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College Catastrophe was a lighthearted Slice of Life comedic Furry Webcomic about college students, inspired by The Class Menagerie and The Suburban Jungle. It started with a single freshman enrolling to college and gradually expanded the main cast to seven. Unlike its inspirations, it neither plunged into the depths of angst and exploration of alternative sexuality, nor there was any Carnivore Confusion. There was no overarching plot, just day-to-day antics. The comic was active in 2000-02, slowed to a halt in 2003, published a total of 5 strips in 2004-2008, but picked up the pace again in 2009. In 2010-11 the author was mainly redrawing and reposting old strips, focusing on his other comic, Swords and Sausages. He decided to end the comic with graduation in 2013, when he ran out of gags accumulated from his time in university.

Nine to Nine continues a year after the graduation. The cast now have day jobs, which happened to bring them all to the same city. They are joined by an artist tigress of the same age. Besides the characters no longer being students and having more money, but less free time, little has changed. If you don't count color and occasional censored nudity.

The main characters are:

  • Jan (full name Jan Lion, a lion) — computer science major, art minor, then a programmer. Author Avatar. Often Butt-Monkey.
  • Wolf (full name Wolfram Wolf, a wolf) — physics major and computer science minor, then physics postgraduate student. Jan's former roommate in college. Aspires to be a Gadgeteer Genius and a Mad Scientist, but isn't very good at it.
  • Phil (a horse) — music minor, then a gym coach and music teacher. Jan's and Wolf's next door neighbor in the dorm. Straight Man and Big Guy.
  • Amber (a vixen) — major unknown, later became a stewardess. Jan's girlfriend currently living with him.
  • Shiera (a lioness) — Japanese major, then an elementary school teacher. Phil's girlfriend living with him.
  • Tor (a tiger) — fine arts major, currently makes a fantasy web video series.
  • Andrea (an arctic vixen) — Tor's partner in filmmaking and girlfriend. Cloudcuckoolander and Shrinking Violet.
  • Jessie (a tigress) — an artist and a biker with a crush on Tor. Unfortunately, Andrea doesn't want to share.

Contains examples of: