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"I hate bullfights! I never eat beef! I'm a vegetarian! I don't even wear shoes!"

Funny Animals have differing levels of clothing, sometimes even between different characters in the same work. You've got your Accessory Wearing Cartoon Animals, who are basically naked except for one or two token items. There are also Half Dressed Cartoon Animals, who wear a shirt or pants, but not both. There are even Fully Dressed Cartoon Animals who have complete outfits. And then there's the subject of this article — cartoon animals who are almost fully clothed by human standards, but who, for whatever reason, go barefoot (or bare-pawed, if you want to get technical).

As the sheer number of examples demonstrates, this is a common trope in works featuring funny animals. Here are some possible reasons:

  • The trope may be Justified by the characters having hooves, large claws, or oddly-shaped hind paws which it would be difficult for shoes to accommodate.
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  • The trope may also be Justified by the characters being from a culture where shoes aren't seen as a social requirement, such as with J. R. R. Tolkien's hobbits, or are from a civilization that Does Not Like Shoes.
  • There's another possible explanation for this, more or less based in Rule of Perception: Generally, anthropomorphic animals (especially of the Beast Man variety) have essentially human anatomy except for their heads, tails, and (in most cases) feet, so keeping all three of those elements exposed emphasizes their animal qualities and prevents them from appearing too human. (It's not unreasonable to think, for example, that long pants made for anthropomorphic animals would have long sleeves to accommodate their tails as well, but strangely, almost nobody ever depicts such a thing.)
  • Shoes can be deceptively complex to draw and people often don't pay much attention to them anyway. This is especially true for the modern tennis shoe, which usually have multiple colors, complex textures, and logos. In many art styles, paws are actually far less complicated to draw. See Furries Are Easier to Draw.

Spats without shoes or socks count as this trope because they do not cover the soles of the feet. These may also indicate that the funny animal who wears them is particularly wealthy.

The One Who Wears Shoes is about inversions of this trope, especially Civilized Animals and Funny Animals who use footwear when going barefoot is normal for the setting.

Barefoot cartoon animals are usually of the Funny Animal or Beast Man tier, but any tier of the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism can apply.

A lot of Accessory Wearing Cartoon Animals and Half Dressed Cartoon Animals also happen to be barefoot; to keep things cleaner, this page only covers barefoot characters who are otherwise properly-dressed.

This trope also applies to any non-human character, such as Aliens and Monsters.

Most of these characters have Humanlike Foot Anatomy.

Subtrope of Appropriate Animal Attire.


