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"There are people who are good at stuff and then there are the people who just stick around long enough."
Cat, Cat and Girl

Webcomics as a medium are fairly new. The first known webcomic began in 1985 ("Witches and Stitches"), but the medium didn't really take off until 1993, making it one of the oldest types of New Media, but still incredibly young compared to something like Literature or even Film. Running for over a year is still a pretty good chunk of webcomic history; running for 10 years means you've been around for a large portion of it.

Naturally, webcomics this old are a prime source of Archive Panic, so beware.

Since webcomics are prone to long hiatuses, please use common sense when adding an example: if the webcomic has not actually been running for at least 10 years, then please don't add it no matter what the start date is. Webcomics are sorted within folders, first by start year, then alphabetically. Discontinued/finished comics have a different set of folders organized first by how long they ran, then alphabetically.

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    Since 1995 

    Since 1996 
  • Help Desk
  • Sabrina Online - note 

    Since 1997 

    Since 1998 
  • The Bobbinsversenote 
  • Freefall
  • General Protection Fault
  • Jerkcity
  • Penny Arcade
  • Pokey the Penguin
  • PvP
  • S.S.D.D.

    Since 1999 

    Since 2000 

    Since 2001 

    Since 2002 

    Since 2003 

    Since 2004 

    Since 2005 

    Since 2006 

    Since 2007 

    Since 2008 

    Since 2009 

    Since 2010 

    Since 2011 

Concluded or discontinued:

     25 years 

     20 years 

     18 years 

     17 years 

     16 years 
  • Gene Catlow. 2001-2017 (creator's death)
  • Melonpool. 1996-2012. Rebooted in October 2014; the original strips are now only available in print collections.
  • Namir Deiter. 1999-2015

     15 years 
  • Achewood. 2001-2016
  • Misfile. 2004-2019. Succeeded by Misfile Universe: Hell High.
  • Skin Horse. 2007-2022
  • Zortic. Zortic classic: Mar 2000-Jul 2008 + Zortic: Oct 2008-Jan 2016

     14 years 

     13 years 

     12 years 

     11 years 

     10 years 

     9 years