be seen to be believed. This even acts as his Establishing Character Moment for the first season of LP Every Mario Party.
    • After an instance in the second season of LP Every Mario Party where he abandoned the game over a Chance Time where he had actually been handed the lead (and won the board in the end), Holms has vowed to never rage quit again.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The reason there was such a long delay between episodes (at least according to Mr. Doom on the Discord server) is that almost two whole seasons were wiped out because a hard drive crashed, and it took longer to get those episodes made up because it was harder to have everyone together to re-record it, due to real life commitments and circumstances. One imagines that this was what led to them deciding to stream SuperSalt so there was at least some sort of backup record.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Holms and Steeler are the red onis, Mr. Doom and Clel are the blue onis.
  • Running Gag:
    • "Mr. Freaking Sneaking Cheating Doom" and all its variations.
    • Clel: "I love this show." (Referring to Chance Time.)
    • "Holms, PRESS A!"
    • Pausing right before a character lands on a bad space while everyone reacts. Especially a Bowser Space.
    • Waluigi and the Polio Fund.
    • Steeler's mains Toadette and DK being BFFs.
    • Holms throwing his controller.
    • Calling Peach and Toadette 'Team Tuna' when they're on the same team in 2 Vs. 2 games, even when it's not Mario Party 7. Likewise, calling the tag team of Yoshi and DK 'Team Danimals', Birdo and Toadette 'Team Pink', or Boo and Dry Bones 'Team Dead'. Not coincidentally, Steeler is usually the one saying it.
  • Sassy Black Woman: KY's 'Big Booty' Daisy.
  • Schmuck Bait: When streaming a game on Undersea Dream for the SuperSalt series, the other three players are clearly trying to catch Steeler in a trap by repeatedly refusing to buy stars and spending a large chunk of the game looping around a single capsule vending machine to waste time. This is so that Clel can have time to obtain three very rare Miracle Capsules, while Steeler, who is supposed to collect all the stars they keep rejecting, would lose all his stars when the Miracle activates. Unfortunately for Steeler, he bites the bait and ends up in last place by losing all six of his stars to the trap.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: For their run on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the guys play with four rules in play:
    1. No Item Houses
    2. No 1-Up Houses
    3. No Bubbling
    4. No Warp Zones
    • Steeler, Clel, and Holms have begun a group Nuzlocke Challenge of Fire Red and Leaf Green, following those rules.
  • Series Mascot: Serperior, because it's Mr. Doom's favorite Pokémon.
  • Serious Business: In the Trailer for LP Every Mario Party, Steeler's biggest strength is stated to be that he takes Mario Party seriously. (It's also listed as his greatest weakness.)
    • All of them, or at least the core four, take it seriously. Nothing epitomized it more than Season 3 Episode 6: the stinger was nine minutes of the four of them arguing about which Battle Minigame to play.
  • Sore Loser: Everyone has their moments, particularly when fortune swung against them at the last moment, but Holms gets especially vocal.
    • The Reverend Inferno's rants at the end of the 8-Player Neon Heights run deserves mention.
    • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: Naturally, the prevalence of this doesn't help much. One of Holms's more memorable moments of this even made one of the season intros.
    "Fuck ALL of you guys! Should've gone to the other one and fucked ME over!"
  • Swapped Roles: Discussed at the end of the first episode of Season 5. When the group started out, Holms was the skilled player who kept getting screwed over by the other players and got salty about it, while Clel was largely calm but consistently in last place. Nowadays Clel is the one taking the lead and then being screwed over by everyone else, while Holms never gets the success in the first place. Punctuated by Holms deciding not to get his hopes up, while Clel says "Bullshit!" on several occasions.
  • Take Over the World: Landing on a red space apparently signals that the character's plotting to do this, particularly if it leads to a 3-on-1 minigame.
  • That's What She Said: Sometimes said in response to sentences that can be taken as innuendo. Mr. Doom prefers to say "that's what I told her."
  • The Stinger: Several episodes include a highlight/lowlight reel at the end.
  • They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!: It's Mr. Doom, not Doom. He particularly likes to call 2's Bowser out on this.
  • Third-Person Person: Waluigi, as voiced by The Reverend Inferno.
  • Throwing the Fight: Sometimes seen when one player is dominating and a co-op minigame comes up: rather than win and strengthen his lead, his partner may choose to deliberately blow the game.