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  • Classic 7Up talking bird mascot Fresh Up Freddie had several costumes that applied to this trope.
  • Max and Molly, the Female Feline, Male Mutt mascots of 1-800-PET-MEDS, who wear only Labcoats of Science and Medicine.
  • An anthropomorphic version of the Big Dogs Sportswear mascot has utilized this trope many a time on their graphic tees.
  • Borden's bovine couple Elsie the Cow and Elmer the Bull (when they wear clothes at all).
  • The Boubin Bear for Boubin Automotive Service. His wardrobe includes a hat, vest, and jeans, but no shoes (or shirt). He holds his jeans up and tips his hat while saying "It's the bear facts, folks!"
  • The live-action chimp office workers from the mid 2000s commercial package were dressed in business wear with the absence of shoes.
  • Peter Panda from the classic Child World toy store.
  • Coco the Monkey from Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies cereal sports a t-shirt, blue jeans and a blue baseball cap.
  • Chip the Wolf from Cookie Crisp cereal initially had a red jacket and blue slacks.
  • Dannon's Danimals yogurt featured Anook, a snowboarding polar bear, and Hollywood, a surfer alligator. Although Scratch, the Danimals XL wildcat was the one who wore shoes, at least one commercial featured him barefoot in board shorts. Bongo the monkey would later alternate between this and fully clothed in his solo appearances.
  • During a short time in the mid-to-late '80s, Purina Fit & Trim dog food featured a cartoon basset hound in exercise clothes, jogging in place.
  • Fruit Brute the werewolf varies between this and being a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal, depending on the product. Most of his in-commercial outfits give him a blue or white t-shirt under his rainbow overalls.
  • Birdie the Early Bird, one of the McDonaldland characters, wears only overalls and goggles.
  • Bil Mar Farms' Mr. Turkey, from the self-titled line of turkey products, was known for being "The best dressed turkey in town." He wore a tuxedo and top hat.
  • Nesquik Bunny was originally an Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal but even in costumes he was barefoot. A later version of him became a Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal. Then they went back to the former.
  • Mo the Bovine from MooTown Snacks.
  • Unilever's Heartbrand line of assorted ice cream bars features as one of its mascots a barefoot toon lion named Max (aka The Paddle Pop Lion), who initially wore a safari shirt and khaki shorts. Max has made appearances on the Miko Motta Max brand ice cream in France as well as the Streets Paddle Pop brand in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The original Racin' Rat from the self-titled Tyco RC toy car line.
  • Ozzie, an anthro feline mascot and disc jockey, from the network Radio AAHS. He wore typical '90s clothes, complete with a backwards cap and baggy pants.
  • Although he usually didn't have a costume, Sambo's Restaurant mascot The Tiger was featured in a sports coat and light color trousers on some of their Tiger Club spots.
  • Animated ads for the COPD medication Symbicort have the Big Bad Wolf living in a world of anthro wolves who fit this trope.
  • The current design of Teddy, the teddy bear mascot for Nabisco's Teddy Grahams snack products. Teddy has for his new outfit a blue and white striped T-shirt with blue jeans.
  • Sometimes, the Trix Rabbit's disguise will include a full set of clothes, but no shoes.
  • Der Wienerdog, a former dachshund mascot for Wienerschnitzel, had a splashy red-and-yellow outfit with striped pants and a cape.
  • Local Cleveland radio station WMMS-FM had a vulture mascot that wore a t-shirt and blue jeans. He was known only as The Buzzard.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Natori from Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns. This anthropomorphic feline adviser wears a long purple coat that extends to his lower hind legs.
  • Taomon from Digimon Tamers is fully clothed except for the paws.
  • Freeza, one of the Big Bads of Dragon Ball, and his father King Cold are two alien examples. Of course, their feet wouldn't really fit into most shoes.
  • Most of the cat characters from Fairy Tail, notably Carla (until the Edolas Arc) and Queen Chagot.
  • Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics normally employed Talking Animals, but The Marriage of Mrs. Fox featured a whole town of anthropomorphic foxes (and one cat) that were fully clothed, except for a lack of shoes.
  • Common for Sanrio's Hello Kitty and Friends, though their feet tend to look more like little booties due to their Fingerless Hands design.
  • Punch the Bear from the classic Hustle Punch series.
  • Several animal characters from Hello! Spank when in costume.
  • Zorori the fox (in his regular traveling outfit), plus some additional characters from Kaiketsu Zorori.
  • Blinky and Pinky from The Noozles, as well as the other koala characters.
  • Some characters from One Piece, most notably Tony Tony Chopper.
  • King Kazma's second form in Summer Wars.

    Asian Animation 
  • Most of the characters in Our Friend Xiong Xiao Mi, including the five main characters, are anthropomorphic animals who do not wear shoes.
  • Almost none of the anthropomorphic animal characters in Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf wear shoes, with the exception of the goats themselves.
  • Pororo the Little Penguin, from the Korean CGI series of the same name, upgraded from a pilot's cap to a blue jumpsuit and helmet in recent years. Majority of the supporting animal characters added wardrobe as well, with Crong the dinosaur being The One Who Wears Shoes.

    Comic Books 

    Comic Strips 
  • Sgt. Snorkel's identically dressed pet dog Otto from Beetle Bailey.
  • Doc Rat and most of the supporting anthro characters in this self-titled Australian comic series.
  • Fritz the Dog from Ink Pen. Fritz is so uptight that he wears a dress shirt and tie with black pants every single day. This was a problem when he worked as a stunt double for other cartoon dogs like Marmaduke or Scooby-Doo where he would wear a furry dog suit because he refused to do "nude scenes".
  • P.T. Bridgeport, the fast talking show-bear of the classic Pogo series, eventually became this during the latter half of his tenure. He started out with a partial barker's outfit consisted of a hat, a coat, necktie, white gloves and spats. A wardrobe upgrade in later years included a shirt, a splashy vest and some trousers. He still wore his spats barefoot in the comics and other published works. Also applicable to this trope are feline hillbillies Wiley Catt and Simple J. Malarkey. Barnstable Bear (who usually just wears pants and a checkered cap) had a few seasonal outfits that fit this trope as well.
  • Most characters from Slylock Fox.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Some of the mice from the original Angelina Ballerina book series and the first cartoon series.
  • The animal characters from The Bad Guys series of books. The main protagonists (Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake and Mr. Shark) all wear black suits, including trousers.
  • The cast of the Basil of Baker Street series, in stark contrast with its Animated Adaptation The Great Mouse Detective.
  • Bendemolena and her feline siblings from the storybook The Cat Who Wore a Pot On Her Head.
  • Corduroy (from the book of the same name) was a stuffed teddy bear who wore green corduroy overalls.
  • The Feas, the vaguely cat-like aliens from the Destined to Lead series.
  • Frog and Toad from the respective book series.
  • Almost everyone in the Geronimo Stilton series and most of its Spin Offsnote , with a few characters (most notably Pinky Pick) being The One Who Wears Shoes. Subverted in the books starring the Thea Sisters; they and their supporting cast start out barefoot like everyone else, but come to be portrayed as Fully Dressed Cartoon Animals later in the series.
  • Mitcho (a cat) and Sebastian (an elephant) from the Danish children's book The Giant Pear and its Animated Adaptation.
  • Civilized Animal Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie wears a set of blue-green overalls.
  • The cast of Joe Carrot, the self-titled Italian book series about a rabbit private detective.
  • Speaking of, Kenny Rabbit from the fantasy adventure Kenny And The Dragon also applies here with his plaid flannel shirt and green shorts.
  • Most characters from Mercer Mayer's Little Critter and Critters of the Night series of books, though averted completely in LC and the Critter Kids.
  • The cast of Anna Dewdney's Llama Llama books and their Animated Adaptation. The title character's signature look includes a set of overalls.
  • Paddington Bear has his oversized hat and big blue overcoat that fits this trope in books and on film and television adaptations. That is, until he got a pair of wellington boots for Christmas in Paddington Marches On, which quickly became part of his Iconic Outfit because they allowed the soft toys to stand upright.
  • Mr. Tod, the dapper fox from the classic Peter Rabbit book series.
  • Little Pookie, a piglet in overalls, from the Pookie Books series by Sandra Boynton.
  • The Foxen from The Red Vixen Adventures.
  • Richard Scarry's works, with the one exception of Lowly the Worm.
  • The anthro mouse characters from Sandy Clifford's The Roquefort Gang, adapted into an episode of the 1980s series CBS Storybreak.
  • Most of the animal characters created by Rosemary Wells.

    Live-Action TV 

  • The Nutty Squirrels were depicted this way.
  • The Relient K animated music video Sleigh Ride features the five bandmates as anthropomorphic rabbits that fit this trope.

  • The policemen of Police Force are almost fully clothed, save for their lack of shoes.
  • As per their designs, all of the furry Looney Tunes characters in Space Jam go without shoes.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Everyone in Crimestrikers except the villains who wear Powered Armor (Forster Burns) or full body disguises (Commander Ahab, The Righteous One), and the robots.


    Video Games 
  • Pestor the frog and some additional characters from Adrenalin Misfits, though most of them do not wear t-shirts. A few other characters such as Sabre (a timber wolf) and Blaizer (a salamander) wear open-toed boots.
  • Alphacat: The citizens of Whiskar and its allies, as well as a small number of its enemies.
  • Most characters from the Animal Crossing series are this. One wonders how Kicks the Skunk (an NPC who sells shoes) makes a living when his only potential customers are the players.
  • The cast of Armello.
  • Most of the cast of A Short Hike. The exceptions are a polar bear who wears only a red vest, and a turtle, who's a debatable case depending on whether you think a shell counts as clothes. It gets stranger when Claire gets a pair of running shoes, which aren't an equippable item, and apparently make her faster just by being in her pocket.
  • Penny Foxnote  and Froggy G from Awesomenauts.
  • The titular hero of Awesome Possum... Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt.
  • Garr from Breath of Fire III. This is both because the Guardian's (species of which Garr is a member) anatomy includes massive feet and because they wanted to show off said anatomy.
  • The Mimigas, a race of rabbit/dog Cartoon Creatures from Cave Story.
  • Many characters in Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.
  • Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. mostly stars humans, but has one Funny Animal with Lion; while he's wearing some sort of metal anklets, he doesn't wear shoes, presumably because his feet are digitigrade (his heels don't lie on the ground).
  • Boki, the player character from Copy Kitty, doesn't wear shoes. Crystal-encased feet are almost shoes, but that's just natural Kitera anatomy.
  • A couple of mutant animals from the Crash Bandicoot series also has this such as Koala Kong and the Komodo Brothers. The rest tend to be fully clothed or naked.
  • Practically every NPC from Dust: An Elysian Tail goes barefoot. Dust himself has boots, while Fidget, leaning more toward Funny Animal in a world of Beastmen, doesn't really wear clothes to begin with.
  • The beast races in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the Khajiit and the Argonians, are unable to wear shoes because their feet are bigger and differently shaped. This also extends to helmets; they can't wear anything that covers their whole face. It then got subverted in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, where they are able to do just that.
    • The reason is that Bethesda, wanting the beast races to be more exotic, gave them digitigrade feet (along with turning the Khajiit from the Ohmes found in Arena-Daggerfall to the Suthay-raht in Morrowind) as opposed to the plantigrade feet they would later receive in Oblivion and Skyrim.
  • Milla Basset from Freedom Planet is the the only (known) cast member to go barefoot; her description in this art of her notes "she has a strong connection to the earth" alongside her distaste for shoes, implying her to be an Earthy Barefoot Character. Considering this is from a cast full of Fully Dressed Cartoon Animals, this would also make her an inversion of The One Who Wears Shoes.
  • The anthro version of Frogger had a near-full set of traveling clothes that fits this trope throughout the 2000s in subsequent sequels such as Frogger: The Great Quest and Frogger Beyond.
  • The cast of Fur Fighters.
  • The player character in the Game & Watch game Egg is a bipedal fox with White Gloves, pants, and no shoes.
  • Sveta from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is this, even though she can still equip boots like any other character.
  • Pretty much the entire cast from High Seas Havoc, including the main protagonist.
  • The "morphs" from Inherit the Earth.
  • Tess from Jak and Daxter when she becomes an Ottsel.
  • Lori Jackrabbit from Jazz Jackrabbit, plus Jazz himself when his outfit includes pants.
  • C.J. Frog from the Jump Start series of CD-ROMs. His usual outfit is a safari vest, khaki shorts and a fedora.
  • In King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride, the trolls don't wear shoes. This extends to Rosella when she's turned into one during Chapter 2, although her shoes magically reappear on her feet when she changes back.
  • Implied with Kieran from the first Lands of Lore; though his feet are not directly seen (only depicted in his character sheet silhouette), he does not have a slot for footwear while other player characters do.
  • Kay the martial arts cat from Legend of Kay wears a Chinese-inspired warrior's outfit. Other cat characters including Su Ling and The Master apply to this trope as well.
  • The Legend of Zelda
    • The Rito from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker were possibly this, but given the art style, it made it somewhat ambiguous whether they had bare talons or just wore boots that looked like them.
    • Subverted with the Rito in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (e.g.: Revali, Teba, Kass et al.). While it may appear that the entire race is wearing puffy shorts, they are actually just feathers that are a (mostly) very plain white compared to the rest of their feathers. Saki is the most obvious giveaway, as her stomach marking and leg feathers are exactly the same blue color.
  • Latch from Lethal League is modestly-dressed for a crocodile, bearing a hoodie, some sweatpants and a beanie cap, but leaves his hands and feet bare. Justified in that he then uses his exposed sharp claws to hang onto walls.
  • Rocket Raccoon's outfit in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 covers everything on his body except his head, his tail, and his hind paws.
  • Moshi Monsters has several barefoot characters, including Lila Tweet, Buster Bumblechops, Elder Furi and Lady Meowford. The Beanstalk Giant doesn't normally wear shoes, but does sometimes.
  • Marquis de Hoto from The Night of the Rabbit.
  • Shema and Shameen from Quest for Glory.
  • Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank is this in the first game, as well as a Walking Shirtless Scene. All of his armor in the next few games featured boots, but in Size Matters he appeared in his original outfit again. When he next appeared in casual clothes (in Tools of Destruction), he was wearing boots again (as well as overalls).
  • Several versions of Reader Rabbit.
  • The cast of Rework the Dead: Evil.
  • Inverted with the Sonic the Hedgehog games, since most of the characters wear nothing but shoes and gloves. (Some of the characters, such as Ix, Charmy, and most females do wear actual clothes, but also have shoes and gloves.)
    • Played straight with every single player character in Sonic's Schoolhouse, although due to the first-person viewpoint, you have to play two-player to realize this.
  • Toontown Online: The player starts as one, but can buy shoes.
  • TY from TY the Tasmanian Tiger is one of the few main characters in the series who doesn't wear shoes. He's also somehow capable of grinding on rails.
  • Several characters from Undertale, including Toriel, Dr. Alphys, Toriel's husband King Asgore, Asriel, many of the minor monsters, and some minibosses. Lampshaded with Toriel where you can go into her bedroom and discover a sock drawer, despite the fact that she never wears them.
  • Spitz from WarioWare.
  • Several incidental funny animal characters from the online game Wizard 101 and its sister game Pirate 101.

    Web Animation 
  • Bethany and Bob from Game Dogs. This gets outright surreal in episode 8 when Jennifer mentions Bethany's shoes — after we just saw Bethany walk through the door barefoot. And the punchline is that they're out of style. Judging from Bethany's reaction to the remark ("Oh... I see what you did there"), Jennifer intended it as a Stealth Insult.
  • Loona from Helluva Boss wears a half-shirt, pants, and socks that leave her paws uncovered due to her digitigrade stance.
  • Katzun always draws her characters as animals, clothed except for their shoes. However, in her animations she is also likely to take the shortcut of drawing Long Pants instead.
  • The cast of True Tail, except for the pantless Brutus.

    Web Comics 
  • The cast of 21st Century Fox, although the protagonist is still offered a Shoe Phone at one point.
  • Katie's Khajiit character in Awkward Zombie strips based on Oblivion and Skyrim is always barefoot. Presumably personal preference, since both Oblivion and Skyrim Khajiit are perfectly capable of wearing shoes (as opposed to, say, those in Morrowind).
  • Most characters from Boomer Express.
  • Several characters from Broken Plot Device, including the protagonist Lizardbeth.
  • The cast of Carry On.
  • Most characters from Catena. Their feet tend to be drawn in much greater detail than most examples of this trope.
  • Kira and Toby from Chivalry And Knavery.
  • Felix O'Connel from Cloudscratcher, even though Ixia was able to get a pair of shoes from his closet when she needed a change of clothes, and he still had a pair for when he went into the city. Word of God is that he Does Not Like Shoes in the same way that a human might.
    • It was also presumably common in the old Avian Empire. Of the three birds whose feet have been in frame, only one was wearing sandals.
  • Pretty much the norm for anyone who wore clothes in Commander Kitty, before the Continuity Reboot. After it, the characters tend to be either fully dressed or mostly naked, with some exceptions like Grootly and Zenith.
  • Clothes in general are a rare site in Crossed Claws, but of the only characters who do wear clothes, Jered and Claudia, their outfits don't include shoes.
  • A lot of characters from Concession.
  • The default state for the wardrobe of Curtailed characters. Though being a Life Embellished comic, it's not as hard a rule as it is for most other works that play by this trope.
  • Most of the cast of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, but especially Mab who hates shoes.
  • The cast of Darastrix.
  • Touya and Ishimaru from Demon Blade, who are a fox and a raccoon respectively.
  • All the members of Species X from DNA. Probably because the scientists who are raising them don't bother to give them shoes.
  • Some characters from Dreamkeepers.
  • Gustine Greene (a humanoid talking rhino), Wally Wallechinsky (a cat) plus some additional incidental characters from Endtown.
  • Everyone in Fite!
  • The cast of Forest Hill.
  • Most Lycans from Foxy Flavored Cookie don't wear shoes.
  • Almost every single character in Fur Will Fly and its Spin-Off Coming Up Violet who isn't a firefighter, soldier, or human.
  • The cast of Good Cheese.
  • June Blue Delias from Haru-Sari.
  • Some characters from Horndog.
  • The Da'Kor from Inverloch.
  • Some characters in Jack (David Hopkins). The series is rather inconsistent on whether or not shoes are the norm.
  • The cast of Kevin & Kell, except for the human baby Francis. Lampshaded on occasion: they hang up Christmas stockings, but don't know what they're for beyond putting presents in. Also on the occasion Danielle (who's from the human dimension) makes shoes for Francis and the other are perplexed by it.
  • Last Res0rt saves this for the truly weird-footed species — mostly Anyr and Vidians so far.
    • Averted with the Zillans, who DO wear shoes, despite being depicted with some rather gnarly claw-feet otherwise.
  • Though occasionally shown wearing shoes, the characters of Las Lindas generally fit the trope.
  • Ash and Stella from Latchkey Kingdom. Ash generally only wears bandages on her Handy Feet, although she upgrades to toe-socks for an Xmas arc when gifted them. Stella doesn't bother with even that much, but doesn't appear even slightly bothered that she's going barefoot through snow - presumably because she is (or at least claims to be) a demigod.
  • The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats. Lampshaded in this strip.
    "I'd make a peach cobblr, but we don't evn wear shoes."
  • Krunch Bloodrage from Looking for Group.
  • The cast of Murry Purry Fresh And Furry.
  • Some of the characters in Newshounds.
  • Most Ozy and Millie characters, with some prominent exceptions. Ozy, Avery, and Ms. Sorkowitz are Half Dressed Cartoon Animals. Meanwhile, Isolde is both a Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal and The One Who Wears Shoes, as was Ms. Mudd in some early strips. Also, Locke is never shown without his pirate boots (except in an early arc where he impersonates Millie).
  • Most characters in Peter and Company.
    • Slightly Exploited here when Peter and Iggy wade across a creek, and only have to roll up their pant legs in preparation.
  • The Eldlorian goblins and the Orcs from Planes of Eldlor.
  • Most of the cast from Poppy O'Possum, including the comic's namesake character. Her bio mentions she has an interest in collecting socks, despite not wearing shoes.
  • The cast of Precocious. The only articles of footwear seen so far (outside of guest strips) were part of a space suit.
