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"Beset on all sides by idiots"
"It's fine, it's fine!"
SovietWomble, lying.

SovietWomble is a British streamer and self-proclaimed YouTube Phenomenon who is most known for his Bullshittery series, monthly videos that chronicle the misadventures of Womble and his friends as they attempt to play different games together, (for some definition of "together"). Womble is usually joined by some regular friends and teammates, most of them being fellow members of the online gaming clan ZF (pronounced the British way "Zed-Ef", standing for "Zero Fucks"). The videos are generally labelled "Random (insert-game-here) Bullshittery".

They consist of a collection of funny moments, zany situations and the all-around chaos that comes naturally when a group of dorky and irreverent friends play together, complemented by his addition of subtitles and occasional Cutaway Gags that are edited in afterwards for comedic effect.

While Womble was never a particularly prolific video creator, by 2018 his time was more often spent with live streams on on his Twitch channel. Those often provide the source material for later videos.

His most prominent clanmates/collaborators include:

  • Cyanide: Often referred to as "Cy", he is Soviet's oldest and most frequent collaborator (they're not friends, though) and usually the most troublesome, who will usually steal the scene by saving your life in the most self-aggrandizing way or shooting you in the back for kicks, depending on his mood. Singaporean Indian, currently residing in the UK.
  • Edberg: Mexican (according to Cyanide; he's actually a Paraguayan-born Swedish national) streamer and singer, also the closest thing ZF has to a Straight Man, usually raging at Soviet's incompetence and Cyanide's antics, when he's not being a Troll himself.
  • Nep: Austrian singer, gamer, not streamer, and all around seductress. Possibly the most popular female in the series (though not the only one), don't let the sultry voice and sexy accent fool you tough, as she's a top CS:GO player and crack shot with any pistol.
  • Nevil: Original name was "holynevil" ("Holy 'n' Evil") which Womble read as "Holy Nevil". Even after realizing his mistake, they decided to keep calling him Nevil. For reasons unknown to everyonenote , including ZF members, he speaks (and writes) in an extremely broken English and borderline gibberish. Also, an extreme potty mouth, even by ZF standards. In fact, oftentimes the only thing Nevil says that ZF can understand is "Fuck you!"note 
  • Gambit: ZF’s resident king of crossing the line twice due to being a German player who makes Nazi jokes at every available opportunity. Despite his antics once resulting in Womble dubbing him the “clone of motherfucking Hermann Goring”, he’s not actually a Nazi. We think.
  • Cake: Hands-down the most adorable person featured in the Bullshittery videos, anyone who hears her voice has been known to spontaneously melt into a pile of “aww”-ing jello, which makes her rather memorable despite being featured in only a few of Womble’s videos. To pile on the cuteness, she has her own Youtube channel where she sings cover songs in her beautiful voice!
  • Quebec: Another British member of ZF with a sexy English voice, being generally unflappable, and having a thing for one-liners, which makes it all the more hilarious when something manages to break his cool, primarily due to the noises he makes when that happens.
  • Digby Tatham-Warter: AKA "Digby" for short, yet another British member of ZF and notable for his fun-loving personality, snarky attitude, and love for classical wartime music. As Womble once put it, he's basically what happens if you take a man from the 1930s and drop him in the modern world, possibly the actual British Major in question.
  • TobiWan: Not a member of the ZF clan, Tobi is a famous Dota 2 caster that began showing up in Womble's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds streams in late 2017.
  • Lulu, Soviet's French Bulldog puppy, who rivals Cake with the strength her Cuteness Proximity field and cameos whenever nothing else interesting is happening during a stream.
  • Along with various members of the ZF clan such as Social, Tactical, Stealth, Airborne, FrankieOnPC, CartonWaffle, Poro, Gladpus, Kaffe, Zeis, Moogle, Tom, Yuki, Rotary, Bavon, BadassMonkeh, Darius, and Beasty.

Not to be confused with The Wombles, though this is indeed where Soviet gets his avatar and username.

Tropes found in SovietWomble's videos:

  • Accidental Misnaming: Soviet parses "Holy N'Evil" as "Nevil" early in the of the "Arma 3 Bullshittery" series, much to N'Evil's annoyance, though whether out of habit or ease of pronunciation, he's still referred to as "Nevil" in later videos.
  • The Ace: Edberg is the most consistently lethal member of ZF in FPS games, more importantly the most consistently lethal person against the enemy team. He's even reached Global Elite in CS:GO several times and it's apparently high praise when he actually has hope for someone's skills (as opposed to the rest of the clan).
    • In Random Team Fortress 2 Bullshittery this applies to Quebec who, despite his claims to the contrary, is a complete menace to the opposing team when he plays Spy, especially when he has access to the Dead Ringer, as Soviet and the rest of ZF can attest to.
  • Ace Pilot: Cyanide, when it comes to providing CAS in Arma 3. While the rest of ZF don't really enjoy getting on an aircraft with him, he's never shown missing the target, is almost always shown being highly effective outside of a few situation out of his control, killed at least 40 enemy soldiers in a single CAS mission, and is never shown being shot down by enemy firenote . Compare to one of the other CAS pilots, who completely missed the target and spent most of the run shooting the ocean. He also successfully flew a C-130 cargo plane under an elevated oil refinery pipe in DayZ without crashing. Twice.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: In the first part of the Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery series, ZF starts off attacking a power plant (an early game objective), when TobiWan arrives with a stolen interceptor jet fighter (a difficult late game objective). What makes it even funnier is that Tobi was 1) new to the mod and had no idea what he just accomplished 2) immediately crashed and exploded it by doing absolutely nothing.
  • Ain't No Rule: Ain't no rule saying that a 5v5 CS:GO grudgematch between Womble and Cyanide that allows outsiders can't draft professional gamers without telling the other side. Womble exasperatedly mentions that he didn't think that that had to be a stated rule. This is made more amusing by Soviet's own prior claim that he himself was a "professional CS:GO player."
  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: The result of a Drinking Game over a CS:GO session in "Part 3". Play is deteriorated (though hilariously enough, their scores seem to indicate they're still doing pretty well), speech is slurred, decisions are sub-optimal, and in the end Womble left his character just staring up at the sky for the last hour or so of the Twitch stream, he himself having gotten so drunk he just got up from his computer and wandered off to probably be sick/pass out.
  • All Germans Are Nazis: Gambit plays this for laughs, being one of the more popular German members of the clan and being notoriously Trigger-Happy. Naming his characters stuff like "Auschwitz" and "Gas Chamber", building a swastika-emblazoned Reichstag in Rust, and making other Nazi-related references don't help this.
    Soviet: How many people can we fit in the shower?
    Gambit: At least 12 Jews.
    • When helping the crew clean up a destroyed space station in Viscera Cleanup Detail:
      Edberg: We have a German guy working the incinerator...
      Gambit: (trying not to laugh) Why do you think I like working the incinerator?
    • After gunning down every criminal in sight in SWAT 4 without introducing himself as Police:
      Cyanide: That's so German! "Zey did not comply, so I shot zem!"
    • Mav, while watching Germany lose to Algeria in the World Cup:
      Mav: Nurr, ve should have killed zem all...
  • All Just a Dream: The entire 5-part Antistasi Arma 3 Bullshittery series ends this way after the dedicated server ZF's game had been running on crashes — the entire game world is reset, with the resistance movement put all the way back at square one (and apparently Cyanide becoming an intangible ghost whom no one can see or hear) and all of the signs of war — gun battles, military checkpoints, burning wrecks, dead civilians, everything — all fading away to show a normal, peaceful life across Altis. The other members decide that everything that had happened in the past five episodes was a fever dream, with Soviet hurrying off to work as a clerk at a beachside concession stand... although he does hum the Badgers theme song at the very end...
  • Armed Farces: Arma 3 may be renown as a military simulator, but whatever force ZF is currently playing as becomes a complete joke at their worst, or just horribly incompetent when they do try.
  • Atomic F-Bomb:
    • Cyanide can get... salty, at times.
      Cyanide: Pick up my negev! I'm not kidding dude, pick it up!
      Sheep: [picks it up]
      Cyanide: Thanks, Sheep! Thank you! I appreciate that, Sheep.
      Sheep: [throws it outside the map]
      Cyanide: I appreciate— FUCK YOU! FUUUCK! YOU! [Rage Quit]
    • He also drops an amazing one in "Random Space Engineers Bullshittery (part 1)" after realizing he'd inadvertently colored his entire ship 2 different shades of yellow.
    • A Running Gag in the CSGO Bullshittery episodes is when Womble realizes his rank's going up, resulting in Cyanide and Edberg raging that Womble doesn't deserve his rank because they're better than him (and their own ranks are relatively close to his), which causes them to drop massive F-bombs. The last one was especially funny because Womble made Distinguished Master Guardian after his mouse died on him and he was useless for the entire game.
  • Author Avatar: As featured in 'official' art and fanart.
    • Soviet Womble: A Womble in a Russian coat.
    • Cyanide: A Pringles can with a turban on its head.
    • Quebec: A cartoon bear.
    • Edberg: A skeleton wearing a sombrero and a poncho.
    • Tom: A crow.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis:
    • In "Random PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery (part 2)", after nearly getting sniped, Soviet manages to deduce the location of the shooter based on the trajectory left by the bullet hole. It's a lot less eloquent than it sounds, though.
      Soviet: Hang on, I can calculate like the trajectory, use like, CSI shit, and tell that it came from that building over there... [scopes to a building with a broken window on the second floor] AH, I—I—I can deduce from the broken glass that the shooter was there, you see? [aims at the building's entrance] And then I can sort of, triangulate his next, like, move... move, thing, and say he's gonna come out that door. I'm using like CSI shit—[enemy walks out]—OH, LOOK AT THAT! *Cue the YEEEEAAAHHH*
    • At the end of "Random Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bullshittery (part 3)", Womble develops a both ornately-planned yet fundamentally simple way of amassing kills: printing out a copy of the map, creating paper markers measured to scale, and getting himself a rifle grenade launcher. With this setup along with the in-game navigation system, he's able to calculate the precise distances and directions to launch explosives from afar, nailing multiple deadly airstrikes in the process. In other words, Womble was safely and efficiently killing more opponents than his teammates... using math.
  • Bad Boss: Cyanide occasionally lapses into Commissar-mode in CS:GO and summarily executes anyone (usually Soviet) he suspects of "desertion". Even tactical retreats or looking backwards momentarily.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment:
    Cyanide: The only "B" word you should ever call a woman is "beautiful"... 'cuz bitches love it when you call 'em beautiful.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Never call Womble a faggot.
      Smooth Void: [strums a guitar] ♫ Womble is a faggot... ♫
      SovietWomble: Oh, fuck you. [guns him down]
    • For Cyanide, anything remotely positive happening to Soviet, especially Soviet going up the ranks.
    • Womble also hates Product Placement in his streams. Naturally, when Womble leaves the stream for a moment, everyone begins plugging Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, pre-order culture, and themselves, and Cyanide's own twitch channel, which leaves Womble furious when he gets back.
    • Captain Keyes' suicidal behaviour during the Escort Mission in the third level of Halo becomes this for Soviet and Cyanide, with a large part of their second stream being taken up by them trying to escort him, only for him to run straight at an Elite with a plasma sword, and dying. Or him standing on a grenade, and dying. Or him charging into a horde of enemies, and dying.
  • Big "YES!": In "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (part 7)", Cyanide lets out several ecstatic ones after he gets a knife kill on CS:GO pro NBK.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery" miniseries ends on this note: after a Game-Breaking Bug anticlimactically results in the resistance losing all their progress, they decide to dismiss their revolt as All Just a Dream and return to their civilian lives. A montage shows Altis returning to peace without military conflict or personnel (including Cyanide), with Womble now working as a clerk for a food stand... where in a quiet moment, he casually and nostalgically hums the Badgers anthem to himself.
  • BFG: In "Random ARMA Bullshittery", Cyanide has this to say about A-10 Warthog armed with a 30mm gatling gun:
    Cyanide: I wouldn't recommend shooting at me, because your gun goes 'pew pew' but my fucking gun goes- BBBBRRRRRRRR!
  • Black-and-Gray Morality: In Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9. Yes, the Russians invaded and annexed the Republic of Altis to strengthen their influence over the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, but they're also using their resources to expand public services and provide clean drinking water to areas of the island that had long been neglected by the previous government, are treating the locals well, hold a legitimate vote on whether or not the locals want to become part of Russia (although they probably knew they were gonna win after everything else that happened), and they are a lot better than the Badgers/M.I.L.F./the Resistance.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • A fair amount of the humor in "Random [X] Bullshittery" montages are people making blatantly false claims (e.g. Soviet engaging in friendly fire then claiming that it was the enemy) despite any evidence to the contrary.
    • When the team decides to do an eco-round in CS:GO (only buy pistols to save money), Cyanide buys a belt-fed machine gun (literally the biggest weapon in the game) and claims it's "just an automatic pistol".
  • Book Ends: Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9 begins and ends with a montage of (rather well made) fake news clips setting up the story. The one at the start talks about the Russians invading the region. The one at the end talks about the Russians wiping out the Resistance, as well as talking about the various war crimes the Resistance committed, and how public opinion on the islands has shifted in favour of the Russians, both for bringing stability and actually doing a lot to improve peoples quality of life.
  • Break the Cutie: Any time Womble plays horror games, as he has said himself he "doesn't do well" with them. Most of the time he goes from adorable to a gibbering, nervous wreck within the first two minutes of the video.
    • This happens to Cake when they play Viscera Cleanup Detail and Womble messes up the neat pile of boxes she had been meticulously arranging.
  • British Teeth: In one of his Twitch streams, he admitted to having a sweet tooth and not taking that much care of his teeth. Expectedly, the chat proceeded to make fun of him with this trope.
  • Buffy Speak: At times, the ZF clan are not the most eloquent bunch:
    Womble: Someone's running around in the thing with the wood and a balcony thing.
    Moley: Fuckin' hell, explained like a pro.
  • Bullying a Dragon: During one part of the "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery" videos, the clan gets bored of fighting Russians and decides to antagonize the Americans (and the rest of NATO) instead. To put it mildly, an utter Curb-Stomp Battle ensues.
    Womble: Okay, lets go poke the Yanks. [after "poking the Yanks"] Oh Christ, the Americans are bloody terrifying.
  • The Bus Came Back: In "Random PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery (part 2)", during Womble's sudden "over-edited" CSI-style montage, one of the characters listed is "Detective Clive", aka his companion rock from The Culling.
  • Call-Back:
    • A raid on another base that was built into a cliffside in "Rust Bullshittery (part 1)" by ZF goes awry when the defenders get the idea of locking them inside so that they can't get out - Womble starts getting bathroom flashbacks.note 
    • This happens again in "Random GTA V Bullshittery" when Womble takes a shower and EVERYONE rushes to block the door.
    • When Cyanide reveals that the two "friends" on his team in "Random CS:GO Bullshitery (part 7)" are professional CS:GO players from EnVyUs, Womble says that he should have put in the rules that Cyanide wasn't allowed to get professional players for his team. Then NBK reminds him of a previous CS:GO Bullshittery where Womble held that he was a "professional" CS:GO player (since he makes videos of CS:GO on Youtube as his "profession").
    • As Womble picked up an AK-47 and reloaded it in “Random CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 3)”, one of his teammates jokingly asks him if the rifle still had ammo left to shoot, a reference to Womble not checking his primary firearm for bullets in the previous CS:GO Bullshittery video.
      • Later, Soviet dies with an AK-47, having exhausted its ammunition. Cyanide picks it up, not noticing it has no ammo, and dies with it.
      Cyanide: What the... it had no ammo!
      Soviet: How does it feel, Cyanide?
      Cyanide: Why would you drop me a gun with no ammo?
      Soviet: Because I DIED.
    • In Part 9 of Random Arma Bullshittery, while objecting to the massive number of war crimes the other members of the Resistance are committing, he references the fact that he's already known for calling in an airstrike on a village of civilians, but points out that, unlike what the others are doing, that was legitimately a mistake caused by him and his squad not realising the targets were civilians until the strike was already happening, versus the other guys purposefully executing surrendered enemies.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Soviet was the lightest weight member of ZF that played the CS:GO drinking game, leading Cyanide to taunt him about his low alcohol limit. Then again, depending on your standards, simply being able to survive that many shots within a few hours is a feat in and of itself and even Womble was still more or less coherent after 8 drinks. Also worth considering was that Womble had no shot glass to measure how much he was actually drinking and just taking swigs off the bottles.
  • Car Fu:
    • A staple of the ZF school of driving. Taken to its logical conclusion in "Random GTA V Bullshittery" where the clan plays Sumo with cars.
    • Notably, it works a few times, twice in ARMA III and once in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. "Ramming speed!"
  • Car Porn: Cyanide (who famously has an SLS AMG), Waffle, and Gambit are notable car enthusiasts, to the point of calling for a time-out in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to just talk about cars (much to Soviet's dismay). When they went to a strip club in Grand Theft Auto Online Soviet realized that Cyanide and Carton were not actually drooling over the dancers but the cars parked outside.
    Cyanide: Look at it! The doors open upwards! Look at it!
  • Cassandra Truth: Played With in "Random PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery". With Soviet perching on top of a high balcony, Cyanide tells him the game hasn't implemented fall damage yet, and eggs him on to jump off to see for himself, which given Cyanide's track record with lying, Soviet refuses. After a rather lengthy back-and-forth, Soviet finally caves in and jumps off... and takes no damage, much to his surprise and Cyanide's joy.
    Cyanide: I'M NOT A LIAR!
  • Cat Scare:
    • Womble tends to play horror games slowly and with extreme caution if he can help it, and often times he spooks himself due to his in-game character doing something more abruptly than he expected like slamming a door open in Outlast or dropping loud items in Monstrum.
    • During the tense "The Fairfax Residence - Swat 4", as Womble and Cyanide are investigating the house and are listening to what sounds like something struggling against the wallnote , both are startled by a sudden voice blurting "PENIS!" appears from out of nowhere. It turns out it was someone else still in their Teamspeak channel, who apologizes and leaves.
  • Catchphrase:
  • Chekhov's Gag: In "DayZ Bullshittery", one of the ZF rather spectacularly flies a cargo aircraft through a small gap and launches flares as it pulls up, much to everyone's amazement. Later in the episode someone steals a helicopter from Womble's friend, and after luring them to the same location, this trick is used once again to distract the thief as Womble kills him and retakes the helicopter.
  • The Chris Carter Effectinvoked: Discussed in "What's so strange about The Forest? (2014)" as what Womble considers perhaps the biggest overarching flaw of the game. While Womble praises several aspects that it did pay off (namely the endgame sequence featuring the Sadistic Choice in whether or not to resurrect your son by recreating a horrific plane crash to find another sacrifice), he ended up massively disappointed to realize that a vast majority of the questions he asked throughout the rest of the game — most of which were based on intriguing and conspicuously-placed Story Breadcrumbs regarding the setting — are completely divorced from the main driving plot or are just unresolved entirely, leaving them feeling just plain nonsensical. Womble highlights that as The Forest was made primarily as a Wide-Open Sandbox survival game — a genre of game that relies primarily on Emergent Narrative by players interacting with the world — where the story was added as a secondary concern for later, and it suffers from feeling exactly like that: a story whose entire existence feels completely detached from the game that it's a part of (or in other words, a story called The Forest where the forest can be entirely removed and change nothing).
  • Cluster Bleep-Bomb: In Random Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bullshittery (part 1), a section of the video records all the moments when ZF clan said something racist. Every racist word in the section is bleeped out, and one clip towards the end has a sentence-long bleep.
  • Comically Inept Healing : Soviet's brief stints as medic in ARMA 3 result in this.
    Soviet: Shit! I've accidentally given one of you LSD!
  • Companion Cube: In "Random The Culling Bullshittery Part 2", Soviet becomes enamored with a rock he finds and names it "Clive" (he even captions him as such in the inventory), and there's an extended sequence of him interacting with "Clive" and speaking on his behalf.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: Soviet tries to invoke this after Nep disconnects from a match, ordering Cake to take her place as "the eye candy". It... doesn't go as planned.
    Soviet: I said "moan seductively", not "have a fucking seizure".
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Womble + 4 ZF members vs. Cyanide + 2 ZF members + 2 random friends named Dicky and Frosty in a CS:GO faceoff. Womble's team wins the first 5 rounds (of 30) quite easily and Soviet goes to send a message to the other team to "get gud." Dicky responds with "Getting good now," and Cyanide's team suddenly wins the next 16 of 17. Turns out "Dicky" and "Frosty" are actually NBK and Enkay of professional CS:GO squad Team EnVyUs.
    • Siege of Willow Lake. First assault, ZF clan entirely annihilated by three PMC clan opponents. Second assault, Helicopter insertion to the of the castle with 6 men. Lose their helicopter, four of them die, and they have to get another copter to extract them while under fire. Third assault, taking all the stops out they go to their car park, and pull out the ultra rare M113 APC. On the way they proceed to lose their pickup full of ammo, and a helicopter with Cyanide nearly losing both his satchel charges. When they finally reach Willow Lake, The one defender asks in chat,"PMC ECHO: So soviet, how is things?"
    • Cyanide's Hunter-class ship in Space Engineers versus Poro's little starfighter - the latter is utterly annihilated in just two missile salvos from Cyanide.
    • ZF tries to take on the American armed forces in "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery". It devolves into everyone trying desperately to hide as airstrikes and gunships utterly anihilate them.
  • Cuteness Proximity:
    • He has uploaded a video of his French bulldog puppy, Lulu, on his channel. In his Twitch streams, he is often heard cooing over and being affectionate toward her. There's also Cake, as seen below as The Cutie.
    • Since late 2017 Womble sometimes switches to a "Lulu Cam" in some streams, which showcases Lulu in all her glory on a couch. The chat is predictably inundated with cooing over her every time it occurs.
    • "Random Arma 3 Bullshittery Part 9" has him coo over NPC dogs on two separate instances ... only for his clanmates to respectively shoot and run over said dogs soon after, much to his horror.
    • The follow-up to the above in "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery Part 1" has him plead with his Clan not to shoot a dog that wandered into the crossfire, and he sounds genuinely heartbroken when the dog is predictably shot dead after Cyanide declares it to be armed with a suicide vest and thus a valid target.
  • The Cutie:
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: An In-Universe example at the end of "Random Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Bullshittery Part 3". An opponent tried to surprise Womble and a teammate and Womble returned fire, but his gun ran empty before he could kill him so Womble ran up to him clicking the middle mouse button to use a melee attack a la Call of Duty or Halo...forgetting in the heat of the moment that this game didn't have such an action. He dies as a result.
  • Dating Service Disaster: In "Arma 3 Bullshittery (part 6)", Cyanide was sent to rescue Sophia Miacova, but he discovers that it's actually a guy with an effeminate voice, whom Cyanide promptly shoots.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "The Badgers, they are the Badgers!..."
  • Designer Babies: In CSGO Bullshittery Part 8, Cyanide claims he was an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) baby. Womble naturally snarks he was "genetically bred to be the perfect retard."
  • Devious Daggers: Over the course of repeated streams of the VR title Blade & Sorcery, Soviet develops a strong preference for daggers, particularly for Dual Wielding or stabbing Shield Bearing Mooks in the back via telekinesis.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Out of boredom, ZF decides to antagonize the U.S. Military during "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery Part 3". The result? Millions of dollars of drones, attack helicopters, and special forces rain absolute hell on a small insurgency in response to blowing up a $50,000 NATO truck.
    Soviet: Right, what we're learning from this is that the Americans have absolutely no chill!
    Digby: (later) Someone in my chat just asked me how it feels to lead an insurgency that elicits a bigger response than bin Laden did.
  • Distaff Counterpart: "CS:GO Bullshittery" introduces Nep, who turns out to be both a great FPS player and reveals she was a former professional singer. Womble jokes that she could replace Edberg, and Cyanide remarks that she is "literally the woman Edberg".
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
    • During "CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 4)", Nep makes some... questionable sounds, which she writes off as "stretching." Nobody buys it.
      Nep: I'm getting... lots of friend invites right now, is it because of your stream?
    • A similar thing happens in "PUBG Bullshittery (part 3)", where Soviet notices some faint moaning noises in the background. It turns out to be JoinkStreams' girlfriend, though she was only tapping his hand and begging for brownies.
    • Also during "Random Rocket League Bullshittery", Darius ends up contributing a lot of odd grunts which are presented in the same way.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: In "CS:GO Bullshittery (part 7)", after beating Cyanide's team the first six rounds of the match, Soviet types "get gud" in all chat. Little did he know that Cyanide's "friends" were actually NBK and Enkay from EnVyUs.
    "Dicky": getting good now
  • Dreadful Musician: Cyanide has an absolutely wretched singing voice. Not that it stops his singing from being absolutely hilarious, mind you.
  • Drinking Game: The latter half of "CS:GO Bullshittery (part 3)" is a one of these over a game of CS:GO - 1 drink for each time the player dies, 3 drinks if the player dies by a knife, 1 drink if someone else gets a knife kill. Alcohol-Induced Idiocy ensues, especially for SovietWomble given his low skill level in the game compared to others in the clan. It ended with him becoming so plastered he forgot he was streaming and physically wandered off.
  • Drives Like Crazy:
    • Cyanide at times, especially in "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery":
      Womble: Oh, car.
      Cyanide: Whoa! [Slamming into a wall and landing facing the opposite way]
      Womble: Obviously it's Cyanide.
      Cyanide: Taxi service!
    • Back in the DayZ Bullshittery days, Marbles had this reputation, frequently getting his vehicle stuck in the most improbable positions.
  • Dungeon Bypass:
    • During "Random DayZ Bullshittery - Siege at Willow Lake (part 2)", the squad attempts this after accidentally trapping themselves on the castle, some stuck on the roof with a locked door blocking their way down. They spend a while chipping away at the cinderblock door with their crowbars (estimated to take about 1,200 hits), but the castle's owners return and wipe most of them out, forcing the survivors to retreat by rescue helicopter.
    • A similar thing happens in "Random Rust Bullshittery", where the clan stages a raid on a large enemy base, but in the process gets locked inside by its owners knowing they can keep them trapped. Womble comes up with the plan to make tools using the materials they just pilfered to break through the walls, and after several minutes of picking, this time, they successfully manage to do so and escape.
  • Epic Fail: While playing through the Arma 3 Antistasi mod, they manage to cause a fatal script error that crashes the server host, losing Commander Petros (the head of the rebellion and the win condition of the mod) in the process. Quebec then tries to go into the debug menu to get him back, which then undoes the team's entire progress, while not even getting Petros back along the way. And without access to Vesper's (the server owner) server commands, the playthrough ends in failure.
    Quebec: The server is totally fucked, holy shit. We lost Petros, and then stabbed the server in the heart trying to fix it. Vesper's going to come back and say that like, the server host's burned to the ground or something.
    Moogle: Maybe the real Petros was the friends we made along the way.
  • Even the Subtitler Is Stumped: Almost always used whenever Nevil is speaking in any of Soviet's videos because of the clan's massive difficulty to understand what he's saying thanks to his thick accent and use of broken English.
  • Every Bullet is a Tracer: An interesting part of the subtitle of his videos is that nearly every single bullet fired in his videos have subtitles follow where the bullet gets fired into.
  • Exact Words:
    • "CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 5)", Womble was screwing around one round by tossing a Molotov in the path of his teammates, two of whom got burned. That particular round his side won and Womble happened to win MVP, which meant the game auto-generated a stat related to him that was missing some critical context:
      Cyanide: [reading the announcement] "SovietWomble torched two players with fire." They don't mention those two players are fucking ours.
    • Cyanide and Womble are stuck in Inferno's archway to B. Cyanide asks Womble to run after he throws a flashbang to the end of the hallway. Womble proceeds to run the opposite direction down the hallway.
      Cyanide: [beat] I'd like for you to know that you're a piece of human shit.
    • Cyanide promised Womble he would subscribe to Womble's Twitch stream if he got a kill with the R8 Revolver in "CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 6)". Cyanide didn't specify, though, that it had to be an enemy kill, which results in Soviet simply shooting Cyanide in the face and winning the bet.
  • Fake Nationality: Invoked. Edberg isn't actually Mexican (he's a Paraguayan-born Swedish national) but everyone jokes that he is anyways.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Frequently in CS:GO. Notably, a barely-concealed CT popped out from behind a crate and liquidated both Womble and Nep immediately after Womble and Cyanide cracked wise about how they would make incompetent real-life terrorists.
    Womble: How did neither of us notice that guy?!
  • Fauxshadow: Discussed as a recurring problem in "What's so strange about The Forest? (2014)". Womble points out that the game's plot is, first and foremost, a mystery, and thus the player is expected to pay close attention to details that may be clues that will help them figure the story out. The issue is that the game is of such inconsistent quality — with frequent bugs, sporadic technical issues with presentation, and just plain weird video game logic — that it's hard to tell what are actual clues the player is meant to pay attention to, or just simple mistakes that make everything confusing. It's even worse when Womble completed the game and realized that many things that most certainly are intended (namely the entire presence of cannibals in the peninsula) have nothing to do with the conclusion and are never explained or resolved.
  • Five-Token Band: Surprisingly despite the offensive jokes made by the group (such as Cyanide, who's Indian mind you, making jokes towards Indians), the ZF clan is, in Soviet's words during "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 4)", "equal opportunists" when it comes to recruiting new members.
    Cyanide: Indian Guy: Check. Hungarian Gypsy: Check. Pasty White Dude: Check.
    Womble: Yep, we're equal opportunists.
  • Flat "What": Womble's reaction to someone sticking a mine detector in his face in the beginning of "Random Arma 3 Bullshittery (part 5)".
  • Formula-Breaking Episode: Aside from the Bullshittery shenanigans, Womble has also done a few video essays such as a series on DayZ (part 1 here) and on The Isle here.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes:
    • Cyanide seems to be this way in Womble's videos, if the fact that he has been kicked out of a CS:GO game by unanimous vote in the middle of a round by his own side (twice!) is any indication. Although those two times were mainly For the Lulz of messing with Cyanide. Hilariously, one particular vote-kick wound up getting him banned from the game for 3 hours.
    • Ironically, this is what Cyanide claims Womble is.
      Cyanide: [to his girlfriend] Don't talk to him, we don't like him.
  • From the Mouths of Babes: In "Random DayZ Bullshittery (part 8)", the clan meets the daughter of one of its members named Georgia, who is young enough that she can barely spell her own name... yet is able to interject with "I kill you."
    Georgia: Dad, remind me... I kill you. See ya! :)
  • Follow the Bouncing Ball: In Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9, the Badgers/M.I.L.F. anthem employs this.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • During the Drinking Game during "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (part 3)", astute viewers may notice that not only is the ZF clan actually winning their matches despite getting increasingly plastered, the enemy team is exploding with rage in allchat, even accusing the clan of hacking.
    • After Cyanide and his girlfriend utterly fail at a tandem setup in "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (part 4)" (Cyanide using the keyboard and his girlfriend using the mouse), Edberg at one point puts in the game's text channel "still better than womble".
    • At one point while reacting to KJ's strange-sounding sneezes in "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery - Part 1/5", Womble is looking through his loadouts whose names are insults to the rest of ZF, such as "Chinny can't drive" "Cyanide likes willy" "Digby is a twat" and "Edberg is gaaay".
    • In "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (part 5)", there's a scene where Soviet's team votes for a timeout just so Cyanide and Edberg can discuss cars. The scene is focused on Womble's annoyance with the tedious conversation, but Nep can be seen silently dancing with her gun almost off-camera to the left.
    • In "Random PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery Part 3," when others are doing the "Daddy Soviet" joke and Womble tells them to stop it, notice how his shadow reveals an additional shadow of his subtitles above his head, tracked like he was viewing someone else from third-person view. He's in first person mode when this happens, so he went an extra mile just to add it.
  • Fun with Acronyms:
    • One of the names for La Résistance in "Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9" is the Molos Independence and Liberation Front, or MILF. Womble isn't down with it, but it unfortunately for him, it sticks a lot more than "The Badgers".
    • In the following Antistasi campaign, while Womble continues to push for "The Badgers", he's once again overridden, this time with the Workers And National Kinsmen (or the Workers Autonomous National Kollective) as WANK.
  • Fun with Subtitles:
    • Probably the videos' most defining feature. Subtitles are usually positioned on screen (from the viewer's point of view) so that they are right above or on top of the player speaking or the nearest edge if the speaker is off screen, like the viewer is watching a moving comic strip. The subtitles are also prone to being dynamic: for example, the clip of Cyanide's (attempt at) singing in "ARMA 3 Bullshittery Part 3" has his words being thrown in with an arc and dropping to the ground one by one as they hit the far side of the screen.
    • The subtitles even go as far as to turn bullets into tracers for the viewers to follow, particularly when a really cunning enemy in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took down his three-man squad in just three shots, with the last "pew" filling up the entire screen for a single frame. Other times, the subtitles are used to represent a player, object or an object making noise before it falls apart upon being destroyed.
    • For the more technically curious, Project Kino has done a semi-satirical video essay discussing how Soviet uses subtitles.
  • The Gadfly: A good portion of the videos involves clan members intentionally screwing with one another off for the laughs - for example, throwing AWPs onto the roof in CS:GO when another clan member is asking for it. (That much of the remainder of the videos is them screwing with one another with their incompetence should say something.)
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Discussed extensively in the video essay "What's so strange about The Forest? (2014)", which examines many bizarre discrepancies and quirks of logic that make the experience feel "off", which Womble determines to be in part the result of a plot being added in an ad hoc fashion against a very particular style of gameplay that wasn't meant to support it.
    • Early on, he calls out how despite the setup — the protagonist has crash-landed in a mysterious forest and is in search of his missing son — the game encourages unintentionally weird behavior like stitching the bones of cannibals as armor (despite crash-landing in a plane and having an axe to cut metal with) and having no guided effort to try and call for help despite there being an increasing high amount of ways for outside communication.
    • This problem becomes even more severe when Womble reaches the post-game, where by completing the "main plot" and dissecting all the things it leaves entirely unanswered, Womble realizes that the story (a mystery surrounding a corporation experimenting with an evil artifact requiring human sacrifice) and gameplay (survival against hordes of cannibals) are in fact almost completely segregated, with every potential lore implication the core gameplay loop brings up being almost entirely irrelevant to the actual plot, with almost zero intersection.
      Womble: This bit up here [the plane crash, the Red Man, the Sahara Corp, and mutants], that's what the game is about, and everything below it is essentially misdirection... but without exaggeration, that's the entire fucking game! [...] Doing the open-world parts in an open-world survival game, in which you're potentially building up a bow wave of questions insofar as what exactly is going on here, and apart from like two major things [...] the questions that you'll probably come up with don't fucking matter!invoked This right here is what is so strange about The Forest. I came in here post-Subnautica wondering if plots added to survival games in post would feel detached, but The Forest's plot is so detached it may as well be the ending to a completely different game!
  • Gasshole: Among Soviet's Twitch followers his dog Lulu has developed this reputation because in many streams he will mention Lulu farting in his vicinity, often more than once. Sometimes the farts are even loud enough to be heard through Soviet's mic.
  • Genre Shift:
    • In "Random DayZ Bullshittery (Part 12)" Womble notes that Cramps has been modding the server. The game then shifts into "Operation Blue Waffle," a pastiche of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, complete with exploding curry jars, racially stereotypical unit barks, and an AI bandit sniping Gambit out of cover in a single shot.
    • "Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9" has something of an actual story arc, following the Resistance as it fights against the Russians, all while Slowly Slipping Into Evil, and begins and ends with a montage of (fake, but well made) news broadcasts to set up and close out the story.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: Played completely straight by the guys during "Random Space Engineers Bullshittery (Part 2)".
    Gladpus: Speaking of gay, I'm gonna go and do some gay stuff right now.
    Cyanide: Can you send us a picture? Or video?
    Womble: Yes. We want pictures please!
    TeamSpeak Announcer: User left your channel.
    Cyanide: No!
    Womble: Oh goddammit. Lesbians never listen, do they?
  • Graceful in Their Element: Soviet's Doomsday shotgun rounds are worthless at ARMA's normal engagement range, but as soon as he brings them into an urban close-quarters environment he gets almost thirty frags, demolishes several buildings, and blows up a tank.
    Cyanide: We can see concisely where you've been, Soviet, by tracking the fucking buildings.
    Womble: When I said it negated cover, I was being serious.
  • Gratuitous German: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery has Cyanide reveal he's been working on his German, which Poro admits is pretty good. Naturally, Cy's grasp of knowledge extends solely to ordering food.
    Cyanide: Ich liebe Hänchenflugel.note 
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Cyanide, despite being (Singaporean) Indian, utters random Spanish or swear words once in a while. That being said, Cyanide seems to know some Spanish anyway.
    Cyanide: I become Spanish when I'm scared.
  • Heroic BSoD: During his playthrough of Alien: Isolation, Womble experiences several, experiencing several near panic-attacks at the sheer intensity of the game (not helped by the fact by the fact he admits he horror games are a weakness of his) and requiring several breaks to calm himself down. He eventually braces through it all, but even once he hits the credits, he collapses in overwhelmed sobbing.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • In "Random Arma 3 Bullshittery (part 3)", Ed reveals himself to be a good singer, doing an impressive rendition of a verse from Bohemian Rhapsody.
    • Due to Singapore's national service, Cyanide, of all people, is actually ex-firefighter/paramedic/emergency services. He's also studying economics at post-secondary.
    • Despite his antics and goofiness, Soviet is generally a fairly effective squad leader in Arma 3.
    • While streaming Blade & Sorcery, Soviet often takes breaks between rounds to educate his audience about the real-life applications and tactics of the game's various medieval-era weapons.
    • Womble's DayZ video essay series shows off more of his in-depth knowledge about software development and understanding of video game mechanics and trends.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • The "CS:GO Bullshittery" videos feature misthrown grenades by Soviet Womble or some other ZF members, the result usually victimizing themselves and others. Part 8 of that Bullshittery series has Edberg calling out Soviet about still not knowing how to throw grenades even after hundreds of hours in the game right after the latter blows himself up with one.
    • In "PUBG Bullshittery" when Cyanide snarks that the NESW directionals should stand for Nobody Enjoys Soviet Womble, Womble takes out a Molotov Cocktail and tries to incinerate his team for agreeing. It blows up in his hand from holding it too long and he immediately self-immolates.
  • Honor Before Reason: When playing as terrorist in CS:GO, Cyanide team-kills anyone he deems as "deserters to the cause." This includes merely turning around from the point of attack, as Cyanide interprets that as being tempted; and him getting hit with friendly fire, which he interprets as betrayal.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Womble himself often engages in the same griefing, trolling, asshole-ish behaviors he berates his clanmates for, usually to humorous effect. After yelling at everyone to stop being racist in "Random Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bullshittery", he finds a shrine to Ho Chi Minh and goes "This is where they learn lessons about Ho Chi Minh, the inventor of the instant noodle. Konnichiwa!"
  • I Don't Like the Sound of That Place: In the "Random Dead by Daylight Bullshittery", Womble gets a lot of mileage out of one of the levels being called "The Ironworks of Misery", especially as he immediately gets chased down by the killer.
    Womble: Oh god, he's coming up the thing! Have I just trapped myself inside the Ironworks of Misery? Up the Staircase of Woe? Jump out the Window of Pain! On the Catwalk of No Hope! (runs face first into the killer) OH MY GOD HE'S ON THE CATWALK OF NO HOPE! Get back up there quickly, Window of Misery, WINDOW OF MISERY!
  • Identical Stranger: Vocally, at least — in "Space Engineers Bullshittery (part 2)" the clan is introduced to Zebedee via Teamspeak, whom Womble immediately notes sounds exactly like him. Zebedee does Womble's "It's fine, it's fine" catchphrase and sounds so close to Womble that Cyanide immediately gets up out of his chair and leaves because his brain couldn't take it.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: The majority of Soviet's videos are titled "Random (insert-game-here) Bullshittery (part X)".
  • Idiot Plotinvoked: During "Random Far Cry 3 Bullshittery", Womble gets frustrated by the fact the game fully expects Jason — a random everyman with no prior training — to save his friends from pirates, lamenting his inability to contact the local police or the U.S. embassy to make things much easier.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Apparently a common trait for ZF members; either they can't hit the intended target for shit, or they somehow end up teamkilling. In one DayZ Bullshittery, Cyanide claims there's a gun named after the ZF clan, which Womble jokes "fails on every third shot," while another clan member says it "only targets allies."
  • Incompetence, Inc.: ZF make for some awful cleaning contractors in Viscera Cleanup Detail. The first group spent their time making a bigger mess than they started with, bludgeoning each other with mops, "cleaning" by just shoving all the dirty furniture out the airlock, and crash the server from spawning too many buckets. When it's just Cyanide and Womble, Cyanide mostly dicks around and makes Womble miserable.
  • Insistent Terminology:
    • Soviet Womble is an "internet phenomenon" and a "professional CS:GO player" (professional in that he streams the game as a source of income). This comes back to bite him when he gets obliterated by actual pros, who point out that their presence is fair game because Womble himself claims to be a professional.
    • Cyanide, frequently overlapping with Blatant Lies. It's an "automatic pistol", not the largest machine gun in the game; it's a "strategic ambush", not blatant camping; it's "selective viewing', not stream censorship; civilians are "acceptable casualties"; and so on...
    • Womble almost always refers to Cyanide's girlfriend as "Cyanide's Super-Hot Girlfriend".
  • Interchangeable Asian Cultures: Played for Laughs in "Random Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bullshittery (part 2)" with Womble berating his clanmates for constantly misidentifying the nationality of the Vietcong, from Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, etc. At one point, Womble himself stumbles and bewilderingly almost calls them Mexicans.
  • Is This Thing Still On?:
    • Two times when Cyanide's gone AFK, Soviet made a jab only for Cyanide to remind him that he still has his speakers on.
      Womble: [talking about the Able Gamers charity] And those of you sitting watching the stream, you too can help someone who would normally not be able to claim they've slept with someone's mum over Call of Duty. Oh, just to clarify; when we mean handicapped, we don't mean mentally handicapped, we don't mean Cyanide here. Cyanide's perfectly capable of using the controller that he has.
      Cyanide: [from across the room] I can fucking hear you!
    • And another when Cyanide goes AFK during his first time in Viscera Cleanup Detail.
      Womble: I also talk to Cyanide's girlfriend, and by "talk" I mean send penis pictures and I get penis pictures ba-
      Cyanide: No you fucking don't!
    • During "The Culling Bullshittery (Part 1)" Cyanide annoys Womble by repeatedly calling his music selection "gay" and shouting over his attempts to defend himself. Womble eventually storms off but Cyanide doesn't realize the stream is still running and Womble's mic is muted, leading him to singing for about 20 minutes while Womble is demanding he shut up over a muted mic.
    • In "Random ARMA Bullshittery (Part 7)", Womble goes AFK to get himself some water. As he's still broadcasting on Twitch and hates in-stream advertising, the rest of ZF immediately gather around in front of Soviet and start shilling Ubisoft. Cyanide even manages to sneak in a plug for his own Twitch channel. When Soviet realizes what's happening, he immediately draws a shotgun (or rather, a rifle with an M203 and buckshot rounds) and tries to gun down Cyanide, only to kill Sledge by accident. This gets him in trouble with the platoon's CO (who he also shoots).
  • It Makes Sense in Context: From Rust Bullshittery Part 2:
    "Hitler's a friend"
    Soviet Womble, 2015
  • It Works Better with Bullets:
    • "CS:GO Bullshittery (part 2)", with only a few players still alive Womble swaps out his P90 for an AK-47 not realizing the ammo count in the corner read 0/0 for 23 seconds. He only finds out it's empty when he tries to kill the last enemy... who kills him first with an AWP.
    • In part 3, this happens to Cyanide when he picks up Soviet's weapon, who just ran out of bullets before he died with it. Of course, Cyanide tries to find a reason to blame Soviet for it happening anyways.
    • While being pinned down by gunfire in "Random Pavlov Bullshittery", Soviet attempts to counter his aggressors by tossing a grenade, which might have done some good if he had actually pulled the safety pin off before lobbing it.
  • Just for the Heli of It: In "Arma 3 Bullshittery (Part 6)", Soviet tries to talk down Cyanide from bringing an attack helicopter to what amounts to a simple recon mission.
    Cyanide: Logically speaking, we want to assure the highest possible chance of success. The helicopter will provide that, see? We don't want to go under-armoured.
    Womble: Okay, but at the same time we have no way of knowing whether or not —
    Cyanide: [interrupts] No, no, no, no, no...
    Womble: — You can't just bring a fucking attack helicopter on any mission!
    Cyanide: ... You're wrong! You're wrong! You're wrong!
  • The Lancer: If Soviet plays a game with only a single other member of ZF, chances are it'll be Cyanide. So far they've teamed up for SWAT 4, The Stomping Land, Portal 2, Farming Simulator, The Culling, We Were Here and Space Engineers, among many others.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • "CS:GO Bullshittery (part 7)", Soviet challenges Nep to a knife fight, who doesn't want to at first because she doesn't trust Soviet not to just shoot her. Soviet throws down his Scout to entice her out (while keeping his pistol on him) - when she does approach, he switches to his pistol and gets a few shots off before she pulls out her shotgun and kills him in one headshot.
    • Whenever somebody dicks around in "CS:GO" (like slamming the same door repeatedly just because) and gets killed for it, Womble will usually add the subtitle "DESERVED".
  • Laughing Mad:
    • During a stream of Silent Hunter III, Womble learned of how U-1206 was sunk due to a mishap with a toiletnote , which he found so hilarious that he had to stop the stream to periodically take breaks over the next 20 minutes because he just couldn't stop laughing. He even had to abort the stream ... still laughing.
    • He gets this again of the "Stress Laughter" variety during his Alien: Isolation playthrough. It gets to the point where he has to pause the game and take a break, and in the background you can hear him pacing and giggling nervously. It's admittedly a bit creepy.
  • Lethal Chef: A variant occurs with Womble when he attempted to make a banana and mango smoothie using a liquidizer he got but he put a giant chunk of clumped together ice cubes instead of individual ice cubes, and thus...
    Womble: Erhm... My vision kind of went white with a sort of mango'y tint and... And now... After that... my kitchen is pretty much laminated in a thin layer of banana and mango smoothie.
  • The Load: Womble in CS:GO, to the extent that apparently his nickname within ZF is "The Handicap".
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Cyanide's ZF Hunter Class - Hunter in Space Engineers has dual broadsides worth of rocket launchers. Combined with Ramming Always Works, he makes short work of Soviet's Archer frigate, Poro's small fighter and even the USG Ishimura.
  • Mad Artist: Edberg in Viscera Cleanup Detail, as he spreads blood on a wall and calls it "contemporary art."
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: A Running Gag in Womble's Twitch is for him to answer the constant queries on when his next video would be out with, "I've decided to quit YouTube to become a/an [Insert Random Job Here]." One instance had him reply that he'd decided to quit YouTube to focus on his career... as a YouTuber.
  • Madness Mantra: It's fine, it's fine, it's fine, I'm not freaking out, I'm not freaking out, I'm not freaking out, I'm not freaking out...
  • Meaningful Name: Chinny claims to have bought the explosives that failed to blowup the factory in Antistasi Part 2 from a man called Sketchy Irishman. Womble points out that the name should have clued him in that the guy was a sketchy Irishman and his explosives probably weren't good, but Chinny notes that the fact that he was willing to sell bombs to resistance fighters/terrorists is just as likely to be the source of his sketchiness.
    Womble: Could you not have bought it from the Totally Legitimate and Highly Competent Irishman?!
  • Misspelling Out Loud: "CS:GO Part 6", at one point before game start Cyanide is texting.
    Cyanide: How do you spell "luscious"?
    Soviet: L-U-S-C-C-I-O-U-S-T.
  • Molotov Truck: During part 2 of "Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery", after two separate attempts to blow up a factory via quiet infiltration fail, the clan decides to brute-force it by strapping bombs onto one of their trucks and car-bombing it. Unfortunately, this plan goes awry as Aizen is given a dead man's switch as a precaution, but when he's suddenly disconnected from the server, the bombs all suddenly go off, killing the entire clan mid-conversation.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Nep is easily the most popular girl in the streams both for being the best player and the prettiest one around. It seems that the clan is fond of having at least one in the best scenarios.
    Womble: [Nep disconnects] Oh no! What will we do without the eye candy? Cake! You're the new eye candy!
    Cake: Okay!
  • Multi National Team:
    • The trope is invoked in a "SWAT 4 Bullshittery" clip where each of the four players come from different countries (Womble - United Kingdom, Cyanide - Indianote , Gambit - Germany, Phoenix - United States). Does nothing to stop them from tasing each other for the hell of it. It's supposed to represent world politics, Germany's harassing India, the U.K tries to calm things down then the U.S. barges in exclaiming "You're all my bitches! All of you!"
    • The ZF clan in general, as members are based in various countries and play together (for some definition of the term) at various times in various games.
  • Nerves of Steel:
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The Badgers/M.I.L.F./La Résistance in "Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9" count if you consider their original objective of Altis liberation from Russian occupation before they start Slowly Slipping Into Evil. They start committing so many war crimes and heinous actions that public support (and even the support of NATO) ends up going to the Russians instead.
  • No One Should Survive That!:
    • "ARMA 3 Bullshittery (part 2)", the squad is taking a quick break in a chapel with one of the members behind the podium - Womble himself is in the front pew beginning a confession when someone else throws a frag grenade behind the podium. Womble and the others flee as far as they can before the grenade detonates and spreads fragmentation every which way — he asks for a status check and the one behind the podium stands up from his prone position completely none worse for the wear. Through Soviet's befuddlement at how he's still alive, Rotary proclaims it to be a sign from God.
    • Happened again in Part 9. Soviet attempts to take out a pair of Russian soldiers in a small building. He shoots one, but the other is hidden around the door corner. He decides to throw a grenade into the room; it bounces around the corner and explodes (scattering "pew" subtitles against the near wall). Soviet and a teammate then enter the room...only for them to be both gunned down by the remaining soldier, who was still alive and lying prone around the door.
      Womble: What the fuck was he made of?!
  • No Sense of Direction: A mild variant; a minor Running Gag with Cyanide is the fact he forgets cardinal directions, and constantly has to be reminded of "Never Eat Sea Weed".
    Cyanide: ...or, as I've been told and like to call it, Nobody Enjoys Soviet Womble.
  • Now You Tell Me: During "Random Arma Bullshittery (part 9)", Womble tests some AI assignment settings in the Antistasi mod they were using. Rorkiy messaged him that "Did I mention that [the enemy] eventually zeroes in on the mortar fire?" AFTER Womble fires a smoke round and attracts the attention of the Russian air force.
  • Not So Above It All: For all his complaining about ZF's dickery toward each other and cruelty to game worlds, Soviet himself is definitely not above doing the same things himself, especially when it's funny.
    • He also has the occasional moment of humouring his clanmates in post. One such example is him and Cyanide playing Farming Simulator 15 and Cyanide pretends the grain tank unfolding on his harvester is a "missile launcher". Despite Womble's disagreement, he suddenly edits in the harvester firing a couple SSMs.
  • Obvious Betainvoked:
    • Discussed at great length as the first point of his video essay series on DayZ, brought up as a severe mistake that could doom a product right on the spot, as it did with the standalone DayZ game. Womble argues that the Early Access model of releasing games early has its pros and cons, but it's unacceptable to do so for a product that's barely functioning, let alone complete, since all it accomplishes is a tainted first impression and places the onus on paying customers to deal with their jank and ongoing shifts in development.
    • Also discussed in his video essay about The Forest. Womble overall describes it as being a far more stable game than DayZ, highlighting several aspects where there was clearly a lot of impressive attention to detail (well-crafted environments, subtle sound design, creative inventory/UI arrangement, etc.), only for janky details to rear their ugly head and disrupt the immersion (poor enemy pathfinding, inconsistent audio mixing, extremely obvious typos, etc.). The see-saw of quality was especially problematic considering the game is a mystery where the player is expected to play close attention to details, with it being unclear if certain features are intentional or not (i.e., "is the strange behavior of animal NPCs hinting at a story development, or are they just bugging out?). While he does understand that the game was made by a very small team with limited resources, he — speaking from his experience in software QA — asserts that quality control is still extremely important, and many of those obvious flaws could have at least identified through playtesting.
      Womble: When working in a software team, we can design the most creative feature set imaginable, we can code the most incredible system of systems, but at the end of the process, if it doesn't actually function, if it doesn't work properly in the hands of the customer, then what the fuck are we doing? Doubly so if our team plans to make follow-up products based on our reputation. People aren't stupid; if your first product launch was jank, they're not going to rush out to pay full price for the second. Essentially, this is me talking to future creators: never half-ass quality. Take the time to get it right.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Womble's reaction in "ARMA 3 Bullshittery (part 1)" after Cyanide rather calmly asked why they had called for fire support at 225199 - their current location.
      Womble: Team 1! Team 1, fucking scatter!
    • Again in "ARMA 3 Bullshittery (part 7)" after Womble realises that the Su-25 flying overhead is lining up for a strafing run on their current location.
      Tigernos: No, that's an Su-25!
      Sarissa: That's an Su-25, that's a Frogfoot!
      Moogle: Yeah, that's not-that's not friendly!
      Womble: Oh.
      Cyanide: Well thank you Moogle for that incredible piece of information...
      Womble: Err, guys? It seems to be, erm, errr, it's coming straight towards us! RUN AWAY!
    • Womble again in "ARMA 3 Bullshittery (part 9)" when he accidentally alerts the Russians to the headquarters of La Résistance by testing too many mortar rounds, which moves on him with several gunships.
    • Womble has a massive one that heralds the end of his sanity during his Alien: Isolation playthrough: after nearly losing his mind evading the homicidal android guards, he enters a baggage terminal and walks past an air duct to check a suitcase for supplies....and then turns back around to notice the tell-tale Xenomorph drool coming from the duct...
      Womble: [makes a horrified gasp that would make Attack on Titan expressions look like mild dismay in comparison] No, no no no. Don't be that. Not now, don't be that. Don't do that. Don't be that. (Motion detector beeps and shows something approaching fast) No...! Don't be that. Please don't be that. DON'T BE THAT!
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Invoked after a Curb-Stomp Battle delivered to his team by Cyanide's team, the latter having gotten Team EnVyUs NBK and Enkay as ringers. They stayed around to play some additional games before Cyanide let out a scream of amazement - he had knifed NBK. Soviet lamented the fact that Cyanide is never going to let that go and is going to end most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive conversations with "Well, I knifed NBK!".
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • Cyanide throughout "The Fairfax Residence" in SWAT 4, he was very much out of his usual character, not cracking a joke and he was genuine when he heard a noise that sounded like someone pushing up against a door jamb (turns out it was simply a radiator). The only time when he went back into his usual character was when he decided to pepper ball the killer, but even that is a marked downgrade of the silly behavior that normally characterizes Soviet Womble's videos, especially since it's quite obvious that he's not doing it to troll Soviet (He only did it after Soviet purposefully reminded him that he's carrying the non-lethal pepper ball gun), but because he legitimately hates the suspect.
    • To a lesser extent, Cyanide is considerably less Trollish and actually demands that the survivors work together during "Random Dead By Daylight Bullshittery" because he's too scared shitless to do his usual shtick. He's just as loud and lively, however.
    • In general, when Cyanide isn't goofing off, he's actually dangerously competent, and a rather effective leader to boot. This video shows him in full seriousness mode, leading his squad into the middle of a besieged town to extract a fellow fireteam, issuing orders and remaining (relatively) calm even as the entire operation goes pear-shaped.
  • Out-of-Genre Experience: In stark contrast to his usual content, Womble made a 3-part video essay discussing DayZ (both as a mod and its standalone version) as a companion piece to his "Bullshitteries".
  • Overly-Long Gag: "CS:GO Bullshittery (part 7)" has a rather extended montage of Cyanide getting a hold of a bunch of did-you-know facts and starts reading them all out loud, to everyone's dismay. In the succeeding CS:GO Bullshittery Part 8, before actually starting a serious conversation, he starts with "Did you know?" which causes the rest of the team to groan aloud.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: In "Random Arma Bullshittery (part 6)", the entire reason Cyanide demands his squad press on a brutal rescue mission despite many people having already been injured or died is because the hostage is Sophia Miacova. Until he actually sees who "she" is, and later he bitterly rejects any missions to rescue "her" again.
    Cyanide: I will have my head in between her heavily-muscled thighs!
  • Police Brutality: In SWAT 4, if ZF aren't being horribly abusive to a suspect or a hostage/bystander, it's because they're already busy tasing/beating/shooting each other.
    Cyanide: Oh my God, there are people watching us teabag a civilian!
    Womble: Hello! Hi there, civilians! Protect and serve, protect and serve...
    Gambit: Professional police work, ladies and gentlemen, professional police work.
  • Poor Communication Kills: In "Random Arma Bullshittery (part 9)", the squad notices an enemy helicopter approaching them after a successful base raid, but it turns out it's Rorkiy, who tells everyone through the walkie-talkie channel to hold fire. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain garbling the sound, Womble shoots it down with an anti-air rocket right as he's being told it's friendly.
  • Porn Stash: In "DayZ Bullshittery Part 7", Womble said he had 5 "fap folders" totaling 136 GB of porn on his computer, "all sorted into varying degrees of obscenity."
  • Put on a Bus:
    • Phoenix was rather prominent in early Bullshitteries as the "Token American" of the clan, with his girlfriend WhiskeyChick getting a fair amount of screen time as well. He would disappear after the DayZ videos, however, due to some nasty behind-the-scenes trouble between ZF clan members, resulting in him getting kicked from the clan. He was accepted back years later, but due to the clan expanding significantly and Soviet having an established party to play with, it's highly unlikely he'll ever be seen in another Bullshittery. Official word from the Reddit FAQ is that Phoenix and a few others from the early days of ZF "do whatever they want" now, and leaves it at that.
    • As of 2020, this has been what's become of Nevil, as well. Due to a series of racially-charged comments and outbursts on his stream, his Twitter, and on the ZF Teamspeak server that have crossed the line from being played for laughs to being legitimately unsettling to the rest of ZF, he was banned from their Team speak, and according to Edberg on the subject, he is no longer considered a part of their circle of friends.
  • Rage Quit: Cyanide does this several times when things in CS:GO go particularly pear-shaped for him in the process of play. In Part 1, he lets out a Big "NO!" and Rage Quits right after Edberg knifes him (Cyanide had been the last remaining ZF member to not get knifed by him); in Part 5 he asks Sheep to pick up the Negev machine gun for him (having already died in the round) and starts thanking Sheep when Sheep does pick it up but immediately drops an Atomic F-Bomb and Rage Quits when Sheep tosses the gun over a fence right before the round resets.
  • Ramming Always Works:
    • Despite the realistic consequences when doing this in Space Engineers, they tend to ram each other in their ships, particularly Cyanide while flying the Hunter. Their ship they built and battled with at the end of Part 2 weaponized this even further by placing explosives at the bow of the ship so when they rammed the enemy and then reversed, the bombs would be left inside (although the mechanism failed), and the battle was narrowly won by Cyanide burrowing their ship into the opposing ship to gut their power core.
    • Soviet's first time driving the M1A2 Abrams in ARMA III was a little clumsy but he did get a moment when an enemy APC just happened to show up, while Cyanide and the commander were busy trying to get clearance to engage, Soviet just simply reversed then went full speed, knocking the APC over and it exploded.
    • In one scene in "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery," after running out of bullets, Womble attempts to drive his truck into another truck with an enemy hiding behind it. It works, instantly killing him.
  • Reckless Gun Usage: "Random Pavlov Bullshittery" thankfully only features VR guns, but nonetheless features antics including pulling down the trigger while looking down the barrel to see if it's loaded, and test-firing while being trained to reload and shooting a clanmate in the face (prompting everyone else to do the same). He also curiously tests out a knife on an ally to see if it's sharp, and it instantly kills him.
  • Refuge in Audacity:
    • When they make easily offensive and crude comments, they do it either over-the-top or extremely casually that it comes off as humorous.
      • Especially since a many of the racially insensitive remarks are made by people who are that race (see Cyanide's many jokes about Indians).
    • Seen literally in an episode of Arma III Bullshittery, where Soviet inadvertantly shoots the wrong teammate whilst trying to punish Cyanide for advertising EA in his stream. When asked to explain himself by his CO, Soviet shoots him too and books it.
  • Rewind, Replay, Repeat: During "Random Rocket League Bullshittery", Nep flubs up an incredibly easy goal, and when she exclaims "No one fucking saw that!", Womble's response?
    Womble: Ladies and gentlemen watching: This is Nep missing a wide-open goal with the ball directly in front of her. No defenders, no chance of missing, and yet she does so anyway! (cut) Oh look, here it is again! (cut) And here it is in slow motion! (cut again as he has a cackle)
  • Running Gag:
    • Poor throws of flashbangs in CS:GO that end up blinding the thrower.
    • Soviet's use of grenades or other throwable explosives end up hurting either himself or his teammates. Otherwise, they just go into the most inconvenient or aimless trajectories.
    Edberg: When are you going to learn nades?
  • Screams Like a Little Girl:
    • Soviet has some giggly screams when he panics, which he tends to subtitle as "girly screaming".
      • He apparently does this off streams, too. In "Random DayZ bullshittery (part 14)", he relayed a story of how he got stuck in his bathroom without a phone and was screaming and banging at the walls for help for three and a half hours. When a neighbor finally called the fire department who came and freed him, they told Womble that they "got a report that a woman was stuck in her bathroom."
    • Cyanide can devolve into high-pitched shrieks of terror when he's genuinely scared, as evidenced by "Random Dead By Daylight Bullshittery".
  • Self-Deprecation: The clan as a whole is aware sometimes that they are not super-elite pros in the games they play, especially CS:GO.
    Cyanide: It'd be great if they (ISIS) learnt to think from us, because then they'd be completely useless and not a threat to anyone.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story:
    • At the end of the Arma 3: ArmaGeddon Mod - Escape from Altis video, Womble and Cyanide escape the island on a helicopter, but then Cyanide tries to do a backflip...
    • The misadventures of the Badgers/M.I.L.F. on the Antistasi server are abruptly ended when Womble, between official sessions, accidentally reveals the location of their headquarters to the Russian military, who proceed to kill the resistance commander and end the campaign.
    • Throughout "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery - part 2/5", the resistance repeatedly tries to destroy an enemy factory, with all traditional attempts at planting explosive charges and running being inexplicable failures. When they decide to improvise and try to drive a car bomb into it, a player connection hiccup causes it to go off prematurely and kill the squad. As for one last coup de grâce from the game, a later mission shows the squad fighting for a different factory, only for it to be demolished to pieces from a single motorbike explosion by pure accident.
      • The entire Antistasi campaign ends up being this, and for one of the saddest reasons possible: while investigating a potential bug of their commander NPC, they accidentally triggered a fatal script error that crashed the host server, causing them to lose all their progress. The clan decides to cut their losses and return to their civilian lives, writing off their resistance shenanigans as a dream.
  • Shaped Like Itself: During his "Dead by Daylight Bullshittery", Soviet is searching for a generator to activate, inquiring about its general appearance in order to locate one faster.
    Soviet: I don't even know what they look like!
    Gambit: Like generators.
    Soviet: Yeah, thank you very much for that input, it's very appreciated.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: Exaggerated by the Doomsday shotgun shell add-on in Arma 3. At first Soviet thought the ammo was worthless due to it doing nothing at normal firefight distances. Then he uses it to devstating effect at point-blank range in urban combat, to the point of making craters in the sides of entire buildings with it.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: While Soviet had around 10K Youtube subscribers and 2K Twitch followers at the time, this was still Played for Laughs in "Random Rust Bullshittery", where Soviet was invited to see a mural of community-drawn paint signs.
    Gladpus: The rose and the drowning man are two random people who came by and we invited to draw. They didn't know who you were, but they were like "Oh yeah, okay, we'll draw."
    Soviet: What do you mean?
    Gladpus: Uh, this rose and the picture of the drowning man.
    Soviet: No, I mean what do you mean they don't know who I am?
    Bevrel: You're not that famous, Womble. (entire chat bursts out laughing)
  • Smug Super: The clan recurringly jokes during CS:GO Bullshitteries about Edberg's ego when he hits Global Elite.
    Womble: Whenever he gets to Global Elite, he starts, yknow... sunshine flowing from his anus.
    Edberg: As long as we've known each other, I've only been in GE twice, including this one now.
    Womble: Yeah, and both times you were insufferable.
  • Start My Own: At the beginning of his video essay on DayZ, Womble admits that part of why he made it was in response to the earlier initial wave of content creators who only approached its infamous standalone version on a very surface-level way, indicative to Womble that they had not understood or played the mod it was based on. As someone with history in software QA and massive fan of the original mod, Womble felt the need to add his five cents.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: Womble repeatedly asks why Jason Brody doesn't just call the nearest US Embassy to rescue his friends in "Random Far Cry 3 Bullshittery".
  • The Straight Man:
    • This role usually ends up being given to Edberg, usually raging at Soviet's incompetence and Cyanide's antics.
    • In "GTA V Bullshittery (Part 2)" Womble and several others are stuck atop Mt. Chilliad without a ride so someone else has to try drive one up to them. Emphasis on try.
      Womble: [watching as Cyanide manages to tilt the truck over the side of the mountain road and rolls all the way back down the side of the mountain to his helpless screams] I'm in a clan of fucking idiots.
    • Womble again at the end of "CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 7)" after his teammates go storming off making random noises.
  • String Theory: Two-thirds into "What's so strange about The Forest? (2014)", Womble reveals he set up a massive chart of this to compile all the various questions he asked about the game's story and its world, highlighting how many of them unfortunately failed to tie togetherinvoked.
  • Take That!:
    • "Random Arma 3 Bullshittery (part 7)" has an extended sequence of this to mainstream Youtube channels in general, more specifically prank channels and PewDiePie (in reference for his habit of filling thumbnails with his face).
    • "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery Part 3" has a part where ZF purposefully runs over a war correspondance journalist that no part of the fighting, to Womble's protest. He then "finds out" that the journalist is with The Daily Mail and proceeds to riddle the man with bullets.
    • In "What's so strange about The Forest? (2014)", during Womble's explanations of the various discrepancies of Story Breadcrumbs and the confusing timescale it results in, he mentions how the game implies the dynamite to be incredibly old and fails to acknowledge that old dynamite is extremely volatile and dangerousnote , that "even the writers of Lost know about this, and every single one of those writers is reta-(BOOM)". In the same segment, he physically demonstrates the level of deterioration a Bible suffers after being waterlogged for several weeks to compare with the inexplicably pristine Bibles all around the peninsula, then reassuring to the audience that he didn't actually drown a real Holy Bible — he just put the cover sleeve around a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and drowned that instead.
  • A Tankard of Moose Urine: During the drinking game in "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (part 3)", Blair pulls out a bottle of "Oddka", a cucumber and spinach vodka. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    Blair: Mine's quite alright, actually. [beat] Oh! Never mind!
    Blair: [at least 10 shots later] This cucumber shit tastes like AIDS...
  • That Came Out Wrong:
    • In "Random Space Engineers Bullshittery (part 2)", Womble shares a story of when he borrowed an iPad from a coworker and teased her with a look of disgust and asking "Have you cleaned this of your taint?", unaware that "taint" had a much more NSFW meaning different to what he thought.
    • Nep accidentally uses the wrong word to threaten Cyanide in "CS:GO Bullshittery (part 6)".
      Nep: I swear to God if you don't get this, I will fucknote , the shit out of you!
      Cyanide: Oh, OKAY! I am not fucking... [completely disarms himself and charges the enemy] COME 'ERE! [dies]
    • In "Random Rocket League Bullshittery", Womble stumbles on a witty retort:
      Nep: Womble likes touching balls?
      Womble: So do you. No, not "So do you", as in "I don't, and you do", not "so do you"— (Nep laughs) —shut up!
  • That's What She Said: It's a rule in ZF that if you make a TWSS joke and no one laughs within ten seconds, you're kicked from the Teamspeak server. Soviet himself gets kicked this way, and is accelerated by Cyanide when Soviet blurts, "Fuck you, I'm a YouTube phenomenon!" "Okay, just for that—you were kicked from the server"
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plotinvoked: Discussed two-thirds into Womble's video essay on The Forest, where after completing the main storyline, left many unanswered questions but also a post-game involving the Artifact Key, his mind was running rampant on the possibilities of how the elements of the central plot (a corrupt company abusing an ancient artifact and sacrificing children to conduct experiments on immortality and/or resurrection) would tie in with other things that had yet to be explained (including, but not limited to: the existence of the cannibals on the island, their quasi-religious effigies and other ritualistic acts of violence, the various traces of non-corporate outsiders voluntarily coming to explore the peninsula (including what were implied to be a swathe of Christian missionaries), an enormous sinkhole in the middle of the forest, and several corpses implied to be killed not by physical violence, but something or someone that vaporized them on sight). Womble ended up immeasurably disappointed to realize that the actual payoff for completing the postgame (simply an artifact to turn off the cannibals and allow you to play the game in creative mode) completely failed to capitalize on any of the potential, resulting in a vast majority of the game being a narrative dead-end.
