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Full Frontal Nerdity is a weekly webcomic by Aaron Williams (also the creator of Nodwick and PS238). It focuses on the roleplaying sessions of four tabletop gaming friends, all of them typical nerds in bad need of a life. The characters are:

  • Frank, the Game Master. Overweight and socially awkward.
  • Lewis, gamer. Chronically unlucky and often dog-piled by the other players.
  • Nelson, gamer. Rules Lawyer and power gamer.
  • Shawn, gamer. Participates in the games via webcam from Alaska. Troll.
  • Emma (full name Empusa Resipunus), demon. Introduced about a decade into the strip, only participates in the games tangentially, and enjoys Earth food (especially junk food) just a little too much.
  • Game shop guy. Runs the local game shop "The Goblin Hole". Real name unknown.

Apart from tabletop gaming, the comic references various staples of the geek subculture, from collectible card games to SF series.

Contains examples of: