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There are Zero-Context Examples (ZCEs), and then there are these. The kind where there are so many of them, you could put a lot of advertising at the bottom of each page that has them. These are the pages so polluted by ZCEs, they need some big time Wiki Magic Love.

If you find a page with unexplained ZCEs, you can do the following:

  1. If you are familiar with the work and have the time, you can just give them context yourself. If you don't have the time:
  2. Place it below to enlist assistance in giving them context.
  3. Take it to the Fixing Zero Context Examples project thread.
  4. "Comment out" the ZCEs by entering the Edit screen and placing the %% markup in front of them in place of the bullet (*). Please note that this makes it so the text following it is only visible in the Edit screen, invisible on the main page of the trope or work. Because this method succeeds more in brushing the problem under the rug than actually solving it, please consider methods 1-3 before resorting to this. If you must do this, move it to the "Commented Out" folder when you're done so someone else can give it the attention it deserves.

Once you've corrected the problems (or if you find a description that Magic seems to have already repaired), please remove the link from this list and remove the link to here from that page, if present. In general, please remember to delete items from these lists as you complete them or find they are completed.

Feel like helping the site but don't feel like addressing ZCEs? Check out Needs Wiki Magic Love for other things that could use a hug.

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