  • Token Good Teammate: Womble is this for the Badgers/M.I.L.F./La Résistance in Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9, basically being the only one who routinely objects to their morally dubious actions, wants to establish a democracy,and isn't there just for the money. Following the third rendition of their theme song, which calls them terrorists and ends with announcing that they were the Badgers (they've announced a partnership with ISIS), he starts to join in on some of it.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Several videos establish Cyanide's to be Pringles. He even correctly identified the flavor by the sound it made.
    Soviet: Cyanide, listen, can you tell the flavour of the Pringles by the sound of the tube? [shaking]
    Cyanide: The green colourednote  ones?
    Soviet: [with a sound of surprise] Fuckin' hell.
  • Translator Buddy: Cyanide has gotten so proficient at understanding Nevil that he can even translate for the rest of the clan, more or less.
  • Trolling Translator: Cake, of all people, pulls a fast one on Womble for a World War 2-modded Arma 3 game, with the group gathered at a mission briefing to destroy heavy water plants in occupied Norway. Cake had prepared translation booklets of Norwegian phrases and distributed them to the group; among the phrases was "Når er neste pisspreikeriutgivelse?", which supposedly translates to "Are there any Germans nearby?" but subtitles reveal actually means "When is the next bullshittery?"
  • Uncertain Audienceinvoked: Discussed in his DayZ video essay series as a large part for why the standalone version flopped. As the initial DayZ mod had evolved and diverged significantly into different variants of gameplay (the basic classic survival gameplay, the communal and base-building gameplay, and the PvP battle royales), Bohemia Interactive had no idea which of these styles (aspects of which are conflicting in nature) was the "true" DayZ experience they wanted to cater to. Combined with simply releasing the game too early, it floundered in an unholy mixture of "It's the Same, Now It Sucks!" and "They Changed It, Now It Sucks!" that pleased no one and wasn't even substantial on its own merits.
  • Underling with an F in PR: In "Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9, Womble tries to lead the resistance (known as the Badgers or Moltos Independence Liberation Front to everyone but him) to be morally upstanding and focus on liberating the island of Altis from Russian troops; however, the rest of the ZF note  clan constantly undermine him and his hearts and minds initiative by shooting civilians and one another (in the former case this was because of bugs, the latter because someone went AFK in real life), killing dogs, and then executing Russian soldiers who have clearly surrendered and even using suicide bombers. The former leads Womble to believe that the group have officially crossed the line and eventually, the combined antics of everyone else leads him to declare Then Let Me Be Evil and say "fuck it" from a PR standpoint. When the resistance is eventually wiped out, it turns out that Altis and its citizens decide that the Russian occupation is the lesser of two evils, while the rest of the world condemns them as terrorists.
  • The Unintelligible:
    • Holy N'Evil/Nevil speaks in such badly broken English that none of his clan-mates can understand him. Clan members have actually pointed out that they know he's Vietnamese with a thick accent and occasional grammar issues when using English, but they like ribbing him about it the same way everyone mocks each other in ZF.
    • Gets taken up to eleven in "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (Part 8)", when we learn that he even types in broken English, to ZF's collective bewilderment.
      Nevil: i still not BOTTOM FARGH (sic)
    • As of "Random Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery (part 2)", he's actually improved a bit, with some of his phrases either understandable or translatable, even with a distinctive "Fuck you." That said, it still takes a bit for them to realize "Gam in the aero" is a request to "Camp in the airdrop."
      Soviet: "Airdrop"! Right! Where the hell was the D and the P!? "Aero" you said. "Air drop!"
      Nevil: Fuck yoouuu.
    • By the time of "Random PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery (part 3)", Cyanide has become amazingly fluent in Nevil's accent, and spends a while translating for others.
      Nevil: Whydufuc he dun aeight? waysdid in aeight for ths shet!
      Edberg: I can't understand him for the life of me.
      Cyanide: "I gave you the 8x, you can't aim for that shit."
      Womble: (laughing) He's actually translating it!
      Cyanide: I'm fluent in idiot, I can't help it!
    • He's further improved by the time of his appearance in "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery Part 2/5"; unlike his appearances in previous Bullshitteries, he actually has proper, understandable subtitles, though his accent is still very noticeable. Nobody in ZF comments on this.
    • It's been theorised that ceasing to be an example of this trope was what ultimately got him booted from the clan, because he was a lot easier to like when it was harder to tell what he was actually saying.
  • Unseen No More: For nearly a decade, Soviet was meticulous about never allowing his face to show up on screen, semi-jokingly claiming he's afraid that he might get stabbed by a Loony Fan. This was eventually defied, with him showing up on camera for the closing monologue of his "What's so strange about The Forest? (2014)" video essay.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Between proper ZF sessions on an Antistasi servernote , Womble goes in one morning to try and play around with NPC assignments, ordering a Resistance soldier to fire a mortar. This draws the attention of the Russians, who immediately show up with gunships, overrun the Resistance headquarters and kill the NPC commander. As the game-over screen fades to black, a gobsmacked Womble laments that his simple experiment accidentally ruined the entire campaign for everyone.
  • Victory by Endurance: How Womble actually wins a round in The Culling on advice from Cyanide - stock up on bandages and other healing items, let the other teams kill each other and avoid the crossfire, wait as long as possible for the poison gas to close in, then rush into the gas and heal faster than the gas saps his own health while waiting for the gas to kill the other player. Cyanide tried to do the same as well as Womble's teammate, but he got sniped by another player before he could pull it off.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: Womble often displays this.
    • He wants the Badgers to actually be good guys in Arma 3 part 9.
    • He's audibly relieved when they find the kidnapped victims alive in the SWAT 4 Fairfax Residence.
    • He prioritises keeping as many surviving crewmembers alive when playing Halo: Combat Evolved with Cyanide.
    • He is genuinely upset when he finds Ricardo has been facehuggered in Alien: Isolation.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Cyanide "securing" several civilians in "Arma 3 Bullshittery" by executing them with headshots.
    • Among many other breaches of the Geneva Convention, the Badgers turning civilians into human shields in ARMA 3 Bullshittery Part 9.
  • Viewer Pronunciation Confusion: Several of the clanmates have fallen into pronunciation hijinx throughout the videos:
    • Womble had only read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and when someone talked about one of the characters, he was confused for an extended period because he thought Hermione was pronounced as "Hermi-one" (as in the number 1).
    • In "Random CS:GO Bullshittery (part 7)", he also revealed that he thought the "h3h3" of h3h3productions was pronounced "hee hee" for a year thanks to Cyanide.
    • In "Random Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bullshittery (part 2)", he accidentally pronounces the name of Kim Phuc not as "fook", but as... well...
      Womble: I'm British! We didn't invade the rest of the world to speak their language!
    • Womble isn't the only one to fall for this. In Random Player Unkown's Battlegrounds Bullshittery (part 3), Cyanice pronounces Caligula as "CA-li-GOO-lah".
      Womble: Sorry, how long were you calling Caligula "Caligoola"? I must know.
  • Villainous Breakdown: If you count Soviet and Cyanide as the villains in this case; in the ending of the second The Culling episode, Soviet and Cyanide end up in a last stand against Soviet's younger brother, Lamram. Naturally, he goes straight to try and press his buttons, but it ends with LamRam charging up and kicking both their asses, leaving Cyanide Laughing Mad and Soviet in rage-and-panic-fueled Inelegant Blubbering.
  • Vitriolic Best Buddies: While the ZF members will gleefully insult, grief, and troll each other and are quick to deny being friends, in unguarded moments they have admitted their friendship. ZF members also tend to becoming rather angry when other people go beyond good-natured insults and start harassing their clan mates. Edberg has told off Twitch chat members, both in his chat and Soviet's, for demanding bullshitteries from Soviet or accusing the latter of being lazy and not putting effort for not making bullshitteries as fast as they want. Cyanide firmly and seriously scolded chat members for demanding ZF players play with each other on their streams.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: Sometimes ZF is attempting some semblance of a coordinated team effort when friendly fire (intentional or not) or griefing occurs. Hilarity usually ensues.
  • We Have the Keys: The door-is-unlocked variant in "SWAT 4 Bullshittery (Part 1)" when Soviet, taking point on a closed door, prepares to use C2 explosive to blow open the door when Cyanide suddenly speaks up from off-screen:
    Cyanide: Don't use C2, don't use C2, wait, wait wait wait wait.
    [Door suddenly opens inwards]
    Cyanide: Hi.
  • Weirdness Coupon: If the beginning of "Arma 3 Bullshittery (Part 6)" is anything to go by, the fact that a server is located in Russia is reason enough to explain why a nonexistent rocket fired from an imaginary rocket launcher is able to take down a very real helicopter.
  • With Friends Like These...: ZF is extremely prone to griefing, team-killing, or just fucking with each other, to the point that Womble insists that he and Cyanide aren't, in fact, "friends". A good example is the "Random PUB:G Bullshittery" series, where Womble, Cyanide, and Edberg repeatedly throw each other under the bus for their own benefit (or just because).
  • Word Salad Title: According to the man himself, "Soviet Womble" was just a random throwaway account name that has absolutely no meaning.
  • Would Not Shoot a Civilian: Fully exploited in "Arma 3 Bullshittery (Part 9)", when the Badgers use civilians as human shields to attack and capture Russian outpost, as the enemy A.I. actually follows this trope. Note that at this point they were so deep into villainy that even Womble decided that it was a great idea.
  • Yandere: Played for Laughs in "Arma 3 Antistasi Part 3/5" where as a result of Cyanide expressing fear at her PMS-induced possessiveness, Gorty/Cyanide's Hot Girlfriend appears to shut him up in the most creepy manner possible.
    Gorty: You're allowed to tell all of the stories about me if you want to, but don't take them out of context cause then I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! (laughs)
    Cyanide: (whimpers in fear)
    Womble: ...okay, "Cyanide's Hot Girlfriend" has been replaced with "Cyanide's Psycho Girlfriend", folks!
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: Initially played straight in Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9, but as the episode goes on the other members of the Badgers continue to commit various war crimes. By the time of the third and final rendition of their theme song, the lyrics outright call them terrorists, with Womble himself commenting "We are, aren't we?".



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