  • Katia Managan from Prequel. Zig-Zagged and combined with Barefoot Poverty, however; she isn't particularly averse to boots, even expressing a desire to purchase some, but she's prone to Perpetual Poverty, so she can't really afford them. She is given a pair fairly early on, but they quickly go missing (along with the entire outfit they came with) after a drunken threesome with a necromancer. After spending most of the comic barefoot in a mage's robe, she loses that, too, but gains a new outfit by entering in a dance contest, gaining a new pair of boots with them; no telling when they'll go missing again and she'll be right back to this trope.
    • Rajirra in Kvatch is a straighter example of the trope: it being summer in the south of Cyrodiil, she consciously chooses to go around town barefoot. Presumably, this helps with her acrobatics, as she's stated to be fairly adept at those. (Unfortunately for her, an earlier conversation between Katia and Aggy led to a layer of snow covering the ground...)
  • Isla Grace Abernathy, the star of Professor Amazing and the Incredible Golden Fox, is a human crimefighter who can shapeshift into two fox forms (bipedal and feral) by using a Transformation Trinket. In anthro form, she wears a tanktop and shorts but no shoes.
  • The title character of Raine Dog in some early artwork. In the comic proper, the most she ever wears is a Badass Longcoat.
  • The cast of Sabrina Online, although Sabrina herself is a Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal—or at least looks like one, since the Word of God from creator Eric Schwartz is that she's actually wearing the furry equivalent of Nude Colored Pants. This trope also holds true for Schwartz's other characters.
  • The cast of The Secret Lives Of Flowers.
  • Some of the furry characters from Sequential Art, mainly Pip and the Squirrel Girls.
  • The cast of SERGOM.
  • Slightly Damned
    • Jakkai, Khamega and Fairies are all shoeless although some jakkai have covering on their legs.
    • Demons lack of footwear is addressed here, it's explained that their feet are as tough as the rest of them so they don't need any as well as the fact that due to their large size and varied appearances, shoes just won't fit them.
  • The cast of S.S.D.D. Lampshaded in this strip, in which a character wonders why his feet have only three toes each, when "having more toes would spread the weight more evenly!" The answer: "It would be a pain in the arse to draw though!"
  • The characters from The Suburban Jungle. Lampshaded in one strip:
    Conrad: I was on tour with a production of Barefoot in the Park.
    Leona: What's so significant about being barefoot in the park?
    Conrad: I have no idea, really. It's a pretty whacked-out play.
  • The Vulpine from Terinu, who have a digitigrade stance.
  • All characters but one in Those Destined.
  • In tinyraygun, this is common among the Levik species. They come from an icy planet and evolved feet tough enough to never really need shoes.
  • The furry characters in TwoKinds.
  • The cast of Vinci and Arty.
  • All of the main cast of The Whiteboard. Swampy even Lampshaded it in this strip:
    Swamp Fox: ". . . why do I even own socks?"
  • The cast of Work Sucks, except for Socks, who's named after the socks he always wears.
  • In the original run of The World of Vicki Fox, about half the furry characters (most notably Vicki and her friend Meredith Skunk) usually went barefoot while the rest wore shoes. When the comic returned from hiatus in 2017, most of the shoe-wearers started going barefoot as well.
    • Lampshaded in one strip which simultaneously invokes both this trope and All Women Love Shoes. Meredith's boyfriend Aussie complains when Meredith and Vicki rope him into a shopping trip:
      Aussie: You'll drag me in every shoe shop in the mall... to buy shoes you don't even wear!
    • Lampshaded again here. Vicki and Meredith are about to go on a camping trip together, and when Vicki suggests boots, Meredith says that "I, like, don't wear shoes, 'cept for heels".
  • Several of the dragons from X Dragoon.
  • The casts of the related webcomics You Say It First, Namir Deiter and Nicole and Derek.

    Web Original 
  • A great deal of anthro/furry artists on the web always draw their characters barefoot, even if they're otherwise dressed perfectly normally, and even in situations where going barefoot is inadvisable (like, say, in snow). Listing specific artists would likely quadruple the length of the list, however. The trope is very rarely lampshaded, and often times not even noted; that is, it's not uncommon for a character's reference sheet to depict the character barefoot, even in multiple different costumes, but even if it goes into great detail about the character's wardrobe preferences, their preferred footwear (or preference to go barefoot) is never brought up.
  • '90s cult icon Elmo Aardvark usually appeared fully dressed with a red vest and necktie. He ditched the shoes for his appearance on the self-titled web series Elmo Aardvark: Outer Space Detective! in 2004.
  • Anthros from the Tails Series are always noted for being shoeless. This is most likely because most anthros' feet and footpaws are too big for shoes, and because shoes are generally uncomfortable for them to wear.
  • Majority of the rabbit repertory company from Starz's 30-Second Bunnies parodies of movies.
  • Some characters from The Wuffers.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 

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