    • Throughout the LPEMP series, Mr. Doom has been accused of doing this so the others wouldn't get salty. Most of the time, he claims that he's just experiencing bad luck. The bitch of the matter is a good portion of the time, if he is sandbagging, it doesn't work, as the game itself tends to favor him. (And the others are actually saltier because he's not trying.)
      • The only time thus far he explicitly admitted to sandbagging was their playthrough of Pyramid Park: he wanted to see if he could finish the board with zero stars (for some context, this is a board where everyone starts with five stars and the objective is to steal everyone else's stars). He technically does, but still wins a bonus star for using the most orbs.
  • Token Evil Player: Mr. Doom plays on the vast majority of the maps.
    • In their run of New Super Mario Bros. U, Holms seems to have taken this role over, getting in the way and throwing the baby Yoshis and other players off cliffs as often as possible.
  • Token White: Of the core four, Steeler's the only white man. It's a downplayed example, since he's a Mexican.
  • Troll: Whenever Clel has the option to land on Chance Time, nine times out of ten, he will end up taking it, even if he's in the lead. A few of the other players even lampshade how he usually has a big grin on his face when he does so.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: Season 3 Episode 7 changed things up by having them play eight player mode, with them using both hands to control the characters in eight player games.
  • Villain Protagonist: Mr. Doom's also the guy who edits and uploads the videos.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: Parodied via narration at the end of the Sweet Dream playthrough.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: One comment pointed out that Steeler miscalculated the odds during the Pagoda Peak playthrough. The probability of rolling 4 of the same number is not 1/10,000. Since the dice blocks are numbered one to five, and there are 5 possible ways to get all 4 numbers being the same, the probability ends up being: 5/(5^4) = 1/125 (about the same as a golden with 1-10 blocks)
  • Yank the Dog's Chain:
    • In Grand Canal, where the Flutter Orbs come fast and furious, Steeler gets his hands on one… only to find out he can't use it while Toadette's Triple Shroom is still in effect. And it doesn't expire until after the last turn of the game.
    • In 3's Creepy Cavern, after a series of unfortunate events, Steeler gets a big break via Chance Time… but while he's celebrating, he accidentally hits the TV, ending the game.
    • This also ended up happening in 1's Luigi's Engine Room near the end of a minigame during the last five turns. Steeler panics when the obstacle he is running from gets closer and hits the TV, ending the game.
    • During the 8-Player match on Bowser's Enchanted Inferno, after a star gets bought, it moves right in front of Team Mollusk… only for the team who just bought the star to land on a Happening Space that changes its location.
    • When revisiting Toad Road for LP Every Mario Party, landing on a Reverse Space leads to Holms collecting 30 Ministars right near the end of the game… before ending up on a Bowser Space. Bowser proceeds to take half his stars, bumping him down to third.
    • Steeler starts off Sweet Dream extremely salty due to his dislike of 5's luck-based nature. Thanks to star-spawning luck, use of items, a Chomp space, and a happening space that forces all the other players to donate coins, capsules, or stars to the person who lands on it, he ends up with seven stars to everyone else's zero around the board's halfway point. Even without there being a single Chance Time, he still loses. To Clel.
      • Of course, even Steeler himself admitted he wouldn't mind losing that match, partly due to his dislike of extreme luck in general, and partly because Holms spent the entire match getting almost nothing.
    • In SuperSalt's playthrough of Towering Treetop, Steeler eyes for his second Mario Party 6 win in a decade, with 6 stars protected from Boo by two Boo-Away Orbs, winning 90 coins from a Battle Minigame (giving him a head up in the Minigame Star), and the constant Rounds of Miracles not putting him on the donor end if they even picked him at all. But the end of the game saw him go from first-place contention to last place due to Chance Times at the end stripping him of five stars with no way to catch up. To rub salt in the wound, Steeler also lost the Minigame Star by 40 coins to Mr. Doom despite the Battle Minigame.
    • SuperSalt's playthrough of DK's Treetop Temple had Steeler managing to get a Bowser Space to spawn a star right in front of him. Unfortunately for him, Clel lands on a DK Space immediately after and takes that star from him.note 
  • You Can't Get Ye Flask: A verbal variation: after several incidents where correctly guessing a certain fruit during Mic Minigames was treated as a mistake, the guys realized that they were saying grape, not grapes.

That's it everyone, we shall see you at the next board/stream.